Florida woman arrested after calling police to complain about traffic ticket

Freda Johnson 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with misusing the 911 emergency system after calling police dispatchers to complain about a recent traffic ticket she received, according to police reports in Florida.

When Freda Johnson was fined for not wearing a seatbelt, she went crazy and wanted to let the authorities know.
The problem is that she let them know by calling the 911 emergency system to complain.

Johnson, 50, of Boynton Beach, Florida, was arrested last week for misusing 911.
Johnson wasted no time, officials said, as she 911 called 911 while the officer was printing the ticket.

The 911 operator, who answered the call of Johnson, notified her ticket agent, who then arrested her after explaining to her that she misused the emergency telephone system.

"You do not call 911 just because you're unhappy," the officer told Johnson during the encounter.
"I called 911 because I was complaining," Johnson said.

Instead of getting a ticket, Johnson was arrested and booked into the Palm Beach County Jail for misusing 911, a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in prison.

Teacher kills boy, 9, by kicking him in the genitals

kicking man in groin illustration 
By: John Roberts

A boy was hospitalized with swollen genitals after he was kicked by a teacher.

Now, police are investigating an incident of a boy, who died, after a teacher kicked him in the genitals.

A Zimbabwe police spokesperson in the Midlands Province, confirmed the incident, which occurred in Gwada Village.
9-year-old Shoronga Ronaldo, sustained injuries after being kicked by a teacher at the Sawi Primary School.
The boy was taken to the Gokwe District Hospital where he died.

It all started when Ronaldo walked on the school property with his twin brother. The boys had taken a herd of cattle through the schoolyard when one of the animals pulled a jacket, which was hanging on a line to dry. The twin brothers were on their way to the Sengwa River.

When the owner of the jacket, Josephine Mahayedwa, who is a teacher at school, realized that his jacket is missing, he ran after the boys. "When he caught up with the boys and realized that his jacket is on one of the animals, that’s when he began beating the brothers. He also kicked Ronaldo in the private parts,” police said.

When the boys came home, Ronaldo complained of pain in his private parts. When Ronaldo continued to complain of pain in his private parts, his parents took him to the Gokwe District Hospital.

The child died at the hospital. He was buried on Saturday. The matter came to light during the funeral when the boy's mother, Florence Gwada, indicated that the child died after he was hurt by Mahayedwa, police said.
Zimbabwe police exhumed the body of the 9-year-old to perform an autopsy. Mahayedwa is facing murder charges.

Mother reunited with newborn baby after obstetrician sold him to human traffickers for $4,600

Dong Wan after being reunited with her
baby at the hospital 
By: Sarah Weiss

A family was left confused and angry, but happy to be reunited with their newborn son after their doctor sold the child to human traffickers.

Dong Wan, 31, wept at the hospital as she held her newborn baby in a hospital in Fuping, China.

After Wan delivered her baby, gynecologist Zhang Lin told the mother that her son was born with severe health problems and would die soon.

The doctor is accused of persuading the mother to sign the baby over to the hospital before selling the boy to traffickers for $4,600. The mother said: "I was told that the baby would not survive and the best for me would be to leave the hospital to care for him, so I did."

After signing the documents and handing over her baby to the Fuping County Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital, Dong changed her mind and asked her husband, Lai Guofeng, to call the police.

After police interrogated the gynecologist, she admitted to her crime and she told police where they can find the baby. "The suspect told us where the baby was and with the help of local police we found the child,” Deputy Chen Jainfeng said.

Police in the province of Shaanxi said the doctor was arrested and they fear that this sale is just the tip of the iceberg. Officers are investigating at least seven similar cases in the region.

The baby was located hundreds of miles away in the neighboring province of Henan, where the traffickers had already sold him for a profit. Investigators said that Lin and two accomplices are under arrest.
The baby is undergoing medical tests and he will be going home with his family soon.

Woman kills neighbor's baby with boiling water in fight over $1 debt

Boiling water illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

In a very tragic incident, a woman burned her neighbor’s baby during a fight over money.

The 6-month-old baby died when she was scalded with boiling water by a neighbor, who accused the baby’s mother of not paying a debt of $1.

Police spokesperson Emanuel Mahoko said that police have arrested 33-year-old Tracy Ngoni and charged her with murder for allegedly killing the baby with boiling water. The incident occurred Sunday at the Gutsaruzhinji Village, in Zimbabwe.

