Cat blamed for stealing female neighbors’ underwear

Norris the cat 
By: Moses Gold

Owners of a naughty cat in the United Kingdom, blamed their pet for stealing from neighbors.

The owners of the cat have now offered an apology to their neighbors, and have also offered to return the stolen items.

Norris, a 2-year-old tabby cat, has brought home bits of food, dish cloths, dust cloths and mitts, during his travels around the area of ​​North Street in Bedminster, Bristol.

More recently, the cat began to bring home sports bras, support pants, sweaters, shirts, pants and even a bath mat. These are in addition to half of a pizza, a tube, unopened pasta sauce and a frank.

If the items were too large to get through the cat door at home, Norris left them on the canvas in the back garden. The owners, Richard and Sophie Windsor, believe Norris was taking elements from washing lines and have now written to their neighbors to apologize.

They said that at first it was fun, but the habit recently has intensified and now have a growing pile of stolen goods that need to get back to the good people of Bedminster. We have a wide range of shirts, sweaters, slippers, socks, kitchen gloves, bath mats and boxers.

"So far we have been able to return several items to their owners, including a set of towels, oven gloves, a bath mat, baby clothes and some running gears. Fortunately, all our neighbors have been very kind about it and thought it was funny," Richard Windsor, 26, a graphic designer, said.

EMS technician suffers heart attack while giving CPR to patient in ambulance

Joseph Hardman (left) 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) An emergency worker, who was administering CPR to a patient inside an ambulance, suffered a heart attack and nearly died, according to emergency workers in Michigan.

A Detroit Emergency Medical Service technician performing CPR on a patient on the way to the hospital suddenly had a heart attack himself.

“Joseph Hardman had a heart attack on the way to hospital,” union representative Joe Barney said in a statement. "He was about to die, and he had to go into surgery," he also said.

Thirty EMS technicians have recently left the department due to poor working conditions and loss of wages, Barney said. The department has been reduced to about 150 from 304, eight years ago.

Hardman was able to drop off his patient at the hospital alive while he was having a heart attack, then, he went to the emergency room, where he was treated immediately. He survived, and is in fact just three beds away from the guy he brought to the hospital.

"I talked to him this afternoon to make sure his family was well, and he is doing better," Barney said. "But he's scared. The stress of the job is getting to him,” he also said.

2 arrested after blind man drives car into rock

Driving blindly illustration 
By: John Roberts

Two men were arrested and charged after a man allowed his blind friend to drive his car, according to court proceedings in Scotland.

The blind man told police that he was trying to realize his life dream of driving a car when it crashed into a rock and almost hit a pedestrian.

Paul Keating, 42, was driving his friend’s Subaru Impreza when the accident took place in New Lanark.

Keating said his friend, Brian Gillon, 33, suggested that he get behind the wheel, and offered to help the blind man with steering and braking.

"I felt secure enough, because I drove slow while my friend had his hand on the wheel and told me where to go. However, the next thing I knew is that we had hit a huge rock," Keating told the Lanark Sheriff Court.

"I was shocked and was glad no one was injured," he said. "I know it was a very silly thing to do, and I'm sorry for what I've done," he said.

Keating was charged with reckless driving, driving without insurance and driving with a provisional license. Gillon was with allowing an unfit person to drive and allowing an uninsured to drive a car.

Keating lost his sight when he was 28-years-old due to Leber's disease.

Television personality hiking with son, 11, detained by police after being confused for pedophile

Will Self holding one of his books 
By: Moses Gold

A father was stopped by police after they suspected he might be a pedophile trying to harm a young child.

The father, who was walking with his 11-year-old son, was questioned by police and his name was searched in the police database before being released.

The man, William Woodard, also known as Will Self, is a well-known television personality in the United kingdom. He is also a writer and a journalist. He is the author of many books. His work has been translated into 22 languages.
Besides being all of the above, Self is a good father of four.

Self, 51, was hiking walk with his son decked out in full hiking gear and the child was carrying a walking stick. The pair crossed the Humber Bridge in Yorkshire on foot and were headed to a bed and breakfast in North Dalton, England.

During their walk, the pair walked passed the Bishop Burton College. They asked the guard at the college if they could cut through the establishment's grounds. The guard did not allow them to do so, instead he called police on the two.

