Funeral goes awry when 'dead' man grabs drink of water

“Dead” man grabbing water 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) Onlookers were shocked when a man, who was said to be dead, suddenly got up and grabbed a bottle of water.

The soft drink vendor in China faked his own death in order to sue the government after an altercation with government employees.

But his cover was blown when he became too hot in the Hubei Province, in central China. The heat was too much for him to bear.
The incident occurred around 4:00 pm, when more than 10 men held the "corpse" on a gurney covered with a white sheet near the Jianghan Road subway station in the provincial capital of Wuhan.

The men protested and claimed that the government workers had beaten the vendor to death and they demanded tens of thousands of yuan in compensation.
More than 300 people gathered at the scene, and 80 police officers were sent to the scene to maintain order.

After two hours of protest, the "dead" man suddenly stood up, grabbed a bottle of water and drank it before saying: "It's too hot. I cannot take it anymore."

According to Human Rights Watch, many Chinese cities employ non-criminal law enforcement personnel called chengguan who work independently from police. Their job is to monitor citizens compliance with sanitation, traffic, and environmental laws.

The group is not very popular with the Chinese public after a series of high-profile violent incidents involving chengguan members. In the latest incident, six chengguan members were detained after a fruit seller in Hunan died after the group hit him on the head amid an altercation.

The “dead” man, whose surname is Han, along with two others have, been arrested for disorderly conduct. After being detained, Han told police that chengguan members clashed with vendors early in the day after claiming that their carts were blocking traffic. They told the vendors to leave before confiscating their mineral waters and other beverages.

Breasts for rent, woman offers breastfeeding service to gay men who choose to adopt baby

Woman breastfeeding illustration 
By: Debbi Gross

(Scroll down for video) Some women have been making a lot of money by selling their bodies in states where it is legal to do so.

One woman came up with a unique way to make money legally by renting out her body for babies.

A few weeks after a divisive same-sex marriage law was passed, gay people can marry and legally adopt a baby. One French mother is taking advantage of the opportunity by offering to rent her breasts to homosexual male couples, who choose to adopt a baby.
So far, it is reportedly still illegal for gay couples to use a surrogate or assisted reproduction to have a biological baby.

The 29-years-old mother is a trained nurse. She advertised her services as a benefit to the health of newborns. The classified advertisement was published on e-Ione, a website that offers products and services for rent. The woman goes by the name “cecilia232”. She lives in the Paris suburb of Boulogne.

She wrote: "I am a young mother in good health, and a trained nurse aged 29. I renting my breasts to suckle newborns. In one day, I can offer your baby up to 10 feedings. Gay males do not have a chance to breastfeed their babies, however, breastfeeding helps improve the baby’s health. Mother's milk provides comprehensive nourishment. Contact me via this site. Those who are not serious should stay away,” she wrote.

The price for one hour of nursing is $25. A full day of nursing is about $133 and $665 for a week of nursing. Wet-nursing, where a person hands over their baby to a woman to nurse the child, used to be relatively common, especially among wealthy families.

The tradition still is practiced in some countries, but has been almost completely abandoned in the West were infant formula are readily available to babies, whose mothers cannot or choose not to breastfeed.

Police looking for stolen property find man in bed with 14-year-old girl

Craig Good  
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A man who is accused of robbery is in whole lot of trouble after police found him in bed with an underage girl.

The incident happened on the day of the man’s birthday.

Craig Good, 29, of Massachusetts, was accused of a series of robberies. Officers were at his house with a search warrant looking for the stolen property. After his mother opened the door for the officers, they headed to Good’s bedroom where they found him in bed with the teenager.

When officers walked into the room, Good and the teen quickly got dressed, according to officers. When questioned by police, the girl initially told them she was 16, the age of consent in Massachusetts, but later she revealed she was only 14-years-old.
Police notified the girl’s mother and sent her to a local hospital for an exam and to “collect evidence.”

This is not the first time Good was caught with an underage girl. Good is a registered sex offender. He met his latest teenage girl online a few weeks ago, and they had sex several times, authorities said.

Good pleaded not guilty at his arraignment to charges of rape, child abuse and possession of stolen property with a value of over $250 according to the district attorney's office.

A judge ordered Good to be held without bail for 60 days. After that, bail will be set at $250,000 and Good will be placed under house arrest with a GPS monitoring device. He is not be allowed to use the internet, he has to stay away from the victim, and is not allowed to have unsupervised contact with children under 16-years-old.

