Two boys, 6 and 7, steal car and go for a joy ride

Boy driving a car illustration 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Two little boys saw nice looking cars that all the big boys drive as too tempting not take take one out on a joy ride, according to a statement released by police in Denmark.

Danish police said two children, ages 6 and 7, stole a car from their apartment complex parking lot, and went for a joy ride.

Investigators said the boys, from the city of Falster Nykobing, escaped from the 24 hour secured facility through a window and stole the keys to a Toyota Aygo which belongs to the facility.

Henrik Karlsen, a spokesperson for Southern Zealand and Lolland-Falster Police said the boys drove about 1.8 kilometers before they were stopped by a man who called the police.

Karlsen said the children were careful drivers.
"The boys told police they stopped whenever there was a red light," Karlsen said.
The police also said that the children successfully drove the car because one of them is very tall for his age.

“I would definitely question the security guard at the facility. Why didn't the security guard stop the children? Was he sleeping on the job? Police need to find out why the children were able to steal the car undetected. It could have ended badly,” Phyllis Carter, 27, of Copenhagen, Denmark told after learning about the boys.

Karlsen said that no charges are pending against the children.

This is not the first time a 7-year-old boy took a car out on a joy ride. Latarian Milton, 7, took his grandmother's car out for a joy ride until he was stopped several blocks away.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Rats caught on video having a party at Pennsylvania restaurant

Rats having a party at the restaurant 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A group of rats were caught on video having a party at one Pennsylvania restaurant, according to video uploaded to the internet.

Now, the Pennsylvania restaurant is shut down after rats flooded the restaurant through a sewer main break, and the images of the rats spread rapidly through social media websites.

Steve Slaughter, owner of three Green Eggs Cafe restaurants in Center City, Pennsylvania, published a notice in the window at the location saying that the restaurant is closed due to a broken main sewer pipe. He said the break was to blame for the large number of rats witnesses saw through the windows of the restaurant Sunday night.

Witnesses took images that includes rats feasting on pizza that had been left out.
Slaughter said that the rats did not gain access to any food other than the pizza seen on the video. He said he has obtained a permit from the city to have a plumber fix the sewer main break.

“Oh my! That is a very disgusting sight. I do not know how people will be able to enter into that restaurant again. All I can think about is those rats running around wild on the tables of the restaurant. There is no way I am going inside that restaurant again in my life,” Tina Nelson, 18, of Center City, Pennsylvania told after watching the video.

The city said a health inspector will have to inspect the restaurant before it can be reopened.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Archbishop of Canterbury praises 'Strictly Kosher' television show

Strictly Kosher television show 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A leading church figure has come out and criticized British television in general, but praised the “Strictly Kosher” television program.

The Archbishop of Canterbury believes that the elimination of religious programs from television stations have dangerous consequences, and referred to a British television program about kosher eating as an outstanding example of good religious programming.

The Reverend Justin Welby said this week that the abandonment of religious programming is cultivating ignorance, and that religious oriented shows were the true reality shows.

He said there were some who believe that faith and religious life should be kept behind closed doors, but if the stations also adopt the view that religion is private, instead of sharing it with the public, then we could fall down a dangerous path.

“The reverend made a good point, however, he needs to understand that television station will only air shows that viewers find interesting, and if television stations believe that viewers are not interested in religious shows, they will just not show it because if they do the viewers will just click the shutdown button,” Chad Woods, 27, of Durham, England told after learning about the reverend's comments.

"The wonderful portrait of the Jewish community in Manchester on the show called Strictly Kosher is an example of how the media can help us to see the people around us as they really are,” the reverend said. In the video below you can watch an episode of Strictly Kosher.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Seven-month-old baby gets a taste of the real world as he learns to jet-ski

Ryder Blair jet-skiing  
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A seven-month-old baby may be the youngest ever to Jet-ski.

The video of an Australian mother teaching her seven-month-old baby to jet-ski is now going viral.

