California teacher arrested after giving birth to baby fathered by her student

Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with having unlawful relations related charges after she gave birth to a baby, who was allegedly fathered by one of her students, according to police reports in California.

Redlands Police said that the high school teacher in Southern California was arrested on unlawful sex charges two weeks after giving birth to a baby, who apparently was fathered by a student.

Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst, 28, was arrested Monday night for allegedly having sex with a 16-year-old, Redlands Police spokesperson Carl Baker said. She was a personal advisor to the boy.

Officials of Citrus Valley High School in Redlands contacted police on Monday, following a tip they received from the boy's mother.
The sexual relationship began last summer and continued for nearly a year, police said. The child is now 17-years-old.
Whitehurst gave birth to a boy two weeks ago.

In a statement, the Redlands Unified School District Assistant Superintendent Sabine Robertson-Phillips said that they were "somewhat aware of the allegations involving a student from school and the teacher."
The police were notified immediately and Whitehurst was placed on leave, Robertson-Phillips said.

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Outrage after Polish prosecutor calls the swastika ‘a symbol of happiness’

Swastika graffiti illustration 
By: John Roberts

Many people are outraged after a Polish prosecutor closed a case against a vandal who spray painted a swastika because it can be seen as a symbol of happiness.

Parliament Member Robert Tyszkiewicz called the decision made this week by a prosecutor in the eastern city of Bialystok to stop an investigation into a swastika spray painted on a power transformer, despite complaints from the residents, "a joke ".

The prosecutor said the swastika can be interpreted, not as a symbol of Nazism and the Holocaust, but as a Hindu symbol of "happiness and prosperity."

Tyskiewicz referred the case to the Attorney General of Poland, Andrzej Seremet. "I have no evidence that the prosecutor has links to nationalists, but a person looking at the situation from the outside could get that impression," Tyskiewicz said.

After a media storm about the case, the chief prosecutor of Bialystok, an area that has seen several cases of hate crimes, overturned the original decision, saying it was a mistake and procedures will continue.

Kuwait parliament members rule it is permitted to have ties with Israel

Kuwaiti parliament member Nabil Al-Fadl 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Two conservative Kuwaiti parliament members ruled recently that it is permitted to have ties with Israel, according to video uploaded to the internet by MEMRI TV.

The parliament members gave the interviews to the Al-Adala television station in Kuwait.

In the first interview, parliament member Nabil Al-Fadl insisted that Israel is a legitimate trading partner, a position that is widely opposed in the Arab world. He said: "If the security of Kuwait requires the purchase of equipment from Israel, I will do it and I will love the Israelis for it."

In the second interview, parliament member Hammad Al-Dosari was even more supportive of the position, making the for relations with Israel based on Islamic law. He said: "Sharia allows us to deal with the children of Israel."

Following is a transcript translation of the interviews.

MP Nabil Al-Fadhl: If the security of Kuwait requires the purchase of Israeli equipment, I will do so, and I will love the Israelis for it. It is permitted to deal with anyone for the sake of Kuwait’s security.

Interviewer: Even with Israelis?

MP Nabil Al-Fadhl: I will buy it from whoever is selling.

Interviewer: But these are the Zionists.

MP Nabil Al-Fadhl: So what? We’re talking about my country’s security. How exactly did the Muslims benefit us, when our Arab neighbor Iraq invaded our country? I am willing to buy equipment from Israel to protect my country from its Arab and Muslim neighbors.

Hammad Al-Dosari: The sharia permits us to have dealings with the Israelites. We follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad, who died while his shield was mortgaged with a Jew.

Interviewer: Some people have criticized you for saying this.

Hammad Al-Dosari: Because they are ignorant about the sharia. I tell you that the Prophet Muhammad had dealings with the Jews. You criticize me?! Go criticize the Prophet Muhammad. A Muslim does not talk like that. He obeys the instructions of the Prophet Muhammad.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Ancient graves in Israel found to be decorated with flowers

The ancient grave near Haifa 
By: Moses Gold

Graves that date back more than ten thousand years were found to have been decorated with flowers, according to a statement released by the Israeli Archaeologist Society.

Archaeologists in Israel said that they have found evidence of the earliest examples of flowers that were used to decorate graves in a place inhabited by a Natufian population about 12,000 years ago.