The guard found the father and son to be suspicious and he called the police to report what he believed to be a pedophile with an underage child.

The officer, who responded to the call, recognized Self, who appears regularly on television in the U.K. Nonetheless, he questioned Self as to what he and the schoolboy were doing walking together. After I explained that the boy was my son, my details were verified on the Police National Computer, Self said.

"The suggestion that I might pose some sort of threat to young children, or that I might be a pedophile, especially in front of my son, was absurd and offensive," Self said.
“No man enjoying a walk with their child should face the examination by the police on suspicion of being a sexual predator,” Self added.

Self is angry that his child was put through the ordeal. "The guard abused a child himself, by exposing my son to the sight of his father, who was guilty of nothing, being questioned by police on the roadside as if he were engaged in a perverse activity,” the father said.

The father of four children said he did not want the security guard punished, but he just wants an apology.

Store owner defends his offensive 'Immigrant Bag' sign

The sign  
By: Debbi Gross

A store owner is accused of using racism to attract attention to his store.

The store owner in the United Kingdom has been accused of racism by posting a sign on his store announcing that he sells “immigrant bags”.

The hand-drawn poster shows a cartoon of a black man carrying two pieces of luggage with a sign that reads: “zippity doo dah, zip-up immigrant bags $1.50.”
A photo of the sign was posted online it has caused outrage on social media sites.

The owner of the Benefactors Hardware store in Crowborough, East Sussex, said he does not understand what the fuss is all about as he does not believe that the sign is offensive.

“The bags are called ‘immigrants bags’ so I drew a picture of an immigrant to go with them," Benefactors’ owner, Bruce Webster, said. He also said: "I do not see the problem, people get so touchy about little things these days."

The sign came to light after music composer Nick Harvey uploaded a photo of the sign to @mrnickharvey and he tweeted: “Since moving to Crowborough a year ago, a couple of people have told me of its racist undertone, but nothing could prepare me for that.”

The Sussex Police are investigating to see whether crimes have been committed.
People in the town were quick to respond by saying that the sign does not represent the views of the town.

“These comments don’t reflect the views of the overwhelming majority of people in Crowborough, who are friendly and welcoming,” a community member said.
Webster agreed to remove the sign "if people oppose it."

Truck driver dies after accidentally shooting himself in the genitals

Man holding privates illustration  
By: Debbi Gross

What started as a fun party between co-workers ended in tragedy, as one of them died.

A truck driver in Rosales, Philippines, died after accidentally shooting himself in the genitals, Pangasinan Police said.

Geronimo Narciso, 37, along with his co-workers were drinking and having a good time at the Tagumpay Lumber and Construction Supply company, where he worked as a truck driver. During the celebration, he drew his weapon and fired two celebratory shots, Pangasinan Police spokesperson Ryan Manongdo said.

His drinking buddies, Arnel Nacino and Edwin Alcera, asked him to stop firing the gun, Manongdo said.
Narciso agreed to their request, but as he was putting his gun back into its holder on his waistband, it fired, hitting him in the crotch. His co-workers took him to Dr. Marcelo M. at the Chan Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police recovered a .22 caliber pistol with four rounds of live ammunition and some spent shells in the area. Police said that there were no signs of violence at the scene, thereby declaring it an accident. However, the Narciso family is insisting that Geronimo Narciso did not own a gun and they are demanding an investigation.

Three legged baby born in China

Three legged baby 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A baby shocked her parents when she was born with three legs.

Thousands of babies are born around the world every day. While most babies are born healthy some babies are not so lucky.

One baby girl in China was born with a weird-looking bulge, which turned out to be an extra leg. The third leg is smaller than the other two and is hanging limply from the back of her right leg.
The mother in Xingtai, Hebei Province, North China, felt that she could not take care of this disfigured baby.

The mother took the three-legged baby to a local orphanage so she can be taken care of by people who are less emotionally affected by the child's medical issues. However, soon after she began missing her helpless baby and she felt tormented by guilt. The new mom went to the orphanage and retrieved her baby.

Now, the young couple is desperately seeking to raise money to help “fix” their baby. They are seeking donations to pay for urgent medical treatment so their daughter can lead a normal life.
Doctors said that the additional limb can be removed, but surgery cannot be performed before the baby is at least six-months-old.

