Two arrested after raping 5-year-old girl to death in India

Pro women's rights protest in India 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) 2 men were arrested and charged with rape and murder related charges after raping a 5-year-old girl to death in India, according to a statement made by a senior police official in India.

The girl died after being raped in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, an official said Tuesday, in the latest in a series of brutal attacks that have caused outrage in the country.

The girl suffered a cardiac arrest and died Monday at a hospital in the city of Nagpur, in the neighboring state of Maharashtra, where she was being treated for injuries from the assault, Bharat Yadav, a police official in the local province said.

As we reported earlier, two men was arrested and charged with rape related charges after raping a 5-year-old girl and locking her up for 2 days, according to police reports in India.

The girl, was initially in serious condition Saturday after being raped and tortured by two men who locked her in a room in the capital of India for two days, officials said.

The incident, caused outrage across India.
The girl disappeared on Monday and was found Wednesday by neighbors who heard her crying in a room in the same building where she lives with her parents, a police official in Delhi said. The girl was found alone locked in a room and left for dead, he said.

A 24-year-old man who lived in the room where they found the girl was arrested on Saturday in Muzaffarpur in Bihar state, about 1,000 kilometers or 620 miles east of New Delhi. The man was flown to New Delhi, where a judge ordered his detention.

The girl suffered severe internal injuries, cuts and bite marks on the face and torso, a medical superintendent of the government-run hospital in New Delhi, where she was being treated said. The official described the condition of the girl as serious and said doctors were trying to stabilize her condition.

“This man is worse than an animal for torturing a little innocent girl like that and leaving her to die alone in a locked room. He deserves the death penalty,” Edna Kumar, 43, of New Delhi, India told after learning about the girl.
Some are outraged after reports circulated that police refused to open an investigation when the parents of the girl came to report the girl missing.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Peeping Toms caught after falling through bathroom ceiling

By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Their evil plan to have a hideout with a view came to a sudden crash landing.

Two men fell through the roof of the ladies bathroom while they were trying to spy on them, Georgia police said in a statement.
The incident occurred at a cinema complex in the Atlanta area, the Venture Value Cinema in Duluth, Georgia.

The suspects, 26-year-old Eduard Petrovich Kovynev and 27-year-old, Eduard Alexander Kovynev, who apparently were more interested in the bathroom than the big screen, allegedly climbed through the men's room ceiling to the women’s room and then fell through, landing directly into the stalls.

An officer wrote in the arrest report that the suspects were invading the privacy of individual customers.

“Some people are just nasty. Who knows how long they have been doing this before they were caught? I hope other peeping Toms will now be scared from climbing into the ceiling for fear of crashing to the ground,” Austin Price, 33, of Atlanta, Georgia told after learning about the Peeping Toms.

The two were accused of being Peeping Toms and causing criminal damage to property.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Hotel cancels Israeli charity event after fear of pro-Palestinian protest

The St. Andrews Golf Hotel 
By: John Roberts

A hotel canceled an Israeli charity event because it feared it might face pro-Palestinian protests, according to a statement made by the St. Andrews hotel in Scotland.

The hotel has canceled a charity ball for Israel amid fears of a Palestinian protest outside and the possibility of violence against hotel members, employees and its property.

The St. Andrews Golf Hotel for Scores called off the St. Andrews Jewish Society event on Friday citing "health and safety reasons" after discussing the situation with the police.

The place had accepted a booking for the group among seven other charity events, including Friends of the Israel Defense Forces and the Jewish National Fund.

The hotel received emails and phone calls from an aggressive nature and also learned there would be a protest outside organized by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in Scotland.

A hotel spokesperson said the event was canceled because it could not ensure the safety of customers and staff.
A spokesperson for Fife Police said: "The hotel discussed the situation with police and the decision to cancel was taken by the hotel."

The event was relocated elsewhere, Joel Salmon, president of the St. Andrews Jewish Society said. He refused to disclose the new location.

“It is very sad that the Jewish community must live under these conditions where hotels bow down to anti-Semitic threats and cancel Jewish events after they were already booked. It is also shameful that the police cannot guarantee the safety at these events,” Bertha Eleanor, 56, of Edinburgh, Scotland told after learning about the cancellation of the event.

He said the protest was organized by people with little or no connection to St. Andrews, and added that the Jewish community "will not give in to intimidation or bullying".

