3,000 year old Biblical King David palace found in Israel

King David's palace 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A huge palace belonging to King David was discovered in Israel, according to a statement released by Israeli archaeologist.

Two large structures that are believed to have been a part of the palace of King David, have been unearthed by archaeologists in Jerusalem.

Over the past year, archaeologists have excavated a site that they believe is the fortified Biblical city of Shaarayim in Judea, where David killed Goliath, as described in the Bible.

Two archeologists, professor Yossi Garfinkel, of the Hebrew University and Saar Ganor, said that the ruins are the best evidence so far documenting the fortress city of King David.

They said this is irrefutable proof of the existence of a central authority in Judah in the time of King David.
Garfinkel and Ganor identified a structure as the house of King David and the other as a huge warehouse.
They are the two largest buildings known to have existed in the tenth century BC in Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, the Israel Antiquities Authority, or IAA, said that they are sure that the site can be attributed to the reign of King David.

Hundreds of artifacts, including stone tools, pottery vessels, seals and religious objects typical of the era, were found on the site.

The excavations were completed on Friday.

Nazi-themed Indonesia cafe receives worldwide condemnation

The Soldatenkaffee cafe 
By: Eva Fett

A Nazi-themed cafe in Indonesia received worldwide condemnation after it was brought to light by a local newspaper.

Now, the Indonesian authorities plan to ask the restaurant owner to explain his reasons for opening a Nazi-themed cafe that has sparked controversy among locals and tourists.

Soldatenkaffee includes a red wall adorned with Nazi-related memorabilia, including a swastika flag and a giant picture of Adolf Hitler. The cafe employees dressed in SS or Schutzstaffel military uniforms, and were seen posing in front of the cafe on the store’s Facebook page.

The cafe, located in the West Java capital of Bandung, is a popular tourist destination in Indonesia. It opened in April 2011. However, a recent article published in an English-language newspaper, has provoked angry responses by some foreigners and Indonesians on social networks.

Ayi Vivananda, Deputy Mayor of Bandung, said that a letter was sent Thursday to Henry Mulyana, the owner of the cafe, in order to meet with officials to discuss his reasons for opening the cafe and if his goal was to incite racial hatred.

"These are internationally recognized symbols that represent violence and racism," Vivananda said.
Mulyana said his goal was not hatred. Instead, he said he wanted to decorate his restaurant with Nazi symbols in order to attract customers, both local and foreign.

He also denied being pro-Nazi or pro-Hitler, who are responsible for the death of 6 million Jews during World War Two.
"I'm just a businessman, not a politician," Mulyana said. "I have the right to design my restaurant in a way that attracts people to come in. I'm sure I'm not breaking any laws," he said.

He said the recent controversy has forced the temporary closure of his restaurant. He declined to say if he would be willing to remove the Nazi decorations if ordered by authorities to do so.
"Let's wait and see," he said.

Kidnapped 5-year-old girl found after she pops out of homeless man’s trash can

Child found in trash can 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A mother faced her worst nightmare, when her young daughter went missing while playing with other children.

After the 5-year-old disappeared, her community came together in support of the family and to search for the girl.

Residents in Tembisa, Ekurhuleni, South Africa, helped in the search. They searched different areas such as parks, reservoirs and even landfills, in hopes of finding some clue to the whereabouts of the missing 5-year-old.

"While we were in the park, an old man came pushing a trash can and my daughter suddenly popped out,” the missing girl’s mother said. "They all ran over to the girl who was crying and was very traumatized," the mother added.

According to the mother, when the man realized that he had been caught, he left his trash can behind and fled. He dashed into a taxi and sped off. Luckily, a driver saw them screaming and chased the taxi.
The taxi driver, not knowing why he was being followed, stopped his car and the suspect was captured.

Angry residents, who have been searching for the girl, beat up the homeless man before the police arrived.
The man allegedly confessed to taking the child to his place where he tried to rape her, but could not because she was crying.

