Firefighters rescue female couple after getting stuck in handcuffs during make out session

Woman in handcuffs illustration 
By: Sarah Weiss

A female couple ran into problems after engaging in a make out session, according to fire officials in England.

Halifax Fire officials said that a lesbian couple was left red-faced after they were forced to seek their help after their bondage session went wrong.

The Fifty Shades of Gay couple from Halifax in West Yorkshire, England, walked to a local fire station at 1:30 am to explain that they had lost the key after being trapped in the handcuffs.

Fire station Commander Paul Gyde said: "We thought it was funny, but the women looked embarrassed. The handcuffs looked real and probably served the purpose for which they wanted.”
Firefighters were eventually able to remove the handcuffs of the women both about 20-years-old.
"We are pleased that we were able to help," Gyde added.

This was not the first time a person got into trouble while using a toy during a make out session.
As we reported earlier, a man panicked and called police after an adult toy became stuck on his private part, according to police reports in Spain.

Police said that doctors in Ibiza were forced to enlist the help of firefighters on Wednesday to free a German tourist from the clutches of the adult steel toy.

It took firefighters two hours to cut the metal ring, which was described as a kind of shield, which the man had put on his private part.

Firefighters had to change the electric saw batteries twice to free the man.
There was "a lot of sparks" during the operation to remove the sex toy measuring 15 cm in diameter.

The two-hour procedure was described as "very complex" because the man became "more swollen" as time passed.
Also, firefighters said that the man complained a lot.

In order to complete the procedure firefighters found it was necessary to administer a full anesthetic.
The fire brigade received its unusual call out at 10:00 pm on Wednesday after doctors in Ibiza Can Misses Hospital discovered that they do not have the tools to do the job.

It is not known how the man, a 51-year-old, arrived at the hospital.

Man jailed after assaulting Rockland Kosher supermarket guard with baseball bat

Rockland Kosher 
By: Shifra Unger

A man was arrested, charged and convicted of assault related charges after beating a kosher supermarket guard with a baseball bat, according to court proceedings in New York.

A 54-year-old homeless man was found guilty Tuesday of assaulting a security guard at the Rockland Kosher supermarket, authorities said.

After deliberating for 20 minutes, a jury convicted Paul Rizzo of second-degree assault and third-degree criminal possession of a weapon, both felonies, Rockland County District Attorney Thomas Zugibe said.

Rizzo was inside Rockland Kosher Supermarket, located at 27 Orchard Street, in Monsey, when the attack occurred at 1:47 pm on August 10, Zugibe said.

Rizzo began acting out and was asked to leave the store, but he refused. During the dispute, Rizzo hit the security guard twice with the bat. He injured his left arm.

Rizzo, who was indicted by a grand jury on September 12, was held Tuesday at the Rockland County Jail, where he awaits sentencing by the Rockland County Surrogate Judge Thomas Walsh. He faces up to seven years in prison.
Zugibe described Rizzo as a career criminal, who has a long record of arrests and three prior felony convictions.

Plane seen on video after making emergency landing in Ben Gurion Airport

The plane after its emergency landing 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A plane made a rocky emergency landing in Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport, but luckily, the crew and passengers are all in good condition, according to a statement released by Ben Gurion Airport officials.

The incident began when a light aircraft carrying nine passengers and crew, requested to make an emergency landing on its belly. There were no injuries in the event.

The two engine aircraft made ​​its way from Rosh Pina to Sde Dov Airport, when the pilot realized that the front wheel malfunctioned and requested to make an emergency landing at Ben Gurion Airport.

However, airport officials decided that instead of declaring an emergency, they would rather close the airspace, while two flights were directed to land at another airport.

The plane eventually made the ​​belly landing and its front propellers were damaged, but none of the nine people on board were injured. The Airport Authority opened an investigation into the circumstances of the incident.

This was not the first time that an airplane made an emergency landing at Ben Gurion Airport. As we reported last week, a Greek plane was allowed to touch down in Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport after the pilot issued a distress call, according to airport officials in Israel.

Airport officials said that a Greek chartered plane made ​​an emergency landing at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv on Thursday after the pilot had sent a distress signal.

"The airport was put on alert after receiving a distress message reporting a technical problem, but the plane landed without incident," the official said after the incident.

Hundreds of emergency workers responded to the scene to be ready to offer assistance.
They all have since left the airport.

It was originally thought that the airplane was from Jordan.
Police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld said that all 170 passengers and crew are safe and all area hospitals were put on standby.

