Texas woman arrested after starving disabled daughter to near death

Schandrilla Schlesinger 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child related charges after starving her disabled daughter to near death, according to police reports in Texas.

Red Bird Police said that a woman took her disabled daughter off her seizure medication and allowed her to become so thin that she had to be put on life support.

Police said Schandrilla Schlesinger, 37, took her 15-year-old daughter, who has cerebral palsy and suffers from severe seizures, to the Dallas Children's Medical Center.

According to an arrest affidavit, the girl weighed only 49 pounds, 31 pounds less than what she weighed in the beginning of the year. The statement said that the girl’s ribs were clearly visible.

Another woman, who is described in the affidavit as a hired helper, told police that Schlesinger only agreed to take her daughter to the hospital after she threatened to call the police. The woman said that Schlesinger instructed her two other children to remain silent in the hospital.

When they arrived at Dallas Children's Medical Center, Schlesinger told doctors she had put her daughter on a plant-based diet, which she found on the Internet, according to the affidavit. She said she did not notice changes in her daughter’s weight and that the girl’s clothes fit her the same way as they always have.

The mother later told investigators that the girl stopped eating regularly in February or March. When she did eat she had oatmeal or smoothies.

Apart from severe malnutrition, doctors said the girl also suffered a brain injury from her seizure attacks. Schlesinger said she took her daughter off the drugs because she felt that the drugs were not effective.

Police arrested Schlesinger on Saturday. She was charged with injury to a child with disabilities, with the intent to commit serious injury, and is being held in the Dallas County Jail, in lieu of $150,000 bail.

Man steals ambulance after being released from police station in order to get home

Cesar Garcia 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A man who was released from detention, stole an ambulance from a police station parking lot in order to get home, according to police reports in Arizona.

Chandler Police said that Cesar Garcia was initially arrested and taken to the Chandler Police Department on Sunday morning after he was caught drinking beer inside a local supermarket.

After Garcia was booked and issued a ticket he was released. However, since he was far from home, the 33-year-old decided to drive home to neighboring Guadalupe in an ambulance that was parked outside the police station.

"It seems that Garcia did not want to walk home." Chandler Police said.
Eventually, the authorities caught up with Garcia outside his house, where he became involved in an altercation with officers.

Then, Garcia was arrested on charges of theft of transportation, unlawful flight from the police, resisting arrest, criminal damage and aggravated driving under the influence, or DUI.

Beitar Jerusalem soccer team announces that it will no longer play on Shabbat

Beitar Jerusalem fans 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A popular Israeli soccer team announced that it will no longer play on Shabbat.

The managers of the team said that the decision was made in order to accommodate their large religious fan base.

The Beitar Jerusalem soccer team announced the new decision on Saturday.
The team decided that the games would be held either on Saturday night or on weekdays, according to a decision taken by the new club owner Eli Tabib.

"The club is convinced that the move is very important for a number of reasons including the desire to accommodate traditional-religious people, who are not able to attend the team's home games," according to a statement issued by the club announcing the change.

"Because games were played on Saturdays, many fans have not come out Teddy Stadium, therefore, ticket sales suffered. Despite the fact that the decision is a financial risk, Eli Tabib has decided to accommodate fans, which will allow additional groups to come to the games,” the statement also said.

Christian group to help Israeli child victims of terror

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem building 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

Israeli child victims of terror are set to get additional support from a Christian group, according to a reports by JNS.org.

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, also known as ICEJ, a Christian Zionist organization based in Jerusalem, has announced that it will provide support through its aid agency to Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund, which helps Israeli child victims of terrorism.

The Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund is a nonprofit organization founded by the former mayor of Shiloh David Rubin. The fund provides therapeutic and emotional health to children of Jewish communities, mainly in the West Bank, who have suffered incidents of terrorism in recent years.

"On behalf of compassionate Christians worldwide, the ICEJ wants to be sensitive to the serious problems facing these traumatized children. That is why we have started supporting the work of the Rubin Center," the organization said in a press release.

Shiloh is an ancient biblical city located in the hills of Samaria, also known as Shomron, which was the religious and cultural capital of Israel before Jerusalem. It is mentioned several times in the Hebrew Bible as the place where Joshua divided the land among the 12 tribes and where the Ark of the Covenant was before being moved to Jerusalem. It also became an important center of worship during the early Christian period.

Modern Shiloh is home to a small Jewish community that was founded in the late 1970s.

Abbas posts picture of Western Wall with Palestinian flag on his Facebook page

The Western Wall with a Palestinian flag 
By: Eva Fett

Israelis are outraged after the Palestinian president posted a picture of the Western Wall with a Palestinian flag on his Facebook account, according to a report by the Palestinian Media Watch.

This incident came to light amid new peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. The Facebook page of the Presidential Guard of the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas recently unveiled a photo illustration with a Palestinian Authority flag superimposed on the Western Wall.