Good reportedly served two and a half years in prison after he was caught by police during a sex sting. An officer posed online as a 13-year-old girl, and Good believed that she was a young girl.

The two had a graphic chat and then agreed to meet at a coffee shop where Good was arrested.
He was registered as a Level 3 sex offender indicating that he is "most likely to reoffend."

British hiker missing nearly two months arrested in New York City after stealing $2 bag of peanuts

Roger Temple 
By: Debbi Gross

A British man has left his family in the dark after he went missing nearly two months ago.

Roger Temple, 44, was living in New Jersey at the time when he was reported missing, nearly two months ago.

He was arrested on Sunday in New York City, for petty theft. But as soon as he was released from booking he went missing again.
The missing man has last contacted his family 2 months ago via text message to his girlfriend. His whereabouts were unknown until he was arrested by the police for stealing a $2 bag of peanuts from a shop in Manhattan.

The arresting officer did not run his fingerprints through the National Crime Information Center. It was not until after Temple was released that his fingerprints were put into the National Crime Information Center. He was flagged as a missing person.

The officer then notified the New Jersey police about the arrest. But it was too late, as Temple has gone missing again and his cell phone has been turned off. Bedminster Police reportedly asked the New York Police Department for the mug shot and information about the mental status of Temple at the time of his arrest.

He has not been seen or heard from since his arrest.
Temple's family has created a Facebook page and offered a $2,000 reward for information leading to his discovery. In addition, his brother Nick Temple, is scheduled to fly in from England to assist in the search.

Temple is described as 5 feet 8 inches, 175 pounds, with hazel eyes, gray hair and a mole on the left side of his nose. Anyone who sees Temple is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-577-8477.

Boy, 7, contracts STD from his teacher

School in China illustration 
By: Eva Fett

A young child was diagnosed with an STD after he was raped by his teacher.

The teacher in Hubei Province, in central China, is under investigation after his 7-year-old student was diagnosed with venereal disease.

The case came to light after the child was taken to the doctor with an itchy behind. A doctor confirmed that the child was sexually abused. The child then told his mother that his teacher sexually assaulted him for the past six months.
The 31-year-old primary school teacher in rural Wuxue City was suspended from school pending the outcome of the investigation.

During an interview, the boy told police his teacher would buy him treats and ask him to wait near the school bathroom. "The teacher gave me snacks first and then he asked me to bend over,” the boy said.
The boy told police that the teacher did the same to two other classmates.

Medical tests revealed that the boy had been penetrated within the past three months and had contracted venereal warts from a HPV(human papillomavirus) infection. HPV is contracted through sexual contact and can cause genital warts and diseases like cancer.

Venereal disease experts said the child is likely to suffer from the disease for the rest of his life.
The child's mother has to change the dressings on the infected areas every four hours. Their house had to be thoroughly disinfected to prevent the disease from spreading.

A school director said the teacher had been in the profession for 10 years. The school has 12 teachers and 146 students. Many of the students are "left behind" children, who are cared for by relatives while their parents work in other cities in China or in other countries.

The migrant population in China has increased from 6 million in 1980 to 260 million last year. According to a report published by the All-China Women's Federation, the number of "left-behind children," now exceeds 60 million.

Ohio man arrested after spray painting ‘go home evil Jews’ in cemetery

Slavko Mazibrada 
By: Eva Fett

A man was arrested and charged with vandalism related charges after he spray painted anti-Semitic graffiti inside a cemetery, according to police reports in Ohio.

Springfield Police said that An Akron man is accused of writing anti-Semitic insults in a mausoleum in the Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery.

Slavko Mazibrada, 56, is being held in the Summit County Jail on a charge of fifth-degree felony vandalism.
Court records show he was arrested on Thursday by the Springfield Township Police. Officers were responding to the Canton Road cemetery after a caller said someone wrote "JEWS GO HOME EVL Z" and "Dead" on the side of a mausoleum.

Mazibrada was arrested not far from the cemetery on Albrecht Avenue. "Witness statements and evidence at the scene" led officers to arrest Mazibrada, Sergeant Eric East said.

Cemetery workers were assigned to clear the insults. The cleanup is expected to cost more than $7,000, police said.

