Drunk man seen on video surviving driving off 40 foot cliff

The car being lifted by crane 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A drunk driver is lucky to be alive after he drove off a tall cliff, according to police reports in California.

San Diego Police said that a drunk driver is alive despite having led his 4-door sedan off a 40-foot cliff in San Diego on Monday morning.

Incredibly, the unidentified driver was able to walk away from the crash site, which cannot be said of his car. His car had to be lifted by a crane.

The accident occurred around 5:45 am when the car fell and landed on its wheels in the sand on Sunset Cliff Beach.
The man got out of his car on his own and found two lifeguards, who swam to the beach and a paramedic, who went down the cliff to the beach on a rope.

Firefighter and Paramedic Josh Miramontz said when he arrived, the suspect was lying under a lamp and was combative with rescuers.

"He was fighting, yelling and screaming," he said.
An hour after the accident, the man was hoisted from the beachfront through a rescue basket attached to a helicopter and taken to a nearby hospital. The man did not suffer from any serious injuries.

“The man’s injuries did not seem serious,” San Diego Fire Department spokesperson Maurice Luque said.
Police said the car apparently was moving fast when it crashed into a fence and went over the cliff.
Although authorities suspect the man may have been drinking, no charges have been filed.

Dad arrested after tow truck tows away his car with his kids inside

Victor Ruiz 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with child neglect related charges after a tow truck towed away his car while his kids were inside, according to police reports in Texas.

Houston Police said that Victor Ruiz parked his car in a parking lot outside his apartment complex on Thursday and left his two daughters in the car while he took his food bags inside.

While inside, a tow truck driver noticed the car parked illegally and towed it away, without noticing that Ruiz’s daughters were still sitting in the back seat.

According to court documents, the tow truck driver, whose name has not been revealed, made ​​the discovery after driving two miles. However, a neighbor of Ruiz, Sade Jones, said she and other neighbors tried to stop the driver when the car was hooked up.

"When he stopped at the apartment, he quickly hooked his thing to the car," Jones said. "I'm like, 'Wait! There are kids in the car.’ I snapped this picture and he sped off with the car,” Jones also said.

Ruiz was charged with two counts of neglect of a child, because the children have been left unattended.
He is currently in jail on $4,000 bond.video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Jewish girl wins U.K writing competition judged by Prime Minister Cameron

Orli Vogt-Vincent 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A Jewish girl won a national writing competition that was judged by Prime Minister David Cameron, according to an Anne Frank organization in London.

The "Thirteen of 13" writing competition, which was started by the Anne Frank Trust, asked children turning 13 in 2013 to write how they would make Britain a better place in not more than 250 words. The letters were sent to the prime minister in order for him to select the winner. The winner was announced on Friday.

Orli Vogt-Vincent, who attends JCoss in north London, won first place out of more than 1,300 letters.
In her letter, she urged Cameron to allow creativity to flourish in schools by ending the obsession with testing.

She wrote: "I cannot enjoy any subject because of fear that I will not pass the test. What about creativity and the search for an identity?

I'm not advocating for abolishing tests altogether, but school isn’t all about grades, it is independence and exploration."
A panel including Anne Frank's stepsister, Eva Schloss, helped select the 13 best letters before submitting them to Cameron to choose the winner.

Game show in Pakistan gives away babies as prizes

Television host gives a baby as a prize
during show 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A game show host has shocked his audience after he gave away a baby during the show.

The Pakistani version of the U.S. show The Price is Right, gave away its second baby in a recent episode.

Popular Pakistani television host Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain, surprised childless couples by gifting them babies during separate episodes during the Ramadan show.

While holding the child in his arms before handing her over to the new and excited parents Hussain said: "This is the beautiful girl, who was found on a pile of trash. Look how beautiful and innocent she is."

The baby was presented by Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa, the head of a charity called the Chhipa Welfare Association.

The child was reportedly brought to the organization headquarters after she was found abandoned in a pile of garbage.

The child was given to a couple, who are married for 14 years and do not have children. The weeping woman described the child as a "Ramadan gift”.

Some people believed that the stunt was done to boost ratings and to pull viewers during the month of Ramadan.

New York woman steals tow truck in Florida after driver pulls over to help her

Angela Estrella 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested at a gas station after a misunderstanding over a vehicle.

