Israel to launch birthright type program for Christians

Taglit-Birthright group 
By: Debbie Gross

If you are not Jewish and you want to see Israel, there will soon be a program for you, according to a report by

Israeli Tourism Minister Uzi Landau said he hopes to create a program modeled after the Taglit-Birthright Israel, for young evangelical Christians, as part of an effort to increase Christian tourism to the Jewish state.

"Christians have a problem with their next generation too," Landau said. "We are trying to reach out to the public in order to generate tourism and support for the state of Israel. When these tourists return to their homeland, they are our ambassadors,” Landau also said.

The Birthright program, which celebrated its 13th anniversary in January, has led more than 350,000 young Jews on free trips to Israel. Landau expects the Christian Birthright model program to be funded by private philanthropists from the Jewish and Christian community.

30 Arabs arrested for rioting on the Temple Mount over holiday weekend

Clashes on Temple Mount illustration 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) Thirty Arabs were arrested over the Rosh Hashanah holiday weekend for rioting on the Temple Mount, according to police reports.

Jerusalem police said that several riots erupted in and around the Temple Mount complex in Jerusalem over the Rosh Hashanah holiday weekend.

On Tuesday, police in Jerusalem issued a statement detailing additional security measures that were implemented to safeguard Jewish worshipers over Rosh Hashanah. After the statement was released, Islamic Sheikh Raed Salah urged his followers to prevent Jews from visiting the Temple Mount.

Salah was arrested by security forces on Tuesday afternoon, and police later obtained a court order prohibiting him from Jerusalem for several weeks.

Unrest in the Temple Mount began Wednesday morning. The police, who had prior intelligence that this would occur, deployed additional forces. The unrest spread around midday, when dozens of Arabs began throwing stones at security forces stationed in the area.

Rioting resumed Friday at noon after the end of the weekly religious service, which takes place at the Al-Aqsa mosque. Dozens of Arabs began throwing stones at security forces stationed in the area, and clashes occurred near the Mughrabi Gate.

In both conflicts, 30 Arabs were arrested for disorderly conduct and for assaulting police officers.
Jerusalem Police said that the security forces in the capital will remain on high alert through the Sukkot Holiday.

Female store employee arrested after stealing $250,000 in high end watches

The stolen watches 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A woman was arrested and charged with theft related charges after stealing about $250,000 in watches from the store where she worked, according to police reports in New York.

New York Police said that two people have been arrested after stealing 850 watched from the Time Factory Outlet Store at Woodbury Common in Central Valley.

An investigation into the theft that occurred on August 30 by a detective of the Woodbury Town Police Department, led to the arrest of Daryn Bleach, 23, of Goshen, an employee at the store. She allegedly entered the store, cut the alarm, staged the scene to make it appear that there had been a robbery and stole $245,000 in watches.

Bleach was arrested and charged with theft and robbery, both felonies, was booked and sent to the Orange County Jail, in lieu of $1,500 bail.

A co-conspirator, Christopher Gelletich, 22, also of Goshen, was charged with misdemeanor conspiracy and released on bail of $250.

All stolen watches were recovered.

Man arrested after smuggling illegal drugs in religious artwork

The drugs 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with smuggling illegal drugs related charges after he allegedly smuggled drugs with religious artwork, according to police reports in Pennsylvania.

Customs officials said that they found one kilo of methamphetamine concealed in two large picture frames of religious art, according to a federal charges filed on Friday.

The pictures came from Toluca, Mexico, and were delivered to a store in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where a man was arrested and charged in federal court with drug smuggling.

Customs officers intercepted the package at a shipping center in Memphis, Tennessee, in late August and found that the frames were hollow and filled with long black packages containing white powder.

An officer of the Pennsylvania State Police, who was working undercover as a package delivery man, allowed a Pittsburgh store owner to sign for the package. The shop owner put it on a shelf and another man, Carmelo Rojas-Perez, of Pittsburgh, picked them up about four hours later, court documents stated.

Rojas-Perez told authorities that a friend in Mexico sent him the frames, according to the affidavit. Rojas-Perez was ordered held without bail.