According to police, on the fateful day, the suspect, Ngoni, went over to Dorothy Ruvengo’s house and demanded payment of the $1 that Ruvengo owed​​ her. The baby’s mother said that she had no money. The suspect continued to insist that she wants her money right away.

The fight started when Ruvengo told Ngoni that she also lent her ​​$1 in the past, therefore, they are even and she owed her nothing. This suggestion was not well received by Ngoni, who became violent and she punched Ruvengo with her fists.

Ngoni then grabbed a pot of boiling water, which was on the fire and poured it over the 6-month-old, burning the baby, who was sleeping on the floor. The baby was badly burned, and she died the next day from her injuries.
Police have arrested Ngoni on murder charges. The investigation is still ongoing.

Sophisticated Twitter hotel caters to social media addicts

Social Wave hotel 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A hotel chain opened their first social media themed hotel.

The hotel is dedicated to people, who love social media.

Are you a social media junkie, who cannot stop texting even when on vacation? You might enjoy a stay at the world’s first Twitter-themed hotel, which is located in Magaluf, Spain. An increasing number of social media addicts around the world have inspired Melia Hotels International, Spain's leading hotel chain, to create the Twitter hotel.

Guests interact with staff and other tourists through tweets. #SocialWave is a virtual community accessible from your WiFi via smartphone, tablet or computer. Guests can use #SocialWave to connect with other tourists, chat, share photos and even flirt by sending virtual kisses.

There is a special hashtag for almost everything, and two Twitter Concierges are always standing by to satisfy customer requests via Twitter and to generate virtual community conversations between hotel guests.

The hotel encourages guests to connect and share their hotel experience. Are you thirsty and finished all you drinks from your mini fridge? No problem. A sticker on the mini fridge reads: "Thirsty? Tweet Us #FillMyFridge."

The bathroom mirrors give social media addicts a chance to win an extra week at the hotel. All they need to do to enter is to take a photo of themselves and tweet it with the hashtag “#suitcontest”.

The bathroom mirror has large mustache stickers, which invites tourists to take funny photos with the mustache and share it with others.
This is the perfect place for people, who are very involved in their social media life, and for people, who are looking for new experiences.

Sexy underwear for smartphones becomes hot item

By: Eva Fett

A company has revealed a line of sexy underwear, which covers the smartphone’s bottom.

Interestingly enough, the SmartPants became a hot item in Japan. The line of underwear can also be purchased on the internet.

There are plenty of smartphone cases out there, but most of them don’t protect the phone’s home button. That’s where the stylish smartphone panties comes in. The silicone panties stretch over the base of the smartphones covering its “private parts”.

These bold accessories were made in Japan by the largest toy manufacturer in the world, Bandai.
Although it lacks functionality, and in fact it makes it difficult to plug-in the phone charger, nevertheless, Japanese teenagers like the SmartPants. They quickly snatched up the product when it hit the market.

Following the success of the SmartPants, Bandai has launched a new range of underwear with different kinds of patterns. The SmartPants are available in men’s and women's underwear, and they come in many styles and colors, from bikinis to jocks and briefs.

The SmartPants were made to fit most smartphone models. It works with many standard phones such as the iPhone or similar sized Android phones, among other phones.

This product is being sold in vending machines across Japan. They are available online at J-Box. SmartPants sells for $5.50 each. If you want to change the phone’s panty everyday, you can buy a set of seven in different styles for $38.50.
This product might not be very useful, but it might make you stand out with the girls.

Dan Israel shows off its first all electric bus

Dan Israel electric bus 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) Are you sick and disgusted from the heavy fumes released by public buses? Dan Israel has launched its first all-electric bus and it plans to replace all its buses with electric buses in the coming years, the company said in a statement.

Dan Public Transportation Company Ltd., launched the first electric bus in Israel on Monday on its Route Number 5 in Tel Aviv. The bus, built by the Chinese BYD Company Ltd., is a low-floor bus and measures 12 meters, or about 40 feet long, with a range of 250 kilometers, or 155 miles, enough for a day drive along city ​​routes.

Dan said that the electric buses will be recharged at night in the warehouse of the company. Recharging takes only about 4 to 5 hours. The long-range and relatively short recharge time will allow Dan to operate the buses as part of its route network.

