Teacher uses Nazi swastika symbol in geometry lesson

Nazi swastika 
By: David Ross

Can a Nazi swastika be used to teach geometry? One teacher in France definitely thought so.

Of all the inappropriate symbols the teacher could have used to teach geometry, this particular teacher chose the swastika. Now, the teacher is facing disciplinary action.

The teacher has been summoned before the French school board after using the swastika to teach geometry to elementary school students.

The teacher works at an elementary school in Saint-Clement de Riviere, near Montpellier, in southern France.
The incident followed a World War Two presentation, when the teacher suggested that the class take the swastika symbol of the German Nazi party and apply it to their next lesson in geometry.

According to the Inspector of Schools, the teacher herself seemed to have realized the potential consequences of her improper choice of symbol and made sure she collected the drawings of each and every one of her students at the end of the lesson.

The incident was reported to authorities on Thursday by upset parents after being told by their children about what had happened.
The director responded by calling parents to a meeting to discuss the incident, and also took the step of explaining to children why it was not appropriate to use the swastika.

Israel first country in the world to receive F-35 military stealth fighter jets

By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Israel will be the first country in the world to take delivery of the most advanced military fighter jet, according to a statement released by Lockheed Martin.

The Israeli Air Force is already starting to prepare the runways after the Lockheed Martin vice president, Steve O'Bryan, said this week that Israel will be the first country in the world to receive the F-35 stealth fighter aircraft.

The state-of-the-art fighter jet, the first of which are scheduled to be delivered to Israel in late 2016, is also expected to be equipped with an Israeli add-ons.

O'Bryan said that Lockheed Martin was considering adding removable fuselages for the aircraft manufactured by the Israeli company Cyclone, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, mainly because the add-on does not harm the stealth capabilities of the aircraft. In practical terms, this means that the plane would have a longer flight range while remaining invisible to enemy radar.

The first batch of 20 versatile, single-engine F-35s, was ordered by Israel in October 2010 at a cost of $2.75 billion, and they are expected to arrive in 2016 at the earliest, but the Air Force is already creating new infrastructure for the stealth aircraft.

The Israeli military began building new bomb-proof underground airports to accommodate the F-35s.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Cisco to transform Israel into the first all digital nation in the world

Cisco CEO John Chambers with Benjamin Netanyahu 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Cisco Systems announced that the company will transform the State of Israel into an all digital country, the first in the world, according to a statement released by the CEO of the company.

John Chambers said that Cisco will make Israel fully digital with a fiber optic network that will serve multiple needs, demonstrating the technology that other countries would love to adopt.

"The transformation of Israel into the next generation, Start-Up Nation, the digitization of the entire country, that is the future," CEO John Chambers, referring to the title of a book about the technology industry in the country said. "Israel will be the first digital nation if we succeed," Chambers said.

Cisco is likely to quickly begin the network construction along with Israel Electric. Cisco is competing with Hot System and Bezeq. The new fiber optic network will eventually serve as the backbone of electricity, television, health and even education, Chambers said in Jerusalem.

"I'm starting to believe that this will happen," Ori Licht, head of research at Tel Aviv-based IBI-Israel Brokerage and Investments said.

The Israeli Ministry of Finance has green-lighted a group of investors and companies that will partner with Israel Electric for the project, and the final plan is expected within a few weeks. Cisco will provide vendor financing of $140 million and the cost of all the infrastructure has been estimated at 5 billion shekels or $1.4 billion.

"There will be challenges and controversies along the way," Chambers said, without elaborating. "When you do something that no other country has done you are taking risk, a risk Cisco is very committed to," Chambers added.

One challenge will be how to protect the network and the Cisco laboratory in Israel, which develops security technologies.
Israel is a good choice for the project because the number of technology startups, small land mass, medium population size, and high level of education, Chambers said. “The new network will be a model for other countries,” Chambers said.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Community College teachers prank student on last day of school

Teachers dancing behind studnet 
By: Debbi Gross

(Scroll down for video) Students always look forward to the last day of school when they will finally be free from school work and enjoy the summer.

While last day pranks are usually carried out by students without fear of being reprimanded, this time it was the teachers, who pranked their students.