An airline spokesperson said the plane had apparently suffered a hydraulic problem before making the emergency landing.
The Greek charter plane took off from the island of Crete.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie celebrate son’s bar mitzvah at Kabbalah Centre

Madonna arrives at her son's bar mitzvah 
By: Eva Fett

The Kabbalah Centre in New York saw a high-profile bar Mitzvah recently, as Madonna and Guy Ritchie reunited to attend their son’s thirteenth birthday celebration.

It was one big happy family again, despite the fact that Madonna and her former husband Guy Ritchie did not end their marriage in the best of conditions in 2008. The bitterness that may have once existed between the two seemed to have disappeared. The former couple met to celebrate the bar mitzvah of their son Rocco. It was a joyous occasion for all, according to eyewitnesses.

The actual bar mitzvah ceremony took place on Saturday at the Kabbalah Centre in New York, but the entire family met the night before at the center for a little pre-party. Madonna and Ritchie were very friendly and seemed very proud of Rocco.

Madonna, who is also the mother of her daughter Lourdes, 16, David Banda and Mercy James, was married to Ritchie for eight years. Both have since moved on, as Madonna is currently going out with dancer Brahim Zaibat, while Ritchie has two children with girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley.

Israeli invents pencil sharpener type device to peel vegetables

Sharpener that peels vegetables 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Who knew that a pencil sharpener can be tweaked to peel vegetables in less than thirty seconds.

Would you eat more vegetables if only it was easier to peel them?

For just $15 you can speed up the task of peeling vegetables and reduce the danger to your fingers.
The Karoto, looks and works like an oversized pencil sharpener, to peel vegetables such as zucchini and carrots or any vegetable similar in form, such as cucumber and parsnips.

Its Israeli creator claims that the time-saving invention is safer than cutting the skin of vegetables with a standard peeler or knife.

Karoto was designed by Avichai Tadmor for Monkey Business design studio in Israel.
The Karoto completely peels a carrot in less than 30 seconds and it not only saves time, as the peels can also be used to decorate salads.

The utensil is 3 inches long and 2 inches wide and can also be used to sharpen carrots, for example, for display purposes.
It sounds like a sharpener and it works in a similar way.

"It not only makes skinning a quick process, but it also leaves curls that can be used to decorate salads and other dishes,” one cook said.

The Karoto comes in orange and black and costs $15 plus postage.

European Union prohibits funding Israeli companies operating beyond Green Line

An Israeli settlement 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Israel slammed the decision by the E.U. that prohibits funding Israeli companies that operate beyond the Green Line.

Israeli leaders condemned the European Union ban, but also recognized the increasing isolation of the country by constructing Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The E.U. decision marked a new international program against Israeli settlements built on land captured in the 1967 war, reinforcing the Palestinian demand for these territories and encourage Israeli debate about the wisdom of the settlement enterprise.

"We will not accept any external edicts of our borders," Netanyahu said, adding that the borders can only be resolved through direct negotiations with the Palestinians.

Netanyahu said Europeans must face bigger problems in the region, including the civil war in Syria and Iran's nuclear program.
Netanyahu's finance minister and senior coalition partner, Yair Lapid, warned that the move reflects the deterioration of Israel's position on the world stage.

"The latest move is part of a long series of decisions that lead to isolation of Israel in the world. Time is not on our side, and every day that Israel is not in peace negotiations is a day in which our international position deteriorates even more," he said.

Muslims vandalize 12 Jewish owned cars in Jerusalem

One of the cars that were damaged 
By: Sarah Weiss

Police are looking for the suspects, who vandalized at least twelve Jewish owned cars in Jerusalem, according to a statement released by Israeli police.

Muslim violence against Jewish residents of the Jerusalem neighborhood of Abu Tor apparently broke out again, as residents of the neighborhood in southern Jerusalem awoke on Wednesday to find that the tires of 12 cars owned by Jews had been cut during the night.

The cars were parked on the street that separates the predominantly Jewish neighborhood of Abu Tor from the Muslims neighborhood.
Jerusalem Police have launched an investigation into the attack.

Police said that they were not yet convinced that the attack was motivated by nationalism. However, residents said that only vehicles belonging to Jews were attacked, while vehicles belonging to the Muslims, some of which were parked next to vandalized vehicles, were left untouched.

In addition, residents said that no damage was seen on vehicles belonging to United Nations personnel, which were also parked in the area.