Dan said it will invest 400 million shekel in electric buses over the next five years in order to turn a quarter of its fleet into electric buses. It added that the cost of maintaining the electric buses is 25 percent less than the cost of maintaining diesel buses, and the energy cost per kilometer is one-third that of a diesel bus.

BYD’s electric buses are imported by Clal Industries and Investments Ltd. unit Clal Motors Ltd. The contract is one of the largest international contracts by BYD to date.

IDF combat soldier sings his own original song ‘Sunshine’

Sgt. Shaul Meyron 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) An IDF soldier had shown the world that he is good at more than just fighting terrorists, according to a report in the IDF Blog.

The U.S.-Israeli combat medic from the Caracal infantry battalion sings an original song, “Sunshine.”

Sgt. Shaul Meyron, a 22-year-old combat medic in the Caracal infantry brigade, “was hit by lightning” two years ago when he discovered he had a penchant for music. Since then, he has been on a musical journey, learning the harmonica, guitar, ukulele, Irish flute, and piano along the way.

Sgt. Meyron’s service in the IDF, he says, is not detrimental to his artistic side. On the contrast, he is “loving” it and finding his muse in the military:

“There is lots of inspiration in the IDF,” says the combat medic. “If I’m having a tough time with a commander, or I’m having a good time with my friends, I write a song. You can see a different world. Simultaneously, if you’re a musician, your music will change as well.”

He continued: “Every experience that I feel, I can write about. But usually it just comes to me, through the good times and the bad.”

Sgt. Meyron joined the IDF after a year of community service on an educational ecological farm. He studied herbal medicine, which led to his desire to become an IDF medic.

His twin loves of music and medicine have a common goal: “I have many hobbies, including agriculture. I feel that if I have a gift for music, I want to use this and my other hobbies to make the world a better place.”

After the army, Sgt. Meyron hopes to further his dream of being a musician. “I love the stage; I love making people laugh and feel good.” As someone who studied acting for five years, he says, “the minute I’m on the stage, I feel at home, and I feel obligated to entertain.”

Sgt. Meyron has a full plate with his service as a combat medic, but still makes time to advance his passion for music. Next, he says, “I’d like to learn the bagpipes”.

Israel’s first kosher Ritz-Carlton hotel ready to open

Ritz-Carlton in Israel 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) Israelis and tourists looking to stay in an ultra-luxury hotel while staying in Israel, will soon have one, according to a statement made by the company.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C., the leader in luxury hospitality, has confirmed their first hotel in Israel will officially open its doors in late 2013. The Ritz-Carlton, Herzliya is located in the exclusive residential seafront town north of Tel Aviv, and will be the first global luxury branded hotel in the country.

"We are delighted to be opening this exceptional seafront property at a time of historic growth in incoming tourism to Israel. Global travellers will now have the opportunity to enjoy The Ritz-Carlton award-winning service and experience here as we establish the definitive luxury experience in Israel," said Herve Humler, president and chief operations officer, The Ritz-Carlton. "The Ritz-Carlton will bring its legendary service standards to Israel and offer the global affluent traveller a destination for both leisure and business in Herzliya," he added.

Tel Aviv is a vibrant Mediterranean city with historic cultural sights, Bauhaus architecture, and a dynamic cafe and restaurant culture. As the home of the growing technology sector, Herzliya is also a frequent destination for business travellers the world over.

Located on the Marina overlooking the Mediterranean, the hotel and was designed by a collection of internationally recognized architects and designers. Rani Ziss Architects Ltd. designed the 12-storey property and New York-based interior design firm Studio Gaia created the interiors with Israeli studio Gad Halperin producing the lobby and restaurant concepts. The 197 room property includes 82 suites all with stunning sea views and balconies.

As the first urban resort in Israel, the property offers a unique beach front experience with leisure amenities including a roof-top swimming pool with sweeping panoramic views of the beach. The Ritz-Carlton Spa and Fitness Centre both have Mediterranean views and outdoor relaxation terraces, while sailing, surfing and other water sports are within a short stroll of the property.

Renowned Chef Yonathon Roshfeld will create his first kosher dining experience at the Herbet Samuel restaurant within The Ritz-Carlton by using local, seasonal produce complemented by kosher Israeli and international wines. A panoramic rooftop bar will offer sweeping views overlooking of the coastline.

Facilities for business travellers at the property include 4,500 square feet of meeting space with views of the Marina for both business and social events and a Business Center.

