Man arrested after stabbing homeless vet while celebrating his birthday

Dale Wakefield 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with murder related charges after he stabbed a homeless man numerous times while he was out celebrating his twenty-first birthday, according to police reports in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Police said that the man, who had been out celebrating his birthday, faces charges after they found a homeless veteran stabbed dozens of times near a train station outside of Philadelphia.

Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler said that Dale Wakefield of Doylestown, Pennsylvania was charged with attempted murder and other charges after being arrested Thursday in Baltimore, Maryland.

Investigators said that the victim, 71-year-old George Mohr, an Army veteran, remains in critical condition after being found with more than 70 stab wounds about 2:30 am Wednesday in front of the Doylestown train station.

Investigators said that Wakefield called his sister and told her that he had stabbed someone and wanted to flee to North Dakota, but was in Baltimore. He was arrested several hours later.

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Man with biggest feet gets together with world’s smallest woman for Guinness record

Jyoti Amge and Brahim Takioullah 
By: Sarah Weiss

A man, who was recorded as having the world’s biggest feet, is teaming up with the world’s smallest woman in order to set a new Guinness record.

The two want to set the record for the world’s largest online foot photo album.

Jyoti Amge and Brahim Takioullah are calling for 50,000 participants to get in front of the camera for one of the largest mass photo participation records ever attempted.

Photos must be sent in before the end of the summer and all participants must be barefoot.
This unlikely couple, one with feet measuring 15 inches, and the other, who is just 24.7 inches tall, will take on the difficult task to manage the event. So far, they only managed to get 232 photographs of feet.

At 8-foot-1, the 31-year-old man is the second tallest person in the world. He was born in Morocco before moving to Paris, where he was treated for acromegaly, a weird pituitary disorder.
Takioullah wears a European size 58 shoe. He needs to custom order his shoes.

"My shoes are always custom-made and are very expensive. Once I asked a shoe maker to make me some shoes and he said it would cost $5,270," he told Guinness.

Jyoti, 19, weighs only 11 pounds. She is shorter than the average 2-year-old, but attended a regular school with other children, despite requiring a small desk and chair.

Jyoti has already appeared in two Bollywood films, and aims to reach new heights in theater.
Craig Glenday, editor of Guinness World Records, said that Jyoti and Takioullah are the perfect ambassadors for this foot event.
"The foot collection will be released in an exciting way at a later date," Guinness said.

Man caught hiding in septic tank to spy on women using bathroom

Kenneth Webster Enlow 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A man was caught covered in feces after he was nailed hiding inside a septic tank in order to spy on women using a bathroom, according to police reports in Oklahoma.

Tulsa County Police said that Kenneth Webster Enlow, 52, was charged for hiding in a septic tank and leering at a woman and her 7-year-old daughter, who came inside a park toilet.

The mother, Ambra Reynolds, told police that she and her son were using the women's bathroom in White Water Park in Tulsa County, Oklahoma, when she realized that there was a man under the toilet looking at her, a sheriff's report said.

The bathroom has a concrete floor that separates the bathroom from the waste pit, the sheriff's report said. The suspect was looking up from under the plastic toilet seat and was covered in feces, the sheriff said.

Deputies said that the 6-foot tall, 240 pound man said his girlfriend, Angel, hit him with an iron bar and threw him into the tank.
His story sounded like he was full of you-know-what, the officers said. The man slapped with a Peeping Tom charge and put in jail on $500 bail.

Enlow also had arrest warrants for embezzlement and illegal dumping. He has also been arrested for public intoxication and driving with a suspended license.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Israeli high school students win international robot contest with robot wedding

The winners of the RoboCup 2013 
By: David Ross

A group of Israeli high school students won an international robot competition in Holland, according to a report in

The team of 9th grade students from a high school in Rehovot, Israel, won the international robotics competition “RoboCup 2013” in Holland by setting up a robot display that recreated a Jewish wedding. The team returned to Israel on Wednesday night with their first place trophy.

The competition included participants from over forty countries, including the U.S., Australia, Slovenia and Turkey. The students needed to create robots to represent one of three themes: a soccer match between a two robots teams, dance choreography, or rescue robots that can identify victims at a disaster scene and take victims to a safe place.

