Woman, 28, dies just hours after rear enhancement surgery

Suyima Torres 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A young woman died just hours after undergoing a rear enhancement procedure, according to police reports in Florida.

28-year-old Suyima Torres paid $2,300 in cash for injections to improve her rear to the Cuerpos Health and Aesthetics center located on the 8400 block of West Flagler Street in Miami, Florida.

Just after leaving the center, she was seen disoriented by the owner of a neighboring business, who only identified himself as Naveed.

"I watched her and she fell, so I went outside, picked her up, and I asked her where her car was," he said. Naveed said he then called police.

The mother of Torres, Coralia Espinosa, said her daughter was rushed to the hospital accompanied by the center owner, Ruth Planas, who never informed doctors about the procedure, according to Espinosa.

"Maybe if the woman had consulted with doctors before the procedure my daughter would still be here," Espinosa said.
Torres died 10 hours after receiving the injections, leaving behind her two daughters, aged seven and eight.

Police are now investigating Torres’ death.
Torres' death happened just 16 days after 20-year-old Dailen Garcia said she received rear enhancement injections at the center and then suffered eye problems and bleeding of the lungs, and was hospitalized in the intensive care unit. Her lawyer, Jorge Gutierrez, is preparing to take the case to court.

"All the doctors at the medical center linked her issues directly to the damage caused by the cosmetic injections," Gutierrez said.

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Palestinian terrorists fire shots at Israeli public bus

Highway 60 in the West Bank 
By: Shifra Unger

Palestinian terrorists fired several shots at an Israeli public bus this morning, according to a statement released by the Israeli military.

Israeli police said that Palestinian terrorists fired on an Israeli bus in the Samaria region of the West Bank on Tuesday morning.

The attack occurred south of the Palestinian Authority-controlled city of Nablus. Luckily, there were no reported injuries in the shooting.
A large force of the Israeli army entered the area in search of the suspects, but no arrests have been made so far​​.

The investigators found at least one bullet lodged in the side of the bus.
Throwing of rocks, firebombs and even shooting attacks against Jewish motorists in Judea and Samaria are an almost daily occurrence.

Giant Ferris wheel to be built in Tel Aviv

Ferris wheel illustration 
By: David Ross

A company that is internationally known for building the most popular Ferris wheels, will build a giant Ferris wheel in Israel, so that Israelis and world tourists in Israel would be able to enjoy breathtaking views of the Tel Aviv landscape, according to a statement released by the Otzar Mifalei Yam company.

The giant Ferris wheel, which has become a popular tourist attraction in London and other cities around the world, will arrive at the port of Tel Aviv, next year.

The Freij Entertainment company, which built the largest Ferris wheels in Hong Kong, New York, Paris and other cities, will build the Tel Aviv Ferris wheel as well.

The Ferris wheel will be 263 feet tall, and will have 42 sealed and air-conditioned passenger capsules, with up to six people in each.

In the capsules, passengers will be able to watch videos about the history of the first Hebrew port. People who will want to improve their experience, will be able to use one of the two VIP capsules and enjoy a meal from one of the port restaurants.

"A Ferris wheel is a recreational activity that is popular among all people, of all ages, and we are pleased to bring this ride to the Israeli audience," Iris Baratz, CEO of Mifalei Otzar Yam company, which operates the Port of Tel Aviv said.

Nigeria hires Israeli company to rebuild 50-mile highway

Shari Arison 
By: Eva Fett

Nigeria, which was seeking the quality work of Israeli construction companies, decided to hire one to rebuild one of the country’s main highways, according to a statement released by the Nigerian government.

Israeli infrastructure and construction company “Shikun IBinui” has won a tender to widen the road in Nigeria in a project valued at some $580 million.

This project, to be carried out by Shikun IBinui subsidiary Solel Boneh Infrastructure, includes reconstruction, paving and widening of an 84 kilometer, or 52 mile road, that connects the cities of Ibadan and Sagamu.

It is expected the that work on the road will take about four years, starting once the Nigerian government lines up the funding for the project.

Shikun IBinui is owned by Israeli business woman Shari Arison.

The history of Jewish Beauty Queens of India

Former Indian beauty queen Esther Victoria Abraham 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) India was home to several beauty queens, who were Jewish, a historian, who studied the history of Indian beauty queens, said.

