Bowl from the first temple period found in Jerusalem

The bowl with a Hebrew name 
By: Shifra Unger

A bowl dating back at least 2,700 years was uncovered in Jerusalem by Israeli archaeologists, according to a statement released by the Israel Antiquity Authority.

The old ceramic bowl with an inscription in ancient Hebrew was recently discovered in archaeological excavations conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority in the City of David in Jerusalem.

The bowl was found along with a collection of First Temple period pottery shards, clay lamps and figures. The bowl has the name of a seventh century BCE figure, which resembles other names known during biblical times.

Dr. Joe Uziel and Archaeologists Zanton Nahshon explained that the letters on the fragment were written in 8th or 7th centuries BC, placing the bowl sometime between the reign of King Hezekiah and the destruction of Jerusalem in the time of King Zedekiah.

They said the inscription was engraved in the bowl before firing, indicating that the inscription originally adorned the edge of the bowl, and it was not written on the piece after the bowl broke.

Archaeologists added that similar inscriptions have been found in other excavations, written on a variety of objects such as stamps, blisters, ceramic pots or even carved into the rock.

"While not complete, the inscription presents us with the name of the seventh century BCE figure, which resembles other known names to us, both in biblical and archaeological record. It provides a connection to the people living in Jerusalem at the end of the First Temple period," IAI said in a statement.

Israeli plane turns back to airport to pick up 11-year-old cancer stricken girl

Inbar Chomsky with her passport 
By: David Ross

An Israeli airline made an unprecedented decision to turn around an aircraft set for lift off in order to pick up a cancer stricken girl, who was stranded at the gate after she lost her passport.

The airline, with the support of everyone aboard, turned around to pick up the 11-year-old girl.
All set to fly to New York, in order to attend a camp for children with cancer, Inbar Chomsky, was pulled from her El Al flight after her passport went missing.

Despite a frantic search by the airline staff, passengers and the group that traveled with Chomsky, her passport was nowhere to be found, so the flight attendants were forced to remove the sick girl.
With tears in her eyes, everyone said goodbye to the devastated girl.

"The airline called the child’s mother to tell her that her child’s passport was lost and that the girl, who had been battling cancer, will not be able to fly to Camp Simcha led by Rabbi Yaakov Pinsky, director of the Israeli branch of Chai Lifeline. "It was a horrible experience for an 11-year-old girl," the rabbi said.

Minutes after the doors closed and the plane taxied away from the gate, a camper looking through another girl's backpack found Chomsky's passport and told flight attendants.

What happened next is virtually unheard of, especially after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.
The pilots of the plane immediately stopped the plane, and after about 45 minutes they were able to convince air traffic control to bring them back to the gate to pick up Chomsky.

Chomsky and others watched in disbelief as the plane turned around. "The flight attendants could not believe their eyes," passengers said. "They said that they had never seen such a thing," they said.

“Planes rarely return to the gate after exiting,” El Al said in a statement. "After consulting with the El Al team on the plane and the El Al staff at the airport, a decision was made and the plane returned to pick up Chomsky,” the company said.

Two women turn old Israeli public bus into beautiful home

The bus home kitchen 
The bus home bedroom 
By: Sarah Weiss

Two Israeli women showed off their talent by turning an old public bus into a beautiful home, according to photos uploaded to the internet.

The women of Even Yehuda, Israel, seem to have found a practical solution to the growing problem of housing in the country. They have turned a junk vehicle into a home that ordinary people would feel lucky to live in.

Tali Shaul, a psychotherapist, and Hagit Morevski, an ecological specialist in the treatment of pond water, became friends after their two children began to play together. Sharing similar views, the two sought a creative and business idea together for a long time before they found their inspiration in the pages of a style magazine for women.

"I read an article about alternative housing solutions, such as containers and tents," Shaul said. "That is when I suggested to Morevski that we turn an old bus into a living space," she also said. That same week, they went to a junkyard and bought an old public bus.

After stripping all seats and clearing the room for the big transformation, Shaul and Morevski couldn’t decide whether to keep the original bus layout or turn it into a container like layout. The women turned to designer Vered Sofer Drori, who found a way to keep the original bus and design the living space around it.