The video below is of another child, who was also born with three legs.

People who have sex more than 4 times a week earn more money new study shows

Couple in bed illustration 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Here is one more reason to have sex more often, it will help you make more money.

Over the years, studies have shown different benefits of having sex. Some studies suggest that having sex could lower your stress level, blood pressure, and even help you burn calories.

New research from the Institute for the Study of Labor in Germany revealed that people who have frequent sex make more money.

“Employees who have sex over four times a week earn almost 5 percent more than those who do not. They also have better emotional stability,” study author Nick Drydaki said.
People who have sex more often tend to be happier and healthier, which contributes to them being more positive and perform better in the office.

"People need to love and be loved, sexual and nonsexual," Drydakis said. "In the absence of these elements, many people become susceptible to loneliness, social anxiety and depression, which could affect their working lives," he said.

Early economic studies have shown that self-esteem, cognitive functioning and reasoning ability, all correlate with income. The healthier the person, the more money they tend to earn.

The link between sex and wages was highest among people aged between 26 and 50.
The researchers noted that having sex often will not necessarily get you a pay raise. But earning more money could lead to more sex, they suggested.

“For example, higher wages can increase the value and attractiveness of a person on the dating market. For those who are already in a relationship, higher wages can afford the ability to buy better gifts that are then acknowledged and thanked for through sex,” researchers wrote.

Former New York governor Eliot Spitzer tours Borough Park, buys religious books at Eichler’s

Eliot Spitzer at Eichler's 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) The Borough Park section of Brooklyn, New York welcomed a high profile mayoral candidate last week.

Wearing a yarmulke and a wide smile, the former governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer, stopped by the neighborhood on Friday, visiting two businesses and even purchased prayer books for the upcoming Jewish New Year holiday.

Spitzer met with local leaders for several hours, trying to peel away Orthodox Jewish votes from his opponent, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, who, like Spitzer, is Jewish. Although raised in a secular home, Spitzer made every effort to convey to Jewish voters and the press that he was still in touch with his Jewish roots.

"It's in my blood, literally and figuratively. My heritage is in the Jewish community," Spitzer said while standing on 13th Avenue, a main business street in Borough Park. "I'm not as religious as people in Borough Park, but being Jewish is essentially part of my structure of values ​​and what I believe. That is why I'm in public service," Spitzer said.

The Today Show host Kathie Lee wants to be Orthodox Rabbi, attend Yeshiva University

Kathie Lee 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) Popular Television talk show host Kathie Lee said that she wants to become an Orthodox Rabbi and get her rabbinical degree at Yeshiva University, according to video uploaded to the internet.

Kathie Lee Gifford made her remarks during an appearance on Friday on NBC The Today Show.

Gifford, who hosts The Today Show on NBC alongside fellow television personality Hoda Kotb, celebrated her 60th birthday on the show on Friday and discussed the things she would like to accomplish.

"You want to go to college if you could?" Kotb was asked by Gifford.

"No," she replied. "I think there are many things you can learn, but you really do not have to be in college," Kotb said.
To the surprise of Kotb, Gifford then said: "I want to go to Yeshiva University and become a rabbi. I want to get my Orthodox Jewish rabbinic degree," the host said.

Gifford’s grandfather is Jewish.

Adolf Hitler golf course sparks anger worldwide after video goes viral

Hitler golf course 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A video showing a mini golf course adorned with a statue of Adolf Hitler has gone viral on the internet.

The crazy golf course set up in the United Kingdom has sparked fury after a hole with a model of Adolf Hitler was seen on video giving a Nazi salute.

The Fuhrer model shouting "nein nein nein" also raises its arm up when players hit a ball through a tunnel.

The golf course is part of an exhibition called Doug Fishbone and Friends: Adventureland Golf, nine holes with strange and extravagant models, including one of Saddam Hussein.

The course was designed by top British artists, including Jake and Dinos Chapman, David Shrigley, Gary Webb, and Doug Fishbone.
Visitors can see the exhibits for free at the Derby’s Art Center, but if they choose to play golf there is a fee of two pounds.

