Miami Florida considers jailing homeless people who eat in public

Homeless man illustration 
By: David Ross

Human rights organizations are furious after the City of Miami, Florida is considering legislation that will jail homeless people, who are caught eating or sleeping in public.

If life was not already hard enough for people who cannot pay for an apartment, they could soon find themselves imprisoned and their belongings confiscated if they are caught performing certain daily activities in public.

Before the year 1991, Miami police arrested homeless people for crimes like sleeping on park benches, eating on sidewalks or congregating in public places.

In 1998, the City of Miami reached a historic agreement, known as Pottinger v. City of Miami, and Miami police officers were instructed not to arrest homeless people for "quality of life" misdemeanors, but instead, to offer them a bed in a nearby shelter. This new emphasis on providing homeless people with housing has been remarkably successful.

In the 15 years since the agreement, the number of people living on Miami streets has dropped from about 6,000 to 351, due in large part to more shelters and support.

Despite the success of the program, a Commissioner for the City of Miami wants to cancel the agreement and resume the arrest of homeless people, who live on the streets.

Commissioner Marc Sarnoff wants the city to cancel the 1998 agreement and resume the persecution of the homeless. Specifically, Sarnoff and its allies in the City Commission have hired a law firm to try to amend the agreement so that the police can arrest anyone who blocks a sidewalk, cooks a meal in a public area with a fire, litters, urinates or defecates in public, or engaging in lewd conduct, rather than offer these people a bed to sleep.

Sarnoff argues that homeless people in the downtown business district are a "chronic problem". Instead of asking for more funds to support the hundreds of homeless people living in Miami, Sarnoff’s solution is jail.

Parents cut off man’s privates so he cannot marry their daughter

Hospital illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A woman decided to marry the love of her life, but her family did not like the man, whom she chose for herself.

The man and the woman, who loved each other, decided to go ahead with their marriage even after her family refused to give their blessings for the marriage.

The couple decided to flee their city and relocate to another city, where they can get married and live in peace, far away from her family. When the parents heard of their daughter’s plans, they decided to stop the marriage at any cost.

The family allegedly kidnapped the man during a meeting and cut off the his private parts so he won’t be able to marry the woman.
The man who was identified as Rabih A., 39, from the city of Akkar Hrar, in Lebanon. He was found injured on a street in the city of Aley Baissour with his private parts missing.

Lebanese Red Cross paramedics took the man to the West Shahar Hospital with life-threatening injuries.
The incident started after Rabih eloped with the woman, identified as Rudeina M., who comes from the city of Baissour.

When the girl's family found out that the couple fled, they began looking for her, until they learned that Rabih and Rudeina were in a villa in Tabarja.

They went to meet the couple and brought them back to Baissour, where the man was beaten and his private parts were cut off after being kidnapped from a restaurant. He was dumped in the town square. Rabih arrived at the hospital suffering from extreme fatigue after being brutally beaten.

“The man arrived at the hospital without his privates, and his testicles were destroyed," a security officer said.

Two female police officers fight each other in street as motorist drive around them

Two female police officers fighting 
By: John Roberts

Two female police officers were fired after they got into a fist fight in middle of the road, while on duty.

In the past, we brought you interesting videos of officers dancing while they controlled traffic.

By dancing, the officers made people smile, at the same time they eased the tension of restless drivers, who sat in traffic for a while.

But this time, two police officers entertained motorist, by fighting in the street. The incident occurred in Tangshan, China, where two police officers seemed to have gotten into an argument.

According to the original video uploaded to YouTube, the female officers were called to assist traffic agents during rush hour.
While they were supposed to make sure that other people uphold the law, they apparently got into a fist fight.

It came as a surprise to motorists and passerby, as people expect officers to behave better. People were shocked to see two female police officers fighting in the middle of the road, while on duty.

Some people were so intrigued by the two officers, they recorded it and uploaded the video to YouTube.
Two men have stopped near the fighting officers, and were contemplating whether to intervene and break up the fight, but they decided against getting involved.

Finally, another female officer was seen walking toward the fighting women and tried to break up the fight. It took the third officer a while to separate the two officers.

