New Zealand officials name street Topless Terrace

New Topless Terrace street sign 
By: Moses Gold

The New Zealand Traffic Authority was embarrassed recently, after installing a racy street sign.

Officials in Wellington, New Zealand, said they mistakenly replaced a street sign that read Torless Terrace and placed a sign that read Topless Terrace instead.

City workers replaced the old street sign Friday after it became loose, resident Deborah Bowler said.
However, she soon realized the street had the new racy name.

"At first I thought ‘it's only been up for a day and someone has messed with it already,’ but on closer inspection I realized that it is the real deal," she said.

Council spokesperson Richard MacLean said that the old street sign was often vandalized to make it read "Topless Terrace" by people with a ladder and a bit of white tape or paint.
This time, it seems to be a spelling error.

“Since people used to vandalize the sign when it said Torless to make it say Topless, why can’t they vandalize it again to change it from Topless back to Torless. Some people have to much time on their hands,” Kitty Finch, 19, of Wellington, New Zealand told after learning about the Topless sign.

"The council usually managed to avoid such situations. Now, we are aware of the situation, we will do some research, and fix things, in order to protect the honor of the good people of the street," MacLean said. "We don’t want it to become a tourist attraction or to be invaded by giggling school children."

Israel puts Archangel Gabriel stone on display in Jerusalem

The Gabriel tablet 
By: John Roberts

A stone tablet, allegedly referencing the Archangel Gabriel, was put on display in Jerusalem, Israel.

The old limestone tablet which covered with a mysterious Hebrew text and has the name of Archangel Gabriel, is now located in the center of a new exhibition in Jerusalem, although scholars continue to argue about what it means.

The so called “Gabriel Stone”, measures three feet high, and is said to have been found 13 years ago on the shores of the Dead Sea. It also contains 87 lines of text dated in the first century BC, at the time of the Second Jewish Temple.

Scholars see it as a portal to religious ideas circulating in the Holy Land at the time when Jesus was born. Its shape is also unique, as well as the ink written on stone, instead of being carved. No other religious text written with ink on stone has been found in the region.

Curators at the Israel Museum, where the first exhibition devoted to the stone is opening on Wednesday, said it is the most important document that was found in the area since the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

"The Gabriel Stone is like a Dead Sea Scroll in stone," James Snyder, director of the Israel Museum said. The dates of the writing is from the same period, and uses the same Hebrew script calligraphic, as some of the Dead Sea Scrolls, a collection of surviving manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible from the Second Temple era.

“I will definitely head over to the Israel Museum to check out the tablet, as it is just fascinating to be able to look at a tablet that was written more than 2,000 years ago, no matter who wrote it,” David Byers, 48, of Jerusalem, Israel told after learning about the Gabriel Tablet.

Israel in talks with Saudi Arabia for joint military alliance

Saudi Arabian king 
By: Sarah Weiss

What was once viewed as impossible is now looking like a reality.
Israel could soon join a military alliance with Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Since until now, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, have refused to recognize the State of Israel, the signing of such an agreement, could drastically alter the position of Israel among its Muslim neighbors.

The deal is being negotiated by the Obama Administration, according to an Israeli official, and will provide Israel with access to radar stations across the region in exchange for Israeli missile technology.
Sunni Muslim states openly oppose Shiite Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

“This can be the breakthrough moment everyone was looking for. The entire landscape will change in favor of Israel if the most powerful Muslim country in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, will sign a military agreement with Israel,” Kent Rasmussen, 51, Columbia, South Carolina told after learning about the negotiations.

Israel has repeatedly stated that a nuclear weapon in the hand of Iran is an unacceptable situation, and that the Jewish state must do everything possible to avoid it from happening.

Google recognizes the new State of Palestine

Google homepage now lists Palestine 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) The Palestinian Authority has received a big boost of recognition from the world’s largest internet search engine and one of the largest internet companies in the world.