Ryder Blair, from Queensland, is too young to walk, but his mother thought it would be a good idea to teach him to jet-ski
The baby might just have been born to jet-ski, it looks like he is doing good, according to the video uploaded to YouTube.

The video was taken at Lake Dyer, in Queensland, Australia. The baby was wearing a life-jacket while riding the ski, surprisingly, the baby held on as water splashed in his face, all the while his mother, Tamara, ran alongside him.

“I wonder what the baby would say if he was able to talk. At this age, it was not his choice to ride the jet-ski. He was put there by his parents. I wonder what he will get for his first birthday, will it be a boat or a motorcycle? I can’t wait to see him ride one,” Larry Stewart, 30, of Melbourne, Australia told after watching the video.

In an accompanying post, the mother writes that her son is not actually driving the jet-ski, he is just being pulling along.

Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Emergency worker responds to call of unresponsive baby who turns out to be hers

Sherae Reich 
By: John Roberts

A babysitter called police after a child in her care was unresponsive.

When the Fort Mitchell, Alabama emergency medical technician received a call for an unresponsive baby, she never imagined it was her own baby’s life she will be saving.

The mother arrived to the house in an ambulance. It was the house of her baby’s daycare provider, there she was handed her baby who was not well.

The babysitter, Sherae Reich, had allegedly shaken the 10-week-old baby after the child would not stop crying. Police later confirmed that the woman was not a licensed daycare provider.

The baby was flown to Atlanta for treatment for her injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

“EMT workers help sick people every day, they are heroes. Unfortunately, this time, the mother had to save her own baby after she was hurt by the babysitter. It must have been a shock to witness her own baby hurt so badly,” Patricia Brown, 52, of Russell County, Alabama told after the baby was taken to the hospital with her well trained mother by her side.

Reich was arrested and charged with child abuse. Reich, who is pregnant with her fifth child, may lose custody of her own children after she nearly killed the baby who was in her care. She was released on $10,000 bond.

Man builds magnificent 25-foot cuckoo clock

Cuckoo clock  
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A man built an impressive 25-foot water powered cuckoo clock.

Richard Pim, 72, a retired hydrogeologist, spent his career bringing water to dry land in Saudi Arabia and Nepal.

Now, he created the largest cuckoo clock in England, which stands 25 feet tall.
"It took a while to build, but I did most of the work myself," Pim said. The structure cost about $31,000 in total. The watch uses a complex system of cantilevers, counterweights and pulleys and has a 3 foot cuckoo bird which comes out every hour.

“The clock is so big and detailed it looks like a small two story house, it is very nice,” Isabelle Davies, 22, of London, England told after seeing the cuckoo clock.

Pim has spent about three years designing the clock. He made piece by piece of the magnificent fully water-powered cuckoo clock which is currently displayed in Westonbury Mill Water Gardens near Pembridge in Herefordshire. The clock uses pipes and bellows to create compressed air to pump through a music box, tuned to mimic the call of a cuckoo.

It is believed to be the only giant cuckoo clock in the United Kingdom, and the first in the world to run with water.

Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Police arrest and force teen girl to wear police jacket after wearing immodest clothing

Teen in revealing dress (right) teen wearing police jacket in
police car (left) 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A teen girl was forced to wear a police jacket after she was caught walking on the street in a revealing dress.

The 16-year-old girl was taken into police custody for dressing inappropriately in the capital of Maldives, on Sunday afternoon.

Police spokesperson Hassan Haneef confirmed that the teen was alone in the Novelty Bookshop in Male’, when she was taken into custody for wearing a short black see through dress.

“The social norms and values of the Maldivian culture were violated,” Haneef said. “There are laws, which fall under the Anti-social Behavior Act,” he added. The girl was taken into police custody after people complained about her exposed body. “The girl was given a police jacket to cover herself and was taken to the Family and Child Protection Department,” Haneef said.

