X Factor Israel hires supermodel Bar Refaeli to host show

Bar Refaeli 
By: Debbie Gross

A popular Jewish Israeli supermodel has been named to host Simon Cowell’s “The X Factor” singing competition in Israel.

The Israeli television channel which runs The X Factor announced today that it hired Bar Refaeli to host the show for the upcoming season. Refaeli will receive one million shekels from the station.

The judges on the singing competition were named as Rami Fortis, Ivri Lider and Moshe Peretz. Moshe Peretz was a judge on the Israeli version of American Idol, last year. Each judge will receive hundreds of thousands of shekels in compensation.

Refaeli is considered the best known Israeli supermodel of all time. She starred on the cover of numerous magazines around the world and made appearances on talk shows like Jay Leno, Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Kimmel and David Letterman. She recently participated in a provocative GoDaddy advertisement during the Super Bowl.

“The X Factor Israel, made a good choice by picking Refaeli, as she is the most popular Israeli, and her hosting the show will definitely increase the viewership of the singing competition,” Nachum Gerlitz, 21, of Tel Aviv, Israel told YourJewishNews.com after learning that Refaeli will be hosting The X Factor Israel.

The program "X Factor" was developed in the U.K. by Seiko Corporation, which is owned by Simon Cowell and Sony Music, and is engaged in the search for the next talent in the music world.

U.S. Jewish war veterans hold Memorial Day ceremony

Memorial Day ceremony illustration 
By: Shifra Unger

A group of Jewish war veterans held a Memorial Day ceremony in Massachusetts.

Sunday morning, the Springfield Jewish War Veterans Post 26 celebrated its annual Memorial Day ceremony.

The group read the names of members who have died in the past year, and the names of the 50 Jewish service men and women, who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The post commander, said that the Jewish war veterans serves an important purpose in honoring the past.

"There was some controversy that began sometime during the Civil War, or shortly thereafter, that Jewish men and women did not serve in the Army, they do not fight," Stanley Light said. "In order to dispel that, the Jewish veterans got together and formed the organization," Light also said.

“It was a heartwarming event to see how so many Jewish men and Jewish women gave their lives for their country. They also helped spread freedom for Jews throughout the world as the U.S. always fought evil regimes around the world,” Jerry Porter, 50, of Boston, Massachusetts told YourJeiwshNews.com after learning about the Jewish veterans Memorial Day event.

Sunday's event was held at the Jewish Community Center in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Computer system to reconstruct 100,000 ancient Jewish documents found in Egypt

Document of Cairo genizeh 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) An entire cache of ancient Jewish documents that was found in Cairo, Egypt, will now be pieced together by a new computer program, according to a statement released by Tel Aviv University.

Researchers have spent years trying to reconstruct the Cairo genizah, a centuries old collection of more than 100,000 documents on early Jewish life and customs.

Today, these documents are fragmented and scattered throughout the world, making it difficult for scholars to catalog them manually. However, some see hope in a new artificial intelligence program able to explore and combine fragments from the genizah in minutes.

Tel Aviv University researchers have created a network of 100 computers running artificial intelligence software that performs 4.5 trillion calculations per second. The idea is to apply an automated method for scientific processes.

"In one hour, the team can compare 10 million pairs to 10 million pairs, something that a human being cannot do in his entire life," Roni Shwek, one of the project leaders, said. "It will be a very powerful tool for all researchers of today who will be working on a piece. In a few seconds, you will be able to find other fragments, like finding the needle in the hay," Shwek also said.

“I am very excited, as I love studying ancient Jewish text and documents. As soon as it goes live, I will be spending lots of time on this for sure,” David Korn, 46, of Brooklyn, New York told YourJewishNews.com after learning about the new computer program.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

El Al announces special discounts for the next two months

El Al plane 
By: Shifra Unger

El Al Israel Airlines has some good news to share with travelers, El Al said in a statement.

After several strikes recently which angered many who were traveling to and from Israel, El Al Israel Airlines is now trying to improve its battered image.

The company has announced discounts to various destinations from now until the end of next month.
Flights from Tel Aviv to Athens have been reduced to $249 from $283. Flights to Zurich will cost $429 and to Barcelona will cost $479 down from $510. Flights to Paris will cost $499, down from $537.