With one small step, Google, has expressed its opinion on the Palestinian issue. Last week, internet surfers have noticed that the Google homepage for the Palestinian Territories changed its name from "Palestinian Territories" to "Palestine", less than a year after the U.N. General Assembly first recognized Palestine as a state.

“I applaud Google for taking the step to update the territory name to Palestine. It might be an unpopular move to some, but the People of Palestine, who are the ones using, definitely welcome the name change, and that is what is most important,” Rene Franks, 40, of Paris, France told after learning about the Google name change.

"We are changing the name ‘Palestinian Territories’ to ‘Palestine’ in all our products," Google spokesperson Nathan Tyler said. “We consulted several sources and authorities in naming countries. In this case, we are following the example of the U.N., ICANN, ISO and other international organizations,” the Google spokesperson added.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Woman kills dog after it sniffed her daughter’s private parts

Andrea Fiegle 
By: Eva Fett

A Hawaiian woman was arrested after she killed a dog because it got too close to her daughter’s private parts.

The Haleiwa, Honolulu, mother cut the throat of the dog because it did not listen when she ordered it to stop smelling her daughter’s private parts, according to court proceedings.

The dog that was killed, had been bought as a gift for Fiegle’s daughter. 36-year-old Andrea Fiegle called police on herself on Sunday night after she killed the dog.

When the officer arrived at the house, the arresting officer asked Fiegle if the dog had endangered anyone or had been a threat to someone before she cut its throat. According to the officer, the mother admitted that the dog was not a physical threat to anyone.

“The mother treated the dog as if it was a sex offender who was trying to rape her daughter. That is what dogs do. They sniff people and things. I hope the judge bans the mother from having animals in her home,” Donna Anderson, 43, of New York City told after hearing about the dog’s tragic death.

Fiegle is reportedly the first person in Hawaii to be charged under a law making cruelty to animals a felony. Fiegle is free on $11,000 bail.

Marriage proposals ends in disaster after ring disappears with helium balloon

Lefkos Hajji 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A man was devastated after his expensive engagement ring flew away and disappeared.

Men are always looking for unique ways to propose to their lover. Many come up with interesting romantic ideas which seem to be the perfect way to propose, while others fail.

One man thought he had the perfect way to propose to the love of his life. He bought an engagement ring for about $7,500 and asked the florist to attach it to helium balloons. Lefkos Hajji, 28, of Hackney, London wanted his engagement to his girlfriend Leanne, 26, to be one she would never forget, only to have his dreams cruelly snatched from his hands by a gust of wind.

Hajji was heartbroken when his plan backfired as the balloons flew away, taking the ring with them. "I felt like an idiot. The ring cost a fortune and I knew my girlfriend would kill me. I thought I would give my girl a pin and she would literally pop the question,” Hajji said.

Hajji hopes the ring will turn up someday but as for his girlfriend she was apparently not impressed.

“This is very unfortunate. Lefkos wanted to do something nice for the girl he loves, but he ended up losing a lot of money and he was mocked by everyone. I hope that one day, he and his girlfriend can get passed this, get married and be happy together,” Mark Harris, 25, of London, England told after hearing about the failed marriage proposal.

In another marriage proposal, police have arrested and charged several bikers with illegal gathering related charges after a male biker proposed to a female biker on a California highway, according to police reports in California. Four men, including the proposer have been arrested for a marriage proposal stunt where hundreds of motorcycles blocked a highway in Southern California, authorities said.

The future groom and his three friends were all booked on misdemeanor charges of creating a public nuisance and participating in an illegal gathering. The boyfriend, 24-year-old Hector Martinez, of Covina, was also booked for driving at a dangerous speed, authorities said Tuesday.

At least 250 motorcycles stopped on Interstate 10 eastbound in West Covina, in the beginning of the year, so that Martinez could propose to his girlfriend. At one point, one bicycle sent out a cloud of pink smoke. The prank, which lasted about two minutes, was captured on video and circulated on the Internet.

"They made a show of it," Sergeant Kurt Stormes of the California Highway Patrol, said. "It is a slap in the face to law enforcement," he added.