The makers of the exhibition said that their aim was to ridicule the two dictators and to encourage discussions.
The course has been in Blackpool, Berwick and Bristol, and will be in Derby for sixteen days.

Michael Samuels, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, slammed the Hitler model, describing it as "absolutely no artistic value whatsoever."

A resident of Derby, said: "As someone who lost family members in the two conflicts, I consider this grossly offensive. If this is art, then, frankly, it would be better off without Hitler."

Junk food banned from Canada Summer Games in exchange for kosher and other healthy foods

French fries illustration 
By: Sarah Weiss

Game officials have decided to get rid of junk food at the Canada Summer Games and instead, are offering a full menu of healthy foods, according to a statement released by officials.

Athletes who crave French fries are out of luck at the Canada Summer Games village after it has been declared a junk food free zone.

Instead, the young competitors are being given a variety of nutritious offerings without limits of how often they can go through the cafeteria each day.

"The point is to try to get athletes off to a good start with proper nutrition in order to help them achieve better results,” nutritionist Christiane Azzi, who is distributing the food at Bishop's University in Sherbrooke, Quebec, said. The 17-day event is set to end this week.

In the village Games, athletes are tempted with made to order omelets, pasta and stir fry stations. There deli bars, where they can make their own sandwiches, comes with a salad bar, two types of soups, and a cold bar with cottage cheese and fresh-cut fruit. Dishes include lasagna, beef stew and chicken tagine. There are also gluten-free and kosher options.

Even the pizza was transformed into a healthy wheat crust, vegetables and not too much cheese.
"There's something for everyone," Michael Little, food and beverage manager for Sodexo, who lives year-round at Bishop, said. "Even if you have specific dietary needs, you can still enjoy a meal that is cooked in front of you," he said.

Little said the athletes did not mind not having junk food.

Historic World War 2 document known as Schindler's list sells for $122,000 at auction

The Schindler document 
By: Shifra Unger

A historic World War Two document sold for $122,000 at auction, according to a statement released by RR Auction.

A collection of documents from World War Two from the industrialist Oskar Schindler, which included a signed letter that paved the way for the rescue of more than 1,000 Jewish factory workers, was bought for more than $122,000 in an online auction.

The letter, dated August 22, 1944, describes permission to move Schindler's enamel factory and its workers from Poland to Czechoslovakia. Historians said that the move allowed him to carry out the rescue narrated in the movie "Schindler's List".

Is believed to be the earliest known document confirming the move.
The letter was offered by RR Auction in the U.S. The auction, which ended on Wednesday, also offered Krakow factory blueprints.
RR Auction said a person, who wished to remain anonymous, purchased all of the documents.

Canadian construction worker thankful to Hatzolah after being provided emergency care

Hatzolah helping non-Jewish construction worker
(Photo via 
By: David Ross

A construction worker expressed his gratitude for Hatzolah after several emergency workers provided him with first aid despite the fact that he is not Jewish, according to a report by

The construction team is thanking the volunteer force after Montreal Hatzolah tended to one of them, who was wounded during construction work. Hatzolah tended to the wounds of the man until the local emergency services arrived even though the victim was not Jewish.

The injury occurred when the worker slipped and fell during construction of a new Viznitz Synagogue in Montreal. Coworkers immediately called police and waited for help to arrive.

An Orthodox Jewish passerby noticed the wounded man, and called Hatzolah, who arrived within minutes, and administered first aid until police arrived. Police arrived at the scene more than twenty minutes after the initial call.

Hatzolah was initially formed in Brooklyn, New York, after the local Jewish community was frustrated of the amount of time it took for local authorities to arrive during an emergency. The organization has since branched out to many countries around the world.

2 Arab teens arrested after stabbing haredi Jew in Jerusalem

Moshe Menachem Limuei (Photo via Channel 2) 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Two Arab teens were arrested and charged with assault related charges after stabbing an ultra-Orthodox Jew at the entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem, according to police reports.

Jerusalem Police said that two Israeli Arabs of the city of Issawiya were arrested after a joint investigation by the police and the National Security Agency, also known as the Shin Bet, on suspicion of stabbing Moshe Menachem Limuei, 33, last month at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.

Limuei was on his way home after visiting the Western Wall when passed through the Damascus Gate. That is when he was stabbed in the upper parts of his body by the two teens.