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man stabbed by Muslim terrorists just outside Old City Jerusalem

Scene of the incident 
By: Shifra Unger

An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man, who just broke his ninth of Av fast, was stabbed by several Muslim terrorists, according to police reports in Israel.

Jerusalem police said that a 33-year-old Haredi man was stabbed Tuesday night. Magen David Adom emergency workers took the man to Shaare Zedek Medical Center with minor injuries. A large police force arrived at the scene in search of two young Muslims, who allegedly stabbed the man. Police speculate that the man was attacked because he was Jewish.

The man was walking home from the Western Wall and had decided to take the Damascus Gate route home. As he approached Sultan Suleiman Street, two young Muslims allegedly stabbed him in the abdomen and fled. Other ultra-Orthodox Jewish people walking on the street at that time, witnessed the attack and called police. Officers dispersed the crowd and took the victim to a waiting ambulance.

"Around 9:00 pm, we received a call about a man, who had been stabbed at the Damascus Gate," Ariel Litman of the MDA said. A team of emergency workers was sent to the scene. Since a crowd of people already gathered at the scene, police brought the injured man to us. He was waking to us with multiple stab wounds in the chest and abdomen. We provided first aid and took him to a hospital," Litman said.

The man told police that he attempted to fight with the suspects.
As a result of heightened fears of clashes between Jews and Muslims, the Jerusalem Police and the Israel Border Police, have deployed additional forces throughout the Old City and East Jerusalem.

Despite rocket fire summer fun continues in the Golan Heights

Northern Israel 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Israelis are not letting the constant rocket fire, which is spilling over from Syria’s civil into the Golan Heights, disrupt their summer fun, according to a report by the Tazpit News Agency.

On the Syrian side of the border an intense civil war is being waged. On the Israeli side the summer and vacation season has commenced in its full splendor.

The Israeli-Syrian border has been the most peaceful for decades, but over the past two years there have been some incidents of the Syrian war spilling into the Israeli side. Israel has boosted its forces in the Golan and has renovated the security fence. The IDF is monitoring the events on the other side, keeping track of the various fighting factions.

Dalya Amos, spokeswoman for the Golan Regional Council, explained to Tazpit News Agency about the constantly developing security situation and its implications on life in the Golan. She points out that Assad still has control of most of central areas in Syria, and is organized for long-term warfare.

The rebels are a diverse group with no central leadership or combined strategic plans. They collaborate on a local and limited basis. The Kunetra passage, the only border crossing between Israel and Syria is of strategic importance to Assad because of the alleged connection it signifies to the Druze of the Golan, and therefore he has been fighting vigorously for control of the area.

The fighting does, rarely, affect life in the Golan. During one of the battles in the Kunetra area a part of the Golan was shut down for a few hours. Amos stresses that the affect of the war is primarily one of public relations.

Israelis follow the news and are frightened by it, but the residents of the Golan carry on with their lives, experiencing the wonders of summer in the Golan. Yesterday some 25 mortars fell in the Golan. The IDF's instructions were to continue on as usual. During my visit in the Golan last week a mortar shell exploded on the Syrian side, but no alarm was registered.

A few moments later people were again relaxing. Together with this, one can sense that something has changed. There is a new sarcastic jargon. When talking about the berry picking, they related to it as an 'explosive crop'.

Over the past decade the Golan Heights has gone through a process of relabeling and development, especially in the sphere of tourism. Its residents carry on with their daily routine, with the knowledge that things can change drastically. There is awareness about the shaky situation and preparations have been made for an event of the security situation deteriorating.

The question remains – does the opening of the new Volcanic park, a geological site at the base of a thousand–year-old volcano, signify a new chapter in the Golan's stormy chronicles, or does it signify a calming and cooling down? Time will tell.

Group of talented women with body paint turn into shape of a car

Woman create Fiat 500  
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) In a unique and creative advertisement, a car company used a group of women, who curled up next to each other to look like a high-end car.

The advertisement campaign for the Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio, used more than a dozen "female artists" wearing only body paint to look like the car.

Every woman was painted to look like one part of the car. One woman’s back was used for the headlights, while several other women’s faces were painted for wheels. Another woman’s face was painted in the shape of a side mirror. The result is certainly striking.

The advertisement was done as part of a campaign for ESPN’s The Magazine's Body Issue. The advertisement, which boasts that the vehicle is "made of pure muscle," was shot with the help of photographer RJ Muna and body paint artist Craig Tracy.