The girlfriend of Martinez accepted the marriage proposal. She does not face any charges. Stormes said investigators were able to track down the men through social media websites.
"They bragged about it so much," Stormes said of the motorcyclists.

Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Michigan woman arrested after she stalked herself on Facebook

Cyberbullying illustration 
By: David Ross

A woman was arrested after she created a Facebook account to stalk herself.

Cheryl Nelson, 52-years-old, of Kent county, Michigan called police and filed a report that she was the victim of bullying, harassment and other crimes.

The woman blamed her former boyfriend and his new girlfriend for the harassment. Detective Jason Russo, handled the case in which Nelson complained that her former boyfriend, Kevin Haarsma, and his girlfriend, had left her several threatening messages as well as letters at her house, according to an arrest warrant.

Officers spoke with her former boyfriend, who told officers the he was the one being harassed by Nelson. Officers obtained a search warrant for her home computer. That is when officials learned that she set up a Facebook account and made ​​it seem as if Haarsma’s new girlfriend was stalking her.

“This sounds like the actions of a teenager, not one of a 52-year-old woman. These are serious allegations, as cyberbullying happens and people are destroyed by them, and it has to be stopped. Luckily, the woman was caught in her lie or her boyfriend could have gone to jail over this,” cyber bullying activist Amy Garcia, 47, of Dover, Delaware told after learning about the false Facebook bullying claim.

According to Detective Russo, Nelson admitted to falsely reporting the crimes because she was not able to let go of her relationship with Haarsma. "The evidence shows that Nelson used her computer to create fake Facebook accounts using Haarsma’s personal information. Nelson used this account to make it appear that she was being harassed and bullied by his new girlfriend, by posting threatening messages," Russo said.

Nelson was arrested after it was discovered that she filed the false police reports.

Netanyahu, Abbas head to China for talks

Netanyahu and Abbas 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) China will attempt to kick start the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks this week, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas head to the country this week.

Abbas and Netanyahu are visiting China at the same time, but officials in China are skeptical about making any progress at the meeting, although Beijing has offered to help.

Abbas arrived on Sunday at the invitation of President Xi Jinping, as his first visit to China after Palestine has obtained state observer status in the U.N., while Netanyahu will be here tomorrow for bilateral talks after being elected again last month.

It will be the first Israeli leader's visit here after the new Chinese leadership headed by Xi took over after once in a decade leadership change earlier this year.

“As other countries have failed to promote peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians it is time for a new country, such as China to try to spark the continuation of peace talks,” O’Niel, 30, of Charleston, South Carolina told after learning about the visit to China.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Man arrested after punching cashier for refusing coupon for free ice cream

William Hotz 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A New York man was arrested after hitting a Carvel Ice Cream employee for refusing to accept his expired coupon.

William Hotz, 59 of Valley Stream, Long Island was arrested after he assaulted a woman over a $3.50 ice cream cone.

According to Nassau County police, Hotz went to a local ice cream shop, and asked for a $3.50 ice cream cone. After receiving his order, Hotz tried to pay with an expired coupon that offered "a free ice cream cone."

When the cashier, 55-year-old Joan Zhou, told him that the coupon has expired and he would have to pay for his ice cream cone, Hotz became angry. He left the coupon with the employee, and left the store with the cone, without paying for it.

The cashier followed him outside, and asked him for payment. Hotz then turned around and punched her in the face.

When Nassau County police officers arrived, Hotz took a combative stance. He waved his arms and resisted arrest. Officers at the scene were waiting for backup before finally placing Hotz under arrest.

“I cannot understand why the woman would put herself in harm's way and follow the man outside over $3.50. He was angry and irritated when he stormed out of the store. The man however, is silly for getting upset over an ice cream cone,” Betty Martin, 26, of Long Island, New York told after learning about the nature of Hotz’s arrest.