The Natufians are considered as one of the first, if not the first, human societies living in permanent villages instead of living a nomadic life, according to University of Haifa, archaeologist Daniel Nadel. Carbon dating revealed that the graves were between 11,700 and 13,700-years-old.

The graves were discovered in the Mount Carmel area near Haifa, with traces of flowering plants, such as mint and sage, imprinted in the ground of the ancient graves.

"From the Neanderthal era until the Natufians era, which spans a period of about 50,000 years, not one example of graves decorated with flowers were found,” Nadel and his team wrote in a study published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

“People may have been using flowers throughout the period, but documenting these flowers is very difficult because of the decay,” Nadel said.

Twenty-nine skeletons, all within an area of ​​160 square meters, were found several years ago, but recently, meticulous research by the team, came to these conclusions. The imprint of the plant stems and flowers indicate that they may have been sage, mint and other herbs.

Like today, the flowers were meant for both those who died and the survivors.

Israeli company wins U.S. patent for its new sexual performance drug

Can-Fite CEO Pnina Fishman 
By: Debbie Gross

An Israeli company announced that it has won a U.S. patent for its new groundbreaking sexual performance drug, according to a press release by Can-Fite BioPharma.

The company said this week that Can-Fite has obtained a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its drug “CF602”, which helps improve sexual performance. Can-Fite said that the patent will expand and strengthen its intellectual property, allowing it to develop the drug and enter a $3 billion market.

Can-Fite CEO Pnina Fishman said: "Obtaining U.S. Patent supports the continued expansion of our supply of big medicines. Can-Fite can now pave the way for the development of next-generation drugs. We believe that after examining the data collected in clinical trials, “CF602” has the potential to enhance sexual performance."

Can-Fite BioPharma is an Israeli biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery of pharmaceuticals and clinical development capabilities. The company has an advanced portfolio of proprietary compounds in Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical development, which addresses inflammatory autoimmune diseases and cancer, according to the company website.

Turkish deputy prime minister blames non-Israeli Jews for his country’s unrest

Turkish deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay 
By: John Roberts

The deputy prime minister of Turkey blamed his country’s unrest on Jews living outside of Israel, according to a statement made by Besir Atalay.

Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay said yesterday that foreign powers and the Jewish diaspora have caused the unrest in Turkey and have worked effectively to promote it, during a speech given in the Central Anatolian province of Kirikkale.

Atalay also said that the international media played an important role in "the conspiracy", which had resulted in unrest. "Those who try to block the path of Great Turkey will not succeed," he vowed.

"There are some people, who are jealous of Turkey's growth. They all come together on one side of the Jewish diaspora. You saw the attitude of the foreign media during the incidents in Gezi Park, they jumped on it and began to broadcast it, without making an assessment of the case," Atalay said.

Since the Turkish protests began, four people, including a police officer, were killed and over 7,000 injured, according to the Turkish Medical Association.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has repeatedly accused the "interest rate lobby" and the world media for promoting the protests.

Vandal who sprayed swastikas on Jewish graves ordered to leave New Zealand

Christian Landmark 
By: Sarah Weiss

A man, who was convicted of spraying swastikas on Jewish graves, was ordered to leave New Zealand, according to court proceedings in New Zealand.

Christian Landmark, 20, was convicted of intentional damage after spray painting swastikas on Jewish graves in Auckland, New Zealand, last year.

His co-defendant Robert Moulden, 19, has already been convicted.

The two men went to the cemetery in October and sprayed anti-Semitic slogans on the tombstones in the Jewish quarter of the Symonds St. Cemetery.

After being found guilty, Landmark was ordered that when he appears in court next month, he must bring with him a $3,000 bank check in order to pay for repairs. He was also ordered to complete 80 hours of volunteer work.
Landmark avoided jail, but was told he must show proof of leaving the country. He is under a strict curfew, and his passport has been confiscated.

Landmark traveled to New Zealand with a two-year visa, which has expired.
He took pictures with his phone of the desecrated graves and then tried to sell them to the media.
Moulden testified against Landmark in the Auckland District Court.

Justice Collins told the court he did not believe that Landmark was sorry for what he did.
The judge also described him as arrogant during the trial.

"I have serious doubts that you have any idea how painful the symbols you sprayed is to New Zealanders.
I don’t understand how you come into this court looking for mercy, when the symbols you sprayed throughout the cemetery symbolizes no mercy,” the judge said.

