New interactive global map shows soldiers from across the world who are serving in the Israeli army

The interactive global map 
By: Moses Gold

We all know that people from all over the world volunteer to serve in the Israeli army. Now, the military has released an interactive global map showing details of each soldier serving in the army, according to a report by the IDF Blog.

Since 1948, young men and women have made their way to Israel from the four corners of the globe to join the IDF. From every continent they have come, driven by a sense of purpose, a love of the country and an inner need to answer the call to protect the State of Israel.

Click here to read their stories. The blue pins are in English, the red pins in French, and the yellow pins in Spanish.

Drug and alcohol addict overcomes his illness by serving in the Israeli army

Sergeant Segev 
By: Debbie Gross

A drug addicted alcoholic overcame his addictions by serving in the Israeli army, according to a report by the IDF Blog.

In his teenage years, Sergeant Segev battled a severe alcohol and drug addiction. Today, he serves as a mentor to IDF soldiers in need of help.

Sergeant Segev’s high-school years were anything but typical. By age 18, when most Israelis begin their military service, he had developed a severe addiction to drugs and alcohol. In light of Sgt. Segev’s significant problems, the IDF exempted him from required military service.

The military’s decision surprised Sgt. Segev. Determined to serve his country, he decided to appeal the exemption. “It was very important for me to serve,” he recalls. “I had always been a delinquent and a problem child, but I was convinced that the military could change me.”

After a significant amount of time and effort, he convinced the IDF that he was fit for service. The military enlisted Sgt. Segev and offered him some of the support he would need to overcome his challenges.

After formally enlisting in the IDF, Sgt. Segev entered basic training with other troubled soldiers. Although his transition marked a major victory, he knew that rebuilding his life would be a long and difficult journey. “There were ups and downs, relapses, incredible improvements and very difficult times,” he says of his experience.

Sgt. Segev was initially daunted by the structured environment of the military, but he remained determined to build a new life. “During those three months of basic training, I really invested in myself,” he says. “I put everything into the experience that I wanted to get out of it. The training helped me tremendously, and it was certainly the key to getting out of my old life.”

Sgt. Segev’s progress was evident to everyone around him. At the end of basic training, his commanders awarded him with the honor of exemplary soldier. A short time later, he participated in try outs for the Paratroopers Brigade and was offered a role as a combat soldier.

Although many soldiers dream of becoming paratroopers, Sgt. Segev ultimately turned down the coveted opportunity. Instead, he requested a position as a mentor on a training base.

“The experience I had in the military made ​​me want to give to others,“ Sgt. Segev explains of his decision. “I wanted to make my mark on this place. I knew that I’d be able to talk to young soldiers in trouble because I had been there too.”

After Sgt. Segev finished first mentoring position, the IDF assigned him to a number of similar posts across Israel. In his current role, Sgt. Segev works with soldiers from disadvantaged backgrounds, including recruits from immigrant families. He helps many of these soldiers integrate into Israeli society as they work to overcome serious problems.

“I try to connect with these populations. I try to open up their doors at the beginning of their military service,” Sgt. Segev says. “Most importantly, I learned that the IDF gives these soldiers a chance that they wouldn’t receive anywhere else. The military does everything for these young people by providing mentors who set them on the right path.”

On several occasions, the IDF has recognized Sgt. Segev’s extraordinary work. Since joining the military, he has earned five honors of excellence – including special recognition from the commander of the IDF’s Education Corps.

Sgt. Segev believes that his experience can serve as an inspiration for others. In honor of the new year, he offers a powerful message for young people across the country. “Get involved, and never say that you’re not capable,” Sgt. Segev says. “The military is a unique experience; it’s something special that you can not find anywhere else. Every citizen of the State of Israel is like a building block. Every citizen must give something to his country.”

IDF soldiers from Australia and Britain find love during service

Rebecca Neufeld and Adam Labaton 
By: John Roberts

Two soldiers, one from Britain and another from Australia found love while serving in the IDF, according to a report by the IDF Blog.

Two lone soldiers realize their dream of serving in the IDF – and fall in love with one another in the process.