Zhou received cuts and swelling on her lips, but she refused medical treatment. Hotz was booked into jail on charges of theft and resisting arrest.

Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Man arrested after masturbating in front of children then tried to hook up with their mother

Adam Griffit 
By: John Roberts

A Florida man was arrested for lewd behavior after he was seen masturbating in front of children.

Adam Griffith, 28-years-old of Spring Hill, Florida was jailed Sunday after he allegedly masturbated in front of several children, and then tried to seduce their mother.

The woman and her two children were leaving their car at the Anderson Snow Sports Complex when they saw a man exposing himself in a car that was parked nearby, according to the Sheriff's Office of Hernando County.

The man, identified as Griffith, allegedly exposed his genitals while masturbating inside his car in public view. The woman quickly grabbed her children went back in her car and called police.

Once the woman and children were inside their car, Griffith allegedly approached the woman with his genitals fully exposed and said: "Damn girl, you're fine. Do you have a man?"

“As a mother I would have done the same thing. First, I would take the kids away then I would get the man off the street so other children are not exposed to his bad behavior,” Jennifer Thompson, 30, of Hernando County, Florida told when asked what she would do if she found herself in a situation like this.

Deputies arrived on the scene and arrested Griffith.
Griffith was booked into the Hernando County Jail and charged with two counts of lewd and indecent exposure to underage children. His bail was set at $30,000.

TV stars from 'Scandal' and 'Once Upon a Time' receive warm welcome from Orthodox Jews at the Western Wall on Shabbat

Scandal stars 
By: David Ross

Several Hollywood stars who visited the Western Wall this Shabbat said that they received a warm welcome from the Orthodox Jewish community.

By Anav Silverman

Tazpit News Agency For

At the Western Wall on Friday night, a group of stars from the hit American TV shows, 'Scandal,' and 'Once Upon a Time' found themselves immediately recognized by religious Jewish prayer-goers.

''People approached us at the Western Wall, saying they watch our shows,'' said Katie Lowes, who stars in the new American political thriller television series, 'Scandal,' created by Grey's Anatomy's Shonda Rhimes.

''It has been an amazing experience, visiting across Israel. But the visit to the Western Wall and the Shabbat dinner that followed, was truly a highlight,'' she added. ''It was beautiful to hear the people singing and praying and to be part of a Shabbat dinner with a family in Jerusalem.''

The Hollywood celebrities spent a week touring Israel in a trip which was led by America's Voices in Israel (AVI) director, Irwin Katsof and sponsored by El Al Israel Airlines and the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The group spent time in the Golan Heights, Haifa, Tel Aviv, Masada, Dead Sea and Jerusalem, from April 29-May 5.

Lowe's husband, Adam Shapiro, who also stars in 'Scandal' told Tazpit News Agency that Israel had drastically changed since his last visit to the country 17 years ago.

''I came here when I was 16 with my Jewish summer camp. So much has changed since then,'' he said. ''I'm familiar with Tel Aviv and the central region of Israel, but I had never been to the Golan Heights before. It was beautiful and so were the residents – you feel the real Israeli pioneer spirit there.''

''There is so much to appreciate here,'' adds Bellamy Young, who plays the First Lady in 'Scandal.' Young was particularly impressed with Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, citing its medical advancements in stem cell research.

''For such little space, there is so much scope here both historically and in every imaginable way. From a history of persecution to vibrancy, it was amazing to learn how much can be done in 65 years,'' said Young.

In addition to visiting different areas across Israel, the group met with a range of influential Israeli personalities and figures in hi-tech, entertainment, media, medicine, and politics, including the former Israeli ambassador to Italy, Gideon Meir, who hosted the group at a dinner in Jerusalem's King David Hotel on Thursday night, May 2.

At the dinner, the portrayal of Israel in the media was discussed. ''At any given time, there are 1,000 foreign journalists here,'' Meir stated. ''However, most of those journalists are not here to cover Israel, but the conflict.''