Police lectured the girl how she was supposed to dress in public. They also made her call her parents and advised them regarding her dress code violations. The girl was released with a warning. She was not charged at this time.

“I get the point police were making, but what annoys me is that there are gangsters who operate in Male’ and they intimidate residents, while police do nothing about it. Police often say they do not have the resources to pursue the gangsters, but when a young girl wears a short dress they have the resources to stop her,” Faseeh Naseem, 25, of Gili Lankanfushi, Maldives told after he heard about the teenage girl in police custody for wearing a revealing dress.

Haneef emphasized that the issue in question was upholding societal norms and values and if anyone witnesses someone violating those standards they should report them to the police.

“If someone does not meet these expectations they can be arrested, but it is very rare. It depends on a case by case basis,” Haneef explained.

Glenn Beck under fire after depicting Mayor Bloomberg in Nazi salute

Apparent Nazi salute during Glenn Beck speech 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) Glenn Beck came under extreme criticism today after he depicted the New York City mayor giving a Nazi salute, according to video uploaded to the internet.

Glenn Beck spoke at the annual convention of the National Rifle Association this weekend in which he attacked New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The director of the Anti-Defamation League labeled Beck's comments as deeply offensive on many levels and B'nai Brit asked Beck to apologize.

"Glenn Beck, the keynote speaker at the annual convention of the NRA, trivializes the Holocaust when comparing New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to Adolf Hitler," B'nai Brit said in a statement. "His use of Nazi images and Nazi words serves to undermine the Nazi Holocaust atrocities. Glenn Beck should apologize," the statement continued.

In his nearly two-hour speech on Saturday night, Beck compared the mayor to a Nazi for his campaigns to limit the size of sugary drinks, salt intake, alter cigarette labels, and gun control.

Beck then showed a massive new logo for the City of New York to the thousands of attendees and showed Bloomberg giving the Nazi salute with what appeared to be a Nazi armband on his sleeve.

Abraham Foxman, a Holocaust survivor and the national director of the Anti-Defamation League objected to the image and Beck's comments.

“Glenn Beck is known to be a strong supporter of Israel and a fighter for Jewish issues. He was in fact the only media personality who devoted an entire show to talk about the murder of an entire Jewish settler family in Itamar, an Israeli controlled city in the West Bank. I think the criticism against Beck is unjustified,” Chaim Lazar, 57, of Brooklyn, New York told after learning about the Beck Bloomberg Nazi salute.

"Glenn Beck should know better. He has drawn similar inappropriate analogies to the Holocaust before. We would like him to stop trivializing the Holocaust story, which he does in order to score partisan political points," Foxman said.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Scottish church claims Jewish right to Israel was invalidated

The Scottish Church general assembly hall 
By: Shifra Unger

The Church of Scotland, recently came out and questioned the Jewish right to Israel.

A discussion sheet prepared by the Church and society council suggests that the Jewish claim to the land of Israel could be invalidated by its treatment of the Palestinians.

The Church has been attacked by Jewish leaders on the report that questioned the right of Israel to exist.

The report will be voted on by the 700 members of the Church who attend the annual general meeting of the governing body of the Church when it meets later this month. If approved by a majority, it could become the official opinion of the Church, a church spokesperson said.

A Jewish leader said that the report was a deliberate attempt to challenge Israel's right to exist and would be very damaging to interfaith relations in Scotland and across the United Kingdom.

He warned of the domino effect if a joint vote endorses the report, adopted as a policy of the Church.
The report on the promised land, said that Christians should not support exclusive Jewish claims to the land of Israel or of using the Bible to resolve contemporary conflicts upon the earth.

“I just can’t believe that a group of Christians can question the Jewish connection to the land of Israel. We all know that the Scottish church was not too friendly to the Jewish cause in the past, but this tops it all. I think this report has the potential to burn all the Christian-Jewish bridges that were built over the past few hundred years. This is truly sad,” Jacob Alexander, 38, of London, England told after learning about the church’s denial of the Jewish connection to Israel.

