Florida husband and wife kill each other in head-on collision on dirt road

Tracy Arnold 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A couple was killed in a horrific crash after they crashed into each other on a dirt road near their home.

Michael Arnold, 36, and Tracy Arnold, 40, of Brooksville, Florida, were married since 2006 and shared their love for motorcycles and ATVs, until those same vehicles caused their deaths.

At 9:30 pm, the wife was riding her dirt bike in one direction while the husband was riding an ATV in the opposite direction.
The vehicles collided, and the husband and the wife were both thrown from their vehicles, according to the Florida Highway Police incident report.

The couple hit a rough patch in their relationship recently. In a text message before the accident Tracy Arnold told a family member that Michael Arnold had left the house without her after an argument.

Tracy Arnold’s older brother, Steve Gorin, said that the couple's marriage had recently become rocky. It is speculated that Tracy Arnold went out to find her husband when she drove down the dirt road where she knew he was likely to be found.

When Tracy Arnold drove her YZ85 Yamaha dirt bike down the dirt road she collided with her husband, who was driving his Yamaha Banshee ATV. None of them wore a helmet, and both were pronounced dead at the scene.
Sergeant Steve Gaskins said that the street light near the crash site appeared to be working.

Police are still waiting for toxicology reports to determine if alcohol was a factor.
Tracy Arnold had two daughters, ages 16 and 21, from a previous marriage.

U.S. teens shoot and kill Australian student ‘just for fun’

Chris Lane and Sarah Harper 
By: Debbi Gross

(Scroll down for video) An Australian student, who came back to the U.S. with his girlfriend, was shot and killed by U.S. teens just three days after he arrived.

The Australian student came to the U.S. after he got a baseball scholarship.

However, his dreams were short-lived. He was chosen randomly by U.S. teens, who were looking for entertainment. The teens shot him to death "fun the of it".

Chris Lane, 23, was jogging in the small town of Duncan in Oklahoma, on Friday, after visiting his girlfriend Sarah Harper, when he was shot in the back and left on the side of the road to die.

"He passed a residence where the three boys were, they picked him as a target, they got into a vehicle, followed him and shot him," Danny Ford, chief of the Duncan Police Department, said.

The men came up behind Lane and shot him in the back with a small-caliber weapon, and then drove away.
A woman attempted CPR on the victim while another woman called police, but the student was pronounced dead an hour later.
The young couple had only been back in the U.S. for three days after visiting Lane's family in Melbourne, Australia.

Harper posted a moving tribute on Facebook, calling their four years together "the most amazing of my life."
"From 2009 until forever you will always be mine and in a very special and protected place in my heart. I love you babe," she wrote.

The student’s family is devastated, his father Peter Lane said the death of his son was so pointless. "There was nothing he could have done. He was an athlete going on his daily jog like he did for five or six days a week as part of his training schedule," Peter Lane said.

Oklahoma Police have arrested the 15, 16, and 17-year-olds, who were involved in the shooting. The 17-year-old allegedly confessed to the murder, saying that he and his friends were out “to kill someone.” They did not have a specific target.

All three teens were known to police and had some sort of prior run-in with the law, according to Ford.
The three are due to face charges of first-degree murder, which carry a potential death penalty in Oklahoma.

Mother asked to euthanize her autistic son and donate his organs

Max Begley 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A family was a shocked when they received a letter asking them to euthanize their autistic son.

The family of Ontario, Canada, are furious after a woman sent them a letter telling them that their autistic child was a like a wild animal, who nobody wants in the neighborhood.

During the summer, 13-year-old Max Begley spends his mornings at his grandmother Brenda Millson’s house where he has a nice backyard to play in because Max's mother, Karla Begley, has multiple sclerosis, making it hard for her to run after her son when he walks off.

One day, his grandmother received a disturbing letter addressed to the teenager with autism. The letter suggested that the family to either move away from the community and live in a trailer or in the woods, or they euthanize their son and donate his body parts to science, since he is a nuisance.

After hearing about the injustice done to the Begley family, the community got together to show their support for the family, and to make 13-year-old Max feel welcomed in the community.

Concerned for their son’s safety, the family has contacted the police. Police spokesperson Jodi MacLean said that they are taking the threat seriously.

Police officer busted after searching for child porn on patrol car computer

Herbert Eugene Miller 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) Using a company computer to break the law is always a bad idea, and breaking the law is even more unacceptable if you are police officer, who puts other people in jail for breaking the law.

