Hikers and their dog killed by driving their car into ocean just hours after being rescued

Amy Stiner and Melissa Moyer 
By: Sarah Weiss

Two hikers and their dog, died just hours after being rescued by driving their car into the ocean, according to police reports in Maine.

Maine Police said that a pregnant woman and her friend visiting from Pennsylvania got lost hiking. They were rescued by police, but died later that night, when the woman accidentally drove her car into the ocean on the foggy night.

Amy Stiner, 37, of Machias and Melissa Moyer, 38, of Sunbury, Pennsylvania, allegedly drowned when Stiner drove her car down a boat ramp at the end of a dead-end street at 9:00 pm Tuesday in a town of 300 people in eastern Maine, Washington county Sheriff Donnie Smith said. He called the death a tragic accident made ​​worse because Stiner was five months pregnant.

"They called to say that they were in the water and the car was filling up. Then the phone went dead," Smith said. "An hour later, officers found the car," he said.

Earlier that afternoon, the women walked in the Roque Bluffs State Park, but got lost and asked for help. A landowner found them and gave them rides with his ATV back to his house, where an officer took them to their car, which was parked in the park.
Then, Stiner drove towards to boat ramp.

Authorities found the car submerged about 175 feet from the boat ramp, women and their dog inside, with the doors locked and windows closed.

The weather may have contributed to the accident, Smith said.
"It looks like they went in the wrong direction and drove off the ramp," he said. "If you do not know the area, between the fog and rain, it would not be a difficult thing to do," he said.

Police tell rape victim it wasn't rape because man didn’t have an orgasm

Students at a press conference 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A rape victim was shocked to learn that police won’t file any charges because the man did not have an orgasm and therefore it was not rape.

A group of 13 students from the University of Southern California, along with several other students, who do not wish to be identified, suffered by university administrators and the Department of Public Safety in response to allegations of sexual violence in the campus.

One of the students involved in a complaint at the University of Southern California, or USC, who asked to remain anonymous, said a DPS, or Department of Public Safety, detective said that university police determined that a crime did not occur in the case because the alleged assailant did not have an orgasm, and therefore, they had decided not to refer the case to the police department of Los Angeles.

"Because he stopped, it was not rape," he said, according to the complaint. "Although his penis entered your vagina, since he stopped, it was not a crime," he added.

Some students said on Monday they have filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education to determine if their civil rights had been violated.

Tucker Reed, founder of the Student Coalition Against Rape, or SCAR, and several other students, expressed their grievances against the school for not taking action against the accused perpetrators, even when presented with confessions.
In response to a Title IX complaint, the U.S Department of Education Office for Civil Rights has launched an investigation.

Office for Civil Rights Director Charles R. Love confirmed in a letter that the agency is investigating allegations that the college failed to process and adjudicate complaints of sexual violence and to respond quickly to complaints of harassment at school. These claims could be violations of Title IX, a federal law on gender equality.

Sephardim crowned king of the kitchen in Ashkenazi vs Sephardic cook off in London

The annual Gefiltefest 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A Sephardic dish won favor in the eyes of judges in London at the annual Ashkenazi vs Sephardic food competition.

Ashkenazi and Sephardic cuisine date back centuries, but the two are very different from each other. In the fourth annual Gefiltefest held at the London Jewish Cultural Centre, cooks on both sides of the aisle have taken part in a cook-off competition.
Ashkenazi and Sephardic teams had one hour to create an egg and potato dish.

Since the start, the atmosphere was tense as the Sephardic team was comprised of just one man, leaving Eran Tibi to fend for himself, while Simon Goldhill and Josh Zaitchek were in the Ashkenazi kitchen.

The expert panel judged each dish, and despite the high culinary standards, the Sephardic team was crowned king of the kitchen as the dish won the hearts of many attendees.

The first Ashkenazi vs Sephardic Gefiltefest cook-off was a success, particularly in highlighting the rich variety of Jewish cooking.

Ten percent of Israelis now live in Jerusalem

Residents touring Jerusalem illustration 
By: Sarah Weiss

New statistics show that 10 percent of Israelis are now living in Jerusalem, according to new government data.

The government said that ten percent of Israelis live in Jerusalem, according to a report by the Central Bureau of Statistics on Tuesday. The capital of Israel is the most populous city, with 815,308 residents.

To understand the significance of the figure, the number of people living in Jerusalem is the same as the number of people living in the Israeli cities of Tel Aviv, Haifa and Ashkelon combined.

