Fish bowl robber busted after returning to store he burglarized to get goldfish

Pets At Home store location 
By: Eva Fett

A dumb robber was caught after he decided to return to the same store in order to stuff his loot with more items, according to police reports in the United Kingdom.

It all happened when the brave thief returned to the pet shop where he had stolen a fish bowl because he wanted to get some goldfish to put into the glass container.

Nigel Ball, 52, was captured after he decided the best place to get fish for his stolen 50 pound container was by going back to the place he took it from, police said.

The employees of the Pets at Home store became suspicious when after buying the fish Nigel suggested that he wanted the same model bowl he had stolen earlier.

Then, Nigel filled out a sheet with his name and address. He did not even hesitate to do so, according to employees.
"I went to get goldfish, but I had to fill out a form with my details. That's what got me,” Ball told police when he was arrested at his home in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

He admitted to stealing the container in court. Prosecutor Rory Byrne told the court that Ball’s theft was bold.
“As brazen as anything Ball raised the fish tank off the shelf of the store, as big as it is, and simply left the shop,” he told the court.

Ball’s criminal defense attorney said that his client had stolen the fish tank for his daughter, after having broken her old while cleaning it.
Ball will be sentenced for the theft next month.

Monkey seen on video attacking police officer issuing speeding ticket to its owner

Monkey bites police officer's finger 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A police officer was attacked by a monkey after he tried to issue a speeding ticket to the monkey’s owner. The incident was caught on video, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The rookie police officer received a nasty surprise when the monkey bit his hand after he tried to hit its owner with the speeding ticket.

It seemed that the animal did not appreciate that the South Texas police officer, Keith Moore, giving its master the fine and decided to take revenge.

A video camera attached to the glasses of the 21-year-old Aransas Pass police officer recorded the moment the monkey grabbed the pen from his hand and bit him.
"We have been taught to be on guard at all times, but at that time I was not on guard for a monkey," Moore said.

"I was not angry. I was more shocked and surprised than anything else," he said.
Although the attack left a mark on the hand of the law man the officer managed to see the funny side of the episode and later joked about it with his co-workers.

We're not sure if the monkey, which is said to have appeared at carnivals and is usually very friendly, will face punishment.
Moore said that now, he will know to be more careful when approaching cars in the future.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Woman runs over her lover after he refused to spend time with her

Iyana Mentor 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with assault related charges after she ran over her lover with her SUV because he refused to spend time with her, according to police reports in Georgia.

Demarco Dent is recovering from injuries to his legs, arms and back, while 31-year-old Iyana Mentor is in the Clayton County jail. The woman was charged with aggravated assault and hit-and-run.

"I just saw the lights of the vehicle coming at me. She drove towards me at full speed," Dent said while hobbling on crutches in front of his house.

Dent said he will never forget the sound of Mentor revving the engine while maneuvering the truck repeatedly trying to hit him. After two attempts, he said he could not avoid her.

Dent believes Mentor intended to kill him.
Dent said his near-death experience began when he asked Mentor to give him a ride to Riverdale Road. He said they are romantically involved, but not boyfriend-girlfriend. The knew each other for three months.

He said as they headed down highway 85 near Riverdale, she got angry and upset and said: “You just got off work and you will not spend time with me?” According to Dent.

Mentor said Dent became furious, swearing, calling him names and driving recklessly. He then asked to be let out of the car. As he walked along Highway 85, said he tried to hit him with the 2006 Acura SUV. She missed at first. He said she made a U-turn and tried to hit him again, but he dodged.

As he went to the Citgo gas station for shelter, that's when she accelerated the engine and hit him.
The woman faced a Clayton County judge, who denied her bail.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Popular stripper suffers miscarriage while pole dancing

Jhonni Blaze 
By: Sarah Weiss

A popular stripper in Texas suffered a miscarriage after pole dancing at a strip club, according to hospital officials in Texas.

The part-time model, full-time stripper, Jhonni Blaze, reportedly had the miscarriage while dancing on stage at VLive in Houston, Texas.

Blaze is currently in the hospital recovering from the miscarriage that occurred one night last week, according to coworkers and customers at the club. She was dancing at VLive, and while on stage she began to bleed profusely.

She apparently had just suffered a miscarriage. She then left the stage and went to the back where she began to have seizures. She was then transferred to the emergency room where doctors gave her a blood transfusion after suffering from blood loss. Unfortunately, doctors could not save the life of the unborn child.

Jhonni Blaze is a popular stripper and she proclaimed herself the queen of Houston.
She has grown in popularity thanks to her stunning hourglass figure, which she is not ashamed to flaunt on stage and online.