Israeli army forms new unit to protect Israelis national emergencies

Israeli solider helping Israeli citizen 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

The Israeli military has formed a new unit that will protect Israeli citizens during national emergencies, according to a military spokesperson.

The Xinhua News Agency reported that the unit is comprised of four existing search and rescue battalions of the Home Front Command.

As a centralized operations center, the brigade will coordinate the activities of the four battalions to deal with mass casualty incidents, including missile strikes on multiple fronts, biological and chemical weapons, and natural disasters.

The Israel defense establishment estimates that thousands of rockets and missiles could be launched regularly against the country by militant groups of neighboring states.

General Eyal Eizenberg, who heads the Home Front Command, said the threats and challenges facing Israel are on the increase.
"Our homes have become targets of more attacks, and we are ready to help people in emergency cases," Eizenberg said.
The new brigade will be located in southern Israeli Zikim military camp and its first commander will be Colonel Yoram Laredo.

Turkish man arrested for beheading woman in Tel Aviv

Eidan Damirhan and Ilona Denis 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with murder related charges after beheading a woman in Tel Aviv, according to police reports.

Tel Aviv Police said that the dismembered body of 42-year-old Ilona Denis was found in a suitcase in Tel Aviv on Saturday.
Police on Wednesday released details of their investigation into the killing of the woman.

A Turkish citizen was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion that he murdered the 42-year-old Romanian national, Ilona Denis, before dismembering her body and stuffing her into a suitcase.

Eidan Damirhan, 50, arrived in the country in order to work in construction. He is believed to have been romantically involved with the victim.

The gruesome discovery was made when a bicyclist ran into a suspicious heavy suitcase while driving through the Haghana train station area in southern Tel Aviv.

He tried to move the suitcase aside and decided to alert police after noticing its unusually heavy weight.
The bomb disposal unit arrived at the scene only to discover that the woman's dismembered body was stuffed into a black garbage bag inside the suitcase.

Once the victim had been identified as Ilona Denis, a nurse who has been in the country for four years, and has a daughter abroad, the police established that she had recently ended a relationship with the suspect.

The suspect was located in Ramat Gan, where police were able to make an arrest. He had his Turkish passport and a bag of clothes with him at the time of the arrest, and is believed to have been preparing to leave the country.

Dreams and Reality: Will Photo Ops Produce Mideast Peace?

John Kerry meats with Mahmoud Abbas 
By: Tazpit News Agency for YourJewishNews.com

(Scroll down for video) At the Washington press conference held on July 30, US Secretary of State John Kerry declared that the Israelis and Palestinians will aim to reach a final status agreement to end their conflict in the time frame of nine months. He also had some words to say about the "dividends of peace" and the belief that the negotiators and leaders on both sides have in the success of the peace process.

Standing very seriously on either side of Secretary Kerry for the expected photo-op, were chief negotiators Tzipi Livni and Saeb Erekat. After Dr. Erekat spoke, Minister Livni concluded the press conference with a statement saying "that history is not made by cynics. It is made by realists who are not afraid to dream."

Fast forward a few days later, and the highly popular FC Barcelona is visiting Israel on a two-day "Peace Tour," holding soccer clinics for 2,000 enthusiastic Israeli and Palestinian children in soccer stadiums in Tel Aviv and Hebron.

Israeli President Shimon Peres, who invited the Barcelona team to Israel and told the players in his Jerusalem residence that they had arrived just on time, citing "Our Prime Minister and his government began a 'tour of peace' between us and the Palestinians, which is an important and timely decision. Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, you and the whole team can teach us and the Palestinians to play Tiki-Taka so we can score the goal we all hope for – the goal of peace."

One of the more telling photos from the tour can be seen on the FC Barcelona's official website where superstar Lionel Messi stands between Israeli terror victim Asael Shabo and a 17-year-old Palestinian, Mohamad, at Tel Aviv's Bloomfield Stadium. The three are smiling and look excited. Barca team captain Xavi Hernadez is quoted as saying that "the fact that we got to be with Palestinian and Israeli children was very rewarding for all of us…we did our small part for peace and coexistence between two communities.”

It is unclear whether FC Barcelona was made aware of Asael Shabo’s story. When Shabo was nine-years-old, a Palestinian terrorist broke into his family's home in the Itamar community and murdered his mother and three brothers in a brutal gun attack on June 20, 2002. Asael, who was watching TV together with his five-year-old brother, Avishai, was badly injured while his younger brother was killed in the attack. A sister, Aviya, was also injured.

