Holocaust video game rejected by Nintendo to be released soon

The Holocaust video game 
By: Moses Gold

A video game about surviving the Holocaust will be released shortly, despite the fact that it was rejected by gaming giant Nintendo.

A game developer, who in 2008 created a video game based on the Holocaust that was rejected by Nintendo, said he will raise money online and launch the game for smartphone users, early next year.

Luc Bernard, 26, designed a game called "Imagination is the only way out". The game is about a Jewish boy named Samuel, who is in France in 1942 hiding in the forest. He creates a fantasy world in order to escape deportation to death camps.

“Most of the game takes place in the fantasy world of Samuel, and whenever reality hits, somehow it just slaps you in the face," Bernard said.

Bernard's mother is Jewish, and his British grandmother took care of Jewish orphans after the war.

Nintendo originally rejected the game, considering it unfit for children, but the goal of the game was to inspire children to learn about the Holocaust, Bernard said.

That is why he decided to do it on his own.

Elderly man arrested after shampooing his genitals on bus

Philip Milne 
By: Debbi Gross

A man was arrested after people saw him shampooing his privates on a bus.

Police were called after a mother and her son saw a man unzip his pants and rubbing shampoo on his private parts.

The mother notified the bus driver who reported it to the police. Milne was told to sit in back of the bus until police arrive.

Philip Milne, 74, traveled from Bletchley to Bedford, England, when he was arrested for masturbating on the bus.

Milne claimed that he did nothing wrong. He said that he was feeling uncomfortable and itchy. Therefore, he unzipped his pants and used a little shampoo to soothe the groin area because he had no cream.

Prosecutor Camille Gifford said that public indecency does not depend on what his intent was when he rubbed himself, whether it was for pleasure or not. He exposed himself in front of a full bus of people.

"In essence, the defendant was masturbating on the bus. He had his zipper undone and rubbed his exposed private parts," Gifford said.

According to police, Milne claimed that he was not masturbating and was resentful that everyone on the bus ganged up on him.
Milne, represented himself in court and pleaded guilty to the charge of public indecency.

He said: "I do not dispute that what they did was wrong, but keep in mind that I was discreet.”
He was ordered to pay $280 in fines.

Teenage girl shot to death after jumping out of closet in scare prank gone wrong

Nerrek Galley 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A teenager was killed by her friend when she tried to scare him.

A prank has gone horribly wrong when a girl hid in the closet to scare her friend.

18-year-old Premila Lal of Colorado, and her cousin, planned to scare her 15-year-old brother and close friend, Nerrek Galley, 21, by jumping out of a closet. But when Galley thought their was an intruder in the house, he opened fire, fatally wounding Lal.

Galley rushed Lal to Longmont United Hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.
"We characterize the death of this young woman as involuntary and very tragic," commander Jeff Satur, spokesperson for the Longmont Police, said.

Lal was a track star, and her family describes her as an athlete, a popular girl and a strong person.
Galley was reportedly arrested on charges unrelated to the shooting.

"We lost a daughter, so we do not want anyone to lose their son, you know, especially when it was an accident," Praveen Lal, the girl’s father, said.May she rest in peace.

Man wakes up from surgery and confuses his wife for hot nurse

Jason and Candice Mortensen 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A man had brought laughs to many who have seen a video of him waking up after surgery.

The video shows a man hitting on a woman, whom he thought was a hot nurse.

Turns out the hot woman is his wife of six years.

Jason Mortensen, of Orem, Utah, was waking up from hernia surgery. His morphine was starting to wear off, when he spotted a hot woman tending to him. He asked the woman: "did the doctor send you? Are you a model? you are eye candy."

“I'm your wife," she laughed. Upon being informed that she is his wife, he exclaimed: You are my wife? Holy s**t. Oh my God, I hit the jackpot. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."

Candice Mortensen, the blond beauty behind the camera, tried to encourage her husband to continue eating his cracker while recovering at a hospital.

He is too distracted with her beauty and his good fortune of having such a hot wife.
Mortensen, vice president of sales and relations at Oltuse Pharmaceuticals, does not remember the incident.
Mortensen had five hernia surgeries within the last six years of his marriage. His wife Candice has always been by his side.

After seeing the video, people have questioned if Mortensen was really “out if it” or if he was faking it.
If it is authentic, it makes for good laughs. If it was pre-planned, he might just be the most romantic guy out there. Waking up from surgery and flirting with the wife is pretty cool.

Judge declares mistrial for baby killer after victim's mother speaks too much on stand

Jasmine Bedwell 
By: Moses Gold

A man accused of throwing his girlfriend’s baby out the car window will not be facing justice anytime soon.

A judge declared a mistrial for Richard McTear, 25, of Tampa, Florida.

McTear was on trial for first degree murder after killing his girlfriend's three-month-old son by throwing him out of a moving vehicle.

Prosecutors accuse him of attacking his then girlfriend and throwing her baby across the room. Later, he threw the baby out the window of his vehicle on I-275, killing the baby.

The mistrial was declared when the baby’s mother spoke too much.