The photo includes a Palestinian young man giving a two finger victory sign next to an Orthodox Jewish man praying in front of the Western Wall. Above the two men, on the Palestinian Authority flag reads "The Al-Buraq Wall," which is the term Muslims use for the Western Wall of the Temple Mount. Above that is text saying "Palestinian youth know their rights.”

Negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians are set to resume August 14 in Jerusalem.

Rabbi wins primary election in Argentina

Sergio Alejandro Bergman 
By: Eva Fett

A rabbi could be become a member of congress in Argentina after winning the primary elections over the weekend, according to the official election results.

In the city of Buenos Aires, where 13 House seats and three Senate seats will be up for grabs in October, candidate Juan Cabandie came in third place with 19 percent of the vote, behind an opposition coalition with 35 percent, while Rabbi Sergio Bergman of mayor Mauricio Macri's PRO party, came in at 28 percent, with almost all the votes counted.

Sergio Alejandro Bergman, also known as Rabbi Bergman, is a reform rabbi, social activist and legislator in Buenos Aires. Bergman serves as rabbi of the Jewish Congregation of Argentina. He is also the Judaica Foundation CEO and president of the Argentina Citizen Foundation. He serves as the executive director of the Action Network and Community Initiatives for Social Enterprise.

In 2011, Rabbi Bergman ran for Mayor of the City of Buenos Aires as a political independent but pulled out shortly after his nomination to head the list of members of the political party led by Mauricio Macri. Later in 2011 Bergman was elected to the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires, a position he assumed in December. Bergman is the first rabbi to be elected to public office in Argentina.

Man and woman caught having sex in police van while being transported to jail

Alexis Garcia and Carlisa Brookins  
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A police officer was surprised to find two prisoners having sex while they were on their way to jail.

Carlisa Brookins, 22, and Alexis Garcia, 21, had just met while being transported from bookings to jail. Their brief encounter is something they will probably never forget.

The prison officer claims he saw Brookins performing oral sex on Garcia during his 2.9 mile drive from the Clark County Detention Center to the city jail. The officer was transporting the two and eight others to jail in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The inmates were separated into rows, with the women seated in the first two rows of the van and the men in the last two rows. All prisoners had been cuffed. The officer was surprised when he saw Brookins bent over her seat to perform oral sex on Garcia.
When the officer turned on the light, Brookins immediately sat down and made several comments about not being a prostitute because she did not charge Garcia.

Garcia’s arrest record includes several charges for drug possession. He was also arrested for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. Brookins was arrested on charges of drug trafficking.

Once they were caught in the act, they were both transported back to the Clark County Detention Center where another charge was added. They were booked for voluntary sex with an inmate.

Woman, 35, arrested after having sex with her ‘boyfriend’, 11

Sarah Beth Hopkins 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A woman, 35, was arrested after she began seeing her neighbor’s son as her ‘boyfriend’, and repeatedly had sex with him.

Sarah Beth Hopkins of Salem, Oregon, was jailed after she used her neighbor's son, now, 12, as her ‘boyfriend’, and had sex with him over a period of eight months, starting when he was only 11-years-old.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office began an investigation after the child's mother learned that her son had been sexually involved with Hopkins.
The betrayal runs deep as Hopkins was a neighbor and close friend of the boy’s mother, according to the criminal complaint.

The mother told police that Hopkins lived next door to them. She and her son, had developed a close relationship. The mother became suspicious of Hopkins’ intentions when her son started going for walks with Hopkins and visit her apartment more often.

The boy would go to Hopkins’ apartment where the two had sex. They also went for walks in the park and had sex in public places during the walks, according to police spokesperson Don Thomson.

The mother confronted Hopkins, who allegedly admitted to having sex with the boy, saying that she loved him and regarded him as her boyfriend.

Hopkins later admitted to a sheriff's deputy that she and the victim had been having sex. However, Hopkins claimed that she never forced the victim to have sex with her, and she never threatened the victim or gave him anything in exchange for sex, according to police.

The abuse stopped two weeks ago when Hopkins moved away from the apartment complex.
Hopkins was arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail. She is charged with 20 counts of sexual abuse and rape.
She remains held in lieu of $1 million bond.KPTV - FOX 12

Dramatic rescue caught on video after man tries to save falling girlfriend but gets pulled along

Couple hanging from balcony 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A couple was rescued by firefighters after they fell from different balconies during an argument.

The dramatic rescue was caught on video, as the man and woman were dangling from the balcony.

Neighbors and firefighters came to the rescue of the couple in Northeast China on Saturday, when a man, who saved his girlfriend, almost fell from a four-story balcony.

The young man was arguing with his girlfriend while he was standing on a fourth floor balcony his girlfriend was on the fifth floor apartment balcony in Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang Province.
The woman sat on the balcony with her feet on the cloth rack while they were talking when she suddenly slipped and fell over.