Following the terrorist attack, Shabo's right leg had to be amputated and he spent two years in the hospital. He began intense rehabilitation treatments at the Israel Sports Center for the Disabled (ISCD) in Ramat Gan, where he later excelled in competitive sports.

It is the generation of youth like Asael Shabo whose stories are often forgotten during waves of peace talks. Those children who lost mothers, fathers, and siblings in countless terror attacks that engulfed the Jewish state by Palestinian terrorists seeking only Israel's destruction.

But even more ironically, that element of terror and hatred still permeates Palestinian leadership. While many were celebrating the opportunity for Israelis and Palestinians to come together in light of FC Barcelona's visit, there were those who felt very differently.

Senior Palestinian Authority official, Jibril Rajoub who only weeks earlier stated that "if we had a nuke we'd have used it this very morning [against Israel], called for a sports boycott of Israel. The Fatah official spoke about the pressure placed on him to allow a joint photo of Israeli and Palestinian players with Messi. "We insisted that the photo include Messi and Muhammad," he was quoted in the Times of Israel, declaring that he did not want an Israeli soccer player in the photo representing "occupation."

"We are not racist, we are realists, "said Rajoub, who also heads the Palestinian Soccer Association. He shot down the opportunity for a joint-exhibition match during Barca's visit and referred to Israel as Nazis, stating that "I will not allow nor agree to a joint game between Arabs and Israel."

Furthermore, according to Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), during Barcelona's visit, a sportscaster on Palestinian Authority television stated that "Today Barcelona comes to visit Palestine and nothing else. Only Palestine and its capital Jerusalem, Eilat, Rosh Hanikra, and all the Palestinian cities in the north, south, west, and east."

Who are the dreamers and who are the realists?

Ignoring Fatah officials and leaders like Jibril Rajoub do not make them go away. They may not appear in photo ops in Western media, but their hate speech and actions continue to propel another generation of Palestinians to play a very different game than that envisioned by Shimon Peres, John Kerry and the well-meaning FC Barcelona.

In the video below you can John Kerry discussing the peace process. (Note: Conference begins at 55:00 in the video)

4 Israeli soldiers wounded after explosion rocks Israeli border with Lebanon

The Israeli-Lebanese border 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) Four Israeli soldiers were wounded after an explosion rocked the Israeli-Lebanese border, according to a statement released by the Israeli military.

The four Israeli soldiers were wounded on Wednesday morning.

The troops were involved in "an activity near the border," the Israeli military spokesperson said, without giving details about the circumstances of the explosion. They were taken to a hospital.

Israeli troops routinely patrol the border with Lebanon, which has been largely quiet since a war with the Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas in 2006.

A Lebanese security source said the incident probably occurred just north of the Israeli border fence that separates the Israeli and Lebanese forces, but on the Israeli side of a U.N.-designated "blue line" between the two countries.

He said the soldiers may have been injured by a mine.
Another security source said the blast was about 150 meters, or about 500 feet, south of the blue line.

When asked about the incident, Andrea Teneti, a spokesperson for the peacekeeping force of the U.N. in southern Lebanon, said he had "no information regarding the incident", and described the situation as calm.

Company claims people buy Hitler wine bottles as a joke

Hitler wine bottles 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A company defended its actions of selling wine bottles adorned with Hitler images as nothing more than a joke, according to the company owner.

A Norwegian couple vacationing in the seaside town of Rimini, Italy, reported to have seen the bottles, which were adorned with images of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and swastikas, appearing on store shelves.

"I was surprised that there was a market for something like this, because I thought that even in Italy, the market cannot be so large that it was economical to produce such wine," Paret Havard said.

Last year, the same wine bottles were removed from a supermarket in Veronese, in response to a complaint from a U.S. tourist. At that time, the brand attracted the condemnation of Italian Integration Minister Andrea Riccardi, who said its presence "offends the memory of millions of people and risks compromising Italy's image abroad."

The wines are part of a "history series", produced since 1995 by the Udine-based company Vini Lunardelli. According to the firm's website, the 50-strong collection is designed to "remind us of the lives of famous people of Italian and world political history,” including Che Guevara, Winston Churchill, Karl Marx and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Available to order online, the cult collection includes “Der Prosecco Vom Fuhrer” for 10 euros, “Grappa Del Duce” for 12 euros and “Napoleone I” Pinot Grigio for 8 euros.

