Mother, 52, caught posing as daughter, 19, during school test

Students taking an exam illustration 
By: John Roberts

A mother was caught trying to take her daughter’s exam in school, according to school officials in France.
The mother was arrested when she was caught trying to take the English test instead of her teenage daughter.

The 52-year-old French woman wearing thick makeup, low-cut jeans and Converse boots, tried to pass herself off as her 19-year-old daughter Laetitia.

A school guard discovered the scam only after two hours of the three-hour long exam, and called the police.
The woman, who has been named only as Caroline D, confessed and said she wanted to make sure her daughter got the best test results.

"A confrontation broke out during the test after the woman caused the other candidates to become upset. That is when we decided to cancel the entire exam," a spokesperson for the school of the Bossuet Notre-Dame school in Paris said.
The woman’s daughter had been scheduled to take the English exam in order to get into college.

Fox seen on video turning to humans for help after getting head stuck in bottle

Fox stuck in bottle 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A cute little fox decided that it is time to approach humans for help after getting its head stuck in a bottle, according to video uploaded to YouTube.

Wild foxes are not known to hang around humans too often, but that changed when the small fox approached two men for help after being trapped in the jar.

Two men walking along a dirt road in Russia came face to face with the fox, whose his head was stuck in a glass jar. The fox approached them, and one of the men reached down to help. He grabbed the jar, held onto the skin of the neck of the animal and released it.

As the fox ran, the man quipped: "Where is my thanks?"
Foxes are able to live in many different places and have been able to adapt to human environments, according to National Geographic. The ingenuity of animals has earned the reputation of being smart and clever.

Unfortunately, garbage has the best of this game, and the fox is not the only animal to suffer that fate recently. On Saturday, Pennsylvania police rescued a young bear whose head was stuck in a plastic jar for at least 11 days. Similarly, officials in Big Pine Key in Florida saved a deer that has its head stuck in a bag of Doritos chips.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Barbra Streisand to sing in Hebrew at Israeli concerts

Barbra Streisand, Bill Clinton, Shimon Peres,
Benjamin Netanyahu 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) U.S. singing sensation Barbra Streisand will give her Israeli fans a special treat. The singer is planning to sing in Hebrew at her upcoming concerts in Tel Aviv.

A member of the Streisand team, who is involved in the touring plan of the legendary singer, confirmed that she is preparing to sing one or two songs in the local language.

Streisand, 71, will perform twice at two concerts in the Bloomfield Stadium in Tel Aviv this week. This will be the first time that the Jewish star will perform in Israel. The singer, who suffers from stage fright, refused to perform at concerts around the world, despite her huge popularity.

The visit to Israel is particularly significant because Streisand is celebrating her 100th performance of her career in Tel Aviv.
The singer is very excited about her upcoming Israeli performances, one of her managers said.

Streisand is currently on a ten-day stay in Israel. She met with President Shimon Peres, received an honorary doctorate in philosophy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and toured the country.

In the video below you can see Barbra Streisand singing Avenu Malkeinu in Hebrew to thousands attending a 90th birthday celebration for Israeli president Shimon Peres.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Schoolchildren in China being taught about the battles of Israel

Chinese school kids illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

Chinese schoolchildren are now being taught the history of the formation of modern Israel.

Students in Israel and around the world are preparing for the summer break, but students in China are studying the battles of Israel, and the changes that occurred in the region after Israeli independence.

The eighth grade school students in Beijing are now preparing for a test on world history, and the history of the State of Israel takes up an entire chapter.

In history books used by Chinese students, there is a chapter dedicated especially to changes that occurred after Israel’s wars. Students study the history of the State of Israel of before and after the War of Independence.

Maps in Chinese show changes in the control of the land, from which region enemy forces approached and what agreements were signed at the conclusion of each war.

Whirlpool teams up with Israeli giant Sodastream to produce home based soda machine

Sodastream delivery 
By: John Roberts

The Israeli soda giant Sodastream has picked up some giant U.S. interest, according to a statement released by Whirlpool.

Whirlpool has announced the partnership with Sodastream in order to create a home carbonation machine in order to expand its line of products.

Sodastream machines let people make sparkling water at home, with a variety of concentrated flavors that can be added to create different drinks. The company has been making an effort to expand its U.S. business. Earlier this month, PepsiCo denied rumors that it plans to buy the company.

KitchenAid is known for its colorful mixers and other kitchen utensils. The partnership with Israel’s Sodastream International will give it access to the rapid growth in the home carbonation market.

