Man burns down his house after trying to kill the devil

Firefighters fighting a fire illustration 
By: Debbie Gross

A man caused four houses to burn to the ground after he was trying to kill the devil, according to police reports in Malaysia.

Malaysia Police said that a fire believed to have been started by a man trying to "kill the devil" has destroyed four houses in Kampung Bagan Dalam, Jalan Assumption.

The 54-year-old had allegedly set fire to his two-story wood house around 7:30 am.

A neighbor, Wani Azman, 16, said he saw the man screaming that he "had killed the devil" after setting the wooden structure on fire.

"The fire quickly spread to other houses. I screamed for help and ran away from my home with my family. Then, we saw the man walking casually away from the scene as if nothing had happened. Luckily, my family's house was saved," he said.

Another neighbor, Abdul Razak Ali, 46, said his family of six was cleaning the house after he saw the flames.
"The fire engulfed my house and razed it in minutes. My nephew arranged a safe place where my family can stay," the victim in a wheelchair said.

Butterworth fire station chief Mohd Khalil Abdul Rahim said 30 firefighters managed to bring the fire under control within 30 minutes, and added that he received a distress call at 7:35 am.

No human injuries were reported. Police are looking for the man to assist with the investigations into the case, which has been classified as arson.

Arizona woman arrested after smuggling cocaine taped to her behind

Dora Ana Gutierrez with the drugs taped to her behind 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with drug smuggling related charges after authorities found cocaine strapped to her behind, according to police reports in Arizona.

Arizona Police said that the Phoenix woman was arrested Tuesday for allegedly trying to smuggle three pounds of cocaine into Arizona.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said that Dora Ana Gutierrez, 39, was carrying about $24,000 worth of drugs.

This was not the first time that police looked for drugs in weird places. As we reported earlier, a woman was left humiliated after a police officer asked her to shake her bra in public.

Police officer Dustin Fetz of Lakeland, Florida, is under fire after he ordered a woman to shake her bra during an unwarranted search for drugs during a traffic stop.

The officer pulled over Zoe Brugger and her boyfriend, when he spotted Brugger driving with a broken headlight. The officer ordered her out of the car. The officer then asked her if she had drugs on her. When she said she did not, he ordered her to empty her pockets.

Fetz then ordered her to lift her shirt, pull her bra away from her body and shake it, so he could see if she was hiding any drugs. When no drugs fell out, he then ordered her to do it again. Brugger said that the officer threatened to take her to jail. "He told me that he was taking me to Bartow Jail where they had an x-ray machine, where they were definitely going to find what I had hidden inside there," she said.

The officer asked for permission to search the car. At first, Brugger agreed, but then changed her mind and said "no". Fetz searched the vehicle anyway. No drugs were found on her, the boyfriend or in the car. The State Attorney's Office launched an investigation into the incident. Fetz was put on paid administrative leave during the investigation, but returned to work after four days.

Investigator Mike Brown presented a report stating that Fetz’s actions "went beyond the police actions that are permissible under the law" and "violated the constitutional rights afforded to Zoe Brugger.” State Attorney Jerry Hill sent a letter to the Lakeland Police Department, calling officer Fetz's conduct "egregious" and "degrading".

The letter added that he did not believe Fetz’s demands were sexually motivated, but he was "on a power trip." Hill said there is evidence that other officers were using the bra-shaking method in the past.

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Palestinians assault 2 Israeli soldiers with batons in northern Israel

Israeli soldiers helping a Palestinian woman illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

Two Israeli soldiers were seriously injured after they were beaten with batons in northern Israel, according to a statement released by the Israeli military.

Israeli Military officials said that the two soldiers suffered head injuries and were taken to Rambam Medical Center in Haifa.

The circumstances surrounding the incident are still unclear, but police said they are searching for the Palestinian suspects.
Police also said that the incident occurred at the Elyakin junction near the city of Yokneam.

Palestinians are not the only ones assaulting Israeli soldiers recently. As we reported earlier, Israel Police again had to rescue a Haredi soldier, who came under attack from a group of radicalized ultra-Orthodox Jews in the Shmuel HaNavi neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Just several days after the country was outraged when a Haredi soldier was attacked in the Meah Shearim neighborhood, it happened again.

Israel Police said today that a Haredi soldier was attacked while walking on Shmuel HaNavi street. The Shmuel HaNavi neighborhood in Jerusalem is heavily populated by ultra-Orthodox Jews.

