Man seen on live television stealing flowers for his girlfriend

Roses illustration 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A man, who was dumped by his girlfriend, came up with a plan to win her back.

The man decided to get his girlfriend flowers to convince her to take him back.

The man, who was identified as Andrzej Czapka, 30, walked up to a flower shop and stole a bunch of roses. To his bad luck, a television crew was broadcasting live from outside the florist, and he was caught red-handed when his action was seen on camera.

Millions of viewers watched as Czapka reached through an open window and stole the flowers in Lomza, Poland. Czapka was captured by the police later after many viewers called to say that they had recognized the thief.

After he was arrested, Czapka explained to the police: "I broke up with my girlfriend and I wanted to win her back with flowers, but I had no money." "I did not even see the television crew," he added.
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Man arrested after car crash kills his wife and son

Gilberto Gil car after the accident 
By: Shifra Unger

A man lost his family in a horrific car crash, now, he is being charged for their deaths.

The man of Milpitas, California has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter in connection with a car accident that killed his wife and his 3-year-old son.

Gilberto Gil, 31, was booked on Friday at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin on two counts of felony vehicular manslaughter, gross negligence and child neglect.

Gil was taking his family to a Fremont water park. Police allege that he traveled at least 65 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone when he lost control of his Honda and crashed his vehicle into a tree.

The impact was so severe that the car was separated into two parts. His 3-year-old son, Angelo, was thrown from the car. He was found still strapped to his car seat and he died at the scene.

Gil's wife, Joie Gil, 31, was trapped in the car, and was extricated by firefighters. She was rushed to Regional Medical Center in San Jose, where she died on Wednesday.

Police blame the father’s speeding for the accident. He was arrested and his bail was set at $350,000.

Texas teacher arrested after buying an adult toy for student and experimenting together

Kelly Ann Garcia 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested after she bought a sex toy for an underage girl and then using it on the girl.

Kelly Ann Garcia, 29, of Houston, Texas, who was a teacher at the Hastings High School, has been jailed after she allegedly had sex with a 16-year-old girl.

According to police, a relationship developed between Garcia and a 16-year-old after the two met through a mutual friend in March of this year. Investigators said that Garcia stayed with the student after school to “work on several projects." Garcia was not the student's teacher. At one point she approached the girl’s parents and told them she was willing to "mentor" their daughter.

The relationship quickly turned sexual, when Garcia invited the student to Starbucks and informed her that he had been having erotic dreams about her. A week later, Garcia told the student that she had broken up with her boyfriend and the two expressed feelings towards each others.

According to the arrest report, Garcia and the student spent the night "kissing passionately." The next day, Garcia took the student to the Katz Boutique Sex Shop, where Garcia bought a sex toy with her credit card. Garcia then drove the student back to her apartment, where the two engaged in sex.

The victim told investigators that she and Garcia had sex several times in the coming days. The alleged affair came to light when the teen boasted about the relationship to other students. Word finally came to a school administrator, who contacted police.

Detectives said that Garcia continued to see the student even when the investigation was ongoing. The teenager's father caught Garcia and his daughter together in a local park, however, Garcia sped off before the father could deal with her.

The investigators were able to recover the Katz Boutique receipt showing that she had bought a sex toy on the day the victim claimed to have been taken to the store. Detectives also obtained phone records, text messages and a picture of Garcia kissing the teenager.

Garcia was booked into jail on charges of indecency with a child and sexual assault of a child. She was released after posting $60,000 bail.
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Mother sentenced to jail for pimping out special needs daughter

Cheryl Tchida 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A mother who was looking to make money, used her special needs daughter by pimping her out. Now, the mother was jailed.

Cheryl Tchida, 51, of Minnesota pimped her daughter out to a group of men who allegedly paid $200 each.

Tchida’s 19-year-old daughter has dwarfism, her mental age is of a 5-year-old and her IQ is only 45. The teenager, who cannot read, tell time, or take care of herself, said she was raped by several men in several different places over a period of six weeks and even ended up getting pregnant.

The judge heard that Tchida dropped her daughter at a Roseville, Minnesota motel and she told the girl that she would "hang out" with a 17-year-old boy, who she had met a couple of days earlier.

It was all a setup, once they were inside the motel room, she was allegedly gang raped by the teen’s uncle and four other men. The girl told the court that she tried calling her mother to pick her up, but her mother did not answer her phone calls.