Several motorists were honking their horns as they drove around the fighting women.
The two women were reportedly fired because of the fight.

Healthy woman finds doctor to make her disabled, performing spinal surgery will paralyze her feet

Chloe Jennings-White  
By: Debbi Gross

(Scroll down for video) A healthy woman desperately wants to be disabled. Despite the fact that she is 100 percent healthy, the woman lives her life as a disabled person.

Being stuck in a wheelchair and forced to wear braces, is ​​hell for most people, but for one woman, it is her dream and she is living it.

Chloe Jennings-White, 58, wants to be a paraplegic. She has even found a doctor, who is willing to perform spinal surgery to get her legs to stop responding to her brain’s commands.
For many years, she has wanted to be disabled, but for the past five years, her desire intensified. That's when she was diagnosed with BIID, or body integrity identity disorder.

It is a very rare psychological condition. BIID sufferers feel they want to be disabled.
At home, Jennings-White uses a wheelchair, even though she can walk. However, it did not go far enough for her.

"My dream was to find a surgeon, who will operate on my spine to stop my legs from working," Jennings-White said. In 2010, she met a doctor in a different country, who was willing to cut her sciatic and femoral nerves, which means she would lose all sensation in the legs. Her problem was that the doctor wanted $25,000 for the surgery, and she couldn’t afford the fee.

"It's like a transsexual man with severed privates, it is never coming back, but I know that is what I want," she explained.
Jennings-White bought a wheelchair on the Internet and uses it to go about her daily activities. "When I sat into the wheelchair, it felt so good. I felt in place, it's where I belong,” she said.

Jennings-White is no ordinary woman, she has a PHD in Chemistry and holds degrees from Cambridge and Stanford Universities. She had worked at Stanford University in California.
Later, she moved to Utah and started skiing at local resorts. She was always skiing recklessly in the hope of damaging her legs.

Then, in June 2006, bisexual Jennings-White met her future wife Danielle, now 44. "We fell in love instantly. On our second date, Danielle proposed and I said yes, even though I had not told her about my legs,"Jennings-White said.

A month before the wedding, a skiing accident really did leave her with a back injury and a perfect excuse to get leg braces.
She admits: "I really do not need them, but I decided to use it.
I told Danielle about my issue of wanting to be disabled. She was shocked, but vowed to stand by me when I told her it was the only way I could be happy.”

Woman and her maid arrested after baby dies while playing with cat

Pot with boiling water illustration 
By: Eva Fett

Two women were arrested after a one year-old baby died while playing with their cat.

The child’s mother and her maid have been arrested in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, after a pet cat killed a one-year-old baby boy.

The child fell into a pot of boiling water while fighting with a cat over a piece of cloth.
The child's mother, Bonang Ndlovu, and her maid, Patricia Sibanda, appeared before judge Willard Maphios on the charge of manslaughter.

It is alleged that Ndlovu, who lives in the suburb of Emganwini, asked the maid to boil water, as she wanted to take a bath. The maid boiled more water than she needed in order to bathe the child and herself after the mother was done.

The child was playing with the cat, and a piece of cloth. At one point, the child and the cat were locked in a tug of war over the cloth. The cat managed to pull the child until he was close to the pot of boiling water.

At that time, Ndlovu realized that her son was too close to the pot, so she threw an object at the cat so he would let go of the piece of cloth. It worked, as the cat let go of the cloth, but when the cat released its grip, the boy lost his balance and fell into the pot.

The child was removed from the hot water and taken to the emergency clinic. He was transferred to the Mpilo Hospital. The baby died after a few days and his father filed a complaint with the police. Ndlovu and Sibanda were arrested. An investigation is still underway.

Woman finds other women willing to sleep with her boyfriend

Tom Hayden and Abigayle Woodburn 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A woman said she likes to watch her boyfriend sleep with random women.

She even found a woman on the internet, who was willing to sleep with him.

Abigayle Woodburn, 22, of United Kingdom, said she loves her boyfriend of three years. She also likes to watch him sleep with other women in their bed.
Instead of feeling angry and humiliated, Woodburn insists that she enjoys the experience of seeing her personal trainer boyfriend, Tom Hayden, 27, sleep around.

