Arizona man arrested after setting home on fire to kill demons

Adam Glenn Hamilton 
By: Debbie Gross

A man was arrested and charged with arson related charges after he set his home on fire in order to get rid of demons, according to police reports in Arizona.

Avondale Police said that they arrested a man Monday afternoon, who allegedly started a fire in his bedroom closet while his roommates were at home.

Adam Glenn Hamilton, 30, was walking around his house, near 120th Avenue and Tonto Street in Avondale while reciting Bible verses before starting a fire in his bedroom closet with paint thinner, according to police documents.

Two of Hamilton's three companions were home when the fire was lit. He told police he was going to tell them about the fire, but forgot, according to the arrest report.

Hamilton ran away from the scene barefoot, but was found in the area with the lighter and severe burns to his feet. He was taken to a hospital in Goodyear, where he was arrested on Monday. He was also involuntarily transferred to a mental health center, police said.

He faces two counts of endangering and one count of arson.

Parents warn their 13-year-old to stop masturbating on bathroom towels with note

The note 
By: John Roberts

Parents have warned their teen son to stop masturbating on the bathroom towels, according to photos uploaded to the internet.

The parents were apparently fed up with the masturbation habits of their 13-year-old, so they thought a warning note might work, maybe more now, since it has been posted in the internet.

The parents placed the note on the rack warning the child that he better clean up his act or he will have to fantasize surrounded by Justin Bieber and "My Little Pony" towels.

Reddit user Droplynx posted the image to Imgur Wednesday, and quickly collected thousands of opinions and jokes. At least one commentator slammed the Reddit parent for embarrassing the boy. Droplynx replied: "By the way, my wife posted this."

This is not the only time that a man masturbated in a weird way. As we reported earlier, police were called to a supermarket after a man was seen masturbating on meat before putting it back on the shelf.

John Allison, of Potsdam, New York was jailed Wednesday after he allegedly masturbated on a stick of pepperoni at a local grocery store then put the product back on the shelf for others to enjoy.

According to police in upstate New York, Allison entered the Hannaford grocery store in St. Lawrence Plaza, took a stick of pepperoni, and proceeded to rub his genitals against it.

After satisfying himself, Allison put the pepperoni back on the shelf and tried to leave the store. A loss prevention security officer who witnessed the incident via video surveillance cameras called police and gave them the disturbing video.

“This makes me want to vomit! I am always freaked out by germs in the grocery, and I always carry an antibacterial hand wash, but this man took things to a whole new disgusting level. I am glad he was caught,” Lisa Gray, 34, of Albany, New York told after learning the nature of Allison’s arrest.

Allison was arrested and charged with public lewdness and fourth-degree criminal mischief. He was released from jail after posting a $2,000 bond.

New York teen donates bar mitzvah money to black immigrants in Israel

Josh Wasserman (Photo via Israel Hayom) 
By: Shifra Unger

A teen decided to do something big with money he received at his bar mitzvah, according to a reports in Israel Hayom.

When New York native Josh Wasserman received a good sum of money for his bar mitzvah, he decided to use it in a special way. His money helped launch a basketball team for Ethiopian immigrant children in the Israeli city of Safed, where they live today in absorption center.

As part of the initiative, a basketball court in the absorption center was renovated, each player was given a uniform, and over the next year, the basketball team will also have advanced training for free by a certified trainer.

Wasserman, who plays basketball, decided to donate the money from his father, who has just returned from a trip to Israel as part of the delegation of the New York Jewish Appeal. He spoke of the harsh conditions of Ethiopian children living in the absorption center.

His two brothers and his sister joined the initiative and donated their personal savings as well.
Josh plays basketball with a number of teams in New York, while his father, David, played basketball for years.

"I was looking for a way to do something special and meaningful with my bar mitzvah funds. Since my family and I are passionate about the sport of basketball, I was pleased to find a way to allow children to experience the sport. Israelis, we love you so much," Josh said. "I'm so lucky that I am able to give children in Safed the opportunity to play competitive basketball in a real court with their own coach," he also said.

Quebec’s biggest amusement park bans kosher and halal food from its premises

La Ronde amusement park 
By: Moses Gold

Jewish groups are disappointed after the largest amusement park will no longer allow people to bring in kosher or halal food.