A Tennessee police officer was arrested by the FBI after he used his patrol car computer to search for nude or pornographic images of underage girls.

Herbert Eugene Miller, 45, an auxiliary officer with the Greeneville Police Department, was arrested on charges of receiving and possessing child pornography.

Miller's supervisor was notified that the computer on Miller's patrol car recorded a lot of pornographic images. Many of them were child pornography. Several searches, including “hot highschool girls naked,” “fifth grade girls” and "naked middle school girls," were also recorded, according to the criminal complaint.

Thousands of pornographic images, over 80 of which were child pornography, were also found on the hard drive of the patrol car laptop computer.
After he was confronted about the child porn, Miller resigned from the force where he worked since 2000.WJHL-TV: News: Weather, and Sports for Johnson City, TN

Doctors remove fork from 70-year-old man’s genitals after sexual adventure goes wrong

Fork illustration 
By: David Ross

A man was trying to pleasure himself with a fork when it got stuck inside his male organ.

The 70-year-old Australian man was left embarrassed after he was unable to remove the fork and was forced to go to the hospital to have it removed.

The man admitted that he had inserted the fork into his male organ in an attempt to pleasure himself.

Unfortunately, the attempt failed and the fork got stuck, leaving him in a lot of pain and bleeding. Despite this, it took the man 12 hours to muster up the courage to seek medical help.

At first, doctors did not know the cause of the man’s pain until they took an x-ray and discovered a fork inside his genitals.
The fork was removed by doctors at the Canberra Hospital in Australia, by using forceps and lubrication, while the patient was under general anesthesia.

According to an article, entitled ‘An unusual urethral foreign body’, it is very rare to find objects lodged in the lower urinary tract.

Doctors said that the practice of people inserting foreign objects into their urethra tends to occur during states of pathological masturbation, substance abuse and intoxication. In most cases, patients are so embarrassed that they try to retrieve the object by themselves, risking injury or infections to their genitals.

According to the report, the typical symptoms after insertion of a foreign object into the male urethra include abdominal pain, pain in the penis, swollen glans or shaft of the penis, inflammation of the urethra, dyspareunia (pain during intercourse), bloody urine, pyuria (pus in urine), increased urinary frequency, difficulty urinating and fever.

Jews slam group for launching $1 million campaign to convert Maryland Jews to Christianity

Jews for Jesus activists illustration 
By: Sarah Weiss

A group backed by a popular businessman announced a new campaign to convert Jews in Maryland to Christianity.

Now, Jewish leaders in Baltimore, Maryland, have called the campaign "very offensive." The campaign was launched by a businessman from California.

The campaign, which is being carried out by a group of 10 female college students conveys the message that Jews can accept Jesus as the Messiah and remain Jewish.

Arthur C. Abramson, executive director of the Baltimore Jewish Council, criticized the annual summer campaign as "very offensive to the Jewish community."

Tom Cantor, president of Scantibodies Laboratory Inc. in San Diego, California, is funding the campaign via the Israel Restoration Ministries, an organization he founded. The man spends about $4 million a year in Christian missionary work, including nearly $1 million to target major U.S. cities with highly populated Jewish neighborhoods.

The Christian women are wearing long skirts, and may appear to be Orthodox Jews.

Thousands of white butterflies seen near Ben Gurion International Airport

The white butterflies 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A butterfly researcher spotted thousands of white butterflies near Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport, according to video uploaded on Channel 2 News.

A plowed field outside the airport was the scene of a rare sighting of an estimated 10,000 butterflies, creating the appearance of a "white cloud", a leading Israeli butterfly researcher, who has been studying butterflies for 60 years, said.

"While driving my daily route, I suddenly saw white clouds. I realized that the clouds were really butterflies, so I immediately grabbed my camera. The butterfly group was wandering in the area and stopped to enjoy the nectar of the flowers that are growing in the field," Dubi Benyamini, chairman of the Israeli Lepidopterists Society, said according to a report by The Algemeiner.

"I have not seen anything like this in 60 years studying butterflies,” Benyamini added. "Some 10,000 of them migrated here and landed on an island of green vegetation and the moist soil. Glad you got to see that," he said.

Warsaw uprising comes back to life in new color movie

Scene of the movie 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) The world famous Warsaw uprising came back to life after a new color movie about the incident was released.