Woodburn, who is a finance director, has a 3-year-old daughter, from a previous relationship. She acknowledged that most people think it is strange, but she said it works for them and “we love it”. Woodburn, of Bolton, was not always happy to see her boyfriend with other women.

"Life seemed perfect until a year ago when I came home early and caught him in bed with another woman,” Woodburn said. "When I opened the door, I yelled at them and the woman grabbed her clothes and ran,” she said.
She was distraught and could not understand how Hayden could betray her like that. She did not like the fact that he brought another woman into their bed.

After that incident, Woodburn went to live with her mother. Her family wanted her to leave her cheating boyfriend, but instead of leaving Hayden, she took steps that would make most women cringe.
"I realized I could not live without him, he is my world,” she said.

He later revealed his secret that he had been sleeping with other women for over a year. "He said he had a thrill of the unknown and he was addicted to sex with strangers, who he met on the internet. He was adamant that he was not in love with any of those women and had not paid any of them, I was horrified," Woodburn said.

She realized that if she wanted to be with Hayden, she will have to accept his addiction.
“Curiosity got the better of me and I looked online at the sites where he found these women,” she said. She was surprised to see there were hundreds of women, who wanted a one night or threesome with strangers.

"As I searched, something strange happened. I found myself getting excited. That’s when I had the idea that I can be part of this, as sort of a threesome, with me watching,” Woodburn said.
"When I told my boyfriend, his eyes lit up. Other women probably think I'm crazy, but I know the kind of relationship we have. It's very trusting,” she said.

To join the strange process, Woodburn decided to choose the next woman for her boyfriend. She went online to choose someone for her man to sleep with.
"I explained that I don’t want to get involved physically, I'd just be watching. We sent photos of Tom and she agreed to visit us on the weekend. We chose to keep the strange woman’s appearance a surprise in order to increase the excitement,” she said.

Woodburn is not worried about the potential risks to her health, as he always uses a condom.
Woodburn admits that at the beginning she felt a bit jealous and she asked her boyfriend if the women were better than her, but then she got used to it.

"Since Abigayle has been watching me with other women, our relationship has become stronger than ever. We have an amazing sex life and there are no secrets between us,” Hayden said.

"To me, she is sexually attractive and someone who I will always love, so she knows she has nothing to worry about,” he said. “My family knows about our arrangement. My mother finds it very difficult to deal with it and wants me to leave him. But they have to accept that this is our relationship and it works for us,” she said.

British Liberal Democrats punish their party leader after anti-Jewish remarks

David Ward 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A British Liberal Democrat leader was punished by his own party after making a series of anti-Semitic remarks recently.

The Liberal Democrats have pulled the party whip from David Ward.

Ward, accused "the Jews" of "inflict atrocities against the Palestinians" on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day in January.
Earlier this week, he sent a tweet saying: "Finally the Zionists are losing the battle. How long can the apartheid state of Israel last?"

The whip has been removed from him until September 13. Parliament returns from its summer recess on September 2.
Ward met with Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, chief whip Alistair Carmichael and Simon Hughes on Wednesday afternoon.

Carmichael said the whip was withdrawn on Thursday. In a letter to Ward he wrote: "We were in unanimous agreement that questioning the existence of the State of Israel does not pass the language test of our party.

Republican senate candidate wants to talk to Jewish senator about Jesus

David Young 
By: Eva Fett

A Republican senate candidate raised some eyebrows after he said that he would like to talk to a Jewish New York senator about Jesus.

David Young, an Iowa Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, told a group of conservative Christians this week he would like to sit down with U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer to share "the good news of Jesus Christ."

Schumer, a New York Democrat, is Jewish.

Young said that what really needs to happen in Washington D.C. is a change of heart and mind. Young also said that as a senator, he would love to be invited by New York Senator Chuck Schumer to lunch in order to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

In a statement, Young for Iowa campaign spokesperson Heather Swift said that the candidate’s remarks on faith has and will continue to play a role during the campaign.