Corporal Rebecca Neufeld from Melbourne, Australia, and Second Lieutenant Adam Labaton from Manchester, U.K., traveled a long way to get to Israel. They met in 2010 while staying at Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu in northern Israel.

Cpl. Neufeld had arrived on a gap year between high school and university, traveling around Israel for the year and getting involved in various volunteering projects. “My last stop of the year was two months working at Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu,” Cpl. Neufeld said.

There she met 2nd Lt. Labaton, who made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) and was living on the Kibbutz while completing an ulpan [immersive Hebrew language course] ahead of his voluntary enlistment into the IDF. “We had an instant connection,” she said. “I kind of just knew this was the person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.”

Two months later, Cpl. Neufeld returned home to Australia and began her year of university while keeping in constant contact with 2nd Lt. Labaton. “At that point,” she said, “I was stuck between the crossroads – between staying in university or going to Israel. I knew I wanted to do the army.” While she always knew she would someday make aliyah, her connection to 2nd Lt. Labaton helped secure her desire to come to Israel immediately and volunteer for the IDF.

After a year in university, Cpl. Neufeld arrived back to Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu, began her ulpan, and enrolled herself in Garin Tzabar, a program that facilitates army service in the IDF for Jews who are not from Israel. From then on it’s a classic love story as the two picked up right where they left off.

2nd Lt. Labaton came to Israel in 2009, dead set on joining the army and serving Israel. “I felt Israel is as much my country as it is anyone else’s,” 2nd Lt. Labaton said. Following a year of ulpan, during which he met Cpl. Neufeld, he went to serve in the Nahal Infantry Brigade, well on his way towards becoming a platoon commander in Nahal, which required him to sign on an additional 1.5 years from the required 3-year service.

“Regardless of where I was, I knew during basic training that I wanted to lead,” 2nd Lt. Labaton said. While he is not yet a platoon commander in Nahal, today 2nd Lt. Labaton is an officer in the elite Center for Tactical Training.

When asked about his girlfriend’s enlistment in the IDF, 2nd Lt. Labaton has the highest praise for her. “I’m definitely very proud of her. It’s not easy, especially coming alone from Australia,” 2nd Lt. Labaton said. “But we’ve been each others rocks throughout this whole process, each others family. I was in Israel for a year without her, and then she came and made the service and my life here so much better and easier. We just understood everything the other was going through, from basic training to guard duty, and we were lucky to go through it together.”

Cpl. Neufeld and 2nd Lt. Labaton are happy to be celebrating the Jewish new year together this year. In terms of their ultimate goal, they insist their plans will keep them in Israel. “We want to travel, see the world, and visit each other’s family,” 2nd Lt. Labaton said. “The end goal, however, is to build a family — here in Israel of course.”

Grandma of Susiya Talks Farming, Faith and Family in the South Hebron Hills

Dalia Har Sinai 
By: Anav Silverman

(Scroll down for video) A grandmother recently gave an interview about her farming operation in the Israeli controlled West Bank, according to a report by the Tazpit News Agency.

Dalia Har Sinai is not your typical grandmother. She is the woman behind the operation of the Har Sinai Farm in Susiya, located in the south Hebron hills, where she and her family have resided for the past 30 years. Har Sinai single-handedly manages the flour mill, dairy farm and the herd of sheep and goats.

Since her husband Yair was killed by Hamas terrorists as he was grazing their flock of sheep 12 years ago, Dalia has had to fight to make the farm run with the assistance of a hired shepherd, her family, and volunteers.

Dalia and her husband Yair, both originally from agricultural communities in the Hefer Valley region, near Netanya, moved to the arid desert region of Susiya with their four children in 1984 after they had become religious.

"When we started here, it was really a question of survival," said Har Sinai in an exclusive interview with Tazpit News Agency last week.

At that time, there were only 10 families living in Susiya according to Har Sinai. "But we were the only farmers among the residents. The land was barren – this was state land that had been captured from Jordan during 1967," said Har Sinai.