While the soldier was walking and minding his own business, a vehicle in which several radicalized ultra-Orthodox Jews were travelling, drove by. The men began yelling obscenities and several items were thrown at the soldier. The soldier was not injured, and he ran into a nearby building to seek shelter. Once he was safe he called police.

Police quickly arrived at the scene and rescued him. He was taken to the police station to file a complaint.

Chief rabbi of Russia walks 19 miles after landing in airport minutes before Shabbat

Berel Lazar and Vladimir Putin 
By: Debbie Gross

The chief rabbi of Russia had no choice but to walk 19 miles from Moscow airport after his plane unexpectedly landed just minutes before the beginning of Shabbat.

The rabbi, Berel Lazar, walked from the airport to his home, after landing about 10 minutes before Shabbat.

Friday, the rabbi attended an event in the city of Belgrade, which commemorated 70 years since the Russians had declared victory over Nazi Germany. At the event, were senior leaders of Russia, including Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Lazar was invited to the event by the Office of the President, but voiced his fear that he might not be able to get home for Shabbat.

The Kremlin promised the rabbi that the plane will return to Moscow two hours before sunset.
However, due to delays at the airport the plane landed just 10 minutes before Shabbat.
The rabbi informed his wife that he landed at the airport and that he would walk home.

The rabbi notified security about his situation.
Several government officials, who learned about the rabbi’s problem, offered him a ride home in their vehicle, but the rabbi explained that due to Shabbat he cannot accept their offer.

After walking 19 miles, the rabbi finally arrived home at 6:00 am.
The rabbi ate his Saturday night meal and off he went to attend morning prayers at his synagogue.

Residents of Judea and Samaria salute the Israel Defense Forces

Residents saluting the IDF 
By: David Ross

A large number of resident in the West Bank saluted the Israel Defense Forces today, according to a report by the Tazpit News Agency.

Over the past year, life in Judea and Samaria has become a precarious affair due to the increase of terrorism on the roads. The smallest and mundane tasks, running the minutest errands, have become a dangerous incursion into terror ridden territory.

Recently, as a result of the IDF stepping up its efforts to combat this phenomena, there has been a decrease in the attacks against the civilians living in Judea and Samaria, and a more stable sense of security has been restored.

The IDF has engaged in hundreds of arrests, raids, stakeouts, have added patrols and more forces, and the outcome of their actions is tangible. They have not been successful in completely eradicating the assaults, but a better sense of security and safety has been restored to the region.

The residents of Judea and Samaria wished to express their gratitude to the security forces for their augmented efforts, and did so by holding a special rally on Friday (July 12), marching from Talmon to the nearby IDF base. Hundreds of residents, entire families marched, bearing backed goods, flowers, drawings prepared by children and other such gifts for the soldiers stationed there. When they got to the base they hung balloons of the parameter fence.

Ravid Sharon, one of the organizers, told Tazpit News Agency: "IDF has been operating overtly and covertly, and has achieved real results. We can all sense the improved state of security. We are all thankful for the peace and quiet which has returned to the region, and we felt an obligation and a prerogative to thank those who have worked to restore the peace."

Emily Amrusi, a resident of Talmon who participated in the rally, further added: "When we sleep peacefully at night there is someone awake. Gratitude is a value which is important for ourselves and our children. When the security situation deteriorated we knew to protest. Now that things have improved we are obligated to express our gratitude."

A personal thank-you letter was also presented to the Benyamin Division Commander, Colonel Yossi Pinto.

Cave of Patriarchs and Avraham spring vandalized by Muslims in Hebron

Swastika at Avraham spring 
By: Moses Gold

Jews are angry after muslims vandalized the tomb of the Patriarchs and the Avraham spring in the Palestinian controlled city of Hebron in the West Bank, according to a report by the Tazpit News Agency.

The Jewish residents of Hebron experienced to Anti-Semitic acts of vandalism over the weekend.

Hikers who visited the Avraham spring on Friday (July 12) were dismayed to discover that the site had been covered with swastikas. Harel Zehira, a youth group leader who discovered the horrifying sight, told Tazpit News Agency: "We were shocked by the spectacle. We immediately notified the security forces and worked to erase the vandalism."

Noam Arnon, spokesman for the Jewish community in Hebron, told Tazpit News Agency: "There is no doubt that the collaboration between world Anti-Semitism and radical Islam is a dangerous phenomenon which should be eradicated. I believe these actions do not represent most of the residents of Hebron and are the actions of a radical and dangerous minority which should be dealt with in kind."

