New York boy, 14, arrested after hiding on McDonald's slide while sexually assaulting girl, 4,

Boy, 14, accused of sexually abusing girl, 4, 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Police have arrested a 14-year-old boy on sex abuse related charges after he molested a 4-year-old girl, according to police reports in New York.

Police officers have distributed flyers and asked people to help identify a teenager, who was seen hanging around in the play area at McDonald's.

The 14-year-old was arrested after surveillance cameras captured him on the slide before a girl told her mother she was assaulted.
The teen was hiding inside the slide in the playground at McDonald’s in Queens, and sexually assaulted the 4-year-old at 8:00 pm on Tuesday, police said.

Officials said that the suspect was lying on his back in the slide when he asked the young girl "do you want to be my best friend?" He then sexually assaulted her.
When the girl ran away and told her mother what had happened, the mother went after the suspect and caught him as he tried to flee. He fought back and managed to escape from the restaurant.

The teen surrendered to police Wednesday after a teacher at his middle school identified him. He was charged with committing a criminal sexual act, police said.

Police officers said that the assault this week was the second of this nature in recent months. In the other case, a suspect attacked a 9-year-old girl on a McDonald’s slide after asking her if she wanted to be his best friend.

SeaWorld Orlando veterinarians perform first ever Caesarean section on shark

Caesarian section on shark 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A historic event took place at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, as a shark gave birth to babies through Caesarean section.

When a shark was showing signs of distress during its pregnancy, veterinarians decided to try to perform a Caesarean section on the shark in order to help it and to save its babies.

The SeaWorld veterinarians announced that the Caesarean section was successfully completed. It was the first ever cesarean section done on a shark at the park.
Park officials have recently released the video, which they have recorded of the procedure. The procedure was done on a whitetip reef shark at Discovery Cove, SeaWorld's sister park in Orlando.

A highly skilled team of veterinarians, who monitor animals at the park, noticed complication in the shark’s pregnancy six months into gestation, and determined that the procedure was necessary.
The shark gave birth to four healthy pups. Each baby weighs less than three pounds and is about two feet long.

Veterinarians are continuing to monitor the sharks’ progress. A park employee said they are eating well, growing nicely and behaving normally.
These sharks are not currently on display at Discovery Cove, but visitors can see other whitetip reef sharks.

Discovery Cove Orlando, in Florida, offers a more intimate experience with the animals. They limit the number of visitors to 1,300 people per day in order to provide a more hands-on experience for each visitor.
Guests are able to participate in the park’s signature 30-minute dolphin interaction as well as snorkel with tropical fish among other attractions.

After 48 years kidnaped baby who was reunited with parents found not to be their child

Paul Joseph Fronczak 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A man is looking for answers, and his family is looking for their biological son after a shocking DNA test revealed that he is not their biological son.

It all began in Chicago, Illinois, in 1964, when Paul Joseph Fronczak was kidnaped after he was born by a woman, who posed as a nurse, at the Michael Reese Hospital. The woman was never caught.

Just over a year later, a baby was found abandoned outside a variety store in Newark, New Jersey. The abandoned baby was believed to be the kidnapped baby Paul Joseph Fronczak, and he was reunited with his family in Chicago.

Fronczak, 49, is a married man and a father to a 4-year-old girl. He works as a college administrator and he lives in Henderson, Nevada.
Fronczak said that he had always wondered why he did not look like his parents, Chester and Dora Franczak. He decided to put his mind at ease and took a DNA test. That’s when he discovered that he was not their biological son.

The FBI announced that they are reopening the 1964 cold case of the kidnapped baby. "We will be going back to interview witnesses and take a good look at the physical evidence. We want to see if the case could benefit by modern technology that was not available at the time of the initial investigation," FBI spokesperson Joan Hyde said.

This findings were shocking. Not only to Franczak, but also to the family, who raised him as their own child, believing that he was their son. "My parents raised me, and they did a great job. I want to help them find their biological son," he said.