''There is a big misunderstanding about Israel,'' said Lana Parilla, who plays the Snow Queen on ABC Network's Once Upon a Time. ''There is so much more to this country than what we see back home. Seeing Jewish values like the importance of family and the pride people have in this land has been inspiring.''

''There are so many sides to everything that goes on here – it was so helpful to hear all these perspectives, coming from the outside as Americans,'' added Lowes.

The other participants in the trip included Guillermo Diaz from Scandal and Julie Walker, the Art Director of the hit CBS TV series, ''The Mentalist.'' "Once Upon a Time," "Scandal" and "The Mentalist" are all aired on Israeli channels.

According to Katsoff, American Voices in Israel, which is a division of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, has brought 50 Hollywood actors and actresses to Israel in the past two years. "We have been thrilled to host this newest contingent of Hollywood stars, who have experienced an adventure of a lifetime and were exposed to the day-to-day dynamics which shape the destiny of the Jewish state," he said.

All new Zionist Art Prize announced

The Western Wall 
By: David Ross

A new prize to promote Zionist ideas was announced recently.

By Aryeh Savir

Tazpit News Agency For

The Arthur Szyk Prize for Disruptive Thought and Zionist Art has been recently launched to recognize artists whose works spark new ideas about Zionism in the 21st century. The prize, the first of its kind, acknowledges art which engages its audience in a conversation about Zionism and what it means to live in Israel in 2013.

The prize is named after visionary Jewish illustrator Arthur Szyk, who created a legendary edition of the Haggada. The prize will award $1,000 to an artist whose submission shows "exemplary and innovative use of their medium to challenge prevailing conceptions of Zionism and elucidate the new meanings of Jewishness today."

"Arthur Szyk showed the world what it meant to be Jewish with a boldness that couldn't be ignored," says prize co-director and president of Artists4Israel, Craig Dershowitz. "With this prize, we're following Szyk's example by honoring an artist who is uniquely able to illuminate the meaning of Jewish self-determination in today's world."

"This prize is about identity--about using art to understand who we are and what role Zionism can play in a rapidly changing world," says Daniel Fink, co-director of JNI. "We are thrilled by the prospect of artists coming out to say entirely new things, to rekindle the most critical dialog of our generation."

The prize's namesake, Arthur Szyk , was a Jewish master illustrator and painter who, after fleeing his native Poland in 1937, used the power of his illustrative pen to raise awareness about the catastrophe unfolding in Europe and to inspire worldwide Jewry to action. His works were fearless, inflammatory and demanding – cutting across genres and political orthodoxy.

The prize is a joint venture shared by Artist4Israel and the Jewish National Initiative (JNI). Artists 4 Israel uses the powerful and universal messages of art to educate, support and provide awareness about Israel. JNI is a conservative forum that promotes new ideas and initiatives for Israel and the Jewish people.

The prize winner will be announced on May 15.

Properties on the moon with views of the Earth available for $19.99

Dennis Hope showing off his moon properties 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) For just a few dollars, you can be the proud owner of a beautiful rock property with a gorgeous view of planet Earth.

Starting at just $19.99 per acre, the moon property can be yours. If you prefer, you can buy property on Venus or Mercury.
Mercury is nice this time of year, as the temperature hits 700 degrees, but don’t worry, experts say that the humidity is low.

If that's still too close to the hustle and bustle of the Earth, there is Mars, 33.9 million miles from New York’s Times Square. A deed with your name on it, showing ownership of a one acre lot on Mars will cost $22.49, plus tax, plus shipping and handling.

The man behind the sale of these lots is Dennis Hope, founder and owner of Lunar Embassy Corp of Gardnerville, Nevada, which claims ownership rights to various celestial bodies.

“I would never spend even $1 for the entire moon. The deed is just a worthless piece of hard toilet paper. Also, I think the government should stop him from selling worthless land to naive people,” Kitty Huber, 32, of Las Vegas, Nevada told after learning about the moon properties for sale.