The scenes are as fascinating as any Hollywood war movie. However, they were pieced together by historical images of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising, enhanced by color and modern techniques of sound.

The only purely fictional element in the movie are the voiceovers. The movie shows two brothers walking the streets of the Polish city where the 1944 rebellion of the residents of Warsaw against the Nazi occupiers took place

It shows a fascinating account of the fierce house to house fighting against the German army, which began on August 1 and ended 63 days later with surrender, after the death of some 200,000 residents. Scenes of "Warsaw Rising" was taken from the silent black and white images that the Polish Army gathered while fanning across the town to chronicle the uprising.

Movie makers hired by the Warsaw Uprising Museum added color and sound that gives a sense of real life, while a modern editing technique provides a fast-paced and a brilliant narrative.

The museum released the trailer for the movie last month as part of the celebrations held to commemorate the anniversary of the launch of the doomed struggle. The movie will hit theaters in Poland and abroad, next year, before the 70th anniversary of the uprising.

Jerusalem hospital helps save Palestinian baby’s life after being born with heart defect

Abdul Nasser at Hadassah Ein Kerem 
By: Moses Gold

A Palestinian baby is lucky to be alive after being treated for a severe heart defect at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem, Israel, according to a report by Hadassah.org.

Since he was born more than a year ago, Abdul Nasser has lived most of his life in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) of Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center at Ein Kerem. Now, because of generous friends in Australia, through the interfaith Rozana Project, the enormous expense of his son's hospital care has been greatly lessened.

Musab and Majd Alafandi were a young couple with everything to look forward to: they'd met through a cousin and had fallen in love right away. They married, and were delighted to be expecting their first child. They were living with Musab's family in a village near Jerusalem, aiming to save up for their own place.

Then their world turned upside down.

Madj went to Ramallah for a routine ultrasound scan at 20 weeks. She could see something was wrong by the look on the doctor's face. He shook his head. He said he was sorry, and that their baby had extremely serious heart defects and would die before or immediately after birth. Madj was shocked, devastated, and scared.

"I was very sad, too," said Musab, "but I tried to be there for my wife."
They sought a second opinion in the Al Mukassed Islamic Charitable Society Hospital in Jerusalem. The cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons agreed that their unborn baby's heart was malformed.

Yet, at Hadassah Hospital, even such a complicated case had a chance, they were told. The doctors at Al Mukassed had excellent connections with their colleagues at Hadassah, and advised the couple to make arrangements to give birth and to receive prenatal and postnatal care there.

"We'd never been to Hadassah, but of course, we'd heard of it. Just the name gave us confidence," said Musab. "Suddenly, we both had hope. Life was not quite so bleak."

At Hadassah Hospital's Ein Kerem campus, the baby was delivered by C-section to prevent any stress of a regular birth. They named him Abdul Nasser for his paternal grandfather. He was handsome and a good size: 3.4 kilos (7 pounds, 8 ounces).
But, he had to be rushed to the premature baby unit immediately to be supervised carefully until surgery.

The surgeon warned the parents that the risk was substantial: "His diagnosis was single ventricle (which means one pumping chamber instead of two) and congenital heart block (the electrical system of the heart is broken). Patients like him often don't survive the complicated surgery he would undergo," said Cardiac Surgeon Dr. Eldad Erez.

Abdul Nasser survived the surgery and was transferred afterward to the PICU, where intravenous lines and ventilators were attached to monitor his every function. Day and night, doctors and nurses helped fight back infection and ensured he was getting air and food.

"The bad news was that in addition to his troubled heart, this baby had very sick lungs," said Dr. Philip Toltzis, head of the PICU. "That's a tough combination to cope with."

"It was touch and go," said Musab. "We were warned several times to prepare for the worst, but every time our little boy pulled through, with the help of the staff. He was a fighter, and so were the doctors and nurses." On the Jewish dress-up holiday of Purim, the staff dressed Abdel Nasser in a cute beetle costume. And when he turned one, everyone in the unit celebrated his birthday. "He's always getting presents from the nurses and staff," said Musab.

And then, months into Abdul Nasser's care, as he breathed through a mechanical ventilator inserted through his trachea, one resident noticed the sick little boy was smiling. He pulled out his phone camera, and showed it around the unit like a proud uncle.

"That was a turning point," said Dr. Toltzis. "You can't believe how happy and encouraged that smile made us."