For years, Jewish schools, camps and families, enjoyed spending time at the La Ronde amusement park in Quebec.

La Ronde is owned by Six Flags entertainment corporation, which does not sell kosher or halal food. Children, who adhere to the strict religious dietary laws, have always been allowed to bring in their own lunch and snacks.
Recently however, a news reporter went into the park wearing a hijab and she received permission to take her sandwich with her into the park.

The reported then revealed her findings that Muslims and Jews are getting special treatment from the park and were exempt from the park policy of “no outside food allowed on the premises.” The article prompted the park to stop accommodating religious people.

The park announced that they will no longer allow people to bring in any outside food.
After getting negative feedback from parents of special needs children, La Ronde released a statement saying: “only guests with special medical dietary needs will be allowed to bring outside food with them as they enter the park.”

One Jewish camp director said the camp has always enjoyed a good relationship with La Ronde and they are optimistic that a solution can be reached before next year's visit.
“La Ronde would not face the problem if they made ​​halal and kosher food available in their restaurants,” Salam Elmenyawi, president of the Muslim Council of Montreal said.

J&R Kosher Foods has started a petition to get a kosher meat and deli stand inside the theme park, which would allow Jews and Muslims to buy food at the park.

10 Nazi war criminals who ordered out of the United States never left

John Kalymon, one of the 10 suspected Nazi war criminals
still living in the United States 
By: David Ross

At least ten nazi war criminals who were ordered to leave the United States never left and no one did anything about it, according to a new report.

Four of those criminals are still alive and living in the United States today. All remained eligible for public benefits such as Social Security until all their appeals are exhausted, and in one case beyond.

The reason behind this is that while the U.S. wanted them out, no country was willing to take them in.
This is currently the case with Vladas Zajanckauskas in Sutton, Massachusetts, Theodor Szehinskyj in West Chester, Pennsylvania, Jakiw Palij in New York City, and John Kalymon in Troy, Michigan, among others.

All four have been living in the same areas for years, stripped of their U.S. citizenship and have received deportation orders, but were able to carry on with their lives in a family setting. Dozens of other Nazi war crimes suspects in the U.S. were also entitled to Social Security and other public benefits for years as they fought deportation.

U.S. can deport those involved in Nazi war crimes, but they cannot put these people on trial because the alleged crimes did not take place on U.S. soil. The responsibility for prosecuting these criminals fall on the countries in which the crimes were committed or ordered, if the suspects never end up there.

In the 34 years since the Department of Justice created an office to find and deport suspected Nazis, the agency has initiated legal proceedings against 137 people. Less than half, 66, were eliminated by deportation, extradition or voluntary departure.

At least 20 died while their cases were pending. In at least 20 cases, U.S. authorities agreed not to follow up or enforce deportation orders, often due to poor health, according to a 2008 report by the Justice Department. In some cases, the U.S. government agreed not to file a deportation process, in exchange for cooperation in other investigations, the report said.

Civil rights group files racism charges against Australian professor over Israel boycotts

Jake Lynch 
By: Moses Gold

An Israeli civil rights group, Shurat HaDin, has filed a class action complaint under the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 with the Australian Human Rights Commission over a Sydney professor's participation and public support of boycotts of Israel including an academic boycott of Israeli universities.

Recently, faculty and students at Sydney University called for the severing of links with Israeli institutions, actions that would be deemed racist and in violation of Australian Federal anti-discrimination laws.

The complaint filed by Shurat HaDin's Australian solicitor Alexander Hamilton is the first time that a Racial Discrimination Act action has been launched in Australia against those promoting boycotts, sanctions and divestment (BDS) against the Jewish State. It is the first time that Australia's anti-racism laws have been utilized against those seeking to harm Israeli academics or businesses because of their national origin.

In its letter sent to the Australian commission, Shurat HaDin pointed out that the Federal Racial Discrimination Act of 1975 made it unlawful for anyone "to do any act involving a distinction, exclusion or preference based on race or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose of nullifying or impairing fundamental freedom in the economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life."

The Shurat HaDin complaint also noted that any boycott of Israeli “settlement products,” such as SodaStream and Ahava, harms Palestinian economic interests due to the fact the factories employ many Palestinian workers and provide an important source of income for local families and villages.