Man on bike shoots two teens in Crown Heights Brooklyn New York

Gun at the scene of the shooting 
By: Sarah Weiss

Several teens were shot after a man opened fire while riding his bike in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, New York, according to a statement by the New York Police Department.

The gunman fired from his bike at three teenagers outside a Brooklyn apartment building Monday night, wounding two and leading to an impressive display of courage by the third teen.

Police said that a 19-year-old was hit in the back and a 13-year-old was hit in the behind. Both teens were hospitalized after being rushed from the scene and are expected to survive, police said.

One of the teens owes his life to his friend, who pulled him from the sidewalk and dragged him into a building, thereby saving him from the murderer, a video caught by CCTV showed.

The three young men were walking toward the front door of a building on Crown St. near Utica Avenue in Crown Heights at 8:00 pm, when two men wearing dark hoodies on bike rolled down the street, the video, shot from a camera inside the lobby of the building, showed.

Seconds later, the bike returned, clearly intending to cause problems, and fired at the teens.
The injured teens were taken to the emergency room of Kings County Hospital and were listed in stable condition Monday night, police said.

Investigators recovered a gun at the scene, ditched under a car and a bike.

“These senseless shootings in the neighborhood needs to stop. Luckily, the teens will survive, and I hope police find and arrest the suspects,” Ethel Shah, 24, of Brooklyn, New York told after learning about the shooting.

Police have not made any arrests so far.

Girl, 14, agrees to carry baby for adoptive mother who was unable to conceive

Teenage mother illustration  
By: Eva Fett

A woman was jailed after forcing her adopted daughter to impregnate herself.

The teenage girl suffered at the hands of her adopted mother who forced her to get pregnant by artificial insemination in order to provide the mother with a fourth child, according to British court documents.

The mother, is unable to give birth due to her health problems. She adopted three children with her former husband, but when she wanted to adopt a fourth child her application to adopt was denied by the agency.

When she was refused permission to adopt again, the divorced woman carried out the despicable plan of using her daughter to give her a baby, the court heard. It is believed, that the girl had miscarried at age 14, but was successfully impregnated and gave birth at age 16. The mother bought the sperm from an online shop that sells sperm in Denmark.

The girl was home schooled and had no friends apart from her two younger adopted siblings. The girl was forced to inseminate herself alone in her bedroom, using syringes of semen prepared by the mother. The girl admitted that she was shocked by the request of her mother, but she agreed and hoped that this act will make her mother love her more.

Social services visited the home on four separate occasions, but the mother was able to fool them into believing that the children were well taken care of. Finally, the authorities intervened successfully after the girl gave birth to a healthy baby.

The girl’s midwives alerted authorities to the strange behavior of the mother. The midwife was concerned about the mother’s "aggressive and insensitive behavior" and the girls reluctance to hand the baby to the mother. The judge presiding over the case, said: "I am in disbelief that a parent could behave in such an evil and selfish way to a vulnerable child."

“This girl suffered a lot, hopefully, the girl gets the help she needs to raise her baby. I am glad that the evil woman was not able to take the baby away from the teenage mother,” Natasha Smith, 32, of London, England told after hearing about the mother’s evil plan.

The mother was found guilty of child cruelty and was sentenced to five years in prison.
The social service agency is reviewing the entire case to determine how this happened under their watch.

Pope Francis accepts invitation to visit Israel

Pope Francis and Shimon Peres 
By: Sarah Weiss

Just weeks after U.S. President Barack Obama visited Israel, the Jewish state might soon see another high profile visitor.

Israeli President Shimon Peres invited Pope Francis to visit Israel on Tuesday, during his first meeting with the new pope, who has called for peace in the Middle East.

The Pope accepted the invitation "with goodwill and cheer," a Vatican spokesperson said, but there was no indication of when the pope might travel to Israel.

"I'm waiting in Jerusalem, not only me, but all the people in the land of Israel," Peres told the Pope in the presence of journalists after 30 minutes of private talks in the Vatican Apostolic Palace.

Francis, the former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina, called for peace between Israelis and Palestinians in his speech last month.

A Vatican statement said they discussed the prospects for a resumption of negotiations for a solution that respects "the legitimate aspirations of the two peoples, which will contribute to peace and stability in the region."