Hope said he sold 7.5 percent of the moon so far, so there is still a lot of properties for everyone to buy.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Five woman burned to death inside limo on California roadway

White limo on fire 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A terrible tragedy struck five women who were traveling inside a limo on a California roadway, according to a statement released by California police.

The five women were killed Saturday night when they were trapped inside a limousine that had caught fire while traveling on the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge in Foster City, California.

Police officer Art Montiel said that the women traveled from Alameda to Foster City. Four other women and the driver of the vehicle managed to escape the fire, which was reported shortly after 10:00 pm.
Montiel said the incident did not involve an accident.

Montiel said authorities did not know where the women were at the time of the fire. He said the county coroner of San Mateo will announce the names of the women who died after their families have been notified.

The incident began at 10:09 pm when officers responded to reports of a vehicle fire on Highway 92 in Foster City, just east of Pier 1. The car was a Lincoln white town car and traveling in the slow lane. For unknown reasons, the car caught fire.
Ten people were inside the vehicle at this time, including nine women and the driver, Montiel said.

Four women and the driver, whose gender was unknown, escaped. Five of the women, however, could not escape the vehicle and were confirmed dead when officers arrived on scene.

Two of the four women who escaped were taken to Stanford Hospital and two were taken to Valley Medical Center in San Jose. The four are being treated for smoke inhalation and burns. The driver was not injured.

“I feel bad for the families these five women left behind. They died in a terrible way. The images of the fire are frightening, and I am afraid of traveling in a limo now,” Felicia Buckner, 30, of San Jose, California told after watching the incident unfold on live television.

Apparently, the fire started in the back of the limo, but specifically where or how is still being investigated, police said.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Teen soccer player kills referee by punch to the face

Ricardo Portillo 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A soccer referee was killed by a teen player who punched him in the face, according to a statement released by Utah police.

The referee who was hit by the angry player during a soccer game last Saturday night, died a week after receiving the fatal blow.

Ricardo Portillo, 46, refereed a soccer match that was held at the Eisenhower Junior High School. During the game, a 17-year-old player was penalized with a yellow card. After getting hit with the penalty, the player punched Portillo in the head, police said.

Portillo’s injuries were considered minor at first, but the swelling eventually led Portillo into a coma and had been in critical condition for a week. As of Thursday, Portillo was still bleeding around the blood vessels that surround part of the brain.

Portillo died Saturday at 9:33 pm, according to a press release from the Unified Police Department.
“This is a terrible incident, as a referee lost his life over a silly game. The teen should face severe punishment in order to send a message to other sports players not to resort to violence,” Lesa Rocha, 39, of Salt lake City, Utah told after learning of portillo’s death.

The 17-year-old was booked into the juvenile detention center after the incident. Police have not revealed his name. The teenager is expected to be indicted by the Office of the District Attorney of Salt Lake County early next week, and could face additional charges in light of the death of Portillo.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Man obsessed with bugs seen on video eating 5,000 varieties of insects

David Gracer shows off his bug collection 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) If its fine to eat all types of creatures from the sea why not eating all types of creatures which live on the ground? One person, who is obsessed with eating insects, and has already consumed thousands of bugs, asked.

The man addicted to eating insects has revealed he has eaten more than 5,000 species of bugs during the past 11 years.

David Gracer, 47, appeared on an episode of TLC My Crazy Obsession, which showed him grazing on insects like cockroaches, flies and spiders.

The married father of one, of Providence, Rhode Island, maintains a steady supply of his favorite snacks in the freezer so that never runs out of insects, and claims people are quick to judge him negatively.

He said: "They have said I'm crazy, sick, weird, and I mean that's what it's like to be in an unpopular position. There is a complete double standard out there because people love insects, provided they are from the sea, like crabs, shrimp and lobster, they believe that they are very good to eat, but if the bugs are in the earth, suddenly it is eww.”

“I guess this man really has a valid point by comparing insects from the sea to the ones on the ground, but I still would never eat a bug, despite the fact that I eat lobster. I don’t understand how his wife does not puke watching her husband eating all these disgusting looking bugs at the dinner table,” Sharlene Puckett, 20, of Providence, Rhode Island told after watching the video.