The idea of the advertisement came from the Richards Group, of Dallas, Texas. With today's advances in digital photography, the unsuspecting reader is likely to assume the piece was done with Photoshop.

However, in a behind the scene video posted online, the company shows that contortionists, circus performers and artists actually coming together to make their dream a reality.

"We did not consider doing this with Photoshop," Muna said. “Why not get all the dancers and the best body painters in the country?" He added.

Woman arrested after she orders 9-year-old daughter to take lewd photos in order to send them to imprisoned boyfriend

Jodi Roberts 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A mother is behind bars after using her young daughter as her photographer for some very inappropriate photos.

The mother has been arrested after she allegedly forced her 9-year-old daughter to take lewd pictures of her, which she then sent to her boyfriend, who is in prison.

Jodi Roberts, 30, of Wabash Valley, Indiana, faces a federal charge of carrying out an act harmful to minors after posing nude in front of her daughter and having the girl take photos of her in inappropriate positions, authorities said.

Roberts’ actions were discovered when a prison guard opened her letter containing the lewd images, which were addressed to her boyfriend Jeremiah LaMaster.

Roberts, who is a cashier at a gas station, allegedly wrote in the letter to her boyfriend, that her 9-year-old took the photos. Roberts has a young son with the 24-year-old LaMaster. He is in jail, since he was arrested in May and charged with felony aggravated assault.

He was involved in a 45-minute standoff with police in Terre Haute, Indiana, when they tried to arrest him. LaMaster was previously convicted of reckless homicide and is known to police as a repeat offender. He is being held on $100,000 bond.

Now, Roberts had to face a judge to deal with her own case. She is being held on $10,000 cash bond.
It is not known if Roberts’ children have been taken into custody of child protective services or if they are being cared for by other relatives.

New York convict arrested for using fake badge to enter jail, strip search and abuse inmates

Matthew Matagarno 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A New York man is facing charges after he entered jail with a fake police badge and abused inmates.

Matthew Matagarno, 37, is facing charges in New York City for the use of a false identification card to enter the Rikers Island prison and mingling with inmates.

He was initially charged in connection with the use of a false identification card to enter the Manhattan Detention Center, where he spent more than seven hours socializing with prisoners and distributing cigarettes.

Later, a prisoner filed a complaint saying that he was molested by Matagrano which resulted in additional charges against him.
Matagrano had access to the prison by "pretending to be an investigator for the Intelligence Unit," the complaint said.

Now, investigators said that he attacked an inmate while he was walking freely in jail. According to reports, he pinned a prisoner to the wall and grabbed his testicles, while threatening to harm the man. Matagarno, who is 5-foot eight inches tall and tips the scales at 340 pounds, allegedly ordered the victim into a cell, where he striped searched him.

Matagarno has a long rap sheet, which includes a conviction of sodomizing a teenager in 1996. He spent time in jail for that and other crimes. He was ordered to register as a sex offender.

He has also reportedly been accused of theft, possession of a forged instrument, criminal impersonation and promoting contraband in prison. After being captured, he reportedly admitted to sneak into prisons saying: "They give me food. They make me feel important.” Matagarno is being held without bail.

101 Russian women set skydiving record

101 female skydivers 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) In an amazing stunt, a group of female skydivers took to the sky, jumping from planes and creating a beautiful flower.

The group of 101 female skydivers in Russia broke the record by creating the largest flower pattern in a free fall in Russian history.

The skydiving team members made history this past weekend in the skies of Kolomna, which is about 70 kilometers from Moscow.

This flower fall broke the previous record set last year by 88 members of the same group, who are all Russian citizens. They were driven to glory by their former captain Irina Sinitsina.
Sinitsina died last September in a skydiving accident in California. The group honored their former leader by dedicating one space in the center of the flower to Sinitsina.

The women practiced skydiving in groups of 40 and 60 before taking the leap of faith.
Another group of women are skydiving to conquer their fears.
Jennifer Hoffman and Marisa Gallegos are the founders of Esme and Eve Photography in Los Angeles.

Hoffman and Gallegos, along with five other brave women, jumped from an airplane near Lake Elsinore, California, wearing nothing but their underwear and parachutes. The jump is part of Esme and Eve’s "Be Bold. Take the leap" initiative, which urge women "to face their fears, take a risk and push against all that is preventing them from carrying out their dreams."