"The sharing of faith is not only for the purpose of conversion, it is also a tool for understanding one's colleagues and building deeper relationships," Swift said in the statement. "In making this point, the candidate used the name of Senator Schumer, not because of the religious beliefs of the senator, but because Senator Schumer is a leader in the Democratic Party, and these meetings are meant to bring people together so they can work best for the U.S. people," she also said.

Anti-Zimmerman protests turn anti-Semitic as protester wears ‘You Ashkenazi Devil’ shirt

Protester wearing anti-Jewish shirt 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) The nationwide anti-Zimmerman protests turned anti-Semitic as a protester was seen on video wearing a “You Ashkenazi crafted devil” shirt, according to video uploaded to the internet.

A man leading a protest against the recent acquittal of George Zimmerman in a murder trial that has mesmerized the United States, was caught on camera wearing a shirt emblazoned with anti-Semitic language.

Video of the protester and his anti-Jewish shirt, were broadcast on a Los Angeles television news station, and featured on the main Los Angeles newspaper. Both did not seem to have noticed the offensive language. The shirt reads: "You Ashkenazi Crafted Devil", an apparent reference to Zimmerman, who is not Jewish as his name might have suggested.

You can see the protester wearing the shirt between 1:02 and 1:07 in the video below.

The term refers to Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern European origin, instead of Sephardic Jews living in Arab countries and the United States. While both groups trace their lineage to Spain, Ashkenazi Jews headed to northern Europe after being expelled from Spain in 1492, while Sephardic Jews headed south to the Maghreb, North Africa and Asia. Some Sephardic Jews also relocated to commercial capitals in Europe, such as London and Amsterdam. Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews have different traditions.

James Bond car and Batmobile arrive in Tel Aviv

Batmobile in Israel 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) Israelis are getting a little taste of Hollywood right in their backyard, according to a statement released by “AutoMotor”.

The "AutoMotor" exhibition, which opened in Tel Aviv this week, offers Israelis and tourists, a close look at 14 vehicles and motorcycles that starred in highly popular Hollywood movies over the years. The main attraction of the exhibition of course, is the legendary Batmobile.

However, the vehicle through which Batman saved Gotham City, did not come to Israel alone. The car that starred on the Dark Knight movie series, came to visit along with James Bond’s Land Rover and even the motorcycle from the Harry Potter series.

Due to the high cost of the insurance, $1 million, spectators can only look and not sit in the seat where Batman sat. Exhibition organizers promise that some of the vehicles can drive really fast, but due to the high cost, the vehicles will remain stationary, so there is no chance that Israelis will see the Batmobile stuck in traffic on the Ayalon highway.

IDF Paratrooper Reconnaissance Unit opens new base with unique public show

IDF Paratrooper Reconnaissance Unit 
By: Debbie Gross

The IDF showed off their newest unit with an exciting public show, according to a report by the Tazpit News Agency.

It is a hot summer morning in the Negev Desert and we are on our way to visit one of the IDF’s smaller but most exceptional units – The Paratrooper Reconnaissance Unit.

The IDF’s Paratroopers originated from a unit founded during the Second World War when the Haganah, Israel’s largest underground paramilitary entity, tried to put forth an effort to save Europe’s Jews. 12 people were allocated for Paratroop training in the Ramat David base, under the guidance of the British Military. One of them was Hannah Szenes, who would later be parachuted by the British Army into Europe behind enemy lines, and would give her life bravely along with several others in a failed effort to try to save the Jews of Hungary.

That same mission tasked to Szenes and her fellow Haganah Paras, is now performed by this crack unit - The Paratrooper’s Elite Recon Unit. This unit has participated in some of the IDF’s most awe-inspiring operations such as “Aviv Neurim”, the elimination of PLO’s top terrorists responsible for the Munich Olympic Village Massacre in the heart of Beirut, and the Entebbe Raid. Their job is to be on the front line and frequently, just like Szenes and her colleagues, behind enemy lines.

We came to witness these elite paratroopers inaugurate a new site for the IDF Jump School – Nevatim . Nevatim, an IAF Base, is expected to receive the F-35 JSF (Joint Strike Fighter). The base will also houses the largest runway in this part of the Middle East, which serves the IAF’s transport fleet that migrated from Ben Gurion Airport in 2008.

