Wedding party guests seen on video falling into lake

Wedding guests in lake 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A wedding party ended with a splash when most of the party guests fell into a lake, according to video uploaded to the internet.

A newlywed couple in Georgia along with the wedding party guests said they had a sense of humor about falling into the lake during a photo session after the wedding ceremony.

Frank and Tricia Fearon said they were posing with their 29 bridesmaids and groomsmen at a lake after their wedding ceremony, when the structure collapsed and they all fell into Lake Lanier.

"The entire wedding party turned 90 degrees and just dumped all into the lake, suits, dresses and everything else," Frank Fearon said.
Tricia Fearon said the party had initially been considered lucky by dodging a 60 percent chance of rain.

"It seemed like magic because it did not rain", she said. "In the end though it didn’t matter because we were all thrown into the lake anyway," she also said.
The plunge was captured on video by wedding videographer and posted on YouTube.

The couple said that one woman suffered a broken humerus and a dislocated shoulder. The rest of the group escaped with minor injuries, they said.
The newlyweds said they do not consider their wedding ruined because of the incident.

"Nobody complained even though a lot of iPhones were damaged," Frank Fearon said. "Everyone laughed it off, dried themselves and went on to dance all night," he said.

“A lot of people are laughing about the incident as the video went viral on the internet, but for the injured woman, it is no laughing matter. People should be more careful where they pose for pictures and videos. Photographers need to make sure that the setting is safe,” Lillie Russell, 20, of Atlanta, Georgia told after watching the video.

"This was not a ruined wedding," Tricia Fearon said. "A million people came to us and told us it was the best wedding they had ever seen," she said.
"It was fun," she said. "We had a lot of fun," she added.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Israeli firefighters bombed while trying to fight fire near Muslim homes

Israeli firefighters illustration 
By: Moses Gold

An Israeli fire fighting rescue team came under a bombing attack while they were attempting to fight a fire that broke out near Muslim homes, according to a statement released by an Israeli fire department.

Several Jerusalem firefighters, who put their lives at risk in order to stop a fire from reaching a group of Muslim homes, were stoned and bombed instead of being thanked for their firefighting efforts. The attack was reminiscent of another last week, in which a firefighter was injured as a firefighting team tried to prevent a large fire from reaches a group of Muslim homes.

In the latest incident Monday afternoon, a mob threw stones and firebombs against a firefighting team, at the site of a forest fire that broke out in the industrial area of ​​Atarot in northern Jerusalem. The industrial area is located next to a large Muslim area. Thanks to the efforts of the fire fighters, a large-scale fire was prevented.

Firefighters found themselves coming under heavy attack, and were only able to leave the area under the protection of the Israeli border guard unit. In order to safely evacuate the firefighters, border guards were forced to open fire on protesters. No one was injured, but one of the fire trucks was damaged by rioters.

“I cannot figure out these group of people. Why are they stoning emergency workers who come to save them from a large fire? It just makes no sense at all,” Marvin Hayes, 35, of Ramat Gan, Israel told after learning about the attack o the firefighters.

In the incident last week, a firefighter was injured when a group of Muslims began attacking the rescue team while they were trying to extinguish the fire. The incident occurred near Muslim village of Issawiya, which is within the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem. Firefighters were greeted by a large crowd with a hail of stones and bricks.

The injured firefighter was taken to Hadassah Hospital for treatment. Police were called to clear the area, and to allow the firefighters to continue putting out the fire.

30 percent of child patients in Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem are from Palestine

Palestinian official in Hadassah Hospital 
By: Shifra Unger

For the first time, Palestinian officials visited a Jerusalem hospital in order to witness first hand the numerous Palestinian child patients who are being treated at the hospital.

Among the officials was the Palestinian Health Minister, Hani Abdeen. The delegation visited Israel’s Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. 30 percent of child patients at Hadassah are from Palestine at this time.

Israel is also training 60 Palestinian doctors and medical specialists who will return to the Palestinian territories to carry out work. The hospital has a special program to train Palestinian doctors to treat cancer in children.

“Health Minister, Hani Abdeen visited the Israeli Hadassah Hospital,” a Palestinian official report said. This is the first visit by a Palestinian minister to one of the most important Israeli hospitals,” the report continued.

“Minister Abdeen was accompanied by a delegation consisting of senior officials of the ministry and of the Palestinian Authority,” the report also said.