Widow finds strange woman's name on her husband's headstone

Bill Fielden’s gravestone 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video)A woman was horrified when she saw a strange woman’s name on her husbands headstone.

A military widow wants answers. She wants to know why another woman's name is engraved on the tombstone of her husband.

Edna Fielden has been visiting her husband's grave site for many years. Recently, she was at the gravesite in Fort Logan, Denver, Colorado, and was shocked to discover a woman’s name on his gravestone. Air Force Sergeant Billy Fielden was buried in the cemetery 25-years-ago. "I used to come here and I always talked to him,” Fielden, who has since moved more than 700 miles away, said.

One day, she took her grandchildren to the gravesite. “I wanted to take the grandchildren to meet the man who served his country for 26 years, and served his family until a heart attack took him,” Fielden said. She never imagined what they would find when they went to visit her late husband’s grave on Saturday. "A piece of my heart broke off, I gasped and asked who is this," Fielden said. “Dolores his wife” is engraved on his tombstone.

Fielden panicked as she thought the other woman was buried next to her husband where she wants to be laid to rest. "I thought this woman was in the grave with him," Fielden said. All weekend, she worried, but could not get any answer because the cemetery offices were closed.

Cemetery director Joe Turnbach said that the woman named on Bill's headstone is buried with her own husband in another plot. Turnbach said that he believes a tombstone engraver made the mistake over a decade ago, but never told anyone. "I want to apologize to the family and somehow want to do this well," Turnbach said.

Turnbach promises to have a new headstone at Fort Logan delivered in two weeks, but the woman wants her husband’s body removed from that cemetery. Now she wants the body moved closer to where she lives in Minnesota. Turnbach pledged to start the process of filing the paperwork to make this happen, but said that government permission can be a lengthy process.

Fielden said that the resting place of her husband will never feel the same after seeing a strange woman’s name on his headstone. "I do not want him here anymore," Fielden said.
Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Dog caught shoplifting toy at Dollar General store

Dollar General  
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A dog was seen walking into a store, grabbing a dog toy, and then leaving the store with the toy.

The dog, who was dubbed the “shoplifting dog”, was seen roaming a Dollar General store in Bedford, Kentucky.

The dog headed straight to the dog food/toy aisle. It smelled the food and looked around until it spotted a toy it liked. The dog then grabbed the toy in its mouth and walked out of the store with it.

Two men, who spotted the dog in the store, recorded the incident. They are heard laughing as they watched the clever dog “shopping.” After the dog left the store with the toy, the men are heard telling a store employee that the dog walked out with a toy. The men left the store and watched as the dog ran off with its stolen toy.

In another incident, a three-legged dog named Oscar, was caught on the store video surveillance stealing a sausage from a supermarket in the city of Invercargill, earlier this week.

It is believed that the animal has escaped from its house while its owner was on vacation. Hundreds of people in New Zealand now have offered to adopt the three-legged dog. Supermarket Owner Esmay Hay joked: "She was surprised because thieves are usually two legged."

She added: "We have noticed the movement of the security cameras facing the back, and there is no one there, so we assume now that Oscar may have paid us a visit before."
Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

12-year-old boy fathers child with his friend’s 36-year-old mother

Hospital nursery 
By: Eva Fett

A community was left shocked and angry after a woman took advantage of a 11-year-old boy and then gave birth to his baby.

The boy of Auckland, New Zealand became a father after having a relationship with a 36-year-old woman who is the mother of a school friend.

The woman allegedly gave the child, who was only 11-years-old at the time, alcohol before having sex with him on numerous occasions before she became pregnant by him. It was the boy’s principal, who alerted authorities to the incident, after the boy confided in him about the affair when he wanted it to end.

The principal said that he was surprised when the boy told him what was happening. "You will not be very happy with me," the boy told his principal late last year. He went on to tell the principal that he had been having sex with the mother of his friend "and it has to stop."

After the baby was born, The Child Youth and Family Services, took the baby into their custody. So far, the woman has not been arrested as laws in New Zealand do not recognize women as rapists.

Under the current law, only a man can be charged with rape when they have non consensual sex. Women who have sex without consent can only be charged with sexual violation. The organization, male survivors of sexual abuse, said that this case proves that the law has to be changed and that women should be held equally responsible.

Under New Zealand law, the crime of rape, which applies only to men, carries a maximum prison sentence of 20 years. Judge Judith Collins said she would investigate. “This case raises an important point. I will seek advice from officials on whether or not a law change is required,” Collins said.