"On behalf of the Jewish community in Scotland, we call upon the Church to remove it from the next general assembly. If the Church cannot build bridges, at least it should refrain from burning them," a Jewish leader said.

Natalie Portman seen taking her son Aleph to the Jewish Community Center in Los Angeles

Natalie Portman with her son Aleph 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) Jewish superstar Natalie Portman was seen in Los Angeles, California taking her son Aleph to the Jewish Community Center, according to images uploaded to the internet.

Portman was born in Jerusalem, Israel.
Portman was spotted without any makeup taking her son Aleph to a Jewish community center in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles on Monday.

Her hair was seen hanging over her shoulders in frizzy waves and Ray Bans glasses covered her eyes.
The Oscar winner turns 32-years-old next month.

Her child, 22-months-old, was wearing a Letterman jacket over gray trousers and blue Nike high-tops.
Natalie looked relaxed as she spoke softly to the blond boy resting in her arms.
Not seen Monday was the father of Aleph and her husband Benjamin Millepied.

The 35-year-old dancer is planning to move to Paris later this year.
The French choreographer, who is the former principal dancer of the New York City Ballet, will begin his new position as director of the Paris Opera in October 2014.
Natalie plans to produce and star in a movie called Jane Got A Gun this year.

“It is very nice to see that Portman and her young child are both being exposed to Judaism at the California Jewish Center. It seems that since Portman spent her young years in Jerusalem, Israel, she is being pulled back to Judaism,” Alice Fields, 29, of Los Angeles, California told after seeing Portman with her child heading over to the Jewish Community Center.

Natalie also joins Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Antonio Banderas, Joe Manganiello, and Wes Bentley, in the Knight of the Cups. In the video below you can see the trailer to the new Natalie Portman movie.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Justin Bieber attacked on stage during concert in Dubai

Justin Bieber  
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A man tackled Justin Bieber to the ground during a concert.

The man ran up to the stage on Sunday and attacked Bieber, while the pop star was performing a concert in Dubai.

Security guards jumped into action and rescued Bieber from the man’s grip after he ran onto the stage and attacked Bieber during the concert.

The man is seen on video coming up from behind Bieber while he was playing his song "Believe" on the piano.

The man grabbed Bieber from behind, while Bieber was playing the piano causing the piano to fall over in the process.

Security guards at the stadium Sevens, managed to stop the intruder. After escaping from the clutches of the intruder, Bieber left the stage, but returned to finish the concert a few minutes later.

“Nobody knows why the man attacked Bieber, but it was very scary to watch. The girls in the audience went crazy and they were screaming in fear, which added to the panic. We were all happy that he was able to finish the concert,” Saad Al Maktoum, of the United Arab Emirates, told after the concert.

“After the assault, Justin continued with his show. As far as we know, no action has been taken against the youth," Thomas Ovesen, an executive of Done Events, said.
Bieber removed one of his songs, "One Less Lonely Girl", from his Dubai performance, out of respect to the country's Muslim faith.

Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Three kidnapped girls found alive after being held hostage for 10 years in Ohio

Gina DeJesus  
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) Three women who disappeared about a decade ago, when they were in their teens or early 20s, had been found alive on Monday in a Cleveland, Ohio residential area, and three brothers were arrested, police said.

The girls had been kidnapped years ago in separate incidents, and were found alive within walking distance of the last place at least two of them were seen.

A neighbor is credited for rescuing the women. “I was eating at McDonald’s when I heard a girl screaming and going nuts trying to get out of the house. I went to the porch and tried to get her out,” the man who rescued the girl said.
The woman then asked the Good Samaritan to call police and she told him that she was Amanda Berry.

When police arrived, Berry told them there were other women upstairs. Police found two other women, who have been missing for a long time, in the house. The three women have been taken to a hospital, where they were reported in good health, police said.