The bus is six feet wide and 12 feet long. Since the bus wheels protrude inside the vehicle, the woman faced challenges in designing the home, but ultimately, she managed to keep the authenticity of the original vehicle, while integrating her own design ideas. The windows and the doors of the bus were left as is, as well as the steering wheel.

The women also found a way to install a small bathroom, a bed, a wardrobe closet and a fully equipped kitchen. The bus home features all necessary appliances for the kitchen including air conditioning, plenty of storage space for one person and some decorations. The women hope to sell the mobile home to someone who appreciates its unconventional design, for example, a student who wants to live close to their parents, but not with their parents.

911 operator lends her wedding dress to bride who reported gown stolen on wedding day

Amanda, Candice with the wedding dress 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A 911 operator saved the day for one bride, whose wedding gown was stolen just hours before the wedding.

The wedding day causes a lot stress for the bride. Imagine if the bride still needed to get a gown on the day of her wedding. Well, that's what happened with a bride in Tacoma, Washington.

Amanda was getting ready to go to a wedding hall in order to celebrate her wedding. She placed her $6,000 wedding gown into a car and went back into the house to get other items.

When she came out again, she realized that her wedding dress was gone. The wedding ceremony was just a few hours away when her wedding dress was stolen. The distressed bride called 911 to report the theft, and she received more help than expected.

911 operator Candice, came to her rescue. Candice took the necessary information and sent police to the woman’s house. While Candice was on the phone with the bride, she asked what size her wedding gown was. “Size one or three,” the bride replied.

Candice, 28, had an idea. She was married 18 months before and she had a gown that size. She asked her supervisor if she can offer Amanda her wedding gown. When she got the approval, the 911 operator sent a photo of herself in the gown to an officer on the scene. The officer showed the photo to the bride and asked if she would like to borrow that wedding dress for her special day.

With just hours to go before the wedding, the bride gladly accepted, and it fit perfectly.
Newlywed Amanda surprised 911 operator Candice at her office to return her dress, and to say a heartfelt thank you to the woman she credits with saving her wedding day.

Candice is happy she was able to help. “It feels so good she got to have a wedding dress on her wedding day. I've been a bride and I know that it's awesome. I made a new friend today,” Candice said.
Candice seems to be the perfect person for the 911 job, which is all about helping people in stressful situations.

Florida man offers female beachgoers $200 to kiss their behind

Offer for $200 
By: Debbi Gross

(Scroll down for video) For some, going to the beach means seeing hot women in bikinis.

While most of these people are satisfied with looking at women in their bikinis, one man wanted to touch and kiss the girls’ behinds.

The man, who was dubbed the “Butt-Kissing Flasher,” was described as a heavy-set man, around 35-years-old, with man boobs, and a tattoo on his right bicep. He offers women money in exchange for a kiss on their behinds.

Police in Venice, Florida, said there have been at least four reports of the "Butt-Kissing Flasher".
In one case, two women said they were given a note asking if he could kiss their behind for $200.

The man wrote a note to the girls and dropped it next to the girls. When the girls opened the note, they were disgusted.
"I'll give one of you $200 or $100 each if you let me kiss your butt. Come up here and we can do it,” he wrote in the note.

He went on to write: "If you wave at me, I'll drop to my knees and play with myself while you watch. I'll leave the money on the floor and I’ll walk away.”
When victims did not respond, he allegedly removed the towel and acted inappropriately. Instead of accepting his offer, the victims took a picture of the perverted man.

Police are still looking for the man. Anyone with information on the man is asked to call the Venice Police Department at (941) 468-2444.

Bus driver fired after being caught on video clipping his nails while driving

Bus driver clipping his nails 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A bus passenger was shocked when he saw the bus driver cutting his nails while operating the bus.

The passenger in Singapore took a video of a driver cutting his nails with a nail clipper.

After the video was posted online, the driver lost his job. The bus driver has been fired after he was caught on video cutting his nails while driving on a highway, transportation officials said.

