Topless protesters bust out on stage at Germany’s Next Top Model television show

FEMEN protester detained by security guards 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Several topless activists busted out on stage during the season finale of Germany’s Next Top Model, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The two topless protesters invaded the stage last week.

The women, who are members of the feminist supporters of the Ukrainian FEMEN protest group, took to the stage with the words "Heidi Horror Picture Show” written on their bare chest.

Host Heidi Klum was on stage with the two contestants when the women suddenly appeared. The bare-chested women were removed by security guards.
Klum, 40, was surprised by the incident, saying: "Did I just see breasts in front of me, or was I just dreaming?"

This is not the first time that FEMEN protesters have staged protests topless. Earlier this year, four female activists appeared bare-chested during Sunday Mass by Pope Benedict XVI in order to protest in favor of gay rights.

A similar protest was staged outside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris to celebrate Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Robbers caught after police recognize their underwear several days later on video surveillance

Reece Winfield and Corey Hobson 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Two men were arrested and charged with theft related charges after making off with cigarettes and alcohol after a robbery, according to police reports in England.

The two teens who raided a kiosk were captured by the police because they wore the same clothing two days later.

Reece Winfield and Corey Hobson attacked a merchant while stealing alcohol and cigarettes, before posing for a photo with the stolen items and put them on Facebook.

Hobson was stupid enough to comment on a Facebook link reporting the theft, writing: "lol that's me."
The 18 and 17-year-old were captured on video surveillance with their underwear showing above their low-rise pants, which helped police find them.

Nottinghamshire Police said the two robbers wore the same underwear when they were arrested, two days later.
Sergeant Phil Sims of the Mansfield police said: "These two made ​​it very easy for us to find them and at the end you could say that they were truly caught with their pants down.

"Obviously they thought it was fun to brag about the crime, sparing no thought for their victim, who was battered, bruised and counting the cost of the theft and damage," the police officer said.

In an unrelated incident both suspects also detonated a home-made bomb on a street and posted the video of the crime on Facebook.
Both have received a sentence of 32 months for burglary and four months of attempted arson after pleading guilty.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Officials seen on video detonating World War Two bomb recently discovered near Tokyo train station

World War Two bomb exploding in Tokyo 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Japanese officials were seen on video detonating a World War Two bomb recently discovered near a Tokyo train station, according to video uploaded to the internet.

Train service was temporarily interrupted in Tokyo on Tuesday after the unexploded bomb from World War Two was discovered at a construction site in the busy capital of the country.

A total of 150 train services, including 53 Shinkansen bullet train services were affected, a spokesperson for East Japan Railway said, adding that 90,000 people were affected.

Japan’s Self-Defense Force was called in to safely detonate the bomb, which is believed to have belonged to the imperial forces of Japan. The 40 centimeter or 16-inch rusty shell, was found during the excavation at the construction site.

Finding unexploded missiles and bombs are not uncommon in the cities of Japan, which were heavily bombed by the U.S. during the Second World War.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Terrorist released in Shalit swap training new terrorists

Terror training camp 
By: Eva Fett

A man was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping related charges after being caught plotting to kidnap Israelis soldiers, according to Israeli military officials.

The man was being trained by a terrorist who was released in the Shalit prisoner swap deal, according to military officials.

Israeli security officials announced this week that they had detained Bachar Attalah Samiach Sa'ad, a Hamas terrorist who planned several terrorist attacks against Israelis. Sa'ad was arrested in a joint action by the Shabak, Israel Police and the IDF.

Sa'ad, a resident of a village near Ramallah, planned to kidnap an IDF soldier during a planned shooting. His trainer was identified as Hasham Abed Alkhader Ibrahim Hajaz, a Hamas terrorist who was deported from Israel after being released from an Israeli prison in a deal to free captive Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Hajaz was originally sentenced to 10 life terms in prison for terrorist activities he planned and participated in between 2001 to 2003, during the second Palestinian uprising against Israel. He was directly responsible for killing ten civilian and Israeli soldiers.

Hajaz, originally from Gaza, was released on condition that he remain outside of Israel. He currently lives in Qatar, but was found in Jordan earlier this year, where he gave lectures on methods for carrying out shooting attacks against Israelis. He also taught how to kidnap IDF soldiers. He also taught would be terrorists how to recruit terrorists and build a terrorist cell.