The three women were identified by police as Gina DeJesus, Amanda Berry, and Michelle Knight.

Knight disappeared in 2000 at the age of 20, while Berry disappeared at age 16, on April 21, 2003, and DeJesus went missing at age 14, on her way home from school in 2004. Police identified the suspect as Ariel Castro, 52, who worked as a bus driver for the Cleveland public schools.

His uncle, Cesar Castro, owner of a grocery store across the street, said "everybody is shocked." He also confirmed that his nephew is the owner of the house where the women were found. He added that members of his family and of the family of DeJesus, grew up together.

Sadly, Berry's mother, Louwana Miller, died in March 2006. She had spent the last three years of her life searching for her missing daughter, friends said.

“Everyone is happy that the women were found, it is very shocking that they were held by a person who seemed to be normal and held a regular job,” an emotional Mary Davis, of Cleveland, Ohio told after the women were taken to the hospital for observation.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson said: "We have many unanswered questions about this case, and the investigation is ongoing. I am grateful that these young women are alive.”

Israeli Prime Minister visits Chinese Jewish ghetto

Netanyahu visits old Chinese Jewish quarter 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) The Israeli prime Minister visited the former Chinese Jewish ghetto which was a safe haven from the Nazi regime during World War Two.

Benjamin Netanyahu has also praised China for its past role as a haven for Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi persecution in a visit to the old Jewish quarter of the city on Tuesday, as questions loom over the future of the area.

Netanyahu, who arrived the day before the start of an official visit to China, visited the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum, including the Ohel Moshe synagogue that once served the Jewish community, an official of the museum said.

"Seventy years ago, only Shanghai, China opened the door to provide a sanctuary to Jewish refugees," Netanyahu was quoted as saying.

Since early 1930, tens of thousands of Jewish refugees fled Europe, making Shanghai their new home.
In 1943, the Japanese authorities had occupied Shanghai and ordered some 20,000 Jewish refugees into a "designated area" in the northern Hongkou district, alongside Chinese residents of the city.

Their movements were restricted, but they were never targeted for extermination, despite requests by the leaders of Nazi Germany's ally, Japan, at that time.

"We hope to develop closer cooperation with China, so we can be proud, not only with 70 years ago China but also in the future China," Netanyahu said.

“Its nice to see how the Israeli leader is showing appreciation to the Chinese for their role in helping the Jews during World War Two. I hope that Netanyahu will be able to build extremely close ties between Israel and China, as China is now a global economic powerhouse,” Joan Schmidt, 42, of Flint, Michigan told after watching Netanyahu arriving in China.

The Israeli Prime Minister is scheduled to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping and other senior officials in Beijing this week, after a visit by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

China supports a Palestinian state, but at the same time, Beijing has built trade relations with Israel since the two countries established diplomatic relations in 1992.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

French school to force Jewish children to eat non kosher meat

The letter stating that children will be forced to eat meat 
By: David Ross

Being Jewish and attending a French public school might now just be impossible after a school principal said that the school will force all children to eat meat at school, according to a statement made by the school principal of Jules-Ferry de Bondy primary school.

The French primary school principal has temporarily put on hold his decision that children would not be able to abstain from eating meat "for religious reasons".

The Jules-Ferry de Bondy elementary school principal, located in the Paris suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis sent out a letter to parents saying that students would be forced to eat the meat served for school lunches, regardless of their religious beliefs.

"I remind you that according to local regulations and rules of the school, all children are served meat. Children will be forced to eat this meat," the letter said. "If, for religious reasons, you do not want your child to eat meat, I invite you to join me for a talk, because we will not accept this demand," the letter continued.

"I remind you that your child is being educated at a school in the Republic, and that secularism, one of the foundations of the Republic, is fully respected and expected," the principal wrote.

“I support the principal’s decision. The school cannot give in to all religious demands, and to people trying to force their religion onto others. If as a parent religion is important to their child, then, the parent has the option of sending their kid to religious school,” Janet Elliot, 42, of Ann Arbor, Michigan told after learning about the principal’s decision.