He is also trying to find out who he really is. He wants to find his own biological heritage, and he wants to know why he was abandoned by his biological mother. He wants answers for himself and for the sake of his daughter.

Couple arrested after paramedic confuses their TV remote for gun

Michelle Malone and Keith Abrahams 
By: David Ross

18 armed police officers stormed a home after a television remote was mistaken for a gun.

A couple woke up in middle of the night when armed officers raided their house after receiving reports of a man holding a gun.

Police officers arrested the couple at gunpoint and searched the house. However, no gun was found in the house. The “gun” was a remote control for the television.

Michelle Malone, 46, and Keith Abrahams, 44, of the United Kingdom were awakened at 1:00 am by armed police officers and were taken into police custody. The were locked in a cell and interrogated by detectives for hours.

They were later released without charge. The couple was left humiliated after Abrahams, who was sleeping at the time of his arrest, was taken in his underwear and was forced to walk home in his underwear.

The confusion occurred when a paramedic was at the couple's home to treat Malone, who suffered a panic attack at their apartment in Hereford, England.

After searching the house, police found no weapon. An officer explained that the paramedic had seen Abrahams holding a 10 inch long black firearm as he lay in his bed. After the paramedics treated the woman, they called police and reported that the couple had a firearm.

Malone told officers that Abrahams had been watching TV in bed at the time when she was being treated by the paramedic, and all he had been doing at the time was hold the remote control.

The couple is taking legal action against West Mercia Police. They are also seeking compensation from the West Midlands Ambulance Service.

Company offers job to thief who robbed them

Charles Moyle 
By: Moses Gold

A company had decided to hire a man, who robbed their business.

The thief, who was jailed after robbing a Worcester, United Kingdom business in broad daylight, now has a job waiting for him when he gets out of jail.

In an extraordinary display of forgiveness, the thief, who stole computer equipment from Grass Roots Live in Worcestershire, was given a second chance by his victim as part of a restorative justice scheme.
Grass Roots Live is a company which helps people arrange their events. “We have been creating successful events for over 25 years,” the company's website states.

Charles Moyle, managing director of the event company, said that they have decided to give the thief a second chance.
The thief, known only as Steve, 20, is serving a prison sentence for another crime, but decided to confess to the theft of the unresolved case under the rehabilitation program of West Mercia Police.

The rehabilitation program gives prisoners the opportunity to confess to crimes without being prosecuted for it. They get a chance to reach out to their victims before making amends in a way chosen by the victim, police said.
The program has been a great success. Prisoners have admitted to 66 burglaries and six other crimes.

Moyle met the thief in prison and decided to give him a second chance in life. Steve will start working at the company after he is released from prison.
When Steve spoke with his future boss in prison he said: "I know I have to earn your trust and I know there will be plenty of people who think you're crazy for taking a risk on me, but I will prove them wrong."

Another ultra-Orthodox Jewish soldier assaulted in Jerusalem

The soldier who was attacked (Photo via Yedioth Ahronoth) 
By: John Roberts

An ultra-Orthodox Jewish soldier, who was visiting his family in the Beit Yisrael neighborhood of Jerusalem, Israel, was attacked by a mob of radicalized ultra-Orthodox Jews, according to police reports.

The group of ultra-Orthodox Jewish teens and young adults, physically attacked the soldier as he walked through the neighborhood minding his own business, police said.

Police said that the uniformed soldier was in the neighborhood to visit relatives, when the mob began throwing fruits and vegetables at him.

The soldier was rescued unharmed by police after he managed to flee from his attackers and hide inside a house of a relative in the neighborhood. When police arrived the mob has already dispersed.
Police searched the area of ​​the alleged attackers, but no arrests were made.

"There were many people there. They threw things at me, boxes, vegetables and fruits. I called police, and when the first officer arrived at the scene they all fled. I am deployed in northern border guard unit. I have no fear. This is Jerusalem, it is my capital. I'm not going to stop walking around here," the soldier said.