By Dr. Navras Jaat Aafreedi

Tazpit News Agency for

Given the fact that Jewish beauty has been celebrated in history it does not come as a surprise that in spite of the numerical insignificance of Jews in India’s huge population, five thousand in the total Indian population of 1.3 billion, their women went on to represent the country internationally at a number of beauty pageants.

In fact, they were the first to do so, as the very first Miss India was Jewish. The first Miss India pageant in 1947 was organized not by Femina, a Times of India publication, and the beauty who was crowned as Miss India was a Baghdadi Jewess, Esther Victoria Abraham (1916-2006), who later became popular as a successful film actress with the pseudonym Pramila.

Two decades later on March 12, 1967, her daughter Naqi Jahan, who was chosen Miss India in the pageant organized by the popular magazine Eve’s Weekly that year, became the first to represent India at the Queen of the Pacific Quest beauty pageant held in Melbourne, Australia.

Although Naqi Jahan is considered Jewish because of her Jewish mother, she was raised as a Muslim, as her mother Esther had married the popular film actor of those times, Kumar ne Syed Hasan Ali, a Muslim. Today their son, Haider Ali is a successful character artist in Bollywood.

The honor of being the first Indian to participate in the Miss World pageant went to Fleur Ezekiel, a member of the Bene Israel community, numerically the largest of the three Jewish communities in India. She represented India in the Miss World pageant of 1959.

The mother of the Roy Kapur brothers, Siddharth, Kunal and Aditya, who are making waves in Bollywood today, was Miss India 1972, Salome Aaron. Salome Aaron, a ballroom dancer, later went on to make a career for herself as a film choreographer in Bollywood.

Of her three sons she had with her Hindu husband, the eldest, Siddharth, has found great success as the Managing Director of a film company, which is the joint venture of Disney and UTV in India, while the younger two, Kunal and Aditya have become successful actors. It is interesting to note that her youngest son Aditya Roy Kapur is the second male lead in the only second Indian film to be released simultaneously in India and Israel, Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani.

The author is a scholar of Indo-Judaic Studies, an Assistant Professor of History at Gautam Buddha University, India.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Kenny Chesney concert leads to 73 arrests, citations

Kenny Chesney 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Kenny Chesney is a popular country singer, and many people attend his concerts.

For many people, things did not end well. At one concert, some were taken away in police handcuffs, while others received citations.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania police said that 73 people were arrested and/or received citations before and during the concert at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. People waited for about 12 hours for the popular Kenny Chesney concert causing some people to get sick, dehydrated and restless.

A police spokesperson said that officers responded to "at least 10 big fights”. Many people were reportedly arrested at the concert for crimes such as assault, disorderly conduct, public urination, public intoxication and possession of marijuana, among other charges.

According to police, 45 people were transported to medical centers and 150 people were treated at the scene. Although, 73 people had run-ins with the cops, it was a small percent of the concert goers, as Chesney’s annual stop in Pittsburgh for his concert tour attracts tens of thousands of people.

Cleaning the area after the concert was no easy feat ."You're looking at probably 60,000 pounds of trash," Leroy Stotler, owner of Three Rivers Power Sweep said.
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Man arrested for sexually abusing two girls at Six Flags theme park

Kenyon Tull  
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested after he allegedly molested two girls at Six Flags.

What was supposed to be a fun-filled day for two teenagers at Six Flags in Georgia, ended in horror.

Two girls complained to their parents that a man touched them inappropriately while they were waiting in line at a ride. Police were called and the man was arrested. The suspect, 34-year-old Kenyon Tull, was arrested at the Six Flags amusement park after the two teenage victims reported being sexually abused by him.

Authorities arrested Tull, who is a convicted rapist and sex offender. Now, he is facing new charges for the alleged molestation of two teenage girls in the amusement park in Cobb County, Georgia, on Sunday. Tull, who was still at the park when he was taken into custody, was charged with two counts of sexual abuse of minors for the incident at Six Flags.

According to police in East Point, Tull was previously convicted of statutory rape and has been a registered sex offender since 2007. Tull is being held in the Cobb County Jail. His bail was set at $75,000. Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Pennsylvania woman caught with 8 kids in passenger compartment of pickup truck

Dawn Meek, photo from previous arrest 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) After a fun day at the pool, a woman was on her way home when police stopped her.