The letter quickly spread online after parents tweeted the letter from school, and the school now said that the decision was put on hold.

Jerusalem flying high in honor of Jerusalem Day 2013

Cool artistic globes in Jerusalem Israel 
By: David Ross

The Israeli Prime Minister has brought out the fact that Jerusalem is flying high these days, just as Israel is prepared to celebrate the upcoming Jerusalem Day holiday.

By Aryeh Savir

Tazpit News Agency For

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held the weekly government meeting at Mount Herzl on Sunday in honor of Jerusalem Day which is to be celebrated on Wednesday (May 8). Israel will celebrate the 46th anniversary of the unification of its capital. Netanyahu stated during the special session that the liberation of Jerusalem was a part of Theodor Herzl's vision for the Jewish State, adding that Jerusalem provides "A connection to our glorious and sublime history, and also gives us a window to the future, which won't be any less sublime or glorious. We are committed to act accordingly."

Jerusalem's Mayor Nir Barkat added: "There's no doubt that Jerusalem is flying high in a lot of aspects. We wouldn't have gotten there without the strong support of the prime minister and the government under your leadership."

During the special cabinet meeting several projects were approved to advance the capital at a budget of 1 Billion NIS. The cabinet also decided to establish a Ministerial Committee on Jerusalem affairs, part of the Jerusalem Affairs Office, which is currently headed by Economy and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett.

In honor of Jerusalem Day, the Central Bureau of Statistics released a special report on Jerusalem's stats. Jerusalem is the largest city in Israel. In 2011, Jerusalem counted 804,400 residents; close to 500,000 of them are Jews. They constitute 10% of Israel's total population. In 1948 Jerusalem had only 82,900 residents. During 2012, 22,800 babies were born in Jerusalem.

New immigrants are also favoring the nation's capital. In 2011, 14 percent of new immigrants chose Jerusalem as their new home, a much higher rate than either Tel Aviv (5%) or Haifa (7%).

Jerusalem is also a leading force in the academia. 24% of the nation's PhD students are concentrated in Jerusalem's universities. Most of those 2,550 academics are at Hebrew University. A total of 37,700 students studied in Jerusalem's high education institutions during 2012. The capital boasts the country's biggest school system. Some 258,800 students attend various schools in the city.

The capital is also the Israel's number-one tourist destination. In 2012, some 917,000 sightseers were drawn to the Old City's shrines, relics and archaeological findings, 29% of all overseas travelers.

Mayor Barkat affirmed that "we, the residents of Jerusalem, have reclaimed our pride in our city, which we love so much. For the first time in many years we have made Jerusalem attractive to the younger population, who has chosen to stay and live here. Jerusalem is on the rise in all facets."

Woman earns $14 million after making $1 mistake

SuperLotto Plus ticket illustration 
By: Debbie Gross

A woman, who made a $1 mistake, is now as happy as she could be after that mistake caused her to earn millions of dollars.

A single mother of four children in California, managed to turn a $1 mistake into $14 million lottery win.
Thuan Le, of Santa Ana, California, went to her local CVS store last Wednesday, as she does every week, in order to buy $4 dollars in Powerball tickets and a SuperLotto Plus ticket for $1. Instead of her usual $5 spending limit on the machine, she mistakenly put in $6, according to lottery officials in California.

With the extra $1 she bought another SuperLotto Plus ticket that, the next day, made ​​her a millionaire.
"We all thought she was joking," her son told officials of the California Lottery. "But we thought ‘would she really be joking about something like this?’”

Fortunately for her four children, the mother was not kidding. After the first "scream" when she realized she had the matching numbers, we all went to the District Office of the Santa Ana, California Lottery, to claim their prize.

Le, whose name was released as required by California law, chose not to have her picture or other information released publicly.
She plans to use her winnings to "buy a house, travel and visit her parents in Vietnam,” according to a statement released by lottery officials.