"There was absolutely no difference in how our son was treated in the PICU from the way the Jewish children were treated," said Musab. "He was perhaps pampered more because the staff knew we were a little further from home and the grandparents couldn't often come. Nearly everyone speaks some Arabic, and many are fluent. We never have any trouble communicating."

"Seeing Abdul Nasser alive, getting well and smiling makes us joyous, and keeps us in the PICU family doing what we do," said Dr. Toltzis. "That's why we're here, in intensive care. For us, it wouldn't have mattered what his background was, but we do have an additional sense of satisfaction that problems of area politics have not stood in the way of success."

And now, Abdel Nasser is indeed getting ready to go home. He'll need additional surgery, but not for a while. Said his dad, "We can't thank you enough—the hospital and the good people in faraway Australia for their support. We want to help in any way possible so that more children can take advantage of the life-saving care."

Hadassah College student develops new hearing device for the hearing impaired

Mor Schwarzberg 
By: Debbie Gross

A college student in Jerusalem, Israel has created a new device that will allow those with hearing problems to enjoy music again, according to a report by Hadassah.org.

Mor Schwarzberg, a student at Hadassah Academic College's department of Inclusive Industrial Design has created a new instrument by which the hearing impaired can experience music and film.

The "ALTO" device translates voice waves to vibrations allowing those with hearing difficulties to feel and experience music, film, and concerts. Schwarzberg's invention was recently featured on Israel's Channel two.

In other medical technology news from Israel, a father of two, who became paralyzed in a freak accident, is walking again thanks to an Israeli scientist.

Dan Webb was born in Warminster, Pennsylvania. He is married and has two girls aged 12 and 8-years-old.

Webb loved hunting in the woods. One day, while he was out hunting with his friends, they spotted a buck. They decided to stop and climbed a tree. Unfortunately, one of the screws holding the stand on the tree broke sending Webb falling about 12 feet to the ground. Webb landed on his back and shattered his vertebrae. He was left paralyzed.

“I was a very physical guy. I used to play football and baseball. It was hard for me to sit and watch everyone do everything around me while I could not do anything,” Webb said.

Webb got some hope when he heard about the “ReWalk” device that allows paralyzed people to walk on their own.
After doing some research on the product, Webb learned that this amazing product was invented in Israel by engineer Amit Goffer, who is the founder of Argo Medical Technologies, an Israeli high-tech company.

Webb said that he does not know much about Israel, “I watch the news and see the problems, but I was impressed that this little country in the Middle East made this technology and now is sharing it with the United States,” Webb said.

“ReWalk allows me to feel normal again and talk to people face to face. It's something I thought I'd never be able to do again with my spinal cord injury,” Webb added.

ReWalk is the only FDA-listed motorized exoskeleton available to help paraplegics regain their upright mobility. Under the supervision of healthcare professionals, people who are paralyzed below the waist can be trained to use ReWalk to stand, sit, walk and climb stairs.

The system, consists of motorized leg supports, body sensors and a backpack that contains a computerized control box, a remote control wrist band and rechargeable batteries.

The user picks a setting sit, stand, walk, or climb stairs and then leans forward, activating the body sensors and setting the robotic legs in motion.

West Bank Palestinian man hacks Facebook page belonging to Mark Zuckerberg

Khalil Shreateh 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A Palestinian controlled West Bank man was able to take control of a Facebook page belong to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, according to a series of posts published on Mark Zuckerberg's account.

A Palestinian researcher posted a message on the Facebook page belonging CEO Mark Zuckerberg last week after he said that the site's security team did not take his warnings about a security breach seriously.

"First of all, sorry for breaking your privacy and posting to your wall," Khalil Shreateh wrote. "I had no choice after all the reports I sent the Facebook team," he also wrote.

Shreateh, who describes himself as an unemployed security researcher with a degree in information systems, said he found a bug in the Facebook system that enabled him to post updates on any user’s page, including users that are not on his friends list.

Such a feat would be a virtual goldmine for spammers, scammers and others, who seek to take advantage of Facebook’s one billion users worldwide.

Shreateh published a series of emails he said were exchanged between him and the security team of Facebook.

Israel finds structures built by Philistines in Ashdod

A Philistine structure in Ashdod 
By: Sarah Weiss

Archaeologists have uncovered several structures built by Philistines in the Israeli city of Ashdod, according to a report by the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Impressive finds have been made at Tel Ashdod-Yam - the harbor of the Philistine city of Ashdod – at the end of the first excavation season by the Tel Aviv University Institute of Archaeology.