"Working with Sodastream brings its best-in-class technology with the elegant design of the firm to deliver a quality product to our consumers around the world," David Elliott, CEO of KitchenAid small appliances, said in a statement.

The home carbonation machine is expected to be in stores in the fourth quarter.
KitchenAid is a brand of Whirlpool Corp.

Jewish food pantry organization now offers pet food

Jasmine's Corner pet food pantry 
By: Sarah Weiss

Jewish owned pets won't be hungry anymore as a Jewish food pantry announced that it will now offer pet food.

Food pantries in the metro Kansas City area have been doing brisk business since the economic crisis of 2008. In fact, many food banks can barely keep up with the demand for basic foods like pasta, rice, canned fruits and vegetables.

People are scooping up personal care products like shampoo, toothpaste and paper tissue. When things are stressful for families, often their pets are also in need. That is the reason why the Jewish Family Services of Greater Kansas City has with the help of the Center and VCA Animal Emergency reference in the mission, created a separate section for animal food in the food pantries.

The pet food pantry was named Jasmine’s Corner, in honor of the late, beloved cat of JFS CEO Don Goldman.
Since the launch of Jasmine’s Corner, the customer response has been incredible. We had no idea of ​​the urgency of the problem.

"This project resonates with many people," Goldman said. "We heard some moving stories of people, who because of finances, were forced to give up their pets,” Goldman also said.

To contribute to Jasmine’s Corner you can call Jewish Family Services at 913-327-8250.

U.S. tech giant Cisco to open new R&D center in Israel

John Chambers hugs Shimon Peres 
By: Shifra Unger

More technology jobs will soon be coming to Israel as U.S. technology giant Cisco Systems announced it is planning to open a new Research and Development center in Israel.

Cisco plans to open the new research and development center in central Israel, John Chambers, who is the CEO of the company, said during his meeting with Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid.

It expects that the new center will provide 100 additional jobs to its 2,000 employees already working in Israel.

Chambers said Tuesday that the new center will focus on securing technology, which is based on the knowledge accumulated by NDS, an Israeli high technology company Cisco acquired last year for $5 billion.

"We are delighted to expand cooperation with the State of Israel," Chambers, who is on a three-day visit to Israel at the invitation of President Shimon Peres to attend the fifth Israeli Presidential Conference, said.

The president of the U.S. company is also scheduled to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, Finance Minister Naftali Bennett, Minister of Communication Gilad Erdan, and Education Minister Shai Piron.

This is the third time Chambers is visiting Israel. His last visit in March 2012 was marked by the acquisition of TV software developer NDS.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Cisco develops, manufactures and markets network equipment and software. The company is valued at about $113 billion, and employs more than 65,000 workers worldwide.

New device lets you drink candy out of toilet bowl

Drink candy out of toilet bowl 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A company came up with a bizarre product that allows you to eat candy out of a toilet bowl.

The company, which is known for their do it yourself miniature products, created a new weird product that may be seen disgusting to some and appetizing to others.

Are you eager to drink from the toilet bowl? Now you can. The Japanese company called Moko Moko Mokoletto released a strange new candy kit. When you order the kit, you will receive a small toilet along with two powder candy packets.

After you assemble the toilet, you add the candy powder to the toilet tank. Then, you add water to the tank and watch the foam rise into the toilet bowl, just as a fast acting cleaner does. The candy will bubble into the toilet bowl where you can drink the “toilet water candy”.

In another weird adventure, a toilet-themed restaurant allows diners to sit on toilet seats, and eat on glass-topped sinks as tables. They serve food and drink from mini toilet bowls, sinks, bathtubs and other bathroom furniture. Diners also use toilet paper rolls to wipe their hands and mouth.

Owner Wang Tzi-wei opened the first Modern Toilet outlet in Taipei. After being inspired by a Japanese cartoon featuring restroom images and toilet themes running through the food and drinks menus.

The toilet-themed restaurant has become so popular that Wang Tzi-wei opened additional toilet-themed restaurants. There are now 12 branches all over Taiwan, as well as in Hong Kong and mainland China.
Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Thief caught after using see-through bag on his head as disguise

Thief with see-through bag on his head 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A man, who was dubbed Britain’s most stupid criminal, was jailed.

This silly thief decided to hold up a gas station and disguised himself with a see-through plastic bag over his head.

Jamie Neil, 41, of Cornwall, England was sentenced to two years in jail for his role in the robbery. Neil was together with his accomplice Gareth Tilley, 20, when they entered Co-op gas station in St. Austell, Cornwall, and tried to rob the place.

