Customer gives $10,000 to restaurant after eating burger and fries

Clifford Luther 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A man gave away $10,000 to a restaurant after eating just a burger and French fries, the owner of the restaurant said in a statement.

Bob Erb was traveling in Canada when he stopped at the Old West Express restaurant in order to get something to eat.

He started talking to the restaurant owner Clifford Luther, and found out that Luther's daughter had recently been diagnosed with cancer.

Erb, who is a past lottery winner, was on his way to bury the ashes of his father. He returned to the place five days later and left the massive amount of money.

Luther said: "He asked for a pen and said: ‘Here, you can have this.’ It was a check for $10,000. He just kind of said: ‘If you need quick cash, this will help.’”

Luther added: "It shows how good people can be. The man was lucky to win the lottery and he was able to pass it around. I think he is a very generous man. It really lifted my spirits. There are some who are very caring out there."

On the other side of the coin, not all restaurant customers are so generous. As we reported earlier, what would you do with 85 pizza pies? One customer ordered 85 pizza pies among other items from a restaurant worth $1450. What caused controversy was the tip the customer left behind, according to press reports in the United States.

The customer was called out as being cheap on the internet after leaving a paltry $10 after receiving 85 pies worth a staggering $1453.93.

A friend of the delivery person, published a photo of the receipt on a website, which generated more than 1,900 comments about gratuity, which in this case was less than one percent of the total bill.

"An order of this mass requires a ridiculous amount of extra work for many people," one user said. "The tip should reflect this," the user added.

Others, however, think that the tip was not that bad.
"Good for the customer. What does the delivery person want? A medal or something?" Another user wrote. "Seriously, he received $10. That is not bad at all. It probably only took 15 minutes to do the work," another user wrote.

The delivery person had to make two trips to deliver the huge amount of pizza.
Experts said that the delivery person should have received at least a tip of 10 percent, or about $ 145.

Mike Lynn, associate professor of consumer behavior at the Cornell Hotel School, told a television news station that pizza delivery people should get $2 per pie.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Female art student, 18, spends three hours every day to look like doll

Katie Lawrence 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A female art student said that she spends three hours a day to make sure she looks like a perfect doll, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The student said she wants to live every day looking like a doll.

Katie Lawrence, 18, admits to being obsessed with the look of a doll and spends three hours a day along with hundreds of dollars a month creating her look.

The art student uses culture and Japanese video games as inspiration for her style, including petticoats and pastels.
Lawrence spends around $350 a month on makeup in order to achieve her artificial appearance.

She said: "I love the wide eyes of the dolls used in animations. l spent ages, got circle lenses and two pairs of false eyelashes to get the look. I have thousands of products and I use two bases on my face at the same time. It can take up to three hours to do my makeup, but I do not care. I would not be without my makeup."

Lawrence currently has five different computers that cost around $120 each, which she obtained from Camden Market. She earns money from jobs as a part-time model.

She added: "Even when I’m just going to the shops, I always wear something outrageous, it's part of who I am.
I do not think enough young people experiment with their style, so I hope I can be an inspiration."Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Thief electrocuted to death after trying to steal transformer

Working on transformers illustration 
By: John Roberts

Be careful what you steal because the item might kill you.

In an instant punishment story, a man who tried to steal an electrical transformer that supplies power to a local community, was electrocuted and burned to ashes, according to police reports in South Africa.

It happened in Bokfontein, North West Province of South Africa this week.
Police said that the man apparently climbed up a pole supporting a transformer that supplies power to area residents of Bokfontein. the neighborhood is primarily used for agricultural.

Lieutenant Colonel Lesego Metsi of the local police department said: "The man unscrewed the transformer, climbed about another 5 feet up the pole and tried to cut off the live electrical wires."
"He was electrocuted and was reduced to ashes," Metsi said.

The police requested that the power company shut off the electricity in order to be able to remove the man. Police have also said that they have opened an investigation into the matter.

Palestinian Prime Minister convoy car slams into car driven by Israeli, several injured

The scene of the accident 
By: Sarah Weiss

Several people were left injured including an entire Israeli family after one of the cars escorting the Palestinian Prime Minister slammed head on into a car driven by an Israeli, according to police reports in Israel.

Police said that the Israeli man suffered moderate to severe injuries Saturday after the head-on collision between his vehicle and the vehicle traveling with the convoy of Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah.

The accident occurred at the Tekoa intersection in the Israeli controlled West Bank, about four in the afternoon. Police said that the Prime Minister convoy car veered into the oncoming lane and crashed head on into the car driven by the Israeli man. The Israeli vehicle was carrying a couple and their four daughters.

Magen David Adom said the mother suffered moderate injuries while her daughters suffered from slight injuries. The father suffered moderate to serious injuries in the accident. The wounded Israelis were evacuated to Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center in Jerusalem.

The hospital said the parents were in stable condition.