3 arrested after shooting ultra-Orthodox Jews with paint balls

The victim 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Three people were arrested and charged with assault as a hate crime related charges after shooting ultra-Orthodox Jews with paint balls, according to police reports in New York.

Ramapo Police said that officers who were responding to a report of a possible gunshot victim instead found a pedestrian beaten several times by paint balls in what is being investigated as a possible hate crime.

The shooting happened at Rita Avenue in the village of Kaser around 11:30 pm on Wednesday.
The victim said he and a friend were talking and leaning against the car of another friend when another vehicle traveling south on Rita Avenue stopped near them.

Both the victim and his friend said they observed a black man shooting a rifle at them from the window of the passenger side of the car about five or six times, striking the victim twice in the abdomen and the car three or four times.
They also reported hearing someone yell "f***ing Jews" as they drove by.

The victim and his friend, who are members of the community patrol “Chaverim”, alerted headquarters about the situation through their radios. Patrol members, who were also in the area, followed the vehicle and cornered the suspects on Frances Place in Monsey.

Ramapo police arrived and placed the three suspects under arrest.
A paintball power gun was found inside the car.
The victim suffered minor injuries to his abdomen and was taken to Nyack Hospital for treatment.

The suspects were identified as 23-year-old Shashi Ramsaroop, Lindsey Peaks, 20, and 19-year-old Demetrius Latrell Torain.
They are charged with second-degree assault as a hate crime, second-degree aggravated harassment, fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon and third-degree criminal tampering.

Man behind the voice of Arabic Donald Duck calls on Israel to be demolished

Arabic Donald Duck 
By: Debbie Gross

The man behind the voice of the Arabic Donald Duck called on Israel to be demolished, according to a report by

Wael Mansour, who is the man behind the voice of the Middle Eastern Arabic version of Donald Duck, called for Israel to be "demolished" on Twitter.

"I really wish #Israel is demolished, I hate Zionism, I have so much hate inside of me with each child they murder or land they seize!" Mansour posted on Twitter.

"I do not know why insulting #Israel and #Zionism is 'anti-Semitic'. They are just a bunch of Polish/Ethiopian immigrants about 70-years-old,” he also published.

When he was asked to comment about his anti-Israeli rant, Mansour added that "the Zionist entity is an entity that is racist by definition."

"Zionism's is committing hate crimes by the power of its criminal law. I stand by what I said," Mansour said.
Disney said in a statement that Mansour is not currently under contract.

1,000-year-old crusader era hospital uncovered in Jerusalem’s Old City

The ancient structure 
By: John Roberts

A structure that once served as a massive hospital was uncovered in the Christian Quarter in Jerusalem’s Old City, according to a report by the Israel Antiquities Authority.

The Israel Antiquities Authority conducted an excavation in the impressive Crusader building, which stands 6 meters high, prior to the construction of a restaurant by the Grand Bazaar Company.

Part of an enormous structure dating to the Crusader period (1099–1291 CE), which was a busy hospital, has currently been revealed to the public following excavations and research by the Israel Antiquities Authority there in cooperation with the Grand Bazaar Company of East Jerusalem.

The building, owned by the Waqf, is situated in the heart of the Christian Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem, in a region known as “Muristan” (a corruption of the Persian word for hospital), near David Street, the main road in the Old City.

Until a decade or so ago the building served as a bustling and crowded fruit and vegetable market. Since then it stood there desolate. In the wake of the Grand Bazaar Company’s intention to renovate the market as a restaurant, the Israel Antiquities Authority conducted archaeological soundings there.

The structure, only a small part of which was exposed in the excavation, seems to extend across an area of fifteen dunams! Its construction is characterized by massive pillars and ribbed vaults and it stands more than six meters high. The image we have is that of a great hall composed of pillars, rooms and smaller halls.

According to Renee Forestany and Amit Re’em, the excavation directors on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority, “We’ve learned about the hospital from contemporary historical documents, most of which are written in Latin. These mention a sophisticated hospital that is as large and as organized as a modern hospital.

The hospital was established and constructed by a Christian military order named the “Order of St. John of the Hospital in Jerusalem” and known by its Latin name the Hospitallers (from the word hospital). These righteous warriors took an oath to care for and watch over pilgrims, and when necessary they joined the ranks of the fighters as an elite unit.

