Egypt detains swan on suspicion of spying for Israel

The swan with a tracker 
By: John Roberts

Egyptian authorities have detained a swan after they suspected that it might be spying for Israel, according to a statement released by the head of security.

It all began when an unidentified man has become suspicious of the bird when he realized that it was wearing an electronic device.

The man took the swan to a police station in the Qena region, which is 280 miles southeast of Cairo, which is the Egyptian capital.

Mohammed Kamal, Qena's security chief, confirmed that authorities have examined the bird, and that it was indeed carrying a device.

“After a thorough investigation we found that the device was an electronic tracker used for wildlife and therefore, it posed no security threat,” Kamal said.

Many Egyptians are suspicious of anything unusual given the current instability in the country.

Community, local police, come together to help the needy for Rosh Hashanah

Police and children help the needy 
By: Sarit Ariel

Members of the community and their local police departments, have joined together in order to help the needy for the upcoming Rosh Hashanah holiday, according to a report by the Tazpit News Agency.

In what is a well-established community tradition, families in the community of Talmon in Samaria got together last week prior to Rosh Hashanah to prepare food packages for needy members of their community for the upcoming Jewish New Year.

Working side by side with local policemen who volunteered their time, children and their parents came to pack some 120 boxes of food, which included the basics such as sugar and oil, vegetables and fruits, as well as eggs, wine, baked goods and all other essentials needed for a festive holiday meal.

This is the sixth year that the community operation has taken place, and is an event that is commonplace in communities throughout Judea and Samaria including Ofra and Neve Tzuf. The groceries are purchased using donations from the local residents. There are quite a few grandparents involved as well in the unique endeavor, so that three generations come together to perform this charitable act.

Professor Ariel Levin of Bar Ilan University, who initiated the project, spoke with Tazpit about the necessity of such a venture. "We noticed at some point that there were many families who were receiving support from the social services, but their needs could not be entirely met, so we, as a community, decided to care for our own. I further saw a great opportunity to get children involved in volunteer work, educating them to look out for their peers."

About 100 volunteers, together with 20 police officers, came to help. Levin said that the police wanted to connect to community they served in, and chose to do so through this extraordinary project. Representatives of all ages each contributed in their own way to packaging task.

Superintendent Moshe, regional police commander of the Benyamin district, told Tazpit that he believed that the police officers' participation made them better officers, "We all came here after we had finished with our day job," Moshe told Tazpit News Agency. "This project brings us all together and working side by side enables the officers to become acquainted with the community they serve." Chief Inspector David Asraf, a police spokesperson, added: "It's a police tradition that officers help out and volunteer their time before the holidays, ensuring that everyone has a respectable and proper holiday."

A volunteer at the project, ten-year-old Tidhar, summed up his experience, "To know you have helped someone is the most gratifying feeling there is."

New plastic surgery procedure gives you permanent smile

Woman shows off her lips after “Smile Lipt” procedure 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) Some people go under the knife repeatedly, on an everlasting quest for perfection.

Plastic surgeons are always looking for new ways to enhance the body while cashing in on people’s wishes to have the perfect body.

Men would rather look at women, who are happy and smiling, over grouchy women. Now, a plastic surgeon came up with a solution to make people appear to be smiling, all day long.

Women in South Korea seem to like the idea of having their face altered so they have a permanent smile on their faces.

The procedure is called "Smile Lipt," combining the words lip and lift. According to a promotional video released by the Aone Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery center, the goal of the procedure is to create "a pleasant and memorable impression" that is "bright and gentle."

“Mouth corners play a crucial role in making the impression of a person. If mouth corners are sagging, it's a sad or angry facial expression," the video advertisement states.

In an attempt to attract more customers, the company also said that "Western people have longer and higher mouth corners than Korean people."

Some popular cosmetic procedures in South Korea are done to create big, wide eyes, small noses and a narrow jaw line. Some even undergo "double jaw surgeries" to create a slimmer, V-shaped chin and jaw line.

The new "Smile Lipt " procedure is relatively popular among people in their twenties and thirties especially those who work with customers on a daily basis.