Each of the women participating in the jump has been through something traumatic, like a death in the family, coping with being a rape victim, or overcoming an eating disorder. They come together to find ways to put this difficult time behind them.
"All these women have terrible stories," Hoffman said. "I get very motivated by these women. We follow all their tragedies of their lives, but we do not follow their success. So we want to highlight their triumphs.

We wanted to ensure that women had different stories that people can resonate with. We know how much a person can change another person's life, and we are trying to do that at a lower level.
We do not expect any massive change happening outside of this, but we would love this to have a domino effect."

People changing their fortunes through palm surgery

Palm changed through surgery  
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) Some people spend a lot of money for palm readers in order to know it they will have good luck in the future.

But what happens if the palm reader has bad news about one's future?

Well, if you do not like what your palm reader is saying about your future maybe all you need is a new palm.

Dr. Takaaki Matsuoka, a Japanese doctor, is now performing palmistry plastic surgery, where an electric scalpel is used to change the lines of the palm of a person. The idea is that if the money line or the love line of a person’s palm extends, they allegedly have better luck in those areas.

"If you do not have the marriage line, which means that you are not very likely to marry, then the doctor's job is to create a line of marriage," Masuoka said. "Sometimes the marriage line is on her palm, but it came too soon and the woman lost her chance. We add another line.," the doctor added.

The operation costs about $1,100 and takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete. It takes about one month for the wound on the palm to heal. Masuoka takes a practical approach and says it's important that the line is not too perfect.

The doctor has to use the electric scalpel and make an incision that is not straight. This is done on purpose because the palm lines are never completely straight. If you try to create a line on the palm with a laser, it will not leave a clear mark, making it hard for the palm reader to see.

One woman, who had an altered wedding line, allegedly married soon after, while two other people supposedly won the lottery after they had palm surgery.
Dr. Barry Handler, a cosmetic surgeon in San Diego, California said that surgery is not worth the potential damage to tendons, nerves or arteries.

Nike apologizes after mixing up the Carolinas

The Nike shirt in question 
By: Moses Gold

Nike was embarrassed this week after the company mixed up the two Carolinas.

The incident all began after a $32 shirt appeared on the Nike website. The shirt has been pulled, since it uses an image representing South Carolina for the Carolina Panthers. What is the problem? The Carolina Panthers are from North Carolina.

The shirt placed both the North Carolina Panthers team logo and the state abbreviation NC on the top of a rather large graphic image of South Carolina. Nike acknowledged the error.

"A small amount of incorrect Carolina Panthers jerseys were recently made available for sale. This product should not have been sold. They've been removed from sale and we apologize for the mistake," the director of Nike North America media relations said in an email.

New York woman, daughter, killed while feeding neighbor’s cats

Scene of the incident 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) Two women were brutally murdered while they were feeding the cats of their neighbor, according to police reports in New York.

New York Police said that a mother and her adult daughter died inside their neighbor's home in upstate New York, where they had gone to feed cats, while their neighbor was out-of-town.

"It's very possible that they surprised robbers or interrupted a robbery," Major Mark Koss said outside the family home in Sodus, Wayne County. He said police found evidence that someone had entered the house.

The bodies of Terri Moulton, 54, and her daughter, Stacey Moulton, 30, were found by Terri's husband, Charles, at 4:00 pm Sunday. Charles Moulton became worried and went looking for the women when, after three hours, they had not returned home from checking on their neighbor’s pets, Koss said.

Police did not say how the women were killed.

Koss also said that several small fires were started inside the house and burned out without causing damage.
Police expect that the owner of the house, Shawn Yager, will return to the town on Monday.

Troopers are seeking information from the public about a dark blue SUV, possibly a Mercury Mountaineer, which they said may have been involved in the killing.

Babysitter, 72, along with his son, 46, arrested after sexually abusing young girls

Bryan M. Payne and Lynn C. Payne 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A man and his son were arrested and charged with child sex abuse related charges after they sexually abused little girls, according to police reports in Oregon.

Washington County Police said that a father, 72-years-old, and his eldest son, 46, were arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing two girls.

Detectives said that they believe there are more victims, according to a press release from the Sheriff's Office of Washington County.

Investigators said that Bryan M. Payne, 46, provided child care services for friends and neighbors. The alleged abuse of two girls under 10 years, happened in the last two or three years in the house of Bryan Metzger, investigators said.