This past semester, the university's student body endorsed Associate Professor Jake Lynch's academic boycott of Israel. Lynch had publicly announced his refusal to work with Dan Avnon, an Israeli professor from the prestigious Hebrew University in Jerusalem, which promotes Israeli-Arab coexistence, and also called for a boycott of Technion University in Haifa.

Last month, Lynch refused to heed the Tel Aviv-based rights group's warning that he must cease participation in unlawful, and racist, boycott activity. Although widely condemned by mainstream politicians and community figures, Lynch has also been publicly supported by notorious Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben.

The BDS movement has been recognized as anti-Semitic by leading authorities such as the Anti-Defamation League in the United States, and in a report recently released by the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

According to solicitor Andrew Hamilton: "The BDS movement is racist by its own definition because it seeks to discriminate and impose adverse preference based on Israeli national origin and Jewish racial and ethnic origin of people and organisations. It does nothing to help Palestinians and indeed harms them. It is merely an excuse for the vilest public anti-semitic campaign the western world has seen since the Holocaust."

According to Shurat Hadin director Nitsana Darshan-Leitner: "Lynch and his ilk seek to boycott Israeli and Jewish national products, whether its goods, services, performers or professors. By singling out Israel and no other country the BDS extremists expose the anti-Semitism that motivates them. We are hopeful that this historic proceeding against the BDS movement will serve as a model for battling it in other jurisdictions worldwide."

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish rabbi seen on video giving food to homeless in California

Rabbi Baruch S. Cunin 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) An ultra-Orthodox Jewish rabbi was seen on video handing out free meals to homeless people in California, according to a video report by CBS Los Angeles.

The rabbi has turned Tuesdays in Santa Monica’s Ocean Park into something special for the homeless and needy.

During the past three years, Rabbi Baruch S. Cunin, a Chabad rabbi in West Los Angeles, has toured the park to feed the needy and offer them support.

"What is important is that everyone understands this. We are all responsible for each other,” Rabbi Cunin said. "When you see a hungry person, feed them," he said.

Well-balanced meals, including foods such as salmon, nuts, beans and rice, are prepared in the kitchen of the Chabad House. Rabbi Cunin then personally delivers food to a shelter in Santa Monica and to homeless people on the street.

Rabbi Cunin, who is the director of the West Coast Chabad, delivers food to many familiar faces in the street, and offers words of encouragement to those in need, such as "God bless you" and "Do not ever lose hope."
The preparation of food is mostly supported by donations.

Maccabiah games concludes with beautiful performance by top Israeli musicians

Thousands enjoy musical performance at the Maccabiah games 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) The Maccabiah games concluded yesterday with a beautiful performance by top Israeli musicians, according to a report by the Tazpit News Agency.

The official closing show of the Maccabiah Games on Tuesday night, was a huge success with athletes and spectators alike at Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem. Thousands of athletes rocked to the tunes of Israeli bands and singers including Balkan Beat Box, The Young Professionals, Orphaned Land, Offer Nissim, Riff Cohen, and Infected Mushroom.

It was clear that for many of the overseas athletes, who came from over 70 countries, the Israeli songs were familiar, as athletes from across Europe, Canada and the USA could be seen singing along with Israel’s topnotch musicians, many of whom have achieved international success.

“This is awesome,” said one Dutch athlete to another when Infected Mushrooms’ Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani, who are based in Los Angeles, came on to perform their energetic trance-like beats to a clearly infected audience.

Maccabiah athletes could also be seen proudly sporting their medals as they talked and exchanged contact information with new friends during the closing show on Tuesday night.

Israel lead the way with the final gold medal count, followed by the United States, Canada, Australia and South Africa, which were the top five countries that won medals in the major sports event that had 9,000 competitors competing from across the world this year.

Maccabi USA was awarded with 196 medals, which had even Matisyahu showering the team praise via Twitter, tweeting: Wow! Macabbi USA bringing home 196 medals. Let's show them some love!

Elsewhere across the world, Jewish communities in countless countries celebrated their teams, experiencing the unique opportunity that the Maccabiah Games afforded in strengthening connections within the Jewish world and Israel.