Luckily, her boyfriend was able to catch her in time, he held on to her. However, things took a turn for the worse, when the boyfriend, who did not want to let go of the woman started falling over the balcony while holding on to her.

A fourth-floor neighbor saw what was happening and quickly grabbed the man's legs, holding it until police arrived. Neighbors of the third and sixth floors also joined. They held on to the couple until firefighters arrived to save them.
After a rescue effort that took about 20 minutes, the couple was back home safely.

Man finds bear eating Chinese food in his kitchen

Bear in a house illustration 
By: Shifra Unger

A man had the scare of his life when he came face to face with a big black bear in his kitchen.

David Edwards, 43, of Ketchum, Idaho, said he woke up at 3:00 am to noise of his barking dog.

After the dog continued barking aggressively, Edwards went to see what was wrong. He headed to the kitchen, where his Irish setter-Lab mix, named Stanley, was barking.
Along the way, he passed the living room where his wife, Sara, was sleeping on a couch.

"I looked into the kitchen and saw this big, furry animal," Edwards said. The bear was standing next to the stove, licking the leftovers from a pot of Chinese stir fry, which the family had that evening for dinner.

The bear stood there and looked. "That was the most shocked I've ever been. I was surprised that the bear was there with a barking dog," Edwards, who is a securities trader, said.

He knew he had to act quickly and get his wife out of harm's way. "I could not tell her that there was a bear in the house because she would have lost her mind. She gets scared by spiders," Edwards said.

The quick thinking husband woke up his wife and walked her to the bedroom without saying anything about the bear. Only when she was safely in bed did he return to the kitchen.

To his relief, the bear was gone. The only sign of his visit was a wide open door and a clean pot.
Edwards was quick to credit his dog for waking him up, and scaring the bear off before it got further into the house.
"The dog is the hero that saved the day. If not for Stanley, who knows what would have happened," Edwards said.

Woman still breastfeeds all her children ages 5, 3, and 7 months

Samantha Williams with her family 
By: John Roberts

A woman is causing controversy over her choice to continue breastfeeding all her children even as they grow older.

Samantha Williams is a strong believer that “breast is best” when feeding children, which is why she still breastfeeds three of her children including her 5-year-old son.

Williams, 42, and her husband, Eddie, 48, have three children, a 5-year-old son named Trevor, a 3-year-old daughter Claire, and a 7-month-old baby named Ethan. Williams, of Newport, Gwent, United Kingdom is teaching her children to “share their mother” as they sometimes breastfeed at the same time. Her son and daughter take turns on one side while her baby gets the other side.

Friends and family have criticized her practices claiming that older children should have stopped breastfeeding years ago.

Although her children are perfectly healthy and can eat other foods she still breastfeeds them in public. While many people would tolerate a mother breastfeeding her baby at a restaurant, many are not willing to accept breastfeeding of a 5-year-old in public.

"I heard it all,” Williams said. “People asked me to leave the table and go breastfeed at another place. I was asked to breastfeed in the bathrooms,” she also said. However, the mother refuses to use the bathroom to feed her children. “A waitress would never tell me to eat in the bathroom, so why should my children?” Williams added.

While most breastfeeding mothers cover their breasts while they feed their babies, Williams chooses not to do so. “I don’t cover myself with a ­blanket. I just feed them. I’m not trying to make a point, I just believe it’s natural.

People think we're weird and that we are setting our children up to be weird. Others think I'm being selfish and that I cannot let go of my babies. Do they really think that a mother can force a child to breastfeed if they don’t want to?” She said.

"I never intended to breastfeed for so long. I simply thought it was a bit cruel and unfair to just cut them off as breastfeeding brings many emotional and physical benefits," Williams also said.

Man, 45, arrested after driving too slow on highway

South Africa highway 
By: Debbi Gross

While most people get a ticket or are even arrested for driving too fast, one man was stopped when he drove too slow.

The 45-year-old man was stopped when police spotted him driving at a slow speed on the N1, north in Midrand, South Africa.

The man was driving at 30 kilometers per hour, or 18 miles per hour, in the fast lane of the road on Saturday night, Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar said.

"He was caught driving his Mazda 6 in the fast lane, with his vehicle head lights off, in a 120 kilometer, or 74 mile per hour, zone," Minnaar said.
When the man was pulled over and ordered to get out of the car, the man struggled to stand up straight.

The arresting officer took a breathalyzer test. The man turned out to be intoxicated at more than three times the legal limit, Minnaar added.
The man was arrested and taken to the police station in Midrand where he faces charges including drunk driving.

Texas woman sentenced to jail after hitting police horse

Diane Harvey 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A 48-year-old woman will spend time in jail after she slapped a police horse while attempting to get away from police.