The two men were allegedly drunk and high on medication. Before they entered the gas station, Neil, grabbed a see-through plastic bag and put it over his face, while Tilley covered his face with a scarf. The pair went up to the counter, and Tilley used a cellphone as a gun.

The two crooks threatened the shop's cashier, Kim Clowes, demanding all the money from the register. Then, things turned ugly for the thieves when the phone’s keypad lit up, allowing the woman to see that they were not holding a gun, but rather a harmless phone. That’s when she hit the alarm.

Neil headbutted the employee before the pair grabbed several bottles of alcoholic beverages and fled the scene. Detective Steve White said the plastic bag on Neil’s head was the most "ridiculous" disguise that he had ever seen. Police were able to identify the thieves after looking at the CCTV surveillance video.

Tilley was sentenced to two years in Young Offender Institution, which is a British prison intended for offenders aged between 18 to 20. Neil was sentenced to two years in a regular prison.

Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Ohio woman arrested after burying her mother in backyard then collecting her social security for 14 years

Patricia Hodges 
By: John Roberts

A woman was jailed after she buried her mother in their backyard and then lived off her mother’s social security checks.

Patricia Hodges, 66, who now lives in Columbus, Ohio, pleaded guilty to theft of government money by cashing her mother’s social security checks, federal authorities said. The mother was identified as Janet Kelly.

Hodges had quit her job to care for her elderly mother, but when her mother died she was at a loss on how to support herself. That is when she decided to bury her mother in the backyard of her home in Florida, and then live off her mother’s Social Security checks for 14 years.

The fraud was uncovered when an official of the Social Security Administration went to the home of Hodges to check if Janet Kelly, who would have been 103, was still alive. The investigator said that Hodges claimed that her mother was on a cruise and plans to live with a niece in New York after the cruise.

Hodges was sentenced to 30 days in prison and then six months of house arrest plus three-years probation. She will also have to pay restitution of about $141,000 to the Social Security office.

Boy, 13, murders his sister while practicing WWE wrestling moves

Vilger Louis holding a photo of his daughter Viloude 
By: Debbi Gross

(Scroll down for video) A teenage boy is accused of killing his sister while doing wrestling moves on her.

The 13-year-old boy of New Orleans, Louisiana, was charged with second-degree murder in the death of his 5-year-old half-sister.

Investigators said that Devalon Armstrong told police that he hit his sister, Viloude Louis, several times with wrestling moves he had seen on the WWE television show. Armstrong had been left to babysit his sister after his stepmother left the house, that’s when the alleged beating occurred, authorities said.

Armstrong allegedly told police that he wrestled with the 5-year-old as he practiced WWE wrestling moves on her, according to Colonel John Fortunato of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

The wrestling moves allegedly included repeatedly hitting her head on a bed, punching her in the stomach, jumping on her and hitting her with his elbow. The coroner’s office found the girl died from multiple injuries, including broken ribs, liver lacerations and internal bleeding.

After the “game”, she complained of stomach pain. When she stopped breathing, the teen called 911. Emergency crews were unable to revive her and she was pronounced dead at a hospital. In a statement, WWE offered their condolences to the family of the victim, but cautioned against attributing the death to their industry.

After it was determined that the murder was not an accident, but rather due to a wrestling move, the teen was arrested and charged with second degree murder.

Man arrested after argument over constitutional right to have sex with goat

Goat illustration 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested after fighting with another man.

The fight started after the two had a discussion about the right to have sex with an animal.

Shaun Keith Orris, 41, of Waukesha, Wisconsin, is accused of harassing bar patrons about their feelings on the constitutionality of the human right to bestiality.

Orris threatened a bar owner with a knife after the bar owner asked him to leave the bar for bothering customers about the constitutional right to have sex with a goat. Orris called police about 2:45 am to report that he had been "battered and bloodied" for asking a question in a bar.

When police arrived, the bar owner said Orris was drunk and had been asking other patrons at the bar whether or not they thought they had the constitutional right to have sex with a goat. The owner said he asked Orris to leave and when Orris refused, they got into a physical altercation. Orris was left with a cut on his forehead.

Orris allegedly told investigators that after the altercation he went home, took a knife and returned to the bar. Orris was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon.

On the way to the hospital, police said he started screaming that he had a constitutional right to have sex with a goat, then he began to laugh uncontrollably. Orris is not the only one who defends bestiality as a constitutional right. After he was arrested, Carlos Romero of Florida argued in court that it was his constitutional right to have sex with his miniature donkey, Doodle.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Microsoft to pay $150,000 to hackers who can break Windows 8, Internet Explorer 11

By: Moses Gold

Hackers will now be able to enjoy a nice salary, legally, according to a statement released by Microsoft.