Limuei, a father of four children, sustained moderate to severe injuries and was taken to the Shaare Zedek hospital in Jerusalem, where he underwent surgery. He later underwent some reconstructive surgery.

Prosecutors this morning filed charges against the teens in the Jerusalem District Court.
The teens were identified as Sultan Abu Hummus, 19, and Mahmoud Rajabi, 18.
During questioning by police, they confessed to the attack. Police said that Limuei was stabbed in the chest, waist and hand.

Hummus was charged with attempted murder and obstruction of justice, while Rajabi was charged with aggravated assault.

Brooklyn New York street renamed after black Orthodox Jew who was murdered protecting his girlfriend

Yoseph Robinson Avenue sign 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A street in Brooklyn, New York, has received a new name, city officials have announced.

The city renamed an intersection in Brooklyn in honor of an Orthodox Jewish man, who was killed trying to protect his girlfriend during a botched robbery of a kosher liquor store.

Ave J and Nostrand Avenue in Midwood is now "Yoseph Robinson Avenue" in honor of the 34-year-old employee who was shot dead in August 2010 inside MB Vineyards, located a few feet from the intersection.

As we reported earlier, a street in Brooklyn, New York was recently named after a murdered Hasidic Jew.
New York City changed the name of an intersection in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, New York, for a Hasidic Jew, who died trying to protect his girlfriend during a botched robbery of a kosher liquor store.

Avenue J and Nostrand Avenue will soon have a sign saying "Yoseph Robinson Avenue" to honor Robinson, a 34-year-old employee at MB Vineyards. He was shot to death in August 2010.

A masked man held up Robinson and his girlfriend Lahavah Wallace, demanding that she hand over her jewelry. The robber shot Robinson in the chest when he tried to grab the suspect’s gun away.

Wallace spent months working with Councilman Jumaane Williams, Democrat, Midwood, to honor the memory of her boyfriend with a street sign in the city.

"This will allow those who did not know him to ask who he was," Wallace said.
Robinson, a Jamaican who converted to Orthodox Judaism, maintained close ties to both cultures.

"Maybe we can still be the bridge for communities in some way. It's a fitting tribute and honor to an amazing man," Wallace said.
Eion Klass, 35, was sentenced to 35 years in prison after pleading guilty to killing Robinson.

Israeli scientists find solution to worldwide droughts and famine

Frozen plant illustration 
By: Aryeh Savir

The world will soon suffer less from droughts and famine thanks to a group of Israeli scientists, according to a report by the Tazpit News Agency.

An Israeli team of scientists has developed a new technology which may enable crops to weather droughts world-wide, thus minimizing famine and strife.

The team, led by Professor Shimon Gepstein, Chancellor of the Kinneret College, genetically engineered a plant that can withstand droughts by ‘freezing itself’ after not receiving water for a certain period of time, and then ‘returning to life’ after the water supply is renewed, and this without incurring any damage to the plant’s physical structure.

The finding was discovered by chance while running experiments on prolonging plants’ longevity and the shelf-life of vegetables. Experimenting on tobacco leaves, the scientists were able to develop a plant that lives twice as long as the average tobacco plant, providing flowers and fruits long after the regular plants have withered and died.

When the tips of the leaves were cut off, the regular plants yellowed and died after a week, whereas the genetically engineered plants stayed green for a full 21 days.

The breakthrough was revealed when some of the plants were left in the greenhouse unattended for four weeks. Tobacco plants require watering every two to three days. When the plants were discovered they had not lost their vitality. The team decided on a series of monitored tests. Regular and engineered plants were not watered for three weeks. The regular plants died, and the engineered plants once again began to grow after receiving water, having incurred no damage during the ‘drought period’.

This discovery is especially significant for the State of Israel. Wheat is planted at the beginning of the winter and sprouts after the first rain, but will die if there is no subsequent rainfall. With this new technology the wheat shoots will be able to withstand considerable amounts of time with no rain. Furthermore, scientists forecast more common worldwide droughts in the future as a result of climate changes, and this newly acquired knowledge may serve as the solution to this looming global threat.