The unusual incident began around 9:30 am when a deputy saw a Hertz car rental car disabled at the side of the I-95 near Ormond Beach, Florida.

The officer stopped to check on the woman and then called a tow truck to help the woman. Since everything seemed fine, the deputy left. A few minutes later, a tow truck arrived.

While talking to the tow truck driver, Angela Estrella, 37, asked if he could take her to New York. He replied that he could not go that far.

Then, Estrella asked the man if she could use his truck to go to New York. Although she was serious, he thought she was joking, and said, "Sure." She responded, "Really?" To which the 46-year-old tow truck driver, Michael Frazier, said no. He then used his cell phone to call the Hertz car rental company to discuss the towing of their disabled vehicle.

That is when Estrella got into the driver seat of the tow truck and drove off, leaving the tow truck driver stranded at the side of the road.
"I thought she was playing," the stunned driver told police, after he jokingly gave the woman permission to take the vehicle from Florida to New York.

The tow truck company was able to track the vehicle through a GPS system and reported that Estrella had stopped at a gas station.
A deputy sheriff found Estrella purchasing diesel gas in preparation for her long drive to New York.

She was booked into the Flagler County Detention center and was later transferred to the Volusia County Branch Jail, where she is currently in custody.
She was arrested on charges of theft of a motor vehicle.

Couple faces deportation from New Zealand due to husband’s obesity

Albert and Marthie Buitenhuis 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down fer video) A couple is facing deportation from New Zealand after the husband was deemed obese.

The South African man, who works as a chef, is said to be too big for New Zealand, despite losing 66 pounds since moving to Christchurch six years ago.

Albert Buitenhuis and his wife, Marthie, are facing deportation after their work visas were declined because of Albert’s weight of 286 pounds.
New Zealand is reportedly the third most obese nation in the world, behind the United States and Mexico.

Immigration authorities cited the demand that his obesity could place on New Zealand’s health services. However, Albert claims that he weighed 352 pounds when he first arrived in the country and was approved for a work visa.
The couple moved to Christchurch from South Africa in 2007, and they got jobs at a local restaurant, Albert as a chef and Marthie as a waitress.

“Our work visas were renewed annually since then with very few problems," Marthie said . "We applied for them year after year and there were no problems. No one ever mentioned Albert's weight or health when he was much heavier," the wife added.

This year, when they tried to renew their work visa, they were declined. The Immigration New Zealand, or INZ, had declined their work visas after medical advisors deemed that Albert “no longer had an acceptable standard of health".
The couple was forced to stop work immediately. They are currently staying with her sister in Auckland, while they are fighting to stay in the country.

A spokesperson of the Immigration New Zealand said that Buitenhuis was rejected because his obesity put him at "significant risk" of complications such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obstructive sleep apnea, some cancers, premature joint disease, glucose intolerance and enlarged fatty liver.

The spokesperson also had a longstanding problem with a knee-joint, which could cost up to $20,000 to replace. "It is important that all immigrants have an acceptable level of health to minimize costs and demands on health services in New Zealand," he said.

Because Buitenhuis, who was the principal applicant on the work visa, was declined, his wife is also no longer eligible for a work visa as a secondary applicant.
The couple has appealed the decision.

Man, 20, kills restaurant manager over $35 meal

Taian "Andrew" Tian with his girlfriend 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A restaurant manager was killed after three men refused to pay for their meal.

The three young men ate at a restaurant and decided not to pay their bill.

When the three finished eating, they left without paying their $35.31 tab at the New Dynasty Chinese Restaurant in Sarasota, Florida.

The restaurant manager, Taian "Andrew" Tian, 51, followed the men outside to ask them to pay for their order, according to a press release from the Sheriff's Office. Instead of paying, one of the man punched Tian in his face. Then, they all fled from the scene. Sadly, Tian ended up paying with his life.

Tian moved from China to the United States eighteen years ago with his son, Beichen, who is now in college.
Tian was found by customers, wounded in the parking lot of the restaurant. He was taken to a hospital where he underwent surgery for a serious head injury. He died five days later.

According to police, Tian was knocked to the ground with one punch to the face. He hit the pavement, which left him with a severe injury to his head.
Investigators identified the three men as Juan de Dios Rodriguez, Bryan Lopez, and Fernando Rico.

Rico and Lopez, who are witnesses in the case, told investigators that they all fled the scene after Rodriguez, 20, threw a punch at the manager, knocking him to the pavement, the warrant said.