In another incident, while the Tomb of the Patriarchs was closed for Jews on Friday and opened solely for Muslims for the Ramadan festivities, several Mezuzot were torn from the door posts and desecrated by the Muslim prayer-goers.

Member of Knesset Orit Struk, a resident of Hebron, told Tazpit News Agency: "The Arabs took the opportunity they had on Friday to desecrate the Mezuzot. We cannot be silent about this incident.

For 700 years of Muslim occupation the Tomb of the Patriarchs was completely closed to Jews. Today, when the State of Israel is considerate of Muslims' holidays and enables them full use of the site – they exploit it to harm Jewish symbols. I expect the Muslim leaders in Hebron and Israel to apologize to the Jewish People and condemn this heinous episode."

Following the incident, Deputy Minister of Religious Services, Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan, visited the Tomb of the Patriarchs this morning (July 14).

He stated that: "As a Jew, I am deeply pained and distressed to witness this sacrilege in the Tomb of the Patriarchs. I cannot understand how Palestinians, who have come to pray, could commit such an ugly act. The Arab leaders should condemn these actions. I further call on the heads of state, including the President and Prime Minister to forcefully condemn this incident. We are talking about the place where our Patriarchs and Matriarchs are buried, and as a Jew, I cannot be silent. During a meeting with the police this morning I requested that they track the offenders and apprehend them. On such a devastating 'Price Tag' action one cannot be silent."

Man shot dead by wife 15 minutes after being freed from jail

Robert Vann Marshall 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) It was a bad day for one husband and father, who was killed by his wife after he came home from jail.

The Tennessee man was shot and killed by his wife on Saturday only 15 minutes after getting out of jail.

The husband, Robert Marshall, 34, was arrested earlier that day after threatening to kill his family. Shortly before 8:00 am on Saturday, Athens police officers received a report that Marshall was suicidal, armed and threatening to kill his wife and children.

Officers arrested him after they found him at the Athens Super 8 Motel. The officers found a gun and several narcotic pills in his possession. Authorities found that there is an active protective order against him and he was arrested for firearms and narcotics charges.

During his detention, the authorities explained to Marshall that there was a protective order against him and he cannot be around his family. He was ordered not to communicate with his wife, he was also warned that he cannot go to their place of residence, otherwise he would be charged for violating the order.

Authorities said about 1:27 Marshall made bail and was released. Then, at about 1:38, his wife Melissa Marshall called police from the residence. She said her husband was trying to enter the home. While she was on the phone with a police dispatcher, Melissa Marshall said that her husband made his way inside the house. That’s when she grabbed a gun and shot him to death.

When officer arrived to the home they found Robert Marshall lying in a back bedroom with a fatal gunshot wound to the chest.

Sheriff Joe Guy said detectives processed the scene, but no charges were filed against Melissa Marshall, as it seemed to be a case of self-defense. He also said he will work with the office of the District Attorney General to decide whether or not to present the case to a grand jury.

"It is a case of domestic violence, which unfortunately resulted in a loss of life," Sheriff Guy said. The Attorney General's office requested an autopsy and officials said the investigation is ongoing.
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United Kingdom teacher refuses water to kids claiming its 'unfair' to fasting Muslim classmates

Drinking water from bottle illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A mother demanded answers after a teacher refused to allow students to drink water in order not to offend fasting Muslim classmates.

An angry mother accused a primary school of denying water to children on the hottest days of the year for fear of upsetting Muslim students, who observe Ramadan.

Kora Blagden, 32, of United Kingdom, said that her son Lucas’ teacher did not allow 10-year-old students to drink water from their water bottle, as it was "unfair" to fellow muslim students.

Some students of the Charles Dickens Primary School, Portsmouth, Hampshire, are following the religious edict of fasting during Ramadan, which forbids them from eating or drinking between sunrise and sunset for about 30 days, depending on the moon.

Blagden said: "Just before bedtime, my children Luke, ten, Alfie, eight, and myself, were talking about Ramadan, as we have seen in the news. Luke told me that his teacher did not allow him to drink water in class. The reason the teacher gave is that it would be unfair to drink in front of the students who are fasting.

Normally the school has bottles of water on the table, they are kept in a tray by the teacher. Lucas was dehydrated when he arrived home. He immediately drank three glasses of water.” Kora went to the school where she spoke to the principal, Lisa Florence, and was given a verbal apology for the incident.