Worker who was sent to remove graffiti finds image of himself on same wall hours later

Graffiti before and after 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A graffiti artist is making headlines for his creative spray paint art.

The artist painted and image of an employee, who removed his graffiti from the wall, earlier that day.

Most graffiti artist are very proud of their work even when it is done illegally or on public property.
The graffiti artist known as "DS," 28, of London, decided to paint an image of the man who was sent to remove his Hello Kitty artwork.

The worker came armed with a can of spray paint to remove two Japanese inspired cartoon characters from a wall outside of a grocery store in London.
Artist DS watched as the employee was removing his graffiti. DS took photos of the man and decided to include him in his next piece of art on that same wall.

His hope was to get a picture of the employee as he “removes himself” from the wall. He wanted to spray paint a image of the employee removing his own image.

When the employee saw the image of himself on the wall he seemed to like the work. He took some pictures of himself next to the spray painted image and walked away. It was never removed. The image of the employee is reportedly still there today. It can be seen on Essex Road, Islington in United Kingdom.

The Islington government said that it was not one of their employees, who had removed the work from the wall. It might have been the owner of the property, who had the graffiti removed.

The government spokesperson said: “There are three reasons we remove graffiti. If it is offensive, if it is on government property, or if it is on private property and the owner wants it removed.”

Married pastor caught by mistress in brothel with prostitute

Signed commitment by pastor and mistress 
By: David Ross

A woman was devastated after she found out that her boyfriend was not only hanging out with prostitutes, but he was married as well.

Tumi Megalane, 32, of Tshwane, South Africa, said she had the shock of her life when she found her boyfriend, who is a pastor, at a brothel.

However, things got even worse when she learned that he was married, and that he has a 4-month-old baby.
"I was a fool to trust the man. He told me he was single. He also told me he loved me and that he wanted to marry me," she said.

Pastor Ronny Mokoena, 37, hooked up with Megalane at a church conference. As the relationship progressed, the woman began spending time with the pastor at his home. "I spent the week at his home while his wife was at work in Johannesburg. I knew nothing about him being married," Megalane said.

The pastor unofficially committed to the woman. In a written commitment, Pastor Mokoena wrote: "Ronny and Tumi agree to marry in 2015. We agree to have sex until we formally get married. Anyone who breaks this agreement will be held accountable by the court of law." This paper, (see photo right) was signed by both parties.

Although the court might not take the note seriously, the woman saw it as a commitment from the pastor.
The woman said she now realizes that she was being used by the married pastor, who is not ready to leave his wife.

"I discovered that he was married when I found him at a well-known brothel in Pretoria where he slept with a prostitute," she said. When Megalane asked what he was doing at the brothel, he became upset and told her: “My wife never asks what I am doing her or where I am going!" Megalane said.

She later spoke with a member of his church, who confirmed that Mokoena is a married man.
Megalane went to the church to speak to the pastor’s wife. Interestingly enough, the wife knew about Megalane. Turns out that the pastor told his wife that Megalane was a prophet, who was helping him with spiritual guidance.

Woman, 91, killed by wheelchair driven by elderly person at 4 mph

Grace Lodge nursing home 
By: Debbi Gross

An elderly woman was killed after being hit by a wheelchair at a nursing home.

Joan Woods, 91, of England, who lived at the Grace Lodge nursing home in Walton, Liverpool, was knocked down and killed by another resident of the nursing home after she was driving an electric wheelchair at four miles per hour.

The elderly woman was using a four-legged walking cane when she was struck and knocked off-balance by the other woman.
The great-grandmother was rushed to a hospital after suffering head injuries. She died nine days after the incident.

Now, the Health and Safety commissioner is investigating the tragedy at the nursing home. Liverpool coroner Andre Rebello, ruled the death as accidental, therefore, police are not investigating, and the elderly woman, who drove the wheelchair will not be charged.

The Health and Safety department is investigating whether electric wheelchairs should be banned from nursing homes.
"We are investigating in accordance with ­safeguarding procedures and consulting with the Care Quality Commission," a Liverpool council spokesperson said.

91-year-old Woods is survived by her son Jack, her ­grandchildren Susan, Catherine, and Helen, She also left behind five great-grandchildren.