“This woman is very lucky. I wish I could somehow turn a $1 mistake into $14 million. I wish the woman and her entire family good luck with their new found fortune,” Amanda Greene, 42, of Lansing, Michigan told after learning about the woman’s $1 mistake.

The CVS store where she purchased her ticket will receive a $70,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

New video released of the Hindenburg air ship explosion

Hindenburg explosion 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) Ever wondered how the Hindenburg airship disastrous explosion looked like? Well now you don’t need to wonder anymore, as the video of the explosion was uploaded to the internet.

Rarely seen images of the tragic end of the Hindenburg airship, has been published, that is an incredibly intimate look into the disaster which occurred 76 years ago. Although the exact cause of the deadly aircraft fire is still under debate, the video, which also includes historic news coverage of the Hindenburg, is a moving look at the moments before the explosion, and a terrifying view of the explosion itself.

The Hindenburg actually completed more than 30 successful transatlantic travels before the disaster in New Jersey on May 6, 1937.
The news includes clips of the Hindenburg floating over Manhattan with a swastika on the tail.

“Seeing the Hindenburg airship floating around is a fascinating sight. It must have been a devastating blow to all those people around the world who have been watching the deadly explosion at the site and on live television. It must have been as shocking as the U.S. Space Shuttle explosion,” Martha Carpenter, 31, of Grand Rapids, Michigan told after watching the video of the Hindenburg explosion.

Interestingly, an explanation has been given as to why only about one third of the people aboard the Hindenburg died in the explosion, as 35 were killed, out of 62 passengers and crew members. Some of the passengers and crew members managed to jump out in time, according to a theory released recently.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Woman spends $100,000 on surgeries to look like French doll

Vanilla Chamu before and after 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A woman has spent a massive amount of money just because she wanted to look like a doll, according to a video uploaded to the internet.

The woman from Japan, has undergone a startling physical transformation that has so far has involved more than 30 cosmetic procedures, at a cost of 10 million yen or $102,000.

The woman, a model known as Vanilla Chamu, has said she intends to continue to have surgery until she will reach her goal of a lifetime, to look like a French doll.

Photos of Vanilla before her first procedure reveal a rather typical Japanese teen whose facial features are now almost unrecognizable by the strange appearance and certainly more "Western-looking", she now sports.

Certain plastic surgery treatments, including double eyelid surgery and nose jobs are becoming more popular among Asian women who want a more Western look.

Vanilla has been undoubtedly underwent these treatments, but her long list of procedures also included liposuction, eyelash implants, dimples implants, and breast implants.

“Some women go through extreme measures to achieve the perfect look, but most of these women are never satisfied. What happens then is that it becomes like sickness, in which they are constantly looking to change their appearance. I wish someone could help this young woman, mentally,” Carolyn Ruiz, 20, of Detroit, Michigan told after watching the video of Vanilla Chamu.

However, her current appearance is not enough for Vanilla in her quest to become a perfect French doll.
Recently, she had even larger breast implants, and she promises to be even more extreme, as she plans to undergo height lengthening surgery.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

New fake shower app to cover up unpleasant toilet noises

Fake Shower App illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) For those people who want to cover up weird noises when they use the toilet there is an app for that.

A new application was released that is designed to help save any embarrassment for those who make noises while on the toilet.

The fake shower app plays a recording of a running shower, covering up the possible unpleasant sounds to someone lurking outside the bathroom.

The app serves as a substitute for the actual operation of a faucet or shower, which allows users to save water. It also shows the amount of water that has been saved as a result of playing the recording.

“This is a wonderful idea for those people who are uncomfortable using the toilet while other people are around. Now, they won’t need to hold themselves back when they feel the need to use the bathroom, which will avoid unpleasant situations,” Virginia Lane, 65, of Las Cruces, New Mexico told after learning about the app.