Israeli court hands back Machpela House in Hebron to Jewish group

The Machpela House 
By: Shifra Unger

A Jewish group is rejoicing after a special court handed the “Machpela House” located in the Palestinian city of Hebron back to them, according to a report by the Tazpit News Agency.

A special military committee ruled yesterday that the Machpela House, situated in Hebron, was legally acquired by its Jewish owners.

The house was purchased by Jews from its Arab owners, a process which took several years, according to Shlomo Levinger, who oversaw the purchasing of the home with a group of residents in Hebron.

The house was inhabited during April 2012, but a few days later former Minister of Defense Ehud Barak ordered the forceful evacuation of the house by the police, claiming the legality of the purchase was questionable. Over a year later, a special committee ruled that the house was lawfully owned by its Jewish purchasers. They further ordered that the court expenses be paid by the State of Israel. The decision still requires the final authorization the Minister of Defense Yaalon.

Yifat Alkobi, a local Hebron resident, told the Tazpit News Agency a year ago, when the house was inhabited: “A home has been purchased for Jewish dwelling--we are moving in and celebrating this momentous occasion.” The home is located opposite the Tomb of Patriarchs (Cave of Machpela), one of Judaism’s most sacred sites.

“To think that we merited to own a home so close to the Cave of Machpela and to follow in the footsteps of our forefather, Abraham, who purchased this burial area nearly 4,000 years ago, is an honor,” exclaimed Alkobi. Yifat and her family, including eight children moved into the newly purchased home along with several other local Jewish families. They now hope to return.

David Pearl, head of the Gush Etzion Regional Council embraced the decision, stating: "Today's decision brings into question many similar decisions made by the security system, in regards to the Machpela House or other places in Judea and Samaria, including Migron and Amona, where the decision was to use force and violence before the Jewish purchaser's claims were properly checked.

I am glad that there are new winds of integrity and truth, of agreement and understanding blowing in the Ministry of Defense, and we believe that this is the proper way to lead the country in general and to relate to issues in Judea and Samara. There is no doubt these winds will further promote the communities of Judea and Samaria."

Man suspecting girlfriend of cheating checks her phone and finds explicit video of her with 4-year-old

Tanai Fortman 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A man, who suspected his girlfriend of cheating on him, decided to check her cell phone.

He was horrified to find that she was “cheating” on him with a 4-year-old.

The man was so disgusted by the disturbing videos on her cell phone and tablet, that he decided to call the police to report his girlfriend.

Officers arrested Tanai Fortman of Springboro, Ohio, and she was charged with child pornography related charges. The man, who asked to remain anonymous, said that he suspected his 32-year-old girlfriend was cheating on him, so he checked her cell phone and her tablet, to see if there was any evidence that she had been unfaithful.

Instead of finding what he expected, evidence of her talking to another man, he discovered five 30-second clips of videos that involve Fortman in sexually explicit situations with a 4-year-old girl.

Fortman allegedly asked her boyfriend to delete the pornographic videos, but he refused and called 911.
"I cannot stop thinking about my own children. I do not wish it on anyone else’s child," the man said.

When she was arrested, Fortman allegedly told police that she does not remember recording the videos due to a "large intake of weight-loss pills that left her unconscious."
Fortman is held on $75,000 bond in the Warren County Jail.
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Neuroscientist claims he is ready to carry out human head transplants

Dr. Canavero  
By: Shifra Unger

A Neuroscientist has found a way to transplant a human head.

People who have been cryogenically freezing their heads, were not out of their minds after all.

Doctor Sergio Canavero of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group has developed a medical procedure that he said will successfully connect a brain to a spinal cord which is the biggest challenge for any operation of this kind.

"It is my contention that the technology only now exists for such linkage," he writes in the Surgical Neurology International journal.
The procedure will not be cheap. Dr. Canavero said he would estimate that the procedure would cost a whopping $15 million for the operation alone.

Dr. Canavero said his procedure is derived from the successful head transplants in animal experiments, which dates back to the 1970s.
The head of a rhesus monkey was transplanted into the body of another in 1970, in an experimental procedure. The head was rapidly cooled to about 12 degrees Celsius and quickly transferred to a new body.

Once the head was reconnected to the circulatory system, the heart was restarted and connected to the nerve system. Dr. Canavero argues that a "clean-cut" by an ultra-sharp cutting device was the key to success, as it would allow severed nerve cells to fuse together.