The video shows the driver resting his left hand on the steering wheel while cutting his nails with a clipper, which he held in his right hand.

He then raised his left hand from the steering wheel to examine if his nails were trimmed well. The footage was captured on a SMRT, which carried passengers from Changi Airport to the northern suburbs.
It is not clear how fast the man was driving at the time. The maximum speed limit on the highway is 56 miles hours.

After seeing the video, the SMRT bus company immediately fired the driver and they released a statement saying: "We would like to stress that passenger safety is our priority, and our bus drivers are constantly reminded to observe safe driving habits while on the roads," a SMRT spokesperson said.

"We investigated the incident and have taken appropriate disciplinary action against the driver. He was fired immediately," the spokesperson also said.

The SMRT Buses is the public bus transport operating in Singapore. SMRT also operates the train and the taxi service. They are one of the two main public transportation operators in Singapore.

Man tries to commit suicide after wife walks in on him raping their 13-year-old daughter

Girl on bed illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A mother was horrified when she walked in on her husband raping their daughter.

A woman in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, told police that she went out shopping and left her husband to care for their 13-year-old daughter.

However, when the mother returned earlier than expected, she found her husband having sex with their young daughter. The woman went shopping at 6:30 pm and returned only to find her husband raping the teen in the bathroom.

The husband, who realized that he was caught in the act, ran away from the house, and tried to commit suicide by cutting his wrists and neck, according to a witness.

Police officers were looking for the man after he ran away. He was located many hours later. At about 1:30 pm the man was found at a hospital where he was being treated for the cuts, which he inflicted on himself in attempt to commit suicide.

After being questioned, the girl said that her father had been violating her for the past year.
Lieutenant Joey Jeevan said that when the man is released from the hospital he will be arrested on rape charges.

Sea snail hatches inside 4-year-old boy's knee

Paul Franklin with his mother 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A day at the beach left a young boy with a bruised and an itchy knee.

To the surprise of everyone, a sea snail hatched and grew inside his knee.

It all began when 4-year-old Paul Franklin of Aliso Viejo, California, went to the beach with his family. At the beach, he fell on a rock and cut his knee.

When the affected area became swollen, Paul's mother, Rachael, took him for urgent care. At first, the doctor did not see anything wrong with the child. However, when the wound would not heal, his parents repeatedly took him to the doctor. At one point, the doctor said that Paul had a staph infection.

Three weeks after treatment with antibiotics, the wound has not healed, in fact, Rachael watched as her son's knee was getting bigger and black. “It was the size of an orange,” Rachael said. The mother squeezed the wound to drain it.

A black thing came out of her son's knee. At first, the mother thought it was a small stone but she realized that it moved! "It looked like a rock, it was a black thing, I put it on paper-towel. When I turned it over, it was a sea-snail," Racheal said.

Paul's father, Ken, believes his son must have fallen into a nest in the rock, forcing an egg into his knee, where it hatched.
The family decided to keep the snail in a fish tank. Paul, whose knee is almost fully healed, has named the snail Turbo.

Pepsi releases cola flavored chips

Pepsi flavored chips 
By: Eva Fett

If you love the taste of Pepsi cola you can now enjoy the taste by eating their newly released cola flavored chips, according to a statement released by the company.

The Pepsi flavored chips have so far been released in Japan.

The new Cheetos flavor is the product of a collaboration between Frito-Lay and Pepsi. It has hit stores recently, and has been receiving mixed reviews from the public.

However, the chances of the product being sold in the United States seem to be null, according to a source familiar with the situation.

When asked if the Cheetos flavor will be released in the U.S., a Frito-Lay spokesperson said: "The answer is no."
Previously, Frito-Lay released chicken flavored waffle fries along with garlic bread with cheese and sriracha flavors.

This is not the only weird snack that was recently released. As we reported earlier, those who love Oreo cookies have just received another awesome treat just in time for the summer, according to a statement released by Nabisco.