The hospital consisted of different wings and departments according to the nature of the illness and the condition of the patient – similar to a modern hospital. In an emergency situation the hospital could accept as many as 2,000 patients. The Hospitallers treated sick men and women of different religions.

There is information about Crusaders who ensured their Jewish patients received kosher food. All that notwithstanding, they were completely ignorant in all aspects of medicine and sanitation: an eyewitness of the period reports that a Crusader doctor amputated the leg of a warrior just because he had a small infected wound – needless to say the patient died.

The Muslim Arab population was instrumental in assisting the Crusaders in establishing the hospital and teaching them medicine. Arab culture has always held the medical profession in high regard and Arab physicians were famous far and wide.

In addition to the medical departments, the hospital also functioned as an orphanage where abandoned newborns were brought. Mothers who did not want their offspring would come there with covered heads and hand over their infants. In many instances when twins were born, one of them was given to the orphanage. The orphans were treated with great devotion and when they reached adulthood they served in the military order.

We can learn about the size of the hospital from contemporary documents. One of the documents recounts an incident about a staff member who was irresponsible in the performance of his work in the hospital. That person was marched alongside the building awhile, and the rest of the staff, with whips in hand, formed a line behind him and beat him. This spectacle was witnessed by all of the patients.

The Ayyubid ruler Saladin lived near the hospital following the defeat of the Crusaders, and he also renovated and maintained the structure. He permitted ten Crusader monks to continue to reside there and serve the population of Jerusalem.

The building collapsed in an earthquake that struck in 1457 CE and was buried beneath its ruins, which is how it remained until the Ottoman period. In the Middle Ages parts of the structure were used as a stable and the bones of horses and camels were found in excavations, alongside an enormous amount of metal that was used in shoeing the animals.

According to Monser Shwieki, the project manager, “The magnificent building will be integrated in a restaurant slated to be constructed there, and its patrons will be impressed by the enchanting atmosphere of the Middle Ages that prevails there”. According to Shwieki, “The place will be open to the public later this year”.

Syrian girl, 15, walks again a day after surgery in Israeli hospital

Ziv Hospital in Safed 
By: Sarah Weiss

An Israeli hospital has helped a Syrian girl, who was wounded during the Syrian civil war, according to a report in

The 15-year-old girl, who lost one leg during the fighting, was seriously hurt by shrapnel in the other leg and abdomen. Now, just a day after undergoing major surgery in Ziv Hospital in Safed, Israel, she was able to walk again.

On Tuesday, the young Syrian was able to stand on her leg for the first time, and she walked with the aid of crutches. “The smile of the girl got all Ziv hospital staff excited,” the director of the department of orthopedics at the hospital, Dr. Alejandro Lerner, said.

"They wake up after a few days or whenever, at which time they hear a strange language and see strange people," the CEO of the Western Galilee Hospital, Dr. Masad Barhoum, said. "If they can talk, the first question they ask is: ‘Where am I?'" he said.

This is not the first time that a Syrian was treated at an Israeli hospital. As we reported earlier, Syrian victims of their country’s civil war, continue to get treatment in Israeli hospitals, according to a report by the Tazpit News Agency.
Syrian civilians and combatants continue to flow into Israel to receive medical treatment.

IDF soldiers admitted a critically wounded 15 years-old girl. The doctors were forced to remove one of her legs. Earlier another three Syrian wounded civilians were received by Israel for medical treatment, a mother and her 8-year-old daughter, and a man with a severe head injury.

Also, two critically wounded Syrians were hospitalized in Israel. In total, over 30 Syrian patients have received medical treatment in Israel.

The Syrians have been less lucky on the Turkish border. Reuters reported that one Syrian refugee was shot today by Turkish troops after trying to cross the border. The man was part of a group of 8 refugees trying to cross the border into Turkey. They opened fire on the soldiers, who tried to prevent their passage.

Israeli soldiers practice extreme combat situations by fighting against each other

IDF soldiers practicing extreme combat situations 
By: Shifra Unger

The IDF has conducted competitions among several military units in order to prepare for extreme combat situations, according to a report in the IDF Blog.

What happens if a soldier is in the midst of battle and his truck’s tire blows? What if sophisticated computer equipment breaks down? What if someone is badly injured and a bandage won’t stop the bleeding? All the responsibility falls on the soldier in the field, and the outcome can mean the difference between life and death.