Florida stripper leaves son, 6, alone in hotel while dancing at nightclub

Brittany Renee Roman 
By: Eva Fett

A stripper was arrested after a worker found her son wandering around alone in a hotel.

The single mother was working as a stripper in order to provide for her son, but she left him unattended while she was working.

Brittany Renee Roman, 21, of Miami, Florida, allegedly left her 6-year-old son alone in the hotel while working in a Orlando nightclub.
According to reports, the incident occurred at the Westgate Towers Resort Hotel. Roman was staying at the hotel with her ​​6-year-old son, but when she left for work, she told her son to care for himself.

At 10:00 pm, a security guard saw the boy wandering around the hotel without supervision. The security guard approached the victim and asked him if he was okay. The boy reportedly told the guard that he was staying at the hotel with his ​​mother, but a quick check of the room revealed that no one was there.

The guard called the police, who reportedly called the mother, but she did not answer her phone. That is when they contacted the Department of Children and Families.
Several hours later, the mother finally returned to the hotel to find police officers waiting for her.

She reportedly told officers that she had been "working as a dancer at the Diamond Club in Orlando."
The stripper was arrested on charges of child neglect.

Pizza store charged for serving customers on the street

Delicious pizza illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A pizza store was slapped with charges after it was caught serving customers on the street, according to police reports in Italy.

The owner of an Italian pizzeria said that he was charged and fined $6,634 for serving food to customers outside the store. He also said that the fine is excessive.

Massimo Abategiovanni, who opened the Benventui al Sud pizzeria in the city of Albisola, said he was fined after employees were caught violating the licensing laws for serving pizza to customers at a table outdoors.

Abategiovanni admitted that the restaurant broke the law, but he doubts the punishment fits the crime.

"Our mistake was an act of kindness for two customers, who came late, but we never thought that we would be slammed with such a large fine," the owner said.

Albisola Mayor Franco Orsi said he expects store owners to strictly adhere to the rules of their licenses.
"They do not pay for garbage disposal and benefit from a simpler tax system," Orsi said about the pizza store. "But they can not serve at outside tables," he said.

Abategiovanni said he did not have enough money to pay the fine.
"We are not in the position to pay, and we run the risk of ending up over our heads. We will talk with our attorney to evaluate what we can do," he said.

Man with knife severely beaten after trying to rob his best friend

Leslie Faehnrich  
By: Shifra Unger

A South Carolina man got the short end of the stick when he tried to rob his close friend.

The man entered his friend’s house and tried to steal items, but things turned ugly when the homeowner walked in during the robbery.

Spartanburg County deputies said a man tried to rob his friend, but instead, the friend beat him severely.

According to the police, Leslie Faehnrich, 34, called his friend to see if he can come over to hang out, his friend said yes.

However, when Faehnrich arrived, the victim was doing yard work. Faehnrich asked if he could go into the house to get some water, and the friend agreed. Meanwhile, the friend continued to work in the garden.

When Faehnrich did not come back, the victim entered the house to see what was taking so long. He was shocked when he found Faehnrich rummaging through his ​​safe, deputies said.

Faehnrich had taken some pills from the victim’s safe. When he realized that he was caught, Faehnrich pulled out a knife.
However, before he could open the knife, the victim began beating him. The victim told deputies that he fought back and defended himself. "I wore his a** out," he told police.

Deputies said Faehnrich ran out of the house leaving behind his knife and some blood. Then, he drove to his home where he was found by officers. Faehnrich was taken to the hospital for treatment of his injuries. He was then arrested on a charge of attempted armed robbery.

Judging by his mug shot photo, it appears that Faehnrich had injuries to his head, which were tended to by the hospital. His eyes were black and swollen and he had scratches on his face and neck.

So far, no charges have been filed against the friend, who had severely beaten Faehnrich as it is believed that it was done in self-defense.

New Jersey 8-month-old killed after bus strikes lamppost which then crushed baby

Scene of the accident 
By: Eva Fett

A tragedy struck a New Jersey family after an out of control bus set off a chain of events that killed a baby, according to police reports.

The bus hit a light pole on Tuesday, sending the pole crashing into a baby stroller and killing an 8-month-old child, who was riding inside, authorities said.

The child's mother was not injured, police said. Police officer Michael Stetson said that the mother was crying hysterically when he arrived, and he administered CPR to the bloodied child.