This move is part of the IDF’s transition to the south of Israel, a plan initiated during 2004 in the last round of exceedingly tough budget cuts which forced the IDF to scrap up every spare penny and even generate income from their “assets”, namely, bases that were located in the vicinity of the real estate boom. This move has also cut flight time by 90% and made the jump sessions more efficient.

The Paratroopers we met were getting ready to jump for their first time. They are nervous, you can tell by the cracking of jokes and then the long silences. Pilots have a saying “you have to be crazy to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft”; chances are these very serious young men wouldn’t agree with the maxim, as they understand the purpose of this training and in whose footsteps they are following. They volunteered twice to make it to this unit, and like their comrades before them, are about to be the first to do something new, continuing a long tradition of groundbreaking actions.

We drove to the landing field right outside the base; an HQ is located there to monitor the jump, along with a marking team deployed so the pilot can see from what point the Paratroopers can start jumping.

The venerable C-130 Hercules takes off, making one loop around the base; all of a sudden the sky looks like its being seeded with mushrooms, the Paratroopers have jumped. They jump from a side door located on each side of the Hercules; you can see them fighting to gain control of their chutes and ultimately all succeed. The Hercules will do several “runs” and then land, pick up another company of soldiers and repeat the process. After 55 minutes all the Paratroopers have jumped. A process which once took 4 hours flight time per aircraft is now done in less than one, all this without considering the additional ferry time which is now saved.

From the IDF’s perspective, with expanding defense cuts being passed through the Knesset, it remains to be seen where the Army can find more “pockets” from which they can free up costs and funds.

From the Paratroopers perspective the jump was concluded successfully, and the new field serves its purpose well. The Paratroopers can mark off another step in their training, which will bring them closer to being fully combat-ready, and a bit closer historically to legends like Hannah Szenes, Rafael Eitan and Israel’s current Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon.

Police order diners out of North Carolina restaurant while they're enjoying dinner

Scene of the incident 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Diners were suddenly interrupted while enjoying their delicious meal after police assisted management in ordering everyone out of a restaurant, according to police reports in North Carolina.

Customers eating at Hops Grill and Brewery had their meals interrupted by police on Sunday after officers entered the restaurant. Management immediately told guests that the restaurant was closing for good. Diners received the bad news along with their to go bags and were told they would have to leave immediately.

The restaurant had to shutter their doors because the restaurant failed to reach an agreement with the owners on future lease terms.
A Police Department spokesperson said that the restaurant management called police on Sunday in anticipation of the closure in order to assist in getting everyone out.

"They let employees know the last minute, and a lot of families lost their livelihood. It is a big disappointment," a former employee, Lydia Helms, said.

After the customers left, management left a note on the front door of the restaurant, which tells customers that the establishment is closed.

Young woman banned from wearing mermaid costume in Florida swimming pool

Eden Sirene 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) Fans of Florida’s hottest mermaid are out of luck after a local community board ruled that she can no longer swim in the local pool.

Eden Sirene, of Fishhawk Ranch, Florida, can no longer use her bright blue tail in local pools after a no fins policy was implemented.

The Community Board of Fishhawk Ranch said that Sirene’s swimsuit was a potential safety hazard.
"We love her intentions, but it simply violates the rules," board president Terrie Morrison said.
Sirene still harbors the hope that one day the Community Board will make an exception.

"It made me feel amazing, it made children smile, it made adults smile, everybody was happy," Sirene said. "You do not expect to see a mermaid in the pool," she also said.

Sirene’s mermaid suit was custom-made to fit her body. The custom designed suit took three months to make and cost $2,500.
Sirene does not believe that her suit is a safety issue.

Fans of the Florida woman have joined together to support her after learning of the board's decision Monday.
"I’m a 48-year-old man and I get a big smile on my face when I see her swim," Bob Abruszzese said.
Sirene’s goal was to eventually work as a mermaid for the Florida Aquarium.

Florida men arrested after stuffing stolen personal hygiene products in their underpants

Nicholas Williams and Vincent Wilder 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) Two men were arrested and charged with theft related charges after they were caught stuffing stolen products in their underpants at Family Dollar, according to police reports in Florida.