These were the considerations behind last week’s Competition Day, which pitted different battalions from the Northern Command against each other in a series of races and competitions. These were not your average potato sack races, though. Here, the soldiers raced each other to dress serious wounds, change tires on an armored vehicle, fix M-16 assault rifles and more--all while under a time limit and being judged for quality.

As the festive Israeli Middle Eastern music infused the air, the races began with the blare of a siren. Four soldiers charged across the dirt field, carrying another soldier on a stretcher. Each team could be identified by colorful t-shirts designating their units, covered with the unit’s symbols and slogans. In this case, the team was an engineering battalion in bright orange t-shirts. This was a race to see which battalion was could safely carry transport an injured soldier the fastest. From the sidelines, their teammates cheered them on. For these soldiers, this is the closest thing they’ll get to a summer vacation this year.

The next race was for the medics. At a variety of stations, medics, sometimes alone and sometimes with the help of other soldiers, had to treat people imagined to have a serious head injuries and other types of heavy bleeding around the body, using a variety of tourniquets and bandages that in a real situation would lessen or cut off the flow of blood.

The next competition is a race to change an armored vehicle’s tires, similar to what is seen in professional car races, except the task had to be done with only simple tools and a couple of soldiers. This competition had to be completed in only five minutes. The next competition focused on tanks, where soldiers had to race to fix 10 problems in under 20 minutes.

Following this was a test to fix common problems that prevent an M-16 assault rifles from firing properly. This could range from a missing part, down to a piece of flannel getting stuck in the tiny delicate internal parts. The soldiers have to figure it out on their own.

In the communication competition, soldiers had to fix problems with devices like walkie talkies and field laptops. To finish, they had to perform a test broadcast to finish.

The most highly anticipated competition of the day was the cooking competition, performed by each battalions’ head chef and their team of soldiers. Though this is not something that would be applied out in the battlefield, it is definitely something that can increase the quality of living at combat bases on a day-to-day basis. What made this different from other cooking competitions? All the food was made using only the simple ingredients supplied at IDF bases. The dishes, which ranged from stuffed chicken and tuna to salads and desserts, were good enough to be served in a fine restaurant.

Lieutenant Colonel Shiri Lavie was the mastermind behind the whole event. As a logistics officer in the Northern Command, she wanted to give soldiers a way to practice their most important skills in a fun way.

Lt. Col. Lavie had several important goals for event. “One is to improve the Command’s ability as a whole to take care of and withstand difficult real-life situations. Another is to strengthen the soldiers’ sense of unit pride and reinforce their identity as combat support soldiers.”

Were these goals accomplished? “Yes,” said Lt. Col. Lavie, as she awarded the first prize to an overjoyed engineering battalion.

Muslim Israeli soldiers seen on video protecting Israeli-Gaza border

Sergeant Ahmed Inaim 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) The Israeli Military has released a video showing how Muslim Israeli soldiers help protect Israel’s border with Gaza, according to a reports in the IDF Blog.

In the video below you will watch an interview with Staff Sergeant Ahmed Inaim, a Bedouin soldier who guards Israel's border with Gaza. Staff Sgt. Inaim's brother, who also served as an IDF soldier, was killed in combat several years ago. In 2006, Hamas terrorists injured another one of his brothers when they attacked Israel and kidnapped Gilad Shalit.

Despite his family's sacrifices, Staff Sgt. Inaim remains determined to serve his country. Last week, he spoke with an interviewer as he patrolled the Gaza border.

Several rockets fired from Gaza slam into Southern Israel

Rocket from Gaza in Southern Israel 
By: Eva Fett

Several rockets have exploded inside the Eshkol Regional Council in Southern Israel, according to a report in the Tazpit News Agency.

No warning sirens were sounded as rockets fired from the Gaza Strip struck the Eshkol region of southern Israel on Wednesday night. According to area residents, while the explosions were heard, the Tzeva Adom warning siren, which is usually triggered by Gaza rocket fire, did not sound.

According to the spokeswoman for the Eshkol Regional Council, Ronit Minkaer, the western Negev region has been averaging three rockets a weeks. "There have also been weeks where more and sometimes less than three rockets and mortars have been fired towards our region," Minaker told Tazpit News Agency.

"We are seeing more sporadic rocket fire lately because of discussions surrounding the peace talks," she added. "As residents, we see an increase in rocket attacks every time there is an opportunity for peace talks on the table."