Marylou Anderson, who had dated Tian for the past two years, said: “many hearts were broken around the world over Tian’s death.”
Rodriguez was arrested and charged with manslaughter.

Woman distracts customer while her young child steals her wallet

Suspect is the woman in pink and white jumper 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A mother is in trouble for raising her daughter to be a criminal.

According to deputies, two adult females and five young children, ages 5 to 12-years-old, were shopping at the Gymboree store in Fort Myers, Florida.

As they approached the checkout counter, another woman was there talking to a store employee. The suspect then engaged in a conversation with the victim, while her daughter swiped the victim's wallet and cell phone, which were on the counter.
Once the wallet was in the child’s hand, the group quickly left the store.

The cell phone was found at the side of the road. Police believe the women threw it away so they cannot be tracked.
An hour later, the victim’s credit cards was used twice, once at a Pier One Imports store for charges over $200 and then at Foot Locker for about $400.

When the suspect and her children went to make a third purchase of about $600 on shoes, the card was rejected, since the victim had already reported the credit cards stolen.

After crime stoppers released a photo of the mother, whose child swiped the wallet, they have received many tips, which led police to identify the woman as Shanice Stewart, 26.
She now faces felony charges of grand theft among other charges.

Stewart is a convicted felon with a long rap sheet dating back to her first felony carjacking at age 14. Since then, she has been incarcerated for a long list of charges including robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, trafficking in stolen goods and multiple counts of theft among other charges.NBC-2.com WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral

Walmart caught stealing from its customers

The receipt 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Walmart was caught red-handed stealing from its customers by overcharging in taxes, according to a new lawsuit filed in court.

A Pennsylvania man has filed a lawsuit against Walmart alleging that the retailer overcharged him by 21 cents for items purchased with a coupon.

According to the lawsuit filed in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Brian Farneth bought two cans of shaving cream for $2.97 each at a Walmart with a "buy one get one free" coupon. The cashier, Farneth said, correctly deduced the price of one can of shaving cream from the total, but did not deduct the tax, which caused him to lose 21 cents.

Farneth claimed he is just one of many customers in 8,500 Walmart stores around the world that are charged taxes for shopping coupons.

"Walmart’s current system in relation to the collection and submission of sales tax, are in compliance with tax laws of Pennsylvania," Walmart spokesperson Dan Fogleman said in an email. "We have requested an opinion from the state and the state confirmed this," the statement said.

Tax codes vary from state to state, but Farneth said that Walmart is specifically in violation of Article 33.2 (b) (2) of the Code of Pennsylvania. The section states that items purchased with coupons like "buy one get one free" should receive a "new purchase price" and be taxed as such. The lawsuit also states that the retailer would benefit economically from overcharging, since the seller is entitled to a 1 percent discount on taxes paid to the state.

Soldier returns from duty to discover his dog may have been sold on Craigslist by his trusted friend

Brandon Harker with his dog before it went missing 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A man, who was serving his country, was betrayed by his friend. That friend was supposed to care for his dog while he was away.

The soldier was left with a broken heart after returning home from a eight-month tour to Afghanistan only to find out that his beloved pet dog was missing and was possibly sold on Craigslist.

Brandon Harker had just returned from his tour of duty, when he found out that his 2-year-old yellow labrador retriever named Oakley is missing. Harker had left the dog with a friend, but when he called to arrange a time to pick up his dog, he was told that his pet was gone.

“My friend just said that he got rid of it. He never gave me any explanation,” Harker said. The friend said he does not know the name or phone number of the person to whom he gave the dog.
The soldier contacted animal shelters and veterinarians in hopes that his dog which has a microchip had been found, but he had no luck.

Harker began searching online. Harker came into contact with a number of people, who said they have seen an advertisement for the sale of Oakley in the classified ads section on the Craigslist website earlier this year.

Since then, Harker has put a message on Craigslist asking anyone with information on the whereabouts of his dog to contact him.

Married police officer arrested after posting photos of his mistress on Facebook

David Blackmer in court 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A police officer was arrested and charged with felony theft related charges after he posted photos of his mistress on Facebook, according to police reports in California.