The school said that there is no ban on children of other religions from having food or drink during Ramadan.
Teacher Craig Duncan said: "We make every effort to ensure the welfare of all children and we would never prevent them from having access to water. In this case, water was available and students were just encouraged to be respectful of their colleagues, who could not drink in this hot weather."

Muslim children are not required to fast during Ramadan until they reach the age of maturity (puberty). However, in many families, younger children like to participate and are encouraged to practice fasting. It is common for children to fast for a day as it makes them feel like the grown-ups.

New sophisticated urinals allow men to relieve themselves and wash their hands all at once

Urinal sink combination 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) New and convenient urinals will save men some time and money.

The urinals are designed to save time by having the sink right above the urinals.

Another big benefit will be saving water as the water used for washing the hands will also be used for flushing the toilet. A male designer named Kaspars Jursons of Latvia in Europe, is trying to help solve water shortages by redesigning the men's restrooms in Europe.

"It's not just a fancy piece of art," Jursons said. The idea is about function and water consumption. You are washing your hands in the sink on top of the urinal, and at the same, the water is also used for flushing.

All users have to do is put their hands under the spout as soon as they have finished relieving themselves. The simple but clever concept, allows you to avoid the trek to the sink, which in many places are over to the other side of the restroom.

The design called Stand, is already being use in several European countries. The urinal stand, sells for about $590 per unit.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

‘McDiving’ which involves jumping over Mcdonald’s counter becomes the new craze

McDiving man is being hauled out from
behind the counter by staff  
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Be careful, as the latest craze may cause you to get arrested, cost you a lot of money or have you banned from McDonald's for life.

We have seen some bizarre crazes in the past, but now, students are taking it to a whole new level by involving Mcdonald’s and its employees.

The new craze is called McDiving. The aim of McDiving is simple: go to your nearest McDonald’s, preferably when you are drunk, have someone record the act, then, jump over the counter, hopefully landing on the other side of the counter to the amusement of your friends, and to the annoyance of McDonald’s employees.

Just be careful, because if you jump over and break anything you might be arrested and/or be held liable for the damage.

After the "condoms through the nose craze” and the "Eye ball licking craze" which swept the nation, the latest craze, which was started by students in Britain with too much time on their hands, involves bothering workers at McDonald’s.

McDonald’s released a statement saying: “This poses a serious health and safety risk to both participants and or restaurant staff.”
Previously, Officials have warned teens to stop engaging in the craze of eyeball licking, according to a statement released by health officials in Japan.

The strange craze originated in Japan, where teenagers have started licking their partner's eyes as a sign of affection. Health professionals have been quick to criticize the new trend after Japanese schools reported an increase in the number of children suffering from infections of the eyelids and conjunctivitis.

Dr. Robert Cykiert, of New York University Langone Medical Center said: "When you are licked in the eye, you are receiving dangerous bacteria. It's a very dangerous trend to say the least.”

He added: "People can be scarring the cornea and the damage may be permanent depending on the germs. Bacteria can cause a perforation or hole." In another craze, the condom challenge has become an Internet viral sensations, according to videos uploaded to the internet. To succeed, participants needed to sniff condoms up their noses before pulling it out from their mouths.

However, the comments about this all around the internet has thankfully been strongly negative, with many calling the challenge "useless" and "stupid".
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Milkman ordered to stop singing to himself during early morning deliveries

Milk truck illustration 
By: Eva Fett

A man, who kept himself busy by singing to himself while making milk deliveries, was ordered to stop the practice.

Kevin Gifford was told by his bosses that he had to stop singing and humming songs after five residents complained.

The 52-year-old from Leicester, United kingdom, said he was issued a formal warning from Kirby & West Dairy. He called the warning "crazy".

He also said that four of the complaints were not even from customers, and added that he had been accused of disturbing public order "or something ridiculous like that."

"Are you going to complain about the birds that sing too? They make more noise than I do," Gifford said.
The milkman said he sings along to the songs while listening to music through headphones, and only whistles when he does not know the words.

"Many of my clients love it. A woman came out of her home at 4:30 am to say that she thought it was great, but I guess another tradition is getting a kick,” Gifford said.

The warning letter said that he must remain silent until 8:00 am, which is the end of his shift.
"I'm always in a good mood in the morning," he added. "I go out in the snow, wind and rain, what's the point of being miserable on the job?” Gifford also said.