While being questioned by Assistant State Attorney Ron Gale, the child's mother, Jasmine Bedwell, now, 22, stated that McTear called her and said that he was going to come and shoot my baby in the face and p**s on him. He was going to kill both of us.

While that seems like legitimate testimony to prove McTear’s violent behavior, the problem was that McTear was already on trial for the charge of threatening to hurt his girlfriend and her baby. He was found not guilty in that case.

The judge ruled that the alleged threat could not be mentioned in McTear’s murder trial. "The jurors heard testimony they should not have heard under any circumstances. In this court's conclusion, a mistrial is necessary," the Judge said.

A new jury will be selected, but it will take a while. McTear faces the death penalty if convicted of killing the baby.

Masseuse makes fortune by smothering men with her big breasts

Kristy Love 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A woman was fed up of being rejected from jobs because of her weight. The woman was unable to find a job as a masseuse because she is too heavy.

She decided to open her own massage business where she now gives men the option of a massage with her massive breasts, which are size 48 NN.

Kristy Love of Atlanta, Georgia, got her massage license only to be turned down for jobs. "I was being asked if I could stand all day. People assume that my size would be a disadvantage. Nobody ever called me back,” Love said.

Love, who weighs over 300 pounds, opened her own massage parlor where she earns over one thousand dollars a day by smothering customers with her ​​huge breasts.

The idea came to her when a client asked if she would take her top off while massaging him. She also revealed that her confidence increased when customers asked her to hit them in the head with her breasts.

"The more compliments I received from my clients about my big body the more my confidence was boosted. It really helped me overcome my low self-esteem,” she said.

When Love realized that people are enjoying her “breast massages” she put an advertisement in the local newspaper and the phone began ringing non-stop.

Love gives clients both normal and "sensual" massages. She offers her "happy man works" package where she rubs her gigantic bosoms over various parts of her client's body. She also smothers men with her big breasts.

The "happy man works" package became very sought after. She charges $300 an hour for her service. On her website she states: “Empower your inner self and give me a try. My services start happy and end the same way.”

Bank of England to change its paper currency into smaller plastic notes

British pounds 
By: Eva Fett

If you like holding onto British pounds you will not have to worry about the paper currency being damaged as the Bank of England is pushing ahead with plans to turn the notes into plastic.

The British Central Bank has begun a two-month public consultation about turning the currency into plastic, and expects to make a final decision later this year, but it has already established a compelling case for plastic.

It is harder to forge, more durable, greener, cleaner and cheaper, the bank said. Fundamentally, plastic money can survive a washing machine cycle unscathed.

If approved, the bank will also introduce smaller bills, so it will be easier to fit inside handbags and purses.

The first note to receive the change would be the Sir Winston Churchill 5 pound bill, which could be in circulation in early 2016. That would be followed shortly by the Jane Austen 10 pound note.

Studies conducted by the bank suggested that the public was ready for the change.
Plastic notes would spring back when folded, while some have expressed concerns about the money slipping out of one’s hands. Also, it can melt when exposed to temperatures above 120 degrees, so it can be damaged by ironing, for example, the bank warned.

On the other hand, the plastic notes will be water-resistant and last at least 2.5 times longer than paper money, which are made from cotton pulp combined with other fibers.

The five pound paper bills only last about six months, while a plastic replacement could survive up to two years, the bank said.

Forget about makeup or plastic surgery get a new face with the new Uniface Mask

Before and after with Uniface Mask 
By: Debbi Gross

(Scroll down for video) With the desire to look good, many women spend a lot of time and money on makeup and cosmetic surgery.

Now, there's a new and simpler way to look good, without much effort, introducing the “Uniface Mask”.

You might never again have to waste precious time covering your face with makeup or even consider plastic surgery.

Chinese designer Zhuoying Li came up with a unique idea of gluing a thin mask onto your face, which will allow you to instantly have the perfect look.
The skin like mask features big anime eyes, long eyelashes, a high bridge nose, and narrow chin and cheeks.

This unique beauty product was developed with "Bionic-skin" which is similar to human skin, it is extremely thin and breathable through its pores.

The “Cell-Blending” glue that comes with the Uniface mask kit unites the human skin with the mask to make it look like your natural skin.

Uniface is said to provide the highest level of comfort, allowing you to talk, make facial expressions and even sleep with it, without feeling any difference in your daily life.

Once applied, Uniface stays on your face. According to the Uniface mask website: once the glue adheres to the human skin it can be removed only by Uniface experts.

The company offers a 100 percent money back guarantee plus free removal of the product if you experience any discomfort or if for any reason you want the mask removed during the first month after purchase.
Prices for the Uniface Mask start at just $399.

Girl, 8, dies of internal bleeding on night of her wedding

Yemeni child bride illustration 
By: John Roberts

A child bride died on the night of her wedding after having sex with her much older husband.

The 8-year-old child bride in Yemen has died from internal bleeding on the first night of her arranged marriage with a man who is five times her age.

In most of the world, sleeping with an 8-year-old would mean committing rape.