Man arrested after uploading video that shows him speeding around Manhattan in 24 minutes

Christopher Tang 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment related charges after he uploaded a video in which he is shown driving around Manhattan in just 24 minutes, according to police reports in New York.

New York Police arrested a man on Thursday night, known as the "Afroduck", after circling Manhattan in just 24 minutes at high speed.

Christopher Tang, 30, was arrested after uploading the YouTube clip that showed his wild joyride in a 2006 BMW Z4.

The suspect, who looked relaxed despite being in handcuffs, was taken to Manhattan Central Booking at 2:00 am by the 25th Precinct. He was arrested by two detectives.

"I don't know," Tang said when asked what motivated his reckless maneuver.

He was charged with reckless endangerment, reckless driving, speed violation and traffic device violation, among other crimes.

The police also seized the BMW, which can drive at a speed of 155 miles per hour.

The man mounted a camera on his dashboard, which recorded his 26 mile journey around Manhattan.

Boy, 18-months-old, seen on video correctly identifying countries of the world

Aanav Jayakar points to map 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A little boy showed off his talent by correctly identifying numerous counties of the world on a map, according to video uploaded to the Internet.

The video was uploaded on YouTube by Doctor Bijal Jayakar, a Rheumatologist in Cleveland, Ohio, who is the mother of little Aanav.

She said she and her husband, Doctor Abheer, a dentist, started talking about their home city of Delhi, India, before teaching their son other world capitals, who simply remembered the information.

"I said: 'Delhi is capital of India,’ and he remembered it. So I taught him China and France, since they are more common. I started with simple capitals, and in six weeks, he knew 53 of them," she said.

Now, as the video confirms, the young boy can correctly identify any of the countries his mother names on a big color map the world.

After identifying several countries correctly, Aanav loses attention and turns the world map to the black and white side, which shows that he actually knows the location of the countries rather than remembering colors.

Man’s conviction overturned as police illegally searched his rectum

Felix Booker 
By: John Roberts

A man will not spend time in jail for the drugs officers found in his rectum.

A court overturned the man’s conviction saying that police officers violated his fourth amendment rights when they “entered his rectum without his consent”.

Felix Booker and his brother, were driving through Oak Ridge, Tennessee, when police stopped their car for expired tags. Officers said they smelled marijuana in the car.
The officers brought a drug sniffing K-9 unit to the scene, which alerted them to where the drugs were in the car.

In Tennessee, less than 14 grams of marijuana is a misdemeanor and officers can hand the person a ticket. But for some reason, Officer Daniel Steakley arrested Booker with only 0.06 grams in his car.

At the police station, officials said: “Booker began to act erratic and barricaded himself in the interview room”.
Police officers decided to strip search him. They found a small string sticking out of his rectum.

When officers wanted to remove the drugs from his body Booker resisted.
Officers took Booker to the emergency room where Dr. Michael LaPaglia temporarily paralyzed Booker and pulled the drugs out of his rectum.

The doctor initially tried to remove the drugs by hand, but Booker tightened his bottom, preventing the intrusion.
"If a person does not want you to enter the rectum, and squeezes the muscles, then, you will be unable to enter," Doctor LaPaglia said while explaining to the court why he needed to paralyze Booker rather than taking the drugs out by hand.

A U.S. federal court ruled that the police violated the Fourth Amendment rights of Booker when he entered his rectum.

The lawyer for the police argued that the doctor was the one responsible for the cavity search, and not the officers, but the court did not agree, saying police often take suspects to LaPaglia when they suspect drugs in an individual’s rectum, and that they “effectively used Dr. LaPaglia as a tool to perform a search on Booker’s person.”

The judge said that this type of body search is “one of the greatest dignitary intrusions that could flow from a medical procedure.”
Booker’s conviction was overturned.

Man, 21, hides in Kmart so he can inhale air duster all night

Robert Pry 
By: Debbi Gross

A man was arrested after he stayed at Kmart after closing hours so he can get high on his drug of choice, “air duster”.