Police said they do not yet know what caused the bus to go out of control.
The vehicle was operated by Sphinx Transportation, which offers shuttle service between New Jersey and New York, across the Hudson River in western New York.

A woman, who answered the phone at the offices of Sphinx in Ridgefield, said that the company had no idea what caused the accident and that the driver had been hospitalized. The woman refused to identify herself.

A witness said that the bus dropped off passengers and then went out of control, hitting a light pole, hitting a tree, another lamppost and then ramming into a parked car.

The mother, her baby and the driver were taken to Jersey City Medical Center, officials said.

6 psychics arrested for fraud after charging people to lift curses

Psychic illustration 
By: Moses Gold

Six people were arrested and charged with fraud related charges after they took people’s money to lift alleged curses, according to police reports in Russia.

Moscow Police said that they have busted a ring of Russian psychics, who have been lifting curses for money or as the police said just scare customers into thinking they were jinxed.

The alleged psychics ran a call center called Sapphira, the website of the city police said on Tuesday.
The psychics also promoted their company through television shows such as Komsomolskaya Pravda TV.

Sapphira psychics convinced callers they were cursed. The gang members then convinced potential customers that they needed supernatural assistance, and they will need to pay a substantial sum of money.

Police said they seized $120,000 and a list of clients during raids on the offices of Sapphira and the psychics’ houses.
The psychics now face up to 10 years in prison on fraud charges. The two founders of the gang were from St. Petersburg and Kazakhstan.

Boy digging up worms finds loaded handgun

The gun that the boy found 
By: Debbie Gross

A boy, who was looking for interesting worms, dug up a loaded handgun, according to police reports in Arizona.

Prescott Police said that a 9-year-old boy digging for worms in northern Arizona found the gun buried near his home.

The 38-gauge stainless steel revolver was inside plastic bag along with bullets, just under the surface of the ground.
Police said it appears that the gun was covered only to hide it until someone came to get it.

Police also said that they do not know who owns the gun or how it ended up buried near the house of the boy, who found it on Monday. Police did not identify the boy.

Authorities said that the serial number of the gun has been checked and the gun has not been reported as missing.

This is not the first time a boy got into trouble while searching for creepy stuff. As we reported earlier, a little boy thought he was just collecting innocent looking eggs he found while playing outside, but they turned out to be extremely dangerous, according to press reports.

An Australian boy, who is 3-years-old, was lucky to escape unharmed after his egg collection turned into a tangle of deadly slithering snakes.

Reptile specialist Trish Prendergast said Friday that young wildlife enthusiast Kyle Cummings, could have died if he had handled one of the eastern brown snakes, the world's most poisonous species on earth after the Australian Taipan.

Kyle found nine eggs on the grass on the 3 acres of family property on the outskirts of the city of Townsville in Queensland state, Prendergast said. He had no idea what kind of eggs they were.

He put the eggs in a plastic food container and hid them in his bedroom closet, where her mother, Donna Sim, found them on Monday. Seven eggs had already hatched, but the snakes were trapped under the lid of the container. The other two eggs were infertile and probably were rotten, Prendergast said.

"I was pretty surprised, especially since I do not like snakes," Sim told the local newspaper. Prendergast, received the container on Tuesday and released the snakes into the wild that night. She was relieved that no one had touched the snakes.

"Their fangs are only a few millimeters long at that age, so it probably could not break skin, but are just as poisonous as snakes that are fully developed," Prendergast said.
"If it had touched Kyle, where he had a cut or put it in his mouth, it could have been fatal," Prendergast added.

Man charged after urinating on jail machine and officer

Raymond E. Lawhorn 
By: John Roberts

A man, who was arrested for driving without a license, was also charged for urinating on jail machines and an officer, according to prison officials in Florida.

Gainesville Police said that the man urinated on an X-ray machine in prison.

Raymond E. Lawhorn, 34, of 1320 NE 39th Ave, was driving east on Northeast 8th Avenue around 10:30 am Sunday when an officer saw him hit the curb with his right front tire, according to a report from the Gainesville Police.

Lawhorn then tried to turn left, but was blocked by a median. He turned north on Northeast 14th Street and nearly hit a marked police vehicle, the report said.