Three Palestinians security guards traveling in the vehicle suffered minor injuries and were evacuated by an ambulance from the Red Crescent to a hospital in Hebron. At the time of the accident, Prime Minister Hamdallah was traveling in another vehicle in the convoy.

The traffic police unit of the Shai district said initial that the investigation revealed that the Palestinian vehicle crossed the dividing line to try to overtake another car.

Teen demands $2 million after school uses her bikini photo without permission

Chelsea Chaney 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A teen is angry after her school used her bikini photo without her permission.

Now, the teen is seeking $2 million in compensation from the school, according to a lawsuit filed in court in Georgia.

The North Georgia teen said that she sues her school district for using a photo of her wearing a bikini at a seminar on Internet security as an example of what not to do on the Internet.

The image of her went viral on the internet, and she wants $2 million after the school district used her Facebook bikini photo, but Chelsea Chaney claims that it is not he about money.

"It was my last year in seminary and we tried to resolve it. My family requested a meeting and they ignored us," Chaney said.
Chaney said the Fayette County Schools somehow had access to her private Facebook page, where she posted a picture posing with a cut out of rapper Snoop Dogg.

The next day, a friend sent her a message that the school used the photo in an Internet safety seminar.
"The photo was taken, used unfairly, inadequately and incorrectly implying that Chelsea is a promiscuous abuser of alcohol," the teen’s lawyer said.

Chaney said the controversy is causing her a lot of pain and shame.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Woman, 21, gives birth on front lawn, didn't know she was pregnant

The lawn on which Elizabeth Whitehead gave birth 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A woman was on they way to the hospital for unexplained stomach pain when she suddenly gave birth.

21-year-old Elizabeth Whitehead of Barnegat Township, New Jersey, did not know she was pregnant, but after her stomach ache became too much for her to bear, she decided to go to the hospital,

As she left her house she suddenly felt the urge to push, she lied down on her front lawn and gave birth to a baby boy. The baby’s father, David Windham, called police to assist them in the emergency. When police officers arrived, the woman had already given birth but the baby did not seem to be ok.

Officers performed CPR to revive the unconscious baby, who appeared to have been born about three months premature. When an ambulance arrived, EMT workers continued doing CPR on the baby while he was rushed to the hospital. On the way to hospital the baby’s heart began to beat at a normal rate.

The baby’s father said that the mother and baby are doing well, the premature baby weighed 2.5 pounds. Whitehead, who has a nine month-old baby, reportedly said that after she did not get her period she took two pregnancy tests and both tested negative.
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Teenager charged with attempted murder after dragging police officer with car

Brian Russell Hafer 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A teenager is in a whole lot of trouble after he tried to get away from police.

After the officer pulled him over, the teenager tried to flee from police because he had drugs in his car.

Brian Hafer, 18, of Maryland was pulled over after police spotted marijuana in the vehicle he was driving. Police ordered Hafer and his passengers out of the car. The passenger complied but Hafer refused to follow orders. When a police officer reached into the car to open the driver's door to pull Hafer out of the vehicle, Hafer drove off with the officer's arm trapped inside the car.

The teen dragged the officer about 60 feet before the officer fell to the ground. Other officer chased Hafer. When he was caught, he still would not comply with officers and refused to exit the vehicle. When he finally exited the vehicle, he became combative by punching and kicking the arresting officers.

The officers Tasered him and Hafer was finally taken into custody. Now, instead of a single marijuana charge, he faces attempted murder after he dragged the officer with his car. Hafer’s passenger, 18-year-old Kevin Schofield, was arrested without incident and charged with drug possession. Hafer was charged with possession of marijuana but other charges were added.

These charges include: attempted murder, assault on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct, failure to obey, obstructing and hindering a police investigation, destruction of property amongst other charges.

Man turns his mother in to police after recognizing her ‘wanted by police’ photo

Martin Dee Ann Sanders 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A son has caused controversy after he turned his own mother in to police.

After a local bank was robbed, police released a photo of the culprit.

It was the suspect’s son, who recognized her in the photo. He called police and told them where his mother can be found. According to the FBI, 53-year-old Martin Dee Ann Sanders of Byron Township, Michigan, was questioned after her son turned her in.

Sanders allegedly walked into the Bank of America in Byron Township and asked for money. The bank teller told police that the woman handed a note asking for $2,500 for her children and grandchildren. The teller handed her $1,092 and she left. In the surveillance video, the thief was seen wearing a bright red shirt with a large American flag on the front.

Police released the photo and asked people for help to identify the woman. When her son saw the photo, he knew right away that it was his mother. The son called police and told them that his mother was at his house in Kent County, Michigan.

FBI Special Agent Adam Van Deuren said that Sanders confessed to the robbery. Sanders allegedly told FBI agents that she was stressed about problems she was having with her husband, which caused her to have a crack-cocaine addiction.
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