Diane Harvey, 48, of Texas, was sentenced to four days in jail after hitting the horse, which was carrying a police officer.

It all started when the officer spotted Harvey sitting with a large cup of beer at 4:05 pm. The officer asked her to spill out the beer, instead, she began to drink it, Houston Police Department spokesperson Jodi Silva said.

Harvey, who was apparently drunk, refused to follow orders and began to walk away. The officer then blocked her path with his horse, that’s when Harvey angrily slapped the animal in the face.
Silva said that police horses are trained not to react in these situations, and that the animal only turned its head from the blow. Harvey was arrested. She pleaded guilty to interfering with a police animal, and was sentenced to four days in Jail.

In another incident, a Florida man was arrested after nearly drowning a police dog.
The man was arrested and charged with injuring a police dog after he kept a police dog underwater until it passed out.

Orlando Police said that after climbing an eight-foot tall barbed wire fence, and running through thick brush and black mud to chase down a robbery suspect, Seabee, a Orlando police dog, had a brush with death.

Seabee, a two-year-old German shepherd, chased down Landon Barnes in a marshy area near Audubon Park after the suspect allegedly burglarized a home on Chelsea Street on Thursday, according to a Orlando Police spokesperson.

When the 18-year-old suspect ran into the water it was so dark that the police could not see below the surface, so they unleashed Seabee to track him down.
That's when police said Barnes attacked the dog, dipping Seabee’s head into the water at least three times, forcing thick and dirty water into the lungs of the dog.

Although Seabee managed to escape, he began to convulse, so he was taken to a vet in order to receive treatment, according to a police report.
After a brief stay at Orlando Regional Medical Center, Barnes was booked into the Orange County Jail on charges of robbery, resisting arrest with violence and injuring a police dog. He is being held on $5,300 bail.

Authorities begin to crack down on Bitcoin practices

By: Sarah Weiss

Those people in love with Bitcoin should rethink their business positions after authorities said that they believe things are not right at the company.

New York banking regulators have issued subpoenas to about two dozen companies associated with bitcoin as part of a broad investigation into the business practices of the emerging virtual currency industry.

The subpoenas from the Department of Financial Services in New York, seek information on a variety of topics including anti-money laundering programs, consumer protection measures and investment strategies.

The department, headed by Benjamin Lawsky, also plans on Monday to issue a note expressing concern that virtual currency companies are not complying with the laws of the state regarding the transfer of money. As a result, the state is considering setting up new guidelines that are specific to virtual currencies.

"We believe that, for a number of reasons, the launch appropriate regulatory safeguards for virtual currencies will be beneficial to the long-term strength of the virtual currency industry," Lawsky said.

The companies that received subpoenas include some of the biggest names in the industry, including Coinbase, Bitinstant and Coinsetter.

The state agency also sent subpoenas to companies backed by leading Bitcoin investors, as venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, Cameron Winklevoss, and Tyler Winklevoss, who are best known for fighting against Mark Zuckerberg over ownership of Facebook.

Bitcoins, the best known virtual coin company, are created in a computer process called "mining". They can also be traded on several public exchanges or privately between users. Most bitcoins are traded on a Tokyo-based market called Mt. Gox, where one bitcoin Friday was valued at approximately $102.

4 tourists including newlywed couple stabbed by black man at the Las Vegas Strip because they are white

Lee Anthony Sanford 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with aggravated assault related charges after stabbing several tourists at the Las Vegas Strip because they are white, according to police reports.

Las Vegas Police said that newlyweds, who were stabbed, were back home in Salt Lake City, Utah on Monday. The two were stabbed in the back in what authorities called a random attack on four people walking along the sidewalk on the Las Vegas Strip.

Laralynn Stock Caldwell, 20, was on honeymoon with her husband, Jackson Caldwell, when she was stabbed in the back Thursday night as the couple approached Harmon Avenue.

Laralynn Caldwell told police she thought a man punched her in the lower back, and she did not realize she was hurt until she came back and felt the blood.

Her husband said that he thought that a man hit his wife's back, but also saw what he thought was a fake knife in the man's hand.
The two returned to Utah on Friday, but they face ongoing tests to rule out a blood-borne disease.

The accused attacker, Lee Anthony Sanford, 53, surrendered to police in Las Vegas minutes after the attack. Police said that he had a nine-inch kitchen knife and was bleeding from a cut on his hand.

Sanford remained jailed Monday pending a court appearance Tuesday on multiple battery with a deadly weapon charges. He faces up to ten years in prison.

Sanford, who is black, told police he thought white people kept bothering him because people like to pick on the poor, according to a police report.

Popular Mister Softee ice cream truck carjacked in Pennsylvania

Mister Softee ice cream truck 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A popular kid’s ice cream truck was carjacked, according to police reports in Pennsylvania.