The manager confirmed that Gifford was issued a warning after ignoring requests to be quiet.

New York City apartment building collapses after woman sets off bug bombs

The scene of the incident 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A New York City apartment building collapsed after a woman set off numerous bug bombs in order to get rid of her bed bugs, according to New York City firefighters.

The fire department of New York said that a woman trying to set off nearly two dozen bug bombs inside her small apartment in New York, caused the collapse of the five-story building, injuring fourteen people in the process.

The Fire Department said the woman told them that she left 20 bug bombs, also known as foggers, without incident Wednesday at her Chinatown neighborhood apartment.

However, as he prepared to repeat that on Thursday, the fumes exploded, probably by the pilot flame of her oven or any other kitchen appliance, Jim Long, a fire department spokesperson said.

The violent explosion caused the collapse of some ceilings and walls of the first floor, which houses several businesses as well as other apartments, he said.

The woman suffering from insect infestation was one of fourteen people, who suffered injuries such as burns, smoke inhalation and respiratory distress.

Firefighters ruled the explosion an accident.
Firefighters recovered twenty-one discharged bug bombs at the scene, Long said. With most brands, one bug bomb per room is enough. It is unclear why the woman had set off so many bug bombs, he added.

"That's a lot of insecticide," Long said.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

New Jersey Transit bus driver caught on video masturbating in front of passengers

George L. Simpson masturbating 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) Passengers on a New Jersey Transit bus were watching in horror as their bus driver masturbated while driving through the Lincoln Tunnel, according to cell phone video taken by a passenger on the bus.

Police said that a librarian from Manhattan took the video of the bus driver, George L. Simpson, 41, of Newark, New Jersey, masturbating while driving a NJ Transit bus full of passengers through the Lincoln Tunnel.

The video, which was uploaded on YouTube shows the driver through heavy traffic while masturbating at the wheel. He began to masturbate while pulling in at the toll plaza.

The librarian, a passenger, recorded the incident on her cell phone camera.
The NJ Transit agency has suspended the bus driver. He has been arrested and charged in the Weehawken Township Municipal Court with causing or risking injury.

He also faces charges of lewdness and reckless driving.
His bail was set at $2,500. NJ Transit spokesperson, John Durso Jr., apologized to passengers.

"The bus operator in question was immediately removed from his position without pay, as a result of this disruptive and grossly irresponsible behavior. The incident was brought to the attention of NJ Transit Police, who immediately launched a criminal investigation as a result. The operator has been charged with three different crimes, including one for risking widespread injury," the spokesperson said.

"We offer our sincere apologies to anyone who may have witnessed this disturbing episode," the spokesperson also said.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Boy, 6, rescued after being buried under 11 feet of sand for 3 hours

Rescue workers on the scene 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A little boy was pulled alive from under eleven feet of sand after being buried for more than three hours, according to fire officials in Indiana.

Indiana Fire officials said that an air pocket saved the life of the six-year-old boy, who was trapped for more than three hours in a park in Indiana.

Michigan City, Indiana, Fire Chief Ronnie Martin said Saturday that firefighters felt the air pocket while looking for the child on Friday in Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Park along Lake Michigan.

He said that firefighters felt something soft, and then saw the child's head.
National Park Service spokesperson Bruce Rowe said that the boy's family did not immediately see him falling into the hole.

When they later saw him, the boy was partially submerged in the sand. The boy fell deeper into the sand as they tried to dig him out. The area of the incident was restricted due to construction.

The child was able to respond to commands when he arrived to the hospital. Comer Children's Hospital spokesperson Lorna Wong, said in a statement Saturday that the child is in critical condition, but is responding well to treatment.

Twenty five rescue workers were on the scene.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

22 California children get sick after drinking hot sauce mixed with milk at school

Kids in school cafeteria illustration 
By: Sarah Weiss

At least twenty-two children were sickened after they drank hot sauce mixed with milk in a game of dare in school, according to hospital officials in California.

School officials said that the twenty-two children, who became ill Thursday after eating lunch in a San Diego school cafeteria, became sick on purpose, as part of a game.

According to the San Diego Unified School District spokesperson Jack Brandais, a group of students from Audubon Elementary School in Lomita, were playing a game of "dare" in the cafeteria, urging others to put different ingredients into milk to see who could keep the milk down without vomiting.