They also agreed on the need for a political solution to the civil war in neighboring Syria.
Both of Francis’ immediate two predecessors, John Paul II and Benedict XVI, visited the Holy Land, including the Palestinian territories in 2000 and 2009 respectively.

“It would be an extremely positive step for all parties in the region if the pope made a visit to Israel and the Palestinian Territories in order to promote peace in the region. A visit by the pope will also help out the Israeli and the Palestinian economies because of the tourism interest such a visit will spark throughout the Christian world,” Dawn Lyle, 54, of Vatican City, told after learning about the invitation.

Peres asked Francis "to pray for us all", and told the Pope that he would pray for him during a trip on Wednesday to the central city of Assisi, Italy, where he will visit the tomb of St. Francis, whose name he adopted when Bergoglio was elected Pope.

U.S. man displays pile of poop as art in Hong Kong

Poop art 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Artists from around the world displayed their art outside a museum in Hong kong, while one U.S. artist displayed a pile of poop.

The art projects were all made of inflatable material. The 51-foot-tall inflatable poop display was one of many strange public art pieces on display at the site of the future Hong Kong visual art museum.

The large brown sculpture was created by Los Angeles artist, Paul McCarthy, and he calls the display “Complex Pile”.

“Somehow, when it comes to art, anything goes, no matter how disturbing or sexually explicit it may be. If it is in the name of art it is accepted,” Linda Davis, 22, an art student in San Diego, California told when asked about the inflatable poop art.

Unfortunately, the poop made a mess after it was damaged by mother nature's rain storm. The international inflatable art exhibit also featured a big cockroach, a pair of legs, a bouncy Stonehenge castle, and a giant suckling pig.

A pile of poop is usually something people try to avoid, but in Hong Kong, the inflatable art installation is attracting lots of attention.

The museum's executive director said he isn't sure what the artist was trying to achieve with the large brown sculpture, but it sure got a lot of people talking.

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Teacher arrested after student records him masturbating in school

Classroom illustration 
By: Sarah Weiss

A school teacher was arrested after school officials saw a video of the teacher masturbating in the school building.

A 55-year-old professor at Seoul High School in South Korea, has been jailed after he allegedly hit a student, then immediately went into the hallway and masturbated in front of students.
“This is just so wrong. I cannot believe that the students were subjected to this kind of behavior. A person who is capable of doing such a dispicable act should never be alowed to be around children,” Zhi Peng, 42, of New York Ciry, who is a father of three, told after watching the video on Youtube.

According to the Department of Education in Seoul, the teacher became angry when he realized that a student was listening to music through a set of headphones during class.

The teacher, identified only as "Mr. A", beat the student while other students left the classroom. "Mr. A", reportedly chased students into the hallway where he dropped his pants and began to masturbate. A student was in the hall and recorded the incident on his cell phone and uploaded the video to YouTube which was viewed over 60,000 times.

When he was questioned by school officials, the teacher insisted that his pants fell to the ground while running after his students. His version of the incident was proven wrong when school administrators reviewed video from the student's cell phone.

The teacher has been dismissed from his teaching post, though formal charges have not yet been announced in the case.

New Jersey teacher caught having sex with student, blames it on her medication

Erica DePalo 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A New Jersey teacher pleaded guilty to charges of having sex with a minor.

The New Jersey teacher was sentenced to life on parole, and she will also have to register as a sex offender after she had sex with her 15-year-old student.

33-year-old Erica DePalo, was a Teacher of the Year, in 2011. When she was honored at the West Orange High School, where she taught, DePalo said: “I do not have children of my own, but when I come to school I have 110 children who are near and dear to me.”

DePalo seemed to have too much love for one boy in her English class as she had a sexual relationship with him.

DePalo pleaded guilty to child endangerment. She was initially charged with aggravated sexual assault, she had faced up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

She had been spared prison time, instead, the Newark Judge ordered her to parole supervision for life. She also has to register as a sex offender and give up her teaching certificate, so she can never teach children again.

“There are so many adult men out in the world who are looking for relationships, so why do some teachers look for love in their classroom? They should know better,” Jason Smith, 37, of Newark, New Jersey, who is a father of a teenage boy told after hearing the judge’s ruling.

Her defense attorney claimed antidepressants, was incorrectly prescribed which contributed to her errors in judgment. DePalo tearfully apologized for her actions.