Reading Police are trying to find the person responsible for the carjacking of the Mister Softee ice cream truck. It happened Friday afternoon when a man jumped into a Mister Softee ice cream truck and held the driver at knifepoint, police said. The thief caused the driver to take him to another area, where he took money and jumped out of the truck near the 1200 block of Greenwich Street, police said.

The driver was unhurt. Anyone with information can call their local police department or Crime Stoppers. A cash reward of up to $5,000 is offered for information leading to an arrest.

This was not the first time that ice cream trucks were involved in crime. As we reported earlier, a real ice cream war has broken out in New York between rival ice cream truck operators which saw some ice cream mud-slinging in the streets leading to two arrests, according to a statement released by the New York State Police.

The relationship between the rival ice cream truck operators in upstate New York, turned cold last year and spiraled out of control this season, with Sno Cone Joe trying to chase Mr. Ding-A-Ling out of the market, officials said Wednesday.

Gloversville Police said that two Sno Cone Joe operators face harassment and stalking charges after heated clashes last month that included one of them shouting "This is my city!" against the Ding-A-Ling operator.

The Ding-A-Ling driver told police that Joshua Malatino and Amanda Scott, followed his truck, playing their music at high volume in order to drive away customers, and promised them free ice cream.

Police said that Malatino also called the suburban Albany headquarters of Mr. Ding-A-Ling and said: "I own this town!" Claiming that Sno Cone Joe controls the frozen ice cream market in Gloversville, an old industrial city about 35 miles northwest of Albany.

Captain John Sira said that Malatino was warned this spring after the police intervened when an officer saw some illegal activity during a patrol.

Malatino, 34, and Scott, 21, both of Gloversville, were charged Tuesday with second-degree harassment, and fourth-degree stalking, a misdemeanor. In the video below you can see both ice cream trucks having a run in with each other.

Casino accidentally awards Ohio man with $1 million

Kevin Lewis 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) What is in a name? For one man it meant an extra $1 million.

It all went down in the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati on Saturday night, before cameras and a crowd of expectant people, as the speaker thundered: "Our next millionaire, our next millionaire is Kevin Lewis!"

Cheers rose as Kevin L. Lewis, 52, born in Cincinnati, was named as the second of three winners of a $1 million promotional giveaway this summer. He hugged his fiance to celebrate his instant wealth.

The winner told people at the casino that his fiance kept saying he was going to win because they wanted to go on vacation.
"When I heard my name I said that God finally gave me a big win. There was a lot of shouting and happiness. I was at the right place at the right time," he said.

The only problem was that Lewis, was not the same Kevin Lewis the casino was looking for.
As Jennifer Kulczycki, communications director of the Horseshoe parent company, Rock Game LLC, said Sunday morning: There were two men with the same name, of Cincinnati, who had entered into the drawing.

The second man, also named Kevin Lewis, 50, a native of Cincinnati, was home when the winner was announced.
"I did not believe it at first," Kevin Lewis said.

It was only after Kevin L. Lewis stood before the cameras to accept his prize that the casino management realized that the second Kevin Lewis was the rightful winner of the $1 million.

"This was our mistake," Cincinnati Horseshoe Senior Vice President and General Manager Kevin Kline said.
Kulczycki said the error was discovered only after a final verification of the winner’s identity. At that time, it was too late.

"So, in keeping with our commitment to do the right thing for our customers, Horseshoe awarded a prize of $1 million for each of the men," Kline said.

Florida postman arrested after not paying back cash he borrowed from local residents

Randell Holley 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with fraud related charges after he borrowed cash from local residents and failed to pay back the loans, according to police reports in Florida.

Volusia County Police said that the man has been taking advantage of people since 2010.
Randell Holley, 67, is in jail on fifteen new cases of fraud, and investigators believe it is likely that there are other victims.

The victims all said that Holley came to their homes near New Smyrna Beach, in the middle of the night with a sad story about his need of quick cash.

According to the authorities, because the victims knew him they decided to help.
Investigators said that in one case, Holley took money from residents to buy a mobile home. He is also accused of stealing mail from residents.

Holley was charged with racketeering.

Woman rescued from being locked inside a church after posting help video on the internet

Sarah Greep locked inside church 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A woman was rescued after she was locked inside a church by posting a video in which she asked for help on the internet, according to video posted to YouTube.

The woman spent two hours locked inside the church before being rescued after asking for help on Twitter.

Sarah Greep, 43, a commercial Jam maker, was praying inside a private chapel yesterday when volunteers closed the church, believing it was empty.

Greep tried to call the clergy in the Minster Church of St. Andrew in the city of Plymouth, United Kingdom, but her calls went unanswered. She said that she was too embarrassed to call police or her family.
So the married mother of two posted a series of tweets appealing for help.