Miami Police said that the two were arrested at a store in Lake Worth.

A store clerk called police after seeing 24-year-old Nicholas Williams and 34-year-old Vincent Wilder taking personal care products from the shelves in the store located at 1908 Lake Worth Road, according to the Sheriff's arrest report.

The store clerk told detectives that she saw the men stuff the items in their pants and leaving the store without paying, according to the report.

When officers arrived, they found Williams and Wilder, along with a woman named Diamond Ross and three children, in a white Dodge Ram pickup truck outside the store, according to the report. They found several bottles and containers on the ground outside the truck and more stacked inside the truck, authorities said.

Authorities also found several bottles of personal hygiene products in Williams’ underwear.
Wilder also had several bottles stuffed inside his underwear.

Ross admitted to the deputies that the three had driven from Miami to Lake Worth in order to steal and then sell the products. Williams also admitted that his goal was to sell the items that were stolen. He told authorities that he often sells personal care products because they are what everyone needs.

The men were charged with theft for stealing more than $300 in merchandise.
Jail records show that Wilder was released Tuesday on $10,000 bond. Williams is being held in jail in Palm Beach County on $7,500 bond. Ross was not arrested.

22 children die after eating poisoned school lunch

The sick children at the hospital 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) At least twenty-two children died after eating lunch at school, according to hospital officials in India.

India Police said that besides those children who died, more than two dozen others became ill after eating a free school lunch that was contaminated with insecticide.

One official said that the food may have been washed improperly before cooking.

The children, aged between 5 and 12, suddenly fell ill Tuesday after eating lunch in the village of Gandamal located in Masrakh, which is 50 miles north of the state capital of Patna.

School officials immediately stopped serving the poisoned food once the children began to vomit. The lunch consisted of rice, lentils, soybeans and potatoes.
Savita, 12, said he had a stomach ache after eating soy and potatoes and began to vomit.

"I do not know what happened after that," he said while being treated at the Patna Medical College Hospital.
The lunch, which is part of a popular national campaign to give at least one hot meal every day to children from poor families, is cooked in the school kitchen.

The children were taken to a local hospital and then to Patna for treatment, state official Abhijit Sinha said.
In addition to the 22 children who died, 25 other children and the school cook were in the hospital for treatment, PK Sahi, the state education minister, said. Three children were still in serious condition.

Authorities suspended an official in charge of the free lunch program at school and launched a criminal negligence case against the school principal, who fled, as the children became ill.

Angry villagers, joined by members of the local opposition parties, closed shops and businesses near the school in protest of the incident. They also overturned and torched four police vehicles.

Man arrested after police find his stoned cat licking cocaine

A stoned cat illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A man was arrested and charged with drug related charges after police saw his cat licking cocaine from the floor, according to police reports in Italy.

Police in the northeastern city of Villorba, near Treviso, searched the apartment of a 40-year Colombian citizen on Tuesday, when they realized that his cat is behaving strangely.

The officers found 250 grams of cocaine in the apartment and the large cat kept licking the floor, which had traces of white powder. The animal, according to police, was addicted to licking drugs from the floor. The man is behind bars and the cat is recovering.

This cat was not the only animal getting high on drugs. As we reported earlier, a farmer has announced that he is feeding his pigs drugs and alcohol to produce better tasting meat.

We have heard of pot brownies and pot cookies, but pot bacon and ham? Well, it is a new product that is coming to the market.
Butcher William Von Schneidau of Seattle, washington has partnered with Bucking Boar Farms at the Seattle’s Pike Place Market for this adventure.

Schneidau’s BB butcher shop, which is located in Pike Place Market in Seattle, is selling the special pot pig meat of pigs which were fed marijuana and alcohol. Washington voted to legalize marijuana last fall.

“The animal rights groups should investigate the effect the drugs and alcohol has on the pigs after they ingest it. Who knows? They might be suffering greatly. Anything that is illegal for a child to ingest should not be given to animals,” Gloria Gonzalez, 40, of Washington DC, who is an animal lover, told after hearing about the drug eating pigs.

The Bucking Boar Farms is feeding the pigs weed as part of their regular diet. The are being fed leaves from pot plants which allegedly makes their meat more tasty.