The Oreo watermelon flavor cookies are available only at Target for just $3 per package. The cream has a bright pink and green color between two vanilla flavored cookies. The cream has a strong resemblance to children’s clay. Two cookies contain 150 calories, 7 grams of fat and 21 grams of carbohydrates.

Most people, who have tasted the limited edition cookies so far, are pretty impressed by its taste.
"As soon as I bit into one of these limited edition watermelon Oreos, I liked it. A lot,” one consumer said.

"We believe that watermelon is a fun summer cream flavor that goes very well with our Golden Oreos," a spokesperson for Mondelez Global, said in a statement. Mondelez owns Nabisco, which makes Oreos, and other snacks including Triscuit, Wheat Thins, Chips Ahoy and Ritz. The company used to be called Kraft Foods Inc. and is a spin-off of Kraft Food Groups, Inc.

University forces students to wear anti cheating hats during exams

Student wearing the anti-cheating hats 
By: John Roberts

Taking exams in a large group setting can be stressful for students and for the staff members who are watching over them.

When classrooms are crowded and desks are close together, cheating might be tempting.

One university in Thailand came up with an anti-cheating hat that makes it almost impossible for students to see other students’ papers.

A photo of the students wearing the anti-cheating hats made its way to the internet, and the university was criticized for making students wear those ridiculous looking homemade hats. The hats were made by stapling 2 pieces of paper onto a headband, one to each side of the head.

After being criticized, senior academic staff at Kasetsart University in Bangkok, Thailand, released a statement saying that the hats idea came from students.

They said that in a bid to prevent cheating they asked the students for ideas on how to prevent cheating in the upcoming exam, which was being taken by almost one hundred students. Students came up with different ideas, then the paper hat idea was selected by them as the most fit.

The university claims that no-one was forced to use the hat, but they all chose to do so. “When wearing the hat during the exam, students felt more relaxed,” Nattadon Rungruangkitkrai, a lecturer at the university said.

“It was not meant to indicate that Kasetsart students often cheat on exams. I apologize if the photo makes other people look at my students in a negative way,’ Rungruangkitkrai added.

U.S. rapper beaten into coma in China while breaking up fight during his performance

Rapper Raz-B 
By: Sarah Weiss

A U.S. rapper was critically injured while on tour in China when he was brutally hit in the face with a bottle.

As part of his tour, rapper Raz-B was performing at a nightclub when a fight broke out. The rapper tried to stop the fight, but he ended up badly hurt.

The night of the incident, the rapper was taken to the hospital for treatment. After a short while, he was released and he seemed fine. However, the next morning, when he did not wake up, he was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Former B2K singer Raz-B, whose real name is De’Mario Monte Thornton, 28, is currently in the intensive care unit where he was placed on life support at a hospital in China.
His publicist, Harry Jones, said: "Raz is in a coma and needs as many prayers as possible."

The 28-year-old was performing at a club in China on Thursday when he saw people fighting. He tried to break up the fight, but he ended up getting smashed in the face with a glass bottle.

Raz was initially arrested along with other people, who were involved in the fight. Police soon realized that the singer had nothing to do with the fight and was released.
He underwent minor surgery to repair an injury to his lip.

The next day, when he did not wake up, one of his backup dancers rushed him to a nearby hospital for treatment.
Doctors examined the rapper’s brain activity and determined the situation was serious.

Raz is breathing on a ventilator and is falling in and out of consciousness.
Raz, who was Born in Cleveland, Ohio, was a member of the boy band B2K.
B2K is known for the hit singles “Bump, Bump, Bump,” “Why I Love You,” and “Girlfriend.” The group split in 2003 after they starred in the movie “You Got Served.”

Raz-B went on to start his own production company, RazBeatz Entertainment, releasing his first single, “Fire,” in May 2007. (see video below)
According to his website, Raz-B recently released a new mixtape called “Panic.”

Female TV host seen on video releasing mosquitoes in studio

Mosquitoes released in studio 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A television studio became infested with mosquitoes after a female host released them into the air, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The incident occurred during the live show “BBC Breakfast” where the presenter accidentally released a box of mosquitoes live on air.