During the next two months, new members can register for free to the frequent flyer club. Club members will receive a 20 percent discount on car rentals at El Al destinations from Shlomo SIXT car rental. Club members will also receive points for money spent on renting vehicles.

“I love traveling with El Al they are the best airline, and now it will cost me less. I am going to book some flight now,” Nathan Gold, 36, of Brooklyn, New York told YourJewishNews.com after being asked to comment on the new cheap El Al prices.

El Al also launched a self-service counter for Internet, mobile phone and SMS users, and a self-service machine at Ben Gurion Airport.

Israel prepares country for unconventional missile attack

Israeli soldiers conducting drill 
By: David Ross

Israel is preparing the country for an unconventional missile attack, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Israeli Knesset this week.

A three-day national drill to prepare government and civil organizations for an unconventional weapons attack began on Monday, the Israeli military said.

The drill, which is called "Turning Point 7", began throughout the country amid a backdrop of threats facing Israel. During the exercise, security forces were simulating missile attacks against Israel from several fronts.

"This year, the national exercise will focus on the preparation of government, civilians and military forces to a scenario of unconventional weapons attacking the home front," a statement from the Israeli army said. The drill will end on Wednesday.

Israel is the world's most threatened country, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday.

"Threats against the Israeli home front have increased significantly in recent years, Israel is the most threatened country in the world, It is under constant threat of missiles and rockets, and we are prepared for any scenario," Netanyahu said.

Participants in the drill include the Ministry of Defense, the National Emergency Authority, municipalities and local authorities, government offices, defense and rescue organizations, and the national school system, the military said. Defense Command was also testing its ability to alert civilians through their cell phones.

“Israel is under constant threat and the government needs to keep citizens informed. Also, drills must be held regularly in order for people to know what to do when a real emergencies arise,” Avraham Pearl, 30, of Tel Aviv, Israel told YourJewishNews.com after being asked to comment on today’s drill.

Two air raid sirens were sounded on Monday, the first at 12:30 pm, in which the public was asked to enter shelters for 10 minutes. The exercise was for schools, kindergartens and workplaces. The second siren, at 7:05 pm, was for families to practice seeking shelter at home.

Female lawyer pleads guilty to prostitution

Reema Bajaj  
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A female lawyer admitted to taking money for sex.

The Sycamore, Illinois lawyer pleaded guilty to three counts of prostitution.

Reema Bajaj pleaded guilty to misdemeanor prostitution after police said she accepted $100 in exchange for sex. Bajaj is a 26-year-old attorney at law. She studied at Northern Illinois University College of Law.

In the photo (left) Bajaj is standing next to her newly opened private law practice, but her dreams of becoming a popular lawyer was soon crushed as she was arrested only three months after she received her law licence. Bajaj became famous, but not for her successful practice, instead she became famous for her arrest on prostitution.

Police focused on Bajaj in an unrelated case when they found emails between her and a man where she agreed to have sex with him for the sum of $100. The lawyer admitted that she was paid between $50 to $100 to have sex with men. The district attorney said that she might have used an adult website to meet the men.

“I do not condone prostitution, but I am not surprised at all. The lawyer had just spent thousands of dollars for college to get her degree and it takes many years to make that money back,” Scott Hunt, 38, of Nashville, Tennessee told YourJewishNews.com when he was asked what he thought about the lawyer who made money as a prostitute.

For now, Bajaj still has a valid license to practice law, but the State's Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission is reportedly reviewing the case.

The lawyer was sentenced to 24 months of probation, fined $2,500.00, and was ordered to complete 50 hours of community service. She was also ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Israel raises Value Added Tax to 18 percent

By: Ryan Lee Hall

The Israeli government has announced that it will raise the Value Added Tax rate from 17 percent to 18 percent.

Luckily, consumers will get a one day reprieve, as it has originally been scheduled to rise on Friday, but it has since been postponed to Sunday, according to a statement released by the government.

The raise was postponed following a request from the Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Knesset, Nissan Slomianski of the Habayit Hayehudi party.

Slomianski asked Finance Minister Yair Lapid to postpone the increase in Value Added Tax by a few days, because it would have constituted a Shabbat desecration had it remained at its original date of midnight on Friday.

Traditional Jews are forbidden to participate in 39 types of work on Shabbat, including making purchases and sales. Had the Value Added Tax increase remained in effect, stores that are open on Shabbat would have been forced to hire additional employees Friday afternoon and all night to quickly update their prices, causing increased desecration of Shabbat. This is because prices must be updated instantly and relabeled by law as soon as the current Value Added Tax rate.