Sa'ad was set to leave for Sudan, where he planned to continue training would be terrorists. He was arrested before he could leave. He told his interrogators that he was supposed to receive firearms for the purpose of carrying out the attack.

Two Jews attacked while walking to synagogue in Lyon France

Pro sharia rally in France 
By: Moses Gold

Jews continue to be physically attacked in France. Two Jews were attacked this week on their way to synagogue, according to a statement released by police in France.

The latest attack against the Jewish community occurred in the French city of Lyon, police said.
The two jewish men were attacked by three Muslim men, in an attack that was unprovoked, according to police.

The two Jews began screaming for help causing neighborhood residents to gather at the scene. The attackers fled the scene before police arrived.

Police arrived at the scene and launched a criminal investigation. Police discovered that the attack was captured on video by security cameras at a nearby store. The investigators expressed hope that the video would lead to the quick arrest of the suspects.
This is not the first time that Jews were beaten by Muslims in the French city of Lyon.

A year ago, three Jewish men were brutally attacked in an unprovoked assault in Lyon. Two of the victims were hospitalized.
Shortly thereafter, the Chief Rabbi of Lyon received a letter threatening continued attacks on Jews.

Ceremony Marks Menachem Begin’s 100th Birthday in Hometown

Plaque in honor of Menachem Begin 
By: Shifra Unger

A special ceremony was held to honor former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin.

By Anav Silverman

Tazpit News Agency For

The hometown in which Former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin was born and raised in, Brest in Belarus, was host to a special ceremony marking his 100th birthday on Tuesday, June 4. The ceremony took place in front of the school that Begin attended as a child known as the Tachkemoni School on Kuybeshava Street.

The ceremony was organized by the Limmud FSU and the Menachem Begin Heritage Center to honor the Former Israeli Prime Minster and the Nobel Prize Laureate, who was one of the most well-known residents of Brest.

“We are very proud that we had the opportunity to open the events for Menachem Begin all over the world here in his hometown in Brest,” said Chaim Chesler, Founder of Limmud FSU (Former Soviet Union). “Begin is not only the most famous Jew to come out of Brest, but probably the most famous resident to ever live in the city.

According to Chesler, local residents of Brest realize the important significance of Begin and showed up in large numbers to the ceremony. Participants at Tuesday’s ceremony included 200 members of the local Jewish community, a delegation from Limmud from FSU and representatives from the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem. In addition, Israeli government representatives and the Ambassador to Belarus, Yosef Shagal, were also present.

The ceremony officially launched a series of events to take place around the world marking Begin’s 100th birthday. “I think it is only natural that we launch these series of events honoring the 100th birthday of Begin in the city where he was born and where he began his illustrious career,” said Herzl Makov, Head of the Menachem Begin Heritage Center.

“The Jewish community of Brest honored today one of its most famous sons in a very emotional and touching event,” Makov added.
Before the Holocaust, Jews accounted for more than half of the Brest’s population. The Nazis eventually murdered nearly 30,000 inhabitants of the Brest Ghetto in 1942, with only 19 Jewish residents surviving the atrocities. Today, the city is home to approximately 200 Jews. In Belarus itself, there are about 20,000 Jews who presently live in the country.

Menachem Begin was born in Brest, then known as Brest-Litovsk, on August 16, 1913. He arrived to the then British-controlled Palestine in 1943 and fought for Jewish independence from the British authorities between 1944 and 1947. A founder of the Likud Political Party, Begin was elected the sixth prime minister of the State of Israel in 1977 and served in that position until 1983. In 1978, Begin was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for reaching a peace agreement with Egypt as part of the Camp David Accords.

The Begin birthday ceremony was part of the first ever Limmud FSU Belarus conference. A specially commissioned sculpture of Begin by a local artist will also be dedicated at a site in Brest.

Domino’s Pizza seen on video delivering customer’s order by helicopter

Domino's Pizza "DomiCopter” 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) Tired of waiting long hours until your pizza delivery arrives?

Now, one popular pizza chain will begin making deliveries by helicopter, according to video uploaded to the internet.