The second most populous city of Israel is Tel Aviv with 414,000 residents.

Third on the list is Haifa, with 272,000 residents, and fourth on the list with 214,000 residents is Ashdod. The fifth most populous city is Petach Tikva, with 213,000 residents. Petach Tikva is also the fastest growing city in recent years in terms of population.

Rounding out the top ten are Be’er Sheva with 193,000 residents, Netanya with 192,000 residents, Holon with 185,000 residents, Bnei Brak with 168,000 residents and Ramat Gan with 148,000 residents.

Washington court rules that Jerusalem is not part of Israel

U.S. Passport illustration 
By: David Ross

A Washington court has dealt a blow to Jews, who were born in Jerusalem and wanted to list Israel as their birthplace on U.S. Passports, according to court proceedings.

A federal appeals court on Tuesday declared unconstitutional a law giving thousands of U.S. citizens born in Jerusalem, the choice to list Israel as their place of birth on U.S. Passports.

In a separation of powers conflict focused on Middle East policy, the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia found that the law passed by Congress in 2002 intrudes on the president's powers.

"While the powers of the president are not precisely defined, courts have long recognized alleged dominant position of the president in foreign affairs," Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson wrote in a decision.

A law in 2002 allowed U.S. citizens born in Jerusalem to request official documents that list their birthplace as Israel.
The State Department under Republican and Democratic administrations, has refused to follow the order of Congress.

"Congress clearly intended to force the State Department to deviate from its position of neutrality regarding Jerusalem," Henderson wrote. She was joined by Judges Judith W. Rogers and David S. Tatel, who also wrote a concurring opinion.

The case, which reached the Supreme Court in 2011, was presented by Ari and Naomi Zivotofsky, U.S. citizens, whose son Menachem Benjamin was born in Jerusalem in 2002. The couple wanted their child's passport to say he was born in Israel.

Service makes traveling to and from Israel with pets a breeze

Pets traveling in Israel 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Are you planning to immigrate to Israel, but are worried about your pet? Now, a service will take care of your pet.

Dr. Eytan Kreiner, founder and CEO at Terminal4Pets, said that pet owners relocate with pets on a daily basis. Some of them are grad students traveling abroad with 2 suitcases. Others are diplomats and members of the business community that are shipped overseas with the professional aid provided by the company.

They are entitled to support and funding in respect to: housing, work permits, schools, driver license and more. But those making Aliyah and returning to Israel after years face diverse challenges as they deal with every obstacle, from finding a permanent housing solution, through finding a job, forwarding all their belongings, catching up on their Hebrew etc. they have so much on their plate!

This is why our pet flight team at Terminal4Pets came up with the idea to expand the service provided to pet owners that make Aliyah or return to Israel without adding a Cent to the price!

The Israeli pet travel agency helps new comers settle in. Upon their arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, our team provides them with the V.I.P. service in which we release their pet from the cargo department and assist them throughout the security, custom clearance and passport inspection and immigration authorities, making sure their landing goes smoothly. Also, we have a car waiting to take them and their pet safely and comfortably, with their extended luggage, to their new residency.

In the event that they make plans to arrive in Israel prior to finding a home or wish to take some time to get settled down before welcoming their pet in their new home – our representative take the pet to our pet boarding facility, where they enjoy veterinarian supervision 24/7. Once the client gets settled in, we arrange the pet transport to the new home address.

The Israeli Pet Travel Agency does not take no for an answer. The Israeli Minister of Agriculture has banned certain breeds in the course of time. Among the banned breeds are Rottweilers, Amstaffs and more breeds that are favored by pet lovers abroad. Dog owners relocating to Israel temporally tend to think twice before importing a banned breed into Israel as the process is longer and much more complicated.

However, when a client makes Aliyah or returns to Israel FOR GOOD, we will overcome every obstacle to import the dog into Israel. No matter how long it takes or how hard we will have to fight, we will make sure that the dog makes its way to Israel with its owner.

The Israeli Pet Travel Agency is especially qualified to help people with special needs
Our pet flight consultants are the only professional shippers in the entire Middle East that deal with Emotional Support Animal (A.S.A).

We can help people with 'special needs' travel with their dog in the main cabin – right beside them – as an Emotional Support
Animal or guide dog. We are the only ones that can provide them with the documents needed to define a dog as A.S.A. also we will negotiate on our clients behalf with: airlines, airport authorities, doctors, social workers, psychiatrist and or any other expert, in order to guarantee that they get the physical and emotional support they need.