"I'm locked inside St. Andrews church! I was in the private prayer chapel. When I came out everyone was gone and the doors were closed. #Plymouth #help,” she wrote.

"I’m trying to think of the best way to get out of the church with minimal disruption. It's very quiet and peaceful in here, so no hurry #Plymouth,” she later wrote.

While Greep was locked in the church she also made a video commentary on her situation, as she walked around the building.

"I do not want to bother my family. I do not want to bother anyone. I did not know that churches are locked. I've been coming here since I was 17-years-old and I've never been locked in before. I do not want to get in trouble," she said that in the video.

Police were alerted to the tweets and officers tracked down someone with a spare key to the church so that Greep could be released.

"I just went to the small chapel in the church of St. Andrews, where sometimes I leave and do not think for a minute that they would close the door. It was nice and quiet and the sun was shining through the windows. I do not want to bother anyone, but I thought I just send some Tweets as it was a little weird. It is fortunate that this did not happen to someone vulnerable and I'm glad I had my phone with me. I cannot think of many better places to be trapped in,” Greep, who runs Janner Jam, said after she was rescued.

Man pleads guilty to using government computer to post harassing sex advertisements

Kenneth Edward Kuban 
By: Debbie Gross

A man was arrested and charged with harassment related charges after he posted sex advertisements on Craigslist using government computers, according to court proceedings in Virginia.

Now, the man has pleaded guilty to the accusations made against him.

The Department of Justice said that a 61-year-old former employee of the Library of Congress pleaded guilty this morning in the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia in Charlottesville to charges involving stalking and identification fraud.

Kenneth Edward Kuban, 61, of Reva., Va., was indicted in April 2013 on a variety of stalking related charges. This morning in District Court, Kuban pled guilty to one count of stalking in violation of a protective order, one count of identification fraud and one count of violating a protective order within the special maritime and
territorial jurisdiction of the United States.

"Mr. Kuban used his government computer and the internet to harass and intimidate the victim in this case," United States Attorney Timothy J. Heaphy said today. "While his actions caused the victim months of emotional trauma, they could have resulted in much more serious harm. Fortunately, law enforcement acted swiftly and put an end to Mr. Kuban's horrific behavior before it resulted in violence. This case shows both the dangerous potential of web portals like the one Mr. Kuban used to stalk his victim, and our commitment to vigorously pursue actual or threatened violence against women in whatever form it takes."

Today in court, Kuban admitted to posing online as the victim and using the website Craigslist to post advertisements and lure third parties to the victim's home in anticipation of having direct contact with the victim for the purpose of having sexual encounters. The defendant admitted to posting more than 165 advertisements on the website between January and March of 2013.

Many of these advertisements contained the victim's address and/or photograph. Fifty-four of those advertisements were posted from Kuban's personal computer while 111 were posted from his government-issued computer at the Library of Congress, his place of employment.

Between January and March 2013 more than 100 men appeared at or around the victim's home seeking sexual encounters with her based upon the ads posted by Kuban. In one instance, a man arrived at the victim's home with a crowbar in order to pry open an electronic gate the victim had installed to protect herself.

The man brought the crowbar at the urging of Kuban, posing as the victim. The threat to the victim's safety became so great that local law enforcement felt it necessary to post deputies at her home to deter trespassing and harassment.

At a sentencing hearing scheduled for November 15, 2013, Kuban faces a maximum possible penalty of up to 15 years in prison.

The investigation of the case was conducted by the Library of Congress-Office of the Inspector General. United States Attorney Timothy J. Heaphy and Assistant United States Attorney Ronald Huber are prosecuting the case for the United States.

Inmate who impregnated 4 prison guards pleads guilty to charges

Tavon White 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) An inmate, who was accused of impregnating four prison guards while he was incarcerated, has pleaded guilty to numerous charges, according to court proceedings in Maryland.

The man pleaded guilty to federal charges of racketeering conspiracy.

On Tuesday, Tavon White, also known as "Bulldog", admitted in federal court to having smuggled cell phones, drugs and other prohibited goods into jail as the leader of the Black Guerrilla Family, a complex and powerful organization that operates within the Detention Center in the city of Baltimore.

Earlier this year, the FBI has released an in-depth report of the accusations against Tavon White as follows.
A federal grand jury returned a racketeering indictment charging 25 individuals, including 13 correctional officers with the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, for conspiring to run operations of the Black Guerilla Family (BGF) gang inside correctional facilities. All 25 defendants also are charged with conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute drugs, and 20 of the defendants are charged with money laundering conspiracy.

The indictment and a detailed affidavit were unsealed today upon the arrests of the defendants and the execution of 15 search warrants. Approximately 170 agents and officers assisted in today’s arrests and search warrants. The indictment was returned on April 2, 2013. One defendant was killed in a robbery several hours before the indictment was filed. The defendants are identified at the conclusion of this press release.