Police arrested Lawhorn and told the officer he did not have a valid driver's license as it has been permanently revoked.
He was taken to the Alachua County jail, where police said he began urinating on the floor, the X-ray machine and an officer. He refused to put his hands behind his back to be handcuffed and was wrestled to the ground.

Lawhorn was being held on $10,000 bond Monday on charges of battery on detention staff, resisting arrest without violence and driving with a revoked license.

Irish man arrested for using water gun

Philip Deazley 
By: Sarah Weiss

A man was detained for using a weapon after he was caught using a water gun, according to police reports in Ireland.

Now, the young man has hit out at police after he was detained for shooting people with his water pistol.
The 21-year-old could be prosecuted after police failed to see the funny side of his joke in Portstewart, Co Londonderry.

A file on the incident has been sent by the police to the Public Ministry, which will consider whether or not to take legal action.

If convicted, Philip Deazley will have a criminal conviction for disorderly conduct as a result of what he said was "just a bit of harmless fun."

"I think it's an absolute joke," Deazley said.

"There were about 10 other people with water guns that night, but I was the only person arrested. When the police arrested me they said I could fined 85 pounds for disorderly conduct, but I won’t pay that for a little water fun. I will go to court if it comes to that," he also said.

Deazley, of Omagh, Co Tyrone, was in town on the north coast with a group of friends on that fateful night.
As they traveled along a busy road he sprinkled some other friends using a green and black water pistol. However, when he shot at a parked police Land Rover, Deazley ran into trouble with the officers inside.

Authorities order nightclub to lower the volume in order not to disturb the fish

Fish tank illustration 
By: Shifra Unger

Fish don’t like music at all, at least according to local Swedish officials.

A nightclub was ordered to turn down the volume in order not to disturb the fish.

The Swedish authorities have told the nightclub that it must lower the volume of their music, due to concerns about the safety of pet fish in the care of the club.

The County Administrative Board said that the nightclub located in Gothenburg, which is keeping fish in tanks, was found to play music at 100 decibels, but the law requires that the music is kept at 65 decibels or lower when pets are in the neighborhood.

The board said that the music should be kept to a more quiet level or the club should get new aquariums with better protection against noise.

The owner of the club said that the measurements have not been taken correctly, and that the fish are kept in a separate room to protect them from the music.

Award-winning director Aswad Ayinde gets 90 years jail for fathering 6 kids with his daughters

Aswad Ayinde 
By: David Ross

A man was arrested, charged and convicted of rape related charges after he raped his own daughters, according to court proceedings in New Jersey.

Now, an award-winning musical director will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Aswad Ayinde, 55, of Paterson, New Jersey, was sentenced to 50 years in prison Friday after being found guilty in the second of five trials in which he is accused of repeatedly raping his six daughters, leading to six children being born. Ayinde was convicted in his last trial of having sex with his daughter when she was just eight-years-old. The second sentence is added to the 40-year sentence he received in 2011. Ayinde was found guilty at his first trial of sexually assaulting another one of his daughters.

As we reported earlier, An award-winning director was arrested and charged with rape related charges after he was accused of fathering 6 children with his own daughters, according to court proceedings in New Jersey.

The award-winning video director was unmasked Thursday as a brutal child rapist, after he repeatedly raped his own daughters in order to create a pure bloodline, according to a statement from the suspect.

Aswad Ayinde, who won an MTV award for directing "The Fugees Killing Me Softly,” fathered six children with his daughters from the mid 1980s to 2002, and delivered the babies himself, prosecutors in New Jersey said.

Ayinde, 51, who recently lived in Paterson, New Jersey, also had nine children with his former wife, Beverly, and at least three more with two other women in Brooklyn, New york, court records showed.

"The world is going to end and it is just going to be me and my offspring because he was chosen," Beverly Ayinde testified at a pretrial hearing quoting the suspect as saying.

Also known as Charles McGill, Ayinde faces five trials, one for each daughter who he allegedly violated, Lisa Squitieri, the Passaic County prosecutor handling the case, said.

Ayinde, is being held on $1 million bond, after he was hit with 27 charges including aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault, lewdness, child endangerment, aggravated criminal sexual contact and criminal sexual contact.