Robert Pry, 21, of Jonesboro, Arkansas, was arrested after he spent the night at a Kmart inhaling 16 cans of air duster.

Jonesboro Police officers were called to the Kmart store on Sunday morning after employees found Pry asleep inside a storage unit. Police found Pry unconscious, and covered in his own urine and vomit.

Pry later told officers that he entered the store just before closing time and hid until all employees left. Then, he began to huff the air duster. Empty cans were found scattered around the room where Pry was found unconscious.

Pry also told police that he borrowed a friend's truck, drove to a nearby Walmart and bought $100 worth of air duster. When he was out of money, he decided to sneak into Kmart to get more air duster for free. Officers located the vehicle where they found several empty cans of air duster.

Pry was taken to a local hospital before being booked into the Craighead County Detention Center. He was charged with commercial burglary and theft, along with other charges.
His bail was set at $1,700.

Pry is lucky to be alive. Others were not so lucky. Aria Doherty, a sweet 14-year-old honor student in Los Angeles, California, died after inhaling air duster. Her older sister reportedly "found her in bed with a can of air duster still attached to her mouth."

Artist publicly shows off piece that looks like man crushed under building

Dead body art 
By: John Roberts

An artist has created an art piece that looks like a man crushed under a building, according to photos uploaded to the Internet.

The new art installation has caused a stir among local residents.

Italian artist Fra Biancoshock, who is famous for making thought-provoking sculptures, has shocked passersby in Prague.

His latest creation consists of two legs and an arm coming out of a wall lying on a piece of cardboard.

"My pieces do not require any description,” Biancoshock said.

"It is simply opportunities to communicate and provoke reactions of ordinary people. I'm talking about all those who, even with little or no artistic education, still want to be surprised and shocked by something that had been on the street for all to see,” he also said.

It is not known if someone in the capital of the Czech Republic actually called the authorities because of the fake body, but if people did no one can blame them.

Woman finds mouse bone inside her Quaker Oats cereal

Shea Boman-Smead 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A woman was left disgusted after finding a mouse bone inside her cereal.

The woman of Eugene, Oregon, said she was extremely shocked when she found the mouse bone in her cereal.

Shea Boman-Smead had just completed her bowl of Life cereal by the Quaker Oats Company, when she made the discovery.

"As I was drinking, I realized something strange there.
It was not shaped like cereal. I thought, there is absolutely no way," Boman-Smead said.

Quaker Representatives apologized to the woman and sent her a new box of cereal. Boman-Smead was also asked for the mouse bone in order to test it.

However, she felt like more could have been done, and said: "Maybe the cereal is contaminated, perhaps I could have vomited. Other people might find something like that in their cereal. It's just gross.”

Rhode Island church slapped with lawsuit after man claims church bells caused his divorce

John Devaney 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A man has filed a lawsuit against his local church because the church bells allegedly caused his divorce from his wife, according to a lawsuit filed in court.

A Rhode Island man said that the local church bells, which sound up to 700 times a week, caused so much tension in his marriage that he and his wife were forced to divorce.

Usually, church bells symbolize a wedding, not this time though. John Devaney of Narragansett said the ringing of the bells of the church of St. Thomas More trampled on his constitutional right to have a little peace and quiet.

Now, the 64-year-old is getting serious, filing a lawsuit in U.S. District Court demanding that the court order the city to enforce a noise ordinance against the church. The church rings its bells "36,000 times a year, destroying dreams, thoughts and family relationships," Devaney said. The sound also lead to "arguments, moodiness and emotional distance," the lawsuit states.

Devaney, who said he sometimes has to wear earplugs, wants the church to stop the bells so he can resume a peaceful enjoyment of his property.

Delaney also seeks unspecified monetary damages for the "interruption of his life these last several years, day after day.”
Devaney said that when he and his former wife, bought the house opposite the church 18 years ago, there was no bell ringing. Ten years ago, the church got a bell.

However, six years ago, the church installed amplifiers, and the bells were blasted two to four times a day, for one minute at a time, plus for events like weddings and funerals.