Domino’s Pizza has created a remote control helicopter to deliver its customer orders.
The flying machine, called "DomiCopter”, has a warming bag attached to it that keeps the pizza hot while in the sky.

It was invented by the creative agency T + Biscuits, after Domino’s has contracted them to test prototypes. If the idea succeeds, Domino’s, even has said it could launch a helicopter flight academy.

Tom Brewer, who is the founder of T + Biscuits, said that the "DomiCopter” is serious business. He said: "We are showing the world that flying pizzas is a possibility."

The helicopter can carry up to two large pizzas and claims to be faster than a standard delivery service.
Simon Wallis, who is the sales and marketing director of Domino’s, said: "What better way to completely avoid traffic jams, all this will now make us even faster!”

"We think it's a good way to reinforce that Domino’s can deliver pizza faster than anyone else in the industry," he also said.
Other names which were suggested for the “DomiCopter” includes “Pepperdroney” and “Flyin' Hawaiian”.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Taco Bell employee seen licking customer’s taco shells

Taco Bell employee licking taco shells 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) An employee for a popular fast food chain was caught licking customer food, according to images uploaded to the internet.

Taco Bell said in a statement that it believes a photo posted on a Facebook page showing an employee apparently licking taco shells was part of a joke, but it is conducting a full-scale investigation.

The photo shows a man in uniform inside a Taco Bell restaurant licking a stack of about 30 tacos.
A spokesperson for Taco Bell, owned by Yum! Brands, said the company is investigating who took the photo inside the store and will issue a full statement once the investigation is completed.

This was not the only embarrassing photo published recently, showing employees mishandling customer food.
As we reported earlier, if you wondered why your pizza pie came with little toppings, wonder no more.

A pizza delivery man has been caught on video eating toppings from a customer’s pizza pie, according to video uploaded to the internet.
The man was seen in an elevator, in St. Petersburg, Russia on his way to make the delivery.

In the video below, the worker is seen taking out the box of pizza from his bag, opening the box, eating toppings off the pizza and placing the pizza box back into his bag.
Video viewers have since identified the fast food company as 2 Beaches Pizza.

The store’s customer relations manager, Katerina Nechayeva, later published a comment in response to the video: "Greetings. We would like to comment on the situation at hand! We have already been made ​​aware of this video. For our company, this incident is unprecedented. A workplace investigation has been carried out. The delivery man in question has been found and punished to the fullest extent. Such employees will not be tolerated in our company."

The employee has also revealed that the pizza pies will now come in sealed boxes.
The video has been viewed millions of times on YouTube.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Man nearly dies after being attacked with tuna sandwich in hospital

Alex Montreuil 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A man nearly died after being attacked with a tuna sandwich inside a hospital, according to hospital officials in Montreal, Canada.

Police are investigating the assault at a hospital in Montreal involving the tuna sandwich which contained tomatoes.

Forty-eight-year-old Alex Montreuil was in the Montreal Jewish General Hospital to get a CT scan when he was allegedly attacked with a tuna and tomato sandwich.

Montreuil suffered a violent allergic reaction to the salicylates, a substance found naturally in many common foods.
He had his first near-fatal reaction to tomatoes a few years ago and was rushed to a hospital.

"Tomatoes have a form of aspirin in them, which is fatal for me," he said. "I was literally purple," he added.
He is very careful what he eats.

He asked the person working behind the counter, in English, to change the gloves, since it had been in contact with tomatoes.
After reluctantly accepting to change the gloves, Montreuil was served and went to sit in the cafe with a friend.

As they were chatting and eating their bagels and cream cheese, an angry woman approached his table.
"Suddenly, out of nowhere, this person comes to us and starts yelling in French," Montreuil said.

She said: "Here in Quebec, French is spoken, not English."
Montreuil said that he replied: "In my city, in my country, I can speak the language of my choice."

After defending his right to speak English in the hospital, their conversation intensified. Then, the woman ran away furiously, only to return minutes later.

"She left and the next thing I know, a tomato sandwich hit me right here," Montreuil said, pointing to the right side of his face.

"Within two or three minutes, he experienced swelling all over his body," he said.
Police charged the woman with assault with a deadly weapon.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Female cheerleader arrested for pimping out underage female cheerleader colleague

Montia Marie Parker 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A cheerleader was arrested after she made money by pimping out a younger cheerleader colleague.