The excavations, led by Dr. Alexander Fantalkin, uncovered the remains of a system of fortifications from the 8th century BCE, which encompassed an area including a kind of anchorage. This is a massive wall of mud bricks, which is the main element of a system of internal and external glacis (embankments).

During this period the southern part of the eastern Mediterranean basin was under Assyrian rule, bringing with it power struggles and wars. Philistine Ashdod is cited in Assyrian inscriptions mentioning insurrections and resistance to the Assyrian regime at the end of the 8th century BCE. The Kingdom of Judah, under King Hezekiah, rejected Ashdod’s call to join the insurrection at that time.

In response to the rebellion, Philistine Ashdod was harshly punished and was destroyed by the Assyrian rulers. As a result, the center of gravity passed from Ashdod itself to Ashdod-Yam (some 5 km to the west from Tel Ashdod), where the excavations are now taking place. According to Dr. Fantalkin, it can be assumed that the remains of fortifications that are now being uncovered are related in some way to these events.

Excavations at the site have also found the remains of impressive buildings from the Hellenistic period (the end of the 4th century to the 2nd century BCE), yielding fascinating artifacts including coins and weights. Dr. Fantalkin hopes that based on the infrastructure and lessons learned this season, there are likely to be further interesting finds in future seasons of excavation.

It should be noted that the Ashdod-Yam site has not previously been excavated in an orderly manner, other than a few exploratory digs between 1965-1968 by the late archaeologist, Dr. Yaacov Kaplan.

Hollywood type international movie studio heading to Israel

Arnon Milchan 
By: Shifra Unger

Israel could soon be home to a Hollywood type international movie studio, according to new plans revealed today.

Israel-U.S. movie producer Arnon Milchan, and former Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, are considering the creation of an international movie studio in the desert town of Arad, overlooking the Dead Sea. The two are expected to visit the proposed studio on Tuesday.

The idea apparently came up in a conversation between the two after Milchan told Liberman that he had just finished shooting a movie in Morocco. When Lieberman asked why he did not shoot in Israel, Milchan said that there were no proper studio facilities in the country.

The $150 million project will be built on 50 square kilometers, or about 20 square miles, and will have its own world-class studio facilities.

Lieberman, the leader of the right Yisrael Beiteinu Party, said that the project has a special meaning for him since he had worked as an extra in the "Massada" movie, a shoot produced by Milchan in 1979 in the Negev Desert. "I did know Milchan at that time, but it was good money. Now, I am going back to the desert with Milchan in a joint venture," Lieberman said.

It is expected that the facility will create 700 jobs.
Milchan, whose personal fortune is estimated at $4 billion, has previously invested in Israel’s movie industry.

Full statement and video of Netanyahu welcoming U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon released

Netanyahu welcomes Ki-moon 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) The Israeli Prime Minister’s office has released a full statement and video of Benjamin Netanyahu’s welcome speech of U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

Netanyahu said: Mr. Secretary, welcome to Jerusalem. It’s always a pleasure to see you and to discuss the issues of our time with you, the Secretary-General of the United Nations. I know, like me, you want to see the peace process which has been resumed, succeed.

I know that like me you know that the most important thing is to prepare our respective Peoples for peace and in this regard, I’m sure you are going to look into the abuse of UNRWA camps in Gaza that have been used purportedly for peace camps, but actually to instill the culture of hatred and the ideas of destroying Israel amidst Palestinian children.

It’s very hard to habituate and prepare the next generation for peace when they’re told that Jews are the descendents of pigs and monkeys and that the Jewish State has no right to exist, so I trust that you will make sure that these abuses of U.N. goals and U.N. funds does not continue.

I look forward to discuss with you the urgent issues of the day that plague our region: first and foremost Iran’s continual quest to achieve nuclear weapons and of course the unfolding situation in Syria and elsewhere in our region. I think it’s important to discuss the real problems and not those that are often discussed in the media.

It wasn’t until long ago that people said that the root cause of the instability in the Middle East was the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And now, you can’t say that with a straight face because from the Atlantic Ocean to the Khyber Pass, you can see this endemic instability that is plaguing so much of the Arab and Muslim world.