Later this month, Microsoft will begin doing something it never wanted to do before.
Microsoft will pay a cash reward to hackers, who can find security holes in Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 11.

Here is a breakdown of the Microsoft program.

Microsoft will pay up to $100,000 for anyone who finds a new exploitation technique that can be used to break the security of Windows 8.1, Katie Moussouris, a senior security strategist at Microsoft, said.

To qualify for the $100,000, a contestant must write code that can be used to take control of a Windows PC via the Internet, which is the most serious type of defect.

Contestants can earn up to $50,000 more if they can develop a way to defend against the code they have written.
Microsoft will also pay up to $11,000 for defects affecting its Internet Explorer 11. Think you are up for the job? Apply now.

Man wakes up to find strange man sleeping next to him in bed

Two men in bed illustration 
By: Eva Fett

A man was shocked when he woke up in the morning to find a strange man sleeping next to him in his bed.

The man of Seattle, Washington called police after he woke up and found a random man sleeping next to him.

The victim told police that when he saw the man in his bed he ordered the man to leave his house. The man woke up about 6:20 am. He then proceeded to push the man towards to the door, but the stranger refused to leave without his bag.

During the investigation, it was discovered that nothing was taken from the house. Police said the intruder was angry during questioning. He told police that he was invited to the home.

He told police that he met the resident the night before, they had a few drinks and got drunk together. He was then invited to the home, according to the police report.

When police asked him for the name of the victim, he acknowledged that he did not know the man’s name. He reportedly told officers that he gets invited to other people's houses all the time.

While investigating police officers found that the man had an outstanding warrant, the man allegedly became furious and had to be restrained by police before he was arrested.

3 U.S. Navy officers arrested after having sex with unconscious female Navy officer

By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) Three U.S. Navy officers were arrested and charged with rape related charges after they had sex with a female Navy officer who had passed out, according to a statement released by the U.S. military.

The woman alleges that she went to a party off campus in April 2012 where she became so intoxicated that she passed out, the woman’s attorney said in a statement.

"She learned from friends and from social media that three football players claimed to have had sex with her ​​while she was incapacitated," the lawyer also said in the statement.

After reporting the incident to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, the alleged victim was disciplined for drinking, but the three men faced no consequences and the Navy closed the investigation.

Her attorney said that one of the accused men warned the alleged victim not to cooperate with the investigation prompting the academy to close the investigation in 2012, citing a lack of will of the alleged victim to cooperate.

The alleged victim came to her attorney in 2013 for help in handling the case and to try to get the Academy to reopen the investigation.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Man, 48, gets 11 years jail for chaining boy, 16, in his cabin

David James LeBlanc 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested, charged and convicted of numerous felony charges after he kidnapped, chained and sexually assaulted a boy in his cabin for several days last year, according to court proceedings in Canada.

Now, a judge has sent the man to jail, handing down an eleven year jail sentence.
David James LeBlanc, 48, pleaded guilty last month to kidnapping a 16-year-old boy and holding him against his will in the cabin.

The child's mother told the Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Bridgewater that her child has been left emotionally traumatized since the terrible incident.

She read two statements of the victim impact, one of her and one on behalf of her son.
She said she feels like LeBlanc stole her son, saying her son has been ruined both physically and emotionally.

LeBlanc was arrested after a woman reported to police that a barefoot and chained teenager came to the door of her home in the Upper Chelsea area, about 130 kilometers southwest of Halifax.

LeBlanc was arrested in northern Ontario after a massive search across Canada.
The boy's mother said her son went with the man after being promised a painting job, but said he was drugged and woke up in chains. She said he once tried to escape and was recaptured, but eventually escaped.

According to an indictment filed in the Crown Supreme Court, LeBlanc held the boy against his will for a week before he could escape.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

U.K. couple receives jail sentence for having sex in front of 40 people

Barnsley Interchange train station 
By: Sarah Weiss

A couple, who had sex in front of a group of people, was arrested, charged and convicted of having sex in public, according to court proceedings in the United Kingdom.

The couple of the town of Barnsley in South Yorkshire, received a ten week prison sentence for having sex in public. The two engaged in oral sex, the male on the female, while about 40 teens watched nearby.

The actions of the 22-year-old Sam Rowan and his 37-year-old girlfriend, Jacqueline Holden, occurred at 9:20 pm after the two had been drinking, for much of the day. Their public show took place last month at the Barnsley Interchange, which is a busy train station.