Students at the Honiton Community College in Devon, United Kingdom, were asked to be interviewed in order to give tips to younger students on how to be successful at the school. While the students thought the interviewer was serious, they gave honest answers and good advice.

What they did not know was that while they were being interviewed, the teachers danced behind them. The teachers were seen by the camera, but they made sure not to be seen by the students. The video shows hip-swinging teachers dancing behind the unsuspecting students as they continue to offer their best advice.

Appearing behind them in classrooms, corridors and outside windows, the dancing teachers dressed up in wigs, and had other props, such as a guitar and homemade signs. When the video was released, the students realized that they had been pranked by their fun-loving teachers.
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Man pranks bus riders with weird photoshop images

Prank, strangers placed on wedding cake 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A man created interesting photos of unsuspecting people, who were waiting at a bus stop.

If you are waiting for the bus in Stockholm, Sweden, do not be surprised if you find yourself in an advertisement with some random man or woman.

Swedish photographer Erik Johansson, recently partnered with Adobe, to prank innocent people in order to raise awareness for "Adobe Creative Day." Johansson was in his van taking pictures of people, who were sitting at a bus stop.

He then uploaded the photo to an Adobe program, which then showed the image on the bus stop wall. The bus passengers saw themselves in the photoshopped advertisement coming to life before their eyes. The photoshop images were displayed in real-time on the bus stop wall for all to see and laugh.

In this video below, you can see the work Johansson did. One traveler was placed in an advertisement for a skin cream company. In another pose, he took two strangers, a man and a woman, who were waiting for the bus stop. He dropped their photos onto a wedding cake, and made it look like they kissed, leaving the two strangers red-faced. but laughing.
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Man shoots stranger after getting angry at his baby’s mother who did not allow him to see his son

Xavier Guzman 
By: Shifra Unger

A man was furious after his child’s mother would not allow him see his son, so he took out his anger on a complete stranger.

25-year-old Xavier Guzman, of Chicago, Illinois, was jailed after he allegedly shot an innocent stranger because he was not allowed to see his son on Father's Day.

According to Chicago police, Guzman became enraged when his son's mother refused to let him see his son on Father's Day. In retaliation, Guzman went to the Douglas Park area, pulled up next to a 21-year-old man and shot him. Officers patrolling the area heard two shots and were alerted to a white SUV speeding away from the scene.

As the officers pursued the vehicle, Guzman was seen throwing a .38 caliber pistol from the vehicle through the driver's side window. The gun was recovered and Guzman was arrested after he crashed his truck.

During an interview with police, Guzman told detectives he did not know the 21-year-old victim, but shot him anyway because "somebody had to pay" after he was denied access to his son.

The victim was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital where he is recovering from a gunshot wound to the forearm. Guzman was booked into jail on charges of aggravated assault with a firearm and unlawful use of a weapon by a felon.

Man escaping jail gets thrown out of girlfriend’s getaway car during argument

Dylan Aufdengarten and Jennifer Harmo  
By: David Ross

A man thought he was free after he managed to escape during his work assignment.

Dylan Aufdengarten, 27, of North Platte, Nebraska, escaped while doing time at the Lincoln County Detention Center.

He was quickly caught and returned to jail after his girlfriend, who was the getaway driver, kicked him out of his car during an argument. According to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, Aufdengarten was working at the North Platte Animal Shelter as part of a work program for prisoners.

He escaped, and got into a vehicle that was being driven by his 29-year-old girlfriend, Jennifer Harmon. Investigators said that the shelter staff was short handed when someone called in a false report of a vicious dog running loose. When some of the staff members went to check on the dog, Aufdengarten escaped.

Staff members called the Sheriff’s Office and reported Aufdengarten missing. A chase was initiated involving the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, North Platte Police and the Nebraska State Police. During the search, investigators spoke with Harmon, who admitted to being the getaway driver for Aufdengarten.

She told police that she kicked him out of the car five minutes after picking him up because he would not stop arguing with her. Harmon directed authorities to the location where she dropped him off. Aufdengarten was located and returned to jail.

Ironically, Aufdengarten was just 30 days from completing his sentence when he was caught and booked into jail on a new felony charge of escaping from custody. His girlfriend, Harmon, was also arrested and booked into jail for a felony charge of aiding and abetting the escape.