Detectives arrested Bryan Payne on suspicion of two counts of first-degree sexual penetration. Lynn C. Payne, 72, who lives with his son, is accused of molesting the same girl and was arrested on suspicion of sexual penetration in the first degree and sodomy in the first degree.

Bail for both the father and son was set at $500,000.
Both pleaded not guilty to the charges.
Neighbors said that the family has lived in the area for a long time.

No one suspected anything wrong was going on inside the house, where the children used to play outside.
Raymond Soappman said the suspects watched his children, while his family was going through a medical crisis. He said he checked with his children and he does not think they were abused.

"I still get nervous because my children have been here from day one," Soappman said. "So how I cannot know if something happened five years ago,” he said.

4 in Ohio arrested after keeping mentally disabled woman, daughter, as sex slave

Daniel Brown, Jordie L. Callahan,
Jessica L. Hunt, and Dezerah Silsby (left to right) 
By: Sarah Weiss

Four people were arrested and charged with numerous charges after they held a mentally disabled woman and her daughter as a sex slave, according to police reports in Ohio.

Columbus Police said that three suspects, who are accused of enslaving a mentally disabled woman and her daughter, beat her, denied her food, sexually assaulted her, threatened her with dogs and snakes, and hit her severely enough to warrant a visit to a hospital.

The federal charges also allege that the three forced the woman and her child to sleep in unsafe and unhealthy conditions in a house in Ashland, which is located 80 miles northeast of Columbus. They are also accused of restricting access to a bathroom, punishing them if they were dirty, forcing them to eat dog food, and ordering them to crawl on the floor with a dog collar.

The three held the woman "in a situation of forced labor and involuntary servitude" from August 2010 to October 2012, prosecutors said.

The defendants dominated and controlled the woman and her daughter by "a combination of violence, threats, humiliation, sexual assault, deprivation and surveillance,” prosecutors said.

Jordie Callahan, Jessica Hunt and Dezerah Silsby were charged with five counts, including forced labor, acquiring a controlled substance by fraud and theft of government benefits, related to allegations that they forced the woman to use public assistance money to buy food and cigarettes for them.

The indictment said that Callahan forced the woman to engage in sexual acts with him several times and threatened that he and Hunt would kill her if she told anyone.

A fourth suspect, Daniel Brown, was charged in a criminal indictment of the kind normally preceding a plea deal. He is accused of hitting the woman in the face, knocking her hands on a door, kicking the woman in the hip, and breaking her hand with a stone, forcing her to seek treatment and receive pain medication.

Callahan's mother, Becky Callahan, said that the charges against the defendants are "all lies". She said that she only tried to help by offering a place for them to live.

Pennsylvania bride jailed for life after killing her groom just hours before wedding

Na Cola Darcel Franklin and Billy Brewster 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested, charged and convicted of killing her groom just hours before their wedding ceremony, according to court proceedings in Pennsylvania.

Now, the woman is facing a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.
The Whitehall Township woman said at sentencing that she still loves her groom, and that she killed him by accident.

Na Cola Darcel Franklin said she had no intention of killing 36-year-old Billy Brewster when she stabbed him in their Whitehall Township apartment.

Franklin told Brewster's mother, Barbara Obas: "Barbara, I had no intention of killing him. I did not. I love him. I still love him. I love him more than myself."

Obas said that her son had a lot of plans. He planned to marry Franklin, search for a gang-free school for their children, and search for a better job to support his new family.

"You killed him because you could. You took advantage of him. You showed no concern for the father of your son," Obas said.
Franklin and Brewster each had children from previous relationships, and they had a child together. The children were present the night of the stabbing.

"A mother killed a dad with children watching," Obas said.
Franklin already knew she was facing life in prison. She went to trial after rejecting a deal that would have sent her to prison for 13 to 40 years in exchange for pleading guilty to third-degree murder.

Franklin was convicted of first-degree murder for stabbing Brewster in the chest and stomach hours before their wedding. Convictions for murder in the first degree is punishable by a mandatory life sentence without parole in Pennsylvania.

Franklin claimed that Brewster came home drunk from an impromptu bachelor party and hit her before trying to take the baby. The former kindergarten teacher, said she grabbed a knife and attacked Brewster to prevent him from driving away with her son.

Defense attorney John Waldron said today that Franklin plans to appeal the conviction. Waldron said his client was mentally and physically exhausted the night of the attack and was really surprised when she learned that Brewster had died.

"I am not a criminal. I'm not a murderer. It was an accident. It was not intentional. If I could go back, I would. I wish I could take it back," Franklin said.