The mob also shouted "Nazi" and "hardak", which is a derogatory term for ultra-Orthodox Jewish soldiers, during the attack, the soldier said.

Man looking for work hands out free donuts and coffee in New York

Michael Penn 
By: Sarah Weiss

A man, who was looking for a job, decided to hand out free coffee and donuts in order to be noticed, according to a reports by ABC News.

Fordham graduate student Michael Penn, 23, came up with a great plan.
His goal was to get a job in the financial services industry, especially at Goldman Sachs.

"Goldman Sachs is the pinnacle of the financial industry, and I would love to work for a company like this," Penn said.
So at 7:00 am on Thursday, he was standing outside the office building of the investment bank in Lower Manhattan, with refreshments and a sign that read:

"I wanted to do something innovative to help my job search. I am graduating in two weeks," Penn said. Penn from Boca Raton, Florida, will receive a degree in global management.

With his website printed on his stand, Penn began to gain some attention.
Within minutes, the word about what he was doing traveled to an employee of the investment bank. Penn said he received an email.
"It said, 'I want you to come here,'" Penn said.

Penn had an interview later in the morning.
Penn said he wanted to prove himself to others that there are ways to find jobs. It just takes innovative ideas.
"It's just simple economics, supply and demand. The jobs are there. All you really need to do is to get out and stand out," he said.

Man seen on video publicly bragging about his great life during subway ride

Man bragging about his life on subway 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) At first, it seemed like another beggar has come on board a train, but he turned out to be something entirely different, according to video uploaded to the internet.

A prank video has been released of what at first appeared to be a beggar on a New York subway.
However, the man instead started bragging about how good his life was.

A collective groan was heard when the man said: "Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please."

However, he said: "I am not here to beg, things are going pretty well for me. We recently bought a house in the suburbs with a pool and a yard where our dog can run and play."

He went on to talk about getting a promotion, about planing to buy a ship and the fact that the cup in his hand was not for change, but in fact he had just finished his coffee and is just looking for a trash can.

The man's speech was greeted with smiles and applause, and then, he shook hands with commuters while some hugged him.
The CollegeHumor video was posted on YouTube earlier this week as part of a “make boring brilliant” campaign.

New Jersey elementary school teacher, her parents, jailed after murder of her former husband

Kathleen Dorsett 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) An elementary school teacher was arrested, charged and convicted of murder related charges after she conspired with her parents to murder her former husband, according to court proceedings in New Jersey.

Now, a court sentenced her to jail.

The jury saw images of the body of Stephen Moore, and they also heard inconsistent statements from the three defendants, Kathleen Dorsett and her parents, who were sentenced to a combined total of 110 years in prison for the 2010 death of Moore.

She and her parents Thomas and Lesley Dorsett, had earlier pleaded guilty to charges in the death of Moore, and she and her mother also pleaded guilty to conspiring to murder Moore's mother in order to block her from testifying against them during a custody trial.

The murder plot arose during the custody trial of Kathleen’s 20-month-old daughter Elizabeth, according to prosecutors.
When Stephen Moore returned his daughter to her mother’s home, Kathleen Dorsett lured him to the back of the residence where her father jumped out from behind bushes and hit his head with a metal object. Then, Moore choked him with a rope before dumping his body in the car trunk of her mother, according to prosecutors.

Kathleen Dorsett was sentenced to a total of 58 years in jail. Lesley Dorsett received a seven-year jail sentence for a conviction of conspiracy, after authorities said she paid $1,000 to a police informant to kill Evlyn Moore.
Thomas Dorsett was sentenced to 45 years in jail. Prosecutors said that Dorsett paid a man to burn the car of Evlyn Moore with her dead child in the trunk, but ended up doing it himself.

Ohio man dies after being beaten over 75 cents at homeless shelter

Joseph Meyers 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A man, who volunteered at a homeless shelter, has died after he was beaten over a dispute about 75 cents, according to police reports in Ohio.