Lastly, the plants flourished with only a third of the water usually required to water plants. With water sources dwindling, this new Israeli technology may be the key for the survival of agriculture in various areas in the world.
A spokesman for the Kinneret College told Tazpit News Agency that the findings have are already being implemented, at that international firms have expressed interest in the technology.

How to make fresh beer on the go

New portable beer making device 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Planning a trip and you don’t want to take along cases of beer? No problem.

Beer is a pain to take with you on hiking trips. It is heavy to carry, especially when you need a lot of beer for a campfire. Pat's Backcountry Beverages has a solution to this problem. The company has released a concentrate of beer, so you just have to add water inside an easy portable carbonation system.

How is it possible? According to the website of the company, the beer concentrate is not produced by dehydration of traditional beer. "Instead, our patent pending process allows us to start with almost no water, and carefully control the process of fermentation," the company website states. The result is, supposedly, a beer that tastes like a "premium micro brew beer." Each packet produces a 16 ounce pint.

Pat's Backcountry Beverages owner, Pat Tatera, said that beer is only "barley, water, hops and yeast." "If you come into our facilities, you will see fermenters, you'll see a mash tun, and you'll see a beer boiler, but you will also see some equipment that looks like a sci-fi movie. That's where our highly specialized technology enables us do what we do," he said.

The carbonation system is more like a water bottle, and is activated by simply moving a lever on the contraption up and down. Check it out in the video below.

Man blinded by group after he accidentally stepped into their photo shoot

Terrell Moore (left), Lindsye Newton (centre)
and Bryanna Warren (right)  
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A Colorado man was at the wrong place at the wrong time when he innocently walked away from a bar and into a photo shoot.

The 30-year-old victim mistakenly walked in front of a camera while a group was having their picture taken. Those being photographed became angry and decided to physically assault the man.

The incident happened early in the morning outside a bar in LoDo, Denver, shortly before the venue had closed. Bryanna Warren, 25, one of the women who were part of the photo shoot, began arguing with the man. Warren pushed the man as he tried to walk away.

Warren and her friend, Lindsye Newton, 25, decided to follow the man and shouted insults at him. They walked close to him and pushed him. When he pushed the two girls away from himself, their friend, Terrell Moore, 27, decided to intervene and beat the man unconscious.

A police officer who witnessed the incident, rushed to help the unconscious man. At that point, a crowd had already gathered around the victim. While trying to control the crowd, the officer saw Newton hitting the unconscious man repeatedly in the head with her ​​purse.

The unidentified victim suffered facial fractures, permanent blindness in his right eye, and intracranial hemorrhaging.
Moore, who knocked the man unconscious, was charged with second-degree assault and causing serious bodily harm. His bail was set at $10,000.

Newton and Warren were each charged with assault. They face extra charges for beating the man while he lay unconscious on the ground. Newton's bail was set at $5,000 and Warren's bail was set at $2,000. All three were released after posting bail.

Florida woman arrested after giving herself black eye then claiming she was kidnapped, robbed

Ashley Bernice Ortiz Del Valle 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A husband called police after his wife told him she had been kidnaped and robbed.

The husband believed his wife as she had bruises on her face to prove it. But police did not believe her.

Ashley Bernice Ortiz Del Valle, 28, of Fort Meyers, Florida, has been jailed after she gave herself a black eye before falsely claiming she had been kidnapped and robbed.

According to the Lee County Sheriff's Office, an investigation began after Del Valle gave police a detailed account of how she
had been kidnapped and assaulted before she managed to escape.

Del Valle told detectives she had stopped at a stop sign while driving to a nearby bank when a man and a woman got into her car through the unlocked passenger side door and put a gun to her head.

Del Valle said the two suspects forced her to swallow two pills, beat her repeatedly in the face and stole her cash and jewelry. She told police that at some point during the assault, she managed to grab her pepper spray and sprayed the suspects before fleeing the scene.

After telling her husband about the incident, Del Valle went to a local hospital where she was treated for her injuries. Her husband also called police to report the incident.

During the investigation, however, detectives found several inconsistencies. Forensic evidence taken from the vehicle was not consistent with her story. Detectives also found that the jewelry, which Del Valle claimed had been stolen, was still inside her vehicle.

Her bank deposit slip showed that she had already been at the bank at the time of the alleged assault.
When she was confronted with the evidence that were contrary to her claims, Del Valle finally admitted to making the whole story up.