“It is very nice to see that the all Knesset members have agreed to postpone the tax increase due to Shabbat. Israel is a Jewish state and its laws should reflect Jewish values,” Olga Simovotski, 40, of Haifa, Israel told YourJewishNews.com after learning about the delay in the Value Added Tax rate increase.

Woman raped after Oregon police refused to respond to her emergency call

Michael Bellah 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A woman was choked and raped by a man after police dispatcher would not send her any help.

The woman called police after her former boyfriend tried to break into her home.

Instead of sending an officer to help the woman, the dispatcher told the woman of Josephine County, Oregon, to ask the man to leave. The police operator told the woman there was no officer available to assist her.

The chilling emergency call made headlines when it emerged that Josephine County police were unwilling or unable to help prevent a sexual assault in progress. The woman was told to ask her former boyfriend who was on parole to leave because they could not send units to her residence when she called to report the break-in.

“I don’t have anybody to send out there. You know, obviously, if he comes inside the residence and assaults you, can you ask him to go away? Do you know if he’s intoxicated or anything?” The police dispatcher said.

The man was finally able to enter the house of the woman and brutally raped her before fleeing. After she was raped, police went looking for the man and arrested him. The man was identified as Michael Bellah, 29.

“How is it that there were no officers available to assist the woman who was about be raped, but they did have officers available to go and arrest the man after the rape? The police department should be sued for their failure to protect a tax paying citizen,” Julia Mason, 28, of Portland, Oregon, told YourJewishNews.com after she was asked what she thought about the police who failed to help a woman who was about to become a rape victim.

The woman was left traumatized, but she is incredibly thankful that he did not kill her. The Josephine County Sheriff blames recent government budget cuts which reduced police officers available to assist people on 911 calls. Officers are aware that there is a significant shortage of police staff. The sheriff said that anyone at risk of violence should move to a jurisdiction with better police coverage.

After the government budget cuts, which occurred before the rape incident, Josephine County Sheriff Gil Gilbertson said in a press release that victims of domestic violence should "consider relocating to an area with adequate police services."

Bellah was charged with Kidnapping, sex abuse, stangulation and theft among other things. His bail was set at $437,500.

Giants fan catches foul ball with baby in arms

Man shows off the ball 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A proud father shared a special moment with his young son at a baseball game.

The baseball fan caught a foul ball with one hand while holding his baby in the other hand.

Now, the father will have a piece of history to pass down to his son. The video of the father’s catch went viral.

The game was between the Washington Nationals and the San Francisco Giants. The man, who is an avid Giants fan, caught the foul ball hit off the bat of the Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford. The man managed to catch the ball with his right hand while holding his baby in the left hand. He was applauded by fans as he showed around his trophy.

“It is the dream of many fans to catch a foul ball. It is a trophy that every fan loves to have from their favorite team. I am very impressed by how the father was able to catch the ball. It seemed so effortless on his part. He will have a good story to tell his son when he hands the ball over to him,”Jerry Griffin, 23, a San Francisco Giants fan of Los Angeles, California, told YourJewishNews.com after watching the video.

The baby boy seemed unimpressed with the improbable catch, but at least he was not hurt. Despite fan support, the Giants lost the game. Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

‘CSI’ actor plays guitar during brain surgery

Brad Carter plays his guitar during brain surgery 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A man will once again be able to do the simple and pleasurable things in life such as playing his guitar.

Brad Carter, 39, who is a Hollywood actor and musician, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. The disease caused his eyes to tweak and his hands to tremor, rendering him unable to act or play music, which he loves.

Carter is known for his role in CSI New York, “The Mentalist” and other shows, as well as several commercials. He underwent surgery at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where doctors inserted a pacemaker in his brain.

During the surgery, Carter was awoken to help doctors know exactly where to place the pacemaker in order to stop his hand from shaking, thereby, allowing him to live a normal life again as well as enable him to play the guitar once more.

The doctors showed a live video stream of the operation. They recorded Carter playing with his guitar while they performed the brain surgery. He was able to play his guitar without a hitch. He was also able to pick up a cup of water without spilling the water, showing doctors that the pacemaker was placed correctly.