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Attacker breaks nose of Raoul Wallenberg Association chairman in Hungary

Sports stadium 
By: Shifra Unger

The head of an important Jewish organization had his nose broken by an attacker in Hungary, according to a police statement in Hungary.

In Hungary, the head of the local association of Raoul Wallenberg has been assaulted at a soccer game. Ferenc Orosz told at a conference on hate speech Monday that he was first verbally attacked and then had his nose broken after a game at Puskas Stadium in Budapest, where he attended with his family on Sunday.

Orosz said fans around him were shouting slogans in favor of former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and the Nazi slogan "Sieg Heil". When he asked them to stop, he was threatened and called a "Jewish Communist".

Late in the game, as he left the stadium, two men blocked his way. One of them said: "Sieg Heil even so," the other hit Orosz, who later was hospitalized with a broken nose. Hungarian police have filed charges against the aggressor.

Orosz said he discharged himself from the hospital on Monday to speak at a conference on hate speech organized by the Ombudsman. He said that he thought what had happened was a hate crime and that the organizers or the police should have removed the Nazi chanters.

“This is a despicable act committed by sports fans at a sports stadium. I think that sports stars should start preaching tolerance as respect is one of the most important things in sports,” Rachel Ivy, 44, of Portsmouth, New Hampshire told after learning of the attack.

The Raoul Wallenberg Association was created in tribute to the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who saved the lives of thousands of Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust.

Meanwhile, right-wing activists said they are planning to organize a demonstration against Bolshevism and Zionism in Budapest on Saturday, the night before the start of the meeting of the Plenary Assembly of the World Jewish Congress in the Hungarian capital, which begins Sunday night with a speech by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Zip-Line ponytail stuntman dies while attempting to break his own record

Sailendra Nath Roy  
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A stuntman died in front of hundreds of people who came to see him break his own record.

The man held the Guinness World Record for traveling the longest distance on a zip line while connected to his hair.

Sadly, Sailendra Nath Roy, 50, of India suffered a heart attack while suspended from the 70 foot high and 600 feet long rope above the Teesta River in West Bengal. He was trying to break his own record, according to a video uploaded to YouTube.

“The stunt was going well, and many people cheered him on. He was closer to the end when we saw him waving his hand. Then he stopped moving, people pulled the rope to get him off but it was too late,” Nanda Mehra,33, of Bangalore, India told

Roy was hanging by his ponytail before he was brought down. Doctors pronounced him dead upon arrival at the hospital.Roy has done this stunt before, as he holds the Guinness World Record for crossing a zip-line by his hair, and this time he was reportedly attempting to break his own record.

Roy, who worked as a driver for the police department, set the original record in March 2011. In 2008, he attracted national attention with his ​​ponytail, when he pulled a 42 ton Darjeeling toy train of about 8 feet, with his hair.

In the video below you can see Roy doing the zip-line stunt before he died.

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Israel Kills Global Jihad Terrorist Responsible for Rockets Fired at Eilat

By: David Ross

Israel killed a terrorist who was responsible for firing rockets into the Israeli city of Eilat, the Israeli military announced today.

Tazpit News Agency For

In a joint IDF-GSS operation, a terrorist affiliated with Global Jihad was targeted this morning (April 30) by an IAF aircraft in the northern Gaza Strip in response to rockets fired towards Israel. A direct hit was confirmed.

The terrorist targeted is Hithem Ziad Ibrahim Masshal, 24 years old, a resident of the Shati Refugee Camp. Mashhal operated as a part of different Jihad Salafi terror organizations, and over the past few years has become a key terror figure, specializing in weapons and working with all of the terror organizations in the Gaza Strip.

He manufactured, improved and traded different types of ammunition, specializing in rockets and explosive devices, which he sold to terror organizations. He assisted the Shura Council of the Mujahaideen in Jerusalem, an organization consisting of Salafi operatives under the Global Jihad, and was involved in extensive terror activity against Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers.

On April 17, 2013, Masshal was involved in the Shura Council organization's firing of rockets at the southern Israeli city of Eilat.

An IDF spokesperson stated that this precise operation demonstrates the IDF's conviction to prevent terror attacks against the State of Israel.

Evyatar Borovsky, father of five, stabbed to death by West Bank terrorist

Evyatar Borovsky 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A Muslim terrorist stabbed a Jewish West Bank resident to death, on Highway 60, the main West Bank highway, according to a statement by the Israeli police.