The school teacher has more than 12,000 insects from 20 different species stored in his freezer at home.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Man charged with animal cruelty after police dog ate his hamster

Cute hamster illustration 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Seems like police dogs are not being fed properly these days.
A police dog ate a suspect’s hamster during a police raid of the home.

Police officers were searching the house of Musa Khan in Oldham, United Kingdom for drugs when the incident occurred.

The sniffer dog knocked down the rodent cage, before eating the animal. One of the dog handlers made ​​him cough out the hamster, but it was already dead.

No drug charges were filed against Khan, but the man later appeared in court because he was charged with animal cruelty, as police found a bald endangered parakeet during the search.

46-year-old Khan, who admitted to not taking proper care of the bird, named Miko, was fined $150 by the court plus $600 in court costs and banned from keeping a bird for two years. However, Khan's attorney claimed that his client received the bird half dead, and his client was nursing the bird back to health.

“It is ironic that after the police dog ate the man’s hamster the suspect got slammed with an animal cruelty charge. In my opinion, the only person that should have been charged with animal cruelty was the police dog handler, but I guess the police are above the law these days in England,” Beverley Langley, 30, of London, England told after learning about the animal cruelty charges that were filed against Khan.

Miko has been relocated by the animal workers.

Male police officers now wearing pink flip flops on duty

Police officers show off their pink flip flops 
By: Eva Fett

If you were wondering why criminals are able to get away from police these days, it is because of the police officers’ choice of footwear.

Some police officers were seen wearing pink flip flops during service.

Sergeant Richard Holland and police officer Rebecca Williams were seen wearing sports footwear while patrolling in Winchester, Hampshire.

According to the police officers they were wearing these flip flops in order to support local pastors who were distributing these shoes to drunk people on their way home after a night out.

However, these officers have been criticized by locals for being too casual and impractical.
One observer said: "They are struggling to keep up with a criminals during chases."
Street pastors work with the police to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable night out.

“This is ridiculous! What’s next? Police officers wearing nothing but underwear to support women who get naked because they are drunk? The drunk women should be arresting for public drunkenness and police should not support their crazy street behavior,” Isabella Knowles, 33, of London, England told after seeing the police officers wearing pink flip flops.

Sergeant Richard Holland of the North Walls police station said: "Pastors offer a unique and extremely valuable service during busy night hours. They are able to offer a friendly face to talk if someone is in danger, or hand over practical articles to help people get home, like the flip flop, in order to help women get home since they cannot stand in her high heels. I hope that our support will ensure that the pastors will always remain a welcome presence in Winchester and towns across North Hampshire area."

Helicopter makes awesome landing on state court statue

Helicopter on court statue 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Many people have been asking: “Is that a helicopter on the state court statue?”

It seems like an unwanted helicopter has flown into the arms of a statue of Lady Justice sitting on top of a county courthouse in the north-central Ohio.

The 9-inch remote control helicopter, flew into Lady Justice standing on the Marion County Courthouse last week, and has been there since, resting on the hilt of its sword soaring over 100 feet high.

Video Producer Terry Cline, who used the $1,500 helicopter equipped with a camera to record a promotional video for the city, when it was surprised by an unexpected breeze.
Since then, Cline has been trying to find a way to get the helicopter back.

“Before doing the video shoot, the video producer should have thought of all the things that could go wrong, such as the helicopter getting stuck on unwanted things. However, I hope he finds a way to get the helicopter back, as I’m sure there will be some awesome video on that camera which the public can enjoy,” Beverly Velazquez, 20, of Cleveland, Ohio told after seeing the helicopter stuck on the court statue.

County officials however, said they will not pay to remove the helicopter or risk anyone's life for it.
For now, Lady Justice is left with its new toy. Update: Cline said in a statement that two volunteers took the helicopter away from Lady Justice.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view