“This gives hope to other people who suffer from Parkinson's disease. I wish him good health, and I hope to see him on more CSI shows in the near future,” Tim Russell, 34, of Long Island, New York, told YourJewishNews.com after watching the video.

This was the 500th time the UCLA Medical Center has performed this operation, but it was the first time someone brought a instrument to play during surgery, his doctor said.
Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

JCPenney advertises kettle that resembles Adolf Hitler on billboard

JCPenney Hitler kettle 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Some people were outraged by the sight of giant billboards which advertises a kettle that seems to resemble the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, according to photos uploaded to the internet.

A driver has published the first images of a giant highway billboard kettle that looks a lot like Adolf Hitler.

The advertisement by JCPenney has left motorists in Culver City, Los Angeles, California feeling as if they were just driven over the edge.

"I saw this yesterday and my boyfriend told me I was crazy, now, I feel better that I am not the only one who noticed this," that uploaded of the image said.

Another person said: "I'm looking at this from my office building every day and now I can tell my coworkers that I'm not the only one who saw Hitler the bells and whistles!”

“Even if it was not meant to resemble Hitler, JCPenney should immediately have all the billboards removed. Any resemblance of Hitler is extremely despised by most Americans,” Megan Long, 50, of Los Angeles, California told YourJewishNews.com after being asked to comment about the kettle Hitler advertisement.

Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Female child rapist avoids long prison sentence because she suffers from hyper-sexuality

Kathleen Cawthorne 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A female teacher was spared a long prison sentence after it was established that she suffers from hyper-sexuality.

Blame it on a disease, that is what got the teacher out of trouble after she had sex with her student who is a minor.

Kathleen Cawthorne, 33, of Campbell County, Virginia, was sentenced to 11-years in prison for having an affair with her 17-year-old student, but she will serve only four months in prison after she has been diagnosed with bipolar and suffering from hyper-sexuality.

The teacher, who is married, is said to have hyper-sexuality, which causes a sudden surge of sexual urges. She was accused and later found guilty of taking the teenager to a remote area where they had sex. The teacher and student also exchanged nude photos of each other before the issue was discovered by school officials.

The teacher was originally sentenced to 11-years in prison. She was also sentenced to five years in prison for taking indecent liberties with a minor and another six years for three counts of electronic solicitation of a minor. The judge suspended all but four months of the sentence.

Cawthorne will be on probation for three years, she must register as a sex offender and she will not be allowed to teach again.

“For me as a parent of a teenager, this is very disheartening. We send our children to school to be educated not for the teacher to have a selection of students to choose from when her hyper-sexual desires flair-up causing her to have a strong urge for sex,” Keith Torres, 46, of Richmond, Virginia, told YourJewishNews.com after Cawthorne was ordered to serve only 4 months out of her 11-year sentence.

At the sentencing hearing, Rick McGee, an associate pastor at the Hyland Heights Baptist Church, testified that Cawthorne, who is a member of the church, had expressed "extreme remorse" for what she had done.

Her husband, Duncan, is standing by her after she apologized. He said he has forgiven his wife.
abc27 WHTM

Kosher food sales to jump more than 20 percent as consumers seek higher quality food

Rabbi inspecting huge machine 
By: Debbie Gross

Sales of kosher food products are expected to grow sharply this year after several recent food scandals have increased its appeal to non Jewish consumers.

Kosher certification is increasingly being used as a quality appeal for products as the modern era of food technology meets the ancient Jewish dietary code.

Because of strict Jewish religious laws, rabbis can be seen in some surprising places at food plants, such as an Orthodox Jewish rabbi inspecting a huge steel tank for cleanliness.

Research firm Mintel projects that kosher food sales will grow by more than 20 percent between 2008 and this year, as Tootsie Rolls and Oreos received kosher certification.

About one in every eight Americans buy kosher products. Sixty percent said the quality is the main reason for buying kosher.
Albany Law School Professor Timothy Lytton said that some consumers like to know that someone is conducting additional testing because now food is being produced globally.

“As more non Jews are buying kosher for quality reasons it becomes extremely important for rabbis to be extra careful with their kosher certification. Rabbis should hold a watchful eye on the products they are certifying as kosher, to ensure that the products are of high quality,” Menachem Gurwich, 35, of Brooklyn, New York told YourJewishNews.com after being asked to comment on the sharp increase of kosher food sales.