Seattle Police said Detective David Blackmer was arrested Thursday after he told his lover that he will "ruin her life" by exposing their extramarital affair. The detective publicized sexy pictures of the woman, some he had taken and some that the woman had sent to him by text messages, on a fake Facebook account.

Blackmer, 43, is being charged with a felony charge of identity theft in connection with the fake Facebook page. Police are also investigating whether Blackmer physically assaulted the 31-year-old woman when she appeared at his door in order to face him and reveal their affair to his wife.

The woman in the case said that Blackmer grabbed her by the neck and pushed her away from his home.
Blackmer is a 17-year veteran of the Seattle police force. Blackmer normally handles domestic violence cases. Since his arrest, he has been placed on paid administrative leave and has surrendered his badge and gun.

According to court documents, Blackmer began a sexual relationship with the woman after meeting her on a dating site. The woman said she ended her romance six days before she went to the house of Blackmer to alert his wife.

Hours after that encounter, compromising photos, some showing the couple having sex, were published on the fake Facebook page.
The woman told police that her friends, family and people in her church, saw the photos before police removed the Facebook page, which caused her shame and embarrassment. Some of the photos were published along with graphic messages.

Woman attacked by mob of cats while walking her dog

Group of cats illustration 
By: Debbie Gross

A group of cats were not scared off by a dog and attacked a woman near the woods, according to emergency workers in France.

The woman was walking her dog at the edge of the woods, when the group of wild cats attacked her.
The woman, 31, was walking her apricot poodle, when six stray cats approached her and attacked.

"They scratched and bit my daughter and really went for it," the woman’s mother, Josette Galliot, said.
"They jumped on her and managed to knock her down. The cats bit her in the leg and arms. They even pierced an artery," she said.

The woman was taken to a hospital where she received precautionary rabies shots. Her dog was taken to a veterinary.
"The vet told us that in his 20 years on the job, he never saw such a thing. The vet could not find a single explanation for the abnormal behavior of the cats," Galliot said.

"We must get rid of this scourge," Galliot continued. "There are too many cats in the area, many of which are strays. There are also a lot of kids here. I do not want it to happen again," Galliot said.
Cats are usually solitary creatures and do not feed on humans.

Married man claims he visited prostitute to buy tomatoes

Prostitute leaning over man's car illustration 
By: John Roberts

A married man, who was caught with a prostitute, claimed that he did not pay the woman for sex, according to police reports in the United Kingdom.

Walsall Police said that a man told them he was with a prostitute because she was selling tomatoes.

The 39-year-old man, was followed by police after they saw the sex worker waiting for him inside his Nissan Micra.
Subsequently, he was arrested and detained on suspicion of soliciting a prostitute.

The married security guard denied the allegations during a police interview, saying that he withdrew 20 pounds from the ATM so he could buy tomatoes.

Police officer Stacey Paterson said: "I've heard some excuses before, but in the ten years I've been a police officer, I have never heard a man covering up his soliciting a prostitute crime with a tomato claim. Our officers and the courts saw through his lies and now, the man has been found guilty."

The man was fined 400 pounds and ordered to pay an additional 665 pounds in court costs.

Massachusetts couple find $1 million lottery ticket in the trash

Joseph and Joanne Zagami 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A Massachusetts couple collected a $1 million lottery prize after they dug up the winning ticket from the garbage.

The couple has won the $1 million from a scratch-off lottery ticket.

The commission of the state lottery said that Joseph and Joanne Zagami of North Attleborough bought the $5 ticket from a vending machine while shopping.

They put the ticket in a bag and forgot about it.
The next day, Joseph Zagami asked his wife if she had scratched the ticket. She had not. They quickly went through all the trash and found it.

The couple claimed their prize Wednesday, opting for a lump sum payment option of $650,000 before taxes and $455,000 after taxes. They plan to pay down their mortgage and other bills. They also plan to take a vacation.
To get the total amount of the prize they would have had to wait 20 years.

Ohio bank seizes items and locks up wrong house in foreclosure proceedings

Katie Barnett 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A woman was devastated after she came home from vacation to find herself locked out of her own home because the bank changed her locks.

An Ohio bank admitted that it mistakenly initiated foreclosure proceedings, and ordered its crew to clean up and changed the locks on the wrong house, but reject an $18,000 compensation claim form the homeowner.

McArthur, Ohio, homeowner Katie Barnett returned from an out-of-town trip to find that her key did not work and all her possessions had been removed from her home. Barnett said that the bank took two dressers and the clothing of her five children, along with patio furniture, two car engines and parts.