We, of course would like to see it, not only restore stability, but also restore peace and move towards prosperity and equitable relations among nations, including with our nation, but I think today everybody understands that the root cause of the instability in the Middle East and beyond has to do with the convulsion that is historic and cultural in nature of which the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is merely one of many, many such manifestations.

As far as the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, we have to get to the root cause of the problem and the root cause was and remains the persistent refusal to recognize the Jewish State in any boundary. It doesn’t have to do with the settlements – that’s an issue that has to be resolved, but this is not the reason that we have a continual conflict.

The conflict preceded the establishment of a single settlement by half a century and when we rooted out all the settlements in Gaza, the attacks continued because of this basic opposition to the Jewish State.

I think it’s important to understand that if we build a few hundred apartments in Gilo or Ramot, or the other Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem, or in urban blocks that everybody knows, including the Palestinian negotiating team, according to the Al Jazeera leaks, will be part of the final peace map in Israel, I think these are not the real issues that we need to discuss.

The real issue is how to get a demilitarized Palestinian state to finally recognize and accept the one and only Jewish State. These and other matters of course will I’m sure inform our discussions. There are a few other things that I prefer to discuss with you privately, but I do look forward to discussing with you all these and other issues and

I welcome you once again, Mr. Secretary, to Jerusalem.

Jews angry after photographer takes pictures of nude women in Jewish cemetery

The photo that was shot in a Jewish cemetery 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

Jews from around the world express their shock after a photographer took pictures of nude women inside a Jewish cemetery in Poland.

The photographer, Lukasz Szczygielski, said he only meant to bring awareness to the neglectful state of the Jewish cemetery. He has since apologized for his actions.

The shocking photo shoot showed half-naked fashion models posing against Jewish tombstones. “The photo shoot was distasteful and lacked any human decency,” a Jewish activist, Bogdan Bialek said.

“Krzysztof Bielawski, who runs a website about Jewish cemeteries, was immediately notified about the photo shoot,” he said. “Using any cemetery for this kind of photo shoot is outrageous, and demonstrates a complete lack of sensitivity,” a local politician said.

The photo shoot took place in the Jewish cemetery of Checinach. The model is seen covering her breasts with her hands and she is also seen wearing a cross. The photographer posted this and other images from the photo shoot on his Facebook page.

The photographer said that there was no desecration of the cemetery. “During the session, we remained full of respect for the dead resting there. I was not shooting a porn video. These pictures will not be sold for a men’s magazine. I expected that the photographs will lead to a positive discussion. I already apologized,” Szczygielski said.

3 Walmart customers hospitalized after two men spray unknown substance inside store

Scene of the incident 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) Three people were rushed to the hospital after two men sprayed an unknown substance inside a Walmart store, causing the victims to feel sick, according to police reports in Texas.

Houston Police said that detectives are looking for two suspects, who sprayed an unknown substance in a ​​Houston Walmart.

Harris County Sheriff deputies responded to the scene around 9:45 pm at the Walmart located at 3506 S SH 6. Two suspects entered the store and then sprayed an unknown substance inside the store. Walmart employees and customers were evacuated from the store.

Three customers were taken to West Houston Hospital. Hazardous materials reached the location and inspected the store.
The powdered substance has not yet been identified.

The two suspects fled the scene and have not yet been arrested. A surveillance video of the scene will be released at a later time, as it is an open and ongoing investigation.

Police said that if anyone knows the identity or the location of the suspects in the case, they should contact the Harris County Sheriff Office.

Man falls to death during his bachelor party

Dirk Anderson 
By: Debbi Gross

(Scroll down for video) A bachelor party turned into a nightmare after the groom died.

Dirk Anderson, 29, enjoyed a night out with his friends at Lady Luck Casino in Colorado.

At about 5:00 am Anderson was sitting on the sill of an open window on the 11th floor room at the Lady Luck Hotel and Casino in Black Hawk, when the screen on which he leaned on gave way, sending the groom flying out the window.

Anderson of Thornton, Colorado, landed on the roof of a parking garage, five levels below, police said.
Although there was alcohol at the bachelor party, investigators said they do not know if Anderson had been drinking before his fall.

Authorities are awaiting the toxicology reports, which will determine if alcohol played a role in the accident.
The Facebook page of Anderson shows his occupation as an electrician.

In another incident, a groom died after playing a drinking game with his friends.
The groom collapsed after allowing his friends to pour alcohol down his throat during his bachelor party.