Taco Bell introducing new dollar menu to boost sales during difficult job market

Taco Bell new $1 menu 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) Those seeking to buy fast food for cheap will have another awesome menu coming to them, according to a statement released by Taco Bell.

Taco Bell is working on a new menu for low-end customers, chief marketing officer Brian Niccol said.
Niccol, made ​​the announcement during a conference call.

Taco Bell and is known for offering cheap Mexican food. The current menu offers a wide range of value items for 79, 89 and 99 cents.
The new $1 menu is already being tested in Sacramento, California and Kansas City, Missouri. The new menu might replace the current menu called "Why pay more", according to sources close to the company.

“I love it. I don’t have lots of income, and I always buy cheap fast food. Now, I will be to buy more than just burgers and fries. I can’t wait for the new value menu to roll out in my area,” Kim Parker, 42, of Staten Island, New York told YourJewishNews.com after being asked to comment on Taco Bell’s new dollar menu.

The company also got into the higher-end food market last year, with the release of Cantina bowls with quality ingredients like meat and guacamole.

The Cantina release was seen as an attempt to compete with Chipotle, although the two restaurants serve very different demographic characteristics.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Man arrested after filing 122 tax returns using names of dead people in order to receive refunds

By: Shifra Unger

A man was arrested and charged with tax fraud related charges after filing fraudulent tax returns in order to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in refunds from the IRS, according to a statement released by the government.

The 42-year-old man from upstate New York has admitted trying to defraud the Internal Revenue Service by seeking $217,520 in refunds in the names of 122 dead people.

The U.S. attorney's office said in a statement that John M. Berry Jr. of Dunkirk, pleaded guilty Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Buffalo to making false statements to the United States. The charge carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison, and a $250,000 fine.

U.S. assistant Attorney Aaron J. Mango, who is handling the case, said that between September 3, 2008 and March 25, 2009, Berry filed 122 false tax returns for fiscal years 2007 and 2008 with the IRS.

During that time, Berry obtained personal information and identification of 122 recently deceased persons and then used that information to file federal tax returns. The defendant created fraudulent income and tax withholding information and filed the returns online.

The 122 tax returns sought refunds totaling $217,520 from the IRS, of which the defendant received $92,462.12. The refunds were deposited directly into the bank account of Berry, Mango said.

“I am glad that this guy was caught. The country is broke, and we do not have extra money to give people filing fraudulent tax returns,” Victoria Evans, 40, of Albany, New York told YourJewishNews.com after being asked to comment on Berry’s tax fraud charges.

"This case should serve as a warning that our office, working with our partners in law enforcement, will not tolerate any attempts to steal the identity of people, or the money of the taxpayers of this country," U.S. Attorney William J. Hochul Jr. said. "​​That this defendant stole the identities of dead people is worrying, and could have brought sorrow and pain to their loved ones," he added.

Sentencing is scheduled for late summer.

Man survives being buried under 1,500 pounds of pineapples

Mountain of pineapples illustration 
By: David Ross

A man is lucky to be alive after being buried under a mountain of pineapples, according to hospital officials in New Jersey.

The man, who is a warehouse worker in New Jersey, survived despite being crushed under a mountain of 1,500 pounds of pineapples which fell on top of him. He was taken to a hospital as a precaution despite suffering no visible injuries.
The man was identified as a 39-year-old resident of New Jersey.

The accident occurred at 107 West Side Avenue in Jersey City, New Jersey. It took rescue workers more than five minutes to rescue the man from under the mountain of pineapples, a rescue worker at the scene said.

“That is one big mountain of pineapples. I would have had nightmares for the rest of my life if that happened to me. Hopefully, the man can recover quickly and go back to his pineapple work. We still need pineapples,” Sherry Baker, 38, of Jersey City, New Jersey told YourJewishNews.com after being asked to comment on the pineapple work accident.

Man steals meat because it reminds him of his dead grandmother

Raw meat 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A man was arrested and charged with theft related charges after stealing meat from a local supermarket, according to court proceedings in the United Kingdom.

The unemployed father of eight has drawn attention to himself after telling a U.K. court he stole a package of meat from an Asda supermarket as it reminded him of his dead grandmother.

51-year-old John Casey told the court that he had to put the meat up for sale for $18 in his special bag because it reminded him of his grandmother.