In response to the furor over the wines of his company, the owner, Alessandro Lunardelli, said that the products are usually purchased by tourists as a "gag gift" and added: "It is not intended to offend anyone."

Woman tricked into buying two real apples for $1,200 instead of Apple iPhones

Apple with Apple logo 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A woman was scammed out of $1,200 after she was sold two real apples instead of two Apple iPhones, according to police reports in Australia.

There are apples, the fruit, and there are iPhones made by Apple, the company. Usually, it is very easy to tell the difference.

Unfortunately, one Australian woman got caught in a scam and ended up paying $1,200 for two pieces of fruit.
The crime occurred on a website called Gumtree. The 21-year-old scam victim placed an advertisement asking if anyone had an iPhone for sale.

She got a response from another woman, who said she could sell her two. The two met at a McDonald’s, where the buyer gave the seller $1,200 and received two "iPhone boxes that looked new." The buyer did not check to see what was inside.

Finally, she looked inside once she got home. She was shocked to find fruits instead of phones inside.
Police in the city of Upper Mount Gravatt in Queensland, near Brisbane, said people should be "cautious" when buying online.

"You do not need to stay away completely, because most people are doing the right thing, but be smart about what you buy," police officer Jess Hopkins said.

Web commentators were less kind. Andrew Perrott: "The stupidity of some people is amazing."
Marcin Karpinski added: "Today, phones are smarter and more intelligent than their owners."
A third offered: "I have a box of Xbox for sale."

Judge frees convicted child rapist, rules the victim, 13, turned him on

U.K. courtroom illustration 
By: Eva Fett

A convicted child rapist walked out of court a free man after a judge ruled that the victim is to blame for the man’s behavior.

The United Kingdom judge ruled that the 13-year-old victim had acted "predatorily" had "encouraged" the man and "looked older" than she really is.

Neil Wilson, 41, pleaded guilty to luring the girl to his home in Romford, Essex, where she stripped out of her school uniform before she performed a sexual act on him.

The two then entered into a two-week fling, the court was told. Wilson bombarded the victim with phone calls and text messages as she continued to visit his home.

The girl confided to a friend, who called the police.
A raid on Wilson’s home uncovered a stash of images and videos of child molestation and bestiality, the court heard.
Attorney Robert Colover told the judge that despite her age, she was "sexually experienced" and had forced the defendant into action.

Judge Nigel Peters told the court he had taken into account the guilty plea of Wilson in issuing a suspended sentence.
"You thought she was about 16-years-old,” he said, and in your plea you acknowledge that you knew," he said.

"Allowing her to visit your home is something that we would give you, in normal circumstances, a long prison sentence. On the other hand, the girl was predatory and was urging you on," the judge also said.
Wilson received a suspended jail term of eight months and three years probation.

Man arrested after stabbing his father then cutting off his own hands

Jason Dunn 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with attempted murder related charges after he stabbed his own father, according to police reports in California.

Redding Police said that a man, who stabbed his father before using an arm saw to cut his own hands, pleaded not guilty this afternoon after being charged with attempted murder.

Jason Dunn, 27, is accused of attacking his father, Gregory Alan Dunn, before cutting his own hands. He appeared in the Superior Court of Shasta County with his hands, which have since been reattached, completely bandaged.

Judge Elva Soper set his bail at $575,000 and scheduled a preliminary hearing for next week.
He is charged with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, several other weapons related charges and with causing great bodily injury.

Deputies went to Dunn’s home located on Scheer Drive around 3:30 pm and found the old man lying in the driveway with multiple stab wounds. They also saw his son standing nearby with both hands severed at the wrists.

Gregory Dunn suffered from multiple stab wounds to the neck, throat and upper body, police said. Detectives said Jason Dunn uses a pair of scissors to attack his father.

"After stabbing his father several times, Jason Dunn then used an electric saw to cut off both his hands," police told the court.
Both men were taken to Mercy Medical Center in Redding and detectives later interviewed Jason Dunn, who admitted stabbing his father during an argument.

Jason Dunn has no history of violent crime convictions in Shasta County.
Neighbors have said that the father and son were seen fighting lately.

Man ordered to pay beggar nearly $8,000 after calling her fat

The SAQ liquor store 
By: Debbie Gross

A man is shocked after he was ordered to pay a beggar thousands of dollars because he called her fat, according to court proceedings in Canada.