Another rocket was fired last week, on Tuesday July 30, as peace talks were initiated between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in Washington.

The Eshkol Regional Council, located in the northwestern Negev, shares a 40 kilometer border boundary with the Gaza Strip. There are 12,500 people living in 31 communities which include 15 moshavim and 14 kibbutzim as well as two residential communities.

Most of the region's communities and schools are sheltered, with summer camps and activities taking place in sheltered areas.
Minaker described the months following Operation Pillar of Defense carried out in November 2012 as relatively calm. "Residents were able to get back on their feet and return to normal routines for the first time in a very long time," she said.

But the summer has seen a steady trickle of rockets. "Each rocket is terrible," says Minaker. "They may seem nothing to outsiders, as news flashes frequently report no injuries or damages but these rockets shatter routines."
Often times the Gaza rockets are fired at nights, waking Eshkol residents.

"You start your day in a different state of mind; more worried and anxious" explains Minaker. "Discussions around the breakfast table will center on the rocket that fell the night before. You see that it affects your entire day."
Since January 2013, there have been 25 rocket hits identified in Israeli territory according to Israel's Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC), which didn't include mortar fire in its recent rocket fire summary.

The summer disquiet began on June 23, when a barrage of rockets were fired at southern Israel by Islamic Jihad, ending a period that has been described by Haaretz's military correspondent, Amos Harel as one of the quietest times on the Gaza border during the past 13 years.

But last night's rocket attacks and other incidents raise questions, according to Minaker.
"The state of Israel cannot accept rockets as a way of life for its civilian residents – why should we be conditioned to live this way?" she asks.

"The residents of Eshkol will be the first to bless and welcome a peace agreement that leads to permanent quiet," Minaker concludes.

New LED bras becomes hot item on the dance floor

LED bras by Electric Styles 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) Teens and women are now showing off their dance moves dressed in LED bras, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The new LED push-up bras are lighting up the music festival scene.

The electronic underwear, produced by Electric Styles, has electroluminescent wiring attached to the outside of a classic black push-up bra for women seeking to improve their chest with a little neon.

The bras, which cost between $55 and $75, are powered by two AA batteries and could last up to 24 hours.

The company now offers six new styles in fourteen sizes from A to D cup.
They can also be custom-made in other sizes for $30 extra per bra, according to the company website.

The bras can be set to blink fast, flash slow or constant brightness.
Buyers can also add a battery pack that emit sound, which can also be customized, so the breasts flash to the beat of the music.

Bras are just the beginning.
The company also offers light-up hoodies, ties and leather boots, along with a variety of other party accessories.

Man finds insects in sandwich bought at Atlanta Airport

The sandwich with insects 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A sandwich seller inside the Atlanta Airport is under scrutiny after a man found insects inside his sandwich.

Officials of the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport said that they are improving the way they inspect restaurants inside the airport after a man’s sandwich from an airport vendor was full of bugs.

The passenger, bought the sandwich at an airport restaurant on Wednesday morning. Once he removed the cover, he was surprised to find bugs in it.

Joel Woloshuk said he pulled out his phone and recorded the video of the insects crawling on his sandwich after boarding a flight to Miami, Florida on Wednesday morning.

The video shows the worms crawling in and on the food he bought at Cafe Intermezzo inside Terminal B at Hartsfield-Jackson airport.

"What I thought was Parmesan began to move," Woloshuk said.
Woloshuk kept the sandwich until he returned to Atlanta on Wednesday night.
He said he called the restaurant and asked to meet with a manager, but no one was available.

Cafe Intermezzo said they really regret the isolated incident.
In a statement, the cafe said the problem "could not have been generated in our facilities."
He said the problem started with the bread provider with which it has since cut ties.

"We removed all their Items. Neither a crumb or a slice of bread from that supplier remains in the facility," the statement said.
Woloshuk said one restaurant manager offered him a refund, which he refused. He said he just wants to be sure this will not happen to anyone else.

Fisherman finds sneaker with remains of foot inside on New Jersey shore

The sneaker in question 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A sneaker with remains of a foot inside, was discovered by a fisherman on a New Jersey shore, according to police reports.

The fisherman, who made the discovery on the coast of New Jersey, said that he found a black high top sneaker with the remains of a foot inside.