The indictment arose from the efforts of the Maryland Prison Task Force, a group of local, state, and federal stakeholders that met regularly for more than two years and generated recommendations to reform prison procedures.

The indictment was announced by United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein; Special Agent in Charge Stephen E. Vogt of the Federal Bureau of Investigation; Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts; Secretary Gary D. Maynard of the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services; and Chief Mark A. Magaw of the Prince George’s County Police Department.

U.S. Attorney Rosenstein also recognized the efforts of the other members of the Maryland Prison Task Force in this investigation and prosecution, including: Baltimore City State’s Attorney Gregg L. Bernstein; Colonel Marcus L. Brown, Superintendent of the Maryland State Police; United States Marshal Johnny Hughes; Special Agent in Charge Karl C. Colder of the Drug Enforcement Administration-Washington Field Division; Tom Carr, Director of the Washington-Baltimore High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area; and Dave Engel, Executive Director of the Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center.

“Correctional officers were in bed with BGF inmates, in violation of the first principle of prison management,” said U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein. “Preventing prison corruption requires intensive screening at prison entrances and punishment for employees who consort with inmates or bring cell phones and drugs into correctional facilities.”

“This investigation revealed the pervasive nature of prison corruption in Baltimore City’s Detention Centers,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Stephen E. Vogt. “Such corruption causes the FBI to divert crucial investigative resources away from addressing violence on the streets of Baltimore. In this case, the inmates literally took over ‘the asylum,’ and the detention centers became safe havens for the BGF. Such a situation cannot be tolerated. Law enforcement should not have to concern itself with criminal subjects who have already been arrested and relegated to detention centers.”

“Ninety-nine percent of our correctional officers do their jobs with integrity, honesty, and respect,” said Secretary Gary Maynard of the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services. “Today’s indictment, along with those in the past, show that our department will not stand idly by and let a few bad actors affect the security of our institutions. Nor will we allow them to impugn the reputation of the men and women who come to work every day and go about their jobs honorably. Those who would break the law should know we will always work tirelessly with our federal, state, and local partners to root out corruption.”

“Today’s multi-jurisdictional takedown of suspected BGF gang members and orchestrators who infiltrated the criminal justice system is another example of the Baltimore Police Department’s relentless focus on targeting the malignant gang organizations that plague our communities,” said Police Commissioner Anthony Batts. “Thanks to the hard-working detectives, federal agents, and prosecutors who worked behind the scenes to build these cases. Our continued pledge to the people of Baltimore is that we will leverage the full capacity of our state and federal partnerships to identify those responsible for violence and bring them to justice.”

The 10 men and 15 women charged in the indictment are alleged to be members or associates of the BGF, a gang active in prisons throughout the United States. According to the indictment, BGF has been the dominant gang at the Baltimore City Detention Center (BCDC) and in several connected facilities, especially the Baltimore Central Booking Intake Center, the Women’s Detention Center (which houses many men), and in the Jail Industries Building. The indictment alleges that since at least 2009, BGF members and associates in BCDC and related prison facilities engaged in criminal activities, including drug trafficking, robbery, assault, extortion, bribery, witness retaliation, money laundering, and obstruction of justice.

BGF members and associates allegedly bribed correctional officers at BCDC and related prison facilities to smuggle drugs, cell phones, and other contraband. Correctional officers arranged favored treatment and privileges for imprisoned BGF gang members, and officers thwarted interdiction and law enforcement efforts against BGF inmates. BGF members and associates allegedly had long-term sexual relationships with several correctional officers and impregnated them.

BGF leaders allegedly used contraband cell phones to order contraband. Co-conspirators delivered contraband to corrupt correctional officers who smuggled the items into the prisons. Correctional officers often arranged payment for the contraband. Some gang dues and drug profits were used to support activities of BGF street organizations outside the prisons.

The charging documents allege that correctional officers were able to bring contraband directly into the prisons through the main entrances. Inside the prisons, BGF was able to control contraband smuggling because BGF gang members were designated as “working men.” Working men are inmates who are paid to assist management and are free to move about the facility.

Green Dot cash debit cards were allegedly used by inmates to pay BGF for smuggled contraband and used by BGF to transfer criminal proceeds. Luxury automobiles were among the purchases made by BGF with Green Dot cards.

According to the indictment, members, and associates followed directions from the ranking BGF members in BCDC, especially inmate Tavon White. On January, 5, 2013, White explained in a phone call:

“This is my jail. You understand that? I’m dead serious....I make every final call in this jail...and nothing go past me, everything come to me....Any of my brothers that deal with anybody, it’s gonna come to me. You see what I am saying? Everything comes to me. Everything. Before a mother-f—— hit a n—— in the mouth, guess what they do, they gotta run it through me. I tell them whether it’s a go ahead, and they can do it or whether they hold back. Before a mother-f—— stab somebody, they gotta run it through me....Anything that get done must go through me. ”

Tavon White summarized his position in a conversation with correctional officer Adrena Rice on February 11, 2013:

“I told them worker men that they had to step down off the worker men spots or they was getting hit....I hold the highest seat you can get....My word is law...so if I told any mother-f—— body they had to do this, hit a police, do this, kill a mother-f——, do anything, it got to get done. Period.”