Last month, scientists at Case Western Reserve University were successful in their experiment with rats, and they can now restore some neural connectivity in the spinal cords of rats.

Man living in South Korea charged after prank calling United States 911 operators

Smartphone app illustration 
By: Sarah Weiss

A man living in South Korea was charged after he terrorized U.S. 911 emergency operators with fake emergency calls.

The 20-year-old South Korean man has been charged for allegedly making prank calls to United States emergency call centers and threatening to carry out a school shooting, police said.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police said the man, who was identified only by his last name Lee, is accused of calling the Communications Center of Warren County, New Jersey, from his home in Jeonju, South Korea, claiming that he was armed with a gun, and that he was hiding in the woods near Hackettstown High School in New Jersey. He told police that he was ready to shoot students.

The prank call has sent the entire city into a frenzy, forcing the closure of eight nearby schools and caused a four-hour search involving SWAT teams, counter-terrorism officials and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Lee also prank called the New York Police Department, and threatened to kill officers and their families after claiming to have killed his own 10-year-old son, police said.

It is believed that the man of South Korea had started calling emergency call centers in the United States after getting a free application on his smartphone while learning English from a U.S. student online.

The South Korean police said they had captured Lee, who is now in military service, after receiving an intelligence report from the Department of Homeland Security that prank calls were traced back to South Korea, which was then traced to Lee.

Call in psychic show fined after not notifying listeners they are fake

Psychics reading sign illustration  
By: Debbi Gross

(Scroll down for video) Some people pay a lot of money for psychic readings in hopes to get answers about the past and their future.

Before you open your wallet to pay for a session with a call-in psychic, beware that they may not be able to “see” the future or “speak to” your deceased loved ones.

In a move that no psychic saw coming, the government ordered a psychic phone service to pay a fine for deceiving the public. A British television channel, which created a psychic phone service, has been fined for not telling viewers that everything is "for entertainment purposes only."

Psychic Today, a 24 hour psychic network, was fined about $19,000 for claiming that their on-air psychic can provide "accurate and precise" readings for callers. They also claimed that one of their psychics had helped police solve a crime.

Another television channel, called The Big Deal, was fined about $15,000 for advertising their psychic services as accurate. The fines were set by Ofcom, an independent regulator for the British communications industry that has strict rules about how psychics can label their skills.

In one case, a psychic told viewers that she was involved in the police investigation into the death of a teenager named Milly Dowler, while another said that she once accurately predicted that her friend would become a friend of Michael Jackson.

Majestic TV, which owns the license for Psychic Today, released a statement saying that the claims made in the two cases were "factually correct", and the reference to Dowler was "unfortunate".
Psychics are prohibited from predicting the future, offering life-changing advice, talk to the dead or even pretend to be accurate.

"The sad reality is that the television channel is making a lot of money by taking advantage of the viewers, who think that these psychics are real, with or without disclaimer," D.J. Grothe, president of the James Randi Educational Foundation, said.
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Woman sentenced to 20 years in prison for having sex with her son’s underage friend

Courtney Reschke 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A woman has received a long prison sentence for having sex with an underage boy, who was friends with her son.

Courtney Reschke, 35, of Idaho, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for performing sexual acts on a 15-year-old boy.

Assistant district attorney Jean Fisher asked the judge for a harsh penalty during the sentencing hearing. "I think we need to look at her with the same parity we would have if the defendant was a male, We cannot minimize the criminal behavior of this defendant because she is a woman,” Fisher said in court.

The judge disagreed, claiming that there is a difference between male and female sex offenders, although she was sentenced to 20 years in prison she will be eligible for parole in 3 years.

As we reported earlier, Reschke, was getting too friendly with her son’s friends. She, is accused of providing alcohol to the minors before having sex with the boys. Reschke, is accused of having sex with four 15-year-old boys she allegedly met through her eldest son.

Police arrested the mother after they learned that she gave alcohol to the young boys before engaging in sex with the boys who were friends of her 10-year-old son. Her actions were allegedly discovered after her 5-year-old child was trying to get into the room while she was having sex, and Reschke ignored the child to continue having sex.

Reschke's two children, a 5-year-old and 10 year-old, were home during at least one encounter, according to Assistant District Attorney, County Deputy Prosecutor Jean Fisher. “The five-year-old was attempting to get into the room to get the defendant's attention during one of these encounters but the defendant ignored her,” Fisher said.