"I'm happy that my daughter is alive, but I am devastated that her innocence was stolen," the mother said. The girl is undergoing trauma therapy.
Police spokesperson Captain Manyadza Ralidzivha said the man is still in the hospital recovering from injuries he received when he was beaten by angry residents and has been charged with kidnapping.

Returning soldier surprises wife and kids with scuba diving reunion

Soldier surprises wife and kids  
By: Debbi Gross

(Scroll down for video) A mother, who took her kids scuba diving, had the surprise of her life, when she suddenly spotted her husband in the water.

This was a special moment for a U.S. soldier, who had been serving in Afghanistan for six months. He returned earlier than his family expected and surprised his wife and kids.

U.S. Air Force Captain Hyrum Bronson was wearing scuba equipment before emerging from under the water for an emotional reunion.
His wife Bethany Bronson thought it would be another three weeks before her husband returns home.

While the family was in the water, a family friend recorded a video message for him, which was promised to be sent to him via Facebook. One of his daughter’s said: “I love him and I will love him for always.” His wife said: “I love you, miss you, I want your body.”

Seconds later, Captain Bronson appeared from under the water, saying: "Mrs. Bronson, your husband is here, reporting for duty."
As his children ran to him, an emotional Bethany remained mute in the water before receiving a warm hug.

The couple remained locked in each others arms, while their children stood nearby screaming “daddy daddy”. They were all so happy to see him. It was an overwhelming moment for the soldier to see his family again. The Bronsons have four children together.

"After being in Afghanistan for six months and three months training in the States with only a short month home in between, which is finally home! Mrs. Bronson wrote on YouTube.

In a comment on YouTube one person wrote:
“I know you love your wife, but please give those precious kids some attention!”

To which Captain Bronson replied:
“Oh believe me, they have gotten tons of attention from daddy the last few days. The video ended before I could pull myself together, but right after it ended, I hugged all the kids, and I have been with them almost non stop since then! They are precious and they love having their daddy home!”

Bumblebee caught on video giving high-fives to man

Bumblebee seen giving high-fives 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) Most people would rather stay away from a bumblebee because of the fear of being stung by the insect.

However, one brave man became friendly with a bee. A woman was holding a food item with a bumblebee sitting on top of it, when a man walked over to the bumblebee and tried to touch the insect.

According to the video uploaded to the internet, the man claims to have been drunk at the time of the daring incident.

"Are you alive then or what?” The man asked before saying hello to the bee. As the man pointed his finger towards the bumblebee, to his surprise, the bumblebee seems to be reciprocating, and "high-fiving" the man's finger.
The odd couple exchanged a series of high-fives, leaving his friends laughing.

This may have been a friendly gesture on the part of the bumblebee, but according to reports, bumblebees sometime lift their legs when they feel threatened, so the movement of "high-five" may have actually meant "Get away from me right now."

Either way, the cute incident made its way to the internet, where it was enjoyed by many people. The person who uploaded the video reported that the bumblebee was not hurt, and flew away, leaving the laughing crowd behind.

Oklahoma woman, 23, tries to kill elderly neighbor after he told everyone she slept with a cat

Kristina Michelle Brown 
By: John Roberts

A woman was arrested after she threatened to kill her neighbor, and admitting to officers that she had sex with a cat.

The woman was convinced that a neighbor knew that she had sex with a cat and she believed that he was the one who told others about her incident. In revenge, the Oklahoma woman allegedly threatened the man with a knife.

Oklahoma City police officers arrested Kristina Michelle Brown, 23, following her bizarre confrontation her 72-year-old neighbor, Elmer Morrison.

According to a Oklahoma City police officer, Morrison told an officer that Brown had been standing at the fence between their houses yelling: “Come outside I know you are in there,” while holding a pocket knife in her hand.

When police questioned Brown, she explained she was upset with Morrison “because of what he did to me.” When a police officer asked what he did, she explained: “I had sex with my cat and everyone knows.”