The Har Sinais had plenty of experience with agriculture prior to moving to Susiya. In Emek Hefer, they ran a dairy farm and had later spent four months in the United States learning about organic farming from American farmers. The couple began implementing organic farming methods in Susiya as well, growing grapes, olives, and wheat with organic farming and environmentally-friendly techniques.

In addition, Yair began to get to know the local Arab villagers and learned some Arabic. He developed friendships with some of the Arabs and learned how to tend a flock, purchasing his first ten sheep from local Arabs.

Dalia describes her husband as a peaceful man, who believed that strength was in spirit and not in force. "When Yair became the first Jewish shepherd in Judea and Samaria, he didn't want any problems with the Arabs in the area. He never resorted to force or violence and did not carry arms while he watched the flock."

Economically, the life of a farmer and shepherd was not an easy one. "The beginning was very hard," says Har Sinai. "The local Arabs that Yair befriended didn’t believe that he would succeed with the flock – the weather conditions were tough with summers very hot, and winters very cold – but Yair’s persistence paid off.”

With her husband working with the sheep, Dalia was also busy. “I had my own flock to tend to – our nine children," she says with a smile.

But all that changed on July 2, 2001, when Dalia’s husband left the home early in the morning to graze the flock in the fields nearby and was met by Hamas men who claimed they wanted to purchase some sheep. Instead, he was murdered. It was clear to Dalia that even after her husband’s death, she would continue to run the farm.

“I wouldn’t allow this tragedy to end our lifetime’s work together,” she explains. “Yair was so loyal to this land – he showed that whoever survives this region is the true victor. If I didn’t continue with this farm, who knows what would happen to our thousands of empty dunams of land here.”

Today, Dalia sells the organic cheeses, milk, olives and whole wheat that her farm produces. Every week, she goes door to door and markets the farm’s products to customers in Beer Sheva.

Opposed to technology and mechanization – Har Sinai doesn’t own a cellphone, TV, or a computer and her home doesn’t have Internet access – the grandmother does not trust the media. "The media is a monster that holds us in a terrible place,” she says.

However, with her youngest son, David, 14, Har Sinai feels that in regard to technology she has failed. “I let him get a smartphone this year,” Dalia says, as he finishes seasoning the fresh goat cheese with za’atar that his mother will sell in Beer Sheva the next day.

For Har Sinai, the greatest joy is seeing her farm still run despite all the hardships. “My great satisfaction is when I wake up every morning and see that our farm still exists.” With over 1,000 volunteers that have come to help out the farm over the years, Har Sinai also appreciates being able to share her way of life with others.

“Working the land and leaving behind the iPhone, gives a different kind of appreciation for life,” says Dalia. “Farming is something that everyone should have a chance to experience at some point in their lifetime.”

Temple Mount tour scheduled for Jewish tourists visiting Israel during the holiday of Sukkot

Temple Mount tour 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) The Temple Institute together with Manhigut Yehudit has invited incoming Succot tourists from around the world on a Temple Experience reminiscent of the ancient Aliyah L'Regel.

The half-day program will begin with a Halachic tour of the Temple Mount, followed by a tour of the brand new Temple Institute Visitors Center which is home to some of the 60 sacred vessels that the Temple Institute has recreated for use in the Third Temple.

The tours will be led by Rabbi Chaim Richman, International Director of the Temple Institute and the foremost English-speaking authority on Holy Temple. Following the tour, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Moshe Feiglin MK, will address the group on the importance of Jewish sovereignty and prayer on the Temple Mount.

"We invite all those that have come to spend Succot in Jerusalem to join us on a unique Temple Experience. The Temple Institute has worked tirelessly for almost three decades to prepare for the Third Temple and we have accomplished a great deal in moving closer to the rebuilding of the Third Temple."

He added: "The Temple Mount is the holiest site on earth and Jews are commanded to be seen there, three times a year, on Succot, Pessach and Shavuot. By visiting the Temple Mount in accordance with Halacha, we show Hashem that we are serious in our longing for the Beit Hamikdash."

Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Moshe Feiglin MK blessed the initiative saying:
"It is my great honor to team with The Temple Institute for this Succot experience. I look forward to personally greeting all the participants and sharing the joyous holiday in the way the Torah commands."