Man figures out way to make money on telemarketers who call him

Lee Beaumont 
By: Debbi Gross

(Scroll down for video) A man was fed up with telemarketers, so he came up with a way to make money off them.

Now, the man is actually looking forward to their calls so he can make money.

Lee Beaumont of Britain, was annoyed by telemarketers disturbing him at home until he came up with an idea that would discourage companies from bothering him, and if they choose to call him anyway, he will at least profit from it.

Beaumont installed a phone application that charges people a per minute fee for incoming calls. Callers are charged around 15 cents a minute, 70 percent of which is profit. The line itself cost him $20 to set up.

To date, he made about $480. He installed the application in 2011.
The number of unsolicited sales calls he received has declined sharply, from 30 per month to a little over 10 per month.

He admitted that now, when telemarketers call him, he tries to keep them on the phone as long as possible to make more money.

Regulators do not recommended doing it, since the results can be risky. For example, one must inform callers that they are being charged a higher rate for the call. If one fails to inform callers of the higher rate, it can result in fines.

Even after telling them about the higher rate, Beaumont said that many companies choose to continue the call.

Russian girl, 17, sports face of a porcelain doll and body of a muscle man

Yulia Viktorovna Vins 
By: Moses Gold

A Russian girl is making headlines after she showed of her pretty face and her amazing muscle body.

The 17-year-old Russian weightlifter recently shot to fame after a series of photos circled the internet showing her doll-like face and her amazing physique.

Yulia Viktorovna Vins, who is known as Julia Vins in the bodybuilding and weightlifting community, lives in Engels, Russia.

In a recent interview with a fellow bodybuilding enthusiast, Vins said that she began working out to become stronger and to build her self confidence, but she had no intention of becoming a professional weightlifter.

During the first year, she trained without following a clear training program, but decided she needed help.
Currently, she is being prepared for her first official weightlifting competition.

Although she has many admirers, Vins admits there are some who criticize her choice and tell her that she is ruining her body.
The 17-year-old is trying to ignore the negative comments. She feels it is her life, her body and she hates it when others try to impose their views on her.

"There are people who respect my decision, or just explain adequately why they disagree with it, but there is nothing to gain by trying to defame someone who is following their dream," Vins said. Her friends have always been very supportive of her, while some have even followed suit and joined her at the gym.

Female student’s windpipe explodes after drinking vodka at bar

Megan Thomason 
By: Eva Fett

A college student was hospitalized when her windpipe exploded while drinking at a bar.

Like many students, Megan Thomason, 21, of England, went out partying with her friends. They all had a good time. The girls were binge drinking cheap vodka.
Thomason became very sick after drinking too much vodka. Her windpipe exploded, and she had to spend six days in a hospital.

She was admitted to a hospital in Barlby, North Yorkshire, where she was diagnosed with surgical emphysema, which caused her face and throat to swell so much that she could have suffocated.

After visiting two bars, she spent the night with a friend, but she woke up sick. "It was the worst experience of my life," Thomason said. "People said I was hung over, but I was about to die. I was shocked when I realized how serious it was," she added.

Her body did not respond to anti-nausea medication. That is when doctors realized that Thomason lacked the enzymes necessary to break down alcohol, causing her to get very sick.

She had a hard time breathing. "It felt like bubble wrap in my cheeks, mouth and chest," she said.
Thomason, who is studying business and management at the University of Hull, said she has given up alcohol forever and she will encourage others to do the same.

Police turn to dominatrix after man dies in saran wrap bondage game

Girl wrapped in saran wrap illustrartion 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A man was found dead and covered in saran wrap, in what seems to be a sex game gone wrong.

Detectives are investigating the death of the man found wrapped in plastic after the kinky sex game.

The man was identified as 47-year-old Alun Williams of Dover, Kent, United Kingdom. He worked as head chef at the P&O ferry.

A local sex worker offered to help police investigate the death. The woman, who called herself Anna, said that she had worked as a dominatrix at a location where people would pay to be wrapped in plastic. She offered to give police insight into the world of domination.