Hospital officials said that four days after a brutal assault stemming from a dispute over 75 cents, a resident and volunteer worker at a rescue mission in downtown Toledo died on Wednesday.

Joseph Meyers, 53, was pronounced dead at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center at 5:58 pm, Toledo police said Thursday.
Sergeant Joe Heffernan said police plan to file a murder charge against his alleged assailant, Houston Hart, 49, when the case goes before a grand jury in Lucas County.

Hart faces a charge of criminal assault, for which he was arrested and detained in the Lucas County jail in lieu of $1 million bond.

Police said Meyers, 53, was beaten and trampled on Saturday in the Toledo Gospel Rescue Mission, located at 1917 Jefferson Avenue, After refusing to give Hart 75 cents.

Dr. Cynthia Beisser, a deputy coroner in Lucas County, said she had to review the police reports and medical records before ruling on the cause of the death of Meyers.

Meyers had been in the mission for 19 months, said the Reverend Thomas Clapsaddle, executive director of the mission.
Hart remained on-and-off for about six months, and the two were known to be volunteers at the mission.

For more than a month, Meyers, who struggled with alcohol and drug addiction for most of his life, wrote blogs for, explaining in detail how to play with gadgets, change watch batteries, and change old circuit breakers.

Man impersonating police officer arrested after pulling over speeding police car

John Shelton 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with impersonating a police officer related charges after he stopped a speeding police car claiming he was a police officer and authorized to make traffic stops, according to police reports in New Mexico.

The man, who was driving a truck with police lights on top, was busted on Wednesday when he decided to make a phony police stop.

The man detained two police officers, who were speeding on NM 104 in San Miguel County and were agents of the State Police traveling in an unmarked police vehicle.

When questioned by officers of the State Police, John Shelton, 26, of Logan, said he had a gun on his hip, and said that he is a member of the New Mexico State Police Search and Rescue unit. He also claimed to be an emergency medical technician, a firefighter, and a student being trained as an officer of the law, none of which would authorize him to make a traffic stop.

The State Police officers, who had to attend an important police matter, initially gave Shelton a warning and let him go, but they quickly determined that Shelton should stopped and arrested for impersonating a police officer, according to a spokesperson for the State Police.

When Shelton drove by the officers again they arrested him. Officers also determined that nothing that Shelton had said about his connections with the police was true.
State police are asking for help in finding any other person, who may have been detained by Shelton.

The New Mexico State Police released this statement.
On Wednesday, August 7, 2013; agents of the New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau were traveling on State Road 104 in San Miguel County. SR 104 runs east to west between Las Vegas and Trementina NM.

The two agents were traveling in a black unmarked New Mexico State Police Ford truck. While traveling, it was noticed that a white Dodge truck was following behind and began to close distance on the agents. The driver of the Dodge truck then activated red and white emergency lights and conducted a traffic stop on the agents.

The agents pulled over to see what the nature of the contact was for. The agents were under the impression the driver of the Dodge truck was a fellow law enforcement officer. The driver of the Dodge truck exited the vehicle and approached the driver’s side of the agent’s truck. The subject identified himself as John Shelton. Mr. Shelton was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans and had a pistol affixed to his right hip.

Mr. Shelton (26) is from Logan NM. Mr. Shelton advised the agents the reason he “pulled them over” was because of speeding; and wanted to know why they (agents) were driving so fast. When asked by the agents if he (Shelton) was a commissioned law enforcement officer, Mr. Shelton stated he is a member of the New Mexico State Police Search and Rescue, an emergency medical tech, a fire fighter, and currently being trained as a law enforcement officer. Mr. Shelton was unable to confirm being a commissioned law enforcement officer.

Agents advised Mr. Shelton he needed to be careful and did not have authority to conduct traffic stops. The contact then ended and the agents proceeded to conduct their official business. Based on the circumstances and the nature of the contact, upon completing their business, the agents furthered the investigation into the earlier contact with Mr. Shelton. It was concluded Mr. Shelton was and did impersonate a law enforcement officer.