"Many people turn on the faucet or shower in order to prevent others from hearing the sounds of nature in the bathroom," the product description on iTunes reads. "Clean, treated, expensive and scarce water is lost everywhere. With the fake shower app, the privacy of the couple is saved, and so is the water," the product description continues.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

New burglary alarm uses world's loudest barking dog

Dog barking 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) The people behind this new alarm hope that thieves will get scared off when suddenly hearing the barking of the world’s loudest barking dog.

The loudest barking dog in the world has become an app to create a "barking dog burglar alarm."

The application uses the voice of Daz, who was recognized by the Guinness World Records in 2009, as the loudest barking dog.
The app plays Daz’s barking intermittently in order to give the illusion that a dog is at home, which will hopefully scare off intruders.

“This is one great app. It really sounds like a dog is inside the home. I am sure that this will deter home invaders from entering my home. I will definitely get the app,” Sharon Riley, 54, of Daytona Beach, Florida told after learning about the dog barking app.

Head of a home insurance company, Gareth Kloet said: "There are plenty of simple steps you can take to reduce the risk of your home being robbed. Close the curtains at night when you're out, install security lights and install alarm equipment."

He added: "What really stood out in this research is the positive impact a dog at home is in helping deter intruders while ensuring the homeowner as well. That's why we created the audio file Dog Deterrent. It is free to download and easy to use, making it the ideal way for people to protect their property during holiday periods, and save money on your home insurance in the future."Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Powerful whirlpool caught on video sucking in floating debris, ice

The whirlpool in Latvia 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A powerful whirlpool developed in Latvia that sucked in large floating debris and chunks of ice, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The whirlpool developed in Dviete, Latvia near the banks of the Daugava River. The video shows a mysterious whirlpool agitation, that destroys everything that comes into its location.

While most whirlpools in nature occur as a result of fast moving streams meeting each other in opposite directions, often caused by tides, the whirlpool in the video seems more like a bathtub drain.

In fact, a longer version of the same video shows the mysterious whirlpool was formed by flood waters of the nearby river that flowed into the entry side of a bridge. All waste is then channeled under the road where spectators are standing and watching the items flowing downstream.

“This is an amazing sight. I always love to see whirlpools form inside my kitchen sink and bathtub. Now that I know how this works, I will try and form one on an overpass during a major rain storm and record it for the world to see,” Kelly Fox, 43, of Orlando, Florida told after watching the video.

According to the European Federation of Rural Tourism, the Dviete River Valley in Latvia, where this video was recorded, is home to a massive wetland during flood season. The marsh serves as a critical area for birds, both for nesting and migration.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Artists swallow film to record their insides for the world to see

The inside of the human digestive system 
By: Moses Gold

Did you ever wonder how the inside of your digestive system looks like? Now, there is no need to wonder as several artists have swallowed film in order to record their insides, and share the images with the whole world.

Kingston University students Luke Evans and Josh Lake recently did something creative with 35mm film by swallowing it to see how their digestive systems look like. The art work, entitled, "I Turn Myself Inside Out" began when the team put strips of film in a brightly colored capsule in order to avoid damage to the colon, and swallowed it. Since they are artists and not doctors, we're guessing that they crossed their fingers and hoped for the best.

Finally the film came out from you know where. They developed the film in order to see the results. The resulting black-white images show the details of the body at work.

In an interview, one of them said: "The idea was that we wanted to record what we wanted to explore, the soft emulsion layer, its thickness, how it reacts to touch and temperature." They also said: "At this point we were very excited because there was absolutely no way to imagine what would be the results, and no two would be the same." The images are like as thunderstorms on a distant planet, rather than an object ejected from a human gastrointestinal tract.

“This art project is terribly disgusting but equally fascinating. It is nice to see that the world has artists willing to go over the line to create special projects for the world to enjoy,” Anna Weaver, 42, of Boca Raton, Florida told after seeing the images.

The works were displayed in Hoxton Gallery in London, England.