Las Vegas Strip hotel to kick out nightclub because shows are too obscene

The Act nightclub 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A nightclub in Las Vegas Strip, which is an area known for prostitution, is facing eviction after a casino owner said that the shows are too obscene even for Sin City.

The Palazzo hotel and casino is trying to evict the nightclub, which opened just 10 months ago, for the shows it says are so obscene that they violate obscenity laws. The shows have actors, some nearly naked, throwing condoms into the crowd, while simulating sexual acts and bestiality on stage.

The club is seeking a restraining order to stop the closure, arguing that simulated sex acts do not constitute obscenity.

Casino officials "were very aware of our brand," Sean Dunn, a director of The Act, said, adding that representatives of the hotel frequently attended shows and did not complain.

Las Vegas Sands owns the casino.

"I think there is a perception that anything goes in Vegas, no limits, no lines," Lynn Comella , a professor of sexuality and women's studies at the University of Nevada, said. "In reality, nothing could be further from the truth," she said.

Although Las Vegas is also full of strip clubs, tourists will not find them along the Strip or at a hotel casino in the city.

Boy, 8, kills sister, 6, while taking her on joyride in their mother’s car

The crashed car 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) Two kids in pajamas sneaked out of bed and left their house in order to go on a joyride.

But the joyride ended in tragedy after the boy tried to pull over when police followed him.

The 8-year-old boy killed his 6-year-old sister when he crashed his mother 's car, which he took without her knowledge.
Police in Phoenix, Arizona, were called when people saw a red car driving recklessly.

One man realized that there were children in the car. The 8-year-old was driving the car while his 6-year-old sister was in the passenger seat. The man decided to follow the car and kept police updated on the sibling’s joyride.

Motorcyclist Ruby De La Cruz followed car for 15 minutes. He said the boy could barely see over the dashboard. "The children were swerving in and out of traffic and oncoming cars," he said.

When police officers finally met up with the 6 and 8-year-old children and tried to pull them over, the 8-year-old driver panicked. He pulled to the side, but given his age, he was not good at it and he hit a utility pole killing his younger sister.

De La Cruz said the boy "got scared" when police turned on their emergency lights to pull him over and swerved to the right, causing the car to hit the curb and a roadside pole.

Their 24-year-old mother, rushed to the scene on a main street near her apartment to find emergency workers struggle to save her daughter’s life.
The girl was identified as Aaliyah Felder. Police said it appears that she was not wearing a seat belt. Sadly, they were unable to save her and she was pronounced dead.CBS 5 - KPHO

Man arrested after shooting marijuana laced arrows into prison

A marijuana laced arrow 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with illegal drugs related charges after he allegedly shot marijuana laced arrows into a prison, according to police reports in Washington.

A bow and arrow is one of the most innovative ways to try to smuggle drugs into prison.

While the ingenuity of his plan is to be commended, the excuse he gave police after being caught showed why he should consider a career change.

The Bellingham man, 36-year-old David Wayne Jordan, said he had been out hunting squirrels when he was seen firing his arrows into the prison.

"He had no explanation for why he used marijuana for squirrel hunting," Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elf said.

An employee of the sheriff's office had seen the suspect outside of his truck and launching the arrows to the recreation area on the second floor of the jail, but the arrows did not reach its target.

He was arrested on charges of introducing contraband into jail, resisting arrest and obstruction of law.

Woman seen breastfeeding while speeding on motorbike

Woman breastfeeding while driving 
By: Eva Fett

When a babies want to eat they don’t want to wait.

So when one woman’s baby was hungry, she decided to breastfeed her baby while driving her motorbike.

Riding a motorbike while holding a child can be trouble, but breastfeeding while driving is outright dangerous.

Instead of pulling over to the side of the road, the mother in central China, was seen breastfeeding her child while rushing through traffic.

Witnesses said that the baby, who is 18 months-old, was crying while the mother was driving through busy roads in Yuzhou, Henan Province.

"Suddenly she lifted her shirt and she began to feed her baby while driving," a witness said.

Some concerned citizens called police and the mother was ticketed. She was allowed to continue driving, but she was warned not to continue breastfeeding while driving.

"She was risking the life of her son and the lives of all other drivers. We warned her that if she continues to do this we would confiscate her bike," a police spokesperson said.