Casey, from Washington, near Sunderland, denied the theft charges despite being caught on camera putting the meat in his bag. He claimed it is not theft because he needed to keep the meat out of sight in order to control his flashbacks.

The man told police that when seeing meat dripping blood he sees his grandmother alive with him.
the judge found the man guilty of theft and he received two years probation.

“The man has a serious mental health problem. I think that the judge should have sentenced the man to a mental health facility rather than letting him go free. He will probably steal meat again in the near future costing the taxpayer to pay for another costly trial,” Edith Adams, 36, of London, England told YourJewishNews.com after being asked to comment on Casey’s meat theft.

The judge warned Casey that if another charge of theft will be brought against him he will receive a harsh sentence. "You have caused a lot of unnecessary expenses to be incurred by choosing to go to trial despite knowing full well that you are guilty of the theft," the judge said.

83-year-old man caught on video attacking bus driver causing 9 vehicle crash

Driver being attack by elderly man 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) An elderly man was caught on video attacking a bus driver causing the bus to spin out of control and crashing a total of 9 vehicles, according to video uploaded to the internet.

In a classic, but rather unusual case of road rage, the passenger attacked the driver of the bus in Tianjin, located in northern China, causing the nine-vehicle pile up.

The driver refused to allow the 83-year-old passenger off the bus, as it was not part of the bus’ route.
The entire incident was caught on the bus video surveillance system. The old man lost patience with the driver, attacked him and dragged him out of his seat.

Passengers screamed and cried, and tried to grab the elderly passenger, to no avail.
The fight continued, causing an accident involving nine vehicles in total. Luckily, there were no reported deaths or injuries.

“This man needs to be sent for a mental evaluation, and if found sane, he needs to be jailed. He is an extreme danger to the public as his temper spiraled out of control, disregarding countless lives,” Wendy Nelson, 32, of Charlotte, North Carolina told YourJewishNews.com after being asked to comment on the angry elderly man who attacked the bus driver.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Parents charged with murder after praying for their sick child rather than seeking medical attention

Herbert and Catherine Schaible 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A little child died after his parents engaged in prayer rather than seeking medical attention, according to court proceedings in Pennsylvania.

The parents were arrested and charged with murder related charges, police said.
Bail was set at $250,000 each.

The parents believed in faith healing over medicine and have had two children die of pneumonia.
Herbert and Catherine Schaible were taken into custody last week. They are charged with third-degree murder in the death of their 8-month-old son, Brandon.

They had been convicted of manslaughter after 2-year-old Kent Schaible died in 2009.
They were also required to seek medical care as part of their probation. However, prosecutors said that the parents prayed for Brandon for two weeks before he died, and never called a doctor.

The couple's seven surviving children are in foster care.
Defense attorneys said that the Schaibles had no bad intentions.
Herbert Schaible's attorney asked a judge to reduce his bail on Friday. Prosecutors want the couple held without bail.

“They should be released on bail because they are no longer a danger to their children since the government has already taken their children away. Police should investigate and charge the people who taught the Schaibles to pray rather than to seek medical attention,” Grace Hill, 26, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania told YourJewishNews.com after being asked to comment on the Schaibles’ murder charge.

As we reported earlier, a little child died after his parents turned to prayer instead of seeking medical attention from a doctor when the child became sick, according to police reports in Pennsylvania.

The Philadelphia parents, who are already serving a 10 year probation sentence for the death of their other child after they turned to prayer instead of a doctor, have violated their probation because another child has died.

Herbert and Catherine Schaible belong to a fundamentalist Christian church that believes in faith healing.
Philadelphia Judge Benjamin Lerner said at a hearing that the parents violated the most important condition of their probation, which is to seek medical care for their remaining children.

Authorities have not yet filed criminal charges in the death of the 8-month-old who died last week after suffering of diarrhea and respiratory problems. However, the charges could be filed once the authorities clearly establish how the baby died.

“I am completely shocked, both at the parents and at the authorities. Why were the remaining children left in their custody when the parents have shown a lack of concern for their kids? The government should immediately take away the remaining children and place them with relatives, before they all die,” Helen Jones, 37, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania told YourJewishNews.com after learning about the death.