White allegedly used contraband cell phones to discuss BGF activities inside BCDC, such as the collection of fees and taxes, to request information about inmates, to hear grievances from other BGF inmates, and to coordinate his contraband smuggling operation. White and other gang members developed sexual relationships with officers in order to gain influence over them.

White allegedly had long-term sexual relationships inside BCDC with four correctional officers—Jennifer Owens, Katera Stevenson, Chania Brooks, and Tiffany Linder—impregnating each of the four officers at least once. Owens had “Tavon” tattooed on her neck and Stevenson had “Tavon” tattooed on her wrist. All four officers allegedly help smuggle contraband into BCDC and related facilities. White allegedly gave Owens a diamond ring and provided luxury automobiles to Owens, Stevenson, and Brooks.

The indictment includes many overt acts in furtherance of the racketeering enterprise. For example, in November 2012, correctional officer Jasmin Jones allegedly stood guard outside a closet in BCDC so that correctional officer Kimberly Dennis and inmate Derius Duncan could have sex. Corrupt officers also warned BGF inmates about law enforcement operations. For example, Brooks and Linder allegedly notified White when they learned about upcoming canine scans and jail cell searches. The affidavit specifies two occasions in which warning calls to White were intercepted: December 21, 2012 (from Brooks) and January 6, 2013 (from Linder). White then used his cell phone to spread the word to other inmates.

On January 6, 2013, White allegedly said:

“I just got a message (from Officer Tiffany Linder) saying that they was going to pull a shake down (prison search) tonight. Let me call all these dudes in my phone and let them know.”

The U.S. Attorney expressed appreciation to Secretary Maynard and select members of his senior staff who confidentially arranged for 30 trusted correctional officers from outside Baltimore to join with federal agents and conduct surprise searches of BGF members and their jail cells on February 14, 2013, resulting in the discovery of important evidence.
The indictment seeks the forfeiture of $500,000 and other proceeds of the enterprise, including luxury automobiles.

The defendants face a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison on the racketeering and drug conspiracies, as well as for conspiracy to commit money laundering. Stevenson, Yarborough, and Pinder each also face five years in prison for possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

The defendants are expected to have initial appearances in U.S. District Court in Baltimore this afternoon.
An indictment is not a finding of guilt. An individual charged by indictment is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty at some later criminal proceedings.

United States Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein praised the FBI, Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, Baltimore Police Department, the Prince George’s County Police Department and Maryland Prison Task Force, Baltimore City Assistant State’s Attorneys Kevin Wilson, and Katie O’Hara for their work in the investigation. Mr. Rosenstein thanked Assistant United States Attorneys Robert R. Harding and Ayn B. Ducao, who are prosecuting this Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force case.

The following defendants are charged in the indictment unsealed today:


Tavon White, a/k/a Bulldog and Tay, age 36, of Baltimore
Jamar Anderson, a/k/a Hammer and Hamma Head, age 26, of Baltimore
Derius Duncan, age 26, of Baltimore
Steven Loney, a/k/a Stevie, age 24, of Baltimore
Jermaine McFadden, a/k/a Maine, age 24, of Baltimore
Kenneth Parham, age 23, of Baltimore
Joseph Young, a/k/a Monster, age 30, of Baltimore

Correctional officers:

Antonia Allison, age 27, of Baltimore
Ebonee Braswell, age 26, of Baltimore
Chania Brooks, age 27, of Baltimore
Kimberly Dennis, age 26, of Baltimore
Jasmin Jones, a/k/a J.J., age 24, of Baltimore
Taryn Kirkland, age 23, of Baltimore
Katrina LaPrade, a/k/a Katrina Lyons, age 31, of Baltimore
Tiffany Linder, age 27, of Baltimore
Vivian Matthews, age 25, of Essex, Maryland
Jennifer Owens, a/k/a O and J.O., age 31, of Randallstown
Adrena Rice, age 25, of Baltimore
Katera Stevenson, a/k/a KK, age 24, of Baltimore
Jasmine Thornton, a/k/a J.T., age 26, of Glen Burnie

Outside suppliers:

Tyesha Mayo, age 29, of Baltimore
Teshawn Pinder, age 24, of Baltimore
Tyrone Thompson, a/k/a Henry, age 36, of Baltimore
Ralph Timmons, Jr., a/k/a Boosa, age 34, of Baltimore (deceased)
James Yarborough, a/k/a J.Y., age 26, of Baltimore.