The Montreal man, who called a beggar fat and questioned her mental state, has been ordered to pay the woman $7,708.

The Human Rights Commission of Quebec ordered the man to pay the sum to the woman after he wrote an email that was considered discriminatory to a store manager in 2010. The store in question is the SAQ liquor store.

The commission heard that the woman, who is about 60-years-old, suffers from a degenerative bone disease. The woman panhandles outside the store for a few hours on Friday and Saturday to complement her social assistance benefits.

The man’s email described the woman as overweight, a drunk and with no apparent IQ.
The email suggested "solutions" to the problem of begging in the city, including a "Chinese solution", which proposes that each beggar receives "a bullet in the neck and a bill for the bullet to the family of the deceased bum.”

A customer service representative of the SAQ liquor store said that SAQ had previously received hostile emails from the man.
The store decided to shared the email with the woman, who was advised by police to take her complaint to the human rights commission.

The human rights commission rejected the argument of the man that the email was not meant to be seen by the beggar.
"Any ordinary person in the same situation as the victim and who was the target of these words, would have suffered a loss of dignity for the contempt shown by the accused," the decision read.

Thieves dressed as ghosts strike across Sweden

Man in ghost costume illustration 
By: John Roberts

People in Sweden have been suffering recently from thieves, who dress in ghost costumes, according to police reports.

Now, police in Sweden are warning tourists in Stockholm, to be on the lookout for people in ghosts costumes, who try to distract their victims and then pick their pockets.

Police said that tourists have reported that their pockets were picked while they were distracted by people wearing white sheets with white face paint.

"The thieves are always finding new methods. Often, the theft is carried out using some sort of distraction. They come onto people very strongly and aggressively, which scares people," Stockholm police spokesperson Gunnar Thun said.

"Many tourists think that Stockholm is a safe city. It is indeed a pretty safe city when it comes to violent crimes, but not when it comes to crimes against personal property. People got robbed often here," Thun said.

He warned tourists to watch out from the ghosts.
"People should keep a safe distance from them," he said.

Florida police dispatcher arrested after stealing female co-worker’s exposed photos from her cellphone

Omar Trevino 
By: Sarah Weiss

A man was arrested and charged with theft related charges after he stole exposed pictures from his female co-worker’s cellphone, according to police reports in Florida.

Palm Beach County Police said that a dispatcher is accused of stealing one of the cellphones of his co-worker, finding photos of her exposing her breasts, and sending them to his email account.

Omar Trevino, 31, also admitted secretly going through the mobile phones of his female co-workers when they sit next to his, while the phones are left unattended.

Trevino is currently on paid administrative leave, sheriff's spokesperson Eric Davis said.
The co-worker said she was away from her desk when Trevino, without permission, took her phone. He allegedly sent the photos to himself and then showed them to another co-worker.

Trevino was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail on charges of illegal access of computers.
Trevino allegedly showed a picture of two women with exposed breasts to his co-worker. The two women were dispatchers at the sheriff's office. When Trevino was asked how he obtained the images, Trevino said he got them off the phone of a co-worker while she was on break.

The women told detectives that they did not give anyone permission to access their phones, and that their devices did not have passwords. The women allowed detectives to search the phone, and they found that the pictures were sent to Trevino’s email.

Man arrested after blowing up family dog because the world is ending

Christopher Dillingham 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged after he decided to blow up his dog because the world is coming to an end, according to police reports in Washington.

Skamania County Police said that a father with children, who was preparing for the end, blew up a Labrador Retriever because the devil was inside the dog.

Christopher Dillingham, 45, allegedly attached a bomb to his dog and detonated it around 4:00 am, on Sunday, outside his home.
Skamania County Sheriff Dave Brown, who lives nearby, said the explosion woke him up.

"It sounded like a high-powered rifle going off outside my window," he said.
After a series of police calls, deputies were sent to the home of Dillingham. The dog’s remains were found scattered on the patio and Dillingham was arrested.

Dillingham told Skamania County deputies "the world is going to end due to a nuclear attack that was being prepared.”
Officers found a broken window and personal belongings outside the house when they arrived.

When asked why he was throwing objects out of his house and on the lawn, he said he believed that "the souls of demons were within the metal objects at his home.”

Dillingham said that his former girlfriend gave him the dog, Cabella, and "put the devil in it." He told the deputies that he made the explosive device in his home using black powder from fireworks.