Walmart suing own employees after protesting low wages

Walmart protesters 
By: Moses Gold

Walmart is suing their employees and labor union, who are protesting in front of their stores.

Walmart is looking to keep protesters away from its stores across the country.

Walmart employees have used the Walmart official slogan in their protest. “Walmart always low wages”, some of the signs held by protesters said.

In the lawsuit filed by Walmart, they allege that the protesters have been "confrontational and abusive.” They shout through megaphones while parading around with banners and posters in-front of the store. They allegedly also held flash mobs in the stores. Walmart also claims that the protesters are disturbing business.

The union, United Food and Commercial Workers International, has tried to mobilize workers at Walmart for the past year. The group accuses Walmart of mistreating workers by not paying enough and by not offering adequate benefits. United Food and Commercial Workers International members also used a website called ReallyWalmart.org where employees and activists aired their grievances against Walmart.

The union ignored the "cease and desist" orders sent to them by Walmart, asking them to stop trespassing at the Walmart stores since some of its demonstrations “have turned confrontational and abusive,” according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit seeks to keep protesters from engaging in illegal activities such as picketing, patrolling, parading, demonstrating, and holding flash mobs at the store.

Abercrombie & Fitch pulls ‘#more boyfriends than t.s.’ t-shirt

The #more boyfriends than t.s. shirt 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Abercrombie & Fitch faced sharp criticism after selling a t-shirt that seemed to make fun of singing sensation Taylor Swift.

Now, the company decided to pull the t-shirts from store shelves, according to a statement released by the company.

Taylor Swift fans were this close to never, ever, going back to Abercrombie & Fitch.
The popular fashion retailer for teenagers, which is known for not selling plus-sized clothing and for comments from its CEO on how it is selling clothes only for "young, beautiful people", was pressed to pull a shirt with the saying: "# more boyfriends than t.s.” after numerous complaints.

"We all knew that t.s. stood for Taylor Swift " a Taylor Swift fan said on a YouTube video about the situation.
Angered fans of the pop star organized a Change.org petition urging supporters to call the Public Relations Department of Abercrombie & Fitch to express displeasure with the shirt, which they said was an insult to their queen.

A recorded message when you call the number listed on the corporate website of A&F, now says: "Thank you for calling the PR department of Abercrombie & Fitch. If you are calling about the Taylor Swift shirt, please note that the ahs already been pulled."

The clothing chain also tweeted the news on Tuesday with a message saying: "Hey #Swifties. We no longer sell the shirt We <3 Taylor's music and think she's awesome.” The 23-year-old singer was actually photographed and featured in an A&F campaign several years ago.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Man serving life sentence freed after wife falsely accused him of raping daughter

Cedric Shezi hugs his daughter Pinky after his release 
By: Sarah Weiss

A man was released from prison after his daughter told authorities that her mother forced her lie against her father.

Cedric Shezi, 39, has been released from prison after spending 10 years behind bars.

Shezi has been falsely accused of raping his daughter.

The accusations began in 2003 when his daughter, Pinky Dube, who was 8-years-old at the time, told a social worker that her father had molested her. Shezi of Durban, South Africa , was convicted in 2005 and he was sentenced to life for allegedly raping his daughter.

Years after the conviction of her father, the girl came forward and told authorities that her mother, Zanele Dube, forced her to falsely accuse her father of rape. Pinky told authorities: "My father had an argument with my mother in 2003. The next day my mother took me to the social workers and told me to tell them that my father raped me four times.”

Her father, who had always maintained his innocence, was jailed at that time. After her mother died in 2007, the girl decided to come clean. In 2009, Pinky finally mustered up the courage and went to authorities and told them that her accusations were false.

Since then, his lawyers had tried to get him released from prison, but it was a struggle. Now, three years after the truth was revealed, he is finally free. When he got out of prison, his daughter Pinky hugged her father and cried as she and asked her father for forgiveness. She wept as she said: "Please forgive me, Dad."

Cedric's lawyer, Lindokuhle Mdletshe, said "Pinky was just a child at the time, and she was used by her mother."

"I do not hold any grudges against my daughter. She was young and was fed the lies that she told the court," Shezi said.