When talking about her life as a dominatrix, Anna said that some people paid $125 to be wrapped in plastic, and some were even left that way for several hours. During the saran wrap session, some clients asked to be blindfolded as well.

Anna, who has a regular job by day and worked as a dominatrix at night, told police that it takes two people to wrap one man in plastic. When questioned as to why people would want to be wrapped in cling wrap, she said that her clients did it for sexual gratification.

Williams, who died while wrapped in plastic, worked as a chef at P&O Ferries for 30 years, where he prepared food for passengers traveling between Dover and Calais, in England.

Police believe that Williams had been involved in a kinky sex game with two other men in his Tower Hamlets apartment.
The two men, ages, 21, and 34, were arrested on suspicion of murder. The men were later released on bail.

Price of ‘Tooth Fairy’ jumps to near $4

Child who lost his tooth illustration 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) The price that parents pay when their children’s teeth fall out jumped to nearly $4 due to the rise in inflation, according to a new survey.

The days of putting a quarter under your child’s pillow are over.

Children this year are receiving an average of $3.70 per lost tooth, a jump of 23 percent over the $3 rate they received last year. It is also 42 percent higher from the peak of $2.60 per tooth that was recorded in 2011, according to a study published by Visa.

The main reason for the rise was because parents do not want their children to be the ones in the playground who received the lowest amount.

"A child who got a quarter would wonder why their tooth was worth less than the child who received $5" Kit Yarrow, a professor at Golden Gate University, said.

As part of an education program, Visa launched the Visa Tooth Fairy Calculator, which offers a downloadable application that will give you an idea of ​​how much parents give their children according to age group, income level and education level. The new application update is available for iPhones and iPads via iTunes. The calculator is also available on the Facebook Application page.

Visa randomly sampled 3,000 households by telephone.

Homeless man with long rap sheet saves female police officer after criminal grabbed her gun

Ryan Raso 
By: Debbi Gross

(Scroll down for video) A female police officer’s life was saved by a homeless man after a suspect held her in a chokehold and tried to grab her gun.

The homeless man, who has a criminal history, has been hailed as a hero for saving a police officer in San Francisco, California, when she was attacked by a suspect during an arrest.

According to the department, Ryan Raso, 35, was the only one who intervened when one of their colleagues was assaulted earlier this week.

Officials spent four days tracking down Raso to thank him.
Sergeant Eli Turner said that the female officer was trying to arrest a woman, who was seen jumping up and down on cars as well as vandalizing the cars. The suspect in turn attacked the officer. The suspect got the officer in a chokehold and slammed her head into the wall.

Raso said he saw the officer being beaten and heard her say “help me, help me” while a small crowd watched and did nothing. When the suspect went for the officer's gun, he ran and grabbed the suspect. He tackled her to the ground and held her down until other officers arrived to arrest her.

Raso said his father was a police officer in New York and his father would be proud of him.
After discovering that he was homeless and down on his luck, the officers offered to help get him into a shelter.
They also told him that he now has new friends in the police department.

Officers also bought him a new pair of headphones as his headphones broke when he tackled the unruly woman to the ground.

Bus drivers nail themselves to a cross in protest after being fired

Man nailed to crucifix during protest 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A group of bus drivers demanded better benefits from their company, but instead of giving in, their boss fired them.

The bus drivers were angry about losing their jobs and their livelihood.

Now, the bus drivers who were fired, have gone to an extreme to get their jobs back. Eight men and one woman in Paraguay, have nailed themselves to a cross to protest against being fired.
It has been 20 days, since they started the protest and they have vowed to continue their protest until they get their jobs back.

The woman, is not an employee of the bus company. She is the wife of an employee. She said that everyday another woman will join the group to support their husbands, and to push the government to get involved.

The protesters are lying on the floor against a pole that is raised at a 45-degree angle. The protest is taking place in Luque, a city north of the capital city of Asuncion. The health of some of the men is said to be deteriorating.