“They met with the Director of Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, Yuval Weiss. The minister also visited Palestinian patients who are being treated in the hospital, and distributed gifts,” the report continued.

The director of the hospital said: "We treat patients regardless of their nationality and religion. We treat Muslims, Christians, Jews, and other nationalities without bias, and 30 percent of child patients are Palestinian children.
We have started to cooperate with the Palestinians. Now, we are training teams of doctors at the hospital in Beit Jala, in the southern West Bank, to treat cancer in children. We have about 60 internal Palestinian doctors and medical specialists who will return to the Palestinian Authority to carry out their work."

The latest report is a welcomed change from the usual accusations that Israel is trying to deliberately injure Palestinians by intentionally spreading disease among young Palestinians.

“Hadassah is doing great work, this is what a hospital is all about, treat sick patients regardless of their religion or race. Hadassah deserves lots of praise,” Alan Ward, 50, of Brooklyn, New York told after being asked to comment on the Palestinian report.

'Dirty Jews' chanted, Jews assaulted at Beyonce concert in Germany

Beyonce at concert illustration 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A group of Jews attending a Beyonce concert in Germany faced an anti-Semitic crowd.
The Jews from Israel attending the concert in Berlin over the weekend were greeted with hateful shouts from the audience.

The incident took place when a group of eight Israelis, including two soldiers on leave, came to the O2 hall in Germany for the Beyonce concert. The group managed to arrive early and succeeded in purchasing seats in the front row, to the dismay of local German fans.

According to two Israelis of the group, the Germans shouted insults at them and assaulted them.

"They shouted ‘dirty Jews’ and ‘go back to Israel,’” the Israelis said. "They also threw us to the ground," one of the Israelis said. "When they saw that we will not leave about 50 people began chanting "Go! Go!'" the man said.

“This is extremely hurtful incident. Beyonce should come out and apologize to her Jewish fans and urge her non-Jewish fans not to act in such a despicable manner,” Danny Green, 28, a Beyonce fan in Long Island, New York told after being asked to comment about the anti-Semitic incident.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

School behavioral specialist arrested after photo showed her having sex with family dog

Stephanie Mikles 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A school worker was arrested after a Child Advocacy Center found photos of her having sex with a dog.

The Bel Air, Maryland woman, Stephanie Mikles, 45, was a behavioral specialist, who was employed by the Harford County school system in Maryland before being charged with bestiality.

Mikles was being investigated for other allegations. During that investigation the photos of her raping the dog was uncovered. According to police, the incriminating photos were discovered shortly after an investigation into her activities was launched by the Child Advocacy Center of Harford County.

investigators said that the photographic evidence was taken by an unknown person back in August 2008. The photo shows Mikles having sex with the family dog​​. The dog is apparently still living with the family at home in Jarrettsville. The photographs were an unexpected finding during the investigation, according to court documents.

Despite the fact that the alleged brutality happened several years ago, investigators said they are going forward with the charges as there is no statute of limitations for this type of crime.

“Is this woman really a behavioral specialist for kids? She should first evaluate her own inappropriate behaviors before looking at others. A woman who sees nothing wrong with having sex with her family’s dog and proudly takes pictures of the act should not be allowed around children and/or dogs,” Irene Barnes, 38, of Dallas, Texas told after she was asked about her opinion of the incident.

Mikles was charged with unnatural or perverted sexual practices. Her Lawyer is trying to have the case dismissed on grounds of her Fourth Amendment rights which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures of property with a warrant or probable cause.

She was released after posting bail of $5,000. Mikles has been placed on administrative leave by the school district pending the outcome of her case.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

People calling for a search after 28 life jackets wash up in Australia

Life jacket illustration 
By: Debbie Gross

An Asylum-seeker group is calling for an investigation after many life jackets washed up in Australia.

Police in Canberra, Australia, have confirmed on Monday that 28 life jackets washed up on the Cocos Island beaches.

The life jackets which were found in the Indian Ocean territory of Western Australia, had raised fears that asylum seekers may have drowned on their way to Australia.

The Australian Federal Police said that there was initially eight life jackets found, but later, more jackets washed up. As of now, the number of jackets found stands at 28. However, there was no specific incident that police can link to the jackets, therefore, no search is underway.