According to Police Chief John Hartman, Dawn Meek, 34, of Latrobe, Pennsylvania was pulled over by police.

Police spotted Meek around 7:30 pm on Saturday, as she was speeding while two people were sitting in the bed of her truck. When the officer approached the vehicle, they saw a total of eight children aged between 7-months-old and 10-years-old, in the cabin of the truck, Hartman said.

Meek claims that police were wrong when they claimed that there were eight children in the cabin, according to her, there were “only” six children in the truck and she was not driving far. Some of the children were hers and the other children belonged to the woman, who is the alleged owner of the vehicle.

During the traffic stop, police found that Meek was driving with a suspended licence. "Why did she do that? I do not know if there is any acceptable excuse," Hartman said.

According to Hartman, none of the children were properly restrained in seat belts or child safety seats. The seven-month-old, who was in a car seat, was not properly secured to the vehicle and was placed in the center console, police said. "She was strapped in. She was in a car seat. I was not driving with a 7-month-old baby in my arms," Meek said.

She was also cited for not having the 3-year-old in a car seat. Meek said: "She should have been in a booster. That's my fault, and I paid for it." Meek, who was driving on a suspended driver's license, was cited for driving with a suspended licence, having passengers in open trucks and children without proper restraint systems, Hartman said.
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Newborn twin baby stolen from hospital by woman pretending to be nurse

Anna Sekota and Adoons Modupe with their daighter 
By: Eva Fett

A mother is in shock after a woman, who pretended to be a nurse, took her baby from her arms and never returned.

The hospital also has a lot of questions, but no answers after someone was able to walk out of the hospital with a newborn baby, who was not hers, without being detected.

Anna Sekota and Adoons Modupe were the proud parents of twins, a baby a girl and a boy. However, on Friday, their happiness turned to sadness and anger after their baby boy went missing. Sekota gave birth to her twins at a hospital in Odendaalsrus, South Africa.

Sekota said that a woman dressed as a nurse entered her room, which she shared with another woman, who also gave birth to twins. The “nurse” introduced herself as a nursing student. The nurse, who was pregnant herself, asked the mothers some question about their twins.

When the other woman said that she gave birth to two daughters, the nurse then asked Sekota some questions about her twins.When the nurse learned that she had a baby boy, the nurse explained that the doctor asked her to bring the baby boy to him for some tests.

Sekota said that she had no reason to distrust the woman, who appeared to be a legitimate nurse, she believed that her children were safe in the hospital. "The woman had turned her face to the door and pretended to be speaking to another nurse in the hallway," the mother said.

Two hours later, when the mother came to check on her son, she realized that the baby was gone. He was nowhere to be found. "Please bring back my son alive. We won't prosecute," pleaded Sekota, the devastated mother.

The family spokesperson, John Sekota, believes that either the woman pretended to be pregnant and then stole the baby as if she gave birth to the boy or she was pregnant with a girl and the child's father wanted a boy.

The family said that the woman must have known exactly what she was doing. She must have been familiar with the hospital and their security system. The hospital’s security cameras were working, but it was in the opposite direction of the room where the baby was stolen. The couple reportedly also has a 7-year-old son named Sibusiso.

Woman wears fur coat made entirely of male chest hair

Woman wearing male chest hair coat 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) Would your man shave his chest hair in order to give you a fur coat?

Did you always dream of having a fur coat, but you did not want to kill an animal for its hair?

Well, now, you can have a fur coat made out of human hair. A company in England has commissioned a fur coat made from millions of strands of male chest hair. The cost was $3,900.

A team of designers made the hair coat out of 100 percent male chest hair. It took the team more than 200 hours to weave together the coat. The limited edition coat was commissioned by Arla, a dairy company.

They ordered the coat to help promote their new drink called Wing-Co, which is a chocolate milk especially for men between the ages of 30 and 40. It is a weird idea to promote men’s chocolate milk through a man's chest hair coat. It is not very appetizing, but a good attention grabber indeed.

Another hairy story that made headline recently, was “hairy stockings” dedicated to keep women safe. Someone in China came up with an interesting new idea for the use of stockings, an anti rape feature. “In the summertime, the anti-pervert full-leg-of-hair stockings, is essential for all young girls going out,” reads the caption posted along with the image of hairy stocking.