Montia Marie Parker, 18, of Maple Grove, Minnesota, was a cheerleader at a Minneapolis high school before she was arrested for allegedly prostituting a 16-year-old girl on

The 16-year-old, who reportedly has a developmental cognitive delay, was on the cheerleading team with Parker.

The victim told investigators she was talking with friends about making money when the cheerleader suggested she could make money by giving men oral sex.

Parker later contacted the victim through Facebook and they discussed the issue. The teen agreed to have oral sex with men for money, that is when Parker created an advertisement on along with photos.

Parker allegedly took the victim off school grounds on at least two occasions to meet with clients. It is alleged that Parker charged $60 of the men and kept the money for herself. She was charged with sex trafficking, solicitation, and encouragement and promotion of prostitution.

Parker faces up to 15 years in prison for the first count, and up to 20 years in prison for the second charge if convicted. Parker is free on $50,000 bond.

Popular Bollywood actress Jiah Khan commits suicide by hanging herself

Jiah Khan 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A popular Bollywood actress was found dead and hanging in her apartment, according to a statement released by police in India.

Jiah Khan, who made her debut starring opposite acting legend Amitabh Bachchan, died in an apparent suicide at her home in the Indian city of Mumbai, police said Tuesday.

The 25-year-old, who grew up in London before moving to India for a career in Bollywood, was found dead at her home by a family member. Police were questioning neighbors, a police officer said, adding that they found a suicide note.

"We suspect that she hanged herself at home late on Monday,” an official said, saying that her body has been sent for a post-mortem examination.

Khan, who was born in New York before moving to London and then Mumbai, made ​​her debut in Bollywood in 2007 in the controversial movie "Nishabd", playing the role of a teen who fell in love with her much older best friend's father, played by Bachchan.

"It was a very controversial issue in a country that is still quite closed on aspects of relationships," Khan said in an interview.
The movie gained attention for its provocative story and Khan was praised for her performance.

The Indian movie industry reacted with shock and sadness to her death.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Pregnant woman arrested after killing newborn cat because her boyfriend threatened to leave

Anaeli DeJesus 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A woman was jailed for animal cruelty after she killed a newborn kitten.

Anaeli DeJesus, 23, of Lawrence, Massachusetts, was jailed Thursday after she allegedly killed a 6-week-old kitten because her boyfriend tried to break up with her.

Roberto Jordan and DeJesus have a one-year-old together, and DeJesus is pregnant with their second baby.

According to Lawrence police, they were dispatched to Jordan’s home after receiving a report that the 6-week-old kitten was killed during an argument between Jordan and his girlfriend.

Investigators said DeJesus was angry when Jordan tried to end the relationship. In retaliation, DeJesus took the kitten and violently slammed it against a wall. Then, she shook the cat until it died.

After the incident, DeJesus took the couple's dog, a computer and several video games before fleeing to a residence. He also took various recording equipment.

Officers located DeJesus and arrested her on charges of animal cruelty.

U.S. tourist, 30, gang raped in Indian resort city

Police checking truck 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A U.S. tourist was gang raped while vacationing in an Indian resort city, according to a statement released by police in India.

The woman was raped on Tuesday in the northern Indian tourist town of Manali, police said.
The 30-year-old was abducted early Tuesday morning by men in a truck after she was hitchhiking back to her guest house. The woman was visiting her friend, police officer Sher Singh said.

The three men in the truck took her to a secluded place and raped her, she said. She went to the police and filed rape complaint.
No arrests have been made as of Tuesday afternoon, Singh said.

Authorities issued an alert in order to catch the three men and set up roadblocks to check trucks leaving the city, he said.

The woman is not the first tourist to be gang raped in India while on vacation. As we reported earlier, a tourist vacationing in India with her husband was gang raped by a group of young men who tied up the victim’s husband, according to police reports in India.

The 38-year-old Swiss national, who was taking a bike ride through Madhya Pradesh, was raped, beaten and robbed at gunpoint by at least six men on Friday night.

The victim, who is from Lausanne, Switzerland, was with her husband when the terrible incident took place.
The two were cycling from Orchha, a place of heritage tourism, when they decided to camp in the jungle near Jhadia.