The Temple Institute is an educational, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the Biblical commandment of building a Holy Temple in Jerusalem. The Institute’s multi-disciplinary studies and outreach focus on the universal significance of the Holy Temple as a house of peace and prayer for all nations.

Since its establishment 25 years ago, the Temple Institute has become the primary authority on all Temple related matters. The Institute has published tens of books, in multiple languages, including The Illustrated Encyclopedia of The Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

Government cracks down on public coffee vending machines that sell vodka

Shot of vodka illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) Police were fuming after discovering coffee vending machines that are dispensing vodka to the public, according to police reports in Ukraine.

Authorities in the south-eastern Ukrainian city of Melitopol, are investigating who installed vodka vending machines in the center of the city.

The devices were transformed from coffee machines, and they accepted notes and coins.

A shot of vodka only cost $1.00.

The machines also dispensed vodka fruit juice mixes.

Ukrainian tax inspectors were not happy, and want to question the owners of this "wonder machine" in connection with suspected illegal alcohol trade.

Experts estimated that 35 percent of all vodka sold in Ukraine in 2012 was produced illegally. This means that every second glass and every second bottle was produced illegally, the director of the Ukrainian National Alcohol and Drug Center said.

Woman, 83, shot while trying to break up fight between two grandsons

Kenneth Smith 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

An 83-year-old Florida grandmother was shot in the leg by her own grandson.

Marian Hall was shot on Sunday on National Grandparents Day, when her two grandsons, who are brothers, were fighting over a cellphone.

The grandmother, was trying to break up the fight between her two adult grandchildren, who were at her home. At one point, one of the brothers, who was identified as 23-year-old Kenneth Smith, went outside and got a gun, authorities said.

“Smith returned to the house armed with a gun, which he intended to use to shoot his older brother, who was identified as 28-year-old Robert Hill. Instead of shooting his brother, he shot his grandmother in the leg," Miami-Dade police spokesperson Robin Pinkard said.

Hall of southwest Miami-Dade, was airlifted to the Kendall Regional Medical Center. She is in stable condition and is recovering from the gunshot wound. Smith was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault on a person over 65 years of age and battery.

He was arrested and is being held in lieu of $19,000 bond. His brother Hill was not charged.

Man acquitted of murder one day after judge refuses to accept his guilty plea

Vaughn Robichaux 
By: David Ross

A man was offered a plea deal of 10 years in prison if he pleaded guilty to murder.

Although, Vaughn Robichaux, 25, of New Orleans, Louisiana, denied the allegation that he had killed his childhood friend, he decided to take the plea deal in order to avoid a lengthy prison sentence.

However, the judge refused to sign the plea deal as a 10 year sentence for murder was not enough.

Robichaux said that he was at work when someone shot his childhood friend in the head, but he was prepared to plead guilty and accept the plea deal, in exchange for a period of 10 years in prison as he had already spent 5-years in prison awaiting trial.

However, the deal fell apart when the Criminal District Judge Arthur Hunter refused to sign the deal because he disagreed with the 10 year prison sentence, which is the minimum state-mandated sentence.

Hunter wanted Robichaux sentence to 50 years in prison. "A sentence of 10 years would have been like a slap on the wrist because of the severity of the injury," Hunter said.

Moreover, the judge was concerned that because the defendant had already spent nearly five years in prison, he would have received credit for time served, which would have further reduced his term.

One day made ​​all the difference for Robichaux. The jury heard the testimony of two witnesses, who identified Robichaux as the shooter.

They also heard from three witnesses, who testified that they saw Robichaux at work that day, even though none of them could confirm that he had been at work until 4:00 pm on the day of the shooting.

Robichaux’s time card furthermore proved that he left work at 4:00 pm, which was an hour after the shooting.
After deliberating for less than two hours, the jury returned a unanimous verdict acquitting Robichaux of the charges.

"We are disappointed by the verdict," Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro said.