Police did not immediately confirm reports that claimed that one jacket contained Iranian currency. The Australian Federal Police said it is common for debris and other items to wash up on the east coast of Cocos including items from Indonesia, which is about 1100 kilometers away.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) confirmed that “there is no specific incident that can relate to these life jackets. therefore, there is no search and rescue operation in the area of ​​the Cocos (Keeling) Islands," an AMSA spokesperson said.

The Refugee Action Coalition asylum seeker support group, asked the Australian authorities to search the areas near the islands.

"The existence of these vests are an indication that there has been some kind of incident, it almost certainly means that a boat has sunk. It's very unlikely that the life jackets have been thrown overboard as they are quite expensive and valuable," Ian Rintoul of the Refugee Action Coalition group said.

The group believes that the life jackets most likely came from a boat of asylum seekers.

“People flee the oppression of their countries because they want a better life for themselves and their families. It is very sad when people get lost at sea without a trace as their families never know what happened to them,” Judith Flores, 49, a human rights activist in Houston, Texas, told when asked to comment about the incident.

Hundreds of asylum seekers have drowned at sea in recent years trying to get to Australia, particularly through Indonesia. Australian officials has tried to stop the people from smuggling into the country. However, more than 10,000 people reportedly managed to get into Australia illegally this year alone. Many are said to be from Iran and Afghanistan.

Car thief sentenced to death after strangling baby he found inside

Zhou Xijun 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A car thief in China was sentenced to death after he killed an innocent baby during a car heist.

A family was left devastated after their baby was kidnapped along with their stolen car.

Zhou Xijun, 48, stole a 4x4 jeep in Jilin Province, in northern China. At first, he did not realize that there was a baby inside the car, but when the two-month-old Xu Haob did not stop crying Zhou killed the baby. The baby’s father had left the car running with the baby inside as he ran into his shop for a moment, according to reports. The baby was strapped inside the car when Xijun jumped into the car and drove off.

When the father realized that his car and baby were gone he called police, who set up a major manhunt. Police found the car abandoned in front of a school 40 kilometers outside of the city, but there was no trace of the baby.

The next day Xijun turned himself in and confessed to killing the baby after he wouldn't stop crying. "I stopped the car, strangled the baby and buried his body in the snow," Xijun told police. Thousands of people called for the death penalty for Xijun, who viciously killed an innocent baby.

“People are pleased with the sentence. A person who is capable of killing and discarding a newborn baby so he can flee with a stolen car, is a danger to society,” Jim Yong, of Beijing, China told after the verdict was announced.

All death penalty verdicts in China are reviewed by the Supreme Court. “China executes about 4,000 people every year, which is a 50 percent drop from 2007,” U.S. human rights group Duihua Foundation said.
Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Elephant punished by having its tusks cut after killing woman

Elephant with small tusk illustration 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) An elephant was punished by having its tusks cut after it killed a woman.

Workers at a zoo have reduced the tusks of an elephant after it killed a woman in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

A zoo manager said that 20 centimetres of ivory was removed from the elephant as it is believed that the spirit of the person who was killed by the elephant would remain in its tusks.

The elephant lives at the Elephantstay at the Royal Elephant Kraal & Village, in Ayutthaya, Thailand where people can mingle with the elephants.

“Staying at the village is a fantastic way for you to get hands on experience and make a real difference to the lives of our elephants. Stay in the most exciting, elephant village in Asia, dedicated to conserving elephants, only one hour from Bangkok,” the zoo’s website says.

Police Lieutenant Pimuk Nakkhamphan said that the 27-year-old elephant trampled the woman when she visited the zoo on Saturday. He said the woman's husband was injured when he tried to help her. Nakkhamphan said the accident occurred at the major tourist attraction after working hours when no workers were around.

“Animals will be animals, they cannot be trusted, people should not be around roaming animals without their caretakers,” Robin Torres, 40, of Orlando, Florida, told after learning about the incident.

Elephants use their tusks for a variety of tasks. Mainly, they are used as weapons against potential predators like the tigers, or in battle against other elephants. They are also used to help foraging, digging, peeling bark and moving things out of the way. Trained elephants are capable of lifting large logs with their tusks.
Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Six people arrested during live sex show in movie theater

From top left: Krystle Morales, Lillian Scott,
Troy Manning and Shelby Boyce 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Police arrested a group of people in a movie theater during a live sex show.