Around 9:00 pm, several criminals, mostly in their 20s, broke into the camp, handcuffed the husband and raped the woman. They then fled, stealing mobile phones, a laptop and 10,000 in cash.

Battered and bruised, the couple took a lift from a passerby and came to the police station in the Datia district, from where they were taken to the hospital. A medical examination confirmed the rape by several people.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police, DK Arya, said an operation was launched to track down the criminals.
The Embassy of Switzerland also contacted authorities in Madhya Pradesh and called for a quick investigation into the incident, which is likely to harm the image of the state, popularly called the "Heart of Incredible India”.

The woman, a teacher, and her husband, a plumber, came to Mumbai from Iran, and were on a cycling tour since then. They had avoided going to Pakistan, thinking it would be dangerous.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Woman, 23, gives birth to 5 babies at once without infertility treatments

Alexandra Kinova before giving birth 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A Czech, is the country’s first woman to give birth to quintuplets after she conceived them naturally.

Alexandra Kinova, 23, gave birth to five babies by Caesarean section at a hospital in Prague.

Kinova, from Milovice in the Czech Republic, gave birth to five healthy babies, one girl and 4 boys.

She conceived the quintuplets without fertility drugs, which is extremely rare.

Doctors first thought the 23-year-old was expecting twins. Later on, they told her she was having quadruplets, but towards the end of her pregnancy a sonogram revealed she was actually carrying five babies.

Kinova, already has a child, a 5-year-old son. She decided to have another baby and she was surprised to learn she was having five.

The community has organized help for the family. They will pay for two nannies during the first three years. The local government gave them a larger apartment.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

New Jersey woman beaten by prostitutes after being falsely labeled a prostitute

Anna Burgese 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A woman was beaten by prostitutes after being falsely accused of being a prostitute, according to court proceedings in New Jersey.

The New Jersey woman said that she was mistaken for a prostitute at a hotel in Miami Beach, Florida, but that was not the worst of her ordeal.

Anna Burgese claimed in a federal lawsuit that a group of women, who believed that she is engaged in prostitution, beat her in the lobby of the W Hotel in South Beach.

She said the women thought she was a competitor infringing on their territory. Burgese said that she was slammed into a wall and thrown to the ground. The woman also claimed that the hotel staff let the attackers escape.

The lawsuit, which was filed last week in New Jersey, accused the hotel of negligence, saying it offered a "prostitute-friendly environment."

Burgese’s lawyer said that Burgese and her husband, a home builder, are seeking compensation for damages.

A spokesperson for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, which owns the W Hotel in South Beach, said in a statement that the company regrets that the incident happened.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

21-year-old blond girl complains about tough life caused by her beauty

Dana Adiva 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) While most women feel blessed to be good-looking, one woman is complaining that her beauty is making her life miserable.

Dana Adiva, a 21-year-old blond girl, claims that her good looks is ruining her love life.

Adiva claims she was forced to leave school because she was bullied by jealous classmates.

She also claims that she gets endless stares and attention from lustful men making it impossible for her to find a boyfriend.

Adiva, who is aspiring to become a professional wrestler, told her story in an episode of MTV’s True Lives documentary series. On the show, Adiva said: "I get everything I want as people treat me like a princess.”

She explained that when she was younger people told her all the time how beautiful she was, but when she got to high school, everything changed. She claims that the girls were extremely jealous of her looks, and the boys stared at her all the time.

Adiva said that her appearance also hampered her chances of finding love because men do not take her seriously. "When I walk into a bar everybody looks at me," she complained.

Adiva said that she has tried to hide her beauty by dying her hair brown and wearing glasses, but that did not help at all.

Now, she has decided to stop complaining and embrace her beauty. She also said that she might get a breast implants to improve her looks.

Life-size French kissing teen sculptures seen on park benches

By: Ryan Lee Hall

Life-size sculptures of two teens kissing has caused controversy in China.

The sculptures have generated a debate among residents. Many feel that the display of affection is inappropriate for public areas.

The sculptures show two teenagers in school uniform, with the girl sitting on her boyfriend’s lap, engaged in French kissing. The girl is wearing her school backpack and the boy is wearing a pair of Nike sports shoes. The boy is also seen with McDonald's takeout food and an apple.