The next day, one of the men took her to his apartment and raped her repeatedly over several days before letting her go. Despite her daughter’s claims that she had been raped, Tchida took her daughter back to the motel in Minneapolis a few days later, where she was again raped by several men.

When Tchida discovered her daughter was pregnant, she decided to go to the police to report the multiple rapes. Tchida was arrested for child neglect. She pleaded guilty to the charges. Judge Gary Bastian sentenced her on Wednesday to six months in Ramsey County Correctional Facility, and two years probation.

The teenager, who needs constant care twenty-four hours a day, has been placed in foster care

Father files restraining order against his 8 children

A Zimbabwe courtroom 
By: Eva Fett

A man filed a petition and asked a judge to grant him an order of protection against his children because they were disrespecting him.

Roderick Chikengezha, of Harare, Zimbabwe, took 8 of his children to court in order to get a restraining order against them, claiming they were traumatizing him and making his life miserable.

Chikengezha has a total of 17 children, 8 of them, he claimed, were very disrespectful towards him and his second wife, who is not their mother.

"I suffer from hypertension. Whenever I talk to my children they insult me​​. They call me a boring and useless father, because I don’t know how to operate a cell phone. I educated them, but they torment me and my second wife," Chikengezha told judge Vongai Muchuchuti.

Chikengezha claimed that he loves his children, but that their mother is inciting them against him and his second wife. He asked the court to protect him and his wife against their violent behavior. Meanwhile, his 8 children, three sons and five daughters, defended themselves. They told the court that their father was lying and that they never disrespect him.

"He is a churchgoer, we do not know why he is not telling the truth. We respect him as a father and it has been a long time since we last paid him a visit," one of the daughters said. The children told the judge that they had no problem if the restraining order was granted as they do not visit their father.

“I do not understand how a father can do this to his children. Now, all of them have a record of being violent to an extent that an order of protection was granted,” Jessica Harris, 35, of Denver, Colorado, told after learning about the incident.

Judge Muchuchuti ruled in favor of Roderick. The judge said that children should respect their father and desist from ridiculing and insulting him.

U.S. military plane nearly slams into Israeli commercial plane in Eilat

C 130 Hercules aircraft 
By: John Roberts

A U.S. military plane nearly crashed into an Israeli aircraft near the airport in the Israeli city of Eilat, according to airport officials in Israel.

According to the initial investigation conducted by the Israeli Air Force following the incident, which almost saw a collision between the U.S. plane and the Arkia airlines plane, revealed that a U.S. Hercules plane flew over Israeli airspace.

A confusion by two control towers nearly caused the collision between the planes as each pilot were given the same landing instructions.

The U.S. Hercules plane was flying at an extremely low altitude of 400 meters and nearly struck the Arkia airlines jet. The Arkia airlines pilot made a sharp turn just a few meters away of the U.S. Hercules plane to avoid a collision.

The C 130 Hercules aircraft, was flying from Bahrain to Aqaba. As a result of pilot error, the plane was preparing to land at the airport of Eilat, instead of the Aqaba airport in Jordan.

At the same time, the Arkia plane was preparing to land in Eilat, and the two airplanes were within 3 kilometres of each other. The U.S. plane was eventually directed to the correct airport.
The Israel Ministry of Transport launched an investigation.

Another Jewish restaurant in Montreal Canada firebombed in anti-Jewish attack

Cafe Shalom Restaurant 
By: Sarah Weiss

A Jewish cafe was firebombed last week in a suspected anti-Jewish attack, according to a statement released by police in Montreal, Canada.

Cafe Shalom Restaurant located on Queen Mary Road, West of Decarie Boulevard, suffered an attack last week by two explosive devices Montreal police said.

The damage inside the restaurant from the Molotov cocktails was light, Constable Danny Richer said.
Two Molotov cocktails were thrown into the business, Daniel Lacoursiere said.

Firefighters were called to the scene shortly after 2:00 am.
The owner told police he had not been threatened recently, nor has he faced any harassment.
Richer said police were not aware of previous similar incidents in this restaurant.

A sprinkler system installed in the restaurant put out the fire.
Most of the damage was caused by the water of the sprinkler system, Richer said.
Richard Bourdeau, an operations manager with the Montreal fire department, put the preliminary damage estimate in the range of $15,000.