"The students and I built the bride and groom robots through sensors, and they know when to enter the wedding hall and start dancing. The robots we build are considered tall, as they are 1.3 meters or 4 feet tall, which also impressed people in the competition," Sarit Zaltsman, the teacher in charge of the division of robotics in the high school, said. Zaltsman stood beside her students throughout the competition.

"Our robots are well built, I know this will help me in the future", student and team member Daniel Golub said.

Children call Jews barbaric monkeys and pigs on Palestinian state television

Girl calls Jews barbaric monkeys and pigs on Palestinian state TV 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Palestinian children sang on Palestinian state television where they called Jews barbaric monkeys and pigs, according to video uploaded to the internet by Palestinian Media Watch.

Palestinian State television aired the insults last week, as video showed two girls reciting an anti-Semitic rant. The girls, who seem no more than 7 or 8-years-old, were seen reading the poem while their father stood behind them. It is unclear who wrote the poem.

The video shows a girl reading the poem, apparently for the Palestinian people and their emotional connection to Jerusalem, denigrates Jews as murderers and compares them to apes and pigs.

The poem was translated by Palestinian Media Watch.
"O you who murdered pious prophets of Allah,
Oh, you who were raised in bloodshed,
You have been condemned to humiliation and hardship.
O children of Zion, O most evil among the creations,
Oh miserable barbarians, monkeys, pigs."

The poem, also states that Jerusalem is not for the Jews, because Jerusalem "vomits" out Jews who are said to be "junk", and as the second girl says "impure".

"Jerusalem she vomits impure within their impurity,
because Jerusalem, is pious, impeccable.
And Jerusalem, is clean and pure," the poem reads.

Israeli politicians have long demanded that the Palestinian Authority stop anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement in official media, arguing such incitement shows that they are not sincere in their desire for peace with the Jewish state.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused the Palestinian Authority of "poisoning the Palestinian population."Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

German college shut down Israeli art exhibit after it offended Muslim student

Exit Wounds art exhibit 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) An art exhibit at a German university was shut down after a Muslim student vandalized the exhibit because of its Israeli artist.

A Muslim student at the University of Duisburg-Essen in western Germany destroyed part of a novel art exhibit by noted Israeli artist Rutu Modan, a Tel Aviv resident.

The student was identified as female.
The exhibit, called "What Comics Can Do! Recent Trends In Graphic Fiction," opened two months ago in the library of the university. About forty thousand students attend the university of Duisburg-Essen.

Late last month, the offended Muslim student use scissors to cut images including the most famous parts of Modan's graphic novel, "Exit Wounds".

One feature associated with Modan’s exhibit was a demonstration of peace set up in Israel. The exhibit also included a poster with the word "Shalom", a Hebrew word that means complete peace.
As a result of the student’s vandalism, school officials quickly closed down the exhibit.

Rector Ulrich Radtke said school officials will meet with the Muslim student and they will explain to her what she did wrong. He said the school may reprimand her in some way, and will maybe file for criminal charges.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Israeli F-16 crew members seen on video being rescued from sea after crash

F-16 crew members being pulled out of the water 

(Scroll down for video) An Israeli F-16 fighter jet crashed into the water, but miraculously, its crew members survived, and they were pulled out from the water by a military helicopter, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The Israeli Military said that an Israeli warplane crashed into the Mediterranean Sea on Sunday after a malfunction, but both crew members were rescued unharmed.

"An F-16 fighter jet crashed today in the sea after the engine did not run well," the spokesperson said. The accident took place off the coast of the Gaza Strip.

"The pilot and navigator on board were rescued from their plane and were evacuated to a hospital," the military spokesperson continued. The spokesperson described their condition as stable. After the incident, the Air Force chief ordered all F-16 and F-15 fighter jets grounded until the crash circumstances are reviewed, the spokesperson also said.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

103 terror attacks against Israelis reported in June

Palestinian throwing rock 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

The number of terror attacks against Israelis fell slightly in the month of June, according to a report by the Tazpit News Agency.

June 2013 saw a decline in the number of terror attacks carried out against Israelis, totaling at 103 attacks, as opposed to 124 attacks in May, this according to a report released by Israel's General Security Service, or GSS.

The primary decline was noted in the number of attacks in Judea and Samaria: 60, as opposed to 83 in May. However, there was a slight increase in the number of attacks originating from the Gaza Strip: 4 rocket attacks, as opposed to 3 in May, and in Jerusalem: 39 as opposed to 38 in May.