They arrested everyone in the movie theater including the viewer and participants.

A janitor of a Syracuse, Utah, cinema has been accused of organizing a live sex show in movie theater, after hours. Anael Ibanez, 36, allegedly paid girls to perform a live sex show for paying viewers who he found through Craigslist. Ibanez was arrested on Thursday along with five others, four of whom were participating in the event and one who was watching, police said.

Undercover police officers responded to the Craigslist advertisement for the show. Police said that he charged $75 for those men who wanted to participate and be part of the sex act, $50 for a second row seat and $35 for a third row seat. Ibanez expected a big crowed but only two people showed up. One man paid $75 and he participated in the act, while the other man paid to watch.

A swat team was ready to make a large bust and arrest all participants of the illegal show, but when they stormed the theater, only six people were there, they were all arrested.

“Funny how the janitor took over the place after hours and used it as his own to make money on the side. It made me laugh when I heard that two out of his four paying customers were undercover police officers,” Jamaul Cooper, 23, of Salt Lake City, Utah told when asked his opinion of the incident.

Three woman and three men were arrested for participating in the illegal sex show. Janitor Anael Ibanez, 36, who allegedly arranged the whole thing, was also arrested. The three girls who performed the show were identified as Morales, 21, Lillian Scott, 22, Shelby Boyce, 21, and Troy Manning, 33, who paid to be part of the act. Holiday Terrill, 43, was arrested for watching.

Theater owners said they had no idea their business was being used for pornographic shows.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Vice President Biden credits Jewish leaders for legalization of gay marriage

Gay marriage ceremony in the U.S. illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

The Vice President of the United States praised Jewish leaders for their role in the fight towards legalizing gay marriage in the United States.

The Jewish leaders in the media are largely responsible for the acceptance of gay marriage in the United States, Vice President Biden said Tuesday.

"I think what affects the movements in the United States, which affects our attitudes in the United States are both culture and the arts as anything else," he said at a Democratic National Committee reception for Jewish American Heritage Month. He cited social media and the comedy "Will & Grace", giving much of the credit to Jews for both.

"I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether in Hollywood or social media is a consequence of the Jewish leaders in the industry," he said. "The influence is immense, and by the way, is for good," he also said.

The vice president also praised the Jewish contributions to science, immigration reform, the civil rights movement, the arts, law and feminism.

"I think you underestimate the impact it has had on the development of this nation," he said. "We are a great country because of the contributions and especially because of the Jewish heritage and the values ​​that we have," he said.

“While it is definitely nice to hear that the Vice president appreciates the Jewish role in the United States, I think there are more important things to praise Jews besides the legalization of gay marriage,” Rose Finkel, 40, of Baltimore, Maryland told after hearing Biden’s praises.

The praise for Jews was so abundant that some said it was worrisome, considering that white supremacists are already taking Biden's speech as evidence of a secret Jewish conspiracy.

Jewish Studies in India On the Rise in Academies

Indian students in Jewish studies 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

Jewish and Israeli studies are on the rise in Indian academies.

By Dr. Navras Jaat Aafreedi

Tazpit News Agency For

During the last two months two international seminars took place in India focusing on Jewish and Israel Studies, with a gap of a month, in two very different cities, signaling the advent of Jewish and Israel Studies in India as an academic discipline and paving the way for India’s first center for Israel Studies, scheduled to become functional in August this year.

It was interesting to see Afghan and Jewish studies take the center stage at a three-day international-seminar on “Cultural Dynamics in Asian Connections” held at the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies in Kolkata, India, in mid March. It was interesting given the fact that Jewish Studies are not a recognized academic discipline in India, though Jews have been present in the country for at least twelve centuries and possibly two millennia. Yet, Jewish Studies found more room than any other field.

The seminar saw the participation of four Afghans, three Jews, a secular humanist Pashtun from India, besides a number of scholars from many other countries, like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Russia and Lebanon.

The seminar touched upon a broad spectrum of topics. Yael Silliman spoke about women’s narratives as they appear in her book A Diaspora of Hope: The Baghdadi Jews of Calcutta. The narratives raised the issues of identity, gender and what it means to live in diaspora and be part of a traveling community

Taking forward the discussion of identity, the present author drew attention to the ambivalence the Indian Jews have always faced when it comes to their dual identity of being Indian as well as Jewish, in the paper he presented, titled “Between Indianness and Jewishness: The Ambivalence of Indian Jews as Reflected in Literature, Cinema and Art”.