The Israeli Pet Travel Agency helps pet owners travel legally and safely to and from Israel. We offer unique advanced services which include: regulations and documents check, veterinarian support (relevant to pet shipping and importation), airline tickets for people and pets or cargo shipments, airline approved kennels, pet boarding facilities abroad and more.

72-year-old man arrested after setting clothing on fire at TJ Maxx department store

Richard Wesko 
By: Debbi Gross

An elderly man was arrested after he lit a fire inside a TJ Maxx department store.

Richard Wesko, 72, of North Port, Florida, was arrested and charged with arson, after he allegedly set fire to clothing at TJ Maxx.

Officers were called to the department store, located on Del Prado Boulevard, at about 3:30 pm. The Cape Coral Fire Department and State Fire Marshal also responded to the scene and assisted police in the investigation.

It was determined that someone has set garments on fire using a lighter. The man set fire to clothing on three different racks in three different locations within the store, according to the arrest report.

Based on witness statements, Wesko was identified as the responsible party. He was charged with arson in the first degree, and he was taken to the Lee County Jail.
Wesko was released after posting $20,000 bail.

In another incident a involving fire, A man and teenage son were arrested after setting a 7-year-old on fire while recording the incident.

The Pennsylvania man and his teenage son are accused of setting a boy, who is the son of the man’s girlfriend, on fire and recording the incident. Edward Myers, 35, allegedly used a cell phone to record the incident, which occurred in Saxonburg, at the home of his former girlfriend.

The 7-year-old victim had third degree burns on the face and chest after Myers allegedly sprayed a flammable liquid on the boy’s shirt and watched as his 15-year-old son lit the boy’s shirt on fire. Two of Myers’ sons allegedly shot the victim several times with pellet guns.

When the victim's mother came home, she took her son to Butler Memorial Hospital. He was later transferred to the burn unit at another hospital because of the severity of the injuries, which covered ten percent of his body. The hospital notified police of the incident.

Police are still investigating the motive of the brutal attack, but one of the young suspects allegedly called the incident a "joke."

Myers was charged with assault, reckless endangerment, and possession of a controlled substance. He is being held in the Butler County jail on bail of $250,000 cash. His 15-years-old was charged as a minor. His case is being handled by the juvenile court.

Teenager arrested for killing her father after he did not pay for the drugs she supplied to him

Angelina Davis 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A man was found dead in his house in Oklahoma, according to police reports. Police said that the man’s teenage daughter was arrested for the murder.

Angelina Davis, 18, of Oklahoma City, was jailed Thursday after she allegedly strangled her father because he did not pay for the drugs she gave him.

Neighbors called police after they went to check on Jay Davis and found him dead inside his home.
Police said the investigation began after two neighbors found 77-year-old Davis dead in his run down house in Oklahoma City.

Investigators said Davis was found with a rope around his neck and his wallet was missing. According to investigators, Davis could have been dead for several days before being found by his concerned neighbors.

Officials began searching for the man's daughter, Angelina, after obtaining evidence and witness statements that made her the likely suspect in the case.

According to the arrest report, the teenager allegedly harassed her father for money on a regular basis, and she regularly beat him. She allegedly told her friends she was going to kill her father if he did not pay for the drugs she gave him.

Davis knew the exact spot in the house where her father died, according to police. This information would be impossible for an outsider to know. When she was questioned by police, she provided information that only someone who was there at the time of the murder would know.

Davis, who is a drug addict and allegedly worked as a prostitute, was booked into jail on a charge of murder. She is being held without bail.

Florida teacher fired after extinguishing fire at school

Michelle Hammack protests after being fired 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A day care teacher was fired after putting out a fire at her school.

While most people see the teacher as a hero, the administration at the day care facility in Florida does not. The administration did not like what she did and she was fired.

Michelle Hammack worked at the Little Temples Childcare facility in Arlington, Florida. One day, while her students were napping, she smelled a fire in the school. Naturally, she went to investigate. "I just looked around and saw that there was a fire in the oven,"

Hammack said. "I ran there, opened it to try to put the fire out, and the fire alarm went off," she also said. Hammack grabbed a fire extinguisher, turned off the oven, and then, she opened the oven and put out the fire.