Texas city bans waitresses from wearing only body paint at restaurants

Waitresses at Redneck Heaven Restaurant 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) The days of enjoying waitresses covered only in body paint are over as a Texas city banned the practice.

The city of Lewisville decided to change its nudity laws after restaurant servers covered their bodies only by wearing pasties and body paint. Police said that the colorful art was not previously a violation of the law. However, the City Council decided that the servers were wearing too little.

Catherine Holliday hosted a friend from out of town when they stopped at the Redneck Heaven Restaurant to take a picture, because they thought the sign was funny.

"That's when we realized that the servers were not dressed!" Catherine Holliday said.
"They were not dressed for all purposes. They had a small bikini bottom that did not cover their bottom, their backs were bare and their breasts were painted but bare,” she said.

Typically, servers at the Redneck Heaven Restaurant wear bikinis. However, during events called ABC, or anything but clothes, the servers remove their tops and wear only pasties and body paint to cover their upper torso.

Technically, the waiters were legally dressed under the law of Lewisville as people weren't able to see through the paint. Artists, who painted their bodies, said that their work is legal under the laws of the city and in other parts of the metropolitan area.

"I consider it an art form. I think it's a very beautiful art form," Kristal White, a professional body painter, said.
However, the Lewisville City Council decided that body paint, stains and tattoos cannot be considered decent coverage for restaurant servers and voted in favor of changing the law.

Missing woman found dead inside back of Missouri police car

Leslie Wehmer 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A woman, who went missing, was found dead inside the back of a police car, according to police reports in Missouri.

The woman was found dead inside a Breckenridge Hills police car, authorities said.

Police identified the woman as Leslie Wehmer, 41, of the 9500 block of Edmund Avenue in St. Louis County near Breckenridge Hills. She was reported missing Saturday by her boyfriend after leaving her home drunk, police said.

A police officer of the Breckenridge Hills police department, who reported to duty around 8:00 am Monday found the dead woman inside the cruiser, police said. It was not immediately clear how the woman died.

The officer assigned to the black, unmarked 2012 Chevrolet Caprice opened the door and immediately smelled something wrong, and then, the officer found the woman's body.
Wehmer's body was slumped over in the back of the car below the level of the tinted windows, Police Chief Perry Hopkins said.

The officer was in training last week, so the car had not been driven since July 4, Hopkins said. The police officer entered the car on Thursday in order to retrieve a laptop.
"Anyone who smelled the smell of death knows exactly what it smells like," Hopkins said.

He said police believe Wehmer got locked inside the car sometime this week. He said police learned that she argued with her boyfriend at the end of last week and ran off.

Her boyfriend, Dave Childs, 55, said that he last saw Wehmer Wednesday night or Thursday morning, when they were arguing because of her alcohol-induced hallucinations. She had suffered a couple of alcohol-related attacks earlier in the week, police said.

Childs told police she often ran away, but returned to his home, or called after a few days.
He said a friend saw her Thursday morning knocking on the window of a car in the vicinity.
A friend saw Wehmer on Sunday, apparently intoxicated, and she was knocking on the door of a friend.
The friend was not alarmed by the behavior of Wehmer because Wehmer was frequently intoxicated and seemed confused, police said.

Childs said he is surprised by what could have happened. Wehmer suffered nerve damage due to alcohol consumption, he said, and she could not have walked to the police department, although it is less than a half mile from his home. He wonders why the cruiser was open.

Despite her struggles with alcohol, Childs described Wehmer as fun and good-natured. They had lived together for eight years.

Girl, 11, electrocuted inside swimming pool in front of her mother

Lauren Cecil 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A little girl died in a swimming pool in front of her mother after an electrical current hit the water, according to emergency workers in North Carolina.

An evening at swim practice turned deadly for an eleven-year-old in Davidson County.
Lauren Cecil was electrocuted while swimming in the pool at Brookside Swim Club, Tuesday, at 8:00 pm.

A power line snapped about fifty feet away from the pool. The electricity traveled through the ground and sent a high voltage current through the water. The president of Brookside Swim Club, Julie Rhodes, said that people at the pool heard a loud "pop" sound and saw a power line near the road opposite of the swimming club fall into the parking lot.