Paul Tobutt, 38, died at his own bachelor party in Spain after a senseless drinking game, where his friends poured alcohol down his throat. The groom consumed about a liter of alcohol.
After a lot of drinking, Tobutt collapsed and was taken back to his hotel room by friends who kept an eye on him to make sure he was fine.

They watched over the groom until they finally went to bed themselves. When his seven friends woke up the next morning they found Tobutt cold and unresponsive. They tried to revive him, but he was pronounced dead by paramedics.
Tobutt was due to marry his girlfriend Maria Matthews, 29.

After hearing about his son’s death, Peter, of Bridport, Dorset, United Kingdom, criticized the drinking game as "senseless".
"I am surprised that in Spain you can put people in these chairs and pour alcohol into them. I don’t think that would happen in this country," he said.

Pathologist Dr. Mark Deverell said that the groom died of acute alcohol poisoning and coroner Sheriff Payne recorded the death as accidental.

Relaxing pillows shaped like woman’s lap becomes popular

Woman's lap pillow  
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) Don’t have a girlfriend? No problem. Now, you can feel warm and cozy with the “woman’s lap pillow.”

This specialty pillow is designed to replicate the experience of relaxing in the lap of a woman.

The Himazakura Lap Pillow is still a bestseller in Japan. On the popular online store, Japan Trend Shop, the Himazakura Lap Pillow is described as smooth to the touch, and perfectly suited to lay your head on. “You will be surprised how comfortable and real it feels," the website states.
The pillow is shaped as a kneeling woman, and it has a fabric which looks like a short skirt.

The pillow was made to recreate the comfortable feeling of sleeping in a woman's lap.
When you lay on the pillow you can imagine laying on your mother’s lap, if that brings you warm and fuzzy memories, or on your loving wife/girlfriend’s lap if that makes you feel good. You can also think about your fantasy girlfriend with the short skirt wearing lap pillow.

The pillow was launched by the Trane Corporation and was advertised as an accessory for healing homesickness.

The woman’s lap pillow was an instant hit with lonely men, and still is proving to be a hit today. The item is sold out both on Japan Trend Shop and Amazon Japan, and is flying off the shelves of duty-free shops in Tokyo and Narita international airport, where many people buy it as a novelty gift for friends and family.

Man pleads guilty to eating friend’s brain, will not be held criminally responsible

Suspect Alexander Kinyua (left) victim Bonsafo
Agyei-Kodie Kujoe (right) 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with murder related charges after killing his friend and eating his brain, according to court proceedings in Maryland.

Now, the man pleaded guilty to the killing, but he will not be held criminally responsible.
A former student of a Maryland University, who told the authorities that he killed a man and ate his heart and parts of his brain, pleaded guilty, but not criminally responsible on Monday.

Alexander Kinyua, 22, a former student at Morgan State University, appeared in court on Monday to enter the plea for the murder of Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie, 37, from Ghana, who was staying with the family of Kinyua in 2012. A Baltimore priest, who ministered to both, said the two men lived like brothers at the home in the Baltimore suburb of Joppatowne.

Kinyua has been committed to a mental health facility.

Judge Stephen Waldron said he had concerns about the acceptance of the guilty plea, but accepted the findings of psychiatrists that Kinyua could not be held criminally responsible for the crime.

As we reported earlier, a Maryland man is accused of dismembering his missing roommate, then, eating part of his heart and brain. He also hid the severed head and hands in the basement.

Alexander Kinyua, 21-years-old, a student at Morgan State University, was arrested Wednesday in the attack of Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie Kujoe.

Kinyua was charged with first degree murder and ordered held without bail on Thursday.
Agyei-Kodie, an immigrant of 37-years-old from Ghana, was described by authorities as "very intelligent". He had been staying at the house of Kinyua Joppatowne, in Maryland, for six months before he disappeared last Friday.

Agyei-Kodie was last seen on the morning of May 25, when he said he was going out jogging. When he did not return, the Kinyuas reported him missing the next day.

Police put out an appeal Monday asking for the public's help.
On Tuesday, the brother of Alexander Kinyua discovered two cans in the basement containing a human head and two hands, according to the police documents.

Kinyua’s brother confronted him, but he denied that the parts were human, and when his brother and his father later returned to the basement, the containers were gone, the report said.