Hammack then rushed back to her classroom. She woke up her sleeping students and took them outside. All other teachers at the school did the same. After she did a head count of her students, Hammack returned to school to make sure the fire had not spread.

The fire department came to the school and they inspected the area. The fire had already been extinguished by Hammack and the area was deemed safe. Staff and students were allowed to re-enter the school.

But instead of being applauded for her handling of the fire, Hammack was fired.
"She was fired just because she left her classroom," the owner of the day care, Olga Rozhaov, said. "Even though the children were sleeping, she had to stay in class," she said.

Hammack said that the fire probably would have spread if she did not put it out. She is upset that she was fired for putting out the fire. "I did not start the fire. I put it out," she said.

But Rozhaov is standing behind her decision to fire Hammack.
"It is not acceptable, and if someone else will do it, I’m going to fire them as well," Rozhaov said.

Government employee sentenced to spend next 5 Christmases in jail after helping illegal immigrants

Betina Young 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A former female government worker avoided a lengthy jail sentence. However, she will spend the next 5 Christmases behind bars.

Betina Young, 44, of Ohio is a former employee of the deputy registrar’s office in Gahanna. She will spend her next five Christmas holidays in jail for issuing state identification cards and driver's licenses to immigrants, who entered the country illegally.

Young, 44, pleaded guilty to five charges of tampering with records. Young took money from illegal immigrants and then falsified records to show that they presented the necessary documentation to verify their immigration status, according to Assistant Prosecutor Kimberly Bonds.

Young was ordered by Judge Michael J. Holbrook to spend five Christmas days in prison. Young was also placed on five years probation, and she received a fine of $3,000. If Young violates her probation, she will be sent to prison for 15 years, the judge said.

In the same scandal, Kpoto Sekou, 42, was accused of serving as the middleman between the illegal immigrants and the government worker.
Kpoto allegedly requested bribes from foreign nationals and brought them to the Gahanna agency, where Young issued fraudulent ID cards and licenses. During her seven years as an employee, it is estimated that Young helped about 95 illegal immigrants get IDs, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles said.

It is alleged that Kpoto received between $700 and $1,500 per transaction, a portion of which was paid to Young. Kpoto, was charged with five counts of tampering with records. He is still awaiting trial.

Zoo to mate rhino siblings in order to save species

Sumatran rhino 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A zoo director said they will mate two rare rhino siblings in order to save their species.

Many people including some biologists believe that it is wrong to mate siblings and it might even do more harm than good.

But conservationists decided to go ahead with their plan and believe that is for the greater good.
Six-year-old Harapan is one of two Sumatran rhinos in North America. The other rhino is its older sister, Suci, which is nine-years-old.

In the coming months, scientists from Cincinnati’s Linder Center for Conservation & Research of Endangered Wildlife (CREW), are hoping to work their magic and make the siblings mate to help save their species.

One hundred participants gathered in Singapore for a ‘Sumatran Rhino Crisis Summit’, where they discussed the issue that only about 100 of the two horns furry rhinos are alive in their native Southeast Asia, which means that the population has declined by over 50 percent in the last decade.

Dr. Terri Roth, who is the director of Linder Center for Conservation & Research of Endangered Wildlife at the Cincinnati Zoo, admitted that it's not ideal to breed siblings, but there is not much of a choice since there are not enough Sumatran rhinos.

Some biologists believe that inbreeding endangered animals could do more harm than good and perhaps even hasten their extinction.
"There are a lot of conservationists out there, who believe that it is most important to save and we can tolerate a bit of inbreeding if that's what it takes to bring the species back," Roth said.

"We're down to the last Sumatran rhino male and female on the continent, and I'm not willing to sit back and watch the last of the species become extinct," she added.

Harapan and its sister are two of the three Sumatran rhinos born in the Cincinnati Zoo.
Harapan was born in Cincinnati, but moved to White Oak Conservation Center in Florida and then to the Los Angeles Zoo, both of which are part of a team of zoos and organizations trying to save the Sumatran rhinos.

In the end, it will be up to the animals, if they decide to mate. If they do, then, a new Sumatran calf will be born 16 months later, but of the brother and sister refuse to mate together then, there is nothing conservationist can do about it.

Taco Bell stops putting toys inside kids meals

Taco Bell meal illustration 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) Taco Bell became the first major restaurant chain that is stopping the industry tradition of placing cool toys inside kids meals, according to a statement released by the company.