New Jersey State Police on Wednesday asked the public for more information. The fisherman found the shoe Tuesday afternoon. It was an Adidas sneaker, size 5 and a half, for the right foot, and at the toes it had nail polish on them, police said.

Police said they had not determined the age of the person. They said the remains would be sent to a state anthropologist for DNA testing. The shoe was found at the entrance to Corson State Park, about 15 miles off the coast of Atlantic City.

At least a dozen of severed feet have washed up along the coast of British Columbia and Washington State since 2007, most inside shoes or boots, and including at least one matching pair.

Forensic experts have pointed out that the relative weakness of the ankle can cause a decomposing body to separate there.

Woman arrested after attacking her boyfriend with a screw driver while he was driving her kids

Berenice Gallegos-Martinez 
By: Shifra Unger

A woman was arrested and charged with assault related charges after she attacked her boyfriend while he driving her and her kids, according to police reports in New Mexico.

Dona Ana County Police said that a Hatch woman allegedly used a boot, a crowbar, a screwdriver and a door molding, to attack her boyfriend while driving with her children in the car on Monday.

According to the Sheriff's Office, Berenice Gallegos-Martinez, 32, was arrested and detained in the Dona Ana County Detention Center on $10,000 secured bond.

She is facing two counts of aggravated battery against a family member with a deadly weapon, one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, one count of assault on a family member, a charge of intentional child abuse and one count of negligent child abuse.

Deputies responded to a report of a domestic dispute at a residence in Hatch at 4:30 pm on Monday, and when they reached the home the 23-year-old boyfriend told them that Gallegos-Martinez hit him in the head and neck with a boot while driving with her and the children.

The man said Gallegos-Martinez also tried to use a key to attack him, but he was able to disarm her, according to the sheriff's report.

Gallegos-Martinez then allegedly stabbed the man in the chest and in the leg with a screwdriver before ripping a piece of molding from the rear of the car door trying to use it to strangle her boyfriend.

The occupants of the vehicle, including the woman’s 10-year-old son along with her 12 and 13-year-old daughters, arrived home safely.

The victim refused medical treatment.

Woman arrested after telling police her father is dying to avoid a ticket

Carley Williams 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with lying to police related charges after she told police that her father is dying at a hospital in order to avoid getting hit with a speeding ticket, according to police reports in New Hampshire.

A New Hampshire State Police officer said he went to the house of a woman in order to arrest her when he discovered that she lied about her dying father in order to get out of a ticket.

Trooper Christopher Cummings said he stopped Carley Williams, 28, of Nashua, for driving 82 miles per hour in a 65 mile per hour zone on Friday night. The woman gave him a tearful apology.

"She told me her father had stage four cancer, he was breathing just six breaths per minute, and that she was trying to get to the hospital before he died," Cummings said.

"She seemed pretty emotional. I believed that this person was telling me the truth," Cummings said.
Cummings said he let the woman go her way after she gave him the name of her father and the hospital where he was allegedly being treated.

"I called the hospital where Williams told me that her father was a patient and asked if he was there. They told me he was not," Cummings said.

Cummings said he did some research online and discovered that Williams’ father had already died in 2008.
"I'm used to people trying to twist the truth to get out of speeding citations, but this woman took advantage of my emotions as a human being," Cummings said.

Police said that Williams’ car registration was suspended, a misdemeanor in New Hampshire. Cummings said he brought a copy of the obituary of her father with him when he went to Williams' home to arrest her on Monday.
"This is not personal, it is a matter of law. The violation occurred in my presence, so I made ​​the arrest," he said.

Iowa police officer seen on video beating female shoplifter

Brandie Redell 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with theft related charges, but not before receiving a brutal beat-down by a police officer, according to video uploaded to the internet.

A Quad Cities, Iowa police officer is still on duty and free of criminal charges despite the video showing him brutally beating a female thief, who was not resisting arrest.

The woman, 34-year-old Brandie Redell, was caught trying to shoplift several hundred dollars in womenswear from the Van Maur department store in Davenport. Store security called police, who proceeded to interrogate the woman inside a small office.

A security camera in the store clearly shows two police officers in the office along with Redell and her 1-year-old daughter.
While Redell was talking on her cell phone, one of the officers, identified as Scott Crow, suddenly approached Redell, throwing her to the floor, and hitting her with furious blows in the face, head and body.