A relieved Pinky said: "Luckily, my father is not holding a grudge against me. He has been calling from jail all the time to remind us that he loved us, no matter what happened."

Family member Khumbuzile Shezi, 52, said: "I blame our justice system for not having done a thorough investigation into the allegations. Cedric lost his job, his life was ruined and wasted his time, which he should have been with his family."

Canadian teacher punished after duct taping mouths of several students

Emma McLeod 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A teacher was punished after she duct taped the mouths of several of her students, who then posted the photos to Facebook, school officials said in a statement.

The British Columbia Teacher Regulation Branch has reprimanded the Vancouver teacher after she duct taped mouths of her students in an effort to keep them quiet during class.

Margo Fowler, a math teacher at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, is rated as a top-notch educator on RateMyTeachers.com, which is a popular website where students described her as "helpful", "entertaining" and "Just plain impressive.”

However, recent documents published on the website of the British Columbia Teacher Regulation Branch showed that Fowler had participated in three separate incidents in which she broke professional standards by putting tape on her students’ mouths.

In one case, Fowler gave an ultimatum to a talkative eighth grade student to either go to the principal’s office or have his mouth shut with tape. The student chose the latter, and a friend then posted the picture on Facebook.

The second incident involved a tenth grade student, who was also warned to shut up or face the tape before shutting his mouth with duct tape.
The final incident saw another eighth grade student, who was talking loudly in class, being taped.

The British Columbia Teacher Regulation Branch has reprimanded Fowler citing malpractice, but students say the discipline was unfair since the students agreed to having their mouths shut.

Emma McLeod, a former student fiercely defended the teacher saying it was just blown out of proportion.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Drunken dentist faces charges after pulling teeth of patient who wanted crown

By: Shifra Unger

A man is facing criminal charges after pulling teeth out of his patient instead of installing a crown, according to police reports in Poland.

Police said that the drunken Polish dentist pulled the teeth of a patient, who wanted a crown, and then barricaded himself in his office when police arrived.

The Radomsko patient underwent preparations for the crown when he began to suspect that the dentist was drunk.
The dentist polished the front teeth of the patient, and then gave him five shots of anesthesia.

"After a few minutes, the 28-year-old patient saw his teeth had landed in the garbage bin, and at that time he decided to protest," police spokesperson Aneta Komorowska said.

The patient demanded his dental records, but the dentist, 50, blocked the patient from the operating room.

When police were finally able to get into the dentist's office, they confirmed that he was under the influence of alcohol. Police took blood tests from the man in order to determine how drunk he was during the dental procedure.

Police said that appropriate assault charges will be filed once experts determine the exact amount of damage caused to the dental patient.

Home invader calls police after finding dead body hanging in apparent suicide

Home invader illustration 
By: David Ross

A burglar called police after getting the shock of his life while burglarizing a home, according to police reports in New Zealand.

Police said that a thief, who discovered a body hanging after a suicide in an empty house in New Zealand, is unlikely to be charged for the burglary.

The 26-year-old man phoned police after stumbling into the body early Wednesday at a home in a suburb of Hamilton. Neighbors, who heard the screams of the thief, also called police, apparently thinking there was a domestic dispute in progress.

Hamilton Police Senior Sergeant Freda Grace said the death is not believed to have been caused by a crime. She said the thief, a man who police were already familiar with, was released after questioning.

"Hopefully there will be a positive change in the thief and he will decide that robbing is not what he wants to do," Grace said. "I would take such a message as a bad karma," she said.

Grace also said she felt bad about the dead man, since he felt so miserable that suicide seemed to be the only way out.
"Actually, the whole set of circumstances is just horrible," she said.

California dead man found buried in his backyard after wife couldn’t afford a funeral

The shallow grave 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) Police found a dead man buried in a shallow grave in the backyard of the family home, according to police reports in California.

“I was unable to pay for a funeral,” an Apple Valley woman allegedly told sheriff's deputies. The woman buried her husband, Thomas Winn, in a shallow grave in the backyard of the couple’s home a week after the man died. Investigators are trying to determine whether the man died of natural causes.

Apple Valley Deputies were called to a house in the 16000 block of Navajo Road at 1:00 pm on Wednesday after receiving a welfare check request on a 63-year-old man, authorities said.