Israeli sculptor and scholar, Achia Anzi, who gives Hebrew lessons at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, mourns and longs for the lost ideals and vision of Zionism through an introduction to his artistic work, which has emerged for him as a means to deal with the spiritual crisis, besides the political and social, that Israel is experiencing today according to him. His presentation was titled “Peaceful be your return O lovely bird, from warm lands back to my window…”, which was also the title of his first solo exhibition held at Gallery Threshold in New Delhi in March last year.

The other seminar to focus on Jewish and Israel Studies took place in mid April, a month after the seminar at the Maulana Abul Kalam Institute of Asian Studies in Kolkata. This seminar, titled “Israel: Perspectives on a State in Transition” was jointly organized by O. P. Jindal Global University and the Middle East Institute at the university’s campus in Sonipat, Haryana.

The seminar, convened by Dr. Rohee Das Gupta of the Jindal School of International Affairs, an eminent scholar of Ashkenazim, saw the participation of scholars from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, Washington University, Brandeis University and the Gautam Buddha University.

It had two panels; one on Israeli Identity, History and Democracy and the other on Israeli Military Strategy and Conflict and keynote lectures by Professor P. R. Kumaraswamy of Jawaharlal Nehru University, author of India’s Israel Policy and Dr. Maina Chawla Singh of Washington University, author of Being Indian, Being Israeli: Migration, Ethnicity and Gender in the Jewish Homeland.

Top U.S. comedians bring laughter to Israel

By: Eva Fett

Several top U.S. comedians will be performing in Israel.

By Anav Silverman

Tazpit News Agency For

For Avi Liberman, an LA-based comedian who has performed on such shows as CBS’s “Late Late Show” with Craig Ferguson and appears frequently on Comedy Central and E!, Israel holds an important place in his very busy schedule.

The Israel-born, Texas-raised comedian visits Israel twice a year, bringing with him some of America’s best comics on a bi-annual comedy tour of the country. The comics perform to raise funds for The Koby Mandell Foundation, which assists families and children who are victims of terror.

Liberman himself has arranged widely acclaimed Stand Up for Israel comedy tours since 2001, following a visit during the Second Intifada, where he discovered that many of his old friends were not going out because of terrorist attacks.

“I wanted to give people a night out, so that they could laugh a little bit during that very tense time,” Liberman says. Subsequently, the LA comedian began organizing successful comedy tours across Israel to help boost morale.

“There are two important elements to these tours,” Liberman elaborates in an interview with Tazpit News Agency. “First, these top-tier comedians get to do something important for the community here. They don’t just come to tour and see the sites, but they actually perform their material to audiences for an important cause.”

“And while the comedians are here, they also get to see the positive side of Israel,” Liberman explains.
“It is important that Israel get some good press. Many times, I encounter comedians who think of Israel in the context of war. There is obviously a lot more to this country than those kinds of headlines,” he says.

“It’s difficult to get comedians to come on these trips,” Liberman admits. “But when they do agree to come, they are just amazed by what they see and encounter.”

The Comedy for Koby May 2013 tour began on May 22 with shows in Beit Shemesh, Modiin, Jerusalem, Raanana, Tel Aviv and Gush Etzion. While much of the audience is made up of Anglos, there are Israelis who also attend the shows according to Liberman.

The May tour features several top comedians including Wayne Federman who has performed on The Tonight Show and appeared on The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Legally Blonde, 50 First Dates, Funny People and Curb Your Enthusiasm, among many other shows and movies.

On Sunday night, May 26, during the Jerusalem show, Federman, who performed in Israel 10 years ago with Liberman, joked with the audience about some elements of Israeli life including finding parking space and driving. “Israelis are some of the calmest and most relaxed drivers in the world,” he quipped, following with a song about Tel Aviv, entitled “I Think I Found a Parking Space.”

For the other comedians, like Ralph Harris who has appeared in Evan Almighty as well as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Late Night with Conan O’Brien, coming to Israel was a surreal experience. “It’s amazing to actually be here in Jerusalem after reading about this city,” he said.