The church said in a statement that they are "saddened" by the lawsuit and plan to "pray for peace and understanding."
"So many in the community have enjoyed hearing the bell for over 10 years. The parish believes that the short sound of the bell is reasonable and well within its rights," the statement said.

Man, 74, set to marry his pet goat in large ceremony

Aparecido Castaldo and his goat 
By: David Ross

A man is causing an uproar after he announced plans to marry his pet goat.

A 74-year-old retired stonecutter has decided to end his misery of being alone and to marry his pet goat, Carmelita.

Aparecido Castaldo announced that his wedding will be held on October 13 at the Igreja do Diabo, or the Church of the Devil, in the city of Jundiai, Brazil.

"She does not speak and does not want money," the father of eight children, four women and four men from four different marriages, said.

Castaldo, who has been in love with the pet for the past two years, has promised that his marriage will not be consummated.

The ceremony is scheduled for midnight on October 13 and will be followed by a big party on All Souls' Day the following day.

“Carmelita ate its first dress, but I have made it another.

Every time someone tells me that I'm doing something wrong I say that the goat does not speak, ask for money to go shopping, and does not get pregnant. The best thing of all is that it cannot talk," Castaldo said.

Man arrested after sodomizing drunk police officer

Zimbabwe Police illustration  
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A police officer was left red-faced after he had to call his co-workers to report that he had been sodomized while he was drunk.

A drinking binge ended in horror for one police officer, who was sodomized by his friend and drinking partner.

Naison Mabhoyi, 29, of Harare, Zimbabwe, was arrested after he raped his friend, who is a police officer, in the early morning hours. The two had been drinking at a bar.

According to court documents, Mabhoyi, who was employed at a fast food restaurant, appeared before judge Anita Tshuma recently. He faces charges of aggravated sexual assault.

Prosecutor Tungamirai Chakurira told the court that around 9:00 pm Naison met up with the victim, Makwembere Abednego, who is a police officer, along with another friend, Oscar Chifamba.

The three went to the Chamhembe Sports Bar for the purpose of having a good time. They stayed at the bar until 5:00 am the next morning. After binge drinking, all three boarded a bus and went to the plaintiff’s house.

When they arrived, Mabhoyi and Makwembere went to sleep in the same bed, while Chifamba slept on the couch.
During the night, Mabhoyi sodomized the police officer who was fast asleep and did not wake up during the attack.

The officer was woken up by Chifamba about 9:00 am. That’s when he discovered human waste and semen on his buttocks.
Abednego filed a complaint with police.

He was taken to the hospital for medical examination. At the hospital, it was confirmed that he had been sodomized.
Mabhoyi was jailed and is being held without bail.

Man ordered to retrieve 1,000 crickets which he released in his garden because he likes the sound

Daniel Emlyn-Jones holding a cricket 
By: John Roberts

A man, who loves the sound of crickets, bought 1,000 foreign crickets and released it in his garden.

He and his neighbors enjoyed the “song” created by the insects, but their pleasure was short-lived.

Daniel Emlyn-Jones, 40, of the United Kingdom, who is a plant scientist and a math teacher, has been given a warning by police for endangering native wildlife. He was ordered to capture and get rid of the crickets.

Emlyn-Jones, bought the insects online for about $60 and then set them free in his garden to recreate the sounds of the Mediterranean at his home in Oxford.
He said he did not think he had done any harm or that it caused any environmental risk.

Police officers and environmentalists seem to have a different opinion. Police said that while his action seemed innocent, introducing insects in a place that is not their natural habitat can interrupt the local wildlife and they might cause damage by spreading a disease.

Emlyn-Jones told police that the crickets only last for one summer as their life expectancy is just two months.
They would not hear of it and ordered Emlyn-Jones to collect the crickets and get rid of them.

Emlyn-Jones is using traps, which he bought at a pest control company to try to eradicate the Mediterranean crickets. The crickets are a common food source for pet reptiles.

Neighbors said they enjoyed the "happy song" of the insects.
Patrick Gray, 65, a former councilman of the city of Oxford said: “The sound was very cheerful and it sounded like a night in the Mediterranean. However, I would not be in favor of people bringing new species into the country.”