In Jerusalem and the Judea and Samaria area most of the attacks executed in June, 88 out of 99, were in the form of firebombs. Other attacks were executed in the form of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), 7 attacks in total, 5 of them in Jerusalem, and 4 small arms shootings.

The GSS has recorded a total of 574 attacks executed by Palestinian terrorists against Israeli targets since the beginning of 2013.

This decrease in attacks may be a result of the IDF stepping up its activities against Palestinian terrorism. Commander of the Gush Etzion Division, Colonel Yaniv Alaluf, announced a week ago his soldiers have made some 300 arrests in the vicinity under his command, bringing down the number of attacks by 80%, from 50 incidents a week to ten a week.

He indicated that the GSS and Special Forces are involved in these preventive operations. "We are making organized preparations for an event of a crisis. The units are well versed in ongoing security activities, and we are hastening our readiness for extreme scenarios. We are not wasting time in planning, and today the forces' readiness is on a very high level", Col. Alaluf concluded.

However the numbers in the GSS report do not include stone-throwing attacks. Tazpit News Agency records dozens of stone attacks against Israelis daily. Palestinian rock-throwing has become a part of routine life for Jewish residents living in Judea and Samaria. Many of the 350,000 residents living in Judea and Samaria have experienced some kind of rock attack on their vehicle. For residents impacted by such rock attacks, the rock is simply as lethal as any other weapon.

Man in love with horse arrested for second time after having sex with the same horse again

Cirilo Castillo  
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A man fell in love with a horse and nothing seems to able to keep him away from the horse, not even jail.

The man was caught on video repeating a sex offense with the same horse he had sex with earlier.

Cirilo Castillo of Hidalgo County, Texas, has been arrested again after he allegedly had sex with the same horse after he was released from jail. Castillo, 43, was arrested on charges of trespassing and animal cruelty after police said he entered the yard of his neighbor and violated a horse named Nadia.

The horse’s owner, set up surveillance cameras when she began to suspect that the man, who seems obsessed with Nadia, might be trying to rape the horse again, a few months after he was released from jail.

In another incident a man was arrested after having a seven month love affair with a horse. A man was arrested after he was caught with his pants down in his neighbor's barn.

A horse owner saw a man, who was later identified as 47-year-old Tony Hall-Rivas, running from her barn. He was in the process of pulling his pants up. The woman became suspicious and she called police.

The woman contacted authorities because there was evidence that the man abused her horse. It took several months for the authorities to catch the man as he always ran away before they arrived.

Surveillance camera was set up in the barn. The video captured images of the man hiding in the barn and sexually assaulting horses. The sickening love affair lasted about seven months before the perp was caught. The horse has long been castrated, according to the owner of the horse.
Police finally arrested the man after he left his DNA in a hat.
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4-year-old scares woman after she steals car with two children inside

Cynthia Brown 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A woman was left shaken up after she stole a car with a 4-year-old and a 13-month-old inside.

Police said a Missouri woman "freaked out" when she realized two children in the back seat of the car that she had just stolen.

Cynthia Brown, 37, of Fair Grove was charged Monday with three auto theft felonies after she stole the car with the children inside. The children's father parked his car and went into a thrift shop, leaving his two young children in the car with the keys in the ignition.

According to court documents, Brown jumped into the driver's seat and fled the area with the 13-month-old girl named Harmony J. Blue and her 4-year-old brother in the car. As she drove away, the 4-year-old boy said "hi," to the woman, scaring her, only then did she realize that there were children in the car.

According to the court documents, the woman panicked after the boy started talking to her. She accidentally sideswiped a vehicle nearby, but she continued driving away. The woman then stopped the car and left the 4-year-old along with the father's cell phone at the side of the road.

The child was found by a passerby about two to three blocks from where he was dropped off. Police said Brown finally abandoned the vehicle with the baby still in the back seat in Springfield. The car was found by a family member about seven hours after the car was taken.
The baby was unharmed, although it is unclear how long he had been inside the vehicle before being found abandoned.

The 4-year-old was subsequently questioned by investigators at the Child Advocacy Center. When asked to describe the woman, the boy said she was an "ugly white lady."
Police received an anonymous tip and Brown was arrested.

Brown was charged with endangering the welfare of a child and tampering. Each charge carries a maximum penalty of seven years imprisonment. She is also charged with leaving the scene of an accident. Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Teen, 16, arrested after raping woman, 55, in the street in broad daylight

Welcome sign illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A teenager was arrested after a woman told police she was raped by him.