Comedian Dennis Regan opened the Jerusalem show and mentioned that he knew a little about the Hebrew language. Regan has made multiple appearances on the Late Show with David Letterman and has toured nationally for many years.
This is the tenth year of Comedy for Koby tour, which has brought a slew of North American comedians to Israel.

The Koby Mandell Foundation was created by Rabbi Seth and Sherri Mandell, following the brutal murder of their 13-year-old son Koby and his friend Yosef Ishran by Arab terrorists on May 18, 2001, while the boys were hiking by their home.

The foundation provides individuals and families with psychological and emotional support as well as therapeutic programming for children who have been victimized by terror attacks and tragedy. The Foundation’s website reports that in more than a decade, terrorism has claimed over 1,300 lives in Israel, and has left over 6,000 Israelis wounded, while impacting an estimated 50,000 Israelis.

Showing the power of humor in dealing with tragedy, the Mandells always make sure to open the first act of the Comedy for Koby tour with a couple of jokes of their own.

The last two acts of the comedy tour will take place in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, May 28 and Gush Etzion on Wednesday, May 29. Tickets can be ordered online at or by phone at 052-798-5200.

First model Apple computer sells for record $668,000 at auction

Apple 1 computer 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) An old Apple computer sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction this week, according to a statement released by an auction house in Germany.

An auctioneer said that one of the first Apple computers, a working model made in 1976, has been sold for a record $668,000.
German auction house Breker, said Saturday that an Asian customer, who asked not to be identified, bought the Apple 1 computer that the technology company founders, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, built inside the family garage.

Breker said that the computer is only one of the six still working Apple 1 models known in the world. Breker already sold one last year for $639,000.

The auction house also said that the computer is signed by Wozniak. An old document showing a business transaction of the late Steve Jobs was also included along with the computer.

“This just goes to show that old computers can be a valuable investment as a collector's item. Time to search for old computers at estate sales,” Vera Nelson, 32, of Greensboro, North Carolina told after learning about the Apple 1 computer which sold for $668,000.

The Apple 1, which sold for $666 in 1976, consisted of only the circuit board. A case, a keyboard and a screen had to be purchased separately.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Girl, 9, injures herself because wants her mother to stay home with her

Children at a daycare center illustration 
By: Moses Gold

Authorities said that a little girl keeps inflicting injuries on herself because she wants her mother to stay home with her and not go to work, according to hospital officials in Malaysia.

The nine-year-old, who is afraid that her mother will one day never come home, is injuring herself since her father disappeared from her home three years ago, the local police department said in a statement.

Recently, she tried to attack her caregivers at the after school daycare center in Teluk, Intan, where she and her younger brother are sent while the mother goes to work.

The police also said that the girl, from a broken home, had been taken care of by different people in her short life, and was an insecure child.

The person in charge of the day care center said he will not give up on the girl, and would do everything possible to help her regain her confidence and self-esteem.
Her 28-year-old mother said she would do everything possible for her children.

“The situation is extremely sad. Hopefully, if enough people learn of the plight of this little girl, enough money could be raised so that the mother will not have to go to work, so she can be able to take her of her insecure child,” Wilma Garza, 31, of Wilmington, North Carolina told after learning about the little insecure girl who injures herself.

Fisherman goes to sleep with 6 foot crocodile under his bed

Ashley Sala with his crocodile 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A fisherman boasted that he slept with a 6 foot long crocodile under his bed.

The fisherman, from Australia, caught the 6 1/2 foot alligator on his birthday. He said that he took the animal home and made ​​him sleep under his bed.

Ashley Sala said he was fishing in Ninds Creek in Cassowary Coast Region, located 55 miles south of Cairns, on his birthday Tuesday and initially thought he had caught some type of fish.

"I went fishing for my birthday and I ended up catching a crocodile," Sala said.
Sala said he was feeling sorry for the crocodile, which probably would not have survived if he had not unraveled the beast, took it out of the water, shut its jaws and went to the house of his councilor to complain about the local crocodile population.

Councillor Mark Nolan advised the man keep the crocodile in a safe room until it can be picked up by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, so he took the crocodile home. Sala said his girlfriend sent him and his crocodile friend to an empty room in their trailer park where the crocodile slept under his bed.
"I sat on my bed, had a few beers for my birthday and watched the alligator on the floor until I fell asleep," Sala said.