She also admitted to staging the crime scene and giving herself a black eye in order to make her story more believable. She also stated that she did not expect her husband to report the incident to police.
Del Valle was arrested and booked into the Lee County Jail. She was charged with making a false report. Her bond was set at $1000.

9-year-old girl dies after her trampoline goes airborne

Oaklee Lynn Sidwell 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A little girl died after a trampoline she was sitting on went flying, according to emergency workers in Utah.

Utah investigators said that a nine-year-old southern Utah girl has died after a strong gust of wind lifted a backyard trampoline where she sat and sent it flying over 150 feet.

Officials of the Garfield County Sheriff said that Oaklee Lynn Sidwell was playing with friends on the trampoline in the backyard of her home on Tuesday in the small town of Panguitch. She was the last to sit on the large trampoline, putting on her shoes, when all of a sudden the wind sent it up into the air.

The girl fell off the trampoline in the air before it landed hundreds of feet away. She was taken to a local hospital and later transferred to a hospital in Salt Lake City, where she died three days later from multiple injuries.

The sheriff's spokesperson said that the trampoline was properly assembled and had a safety net.
Sidewell was buried on Saturday.

Sleeping woman drives 200 miles, sends text messages

Woman sleeping behind the wheel illustration 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A woman drove 200 miles and sent several text messages despite the fact that she was asleep, according to police reports in New Zealand.

New Zealand Police said that a driver fell asleep at the wheel, and still managed to drive 200 miles while sending text messages from her mobile phone.

The police received an emergency call in the middle of the night from a woman, who was worried about her friend after she went out for a drive despite taking sleep medication.

She was found after driving for five hours, and 190 miles away from her home.
The woman had stopped the vehicle at the entrance of her old house, and had no memory of the drive.

The police, who used her mobile phone to track her down, saw that she was texting throughout the drive.
Surprisingly, this is not her first overnight trip as the woman was found asleep while driving to the beach, ten months ago.

"We have sought an emergency order prohibiting the woman from driving, and an order for her to seek medical advice about her suitability to remain a holder of a driver's license," Chief Sergeant David Litton said.
He added that the incident could have been disastrous for the woman and others.

"Despite her being found alive, the potential for tragedy was enormous. We are urging people with medical conditions to be open and honest,” he added.

Switzerland opens drive-thru sex boxes for prostitutes

Drive-thru sex boxes 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) Those seeking the services of a so-called safer prostitute can now do so in Switzerland as the government opened regulated sex boxes.

The drive-thru sex boxes was officially opened this week, as part of an initiative by the Zurich authorities to regulate prostitution, combat pimping and improve the safety of sex workers.

The nine garage style structures, located in a former industrial area in the west of the city, have been organized with typical Swiss precision.

Drivers will have to follow a clearly marked path, which will be staffed with 40 prostitutes.
Once you have chosen one of the women and negotiated a fee, you will head towards one of the wooden huts, which are adorned with posters advocating the use of condoms and an AIDS risk warning.

Sex boxes are equipped with alarms that prostitutes can turn on if they feel in danger of a client.
The place is open only to cars, while pedestrians and motorcycles are not allowed. The sex boxes will operate from evening until 5:00 am every day.

Sex boxes are one of the measures to reduce the large number of prostitutes plying their trade in residential areas and the city center.

Men seeking street workers outside the three new authorized areas, will face fines of up to $500.

"We want to regulate prostitution, because until now, it was the law of the jungle," Michael Herzig of the social welfare department of Zurich said.

"They were these pimps who decided the prices, for example. We're trying to get to a situation that is best for the prostitutes themselves, for their health and safety, while people living in Zurich will also benefit," he said.

Zurich authorities said the number of prostitutes working in the city has increased dramatically in recent years, and many of them are from Eastern Europe, especially Hungary.

Pennsylvania woman arrested after tying mentally disabled woman to bed

Regina Bennett 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with kidnapping related charges after she tied a mentally disabled woman to a bed, according to police reports in Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia Police said that they have charged a local woman after a woman with special needs was found tied to a bed inside her home.

