Michigan man arrested after students record him having sex with dog in public

Dog on the street illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with animal abuse related charges after he was recorded on video having sex with his dog in public, according to police reports in Michigan.

Detroit Police said that thought they had seen it all, until this morning.

Students on their way to Denby High School saw a man having sex with a dog, so they decided to record the incident on video on their cell phones, and they showed it to school security, who called police.

When police arrived, they found a naked man sitting on the ground behind two empty houses near the corner of Kelly and Spring Garden streets.

The naked man began assaulting a female police officer, but was eventually subdued. He also was bleeding from the head. The man also tried to get into a stolen car nearby that had New Jersey license plates.

Police contacted the man's brother, who said the man had mental problems and uses medications.
He was taken to St. John's Hospital for evaluation. The dog is believed to be a pit bull or a mix.

One of the officers on scene collapsed from exhaustion. She had worked beyond her 12-hour shift and became dehydrated.

Italian city prohibits women from wearing swimsuits on street

Woman wearing swimsuit illustration 
By: Eva Fett

There is some bad news for women, who love to show off their hot bodies on streets.

A city in Italy announced that it has passed a new law that prohibits women from dressing in swimsuits on city streets.

The Aeolian island of Lipari, near Sicily, issued the new ordinance on Thursday aimed at restoring modesty. People sporting bikinis, thongs and other swimwear on the city streets of this southern Italian volcanic paradise can be fined up to 500 euros.

Lipari Mayor Marco Giorgianni ordered the new standard after residents and some tourists complained of exhibitionism. Signs have been posted warning locals and visitors not to wear swimsuits, and that local police have been authorized to give tickets to offenders.

The city now joins South Carolina with its swimsuit ban. As we reported earlier, a North Carolina woman was arrested and charged with indecent exposure related charges after wearing a swimsuit in public, according to a statement released by South Carolina police.

Myrtle Beach police charged the woman with indecent exposure after officers warned her not to wear a thong swimsuit along Ocean Boulevard, according to the arrest report.

Tiara Monique Garness, 22, of High Point, North Carolina, was arrested at 5:00 am Friday in the 1700 block of Ocean Boulevard, the report said.
Officers charged her with the misdemeanor offense after being warned twice by police officers to properly cover herself.

“Did this just happen in the United States? I am shocked that a woman was arrested for wearing a swimsuit in public. She was not naked or anything like that. The police officers need to be charged with false imprisonment,” Wanda Patterson, 23, of Greensboro, North Carolina told YourJewishNews.com after being asked to comment on Garness’ arrest.

Garness was taken to jail in Myrtle Beach, and was held on $469 bail, according to jail records.
She was not the only woman arrested for wearing a swimsuit over the weekend.
Latosha Faye Collins, 27, of Dalton, Georgia was arrested at 7:20 pm at 199 8th Ave North Ocean Boulevard. The police report said Collins was on the back of a motorcycle, wagging in the air.

Collins was traveling with Eric Cunningham, 47, also of Dalton, Georgia.
Tenisha Blair, 34, from Shelby, North Carolina was also arrested on 199 8th Ave North Ocean Blvd in Myrtle Beach, around 9:45 pm on Friday night. The police report stated that she was walking on a sidewalk in a black dress with nothing underneath.

Rare ‘zonkey’ born after zebra jumps over fence to mate with donkey

By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A rare animal that is called a zonkey was born at a zoo.

The zonkey was born after a zebra jumped over a fence and mated with a donkey.

The rare zonkey, the offspring of a male zebra and a female donkey, was born in an animal reserve in Florence, Italy.

The zonkey was named Ippo and has the features of a donkey, but the distinctive stripes of a zebra. It was reported to be in good health.

The zebra was rescued from a zoo, which was closing its doors. The zebra jumped over the protective fence and made ​​love to a donkey of Amiata, an endangered species, in a neighboring field.

The Florence animal reserve where Ippo was born, typically rescues animals from private zoos throughout the country.

Ippo is the only of its kind in Italy. The animal however, is not the only one in the world. In 2010, a zonkey was born at the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve in Georgia. There are reportedly other zonkeys in Germany and China.