“I would never go near a crocodile, as they are extremely dangerous. They can kill a person with one bite. I would never encourage anyone to take a crocodile home, let alone sleep around a crocodile, it is suicide,” Gina Carr, 29, of Asheville, North Carolina told after learning about the man who slept with a crocodile.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Woman arrested after beating man, woman, with her Bible

Evelyn Mills Moore 
By: John Roberts

A woman was arrested and charged with assault related charges after she beat a man and a woman with her Bible, according to a statement released by North Carolina police.

Police in North Carolina said they arrested the woman after leaving the man and the woman, with bruises and abrasions, of Biblical proportions.

The arrest report said that Evelyn Mills Moore, 57, of the 100 block of Saddlebrook Court in Kings Mountain, hit the other woman numerous times over her body with her fist, and beat her with a Bible on her left arm.

The alleged victim was left with bruises and abrasions to the head, face and arms after the incident on Saturday, police said.
Moore was charged with assault causing serious injury.

The woman was also charged with a second count of assault causing serious injury, for allegedly attacking a man. The man was left with abrasions to the head, face and arms.
Police did not reveal the reasons behind the alleged attacks.

“Out of all the things available to hit another person the last thing I would choose is a Bible. I would just be too afraid to use a holy object to defy God’s will,” Kristin Banks, 27, of Raleigh, North Carolina told after learning about the woman who used a Bible to assault other people.
Moore was jailed on $105,000 bond.

New York man selling his 27 inch long 100 percent virgin hair for just $600

The black hair for sale 
By: Sarah Weiss

A New York man finally decided to cut his hair for the first time, but not before he gets at least $600.00, according to an advertisement the man posted to Craigslist.

The careful hair owner said that his hair is in very good condition and can be sold to suit.

Those seeking 27 inches long thick black hair, are in luck. The man is selling his 100 percent virgin hair, which has never been cut or messed with, all for only $600.

The seller, who is about 30-years-old, claims that his hair has never been dyed, permed, or chemically modified.
He also boasts that the hair is jet black, the way a crow shines in the moonlight, and as the color of a deep, dark sleep.

If that description does not have you reaching for your credit card, it also ensures potential buyers that he never used curlers or hot rollers, and always let it dry naturally.

The man, who insists he is a nonsmoker and who says no to drugs, said he would not sell his wonderful bunch of hair unless he received a high enough offer.
“Only serious offers please,” he demands.
“The haircut can be scheduled at the time, place, and method of your choice," he said.

“I have to say that $600 is not a bad deal for 100 percent human hair. I know a lot of people who pay much more than that. I even know one woman who paid $5,000 for a human hair wig, so $600 is definitely a bargain price,” Willie Fields, 25, of Brooklyn, New York, told after learning about the black hair for sale for just $600.

Burger King employee steals getaway car from armed robbers

Jeremy Lovitt and Gabriel Gonzalez 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) Several armed robbers were greatly disappointed after realizing that someone has stolen their getaway vehicle, according to a statement released by police in California.

The two criminals however, refused to flee on foot after their getaway car was stolen by an employee of the fast food restaurant they were trying to steal.

The gunmen had just raided a Burger King branch in Stockton, California, when they realized their problem.
They had fled the restaurant and were ready to make their escape, but they could not locate their vehicle in the parking lot.
It turned out that it had been taken away by a quick-thinking employee who saw the car unattended and decided to drive it away.

The worker had initially gone to the back of the store in order to alert authorities to the theft, and was surprised to find the criminals had been stupid enough by leaving their car unlocked and running.
The employee then proceeded to drive the vehicle around the corner, which obviously caused a lot of confusion for the thieves.

“These two criminals are very stupid. First, they leave their getaway car unlocked and with the engine running, then, instead of fleeing on foot they just waited there in the lot until police arrived to arrest them. Burger King definitely caught a break this time,” Ella Castillo, 26, of Los Angeles, California told after learning about the Burger King employee who stole the armed robber’s getaway car.

Jeremy Lovitt, 23, and Gabriel Gonzalez, 19, were arrested by police at the scene.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Man who was deported from Saudi Arabia for being too sexy receives free Mercedes

Omar Borkan al-Gala 
By: David Ross

A good-looking man, who was deported from Saudi Arabia on fears that he would cause women to sin with him, received a brand new Mercedes from a secret admirer, the man said in a statement.