Residents living above the business were forced out of their homes in middle of the night.
"All have returned to their homes," Bourdeau said in the morning and said he could not immediately specify how many people were affected.

Firefighters have transferred the case to police investigators.
Late last year, Chops Resto Bar, a high-end kosher restaurant also along Queen Mary Road, one block immediately east of Shalom cafe, was attacked in a similar attack.

In that case, a single Molotov cocktail was thrown into the front window at 4:00 am.
The resulting fire was also extinguished by a sprinkler system.
Two suspects fled the scene wearing sweatshirts, Montreal police said at the time. No one has been arrested for that attack.

Anti-Jewish Elmo character arrested after attempted $2 million extortion from Girl Scouts

Anti-Jewish Elmo under arrest in New York 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with extortion related charges after attempting to extort $2 million from The Girl Scouts, according to a statement released by the New York Police Department.

The former New York City street performer, known for engaging in anti-Jewish diatribes while dressed as the Sesame Street character Elmo in Times Square, was arrested after he tried to extort $2 million from the Girl Scouts, prosecutors said.

Dan Sandler was taken into custody last week and brought before a Manhattan Supreme Court after being charged with attempted grand larceny, aggravated harassment and stalking.

Sandler, 49, is accused of contacting Girl Scouts staff in emails beginning in July 2012, the Manhattan district attorney, said.
"He has a questionable mental state," his Attorney, Lauren Littman said. "He is erratic. He lives in a car."

Sandler was previously arrested for blocking traffic and resisting arrest. He pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and was sentenced to community service.

"The Jews are responsible for all that is evil in the world I hate the Jews!" he told people on Manhattan's streets.
His lawyer also suggested that his anti-Jewish comments are not an indication of his true feelings.

"He is Jewish himself," his lawyer said.
Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Robert Stolz set bail at $200,000.
Stolz also ordered Sandler to stay away from two Girls Scouts employees, who were victimized by Sandler.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Large United Kingdom trade union prohibits members from visiting Israel

Ben Gurion Airport 
By: Eva Fett

One of the largest trade unions in the United Kingdom has banned its members from visiting Israel.

The GMB Congress ruled to prohibit its members from visiting Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

The union members, at the annual meeting in Plymouth, voted through a motion that said funding for travel must be stopped because the Trade Union Friends of Israel-organized delegations opposes a boycott of Israel.

A Trade Union Friends of Israel-organized delegations spokesperson said the decision was "disappointing." He highlighted the Trade Union Friends of Israel-organized delegations work links to GMB, whose leader, Ed Miliband, also opposes boycotts.

GMB is a general union in the U.K., and has more than 617,000 members. Its members come from various sectors, with particular strength among manual workers in local government, as schools, health services, ambulance service, security, retail, distribution and services.

Cafe now letting customers pay with kisses instead of cash

Man pays coffee shop with kiss 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A cafe decided to let customers pay with kisses instead of hard cold cash, according to a statement released by The Metro St. James cafe, in Australia.

The Australian coffee shop said it is allowing customers to pay for their coffee with smooches, every day from 9 to 11:00 am, but has to be a "real kiss."

The Metro St. James cafe coffee shop in Sydney said customers coming in the two-hour window each morning, this month can save their money if they show their love with a kiss.

"We'll watch you. You have to give a true kiss, a real kiss. We can see if it's a fake kiss. We are kind of specialists in this," a worker of the coffee shop said in a promotional video. "The Metro St. James shop does not want your money. Only kisses!" The advertisement reads.

This is not the only weird payment arrangement recently announced. As we reported earlier, a cafe decided to charge for time spent rather than for items bought at its store location, according to a statement released by the store.

The German coffee-house said that it will be charging customers for the amount of time spent in the center instead of charging them for items that they order.

Daria Volkova, 24, who is the founder of the Slow Times cafe in Wiesbaden, said she was inspired by similar cafes in her native Russia. She moved to Germany in 2008.

Volkova said she expects that the unique business model will help her make enough money to support herself and her 6 year-old-son.

"I hope to capture the spirit of the time," Volkova said.
Volkova said customers are given marked time bracelets when they enter the cafe and are charged $0.04 per minute, amounting to $5.18 per hour.

Volkova said that the watches around the cafe are deliberately set to different times in order to help people take their mind off the time and instead focus on those around them.
"It's easier and cheaper to meet people here than in a bar, where you have to buy expensive drinks," Volkova said.