A crowd of young people gathered to watch the couple and many of them were recording the action with their mobile devices. "Rowan looked around and wanted the growing crowd to know what exactly he was doing, and he played to the audience," Chantel Lowery Green, a prosecutor in the case, told the court. "Holden lied down on the floor and Rowan had oral sex with her," the prosecutor told the court.

At first, Holden denied she had sex in public and said he would never have the courage to commit a sexual act in public. The lawyer for the two, Philip Howard, said both his clients were "horrified" and noted that Rowan has Asperger syndrome, a condition that causes problems with social skills.

District Judge John Foster was in no mood for leniency. "Both were engaged in overt sexual contact inside and outside the train station in front of a crowd that was cheering them on," he said. "The train station is probably the busiest place in the city, and the description of their behavior has been absolutely disgusting,” the judge added.

Outrage after Ohio police officer shoots five cats in front of children

Little cats illustration 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) People are outraged after learning that an Ohio police officer shot and killed five cats in front of little children.

The incident occurred in North Ridgeville, Ohio, police said.

An organization named “Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals”, is demanding that animal cruelty charges be filed against police officer Bob Accorti.

Accorti, the Humane Officer for the Police Department of North Ridgeville, was sent to a home on Monday after a homeowner reported that a family of cats is living in the yard.

The woman said that the family of cats was causing a problem of fleas, which already spread to inside her house. Her husband, tried to kill the cats himself, but the cats growled and hissed, the woman said.

The woman said that when Accorti appeared, he told her that the animal shelters were already full, so instead, these cats would go to "kitty heaven". Then, he shot the five cats. The cats were between 8 and 10-weeks-old. The mother of the cats was able to escape alive.

The homeowner said that her four children, ages 5 months to 7 years, were watching from inside the house and started screaming and crying when the shooting began. The woman said she understood that the animals were going to be killed, but she did not realize that the officer was going to shoot them at her house.

The Chief of the North Ridgeville Police Department Mike Freeman wrote in a press release: "I decided that the actions of Accorti were appropriate, and I have decided not to impose any disciplinary action against the officer."
“Shooting animals dead is an acceptable form of euthanasia,” the police chief said.

Terese Landon, executive director of the Humane Society of Ohio, said that she believes Accorti should be prosecuted for his actions.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Retirement home guard kills elderly because he ‘wanted to end their suffering’

Joan Vila Dilme 
By: David Ross

A man was arrested, charged and convicted of killing elderly residents at a retirement home because he “wanted to end their suffering.”

The man, who worked as a security guard at a Spanish retirement home, has been convicted of killing 11 elderly residents, three of which he forced to drink bleach.

Prosecutors are seeking a prison sentence of 194 years after Joan Vila Dilme, also known as "the Angel of Death", was found guilty by a unanimous jury at a court hearing in the northeastern city of Girona in Spain.
The man will be sentence at a later date.

The 45-year-old, who used to work at the La Caritat home in Olot, in the Catalonia region of Spain, was arrested in October 2010 after the death of a woman, 85, at a local hospital.

He later confessed to the murder, saying he forced her to drink bleach.
He also admitted to killing two other elderly, he said he carried out in order to "put an end to their suffering."

Another eight murders were committed between August 2009 and October 2010. The additional murderers later came to light after an investigation uncovered that the victims were given an overdose of insulin along with a fatal dose of pharmaceutical cocktails.
The case has aroused strong emotions in the country.

The defense attorney said his client suffered mental problems, but the jury did not buy the excuse.

Mother, 17, pulls her baby from underneath taxi after accident

The baby carriage under the taxi car 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A baby is lucky to be alive as her young teen mother was able to pull her out from underneath a taxi after an accident, according to police reports in New York.

The mother, who is just 17-years-old, pulled out her 8-month-old baby from under a New York City taxi cab after they were both struck by the vehicle on Tuesday.

Alondra Gervacio and her daughter Perla were on their way to school in the Bronx when the taxi driver apparently suffered a heart attack, lost consciousness and jumped the curb.

"I was putting my baby in the stroller and when I looked up, I saw the car coming. I was like 'Oh, my God.’ I tried to push her to the side but I could not," Gervacio said.

Surveillance images of the accident shows Gervacio immediately rushing over to the aid of her daughter, pulling her out from underneath the car. She told police that she felt no pain at the time, and could only think about her baby.

Both the mother and daughter miraculous only suffered minor injuries. The taxi driver was pronounced dead at a local hospital, according to a statement released by hospital officials in New York.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view