Police said they responded to several calls about a neighborhood dispute involving 46-year-old Regina Bennett, who lives in a house on the 200 block of Linton Street, shortly before midnight. As a result of the alleged controversy, responding officers arrested Bennett for threats and attacks against a neighbor, according to the detectives assigned to the case.

As officers left, the police were told by neighbors that a child had been left unattended inside the house, according to the investigators. Police said they returned to the home and found a 36-year-old, bound to a bed in the basement.
Police said the woman appeared to be extremely thin, with sores all over her body.

The woman was rescued by officials and was taken to Einstein Hospital. Police have yet to reveal her status.
A police source close to the investigation said Bennett was the caretaker of the 36-year-old woman.

On Sunday, police announced new charges against Bennett. Now, she is charged with making terroristic threats, simple assault, false imprisonment and other offenses.

Man gets 285 pounds of marijuana inside his new gun safe

The marijuana found inside the safe 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A man was shocked when he opened his newly bought gun safe. He was surprised to find nearly 300 pounds of marijuana inside, according to police reports in Ohio.

Shelby County Sheriff John Lenhart is investigating the unusual drug case after 285 pounds of marijuana was delivered to the wrong person.

Lenhart said his office was contacted by a local resident, who said he found the drugs in a new gun safe that was delivered to his home.

The Champion trophy gun safe was manufactured in Noglaes, Mexico, according to Lenhart, and transported to the Sportsman's Den in Shelby, Ohio, by Con-Way Trucking.

The Sportsman's Den shipped the safe to their customer in Shelby County.

Lenhart said investigators believe the marijuana was put inside the safe somewhere between Mexico and Shelby. The driver of the truck that brought the safe into U.S., is a U.S. citizen. Police said that the driver is currently missing, and investigators said they have no clue about how the drugs got into the safe or where it was headed.

The 285 pounds of marijuana has an estimated value of $420,000.
Agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation are helping with the case.

Florida woman sparks bomb scare after confusing sex toy with explosive device

Bomb tech illustration 
By: Moses Gold

Police and bomb experts were called to a woman’s house after she confused a sex toy with an explosive device, according to police reports in Florida.

A Jensen Beach Police technical specialist determined that the suspicious package received by the local woman was not a bomb.

Instead, it was an erotic device. More specifically, a battery operated sex toy.

The woman, who received the package, told a Martin County Sheriff's deputy that she received this package in the mail the day before, according to the sheriff's report released recently.

The unknown item was inside a manila envelope marked Express Mail U.S. Postal Service. The name and address of the woman was listed as both the sender and recipient.

A bomb tech specialist determined that the suspicious package contained a sex toy.
"It was a plastic pink novelty item for adults, with some kind of a plastic rabbit attached to it," a sheriff's spokesperson said in a statement. "The receiver said that she did not order it," the spokesperson added.

The woman named one person who might have sent the item, but she had no evidence. The woman and her husband have active orders of protection against the man.

Police threaten to punish girl, 3, for playing outside her home

The children who were threatened by police 
By: Debbie Gross

Some parents are angry after police threatened several children because they were playing outside their homes in the United Kingdom.

A mother has said that her 3-year-old girl has received a threat of an Anti-Social Behavior Order, also known as ASBO, for playing outside of her house.

The parents of Caidence Leadbitter were surprised when they received the letter from the West Midlands Police Department, but police said that neighbors had complained of bullying behavior.

Caidence, along with her two friends, Isabel Cox, 4, and her seven-year-old sister Ellie Louise, have been accused of trampling on plants and trees in Smiths Wood, Solihull, West Mids.

In a letter, Caidence’s mother Kelly, 31, said that the local council, who have the power to apply for ASBOs, will act accordingly if the children don’t stop.

"There have been reports of an increase in anti-social behavior. It is understood that the kids like to play outside, however, this has caused minor damage to nearby trees. This is not an ideal situation and is perceived as somewhat intimidating for the elderly neighbors to see large groups of children. If we identify any damages, Solihull Council will be informed and may even act accordingly,” Solihull Police wrote.

Yesterday Kelly expressed outrage that her daughter, who does not start primary school for another year, has been called "a thug".

"Caidence always plays outside our house, but she has never caused any problems. She is the sweetest girl you could expect. I cannot believe that the police are basically accusing her of being a sort of anti-social person. It's crazy," the mother said.