Morrison, a retired salesman, was horrified when he heard Brown’s statements to police. “This is news to me,” Morrison said, adding that he had little interaction with Brown, who has lived next to him with other members of her family.

Brown was charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon, a felony, and booked into jail where she is being held on $5,000 bail.

Police officers agree to arrest woman as part of elaborate marriage proposal

Ben Vienneau proposes to Marcia Belyea 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video)A man came up with an elaborate marriage proposal, which involved his girlfriend being arrested.

The Brunswick, Canada man decided to participate in a radio contest, where the strangest wedding proposal wins money for the wedding.

When his girlfriend, Marcia Belyea, heard about the radio contest, she suggested that they enter. Little did she know that her boyfriend, Ben Vienneau, took her seriously and came up with a strange and scary proposal.

One day, while the couple was riding in a car, they were pulled over by a police officer. Belyea was asked by officers to step out of the car and she was placed into the squad car. She began crying because she was under the impression that she was going to jail, but it was just part of her boyfriend’s unique marriage proposal.

Vienneau and his brother-in-law, who is a police officer, arranged the proposal. The officer, who pulled them over, told Belyea that she had $2,000 in unpaid parking tickets and she may be facing 30 days in jail plus a fine.
She was sitting in the back of the police car crying when her boyfriend approached and the officer offered her an "alternative" to being arrested.

"Ben and I have reached an agreement, the officer said, in which we agreed to waive the fine if you take his hand in marriage," the officer said. Belyea said yes, got out of the police car, accepted the ring and hugged her boyfriend.

Fortunately, it had a happy ending. Vienneau and Belyea are in love and have two children together.
Now, the couple hopes that the popularity of their video, will help them win the radio contest, where the winner will receive $20,000 towards a wedding.

Popular Florida restaurant fires its workers through text message

The text message in question 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A company came up with a clever idea how to proceed with the difficult task of firing its workers.

Being fired, is an emotionally difficult experience for employees. So pity the former employees of the Barducci’s Italian Bistro, who recently learned they had lost their jobs through a text message. The restaurant is located in Winter Park, Florida.

To top it off, employees received the news on July 4, Jodi Jackson, an employee who was fired via text message, said.
Some employers use text message in order to avoid face conversations that could be uncomfortable and unpleasant, but Jackson, who worked at the company for two years, feels that the text message from her former boss was inexcusable. "I think it's immoral. I think it's cowardice," Jackson said.

To make matters worse, Jackson is still waiting to receive her final paycheck. The restaurant manager said in a statement by text of course: “Business all across Florida close down all the time especially in the restaurant sector. We apologize and we are working to resolve the issue regarding your final paycheck.”

This is not the first report of business firing their employees through non-sensitive methods. In 2010, Shayne Bolsher learned he lost his job as a manager at Fife Fine Foods in Leicestershire, England, when his boss sent him this text message:

“Dear Shayne. It is with regret that I give you just a weeks notice, but due to the continuing drop in business I will have to let you go. I was going to call during working hours, but I received your number after the close of regular business hours. I will give you reference if you need. Barry.”

Also, a waitress in the United Kingdom found out that she lost her job through a Facebook wall post.

Woman seen on video being rescued after being stuck between two brick walls for 7 hours

The woman being pulled from between the walls 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A woman is lucky to be alive after she was pulled out from between two brick walls where she was trapped for more than seven hours, according to video uploaded to the internet.

China Firefighters said that they have rescued a woman after she became trapped between the two walls on her way home.

The woman from the Anhui Province, in eastern China, was taking a shortcut through a narrow gap on Saturday when she became stuck around 10:00 pm.

Despite her attempts to wiggle herself out, she remained trapped until 5:00 am the next morning, when a passerby heard her cries and called police.

It took firefighters 20 minutes to free the woman. Firefighters used hammers and drills to break one of the walls.
As one of the emergency workers protected the woman, his partner slowly broke off a section of the wall before she was pulled from the gap.