Pennsylvania boy, 6, charged with property damage after poking holes in bags of potting soil

Potting soil illustration 
By: Sarah Weiss

Police were called to a hardware store after a 6-year-old boy damaged bags of soil.

Taking kids along to a store can be challenging in many ways.

For one, they nag, second, they want items that are not on the list, making the trip more expensive. Also, children tend to touch things in the store.

“If you break it, you buy it,” is a slogan seen in many stores. If a child or an adult for that matter touches something and it breaks then the parent or person has to pay for the item.
If the person is not willing to pay for the broken item they can face criminal charges.

Police in Pennsylvania were called to Hanna Hardware in Townville, Crawford County, to investigate a 6-year-old boy, who damaged three bags of potting soil.

According to the police report, officers were called at 7:00 pm on Friday, to investigate the crime of a suspect, who allegedly damaged three bags of potting soil and fertilizer mix, by poking holes in them and tearing it open.

The suspect is accused of dispersing the soil and fertilizer on the sidewalk.
The total value of the damaged property was estimated at $12.67.

Friends hire men to kidnap two women to spice up their 40th birthday party

Happy Birthday 
By: Debbi Gross

Turning 40-years-old can be scary for some women, while others continue to have fun.

Two British women decided to celebrate their 40th birthday in a grand way. The women took 9 friends on a trip to Portugal for their birthday celebration.

The women hired a party planning company to take care of all their party needs. The party planners were also asked to arrange a fake kidnapping in order to spice things up.

The kidnapping took place at Restauradores Square in the center of Lisbon, Portugal.
People who witnessed the kidnapping frantically called the local police.
Police rushed into action, sending several emergency response vehicles to pursue the vehicle, which took the women.

Terrified callers said they saw masked men forcing two women into a white van before speeding off.
When police finally stopped the vehicle they discovered that it was all part of a birthday party prank.

The women told police that they knew nothing about the staged kidnapping. They later learned that it was organized by some of their nine friends, who traveled with them to Portugal to celebrate their 40th birthday.

The British women were arrested along with the owner of the party planning company, who organized the fake kidnapping, and three men. None of the six detainees have been named, but are said to be aged between 27 and 40.

After an extensive investigation into the kidnapping all people involved were released without charges.
A spokesperson for the court said: "No action will be taken against any of the participants. We understand that it was all a game and no one was hurt.”

Nude photos save man from theft charges in court

Censored photos on phone illustration 
By: Eva Fett

A man was found not guilty of theft charges after he showed the court nude photos on his cell phone.

The man was accused of breaking into a house and stealing items, including a woman’s clothes.

However, his charges were dropped after he produced photos of himself in his bed with the “victim”.

It all began when a man named Sindele Masuku called police claiming that Alouis Mutambo, 43, broke into his house and stole his wife’s clothing among other items, and ransacked the house.

Police went to Mutambo’s house and found the “stolen” items. Mutambo of Hleke village, Zimbabwe, was charged with three counts of burglary, theft and malicious damage of property of the plaintiff's house.

However, in his defense, Mutambo told the court that he was in love with the Masuku’s wife, whose name is Beauty Farai. He also told the court that Farai asked him to help her run away from home that night.

"She gave me the bags and asked me to take it to my house and that is what I did. I took it to my house and waited for her to follow,” the man told the court. Later, instead of the woman arriving to his home, police came to arrest him saying that he had stolen the items.

Farai however, denied having a relationship with Mutambo. She accused him of lying to cover his tracks.
Mutambo then produced nude images of himself with Farai in his bed, which he had taken with his cell phone after the two had sex.

"I also had videos of us making love which unfortunately I deleted, but these photos were taken in bed after we had sex,” Mutambo told judge Taurai Manwere.

Judge Manwere looked at the photos and handed the phone to Farai. She admitted that they were indeed photos of her. After being confronted with hard evidence, Farai admitted to the affair. She also admitted to giving the clothes to Mutambo.
All charges against Mutambo were dropped.