Rhodes sent a lifeguard to the parking lot to check on the cable. They were worried that the cable will pose a risk to parents and children in the parking lot when leaving practice. The cable did not fall into the pool.

Rhodes said that there were about 5 children in the pool area at the time of the incident, and about three of them in the water in the moments before the electric current traveled through the water. The children were not immediately told to leave because the cable had not fallen into the pool and did not pose an immediate threat.

When some of the children began saying that the pool felt funny, lifeguards told them to leave. Two of the children jumped out, but Lauren grabbed the ladder in order to leave.

The lifeguard, a swimming coach and Rhodes were shocked with electricity when they tried to pull Lauren off the ladder. They kept her head above water with a wooden board, until they could get her out.
Lauren's mother was in the pool and witnessed the event. Rhodes said she ran to her daughter when she began to struggle.

Emergency workers arrived at the scene and did CPR until Lauren was brought to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Some of the other children, who had been in the pool with Lauren, were checked by emergency workers at the scene, and they did not require further treatment.

The pool is still closed, and the power is still turned off.
Rhodes said that Lauren was a happy child, who was practicing hard on Tuesday night, during one of the last practices before the Davidson County Swim Championships this weekend.

Lauren’s swim coach said that the family wants the contest to continue as planned.
The Office of the Davidson County Sheriff is investigating the incident.

Scientists charge their smart phones with urine

Woman using her mobile phone illustration 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A group of scientists showed that it is possible to charge a smart phone with urine.

How desperate have you been to charge your cell phone? If you knew your own pee could charge it enough to make a single call, send a text or view Google Maps, would you do it?

Thanks to some British researchers, who claim to have harnessed the power of urine to charge a mobile phone, this may be possible in the near future. Researchers at Bristol Robotics Laboratory, a collaboration between the University of West England and University of Bristol, were able to pee into microbial fuel cells, or MFC, to create enough electricity to charge a Samsung smart phone.

"For now, the charge of microbial fuel energy we have developed generates enough energy to enable SMS messaging, Internet browsing and the making of a short phone call," Dr. Ioannis Ieropoulos said in a press release.

MFC uses live bacteria metabolism to convert organic matter into electricity. The bacteria are placed inside the ceramic cylinders, and when the urine passes through the bacteria feed the chemicals in the urine converts into a small amount of electricity.

This is not the first time urine was turned into electricity. As we reported earlier, these days, when everyone is trying to conserve power for environmental and economic reasons, several teens figured out a way to turn urine into power.

Four Nigerian teens have recently been credited for the invention of an electrical generator powered by urine.
Although Nigeria's economy is growing, more than half of the 162 million citizens of the country have no access to electricity, and even those who have access to electricity cannot be guaranteed to have power every day.

The teens used the opportunity to urge the Federal Government to privatize the electric agency, and renew and improve the country’s electricity generating equipment.

The four teens did not wait on the government and have found their own solution to the energy crisis. They used a resource that is free and unlimited, easy to obtain, and does not depend on government.

Duro-Aina Adebola, Akindele Abiola, Faleke Oluwatoyin, all 14-years-old, and 15-year-old Bello Eniola, presented their invention at Maker Faire Africa entrepreneurs event in Lagos, southern Nigeria.

According to Maker Faire officials, the urine is placed in an electrolytic cell, which separates the urea nitrogen, water and hydrogen. The hydrogen then enters a filter, which is then introduced into the gas cylinder.

The purified hydrogen gas is introduced into the generator, and a liter of urine provides six hours of electricity.
The co-founder of the two-day event, Erik Hersman, said the event showcased practical innovation.
Maker Faire officials described the generator as "possibly one of the most unexpected invention ever.”

“Way to go girls, this is definitely an awesome invention which will provide cheap electricity for the poorest of people. Hopefully, the government will approve the system for wide public use, which will solve the energy crisis once and for all,” Sally Tucker, 36, of Ogden, Utah told after being asked to comment on the urine powered generator.

While the new generator urine system has some safety measures installed, it could take more measures before it can be sold to the public.