The 16-year-old of Beitbridge, Zimbabwe, allegedly raped the woman, 55-years-old, in the street in broad daylight.

The teen, who is from the village of Lutotombi, appeared before Judge James Takundwa on charges of rape. The young man was remanded to prison pending medical examinations by two doctors to determine his mental state.
Police said that around 6:00 pm, the woman was on her way back to the village of Lutomboni, when the teenager, who came from the opposite direction, approached the woman.

The young man walked over to the woman and pretended that he wanted to ask the woman a question, but when the 55-year-old stopped to speak with him, he grabbed her hand and pulled her to the side of the road. The two wrestled with each other as the woman was trying to get away, but the teen finally overpowered her and raped her before fleeing the scene.

The woman proceeded home, where she told her son-in-law about her ordeal. He alerted the police. The woman was taken to the hospital where the rape was confirmed. The woman gave police a clear description of the teenager. Police searched the area and found the suspect and he was arrested.

The Beitbridge District hospital’s medical examination report of the rape was produced in court. The teen was advised not to plead guilty, instead, he will be examined by two doctors at a public hospital, as he reportedly has a history of mental illness.

Good looking bridesmaid raps to Eminem in awesome wedding toast

Jennifer Gabrielli 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A good-looking young woman gave a unique wedding toast which has gone viral.

The maid of honor, who is the younger sister of the bride, showed her creative side with a sweet toast, as she rapped to Eminem's "Without Me".

Jennifer Gabrielli, 24, of Redondo Beach, California, gave the bride, groom and guests, a musical performance that they will always remember. Now, they shared this special moment with all of us.

When her sister Nicole announced that she will tie the knot with her fiance, Blake, Gabrielli wanted to do something special for them. Gabrielli turned the bride and groom's love story in a rap for the wedding in San Diego, California.

Gabrielli changed the lyrics of Eminem "Without Me" to deliver a wedding toast speech tailor-made ​​for the wedding of her sister.
The bridesmaid had someone help her put on a black sweatshirt over her stunning blue dress, then, she put the hoodie on her head. Surprisingly, she did not look worried that her hair might get messed up, while doing her rhymes.

Everyone at the wedding loved her performance.
Gabrielli works as an administrative assistant at a university in California, but she has been performing and writing songs for a long time.
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Kids refused to eat at children’s hot dog eating contest

Kids getting ready for the hot dog eating contest E 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) At the famous Coney Island hot dog eating contest in New York, some adults attempted to break a new record, this time with kids.

In this cute video, made by comedian Kevin Maher, young children are given a chance to compete in a hot dog eating contest in Coney Island, but things didn't turn out very well.
Kids have a mind of their own and sometimes its hard to make them do things they don’t want to do.

While it was their parents, who put them up for the challenge, most of the kids did not want to participate in the kids hot dog eating contest, instead, they played with the food and fought with each other. In the end, one father managed to coax his son to finish his hot dog and he was the winner.

The children might not have won big with eating the hot dog, but they surely won the hearts of adults watching their cute act.
At the main hot dog eating event for adults, a man showed how he can eat like a machine after downing sixty-nine hot dogs within ten minutes, according to video uploaded to the internet.

Officials in New York confirmed that Joey Chestnut has demolished sixty-nine franks, breaking his own record at the Coney Island annual hot dog eating contest.
The man from San Jose, California, also known as Jaws downed the dogs and buns to win the male contest. He took home $10,000 and the championship belt.

Chestnut, 29, is a seven-time winner who set the record of eating sixty-eight hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes, in 2009. He tied the record last year.
Now in its 98th year, Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest, usually draws a crowd of thousands of people. The come to admire the contestants, who cram down hot dogs as fast as they can.
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Lululemon slapped with lawsuit after recalling see through pants

Women wearing Lululemon pants 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A popular athletic clothing maker was hit with a lawsuit after lying about pants that were subject of a recall, according to a new lawsuit filed in court.

Lululemon Athletica Inc. has been hit with a lawsuit in the U.S. The lawsuit accused the company of defrauding shareholders by concealing defects in its yoga pants whose verticality led to a costly recall, and for concealing negotiations that led to the sudden departure of its chief executive officer.

The lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Manhattan was filed by a shareholder on Tuesday, three weeks after Lululemon CEO Christine Day announced her surprise departure after more than five years with the company.