Then, he allegedly tied it around the neck of the dog. He also allegedly told deputies he got behind a wall before activating the device, not wanting to get injured by debris.
The children were not injured.

Dillingham was charged with second-degree malicious mischief, reckless endangerment and possession of explosives, but not animal cruelty. The prosecutor said that the charge would have been used if the animal would have suffered, but the dog died on the spot. He is being held on bail of $500,000.

Woman arrested after killing her grandson with methadone overdose

By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with murder related charges after she gave her two grandchildren a powerful drug in order to get them to sleep, according to police reports in Maryland.

Baltimore Police said that a woman is accused of murder after she gave a powerful drug, methadone, to her two grandchildren.
The two children were very small. Police said the grandmother gave them methadone because she wanted to go to sleep.

Towanda Reaves, 50, is charged with murder and child abuse.
The child, 19-months-old, was identified as Aadyn Overton. He died of an overdose.

"I did not know what had happened at the beginning when I heard the baby had died. I said, 'Oh, my God, he was just here playing,'" a neighbor said.

The incident happened on July 4, while the children were visiting Reaves in her apartment on North Forest Park Avenue.
Neighbors said they thought the children were exposed to the drug by accident. But police said Reaves admitted giving it to them because she wanted them to go to sleep.

"She confirmed that she used methadone on the children and put it on their gums," Detective Jeremy Silbert of the Baltimore City Police said.

Methadone is given to addicts to help them detox from drugs like heroin. Sometimes it may be prescribed as a painkiller.
Those who knew Reaves are shocked by what happened. By all accounts, they say she was a loving grandmother.

"She really took care of them. From what I saw, she was not a bad person," one woman said.
The 17-month-old girl was taken to a hospital,and was later released.
Neighbors are now wondering how Reaves could do something so dangerous.

"As a grandmother I simply I cannot imagine. I cannot imagine," one woman said.
Reaves faces several charges, including second-degree murder and child abuse.
Neighbors said that the children were visiting and did not live at the home.

Professor who murdered his family will teach at Illinois college

James St. James 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) An Illinois college has announced that a professor will teach at its university this year despite the fact that he killed his family.

Administrators at the private university in Illinois are standing by the teacher, despite revelations that he shot and killed his father, mother and teenage sister, more than 40 years ago.

In a statement Tuesday, officials from Millikin University said they would allow the Professor of Psychology, James St. James, to continue teaching despite having learned of his past.

On August 4, 1967, the 16-year-old St. James, allegedly entered the room of his family with a .22 caliber rifle, shot his father twice in the chest, walked into the room and shot his teenage sister in the chest. When she fell to the ground, he shot an extra round in her face. St. James has fired a bullet into his mother's chest and shot her two more times in the head.

St. James admitted to the killings at that time, but was found not guilty by reason of insanity. He spent the next six years in a mental institution and was released.

In a statement issued Tuesday, Millikin University officials said they would allow St. James to continue teaching despite the surprising revelations.

"Given the traumatic experiences of St. James’ childhood, the efforts of the doctor to rebuild his life and have a successful professional career has been remarkable," the university said in a statement.
"The University expects that St. James will teach at Millikin this fall," the statement added.

After St. James left the mental institution in 1974, he reportedly changed his name and then earned a doctorate in psychology. He became a professor of psychology at the Millikin University in 1986.

New Jersey police officer makes drug bust while going on toilet break

Man using dollar bill for joint illustration 
By: Eva Fett

A man was arrested and charged with illegal drug possession related charges after he was caught messing around with marijuana inside a restaurant bathroom, according to police reports in New Jersey.

New Jersey State Police said that an officer on break went to use a 7-Eleven bathroom break when he saw a 19-year-old breaking up marijuana on top of a $100 bill on the toilet.

Officer Michael Sprung stopped on North Beverwyck Road in order to use the store toilet around 1:03 am, on Tuesday, police said.
When he opened the door, he saw Tolga Gezer, 19, of Lake Hiawatha, sitting with his back to the door, fully clothed in the bathroom.

Gezer was breaking up the pot on the back of the toilet.
Gezer tried to hide the marijuana behind the toilet when he saw the officer, who was at the door in his uniform.

Sprung arrested Gezer, and he was brought to the Parsippany Police Department, where he was charged with possession of marijuana.
Later he was given a court date and released.