Coincidently, Mr. Shelton drove by the location the agents were at and was flagged down. Contact was reestablished with Mr. Shelton and he was questioned about the traffic stop he made on the two agents. Through the investigation, agents learned that Mr. Shelton was not a member of any local volunteer fire department, NM SAR, and not commissioned law enforcement, nor was he in the process of being commissioned.

Mr. Shelton was ultimately arrested for impersonating a law enforcement officer (a misdemeanor). Mr. Shelton was booked into the San Miguel County Detention Center on a $2,000.00 cash only bond.

State Police would like anyone who feels they may have been victim to the above contact by Mr. Shelton to come forward. They are asked to call the New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau in Las Vegas NM at 505-425-6771.

Woman gets ticket after son carries expired license plate on backpack

License plate on backpack illustration 
By: Moses Gold

A woman received a ticket after her son carried an expired license plate on his backpack for decoration, according to court proceedings in Italy.

Now, the court has ruled that she must pay the fine.
The appeal of an Italian woman against an expired license plate ticket she automatic received after a camera detected the plate on her child's backpack, was rejected.

The woman had appealed to local authorities in Genoa after the automated sensors picked up the license plate her son had placed on his backpack as decoration.

The woman said that the license plate was previously registered to her scooter she drove until 2007.
This is not the only weird ticket a person has received. As we reported earlier, public anger is growing in Canada after a disabled man with no arms received a ticket for driving without wearing a seat belt.

The man without any arms in western Canada, said he will do everything possible to fight the ticket for not wearing a seat belt.
Steve Simonar, 55, of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, who lost his arms when he was electrocuted more than 30 years ago, has a custom truck that allows him to drive, but the man is unable to buckle up, and last week he was issued a fine for $175.

"I will go to the Supreme Court, I will go to jail for this. I'm never going to pay this fine," he said with anger.

Simonar said that he presented the Saskatoon police with a doctor's note the day after receiving the ticket. The officer, who was described as "arrogant and ignorant" and Simonar said his behavior was the same despite seeing the note. “I treat everyone equally, and you disabled people expect different treatment," the police officer said.

Simonar said that he only learned after he got the ticket that he needs to receive a special exemption from the Saskatchewan Government Insurance, if he does not want to wear a seat belt.

“This officer is the lowest of the low. He should be removed immediately as he has shown that he has no sensitivity towards disabled people. Shame on him,” Laura Davis, 22, of Ogden, Utah told after learning about the man with no arms.

Alyson Edwards, a police spokesperson, said officers have the discretion not to issue tickets, but once they have done so the matter is in the hands of the traffic court.

Home collapses under heavy weight of junk accumulated by hoarder

Wendy Towers' home 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A hoarder caused her home to collapse under the weight of her junk.

The neighbors of the United Kingdom hoarder said they feared she was dead after 22 tons of garbage collapsed the home, but it turned out that she was not home at the time.

People living near the London home of Wendy Towers, 61, said they called police on Tuesday when the 22 tons of trash held on the second floor of her house, caused the house to sag.

"We thought she was dead. We had not seen her for a week, and she was not the type to go on vacation," Rozmin Najak, 26, who lives across the street, said. "The roof had collapsed, and specially trained dogs were here looking for her. Everyone had begun to believe that the worst happened to her and they felt that they should have done more to check on her. We simply could not believe it when she walked down the street," she said.

However, Najak and others said they were relieved when Torres arrived home after staying at a friend's house.
"I had no idea that she was accumulating so much. But I'm glad she's fine," Najak said.
Torres said she treated the incident as a new beginning.
"I'm fine. I'm going to stay with friends in Snaresbrook. This is the start of a new beginning," she said.

London police and fire brigade officials confirmed they were called to the house on Tuesday on a report of a person possibly being trapped in a collapsed house.