“What a lovely idea. When such a cafe will open in my neighborhood I will definitely be a steady customer. It is a really cheap way to enjoy the day out with friends. Hopefully, my weight will not spiral out of control,” Mattie Burke, 36, of Huntsville, Alabama told after learning about the cafe that charges for time rather than coffee.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Man with 22 kids from 14 women sued for child support

Orlando Shaw 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A man, who has nearly two dozen children from more than a dozen women, has finally been sued to provide child support, according to court proceedings in Tennessee.

Orlando Shaw thought he was the father of 18 children with 17 women, but he actually has 22 children with 14 women, making him the most expensive deadbeat dad in the history of Tennessee.

Shaw appeared in court in Nashville when the Child Support Services sued him on behalf of the mothers, for tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid child support in recent years.

"I was young and ambitious and I love women," Shaw, 33, said. He said that when he was young he wanted 50 children, but he is willing to get "fixed" now.

Shaw said he is proud of all his children, whose ages range from newborn to 18, and is glad of his Shaw family named.
The state is paying more than $7,000 a month to help support all of Shaw’s children. "How can we apply our support guidelines to this many children in this many homes?" Judge Scott Rosenberg asked.

Rosenberg said it would take three or four full-time jobs to even come close to paying Shaw’s child support.
Shaw is likely to go to trial in the case and could be imprisoned, but Shaw has been in jail before, and said that his criminal history is what makes it difficult for him to find a job.

Bus driver seen on video ramming bus into vehicles that cut him off

Bus ramming into vehicle 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) An angry bus driver was seen in video ramming his bus into vehicles that cut him off on the roadway, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The Russian bus driver, who was nicknamed “The Punisher”, has been delivering vigilante justice against motorists who cut him off by ramming into the back of their vehicles.

Alexei Volkov took a no-nonsense approach to vehicles which sped up in front of his bus. The driver even recorded video of his encounters with his dash cam.

The video, which went viral on the internet, shows him hitting unsuspecting motorists who have just cut him off. Volkov claims to have rammed more than 100 vehicles.

The driver also said that the road is gradually becoming more safe due to his justice.
"The situation is improving slowly because of my work," he said.

He does not regret his actions, which surprisingly did not cause serious injury.
Even more remarkable is the fact that the company for which he works for does not seem too concerned about his antics.
"It is not my fault, so the management does not care," he added.

"The bus usually receives only minor damage. If the damage is more serious, they just wait for insurance payments and then repair it,” Volkov said.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Dash cam video shows man charging at police with long machete moments before being gunned down

Scene of the shooting 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) Months after a controversial police shooting, a video was released showing the suspect charging at police officers with a long machete moments before being gunned down, according to video released by Texas police.

One of the last pieces of the puzzle finally has been revealed six months after an Alto man was shot dead by police.

Police car dash cam video of the night James Eric Griffin, 48, was shot by Alto police officer Brandon Michael Smith, has been released to the public.

Police say Griffin tried to steal a pack of cigarettes from Pic-N-Go, before charging at police officers. In the convenience store video, Griffin is seen pulling out a 3-foot machete from his pants after the store owner confronted him.

"He pulled out his machete and told me he was going to cut me," store clerk Amad Meaye said.
That's when officer Smith was sent to the scene.
In dash cam video, Griffin is seen taking out the machete as he walks towards Smith.

"Woah Woah Woah, put that knife down!" Smith said.
Griffin left the frame of the video, but you can hear eight rounds being fired. Smith is seen backing up his car when he calls for backup. It took eight minutes before help arrived.

This case has been very controversial because many people believe it was murder.
"I hope you see it for what it was. A Murder," Herman Martin, an Alto resident, said.

President of Chile caught on video sitting down at White House office desk of President Obama

The president of Chile sits at Obama's office desk
in the White House 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) The president of Chile was seen on video sitting down at president Obama’s White House office desk at laughing about it in Obama’s face, according to video uploaded to the internet.

"I will sit in the chair of the president of the United States," the president of Chile, Sebastian Pinera, said as he sat down on Obama’s desk in the Oval Office, breaking political protocols of the White House, and surprising President Obama.

Pinera's decision, was apparently made ​​spontaneously without consulting Obama’s advisers or security personnel.

In an apparent justification for his actions, Pinera said: "You know my daughter was born in the United States," apparently addressing the controversy of where President Obama was born.