Barnett requested $18,000 in compensation for the stolen items from First National Bank of Wellston.
Bank President and CEO Tony Thorne on Thursday issued a statement taking responsibility for the incident, but he rejected the details of Barnett's claim.

"Nothing like this has happened before," Thorne said. "The situation was a mistake by our bank," he also said.
However, Thorne said, the list of missing items Barnett gave the bank "is incompatible with the list and description of the items removed, which was prepared by the employees who did the work," Thorne said.

Barnett was told that the bank will compensate her once it clears up the discrepancies.
Barnett, who said she hired a lawyer and plans to sue the bank, said: "I'm not running a garage sale here. I did not say come to my house and make me an offer. They took my things, and I want it back."

Three boys arrested after throwing eggs on girls at bus stop

The scene of the incident 
By: David Ross

Three teen boys were arrested and charged with assault related charges after throwing eggs at girls, who were sitting at a bus stop, according to police reports in Canada.

Abbotsford Police said that the three teenagers surrendered to police on Saturday after an incident last night in which they ran over a teenage girl with their truck, breaking both her legs. The girl is recovering in hospital.

On Saturday morning at 1:00 am, three girls were waiting for a bus in Abbotsford, sitting quietly at a bus stop. A white Dodge pickup truck stopped, and for unknown reasons, one or both of the two male passengers in the truck started throwing eggs at the girls. One of the girls came to the truck to find out why.

Despite the fact that the girl was standing in front of the truck, the truck accelerated, striking the girl. The truck did not return even though it would have been obvious to the driver that the girl had been seriously injured. The 17-year-old victim suffered injuries, including fractures to both legs. The girls called an ambulance, which took her to a local hospital.

Because of the hit and run incident, police officers urged the public to come forward with information that can lead to an arrest.

Police said that because of a tip they were able to identify the suspects at 5:30 pm on Saturday. Three teenage boys, accompanied by their parents, showed up at the police station to surrender.

"The Abbotsford Police would like to thank the public and the media for bringing attention to this terrible incident," a press release from the police stated. "It clearly influenced the young people to come forward," the press release also stated.

The statement said that children, who were passengers, will be charged with assault, while the driver will be charged with causing bodily harm.

Woman to sue because her taxpayer funded breast implants are too big

Josie Cunningham 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A woman will sue a government-run health care agency after her breast implants she received free of charge are too large for her liking.

Josie Cunningham of the United Kingdom, will sue the NHS over her taxpayer-funded breast implants, saying they have ruined her life.
The wannabe glamor model, 23, said that her $6,000 breasts are too big and blamed doctors for making her a laughing-stock.

She acknowledged that she was rushed through the process of surgery, and now, she wants compensation for clinical negligence and emotional distress.

The single mother of two children said she has consulted several attorneys, and vowed: "I will sue them for every penny. I want more than $15,000. If I get even more, that would be even better."

Cunningham received the taxpayer-funded operation after she tearfully told her general doctor that her flat chest was making her depressed.

She went from a size 32A to 36DD and prepared to begin a career as a topless model. Now, Cunningham is considering reducing her breast size after being targeted by bullies online.

The telemarketer of Leeds, added: "They took me through the process. I did not actually ask for a 36DD. I would have been happier with a B cup. But they told me that since I had no breast tissue I would have to go for bigger breasts. The new breasts did not help me at all. Actually, my life is ruined."

Illinois police kill man, 95, after using Taser to subdue him

The nursing home where the incident occurred 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Police killed a 95-year-old man after he resisted arrest, according to police reports in Illinois.

Chicago Police said that a suburban man, who pulled a foot-long knife, and who threatened police with a stick and a shoehorn, has died after officers used a Taser gun and a bean bag in order to detain him.

The man became upset after an ambulance crew in Park Forest tried to take him to a medical center. That's when authorities say John Warna used a metal baton and a two feet long metal shoehorn, to threaten paramedics and police.

After police ordered him to drop the items, the man pulled a long knife. The incident occurred at 101 Main Street in Park Forest about 8:42 pm.

Authorities said that they had no choice but to use a Taser and a bean bag to subdue Warna. He was conscious and talking when he was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, but died early Saturday.
An autopsy is scheduled for Sunday.