"I was crying and begging him to get off me," Redell said. Redell's right eye was injured in the brutal attack. She said her vision is still affected despite the fact that the attack occurred more than five months ago.
In the police report, officer Crow claimed that Redell bit his finger, something she did not deny.

"I bit his finger because there was nothing else I could do to stop the attack," she said. She explained that Crow did not stop beating her despite her pleas.

Redell pleaded guilty to petty theft. A second misdemeanor charge of assaulting a police officer was dropped.
Redell said she now suffers from panic attacks every time she sees a police officer. She is getting therapy in order to help deal with what happened.

As for Crow, he has been disciplined for using excessive force, but remains on the job. He has not been charged in connection with the brutal attack.

Man saves his dog before wife from sinking boat

Graham Anley and his dog 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A man is under fire after he saved his dog before his wife from a sinking boat.

The man, who was forced to abandon ship after running into a reef that nearly capsized the boat, chose to help his dog reach shore before returning to rescue his wife.

South African couple Graham and Sheryl Anley, who had sailed out to sea for a three-month tour, hit rough waters near East London.
"As the incident happened Graham sent a radio distress mayday call and activated the EPIRB, or emergency position indicating radio beacon, but were immediately forced to abandon ship," the National Sea Rescue Institute representative Geoff McGregor said.

In a move that probably put him in the dog house for some time, Graham made ​​the decision to save his beloved 9-year-old Jack Russell Rosie first, before ensuring the safety of his wife.

"Graham told us that he helped Rosie first by swimming with his to shore before returning to his wife, whose security line had become hooked on the steering gear," McGregor said in a statement.
A rescue helicopter arrived at the scene shortly after and transferred the couple and their dog to a rescue base nearby.

South Dakota carnival workers arrested after hiding drugs in dolls

The two suspects 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Two carnival workers were arrested and charged with illegal drug possession related charges after they hid drugs inside dolls, according to police reports in South Dakota.

Sioux Falls Police said that two carnival workers at the Sioux Empire Fair have been arrested on drug charges thanks to a tip from authorities in a different state. The two men, 35-year-old Louis Frank Deak of Lawton, Oklahoma, and 55-year-old John Thomas Whitfield Jr. of Houston, Texas, are now behind bars.

"We received information that there was a suspicious package that may contain illegal drugs that was sent to Sioux Falls," a police spokesperson said.

Police said they do not know how the Texas authorities knew there was a package, but they were told to intercept, as it entered the city.

Officer Sam Clemens said: "Detectives were able to intercept the package, and in it they found about 37 grams of cocaine that had actually been concealed inside a doll."

Police said they found cocaine in a Lalaloopsy Doll head. They re-packaged it and delivered the package to the address, at a hotel in the southwestern part of the city.

Louis Deak was there to pick the package. He told police he was picking up the package for another man, who owed him money, but did not know what was inside. The other man was John Whitfield. Officers found methamphetamine and marijuana residue inside the truck in which they were staying.

Deak and Whitfield both were working at the fair, but they were not employees of the Sioux Empire Fair.
Deak was arrested for distribution of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance and possession of paraphernalia.

Whitfield was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, possession with intent to distribute and possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

Man arrested after locking ‘trespassing’ Verizon worker into underground vault

Scene of the incident 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with unlawful detainment related charges after he locked a telephone company worker into an underground vault, claiming that the worker was trespassing on his property, according to police reports in Massachusetts.

Westborough Police said that the owner of a storage facility took out his anger on a Verizon worker.

Every second counted for Mike Hathaway after he was sealed in an underground vault, gasping for air, and police said it was not an accident. The victim was trapped when another man allegedly shut the door on him.

"He sounded very nervous right from the beginning," Westborough Police Sergeant Jonathan Kalagher said. "When the hatch was closed, it did not allow any more oxygen to enter, so it was extremely important to get to him fast," he said.

The suspect, 71-year-old Howard Cook, owner of the Westboro storage facility, was apparently mad that Hathaway parked his Verizon truck on his grass to access the vault to do some work.
Police said that Cook not only closed the door, but also allegedly collected huge rocks and put them at the door.

"They were quite large rocks that were on the top of the hatch," Sergeant Kalagher said. "There was also a staircase that has been removed, which prohibited the victim from escaping," he added.
Hathaway called police from the vault and was eventually released by a police officer.
Cook, faces several charges, including kidnapping.