Florida woman slams car into tree while trying to run over her boyfriend

Veronica Doctor 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A woman was hospitalized after she tried to run over her boyfriend with her car, but instead, she ran over a tree, according to hospital officials in Florida.

Collier County Police said that a woman, who was intoxicated, drove her sport utility vehicle into a tree.

Officers of the Collier County Sheriff said investigators responded to a call from the Immokalee neighborhood about 2:15 am Tuesday and they saw Veronica Doctor, 45, walking away from the driver’s side of the vehicle. She seemed to have problems walking normally. That is when police suspected that the woman might be drunk.

Deputies said that Doctor smelled of alcohol and refused to talk to them.
A friend, who was in the passenger seat of the black GMC SUV told deputies that Doctor had driven to the house of her former boyfriend.

We contacted the former boyfriend and he told deputies that Doctor began driving in circles in his front yard when he refused to open the door around 2:00 am. He went to confront her because she was driving drunk.

The man said he tried to leave at the end of the discussion, but she chased him with the vehicle. He said Doctor hit the tree while she tried to run him over.

At the hospital, doctors tested the blood alcohol content of Doctor and it measured at 0.259, well above the legal limit of .08.
Doctor was charged with aggravated assault and driving under the influence.

Two Texas men arrested after 10 men gang rape runaway girl, 13, and record the attack

Juan Lozano Ortega and Edgar Gerardo Guzman Perez 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Two men were arrested and charged with child rape related charges after as many as ten men gang raped a girl and recorded the attack on video, according to police reports in Texas.

Austin Police said that the men took turns sexually assaulting a 13-year-old runaway girl from Texas in an apartment. Some men were seen on video cheering on the attack after several men recorded the incident with their cell phone cameras, according to court documents released Thursday.

Authorities have charged two men in the alleged attack, which began after the girl escaped from a group home for children in Austin and got into a car with three unknown men.

Juan Lozano Ortega, 25, and Edgar Gerardo Guzman Perez, 26, were charged Wednesday with aggravated sexual assault, a felony. They were detained in the Travis County Jail on $30,000 bond each.

"All the men took turns having sex with the victim against her will, which lasted until the early hours of the morning," the court was told.

Investigators were able to locate Ortega and Perez because one of them let the girl use his cell phone after dumping her on the street and telling her to find a place to go. The victim called her foster brother, who refused to come pick her up, but his caller ID documented the suspect's phone number.

Doctors who examined the girl told investigators that their findings were consistent with her allegations.

Florida woman throws her baby at police after being chased for shoplifting

Ashley Taylor Wright 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A woman, who desperately wanted to escape from police, threw her baby at police officers in order to slow them down, according to police reports in Florida.

Okaloosa County Police said that a Pensacola woman has been arrested for shoplifting. Police also said that while authorities tried to arrest her for stealing, she threw her baby at a deputy while trying to escape.

The Sheriff's Office of Okaloosa County said that Ashley Taylor Wright tried to smuggle out about $260 worth of items from a Dillard store.

Deputies approached her car in the parking lot Monday night and asked her to come out.
Authorities said the 23-year-old told the deputy, "You have to shoot my baby in order to get me."
Then, she allegedly ran from the car and threw the car seat with the baby at the deputy.
The child was not injured.

Two other children were also in the car.

Woman sues man claiming that his dog raped her dog

Dogs playing together illustration 
By: Debbie Gross

In a bizarre rape claim, one woman is suing a man because his dog raped her dog, according to a lawsuit filed in a Chinese court.

The female dog owner is demanding compensation of 100,000 yuan from the male dog owner, according to the lawsuit.
The incident began, when the two dogs were playing in a residential complex in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, and the male dog threw himself on the female dog.

The female dog owner claimed that her dog was from a pure breed and was "very valuable as long as it remained a virgin."
To date, a judge has made no decision on compensation, as authorities have not been able to determine whether the female dog was really raped or if it was consensual. The dog was castrated after the incident.