The manager of the Vanguardia bus company, Aufredi Paredes, said that he is willing to rehire five out of the eight drivers.
He also said that he will help the other three find jobs, but the protesters would not hear of it.

Union leader Juan Villalba, who is one of the men protesting, said they will not give up their protest until they are all reinstated.

Villalba claimed that they had been fired after asking for overtime pay, health insurance and state pension contributions. "Drivers are tired of being exploited," Villalba said. Villalba said about 50 drivers have worked for years without receiving any benefit.

2 Delaware women hospitalized after being gang raped by up to 12 boys in public park

Scene of the incident 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Police are looking to arrest and charged more than 10 boys with rape related charges after they allegedly raped two women inside a park, according to police reports in Delaware.

Wilmington Police said that about a dozen boys gang raped two women on Thursday night.

Authorities said officers were called to Kosciuszko Park near the 600 block of South Franklin Street shortly before 7:00 pm on Thursday and found two women, 24 and 32-years-old. Both women were transported by ambulance to Christiana Hospital.

Authorities said the two women were in the park when they were approached by a group of 10 to 12 children. The children took turns raping them, and when they were done they fled from the scene.

"Take responsibility, step up, turn yourselves in so that way we can all move forward," a police spokesperson urged.

The ages of the children were not disclosed, and there are no surveillance cameras in the park. Officers went door to door asking neighbors if they knew anything about rapes.

"They are young and it bothers me that between 10 and 12 juveniles committed a heinous act in a park where children should be playing," Sherry Dorsey-Walker, a city council member, said.

Anyone with information on this case should contact Wilmington Police at 302 576-3990.

This was not the first time that a woman was raped in this park.

A woman was raped last year while she was walking near the 500 block of South Franklin Street in Wilmington. She was approached by a gunman who forced her into the park, and once there, he raped her.

Victory Christian Center employee jailed after sending sexual messages to 14-year-old girl

Israel S. Castillo 
By: Debbie Gross

A man was arrested and charged after making sexual advances toward a young girl, according to court proceedings in Oklahoma.

Now, the man pleaded guilty to the charges.
The former employee of a Tulsa megachurch pleaded guilty to one count of making a lewd proposal to a 14-year-old last summer.

24-year-old Israel S. Castillo, a former janitor of Victory Christian Center, entered into a blind plea agreement. He was arrested last year for making an indecent proposal to a child by sending sexually explicit messages.

He faces three to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. He may be ordered to register as a sex offender, and he will be required to serve a minimum of 85 percent of his sentence.

Castillo was not given bail.
Castillo was not offered a plea deal by the state, but pleaded guilty on his own.

The State was satisfied with the plea deal in order to keep the child out of court and out of public view.

Prosecutors also said that the man’s sexual activity was not limited to the 14-year-old. However, the 14-year-old was the only one to come forward to police.

Originally from Texas, Castillo was in Oklahoma to work at the Victory Christian Center.
Castillo's sentencing is scheduled for next month.

Man caught at airport trying to smuggle live fish that were stuffed in his pants

The man's fish 
By: Sarah Weiss

A man was arrested and charged with smuggling related charges after he was allegedly caught with live fish in his pants, according to airport officials in New Zealand.

Officials said that a man’s plan to smuggle live fish into New Zealand was foiled after airport officers realized that his pants were soaked.

If you plan to sneak fish into another country, it is probably best to seek out a good shipping method.

Unfortunately, this advice came too late for a Vietnamese resident, who traveled to New Zealand with seven cichlids hidden in his pants.

His plan failed after water began leaking from his bag.

"This appears to be a deliberate attempt to smuggle fish into the country regardless of the biosecurity risks involved. That's something we take very seriously. The fish could have been carrying diseases or have the potential of displacing native species,” Department of Primary Industries spokesperson Craig Hughes said.

The traveler, who said the fish belonged to a friend, faces a possible fine of $50,000 for violating the Biosecurity Act of New Zealand.

Police seen on video trying to rescue stranded goat from roof

The goat on a roof 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) An out of control goat caused quite a problem for one local community.