Police were called to the house and obtained a search warrant the next day. Police interviewed Kinyua, who allegedly said he cut Agyei-Kodie with a knife and then swallowed his heart and portions of his brain, the report said.
The rest of the remains of Agyei Kodie were placed in a dumpster in a nearby Church, the documents said.

Thieves return 12,000 stolen yellow golf balls

The distinctive golf balls 
By: David Ross

A group of thieves decided that they want to repent and returned thousands of stolen golf balls.

Police in Spain said that 12,000 golf balls, worth around 10,000 euros was taken from the Las Rejas golf club in Benidorm, Spain, two month ago.

The golf club said in a statement that staff members, who arrived one morning found a lock on a box where the balls were stored, completely broken, and all the balls were missing.

Despite reporting the crime to the police, there was no sign of the missing balls until last Sunday, when club members discovered that there were some men who were selling golf balls that were identical to the stolen balls, in the nearby town of Polop de La Marina, Alicante.

The distinctive yellow balls were marked Srixon Volvo with black letters.
National Police in Benidorm followed up on a tip and reported the incident to their local counterparts in Polop.

Club staff members also went to the area to check out the balls and tell the illegal vendors that they will be prosecuted for theft.

On Wednesday morning, to their amazement, they found bags full of golf balls in the club’s parking lot.
Attached was a note that read: "Sorry. We apologize for what we did. We are returning the balls. Anonymous."
The club said that not all of the 12,000 balls had been returned, but it was good enough.

Man arrested after making 28,000 prank calls to police

Japan Police illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A man was arrested and charged with misusing an emergency telephone system after making 28,000 prank calls to police, according to police reports in Japan.

Tokyo Police said that they have arrested a local man, who made 28,000 prank calls to the emergency number 110.

According to police, Teruo Nozaki, 44, a part-time convenience store worker, made ​​prank calls from his cell phone from January 2012 until June of this year.

Police said Nozaki sometimes called 110 1500 times a day and when someone answered, he immediately hung up.
Nozaki was quoted by police as saying: "I did it because I was irritated by the fact that I was being followed by the police.”

This was not the first time that police arrested a man, who made prank calls to police. As we reported earlier, a man living in South Korea was charged after he terrorized U.S. 911 emergency operators with fake emergency calls.

The 20-year-old South Korean man has been charged for allegedly making prank calls to United States emergency call centers and threatening to carry out a school shooting, police said.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police said the man, who was identified only by his last name Lee, is accused of calling the Communications Center of Warren County, New Jersey, from his home in Jeonju, South Korea, claiming that he was armed with a gun, and that he was hiding in the woods near Hackettstown High School in New Jersey. He told police that he was ready to shoot students.

The prank call has sent the entire city into a frenzy, forcing the closure of eight nearby schools and caused a four-hour search involving SWAT teams, counter-terrorism officials and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Lee also prank called the New York Police Department, and threatened to kill officers and their families after claiming to have killed his own 10-year-old son, police said.

It is believed that the man of South Korea had started calling emergency call centers in the United States after getting a free application on his smartphone while learning English from a U.S. student online.

The South Korean police said they had captured Lee, who is now in military service, after receiving an intelligence report from the Department of Homeland Security that prank calls were traced back to South Korea, which was then traced to Lee.

Authorities looking for women with breast implant bombs

Woman holding breast implants illustration 
By: Eva Fett

Authorities are on the lookout for women, who might be carrying breast implant bombs, according to a statement released by airport officials in London, England.

Heathrow Airport is on high alert amid fears of female suicide bombers, who are ready to attack with explosives hidden inside their breast implants.

Security controls have been tightened after intelligence revealed that al-Qaeda is planning attacks on airlines flying out from London.

One official said: "There are genuine fears about this. We have been told to pay special attention to women, who may have hidden explosives inside their breasts. This is particularly difficult for us to pick up, but we are in a very high state of alert. We have long lines here in Heathrow, much longer than usual at this time of year. But because it is the summer holiday season, no one has complained."

The head of Al-Qaeda’s bomb makers, Ibrahim al-Asiri, is understood to have developed a method to thwart airport scanners by concealing explosives in an implant or body cavity.

There are also fears that there is no shortage of volunteers willing to participate in an atrocity after hundreds of extremists recently escaped from prison in Pakistan.

Explosives expert Andy Oppenheimer said: "There is a great fear that al-Qaeda is planning on using internal devices to try to get through airport scanners. These explosives could be hidden inside breast implants."