"We were called out. We brought sniffer dogs in order to try to establish if there was anyone in the house. We received no indication that someone was inside," a spokesperson for the fire department said.

Cross dressing jewelry thief jailed

Vasile Bogdan 
By: John Roberts

A man was arrested, charged and convicted of theft related charges after robbing several jewelry stores in the United Kingdom, according to court proceedings.

Now, the man has received a jail sentence for his crimes.
The man, who dressed as a woman in order to fool his victims, has been jailed for 10 years.

Vasile Bogdan, 35, originally from Romania, was disguised as a female customer in order to gain access to stores in East London and Birmingham.

Then, the cross dresser acted as a lookout while others in his gang used hammers to smash windows.
Bogdan admitted to one count of conspiracy to steal.
Jewelry worth more than 300,000 pounds was stolen during the robberies, the court heard.

Judge Richard Marks said the thefts were carefully planned and involved a high degree of sophistication.
Merchants and others customers in the stores during the time of the robberies must have been absolutely terrified by what they saw, the judge said.

The judge said Bogdan had come to the U.K. for the express purpose of involving himself in robberies.
Bogdan had four previous convictions for robbery in Romania between 1993 and 2001, the court heard.

Detective Ralf Kirchel said that Bogdan was caught after one of his victims decided to chase after him. He said officers were still looking for the other gang members.

He said: "This gang has developed a method of operation that worked and they kept repeating the crime, stealing thousands of pounds of gold jewelry. Clearly, they are very organized and planned each offense carefully.
Our investigation is still ongoing and we will do everything possible to locate the rest of the gang."

Man jailed after dressing his son like a terrorist

Teen dressed as a terrorist 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A man received a jail sentenced after he was convicted of dressing his son like a terrorist, according to court proceedings in Arizona.

The man was sentenced for endangering the life of his 16-year-old nephew after sending him to a busy intersection, dressing him in a scarf and arming him with a fake grenade. He was sentenced on Thursday to two weeks in prison.

Michael David Turley, 40, had faced a sentence ranging from probation to more than five years in prison after a jury found him guilty in June of endangering the welfare of a child.

No one was injured, but authorities say Turley could have gotten his nephew killed.
Superior Court Judge Jeanne Garcia said it was unfortunate that Turley did not tell his nephew to come home instead of going to the streets and carry out the prank. "It could have been much worse," she said.

Turley recorded his nephew pointing a replica grenade launcher at passing cars. The young man was dressed in a white sheet, had a scarf around his head and made erratic movements while in a crosswalk, leading motorists to call police. Turley has posted a video on YouTube showing the prank.

Prosecutors had requested 100 days in jail, saying that Turley has not taken responsibility for his actions, even after a jury found him guilty of two counts.

Turley testified at trial that the video of the joke was meant to be satirical and most passing motorists laughed at them. He told jurors he did not believe that his actions endangered his nephew.

Woman and son accused of murder after police find dead man in their freezer

Jeffrey Korber 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A woman and her son were accused of murder after police found a dead body inside their freezer, according to police reports in California.

Ventura Police said they found the body of a California man missing for more than two years inside a freezer in a storage unit belonging to his girlfriend.

Authorities found the body of Jeffrey Korber in June after raiding the storage unit in Ventura, as part of a homicide investigation, Ventura police commander Darin Schindler said.

Now, police are requesting more information about Mary Hannan, 66, and her son Michael Bresnak, Schindler said.
Police said in a statement that they believe Bresnak and his mother conspired to kill Korber, and that she helped him save the body.

Bresnak, 49, is currently in the Ventura County jail on a violation of his probation terms regarding a drug-related crime, police said. He has not been charged in this case yet.

Hannan, who is listed as an attorney in the State Bar of California's website has not been arrested yet.

Korber was reported missing by his brother in July 2011 in Laguna Beach. Police in Orange County attempted to locate Korber, who did not have a job and spent much of his time traveling around the country.