It all started when a police officer, who encountered the animal on the roof of a house in Gresham, Oregon, was warned not to get too close.

"The goat will attack," he was told.
The officer was also told that the goat will only listen to its owner.

Fortunately for the police, the owner of the goat, named Cocoa, came home and brought down the 35 pound animal.
Police suspect that the goat jumped from a car to an awning and then to the roof. The incident occurred at SE 172nd Avenue.

The goat was not the only pet that kept the Gresham Police busy that day. A Derbyan parakeet, which is worth $1,100 and is named Josey, was stolen from a house in Portland. The bird was reunited with its owner after a woman apparently saw a homeless man pushing a shopping cart with a large bird perched on top of a giant cage.

Police said the woman asked the man what he is going to do with the bird. “The man told her that he is going to release the bird and keep the cage,” police said. The cage fell off the cart and the woman went to retrieve the bird. She later took it to Gresham Police.

Authorities said Josey appeared to be unharmed, but tired and hungry. They fed the bird, and it was eventually returned to its owner.

California elementary school principal arrested after killing her husband

Leslie Chance 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with murder related charges after allegedly killing her husband, according to police reports in California.

Bakersfield Police said that an elementary school principal is in custody, accused of killing her husband and leaving his body in a field in Kern County.

Police arrested Leslie Chance at her Bakersfield home, five days after a farmer discovered the bullet-riddled body of her husband Todd Chance.

Police did not discuss a motive, but said they have found the murder weapon.

Leslie Chance, 46, is the principal of Fairview Elementary. She had been out of school this week.
School district officials will not take any action until consulting with lawyers after her court appearance next week.

Ken Chichester, assistant superintendent of personnel in the School District of Greenfield, said that Leslie Chance had been employed with the district since 1997. It was her third year as principal.

Chance is being held in jail without bail.

Father arrested after shooting his 18-month-old with gun

Jesstin Sellers 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with murder related charges after he allegedly shot his own little son with a gun, according to police reports in Georgia.

Atlanta Police said that an 18-month-old died on Friday morning after being shot in the chest with a BB gun, and his father is facing charges.

The incident occurred about 9:00 am at an apartment complex located in the 1000 block of Hank Aaron Drive in southeast Atlanta, police said. Investigators said that six people, three adults and three children, were in the house when the gun went off.

One resident said he saw the boy's father, Jesse Sellers, running from the apartment screaming for help. When the ambulance arrived, the witness said he saw the father flagging down the ambulance and returning to the apartment with the paramedics.

The child, Jesstin Sellers, died an hour after being transported to Grady Memorial Hospital.
Officers also recovered the BB gun at the scene. Police said that the boy's mother was home at the time, and she was the one who called police for help.

On Friday afternoon, authorities announced that Jesse Sellers was arrested and charged with second-degree cruelty to children and felony murder. Sellers told authorities that the shooting was accidental, and that he was playing with the gun when it fired.

Police said everyone is cooperating with the ongoing investigation.

Sellers waived his first appearance before a Magistrate’s Court in Fulton County on Saturday. He remains imprisoned in the Fulton County Jail.

Santa Claus called to jury duty in New York

Santa Claus of Long Island New York 
By: Eva Fett

The state did not spare Santa Claus despite the fact that he is already getting ready for the holiday season, according to court proceedings in New York.

Santa Claus might be the most beloved man in the world, but he was still called to a jury.

The Long Island, New York man, whose legal name is Santa Claus, was summoned to the Criminal Court of Suffolk County last week to fulfill his duty under the Constitution, and like most U.S. citizens, he appeared for service.

"When I got there, the police were like, 'Am I on the naughty or nice list?’" Noel, 54, said. "My response was, ‘If you have to ask, you know,’" he said.

Claus, who changed his name from Frank Pascuzzi, left most of his red suit at home.
"I wore my jeans, green sneakers, and a red dress shirt," he said.

Claus was called to a murder case on the court calendar, but was dismissed.
"It was not just because I am Santa Claus. I got dismissed along with everyone, because the murder case was dismissed," he said.