One of the people who witnessed the incident asked Obama amid the surprise and laughter, which was heard in the Oval Office, how many other presidents in the world had done that. Without any visible irritation, but with a touch of surprise and perhaps disapproval on his face, Obama replied: "He is the only one."

During the hour-long meeting between Obama and Pinera, the leaders discussed matters relating to bilateral relations between the two countries.

President Barack Obama welcomed Pinera to the White House on Tuesday and praised the South American country's growing economy and democratic progress.

Both leaders said they were committed to working toward a global trade agreement in the Asia-Pacific region, which would include the two countries.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Sears shoplifter arrested after threatening to transmit AIDS to security guard by biting

Christopher Lee Carr 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A man was arrested and charged with robbery related charges after he was caught shoplifting at a Sears department store while threatening to transmit AIDS to a security guard by biting him, according to a statement released by police in Texas.

Lufkin Police officers arrested the 34-year-old man and charged him with theft after allegedly screaming that he had AIDS and tried to bite a security officer after being caught stealing at Sears, last week.

Christopher Lee Carr, of Lufkin, is still being held without bail in the Angelina County Jail on a charge of second-degree felony theft.

According to the police report, the incident occurred about 1:33 pm at the Sears store located in the Lufkin Mall at 4600 S. Medford Drive. When the Lufkin police officer arrived at the scene, a group of fearful shoppers pointed to the mall entrance.

The officer entered the northeast entrance of the mall and saw several people fighting. When the police officer approached, he saw a man lying on the ground, handcuffed, according to the police report.

The Loss Prevention Officer of Sears and a mall security supervisor explained that the man, later identified as Carr entered the Sears store, when two security guards watching real-time surveillance saw the man taking merchandise valued at $1,000, according to the police report.

When Carr allegedly left the store without paying for the items, two security officers confronted him and tried to stop him until police arrived on the scene. The report said Carr tried to flee and began fighting with the two security guards.

The police report also stated: "Carr is in fact, HIV positive."

Carr was charged with theft, as several witnesses said he tried to bite one of the security guards. In addition, Carr allegedly put the security guard in fear of imminent bodily injury because of the possibility of bodily fluids being transferred.

White supremacist gets 10 years jail for burning black family’s home

Brian James Moudry 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A man was arrested, charged and convicted of arson related charges after deliberately burning a black family’s home, according to court proceedings in Illinois.

Now, a court has sentenced Brian James Moudry, 35, to the maximum 10 years in jail, according to the court proceedings.
The man was sentenced last week for setting fire to the home of a black family in 2007.

Moudry poured gasoline and set fire to the house of his neighbors at 4:00 am. Nine people were in the house, but luckily, they all managed to get out of the house safely.

U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman said that Moudry should be grateful for the black lawyer who defended him. Gettleman said that MiAngel Cody defended him with such skill and compassion he now must realize that race does not matter.
"Everyone who enters this room is of the same race, the human race to try to deal with equality under the law," Gettleman said.

Moudry has a long history of mental illness and even beat a black prisoner with a combination lock in the Metropolitan Correctional Center after pleading guilty in January.

Cody said Moudry’s untreated schizophrenia, child abuse, and drunkenness, played a role in his decision to burn the house of his neighbors.

U.S. assistant Attorney Nancy DePodesta, however, still believed that the crime occurred because Moudry hated his neighbors. "This was an exceptionally despicable crime and was motivated by hatred," DePodesta said.

DePodesta said the sentence should send the message that "if you threaten someone because of their race, you will lose your right to live in a free society."

Virginia teacher suspended after being caught with child porn

Robert Jeffrey Kobman 
By: Eva Fett

A man was arrested and charged with possession of child porn related charges after he was caught in possession of child porn, according to a statement released by police in Virginia.

Investigators arrested the technology education teacher last week on charges of child pornography, according to a press release from the Sheriff's Office of Orange County.

Robert Jeffrey Kobman, 32, of Locust Grove, is being held without bond in the Regional Center of Virginia jail, according to the press release.

The detectives seized the personal computer and electronic equipment of Kobman, several weeks ago. Kobman was placed on administrative leave from the school system after the county learned of the investigation.

"Any change in the position of Kobman will depend on the Sheriff's office and our own internal investigation," Yvonne Dawson, director of human resources for Public Schools of Orange County, said in a statement.

Investigators said there is no evidence that any of the children in the pornographic images were local children from school.