Taco Bell announced Tuesday that it is abandoning the practice of placing toys inside children's meals in the United States. The toys will begin to disappear from menus starting this month, and will disappear completely by next year.

"As we continue our journey to be a better and more relevant Taco Bell, food and children's toys just do not make sense for us," Greg Creed, president of Taco Bell, said in a statement.

The decision may be financial, but nutrition advocates have urged fast food chains to stop using toys in menus for children for years. Critics have long argued that this practice served as bait to hook young children on fast foods loaded with calories, fat and salt.

With Tuesday's announcement, Taco Bell becomes the first national chain that voluntarily stopped selling kids meals with toys, although regional chain Jack in the Box stopped the practice in 2011.

Monkey steals and breaks woman’s mobile phone

Monkey illustration 
By: John Roberts

A woman was left with a broken heart after a monkey stole her mobile phone and then broke it to pieces.

The Kuwaiti woman on Umra, or mini pilgrimage, in Saudi Arabia, had her mobile phone destroyed, when the monkey snatched it from her hand and ran away before it hit the ground and broke into pieces.

The woman was recording nature with her mobile phone while enjoying a picnic with her family in the hills surrounding the western Saudi city of Taif, when a monkey came out of nowhere, grabbed the phone and ran.

"I have lost all the phone’s records after it was broken," she said.

This was not the first time that a monkey caused problems. As we reported earlier, a police officer was attacked by a monkey after he tried to issue a speeding ticket to the monkey’s owner. The incident was caught on video, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The rookie police officer received a nasty surprise when the monkey bit his hand after he tried to hit its owner with the speeding ticket.

It seemed that the animal did not appreciate that the South Texas police officer, Keith Moore, giving its master the fine and decided to take revenge.

A video camera attached to the glasses of the 21-year-old Aransas Pass police officer recorded the moment the monkey grabbed the pen from his hand and bit him.
"We have been taught to be on guard at all times, but at that time I was not on guard for a monkey," Moore said.

"I was not angry. I was more shocked and surprised than anything else," he said.
Although the attack left a mark on the hand of the law man the officer managed to see the funny side of the episode and later joked about it with his co-workers.

We're not sure if the monkey, which is said to have appeared at carnivals and is usually very friendly, will face punishment.
Moore said that now, he will know to be more careful when approaching cars in the future.

Man disgusted after finding live slug inside Burger King sandwich

The slug in the sandwich 
By: Sarah Weiss

A man freaked out after discovering a live creeping slug inside his Burger King sandwich.
Manminber Singh, 37, was halfway through eating his chicken burger tendercrisp sandwich when he saw the creature crawling on his lettuce.

Singh, who bought the food while dining out with his wife in Darlington, United Kingdom, complained to staff that their food was contaminated, but was less than satisfied with their answer.

"The staff did not seem concerned at all, and the manager wanted to give me back my money," he said.
"She said there was a problem with the cooling, but I think it's because the place is not very clean," he said.

A Darlington Borough Council spokesperson said: "Our environmental health officers visited the Burger King in question and have begun preliminary investigations into their handling of food. From their initial visit, it seems that the slug has entered into the pre-washed lettuce because employees have not been careful enough with the food. There was no apparent evidence of an infestation of insects."

A spokesperson for Burger King U.K. Ltd., said: "As a global brand, we aim to provide the highest levels of food quality and service in all our restaurants so that our customers have a great experience with us all the time. We are taking this situation very seriously and are conducting a full investigation. We greatly value customer feedback to ensure we get our services, restaurants, and products, right at all times."

Boy arrested after stealing 10 cars, dumping some in nearby lake

Car in lake illustration 
By: Shifra Unger

A boy was arrested and charged with theft related charges after he was caught stealing ten cars and dumping some of them into a nearby lake, according to police reports in Russia.

Magadan Police said that a 17-year-old admitted to stealing the 10 vehicles and then dumping some of them into a nearby lake.
The teen has been arrested and faces criminal charges after dumping some cars into the Glinka lake.

"In order to locate and recover the stolen vehicles, which were dumped into the lake, the police requested the help of the search and rescue unit from the regional Emergency Situations Ministry," a police spokesperson said. "After a brief search, divers discovered the vehicles on the bottom of the Glinka lake and brought them to shore," he said.

Police are working to assess the damage to the vehicles, the spokesperson also said.