Pastor arrested after having sex with boys to cure their homosexuality

Brent Girouex 
By: Eva Fett

A pastor was arrested and charged with child rape related charges after allegedly raping several boys. He told the boys that he needs to have sex with them in order to cure their homosexuality, according to police reports in Iowa.

The former youth pastor in Council Bluffs, Iowa, said he had sex with teens because it was his pastoral duty "to help them with homosexual urges by praying while he had sexual relations with them.

However, police took a different view of his actions. Earlier this month, Brent Girouex, 31, was arrested on 60 counts of suspicion of sexual exploitation by a counselor or therapist.

In February, Girouex told police detectives that he had sexual contact with four young boys, beginning in 2007 in order to help them gain "sexual purity in the eyes of God."

Pottawattamie County Attorney Matt Wilber said that at least eight men have filed complaints against Girouex that he sexually abused them.

The pastor called the contact "mutual," and said that it had occurred between "25 and 50 times" during the period.

Other young men, who were teenagers when the incidents occurred, told investigators the sex occurred at the home of Girouex. All were told that they would be helped with "sexual purity."

"When you ejaculate, you will get rid of the evil thoughts in your mind," Girouex allegedly told the kids.

Wilber said investigators are following leads to see if there are more victims. Girouex was freed on $30,000 bond.

Legally dead man sues New York to regain status as living person

Juan Antonio Arias 
By: Moses Gold

A man has filed a lawsuit against the city of New York in order to get back his status as a living human being, according to a lawsuit filed in court.

Juan Antonio Arias of Bronx, New York, wants everyone to know he's alive. One would assume that the fact would be obvious.
However, the City of New York is still skeptical.

According to the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, Arias, 57, a father of two, died four years ago. Someone at the hospital put his name and date of birth on a death certificate and filed it with the city.

Arias said he has no idea why the hospital decided to kill him. In fact, he had no idea that he was legally dead until the following year when without any explanation, his state benefits stopped appearing.

Then, he found that his credit cards were canceled. He went to the bank, but they had closed his account.

He paid his taxes like any other citizen, but the money was sent back to him because he was dead.
Arias is now suing the city to recover the legal status of a living human being.

Actually, Arias has sued the city for the third time. The first time, his lawyer did not appear and the lawsuit was rejected. The second time, his second lawyer missed a court deadline.

Driver receives large fine for riding with blow up doll

Bash Ali 
By: Debbie Gross

A bus driver received a large fine after he was caught driving with a blow up doll on board, according to police reports in the United Kingdom.

A British party bus driver said that an extra passenger that got him a fine of 500 pounds, was actually an inflatable doll, not a real human being.

Bash Ali, 41, from Oldham, England, said he was driving the Mercedes minibus from Oldham to Manchester when he was detained and cited for the use of a vehicle on a highway when the load or passengers were likely to cause danger.

Police said he was carrying nine people, instead of the eight allowed for this type of vehicle.

Ali said the ninth passenger was actually an inflatable doll. Ali pleaded guilty to the charges in court because he could not afford a lawyer. He was ordered to pay 500 pounds in fines and court costs.

"I have no faith in justice," he said.

Assistant District Attorney Paul Scott said the police were confident that the bus was occupied by nine people when he was detained, and that police did not see any blow up doll on board.

Pennsylvania father starves his daughter, 3, to death

Carlos Rivera 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Police arrested and charged a man with murder related charges after starving his little girl to death, according to police reports in Pennsylvania.

Using biohazard suits and masks, investigators searched a home in West Oak Lane, for a girl, 3, where police said she died of starvation.

Once inside, the investigators found the house covered in garbage. They said it was so dirty and deplorable that they actually had to call the fire department to use their ladder to take pictures from the outside.

Authorities said the girl, Nathalyz Rivera, weighed only 11 pounds when she was admitted to Einstein Medical Center overnight. A normal three-year-old weighs 25 to 36 pounds.

Philadelphia homicide Captain James Clark called this one of the worst cases of child malnutrition he has ever seen.

Investigators said the girl, who had severe disabilities, was taken to hospital in a private vehicle and died 2:00 am, shortly after being admitted to the emergency room.