The terror victim was identified as Evyatar Borovsky, a father of five, a resident of the Israeli controlled city of Yitzhar, in the West Bank.

Rabbi Chaim Goldberg was on his way to work at Kdumim where he serves as the head of a Yeshivah at Yeshivah High School. He told news reporters what he has seen.

As he approached the Tapuach Junction he noticed there was mayhem: "I saw three young women jump into the street. I then heard shots fired. I noticed a person who was lying on the ground get up with a gun in his hand. I slowed down and ducked so he wouldn't see me. I then called the emergency center to notify them about the incident.

I now understand that the terrorist nabbed the gun from the Jew he murdered and I was the first target he saw." Several bullets hit his vehicle.

The IDF checkpoint at the Tapuach Junction was removed a few months ago on order of former Minister of Defense Ehud Barak.
Yitzhar's spokesman stated today after the attack that the cause of the attack was the abandonment of security and weak-handedness towards Arab terrorism which is dictated by the high ranks.

Coalition Chairman Mk Yariv Levin declared that this morning's attack was the Arab response to reports of progress made on the Arab League peace initiative by John Kerry. "I call on the IDF to reinstate the checkpoints which were removed and to shut down the Tapuach Junction to all Palestinian traffic."

Knock off Huffington Post twitter handle gains more attention than the real one

Huffington Post twitter 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) Whoever said that a knockoff is not better than the real deal? At least when it comes to Huffington Post’s twitter handle, the knockoff twitter is now gaining more attention than the real deal.

Alex Mizrahi, of Brooklyn, New York created the knockoff twitter handle, and he is quickly rising on the charts of the twitter universe.

Mizrahi created the @HuffPostSpoilers, last summer, with the intention of tweeting stories from the Huffington Post he saw as interesting to tweet.

"I followed the Huffington Post for a long time on twitter and was frustrated by their style of tweets," Mizrahi, 30, who recently worked as a freelancer for The Shorty Awards, which honors achievements in social media, said.

"This is their business model: get as many clicks as possible and that is how they survive as an organization. Not that I want to steal clicks from them," he said.

Now, he has more than 12,485 followers on twitter.
He had never revealed his identity through twitter and was amused when his friends began to follow his tweets without knowing that he was behind them. However, a recent article in a New York based newspaper, revealed the identity of Mizrahi.

“This just goes to show that creativity counts when it comes to the online world. I think that Huffington Post might want to hire Mizrahi to manage the company twitter handle,” Amanda Madison, 35, of Brooklyn, New York told after learning about Mizrahi’s Huffington Post twitter handle.

Mizrahi said his twitter handle is not malicious. He thinks that many of the tweeters at the Huffington Post are fine as they are.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Woman jailed after forcing 14-year-old daughter into sperm insemination

Pregnant girl illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A woman was arrested and charged with child cruelty related charges after forcing her little girl to become pregnant through sperm insemination, according to court proceedings in the United Kingdom.

The mother, has convinced her adopted teenage daughter to get pregnant because she wanted a baby for herself. The court, has now convicted and sentenced the woman to five years in prison, in a case that raises concern about the ease with which people can get their hands on sperm.

Court documents showed that the woman’s daughter, who was still a virgin, was alone in her bedroom when she was inseminated seven times over a period of two years starting in 2008 when she was just 14-years-old, using semen syringes purchased online at the Cryos sperm bank in Denmark.

The girl became pregnant at 16 and gave birth at age 17. The extraordinary circumstances of her pregnancy came to light after the midwives became suspicious of the mother, since she was trying to prevent her daughter from bonding with the new baby.

"We do not want any type of attachment thing", the mother said when a midwife suggested that the girl might want to breastfeed. After several such incidents, the midwives alerted social services and the police became involved.

The Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority, said it was "surprised and shocked by this terrible case.”

“I am shocked by the actions of this mother. How can a mother be so cruel to force her daughter into pregnancy and then take away the child? Also, why is there no official procedures in place when it comes to sperm insemination? It should be supervised by health officials as any other medical procedure,” Ayesha Huston, 29, of London, England told after learning about the case.

The mother, who was jailed for child cruelty, had three adopted daughters, but desperately wanted another girl and was distraught when authorities in 2007 ruled that she would not receive approval for another adoption.
Instead, she convinced her eldest daughter to embark on a program of artificial insemination to provide her with a baby to raise as her own.