This might be the strangest way to hold off aggressive men, but we have to acknowledge that it is smart. “If a girl walks home alone, and she wears these stockings, men will think twice before attacking. Most men would be put off by a girl whose legs have so much hair,” Jasmine Baker, 26, of New York City, told YourJewishNews.com after seeing a photo of the “hairy leg” stockings.
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Company produces watch with built in breathalyzer test

The “Kisai Intoxicated Watch” 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) For those casual alcohol drinkers, who still want to drive home by themselves, but do not know if they exceed the legal limit of blood alcohol content, can now buy a watch, which can tell the exact blood alcohol content.

Japanese watchmaker “Tokyoflash” launched the innovative watch that not only tests your sobriety with a built-in game, but also measures the level of blood alcohol with a built-in breathalyzer.

The “Kisai Intoxicated Watch”, which is now selling for an introductory price of $99 until Friday, shows the date and time, and also provides alarms, as you would expect of any wristwatch.

The blood alcohol content level is also hidden under what looks like a clock face and can be used to assess the level of blood alcohol of its owner from 0.001 percent up to 0.2 percent, which is four times the legal driving limit in some locals.

To test the sobriety, or lack thereof, users have to unscrew the clock, wait while the alcohol sensor heats up, and blow on the device from a distance of just 2 centimeters.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Grocery store thief caught after getting stuck in window and begging police to take him to bathroom

Chad Adam Winslow 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A Police officer caught a burglar after he got stuck in a window while trying to escape.

Deputies in Orange County, Florida, found the man covered in grease, stuck in the window of a grocery store on Saturday morning.

The burglar begged police for help because he desperately needed to use the bathroom.

According to deputies, Chad Adam Winslow got into Sam's Discount Food Store, through a grease trap on the roof of the store. As a result, the store alarm went off. When a deputy responded, he saw Winslow, 34, trapped in the window. After Winslow got into the store, police said he did not to go after the cash register.

Instead, he drank juice and took a ham sandwich. He tried to take some other stuff such as magazines and cigarettes. When Winslow entered through the grease trap, it left him covered in grease, leaving his fingerprints and shoe prints throughout the store.
The thief eventually realized that the doors were closed with bars.

Orange County Deputy Kent Matherne said he saw something unusual just before 4:00 am on Saturday, when he responded to the alarm at the grocery store. "I saw two windows broken when I parked on the street," he said.

"As I was going up, I saw a white man trapped halfway through the window, and when I approached him, I told him who I was,” the officer said. The burglar asked the officer to help him get out. “I'm stuck, and I have to take a poop,” Winslow told the officer.

Winslow had several cuts and scratches on his arms and legs. He was taken to Apopka Florida Hospital to be treated for his injuries, and then he was taken to the Orange County Jail, where he was held on $100 bond.
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Former Italian Prime Minister gets 7 years jail after having sex with underage prostitute

Silvio Berlusconi and Karima el Mahroug 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) The former Italian prime minister is now facing 7 years in the slammer after he was found guilty of having sex with an underage prostitute, according to court proceedings in Italy.

A court on Monday sentenced Silvio Berlusconi, to seven years in prison for abuse of power and having sex with an underage prostitute.

The judges also banned the former Prime Minister from holding public office.
The high-profile case focused on an exotic dancer nicknamed "Ruby the heart-stealer."

Berlusconi's lawyer said that he plans to appeal the conviction. He said he was not surprised by the verdict, as the former prime minister had not received a fair trial.

"What happened today is very serious," defense lawyer Nicolo Ghedini said. Ghedini also argued that judges have not adequately considered the evidence in the case.

Prosecutors had argued that Berlusconi had sex 13 times with minor, dancer Karima el Mahroug, and abused his position when he intervened to get her released from jail after she was arrested on charges of theft.

Berlusconi, 76, has denied the charges against him.
"It is absurd to suggest that I paid for a relationship with a woman. It's something I've never done ​​a single time in my life. It's something I find degrading for my dignity," he said.

El Mahroug has said she never had sex with Berlusconi and that she lied about her age, saying she was 24.
The underage sex verdict is just the latest in a series of troubles for the former prime minister.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Man arrested after castrating paraplegic inside nursing home

Edgar Bonilla 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with attempted murder related charges after castrating a disabled man inside an assisted living facility, according to police reports in Pennsylvania.