Elevator worker arrested after intentionally damaging escalator at shopping mall

Escalator illustration 
By: David Ross

An elevator worker was arrested and charged with vandalism related charges after he intentionally damaged an escalator at a shopping mall, according to police reports in Canada.

Hamilton Police said that an elevator worker has been arrested for allegedly damaging the escalator of a Burlington mall amid a province wide strike of elevator technicians.

Around 9:30 am, Halton Regional Police said that two men allegedly placed several screws on the slopes of an escalator at Mapleview Mall. The screws damaged the threads of the escalator, causing it to stop working.

At the time of the incident, the International Union of Elevator Constructors were in the midst of a strike. The strike lasted for several months.

John Dean Fournier, an employee of OTIS Elevator, was arrested on a charge of damage under $5,000. He was released on promise to appear in court in Milton.

Police said a second man allegedly responsible for the crime has been identified and the investigation is still ongoing.

Teen shoots himself in the foot to impress girlfriend

Man shoots himself in the foot illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A teen shot himself in the foot in order to impress his girlfriend, according to police reports in Greece.

Kato Ambelia Police said that a teen, who shot himself in the foot with his father's gun on Sunday night, has admitted to investigators that he did so in order to impress a girl.

The 16-year-old of Kato Ambelia in Serres, northern Greece, had told responding officers to reports of a shooting Sunday that he accidentally shot his foot while trying to scare off an intruder. The gun he used belonged to his father and had no license.

On Tuesday, however, the teenager admitted to police that he has made up the story and shot himself in a body part that he believed would have little risk to his life in order to amaze a girl with a story of heroism.

Doctors operated on his foot and they expect a full recovery.
His father is facing charges of illegal possession of a firearm and child neglect.

Oklahoma man arrested after torturing his girlfriend with power tool for 5 days

Clyde Harshaw 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with numerous felony charges after he kidnapped and tortured his girlfriend for several days, according to police reports in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Police said that a man kidnapped, drugged, raped and brutally tortured his girlfriend for a period of five days.
42-year-old Clyde Harshaw was arrested last week and charged with kidnapping, assault and battery, maiming and rape by an instrument.

Harshaw allegedly detained and drugged his unidentified girlfriend inside his McAlester home earlier this month, holding her captive for five days. The suspect allegedly cut his victim with a knife before pouring acid on her wounds. He also used an electric drill to pull out her hair and hit her legs with a hammer.

"He took a hammer and hit her in the knees and legs with it," Pittsburg County Sheriff Joel Kerns said.
Harshaw also allegedly cooked meth and injected the victim with it in order to test the strength of the dangerous drug. Police said the woman's refusal to buy pseudoephedrine, one of the key ingredients used to make meth, triggered the terrible chain of events.

Harshaw's girlfriend managed to escape from captivity after five days, while her alleged kidnapper was burning her clothes. A passing motorist gave her a ride to a local police station. Harshaw was arrested two days later.
Sheriff Kerns said it was one of the most extreme violent cases he has ever seen.

Woman seen on video shooting man to death after being threatened with umbrella

Woman pointing her gun at a man 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A woman is being held for questioning after she was seen on video shooting a man, who threatened her with an umbrella, according to police reports in Texas.

Houston Police said the details, despite the fact that the incident was caught on video, are somewhat fuzzy.
What is clear is that a 58-year-old man Louis Daniel has died and a woman is being questioned after she pulled a rifle from the trunk of her car and shot him, authorities said.

Houston Police are investigating the violent dispute Sunday night at a Gulf gas station in the south side neighborhood of the city.

The woman, who was filling up her car with gas, was aggressively approached by a man with an umbrella. The man also made unwanted sexual advances, police said.

She repeatedly told him to leave her alone, Houston investigators said.
In the video, the man is seen confronting the woman at the gas pump and at the entrance to the cashier booth.

More than once, the man is seen shaking his umbrella at the woman as she passed by him.
A witness, who can be seen walking a few feet away, said the man had a knife.

"Too many people do not know that he had a knife in his hand and had the umbrella in the other hand," Jon Thomas said.
"She saw him with a knife so she pulled out her gun and pointed it at the ground as a warning," Thomas said. "He kept walking towards her as if getting ready to do something, and that's when she fired," he said.

Darryl Daniel, the brother of the shooting victim, said it must have been a terrible misunderstanding.

"She did not know him, you know. I know that my brother would not hurt anybody," Daniel said.
Police said a knife was found on the clothes of the dead man.
No charges have been filed yet in the ongoing police investigation.