Homicide detectives interviewed family members in the family home in the 7300 block of Sommers Road in West Oak Lane, and also visited a second home in the 6500 block of Ogontz Avenue.

Captain Clark said that the girl's father after realizing the girl did not respond, called the girl's mother instead of police before taking the girl to the hospital.

Police arrested the father of the girl, 30-year-old Carlos Rivera. Police said he was arrested on Front Street and Duncannon Avenue without incident.

The other children were placed in the custody of welfare services for children.

Woman fired from her job because she might get pregnant

Pregnant woman illustration 
By: Sarah Weiss

A woman was fired from her job after her employer decided she was at risk of getting pregnant.

The woman in Germany has been dismissed by her employer because they thought she might be pregnant after she announced that she got engaged.

The 35-year-old decided to sue her employer, and she was awarded 10,000 euros by the district court of Dusseldorf, for discrimination.

The employee received an email with the subject line "career versus family planning" after she asked for more hours of work and revealing that she was getting married.

The employer wrote: "For a woman your age, it is normal to get pregnant and have children. We welcome each new person in the world, but we have to worry about our business.”

Then she was asked about the possibility of her getting pregnant in the future, before being fired after a series of meetings.
The company has decided not to appeal the court ruling.

Pig passes out after drinking 18 cans of beer and fighting with cow

The drunk pig 
By: Shifra Unger

A pig had too much to drink before starting a fight with a cow, causing it to pass out.

It seems like going out, getting drunk and then being involved in a major fight, is no longer reserved for humans after a wild pig was involved in an alcohol-fueled brawl.

The pig drank 18 cans of beer in Port Hedland, Western Australia.

The alcohol caused the pig to become hungry, and it was seen looking through garbage bags in order to find something to eat.

"In the middle of the night, these people camping out in front of us heard a noise, so we lit a torch and we saw the pig wrinkling away in the cans,” one witness at the scene said.

If this was not enough, the animal later began kicking a cow, but the cow struck back and left the pig injuries.
"The pig then went and attacked all the trash bags," added the witness.
"There were some other people camped right on the river and they saw it being chased around by a cow," he said.

The last sighting of the pig was it lying under a tree after apparently being overwhelmed by alcohol. The police are actively seeking to locate the pig.

Texas sticker maker slammed for making photo of kidnapped and bound woman

Sticker depicting kidnapped woman 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) Weird stickers have been popping up recently on vehicles in which a photo of a kidnapped and bound woman is shown.

The bumper sticker depicting a woman, who seems to have been kidnapped has sparked anger.

The stickers are made by Hornet Signs, a marketing and advertising company based in Waco, Texas. The decal creates an optical illusion so convincing that concerned residents have called the police on more than one occasion.

However, the company said that the image of a woman tied with a rope was put in the public domain as part of a "marketing experiment" to measure how realistic their labels are.

"When you put a photo on the side of your vehicle, you want the image to be realistic,” owner Brad Kolb said.
He insisted that the company, which specializes in auto-wrap advertising, did not intend to cause discomfort.

"I did not expect the reactions we received, nor condone this in any way," he said.
"It was more or less something we put there to see who will notice it," he also said.

However, the label has attracted widespread criticism from those who think it is insensitive and demeaning to victims of abuse, kidnapping and rape.

Kolb admitted that the company has seen an increase in orders for tailgate stickers, which led many to dismiss the "experiment" as a cynical marketing strategy.

Woman arrested after placing her son on burners of hot stove as punishment

Anna Ochoa 
By: Shifra Unger

A woman is accused of burning her son on a hot stove and then going to work without addressing the burn wounds.

Anna Ochoa, 26, of Gila Bend, Arizona, was jailed after she burned her young son on the top burner of a stove, because he urinated in his pants.

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff, an investigation began, when an anonymous caller contacted Child Protective Services and told them Ochoa was "aggressive and abusive" to her children, especially to her 2-year-old son.

The caller also told CPS workers that Ochoa was heard making several statements like "I'm going to hurt him, because I'm sick of him," referring to her 2-year-old.