Store now selling $40 sushi rolls for cats

Cat eating sushi 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) Store employees could not believe their eye after the store sold out their super expensive sushi rolls for cats in under an hour, according to a statement released by the store.

The store managers said that cat owners were quick to pounce on the luxury product, despite costing around $40 per roll, to treat their pet to roast duck and lobster sushi rolls, along with beetroot jellies and Beluga caviar.

They prepared enough “Chat Delices” to last for a day in the IceTank in Covent Garden, but supply ran out after 50 minutes.
Simon Rimmer originally created the product.

Rimmer said: "I'm used to create recipes that will please the human palate, but despite being a cat owner myself, developing a fine dinner plate for cats was unknown territory for me. By working closely with animal experts, I have created a dish that is not only good for cats, but also a food experience for them."

He worked with a TV vet to get the proper nutritional value.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Doctors remove pound of meth from woman’s pelvis after she tried to smuggle it into the U.S.

Drugs removed from Claudia Ibarra 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A woman was caught with a pound of drugs inside a condom in her pelvis.

The Arizona woman was arrested on suspicion of smuggling drugs from Mexico to the United States.

The package was too big to pass through her system. Doctors had to surgically remove the package, which contained one pound of methamphetamine, from his pelvis.
Claudia Ibarra, 31, was arrested at the Port of San Luis after U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents patted her down and "realized that there was something there," spokesperson Teresa Small said.

Ibarra, a citizen and resident of Yuma, Arizona, had tried to cross the border in San Luis, alone and on foot, authorities said. According to reports, more than 36,000 pounds of methamphetamine were seized by agents along the Mexico-U.S. border between 2005 and 2011. The number of reported methamphetamine trafficking appears to be increasing every year.

Drug mules, including children, have been discovered with drugs hidden in many unlikely places. Children walk through the border between the U.S. and Mexico with crystal methamphetamine strapped to their back or hidden between the pages of their notebooks.

Motorists disguise liquid methamphetamine in tequila bottles, windshield washer containers and gas tanks. Smugglers also hide drugs inside their bodies as 31-year-old Ibarra was caught doing.
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Pennsylvania homeless shelter under fire after denying bed to blind man

Blind man with dog illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A homeless shelter is under fire after officials denied a bed to a blind man because he also had a service dog, according to a new lawsuit filed by the United States Justice Department.

The government said that a western Pennsylvania shelter wrongly denied a blind man because officials did not want to accommodate his service dog, in a lawsuit alleging housing and disability discrimination.

The federal lawsuit said that the blind man, Kenneth DeFiore, 54, became so depressed he tried to commit suicide, but was rescued by police and taken to a hospital for a psychiatric examination.

DeFiore contacted the City Rescue Mission of New Castle, about a month after being evicted from his apartment. He has been blind since 2006 due to glaucoma and other health problems.
The shelter denied him a bed.

As a result of the refusal, DeFiore became homeless until he found another house a couple of weeks later, but not before attempting suicide, the lawsuit said.

DeFiore now lives in a dilapidated trailer in a rural area, according to his lawyers.

JFK Airport security supervisor fired after sending nude photos of himself to colleagues

BlackBerry illustration 
By: Eva Fett

A John F. Kennedy International Airport security supervisor was fired from his job after sending nude photos of himself to colleagues, according to a statement released by airport officials.

FJC Security, the firm that oversees security at the airport, confirmed that Gerard Robson, the project manager of the company, was fired after a photo of him naked from the waist down was accidentally included in an email that contained pictures of a car crash in the parking lot of the airport.

The email, which Robson sent with the company issued BlackBerry, was sent to about 20 colleagues, including subordinates, two FJC vice presidents and several New York Port Authority supervisors.
Robson also sent an email apologizing for the error.

"This morning, while sending a notification concerning a car accident, I had also taken several photographs of the vehicle," Robson wrote. "By mistake, I accidentally attached a very inappropriate picture without realizing the mistake, and I continued to send the notification along with the attachment picture. Please accept my sincere apologies and I'm sorry for my actions," he also wrote.

FJC spokesperson Mike McKeon confirmed that Robson was fired.
"Who knows, maybe he can now run for mayor," McKeon joked, referring to former United States Representative Anthony Weiner, Democrat, New York, who resigned for sending inappropriate photos in 2011, and is now running for mayor of New York.