Day resigned three months after the sportswear retailer told women that its popular pants was see through.
The company said that the recall of the pants may reduce profits this year by up to $40 million.
Lululemon has long been known for clothing that could withstand many years of use and washings.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Man kills his wife then himself after argument over curtains

Curtains illustration 
By: Sarah Weiss

A husband and wife are both dead after they got into an argument over curtains.

The couple had a rocky relationship, which sadly ended in tragedy after the woman wanted to remove curtains from the home after she moved out.

After years of a stormy marriage, Mike Huam, 42, and Refiloe Makgoro, 35, of Norkem Park, South Africa, decided to split up and leave the marriage. On Tuesday, his anger erupted into deadly violence when Huam first shot his wife to death and then shot himself.

Norkem Park police spokesperson Officer Mahlodi Langa said that the couple lived in a house in Tembisa, Ekurhuleni, in South Africa. They had marital problems. They were fighting all the time so they decided to separate.

The husband, Huam, moved out of the house and he moved to another neighborhood in Birchleigh, Kempton Park.
After being apart for some time, the couple reconciled and decided to live together again. She moved into her husband’s house in Birchleigh. Eventually, they started fighting again.

On Tuesday, The wife, Makgoro, hired a driver to move all her furniture and other items out of the house. She was going to leave him for good. Later that day, she decided to go back to the house to take the curtains.

“A fight broke out between the couple over the curtains. Makgoro got into the car to leave, that’s when Huam pulled out a gun and shot his wife and then he turned the gun on himself,” Langa said.

California man arrested after dead woman found inside storage unit

Thomas Bennett 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A man was detained for questioning after a dead woman was found inside a storage locker, according to police reports in California.

Sacramento County Sheriff Detectives are still searching for answers this afternoon after they found the body of a woman in a storage unit in Antelope.

Detectives are not sure how she died, or what is the relationship between the victim and the man who pointed the authorities to the body, Sergeant Jason Ramos said. However, investigators suspect that the woman was the victim of a crime, and that the man, identified as 38-year-old Thomas Bennett, is involved. Her death is being investigated as a homicide.

Deputies arrested Bennett on suspicion of murder in connection with the case. He is being held in the Sacramento County Main Jail.

The woman has been identified only as in her 20s. The office of the Sacramento County Coroner is still trying to positively identify her.

The strange situation began to develop when a man, later identified as Bennett, approached two police officers dining at Natomas Sacramento around 9:30 pm. The man told police that a woman could be found within a storage facility in the 3600 block of Blackfoot Road in Antelope, Ramos said. However, the man did not say whether the woman was alive or dead, so officers rushed to the scene.

Bennett was arrested as officers investigated further, Ramos said.
Sacramento police met in the storage facility and opened the unit, which officers had been directed to, Ramos said. Inside, they found the woman's body, which showed no obvious signs of trauma, Ramos said. Detectives are waiting for the coroner's office to determine when and how she died.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

California rollercoaster shut down after riders were screaming too loudly

The tunnel built around the Gold Striker rollercoaster 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A popular California rollercoaster was shut down after riders enjoyed it too much and expressed their joy by screaming too loudly, city officials said.

However, a construction team quickly corrected the problem, and now, the loud screaming will resume.
Great America officials announced Wednesday afternoon that the popular Gold Striker rollercoaster returned to action after a sound-deadening tunnel was completed to keep riders in line with noise restrictions.

Gold Striker, the highest and fastest wooden roller coaster in Northern California, was shut on Monday while crews worked to encapsulate a portion of the track in a tunnel after shouting riders were pushing beyond the limits of decibels agreed in a settlement with Prudential Real Estate, the owner of the neighboring properties.

Coaster enthusiasts were concerned that the modernization can take a considerable amount of time, while they consider the Gold Striker one of the best rides in Northern California, and one for which they had waited for years before it opened last month.
They were relieved to hear that the ride resumed just in time for the Fourth of July, and Roger Ross, a park spokesperson, said the enthusiasm grew Wednesday afternoon after the construction was completed.

"People cheered, and a line began to form," he said. "When we allowed them to stay in the queue, they knew it was true that it finally reopened," he said.

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Chinese school officials prohibit girls from wearing bras during tests

Chinese student being thoroughly checked 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) In order to clamp down on cheating Chinese school officials have decided to ban girls from wearing bras during testing.