The daughter said she allowed her body to be used by her mother because she loved her.

Prison inmates now writing prison reviews on Yelp

By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) If you would like to check out the prison conditions in your local area before committing a crime, just check out Yelp!

"Not recommended," one prison review on Yelp reads. When it comes to a first hand review of a prison, what do you really need to know anything more than that?

Believe it or not, that was the real opinion of a Yelp user called "Ticha B." who reviewed the San Quentin State Prison in California. For the record, the user had given the prison only one star.

As it turns out, Ticha is not the only inmate offering reviews on prisons. You can review any business, destination, or even jail, with just a standard address on Yelp.

"I think the reviews are really helpful for bonds people, lawyers, family members of the inmate, and a lot of people, actually," attorney Robert Miller said. In fact, Miller has written several reviews himself, but with the advantage of being on the outside of the prison cell.

On Yelp, prison inmates have reviewed six prisons in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area alone.
Interestingly, not one inmate offered reviews on a luxury prison.
However, San Quentin does not suffer from a lack of attention, with 35 reviews.

The comments come from a variety of individuals, some who have visited the facility and some of those who claim to have spent time behind bars. Overall, the prison receives an average of 2.5 stars out of five stars, not bad for a prison.

“I think the reviews will help deter crime in some areas, as people will realize that it won’t be a picnic behind bars, especially criminals who are more well off,” Brenda Boles, 56, of Nashua, New Hampshire told after seeing some reviews that were posted on Yelp.

"This is not a place you want to end up in," one Yelp user Scott D, who gave a 2 stars rating wrote. The user said he spent four days in San Quentin. "Not as bad and scary as they seem like in the movies, but it is cold, very wet and miserable," D wrote.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Man arrested after recording his 9-year-old son driving in Ferrari

9-year-old boy drives Ferrari 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with child endangerment related charges after letting his son, 9, drive his Ferrari and recorded the event on video, according to a statement released by police in India.

Mohammed Nisham was arrested on charges of endangering the life of a child and allowing a minor to drive, Inspector Biju Kumar said. He was released after paying bail of 5,000 rupees or $92, Kumar said.

Nisham's wife recorded the boy driving the sports car on his ninth birthday two weeks ago, together with his 5-year-old brother in the passenger seat. The video was widely viewed on the internet and created a scandal across India, causing the police to file charges.

India's economic boom has created a class of super-rich, whose excesses are common in the news.
Police Inspector M.V. Verghese said the child's father, who has a real estate business, owns 18 cars worth about $4 million.
Nisham surrendered at a police station near the port city of Kochi, in the southern state of Kerala, Kumar said.

Police have confiscated the Ferrari, but returned the car to him after a few days, police said.
The child's parents were still standing their ground. "I'm proud of him. He has been driving since he was 5-years-old," his mother, Amal Nisham said.
She said the child also had driven the family Lamborghini and Bentley, among other cars.

“When the child will wreck one of the expensive cars the parents’ attitude will definitely change. I hope that no one gets hurt when that happens,” Anna Fugate, 66, of Manchester, New Hampshire told after watching the video of the child driving the Ferrari.

"It was his ninth birthday, and since he was insisting for months that we allow him to drive the Ferrari, we gave him the keys. He is a safe driver," the parents said.
"It is not easy for a child to achieve such a feat at this young age," the parents added.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Violent brawl breaks out between climbers and local residents on Mount Everest

The three climbers involved in the fight 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) The only difficulty climbers expect at Mount Everest is the mountain itself, but that was not the case this time, according to a statement by Nepal Police.

Three climbers were involved in a fight at high altitude on Mount Everest after fending off a group of angry Sherpa guides. Sherpas are local inhabitants of the area.

Ueli Steck from Switzerland, Simone Moro of Italy and Britain's Jonathan Griffith met with authorities and Nepalese Sherpas to clear things up today, according to an update on the facebook page of Moro.

"The meeting with everyone at base camp ended with a statement that emphasized the appreciation we have for the Sherpas and Nepal, but we also said that this violence killed our dream of climbing," one of the climbers said.

The drama unfolded on Saturday at 24,500 feet, according to a statement posted by Moro, after a Sherpa accused the three of hitting a fellow guide, and then struck them.