Brandais said that the ingredients included hot sauce, salt, pepper, carrots and other vegetables served at lunch.
The results were not pretty, and the game, led by a group of fourth graders, ended quickly.

Twenty-two children became ill after consuming the drink, most of them with nausea, vomiting and abdominal pains.
After a number of students complained to the school’s nurse of stomach problems, paramedics were called to the school, and officials said nearly two dozen sick children were taken to a local hospital.

The San Diego Unified School District confirmed that twenty-two children were of kindergarten through the seventh grade classes. The district said the students were assessed in the hospital and then released to their parents or guardians.

After the incident, San Diego Fire Battalion Chief Robert Garcia said the children possibly drank a drink that had gone wrong, perhaps juice or milk, and may have suffered food poisoning.

The San Diego County health officials began investigating, and said they would work with food services department of the school district to determine the cause of the incident.

After learning that the disease of the children in the cafeteria was self-imposed, Brandais said that director Jean Freeman of the Audubon Elementary School will decide how to proceed, and whether disciplinary action will be taken against the students involved in the incident.

Man in bed killed after cow falls through roof, crushing him

Joao Maria de Souza 
By: Shifra Unger

A man was crushed to death after a cow came crashing through his roof as he was relaxing in his bed, according to police in Brazil.

Brazil Police said that a Brazilian man has died after a cow fell through the roof above him.

Joao Maria de Souza was severely injured when the animal fell through the roof of his house in Caratinga, southeastern Brazil, while he was in bed with his wife Leni.

Rescuers took the 45-year-old to the hospital with a broken leg. Emergency workers did not see any other obvious injuries at that time. The man was conscious and talking.

According to his family, de Souza died hours later from internal bleeding, while waiting to be seen by doctors.
Maria de Souza, the mother of the man, said that her son had almost died of meningitis at age two.

"Now he's in his bed and is crushed by a cow. There is no justice in the world. I brought my son into this world so he can die from a falling cow," the sad mother said.

It is believed that the cow escaped from a nearby farm Wednesday night and then the animal, which weighs one and a half tons, went to the roof of the house.

The cow and the wife of de Souza were unharmed.
An investigation has been launched into his death.

City buys plastic dogs to scare off unwanted guests

Dogs in park illustration 
By: David Ross

A city came up with a clever idea to scare away unwanted guests, but residents say it is not working so far.

Officials of a Swedish city bought the plastic sculptures in order to use them to keep geese away from its public parks, but local residents say that the geese do not seem to be afraid of the statues.

Sollentuna officials said the plastic dogs, modeled to look like German Shepherds, were purchased from a Minnesota company called Watch Dog Goose Patrol, which sells the statutes for $60 each on its website.
Authorities did not disclose how many of the fake dogs was purchased.

The purchase is the latest attempt by local authorities to keep the increasing population of Canada and Barnacle Geese from public parks, but locals say that the products are not very effective.

"When I saw the geese running in the park I found it funny. I did not work so well," resident Andrea Nasman said. "Instead, when a lady came with a real Chihuahua the geese ran for their lives," the resident said.

Thai government to purchase larger condoms for its growing younger citizens

Man holding large condom illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

The Thai government announced that it will be purchasing thousands of larger condoms in order to distribute them to its younger citizens, according to a statement released by officials.

An officials said that the government plans to buy the condoms in order to meet the growing needs of Thai men under 30 years of age.

Pornthep Siriwanarangsun, the general manager of the Disease Prevention and Control Department, said Friday that the Ministry of Health is trying to buy more condoms with a width of 54 mm to meet the needs of younger users.

"Most Thai men are more than 170 centimeters tall and weigh more than 70 kilograms. Those individuals can no longer use the 49mm and 52mm sizes," Dr. Pornthep said.
"Small Condoms feel uncomfortable and are ultimately not used," he said.

He also said that about 43,000 people were likely to be infected by HIV between through 2016. He encouraged the use of condoms between people, who are not couples in order to help reduce the rate of HIV infection.

The Ministry of Health also encouraged people, who are at high risk of contracting HIV, to get blood tests. Those found to be infected should be treated promptly in order to prevent the spread of infection, he said.

About 230 million condoms are sold throughout the country every year, but the National Health Security Office and the ministry, can provide 40 million condoms a year. The campaign needs more support from the public and private sectors, he said.

"The amount of money needed to fund this campaign is actually very little. An infected person may have to spend money getting treatment for the rest of his life. The government also needs to spend more money offering this treatment," Dr. Pornthep said.