Official said that education chiefs in northeastern China, have devised a new tactic to curb cheating during the annual college entrance exams, no more bras.

Before this week’s gaokao, which is the name of test week in China, schools in the Jilin province have banned any metal objects or clothing that set off metal detectors installed outside examination rooms.

The move is reportedly an attempt to prevent increasingly brazen and sophisticated cheaters from sneaking listening devices or transmitters into the exam room.

"This year, Jilin will take the entrance exam under the strictest security control in history," the local government said.
A letter was sent to parents that described the new policy. "Students and staff entering the exam site will have their clothes, accessories, shoes, hats and any carry-ins strictly controlled by professionals and will only be allowed to enter if no alarms go off. Therefore, anything containing metal that can trigger security machines should not be worn," the letter stated.

Bras were banned while students with metal fillings or implants would have to produce a doctor's note.
About 9,120,000 students take the gaokao exams each year. Last year, over 60,000 electronic devices were seized, including plastic headphones, wireless signal receivers, modified pens, watches, sunglasses and leather belts.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

I-95 shut down after New York man bit off friend’s ear and spit it out on the road

I-95 illustration 
By: Shifra Unger

A man was arrested and charged with malicious wounding related charges after he bit off his friend’s ear during an argument on the I-95, according to police reports in Virginia.

Virginia Police said that a New York man is accused of biting the ear of his friend and spitting it out on Interstate 95 during an argument.

Spotsylvania County dispatchers received calls at 8:02 am Thursday from drivers on I-95 indicating that a man was running in and out of traffic near mile marker 121 and had blood running down his shoulder.

Captain Jeff Pearce of the Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office said officers found the victim on the right shoulder of the southbound lanes of the interstate near mile marker 123, north of Thornburg.

Pearce said the victim told police he had an argument with a friend in the car and during the verbal altercation, the friend "bit his ear and spit it on the road."

Pearce said all of the victim's ear was gone.
With the description of the vehicle, deputies found the car a few miles away and initiated a traffic stop, Pearce said.

Floyd Warren, 31, of Bronx, New York was charged with malicious wounding and transported to Rappahannock Regional Jail after being treated by medical personnel.

The victim described the place where his ear might be found.
Deputies blocked the southbound lane of I-95 and found the ear on the shoulder, Pearce said.
Pearce said the ear and the victim were taken to Mary Washington Hospital, where medical personnel reattached his ear.

Police called after Michigan man farts near his girlfriend

Woman holding her nose illustration 
By: David Ross

Police were called to an alleged domestic dispute, but it turned out to be nothing more than a farting problem.

Michigan Police were left shaking their heads after the suspected domestic violence call turned out to be something completely different.

Clawson Police Chief Harry Anderson said that a woman called police when she heard what sounded like a violent altercation between neighbors in an apartment complex on Maple Road.

"One of the neighbors had heard someone scream. She heard a woman screaming, who was possibly being beaten. She heard the woman screaming: 'Stop! No!'" Anderson said.

The caller also said that amid the screams, she heard repeated loud noises.
Police arrived within minutes. When they knocked at the door of the apartment, a woman told officers she was indeed screaming, "Stop!" But not because her boyfriend hit her.

"The woman who was inside said her boyfriend had been passing gas, and she screamed for him to stop," Anderson said.
Police officials said that is when police quickly left the scene.
"Too often we respond to things that have a fun twist to them, and this was definitely one for the books," Anderson said.

Brazilian soccer referee stoned to death, beheaded by angry mob after stabbing unruly player

Octavio da Silva 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A soccer referee was beheaded by an angry group of soccer fans after he allegedly stabbed a player because he refused to leave the area, according to police reports in Brazil.

Brazil Police said that a man has been arrested after the incident on Saturday.

Referee Octavio da Silva, 20, stabbed Josenir dos Santos, 30, after dos Santos refused to heed the order to leave, police spokesperson Kena Souza said.

That is when a crowd turned on da Silva, stoning him to death and killing him before beheading him in the remote town of Pius XII, a town named after the former Pope. A 27-year-old was arrested and the regional police headquarters in Santa Ines continues to investigate the incident.

Brazil has made significant progress in reducing homicide rates in recent years, as millions were lifted from poverty, but faces increasing pressure to demonstrate that it is a safe place for tourists before 12 Brazilian cities will host the World Cup in 2014 and the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in 2016.