California police mistake cancer patient for bank robber

Joe Jaramillo 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A man was left shaken after police mistook him for a bank robber when he entered a bank with a face mask in order to keep germs out of his body just a day after he underwent chemotherapy.

Joe Jaramillo said that this past Friday he was wearing a surgical mask when he entered the Wells Fargo Bank in Montebello, California, after he had undergone chemotherapy treatment the day before and needed to keep germs out of his system.

However, the police mistook him for the "Surgical Mask Bandit”, an unknown person believed to be behind at least two bank robberies in Orange County.

"Next thing I know, I have six Montebello police officers around me, standing there saying, 'Can you get up, can you put your hands on your head?’ ‘What have I done?’ I asked. ‘Can you stand up please, sir?’ They said. I said, 'Really?’ This is so embarrassing. I had all these people in the bank looking at me," Jaramillo said.

Jaramillo said police let him go with an apology after he was interviewed and his car was searched.
He said that he blamed the bank for the incident because he explained his need for a surgical mask to a bank teller before the police arrived.

"I told the bank teller that I need the mask, and that I just had chemotherapy yesterday," he said.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Disabled man in wheelchair riding from Michigan to White House to fight for marijuana

Curtis Kile riding his wheelchair 
By: Debbie Gross

A disabled man took upon himself a long wheelchair ride journey in order to fight for the federal legalization of marijuana.

Despite the fact that he is afflicted with cerebral palsy, 52-year-old Curtis Kile is rolling his wheelchair to bring his fight for marijuana to the White House.

Since June 14, when he left his home in Taylor, Michigan, Kile has driven his motorized wheelchair over bumpy sidewalks and along roadsides with traffic whizzing through mountains, cities and small towns, in a zigzag path from Michigan to Washington.

Kile’s goal is to tell President Barack Obama, face to face, that marijuana should be legalized, nationwide. That would allow sick people to have safer access, cheaper than the drugs currently available, that he feels has been vital to their health.

"The alcohol industry does not want it to be legal, as well as the pharmaceutical and tobacco companies do not want that, because it will bite into their profits. It is money that prevents it, and that is wrong," he said.

Kile plans to arrive at the gates of the White House on July 4.

Government ordered to pay dead man for ripped winning lottery ticket

Crumpled lottery ticket illustration 
By: John Roberts

The government was ordered to pay the estate of a man for a winning lottery ticket it has refused to pay because the man had torn the ticket before realizing that he had won, according to court proceedings in Italy.

The man’s attorney said that the Italian government will pay the jackpot lottery winner, despite the fact the he tore the ticket into two before realizing he won.

The prize, worth 100,000 euros, or about $131,000 will be paid to the estate of the unidentified winner because he died during the protracted legal battle that occurred after he filed his claim for the prize in the lottery more than 10 years ago.

The family lawyer, Edoardo Manco, said the man had listened to a television station announcing the lottery numbers and when he did not hear his numbers being called, tore the ticket in half and threw it in the trash. It was after reading a newspaper the next day he realized his error, so he recovered the pieces of the ticket and tried to claim his prize.

Italian Lottery officials initially denied the payment, due to the condition of the ticket, but a judge ordered the government to pay the estate of man, Manco said.

Teen sister shot dead for recording video of themselves dancing in the rain

Noon Basra and Noor Sheza 
By: Sarah Weiss

Several men were charged with murder related charges after they killed teen sisters for recording a video of themselves dancing in the rain, according to police reports in Pakistan.

Police said that the sisters were shot to death for daring to record themselves dancing in the rain and dishonoring their family. Police said the town’s people claimed that the girls dishonored the men in their conservative town.

Noon Basra and Noor Sheza of Pakistan, were killed after the girls’ video was published, outraging their city.
In the images of the sisters, ages 15 and 16, they are seen dressed in traditional Muslim clothing and are depicted along with two other young children in the town of Chilas, in the northern region of Gilgit.

The video shows the girls dancing and one sister even smiled for the camera.
however, their seemingly innocent video earned them a death sentence after the pictures caused outrage in the conservative city and they were shot dead, in front of their mother, by five armed men.

Police confirmed they arrested the girls’ brother, known only as Khutore, for the murder and are looking for four men in what they believe was an honor killing.

"It seems that the two girls have been murdered after being accused of smearing the name of their family by making a video of themselves dancing in the rain," a Pakistani police officer said.
Another brother of the girls informed the police about the incident.