Immigration officer fired after putting his wife on terrorist no fly list for personal reasons

Immigration officer illustration 
By: John Roberts

An officer of the immigration department was fired after he admitted putting his wife on the terrorist no fly list in order to keep her out of the country, according to immigration officials in the United Kingdom.

Officials said that the officer used his access to a security databases to include his wife on a watch list of people banned from boarding flights to Britain because their presence in the country "is not conducive to the public good".

As a result, the woman was unable to return from Pakistan after traveling to the county to visit family, for three years.
The incident went unnoticed until the officer in question was selected for a promotion and the woman's name was found in the list of suspects during a vetting inquiry.

The Home Office confirmed today that the officer has been fired for misconduct.
His wife visited family in Pakistan, but when she tried to return to Britain, she was not allowed to board the aircraft. Airline officials and immigration officials refused to tell her why she was being prohibited from boarding.

She was forced to remain in Pakistan for three years until her husband's misconduct came to light.
The suspect was investigated after the higher level job required him to pass a more stringent security clearance check.

During the investigation, the name of his wife was discovered on the do not fly list, to the surprise of security staff.
When questioned, the officer confessed that he put his wife’s name on the list in order to keep her out of the country. He was fired immediately.

Boy, 4, finds loaded marijuana pipe inside Burger King kid’s meal

Burger King meal illustration 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A grandfather was shocked after he and his grandson discovered a loaded marijuana pipe inside a Burger King kid’s meal, according to police reports in Michigan.

While finding a marijuana pipe inside a fast food meal might make some people very happy, the Michigan man who found drug paraphernalia inside the meal of his 4-year-old grandson was not happy at all.

The grandfather called police when he found the pipe in the Burger King kid’s meal on Tuesday. The meal was purchased at a franchise in Dundee, Michigan.

"He bought the meal for his 4-year-old grandson, and when he opened it he found a marijuana pipe," Dundee Police Chief David Uhl said.

The grandfather also wrote down a license plate number of a car full of young people, who had been outside of the restaurant. He said they looked suspicious. Officers who arrived at the Burger King were able to locate the car, which was indeed found to contain marijuana.

Upon further questioning, a 23-year-old employee of the restaurant admitted that the pipe was his, and that he had put in the food in order to hide it.

The employee and two people from the car, 18 and 20-years-old, were cited for possession of drug paraphernalia. They were released, but they could face more drug possession charges. None of the other suspects worked at Burger King.

Panic breaks out in New York City courtroom after defendant is seen covered with bugs

Manhattan criminal court and bedbug 
By: Shifra Unger

“People just ran,” a witness in the New York City courtroom said.

“Everyone would have been better off if this man would not have received a ticket,” another man said.

All hell broke loose inside a Manhattan Criminal Court Tuesday after terrified spectators said they saw bedbugs crawling up the neck of a man, who was there to respond to a desk appearance ticket.
The disgusting spectacle sent all judicial observers running.

"People began to freak out," a 49-year-old witness said. "Even the court officials panicked. It was disgusting," she added.
Courts spokesperson David Bookstaver confirmed the bug incident.
The incident occurred around 11:30 am. A court officer, who was assigned to one of the courtrooms handling arraignments, saw a commotion in the back and asked what was going on.

A woman stood up and announced that a man sitting next to her was covered with bugs, causing chaos.
Several observers ran out of the room. The defendant also ran away from the scene.
Judicial officials emptied the last three rows, and the hearing continued.]

After 20 minutes, an exterminator came and the courtroom was evacuated.
When the room opened again, yellow police tape cordoned off the last three rows.
"People were scratching themselves," a witness said. "Everyone in the courtroom was uncomfortable," he added.
"I'm still scratching myself" added the witness. "Just telling the story makes me itch," he said.

Bookstaver said the incident began after viewers saw bugs jumping of a defendant.
"Court personnel were immediately notified and inspected the courtroom," Bookstaver said.
"As a precautionary measure, the court was exterminated," he said.