“The lead Sherpa began screaming and banging the ice with his ax erratically," Moro said.
The three and the Sherpas, who are known for providing support to foreign hikers and climbers, descended to Camp 2, at which Moro said they were outnumbered by 100 Sherpas who punched and kicked them and threw stones.

"They were throwing stones," Steck said. "They tried to use a knife to stab Simone Moro. Luckily, it only hit his backpack strap," Steck added.

The situation calmed down after 50 minutes, at which Moro said they were told to leave within the hour or everyone would be killed.

The three retreated to the base of the mountain, Moro said. "We felt that given the current situation it was the safest place to be," Moro said.

“I never knew that the locals were the ones who guide the climbers. I always thought it was professional climbers from all around the world. I guess that climbers should learn their lesson and be respectful to the locals, as in any other tourist location,” Cynthia Waite, 55, of Fort Wayne, Indiana told after learning about the fight.

Moro suggested that the lead Sherpa was angry after three climbers passed him, prompting him to start the fight.
"Whatever the reason, there is no reason to try to kill three climbers who visit the area," he said.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Woman who received womb transplant is now pregnant

Derya Sert 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A woman who received a womb transplant is now several weeks pregnant, according to hospital officials in Turkey.

A Turkish hospital said that a woman who became the first person to successfully receive a womb from a donor is now six weeks pregnant. The hospital also said that so far, it is a normal healthy pregnancy.

Derya Sert, who was born without a uterus, received one several years ago. Using one of her own eggs, doctors put an embryo in the 22-year-old womb, in the beginning of last month.

A statement from the Akdeniz University Hospital, said that doctors have followed the heart rate and that the pregnancy is going well.

"The results of the first tests are consistent with pregnancy. The patient is in good health at this time. We will continue to update the latest developments in the coming months," Akdeniz University Hospital which is located in the Turkish Mediterranean town of Antalya said in a statement.

A successful birth would give hope to women who were born without a uterus or who lost it to disease.

“I am very excited with this report. I personally know several women who would love to have children of their own and can't get pregnant for different reasons. A womb transplant could solve all of their problems,” Ruth Metzger, 44, of Yonkers, New York told after learning about the womb transplant.

Last September, doctors at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, performed the first womb transplant from mother to daughter in the world, without any complications.

In 2000, doctors in Saudi Arabia performed a womb transplant from a living donor, but had to take it out three months later because of a blood clot.

It is estimated that one in 5,000 women are born without a uterus, Akdeniz University Hospital said.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Woman finds frog inside her can of green beans

The frog that was found in the green beans 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A woman felt sick after discovering a frog inside her can of green beans she just opened.

Last month, Gloria Chubb prepared her usual dinner which includes: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans from the can. When she left the food on the table, her son took a little of each dish on placed them on his plate before freezing as he was pouring some of the green beans into his plate.

"My son placed a bit of the green beans on his plate and said: 'What is that?'" Chubb said. "I thought maybe it was a moldy piece of bacon or something. Because they have bacon in them sometimes," she added.

She took the mystery piece for further inspection. "I took it out, and it was a frog," she laughed. "With parts of its little legs on the green beans," she added.

Chubb took the can and the dead frog to the Health Department of St. Joseph County in Indiana. Rita Hooten, the food service manager of the department, said the frog was collected inadvertently during the harvest of the green beans. "When the green beans were collected from the field, the toad got put into the conveying line and accidentally got placed inside the can of green beans," she said.

Meijer, the company that produced the can, gave Chubb a check for $50 and a letter of apology. The company also issued a statement: "We deeply regret this customer's experience, and we are in the process of investigating the incident."

“A frog is definitely the last thing I would have expected in a can of vegetables. Bugs are one thing, but how does a whole frog get in there? The company was negligent, and they should have paid the woman more than the $50. The company should also face a hefty fine for this,” Nancy Humphries, 33, of Indianapolis, Indiana told after learning about the frog in the green beans can.

Chubb thinks the company should do more to protect their customers. "I think they should get a better quality of inspection of canned vegetables," she said. "I mean, anything can happen you know, but a frog?"

Although she is now able to laugh at the incident, Chubb certainly was not laughing at the time. "I was sick, absolutely nauseous for two days," she said. "I will not have green beans for the foreseeable future," she added.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

California woman found guilty of torture after cutting off husband's privates

Catherine Kieu 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested, charged, and convicted of torture related charges after cutting off her husband’s privates and throwing it into the garbage disposal, according to court proceedings in California.