Police said that the 41-year-old is being held on $5 million bail after castrating the paraplegic during a dispute in Philadelphia.

Officials said that Edgar Bonilla is accused of attempted murder, aggravated assault and other charges in the attack Monday night inside the apartments in Elmwood Inglis. Police Lieutenant John Walker said that Bonilla was visiting a friend in the facility and apparently had some sort of dispute with the victim.

Walker said that Bonilla was apparently trying to resolve this dispute. The victim, Bonilla and another woman were friends. Police said that Bonilla and the victim were fighting over the woman, who is also paraplegic.

Bonilla is in custody. The victim, 43-years-old, remains in critical condition in a hospital.
Bonilla also has a criminal history. He pleaded guilty to trespassing back in 2004.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Security guard calls in bomb threat to get off from work early

Polish shopping mall illustration 
By: Eva Fett

A security guard came up with a brilliant plan to get off from work a little early. He decided to call in a bomb threat in order to shut down his workplace.

Police in Czestochowa, Poland, said that the security guard at the mall called in the false bomb threat because he "wanted to leave work early."

Police spokesperson Joanna Lazar said nearly 4,000 people were evacuated from the mall and the police spent five hours searching for the alleged explosives after the call came in around 5:00 pm Friday.

Lazar said that police eventually determined the bomb threat was a false alarm called in by a security guard.
The man was identified as a 25-year-old.

"The man, who called in with information about a bomb, said he did so because he wanted to leave work early due to personal reasons," Lazar said.

The man could face a possible eight years in prison if convicted of making a threatening phone call, Lazar said.

Police officers charged after chasing each other in unmarked police cars

Unmarked police car illustration 
By: Moses Gold

Two police officers were dragged to court after they were caught chasing each other in unmarked police vehicles, according to court proceedings in Denmark.

The police officers were charged after they mistakenly thought the other was a common criminal, which ultimately caused three cars to be smashed.

Copenhagen police said the incident began when one officer in an unmarked car began chasing another officer in an unmarked car, because he believed that the officer was speeding.

"He began chasing him thinking he is a criminal and the man in the car in front was thinking that the man chasing him was harassing him. Both were in plain clothes, and driving unmarked police cars. Neither officer realized that the other is a police officer," Torben Koch, a lawyer for one of the officers said.

The chase ended when the chasing officer rammed his vehicle into the other car, causing the car to hit a third vehicle.
No injuries were reported.

The officers were charged with seriously endangering traffic. Prosecutors said that the officer went over the speed limit, ignored the lights and went in bike lanes without police lights or sirens.
Koch said prosecutors initially decided not to press charges, but later reversed the decision.

"It is deeply reprehensible, because the superiors confirmed that my client had been on duty in an unmarked car," Koch said. "I think the original decision was the right decision," he added.

Elderly New Jersey woman charged with ‘feeding wildlife’ after feeding birds

Annette Rockefeller with her bird feeder 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A woman was charged and ordered to appear in court after she was caught feeding birds in front of her home, according to court proceedings in New Jersey.

The woman, who is 66-years-old, was charged after her husband hung out a bird feeder in order to feed the birds.

Alfred Rockefeller, 77, said he and his wife, Annette, came up with the idea to install the hanging bird feeder last year after Ramsey officials said they could not spread birdseed on the ground.

However, the couple said they had received a summons bearing the name of Annette, which ordered her to appear in court on a charge of feeding the wildlife. The woman faces a fine of $250 to $500 if convicted of the crime.

The city claims there have been multiple complaints made by neighbors about the bird feeder, since it attracted deer, ducks, squirrels and other animals in the area. The couple also said that Leo Egan, the environmental health specialist of the city, said the bird feeder contained peanuts, which are not suitable for birds.

"He stated emphatically that the birds do not eat peanuts," Alfred Rockefeller said.
"I feel like we're getting picked on here," Annette Rockefeller said. "To me it's like, what will be next? I'm going to be walking around in my yard in shorts and I will be told I'm ugly, thus causing falling property values​​?" Annette Rockefeller said.