During the investigation, CPS workers found that Ochoa’s son had been badly burned, and that the burn wounds had gone untreated.

Ochoa admitted to deputies that she removed her son's clothes and then held him over a hot burner after she became angry with him for wetting his pants.

After the child had been "punished", Ochoa dressed the child and then got ready for work. A forensic examination revealed that the form and severity of the burns were consistent with the child being placed directly on top of a hot burner.

The child also had other injuries including blisters on his fingers and multiple bruises on his lower back.
Ochoa was booked into jail, and charged with child abuse. Her three children, ages 1, 2, and 4, have been placed in protective custody.

Denny's Waitress arrested for forcing man to have sex with another woman at gunpoint

Cierra Ross 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Cierra Ross, 25, of Illinois, is accused forcing a man to have sex in a car at gunpoint.

The mother of two of Cook County, Chicago, was arrested after she pointed a gun at a man and forced him to have sex with her friend.

According to police, a 33-year-old man was walking along North Kingsbury Road at 5:00 am when Ross stopped and offered him a ride home. Once the man was inside the vehicle, Ross allegedly pointed a gun at him and demanded that he get in the back seat of the car and remove his clothes.

Once the man followed her instructions, Ross ordered him to have sex with her friend in the backseat. During the incident, Ross ordered him to grope the woman’s chest and behind.

At some point during the incident, Ross stole $200 in cash, several credit cards and an iPhone from the victim.

Investigators said that the man managed to escape. He fled from the vehicle naked and was able to flag down a taxi. The taxi driver allowed him to use his cell phone to take a picture of the woman’s license plate, and to call police.

Ross, who is employed as a waitress at Denny’s, was booked into jail on charges of sexual assault and armed robbery. She remains held in lieu of $75,000 bond.

The second woman, who was involved in the incident, has not been charged. It is unclear what the second woman’s role was, and whether she was also a victim or an aggressor.

Man comes home early to find girlfriend, 43, running naked from his 13-year-old son’s room

Pamela Fahy 
By: Sarah Weiss

A woman betrayed her boyfriend in the worst way possible when she had sex with his teenage son.

Pamela Fahy, 43, of Winona, Minnesota, was a special education teacher, who worked at the La Crecent-Hokah School District.

She has been arrested after her boyfriend caught her running from his 13-year-old son's room.

The boyfriend told police that he returned home earlier than usual on Sunday morning, only to find his girlfriend, Fahy, who was naked from the waist down, running out of his teenage son’s room.

When the father entered his son’s room, he found her underwear on the floor next to his son’s bed. The horrified father pressed his 13-year-old son for answers. The teen admitted to having sex with Fahy.

When he was interviewed by police, the teen stated that he and Fahy had been having sex for two months. During police questioning, Fahy also admitted to having intercourse and oral sex with the boy in several locations including her mobile home.

Fahy who is a licensed foster care parent, had two children removed from her home. She also resigned from her position as a special education teacher shortly after her arrest.
She was booked into jail on charges of criminal sexual conduct. She was released after posting $20,000 bond.

Mother takes son to police after recognizing him as armed robber

Fabian Morrison robbing 7-Eleven 
By: Moses Gold

A man robbed a 7-Eleven and fled before police arrived.

After police reviewed the store surveillance cameras, they handed the footage to local media in an effort to catch the man.

After the clip aired, police in Sarasota, Florida, got a lucky break. The robber walked into the precinct along with his mother.

In a press release, police said that the man, who was accompanied by his mother, turned himself in after his mother has seen the surveillance footage of her son robbing a 7-Eleven in Ocala, Florida.

Fabian Morrison, 21, walked into the store, took out a long stick and demanded money from the clerk. After he received money, he and told the clerk: "do not call the police, I’ll pay you later, Bro. I'm really ****** up.”

The clerk however, did call the police. Morrison was finally caught after his mother intervened. She saw a clip of the incident on the news, and then confronted her son.

After he confessed to the robbery, the mother took her son to the Sarasota Police Department.
He confessed to detectives that he was the person seen on the video.
Morrison has been charged with armed robbery.