A Southern California jury has convicted Catherine Kieu, the woman accused of drugging her estranged husband, cutting off his penis and throwing it in the garbage disposal.

Jurors found Kieu guilty Monday to charges of torture and aggravated mayhem for the attack.
Sentencing is scheduled for next month.

As we reported earlier, a man in court described his bad life after his wife cut off his private part.
The former husband of the woman accused of cutting off his private part said it was as if his life ended the night of the attack.
"I was killed that night," the man said Wednesday, the first day of the trial of Catherine Kieu, 50.

Orange County Deputy District Attorney John Christl said in his opening speech that Kieu, angry because her husband was dating a former girlfriend, spiked his food with sleeping pills, then tied him to a bed, cut off his private part and put it in the garbage disposal.

"I'll never have a sex life again," the husband, who underwent a surgery that allows him to urinate said in court. Doctors were not able to reattach the cut off private part. "My mental state is improving, but it never be what it was before," he said.
The husband said he remembered waking up tied to the bed. "Suddenly I felt a sharp pain," he said.

“This is an extremely cruel attack and this woman should be jailed for a long time. Violence is not the way to deal with issues, also, the man was already separated from his wife, therefore, he should have been allowed to move on with his life and date other women,” Evelyn Dixon, 48, of Los Angeles, California told after learning about the cruel attack.

In his opening statement, Deputy Public Defender Frank Bittar told jurors Kieu’s traumatic childhood during the war in Vietnam caused the mental illness that should prevent her conviction on charges of aggravated assault and torture.

Prosecutors played audio in court that was captured by a voice-activated recorder Kieu was hiding in the bedroom, according to Christl. She was shouting "You deserve it" three times before the attack, on the recording.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Obama congratulates NBA player for coming out as gay

NBA player Jason Collins 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) President Barack Obama has congratulated an NBA player for having the courage of coming out publicly as being gay, according to statement released by the White House.

Obama called NBA player Jason Collins Monday, to offer his support after Collins announced that he is gay, becoming the first major league professional athlete to declare himself gay to the public.

The president offered congratulations and support, for the courage he has shown to be the first player of the four dominant professional sports to make this announcement.

First Lady Michelle Obama, also showed her support for Collins on twitter.
"So proud of you, Jason Collins! This is a great step forward for our country. We back you!" Michelle herself wrote the tweet as indicated with her signature "mo" after the message.

“I don’t see the cause for celebration. Would the White House be all happy when a player comes out publicly as straight? Of course not! So why all the attention when someone comes out as gay?” Carol Boyles, 44, of Tucson, Arizona told after learning about the president’s message to Collins.

Earlier Monday, the White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, told reporters that he had not spoken with President Obama about the Collins announcement, but said: "here in the White House we see that as another example of the progress that has been made ​​and the evolution that has taken place in this country. We commend him for his courage, support him in this effort, and hope that his fans support him in the future."Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Woman dresses as pope and gives out condoms at school

Woman dressed as pope illustration 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) The church is angry after a student dressed up as the pope from her waist up and began distributing free condoms at a school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Carnegie Mellon student said it is freedom of expression, but the Diocese of Pittsburgh called it inappropriate and disrespectful.

In an annual school parade of art, one student dressed as the Pope, and was naked from the waist down as she passed out the free condoms.

Moreover, witnesses said that the woman had shaved her pubic hair in the shape of a cross.
The Diocese has asked the school to take action.

"I think we all know that when we are growing up we do stupid things, but she crossed the line in this case," Bishop David Zubik said.

The school issued a statement, saying: "We continue with our review of the facts. If the student violated our rules or laws of the community, we will take appropriate measures."
"It's all for fun and is not intended to hurt anyone," one student said.

“I happen to be a strong supporter of freedom of expression, but it can’t come at the expense of other people. I happen to agree with the church that this action was extremely disrespectful, and in very bad taste,” Racy Loyd, 19, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania told after learning about the student who gave out free condoms.

Bishop Zubik said the incident should not be repeated.
"What we want to happen is for this person to learn an important lesson," Zubik said.

“The University encourages individual thinking and artistic expression, but the Diocese believes that this student not only crossed the line, but trampled on everyone else around her by disrespecting the church,” Zubik added. The church is demanding some action.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view