Omar Borkan al-Gala, 23, was expelled from Saudi Arabia because he was deemed to be too handsome by festival organizers who were worried that women will find him hard to resist.

But rather than dwell on his plight of being too beautiful, the male model has now decided to use his popularity to his advantage.

“I have received a Mercedes G55 for my birthday from a woman whom I do not know," he said.
Besides getting gifts, Omar also said that his acting career was going well after being cast in a short movie alongside Navid Negahban.

"The feedback I have received is huge," he added.
The poet, sometimes also has to deal with his busy social networking life, after receiving nearly one million facebook likes on his page.

Since making headlines around the world, the 23-year-old has relocated to Canada, where, among other projects, is working for a women’s rights group.

“It's wonderful to see that his super handsome looks is not causing problems for him anymore,” Bessie Lawson, 25, who is a women’s rights activist in Toronto, Canada told after learning about the Omar.

Woman jailed after giving her healthy 4-year-old daughter chemotherapy

The little girl who was sickened by her own mother 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse related charges after giving her healthy daughter anticancer medication which nearly killed her, according to court proceedings in Australia.

The Gold Coast area mother, who allegedly poisoned her four-year-old daughter with chemotherapy drugs, will remain in custody as the case progresses in court.

The woman, 22, was charged with grievous bodily harm last month, while her daughter battled serious illness in the Royal Brisbane Children's Hospital.

Police have charged the woman for giving her daughter anticancer drugs over a period of 10 months after purchasing the drugs on the Internet.

She chronicled the non-existent illness of her daughter on a facebook page to over 7,000 of her followers as her daughter suffered numerous procedures in the hospital to try to determine the cause of her illness.
Police now believe that it was the mother of the girl who caused the illness.

The mother was arrested after a joint investigation by the South Eastern Region investigation unit and the State Crime Operation Command's Child Safety and Sexual Crime Group.
She has been charged with causing grievous bodily harm to her daughter.

“What a sick woman. I believe that this woman will justify her actions in some demented way. Hopefully, the court will not allow her to have any additional children,” Gina Kelley, 22, of Melbourne, Australia told after being asked to comment on the mother who poisoned her healthy child.

The matter was heard briefly in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Monday, and Crown prosecutors requested an adjournment to properly analyze additional blood tests.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Burning Texas bridge seen on video collapsing like falling dominoes

Burning Texas bridge collapsing 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A burning bridge was seen on video crumbling to the ground while firefighters watched in horror, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The fire destroyed the railroad bridge like falling dominoes outside the small town of San Saba, Texas. Members of the Lometa, Texas volunteer fire department arrived, but could only contain the fire and watch as the bridge folded up.

Jamie Smart, who shot the video, said he spends his days as a principal of the local high school, but offers his services to the Lometa Volunteer Fire Department during his free time.

The small fire department uses donations to purchase vehicles and hoses when the county budget falls short. In response to a call from a local resident, Smart rushed to the scene. He found the air too hazy to see what was going on from far away. Once up close, Smart saw that the 900 foot bridge built in 1910 for the Sante Fe Railroad, was on fire. "It was an engineering marvel, which stood so long," Smart said.

Firefighters had brought in water trucks enough to fight a forest fire, but not enough to take on the giant structure made of old dry wood.

"It was the most spectacular fire I've seen, in terms of show," Smart said. Unlike many of the fires he has seen in his seven years of work, there was no human tragedy involved, no family who had just lost their home or worse.

He had just pulled out his phone to record a minute of video to show his kids when the bridge collapsed. "I had no idea it would go that well," he said. The fire crew cried when it collapsed. "I was amazed. I needed to move back because it was so hot," he said. "All I could do was watch," he added.

“The scene is spectacular and looks to be straight out of a movie. Thankfully, there was no train on the bridge when this happened or it could have been another huge tragedy. We have seen enough deaths and injuries lately, caused by collapsing bridges and roadways,” Natalie Fox, 20, of Houston, Texas told after watching the video.

Smart said he regrets to inform that the bridge could cost as much as $10 million to replace and farmers who used the bridge to move the grain will have to find a new route to deliver their products.
"I am thankful that we did not lose farmland or ranch land," Smart said.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view