In the house, officers found the 59-year-old man's wife, Yvonne Winn, who told officers that her husband, had died last week, according to sheriff's officials. She told officers that since she couldn’t pay for a funeral she decided to bury him in the backyard.
The man's body was found in a shallow grave, and his body seems to have no obvious signs of trauma.

The woman was not detained pending a cause of death ruling by the coroner's office, according to Cindy Bachman, who is spokesperson for the sheriff's office.

It is a violation of state health and safety code to bury a human body in any place other than an approved and recognized cemetery. Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Baseball legend Joe Torre’s daughter catches falling child mid air

Dillin Miller 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A child was saved from death after the daughter of baseball legend Joe Torre was able to swoop in and catch the falling toddler, according to eyewitnesses at the scene in Brooklyn, New York.

Cristina Torre said that her good hand to eye coordination, which she has received from her father, Joe Torre, helped her save the falling 1-year-old.

Torre said she saw the troubled baby while drinking coffee at an outdoor cafe Wednesday in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn. Dillin Miller had somehow gotten onto the fire escape of a yogurt shop next to the Little Cupcake Bake Shop.

While another person at the scene called police, Torre spoke with Dillin in order to try to get the baby to stay on the fire escape.
"He tried to help himself with his arms. He was hanging. He knew he'd be flipping off soon," she said.
When Dillin fell, Torre swooped in and grabbed him mid-air. Witnesses cheered, and Torre walked away.

"I have my good eye-hand coordination," Torre said.
Joe Torre said he is proud of his daughter.
"I am happy to know that the child is doing well. When I realize that I have helped someone else catch well, that puts the icing on the cake," he said.

Dillin was not injured in the incident. Police said that the child pushed beyond a piece of cardboard placed in a window with an air conditioner.

The child's parents, Tiffany Demitro, 24, and Sam Miller, 23, were charged with reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child, police said. They have three daughters, ages 2, 3 and 5, and the four children are now in the custody of child welfare officials.

An aunt said she wanted to thank Torre for saving the life of the child.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Boy, 2, drives red pickup truck into neighbor’s house

Red pickup truck slammed into house 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A red pickup up truck slammed into the wall of a couple’s home after their 2-year-old neighbor decided to take his parents’ vehicle for a joy ride, according to police reports in Georgia.

Police said that the toddler was able to put the truck’s gear into drive while his father was unloading packages from the back. The boy managed to drive the truck through a wall of the neighbor’s house across the street.

George and Kathleen Williams returned to their Grayson, Georgia home after a long day of shopping only to find the red truck sticking halfway out from their one family house.

"It was the little red pickup truck from the other side of the street," George Williams said. "It was driven by a 2-year-old child," he added.

"Somehow, the child was able to put the car in gear and drove at a relatively slow speed on the street," Gwinnett County police officer Jake Smith said.

The child was not injured, but the truck broke through an outside wall and two windows in the basement of Williams’ home. Williams said that the truck broke a gas line and a water line.

"The boy didn’t mean to do it, so it makes no difference," Williams said. "Nobody was hurt, and as I said, things can be repaired, while people cannot," he also said.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Angry wife seen on video throwing husband’s lover off a cliff

Renezo Saavedra with lover Sandra Bruna Morales 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) If you plan to meet your lover do not schedule the affair at a place where your wife might show up, according to video uploaded to the internet.

An angry woman was seen on video throwing her husband’s lover off of a cliff, according to the video on YouTube.
The incident was caught on surveillance video in Peru.

The images appear to show a husband, identified as Renezo Saavedra, involved in an argument with his lover, Sandra Bruna Morales, 25, when his wife Lissette Lupo Mamani, suddenly appears at the scene.

The video shows Mamani dragging Morales to the edge of a 20-foot cliff and throwing her off like a sack of garbage.
Fortunately, Morales survived the fall. The woman only suffered some minor lacerations and bruises, which were treated at a local hospital.

The enraged wife later told police that although she remembers dragging her opponent by the hair, she does not remember throwing her over the cliff.

Mamani, who obviously needs to attend anger management classes, said she regrets her violent actions. The wife has since separated from her husband, and has demanded that he support her four children.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view