The sculptures were made by the young Chinese artist, Liu Qing, and is displayed on a bench for display at the Bihu Ecological Park in Zhangshou in Southern China. Another sculpture on the other side of the pavilion has a security guard standing and looking at the teenage couple who are kissing.

Public displays of affection are still considered taboo in many parts of China. When questioned by critics, Qing explained that his sculptures reflect real life. “The sculptures are meant to awaken the society and make parents aware of this real life phenomenon of their children being involved in romantic relationships,” he said.

Zheng Yung, a professor at the Minnan Normal University, said there is no problem with the pieces if it were part of a private collection. However, when placed in public parks, it may confuse viewers and have a negative impact on young children.

Man charged in gang rape attack claims wind carried his DNA from beer can to condom

Marcelles Peter in court 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A man, who was arrested and charged with gang rape related charges after his DNA was found on a condom near the victim, claimed that the wind transferred his DNA from a beer can he was drinking onto the condom, according to court proceedings in California.

The lawyer for the man accused of raping a 16-year-old girl in 2009, told the court that the wind transferred the defendant's DNA from a can of beer onto a used condom found at the crime scene.

Marcelles Peter, 20, went on trial this week for his alleged involvement in the October 24, 2009, attack of the girl outside of her prom in Richmond, California, in a brutal crime that shocked the nation.

Peter is among a group of six men and boys charged with assaulting the girl, who police said was raped repeatedly and severely beaten for more than two hours on a school playground, while 20 people were watching.

The victim, who is 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 100 pounds, was lured to a dark courtyard outside Richmond High School, where police said she drank a lot of alcohol.

After she refused sex with the attackers, authorities said she was raped, robbed and beaten unconscious. Police said at the time that the sexual assault was the worst they had ever seen. Although, up to two dozen people were watching the crime unfold, the attack ended when a woman in the neighborhood heard what was happening and called police.

The girl was found unconscious under a picnic table and airlifted to a hospital in critical condition. The victim has recovered and is expected to testify at trial.

Gordon Brown, Peter's lawyer, told the jury Monday that the wind from the helicopter could have compromised the evidence at the crime scene.
Peter, who was a teen at the time of the attack, was charged as an adult.

A group of seven men and boys were arrested in the attack. The charges against one suspect were dropped for lack of evidence. Two of the defendants took plea deals to avoid a trial.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Man shot dead by extremists for operating bar selling alcohol

Scene of th crime 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A man was executed by extremists after he was charged with operating a business which sold alcoholic beverages, according to a statement released by Egyptian security forces.

Several Islamic extremists have shot dead the man selling alcohol in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt, which is a popular tourist destination.

The man was identified as 28-year-old Rami Ahmed. The man ran a bar in El-Arish, located in the northern Sinai.
He died from a hail of bullets fired by four armed men.
"We believe that radical Islamists are behind this incident," police said.

Ahmed came from the Nile Delta, north of Cairo, the capital of Egypt, a fact that led the researchers to rule out a dispute between local tribes as a motive for the killing.

Islamist extremists have gained influence in the Sinai since the February 2011 overthrow of long-term President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

7 dead, hundreds injured after drinking poisonous alcoholic beverages

Iranian authorities seize alcohol 
By: David Ross

Hundreds of people were rushed to area hospitals after drinking poisonous alcoholic beverages, according to hospital officials in Iran.

Seven people have died, some went blind and 300 were sickened, apparently after consuming illegally distilled alcohol in the southern Iranian city of Rafsanjan.

Local hospitals were filled with patients complaining of vision loss and other symptoms consistent with alcohol intoxication.

All the victims were young men. "All those who died were men younger than 27 years," Doctor Hamid Najmedin of the Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences said.

Seventy-five people in Rafsanjan and 109 people in other parts of the province of Kerman were rushed to hospitals, but were later released from the hospital.

Local doctors said the victims were drinking beverages that contained high levels of methanol, a simple alcohol used as antifreeze and biofuel, mixed with energy drinks.

Alcohol is strictly prohibited and is considered a sin in Iran, offenders face public lashes punishment, according to Iran's Islamic laws. Those who abuse alcohol may even be sentenced to death.