World's smallest monkey seen on video eating noodle

Monkey eating macaroni 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Macaroni is not just for children anymore as a cute little monkey was seen on video feasting on the noddle, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The lovely video posted online has shown one of the world's smallest monkeys eating macaroni.
The 39-second video shows the creature getting into the piece of dough, which looks larger than usual in its small hands.
The monkey is a pygmy marmoset, which is the smallest of its kind in the world, and measures just five to six inches tall.

It is not known where the video was recorded, as these types of monkeys are usually only found in the wild.
“This is the cutest little thing I ever saw. I will definitely buy such an animal as a pet. Who can resist this creature?” Kim Price, 40, of Worcester, Massachusetts told after watching the monkey video.

The video has attracted more than 50,000 views on YouTube at the time of this publication.

This is not the only video showing a monkey feasting on homemade food. As we reported earlier, a man was extremely dissatisfied after an army of wild baboons invaded his home when he was outside, according to video uploaded to the internet.
The video also confirmed something we have long suspected, that baboons are horrible house guests.

Howard James Fyvie and some friends saw a group of baboons climbing into a house located in Betty's Bay, South Africa, whose occupants were not home. the house was locked all around except for one second floor window, which remained open.

According to the video description on YouTube, the men called police and the owner of the house, and then climbed up on their own to try to help the homeowner get rid of the baboons. They climbed a staircase and found that the wild animals made one giant mess in the home.

Baboons, as you can see in the video, were everywhere, in the kitchen, where they raided the refrigerator, in the bathroom, on the furniture and everywhere else. They also destroyed several times, defecated in several places, and were enjoying themselves everywhere. Fyvie and several of his friends expelled the baboons from the house.

“Baboons are very cute animals, but when they destroy your home or property it is not a pretty scene. Also, this group of men shouldn't have done this on their own as they could have been attacked by the animals. If this happened to me I would have just called animal control and let them take care of the problem,” Derick Corey, 46, of Madison, Wisconsin told after watching the video.

In an interview, Fyvie said that when he returned to his apartment and told his roommate of the misfortune, his roommate told him that he was stupid, because "a baboon is as strong as seven adult men.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Israelis seen on video killing millions of locusts

Locusts in Israel 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A team of Israelis were seen on video battling millions of locusts after a recent locust invasion blanketed Israel with billions of locusts, according to video uploaded to the internet.

As we reported earlier, Israel might not be worried from the weakened Syrian army after its recent attacks in the country, but it faces a massive attack in the southern part of the country from an army of locusts.

Billions of locusts were seen on Monday in several places in southern Israel. Ramat Negev Regional Council said that officials have lost control over the grasshoppers and preventive spraying measures have failed.

The head of Ramat Negev Regional Council asked Agriculture Minister Shmulik Rifman and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to hand over the mission to the army. “It's an agricultural and ecological disaster," he said.
A meeting was held with the appropriate authorities at which proposals were given how to contain the locusts.

The locusts first arrived in Israel in early March. Immediately after the arrival, hundreds of thousands of acres were sprayed, however, these actions did not prevent the grasshoppers from mating. Eggs began hatching two weeks ago, and locusts are spreading throughout southern Israel.

Farmers in the western Negev are concerned about the fate of their crops. Locust swarms threaten all the farms in the area. Within a week, the crickets cold start flying in the area of ​​green farmland and destroy large agricultural production land in the region, mainly potatoes and carrots.

The Ministry of Agriculture began monitoring the locusts and started spraying operations as swarms spread over an area of ​​1.2 million hectares in the western Negev.

“Just when we all forgot about the locusts with the end of the Passover holiday they suddenly came roaring back. I hope that officials will be able to get rid of the pest quickly and with minimal damage,” Ethel Webb, 40, of Ashdod, Israel told after learning about the locusts.

The Ministry of Agriculture said it currently believes that it will be able to combat the locusts.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Man cuts off own arm then drives himself to hospital to get it reattached

Tibor A. in the hospital 
By: Shifra Unger

A man who cut off his own arm drove himself to the hospital in order to get his arm reattached, according to hospital officials in Austria.

The tough construction worker from Hungary drove himself more than 10 miles to a hospital after accidentally cutting off his own arm.

Tibor A., 37, was left in agony after cutting the limb below the elbow Saturday while cleaning a processing machine in eastern Austria.

However, the construction worker did not panic as he took his cut off arm and drove to the emergency room near Eisenstadt.
He was then airlifted to AKH Hospital in Vienna, where plastic surgeons reattached his arm.

It is still unclear whether Tibor will be able to use his arm as before, but he was photographed smiling from his hospital bed Monday.
Doctors at the hospital said that the only reason he did not bleed to death was because he was in a state of shock.

“This man was lucky to survive. Any other person would have died, but his strong will to live gave him the strength to drive himself to the hospital. He is truly an amazing construction worker,” Paula Kelly, 49, of Cambridge, Massachusetts told after learning about the construction worker who cut off his own arm.

Police are investigating why his fellow construction workers did not call an ambulance or offer any help.

Gang with hammers caught on video smashing up Maserati

Gang smashing a Maserati with hammers 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A gang of men with hammers were seen on video smashing up an expensive luxury car, according to video uploaded to the internet.

A wealthy Chinese owner of a Maserati hired four men armed with hammers to crush his $420,000 super car in protest at the poor customer service he received from the Maserati dealership.

The owner organized the dramatic public protest outside a convention center in Qingdao where a large car show was underway. The rich man’s dispute with the Maserati dealership began when he brought the car in for repair and was charged for a new replacement part even though a used replacement part was installed.

“It was definitely fun for people to watch the destruction of a very expensive car meant for the rich, but society would have been better served if the rich man just sold the car and donated the money to the poor rather than smashing it up,” Norma Lee, 50, of Boston, Massachusetts told after watching the video of the Maserati being smashed.

In 2011, the city saw a similar event when the owner of a Lamborghini ordered the destruction of his car after a service station could not get it to work properly.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view