Egan said the bird feeder was causing numerous complaints.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Passengers fuming after 10-hour United Airlines flight runs out of toilet paper

"Fly by the tips of your fingers" napkins 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Passengers on board a United Airlines flight from San Francisco, California to London, England were angry after flight crew announced that the plane’s supply of toilet paper ran out.

Passengers on the ten-hour flight had to make themselves comfortable without toilet paper in the air and were told to try to use materials they have in their carry on luggage.

Flight attendants stuffed the bathrooms with "Fly by the tips of your fingers" napkins. Special bins were placed in the bathrooms were passengers threw away the dirty napkins.

Gretchen Holland, an airline passenger of United Airlines, said: "That's gross, that's so terrible. If I'm paying for a ticket, it must include the price of toilet paper, I think."

United Airlines apologized to customers for the inconvenience and said that they were worried that the flight would have been delayed if they had stopped to replenish the toilet paper supplies.

The airline is ranked in last place in the American Customer Service Index.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Man seen on video stuck inside traffic cone, rescued by police

The man stuck in a traffic cone 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A man desperately begged for help after getting stuck inside a traffic cone, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The man, was seen walking around with a plastic cone on his head while joking about it with friends on Sunday. The man had to be rescued by police officers after he was unable to break free of the traffic cone.

A passerby, John Waterman, captured the incident, which occurred in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, on his mobile phone.

Waterman, 28, said: "It was really unusual, you don’t see these kind of things in the center of Hemel Hempstead.
I came out from Burger King and this man had a traffic cone stuck on his head.
I have seen him walking with it on top of his head about five minutes. No one helped him because they thought he was joking around."

The man was trapped in the traffic cone for over two hours as shoppers and passersby stopped to see the strange incident.
An interested observer finally called the police. That is when police rescued the man.

Waterman said: "He did not seem to be too distressed, but when he finally emerged his face was red.
It took his friend and a police officer to remove the traffic cone. His face was left scratched from the ordeal."

"The police officer found the incident to be very funny and laughed to himself," Waterman said.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Police stop coffin sale after skeleton is discovered inside

Coffin listed for sale on Craigslist 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A nice looking coffin was listed for sale on a popular classified advertisement website, but the advertisement conveniently forget to mention one creepy thing, according to police reports in Iowa.

Police said that they have halted the sale of the casket, which was listed on Craigslist after a skeleton was discovered inside.

The announcement of the sale of the oak coffin was fairly simple, although a little weird, but what it forgot to say was that it came complete with the original owner.

David Burgstrum placed the advertisement on the website Craigslist, with a list price of $12,000. He is trying to raise money to pay property taxes.

The announcement came to the attention of local police in Iowa and they have now stopped the sale unless the skeleton can be identified.

Burgstrum said the coffin was used in a ritual performed by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, which has a long history in the city of Council Bluffs.

He said the coffin was made in the 1900s and had been used in rituals of the group to represent death.
"All men are equal. Man rich or poor, everyone will die," he said.
"So the lesson was to do all the good you can while you're alive,” he said.

The origin of the skeleton inside the coffin is a little less clear.
Burgstrum said that according to one historian, the skeleton was donated by a doctor.

The doctor, who retired in the 1880s, used the skeleton to show patients their anatomy.
Council Bluffs police detective Michael Roberts said that human remains can not be sold without proper identification.

"If you have source documents, then it would be nice to own,” he said.
The skeleton was sent to the Iowa State Medical Examiner.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Television weather girl seen on video freaking out after spider appears on screen

Kristi Gordon freaks out 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A television weather girl just freaked out during her live weather report after a large spider appeared on-screen, and it was all caught on video, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The weather girl, who had the shock of her life, was seen running off-screen after the huge spider started crawling towards her during the live weather broadcast.

Meteorologist Kristi Gordon got scared after the giant bug appeared over her head.
The camera crew explained that the spider appeared on the screen after crawling into the camera. The spider caused Kristi to scamper off-screen, saying: “Oh my God, that was creepy.”

She tried to calm down, but when she saw the spider for a second time, she screamed and ran backstage, much to the amusement of her colleagues.
When the newscasters told her that the spider was not actually in the room, she said she knew, but “it really creeped me out.”

It was not the first time that the television weather girl had been frightened by insects in the air.
Last year, Kristi Gordon became nervous after a bug flew in her face.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view