The couple is on probation after pleading guilty to manslaughter in 2011 after the death of their 2-year-old son, Kent, of pneumonia.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Mother arrested after putting poison in daughter's intravenous lines to get attention

Blanca Reneis Montano 
By: Debbie Gross

A woman was arrested and charged with attempted murder related charges after she was caught putting poison inside her daughter’s intravenous tubes in order to get attention from the child’s father, according to a statement released by police in Arizona.

The prosecutor said that the woman was put on trial in Tucson, after contaminating the intravenous lines of her infant daughter in an attempt to gain attention from the girl's father.

The woman was identified as 23-year-old Blanca Reneis Montano. She was charged with attempted murder and child abuse.
prosecutor Ryan Schmidt told the jury during opening statements Wednesday that there is evidence the child got bacterial infections such as E. coli due to the contamination introduced by her mother.

Schmidt said that a hidden camera placed by the hospital staff in the child's room showed Montano manipulating her daughter's intravenous tubes and covering the camera.

“What a sick woman. She should never be allowed to have any more children or go near her child. Luckily, the child is still alive despite all the infections her own mother caused her to contract,” Tracy Mitchell, 26, of Tucson, Arizona told YourJewishNews.com after being asked to comment on Montano’s poisoning of her own child.

Defense attorney Paul Skitzki said there is no evidence that Montano intentionally made ​​her daughter sick.
He said Montano is a devoted mother who stayed by the bedside of her daughter. The state has since taken custody of the child.

Bride found guilty of murder after killing groom hours before wedding

Na Cola Franklin 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with murder related charges after she stabbed and killed her groom just hours before the wedding ceremony, according to court proceedings in Pennsylvania.

Now, the Pennsylvania woman who was accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death on her wedding day has been convicted of murder.
A jury in Allentown, found 31-year-old Na Cola Franklin guilty.

Prosecutors said that Franklin and 36-year-old Billy Brewster, had a discussion in the morning, the day they were supposed to get married.

Defense attorney John Waldron claimed that Brewster came home to their Whitehall Township apartment drunk after an all night bachelor party. He said that Brewster attacked Franklin and then tried to leave with the couple's son, who was 9-months-old at the time.

The defense attorney also claimed that the woman grabbed a knife in order to protect her child from being harmed by the drunk groom.
Prosecutors said however, that the child was never in any danger, instead, the woman was worried about her hair not being perfect for the wedding.

“Talk about loving each other to death. What normal bride stabs her groom to death the day of the wedding? Something was seriously wrong with their relationship to begin with. The woman is a danger to society, she should never be allowed to leave prison,” Cindy Lopez, 24, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania told YourJewishNews.com after being asked to comment on Franklin’s murder conviction.

The woman is facing life in prison after being convicted of first degree murder.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Pregnant woman's heart stops, gives birth, then comes back to life

Erica Nigrelli and her baby Elayna 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A mother is lucky to be alive after her heart stopped right before giving birth, according to a statement released by hospital officials in Texas.

The pregnant woman, who is a teacher in Texas, suddenly collapsed in her classroom. Her colleagues immediately rushed over to help her. The woman was clinically dead when she gave birth and then was brought back to life by rescue workers.
Erica Nigrelli, an English teacher at Elkins High School in Missouri City, Texas, collapsed in the classroom when she was 36 weeks pregnant.

"I announced that I feel very weak. I bowed my head and I fainted," Nigrelli said.
Erica's husband, Nathan, is also a teacher at Elkins.

"I opened the door went in and saw that Erica was lying on the ground," her husband said.
Nigrelli’s heart had stopped. Some co-workers started CPR and used a defibrillator in an attempt to restart her heart. They kept working on her until paramedics arrived and took her to the hospital.

Doctors delivered baby Elayna by emergency cesarean. It was technically a post-mortem delivery because Erica's heart was not beating.
"There were two lives hanging in the balance,” a hospital officials said. Nigrelli had an undetected heart defect, and the fact that mother and baby are doing fine today is a testament to the co-workers.

“The woman and her baby were lucky to have such quick thinking co-workers. If she was left alone just for a few minutes, both mother and baby would not be here today. The two will be forever grateful to employees at Elkins High School,” Carmen Carter, 22, of Houston, Texas told YourJewishNews.com after being asked to comment on Nigrelli’s strange birth.

Nigrelli is only 32, but doctors installed a pacemaker.
Three months after the incident, baby Elayna already weighs a whopping nine pounds, and her oxygen could be removed as soon as next week.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view