Louise Minchin had a segment on insect bites during the presentation yesterday, when she offered to put her hand inside the case of insects.

However, when she tried to put her hand inside she accidentally ripped the front of the box, releasing the insects into the studio.

The guest on the show, Dr. James Logan of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, quickly moved the box and assured everyone that there was no danger, while Minchin tried to control her laughter for the rest of the segment.

She said: "I and mosquitoes have a really bad relationship. In fact, I've hit myself trying to kill a mosquito."
The video has now accumulated over 162,000 views since it was posted on YouTube yesterday.

Little girl’s foot crushed after getting sucked into Macy’s escalator

The escalator in Macy's 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A girl’s leg was crushed after getting sucked into an escalator, according to emergency workers in New Jersey.

The incident occurred to an 8-year-old on Friday morning when her right leg got caught in an escalator at Macy's department store located at the Westfield Garden State Plaza, authorities said.

The girl, who lives in Bergenfield, was riding on the escalator from the basement level along with her mother and younger brother, when her right leg became trapped when she approached the main floor, Police Chief Kenneth R. Ehrenberg said in a statement.

A witness pressed the emergency stop button, which turned off the escalator.
Police officers, rescue workers and several civilians dismantled the landing area of the escalator to free her leg, Ehrenberg said.

Medical assistance was provided to the girl at the scene before she was taken to Hackensack University Medical Center with serious injuries to the lower leg and right foot, police said.

Macy’s has issued the following statement on Friday:
"Our immediate thoughts and prayers are with the girl and her family. Currently, we are undertaking a thorough internal investigation of the unfortunate incident that occurred this morning in our store."

Witnesses reported that the girl was riding on the escalator when it "swallowed her foot," police said.
The police department and building inspectors are investigating the 11:14 am incident.

Man arrested after exposing himself on flight, blames peppermint oil

Stuart Ronald Clarke 
By: Sarah Weiss

A Utah man was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct related charges after undressing during a flight in front of several women, according to a statement released by the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

The FBI said that a man faces federal charges of lewd and lascivious conduct after being accused of exposing himself to two women during a flight to Salt Lake City.

The woman sitting next to Stuart Ronald Clarke of Provo, on a Delta Air Lines flight from Minneapolis, reported the behavior to flight attendants, according to a search warrant application from the FBI.

Clarke, 49, left the airport before authorities arrived. Several days later, he told investigators that he exposed himself because he rubbed peppermint oil on his private parts. He said he put oil on his forehead in order to get rid of a headache and then went to the bathroom with the oil still on his hands.

“It was burning,” Clarke told investigators. He then put his coat over himself and started scratching and adjusting his crotch, according to the charge sheet. He admitted to investigators that he unzipped his pants because he felt uncomfortable.
When the FBI asked Clarke why he did not return to the bathroom to fix his problem, Clarke said that water would have only made ​​things worse.

He faces a trial next month.

Pennsylvania man arrested after setting fire to his 3 pet ferrets

Pet ferrets illustration 
By: Shifra Unger

A man was arrested and charged with animal abuse related charges after he set his 3 pet ferrets on fire, according to police reports in Pennsylvania.

Palmer Township Police said that a local man sprayed three ferrets with gasoline and set them on fire. The man’s wife said she is still in shock.

William Dickerson, 63, was indicted Friday on charges of animal cruelty, arson and other crimes.
Police said Cynthia Dickerson called police and reported that her husband had poured gasoline on the animals in their wire cage. She reported that her husband was drunk at the time.

"This is so completely out of place, off the wall, unreal, I cannot understand this. I'm pretty sure he does not understand what happened," Cynthia Dickerson said. "It is a tragic disaster," she also said.

Dickerson is free on $10,000 bail. he was prohibited from going home or having any contact with his wife.
Cynthia Dickerson, 58, said her husband is a Vietnam veteran and he is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.
The couple also has four cats and two dogs.

"These are my babies, and they are his children. This is a man who never allowed anyone hurt an animal," she said.
Veterinarians expect that the three ferrets, two females and one male, will survive. The male was more severely burned, and lost its tail and probably part of one leg.