Man, 76, arrested after killing boy, 13, as he was taking out the trash

John Spooner 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with murder related charges after killing a teen while he was taking out the trash, according to court proceedings in Wisconsin.

Attorneys involved in the case said that a Milwaukee County jury has been selected and will begin hearing opening statements in the trial of John Spooner Tuesday. The panel consists of ten men and four women.

76-year-old John Spooner walked slowly into the courtroom of Judge Jeffrey Wagner. He faces charges of first-degree intentional homicide.

The State alleges that Spooner shot and killed Darius Simmons last year, while his mother watched in horror.
Spooner is accused of confronting Simmons when he was taking out the trash.

Spooner said his home was broken into and items were taken, including some shotguns. Authorities said that Spooner apparently believed that his next door neighbor was to blame.

Patricia Larry, the mother of Simmons, is expected to testify at trial. She was accompanied by her lawyer, who filed a civil suit on her behalf.

Simmons was 13-years-old when she was shot dead. Spooner has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in the case.
This case attracted controversy when Simmons' mother, Patricia Larry, claimed she was mistreated by police during the initial investigation. She said she was detained in the back of a patrol car for several hours.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn has disputed the allegations, saying the officers on the scene were following the isolation protocol and interviewed the mother Simmons because she witnessed a murder.

The Simmons family is waiting to see what happens with the criminal case before proceeding with the civil suit.

100 cats burned to death in San Jose California

Scene of the fire 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A tragedy struck San Jose, California, according to fire officials.

The San Jose Fire Department said that 100 cats died early Tuesday in a fire at a house where the homeowner installed fences to enclose the animals. The homeowner was briefly trapped in the burning home before firefighters cut the fence and rescued her.

According to fire Captain Reggie Williams, the resident, a woman, 70, turned her home into a cat sanctuary. She served as a cat savior. She cared for the animals by preparing them for adoption.

"There were cats in every room of the home," Williams said.
The homeowner in the 6900 block of Polvadero Drive near Bernal Avenue and Santa Teresa Boulevard, called police at 1:43 am after the dog who lived with her woke her up. She then saw the fire and smoke coming from another room.

"She had a smoke detector, but for some reason it did not work, but the dog alerted her to the fire," Williams said.
A fire dispatcher instructed her to leave the house, and she went out a back door, but was trapped in the courtyard because it was enclosed with wire mesh to keep her cats from escaping.

It took an hour for firefighters to extinguish the flames. Then, firefighters removed almost 100 dead cats, most of whom died from smoke inhalation rather than direct contact with fire.

Neither the resident nor any member of the fire department were injured. Her dog also managed to escape.
Six cats that survived the fire were delivered to the custody of the Animal Services Department of the city.
Williams said the cause of the fire is under investigation, but it does not seem suspicious.

Michigan journalist arrested after recording police arrest on public street

Scene of the incident 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A Michigan journalist was clearly bullied by police after being arrested for recording police action on a public street, according to police reports in Michigan.

Now, Detroit Police internal affairs officers have initiated an investigation following the arrest of a photographer, who was recording the police action in public, last week.

Police said they are investigating photographer Mandi Wright and the actions of the officer, who ordered her to stop recording. The officer also grabbed away Wright’s phone. They are also investigating the disappearance of a memory card from her iPhone. Police also locked her up in the same cell where the crime suspect she had been recording.

Wright, 47, was arrested Thursday after she and a reporter went to an arrest scene near Woodbridge and Riopelle, east of the city. Police at the scene said that Wright fought with an officer after he had confiscated her iPhone, but Wright said she was concentrating on taking her video and did not realize that the man who took her phone was a police officer. Wright was handcuffed and put in an interrogation room with the suspect.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig confirmed Monday that the department is conducting an internal affairs investigation. Deputy Chief James Tolbert said no conclusions have been drawn, but if the investigation proves that she was put in a room with the suspect, it would be a serious violation of department policy.

He refused to name the officer.
Wright was released six and a half hours after her arrest without charges. She said she was wearing the media ID around her neck when she went out with reporter Kathleen Gray to record videos as part of a training project.

Wright said she did not know the man approaching her was a police officer and thought he was a civilian. He did not identify himself, and his clothes had no police markings.

The man grabbed her arm and grabbed the phone. Eventually, the police returned the phone but the SIM card was removed. Still, the video remained on the phone's internal memory.