But in other countries, a man can pay a family to voluntarily hand over their young daughter. The man then marries the underage girl and is free to have sex with her as often as he wishes.

The girl, who was identified as Rawan, of the tribal area of Hardh in northwestern Yemen, died after having sex with her 40-year-old husband.

Activists are now calling for the groom to be arrested so that he can face justice in court. They said that arresting the groom might help end the practice of marrying young girls to older men.

The practice of marrying young girls to older men is widespread in Yemen and has drawn the attention of international rights groups seeking to pressure the government to outlaw child marriages.

Yemen's gripping poverty plays a large role in hindering efforts to end the practice, as poor families find themselves unable to say no to the “Bride price”, which can be hundreds of dollars for their young daughters.

More than a quarter of women in Yemen are married before age 15, according to a report published by the Ministry of Social Affairs.
Tribal customs also play a role, including the belief that a young bride can be shaped into an obedient wife, bear more children and be kept away from temptation.

Teen shot dead after scaring her friend by jumping out of a closet

Premila Lal 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A teenage woman was shot dead after she scared her friend by jumping out of a closet, according to police reports in Colorado.

Longmont Police said that they are still investigating the shooting death of an 18-year-old woman.

The shooting occurred in the 2500 block of Cambridge Drive, about 8:00 pm on Friday.

According to police officer Jeff Satur, officers were sent to Longmont United Hospital when a woman, identified as Premila Lal, had been admitted into the emergency room after suffering from a gunshot wound. Efforts to keep Lal alive were unsuccessful.

Police have arrested Nerrek Galley, 21, on charges unrelated to the shooting while the investigation continues. Satur said it appears that the shooting was an extremely tragic accident.

Family members said Galley and Lal were best friends, and she was hiding in a closet. She jumped out of the closet in order to scare Galley. He shot her after he was surprised.

Galley of Utah, is being held in the Boulder County Jail on several charges, including reckless endangerment.

Man walks home 900 miles after robbers steal all his money and phone

The 900 mile walk 
By: Debbie Gross

A man walked 900 miles to reach his home after he was robbed by a group of men of his wallet and cellphone.

The man was robbed in southern Japan, and instead of reporting the incident to the local police or call his family, he decided to walk the 900 miles home.

The unidentified man said he had been robbed in the city of Kitakyushu late last month and arrived home in Sendai 11 days later.

The 25-year-old man had attended a playing card convention, and one night, five men stopped him in the street around 10:00 pm and demanded that he hand over his wallet and cellphone.

The man was reported missing by his mother after she learned that he missed his flight.

The man said that he went on the journey to find a rare card to add to his collection. He found a rare card, which luckily, the thieves did not steal.

He also hid an extra 2,000 yen in a shoe.
"I used the money to buy bread and water to fight my hunger," the man said.

Pregnant woman killed by falling tree in New York park

Yingyi Li-Dikov and Aleksander Dikov 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A woman and her unborn baby, tragically died after a tree struck her, according to emergency workers in New York.

The pregnant woman was sitting on a park bench in New York City, when she was hit and killed by a tree that fell on Sunday night. Another woman, who was hit by the tree, was seriously injured, New York City Police said.

Yingyi Li-Dikov, 30, was six months pregnant, her family members said. The Parks Department said she was hit by the 50-foot tall tree in Kissena Park in Queens after it broke about 8 feet from the ground.

She and her husband, Aleksander Dikov, planned to name their baby Christine.

Dikov, who is a combat medic in the National Guard, said he was devastated. He and his wife had just been shopping for the baby.
"I cannot believe this is happening," he said at the scene, dressed in his military uniform. "I can not believe it," he said.

Twelve people have been killed or injured by trees in New York City during the last eight weeks.
The Parks Department said that the tree was 70-years-old.

Man, 67, jailed for raping his son’s prom date after drinking 60 beers

By: Sarah Weiss

A man was arrested, charged and convicted of rape related charges after raping his son’s prom date, according to court proceedings in Texas.

San Antonio Police said that a 67-year-old, who was convicted by a jury last month of raping the prom date of his son, was sentenced Monday to 35 years in prison.

Ismael Cruz had faced a minimum 25-years behind bars because of two previous trips to jail for driving while intoxicated. His attorney asked District Judge Ray Olivarri to sentence his client to the minimum.

Cruz's accuser, then 19, told police in May 2012 that she had fallen asleep in her boyfriend's house after drinking heavily on the night of her prom. She remembered waking up in the middle of the night with her ​​dress partially removed and the defendant on top of her.

Cruz pushed him away and cried after realizing it was not her boyfriend, the son told police. Cruz's son beat him up and continued beating him after police arrived, court documents stated.

Cruz told police that he had consumed more than 60 beers that night.

Montana newlywed charged with murder after pushing her husband off a cliff

Jordan Linn Graham and Cody Johnson 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with murder related charges after she allegedly pushed her husband off a cliff during a vacation, according to police reports in Montana.

Missoula Police said that the newlywed woman has been charged with murder after admitting that she pushed her husband off a cliff just eight days after their marriage.

Jordan Linn Graham, 22, appeared in federal court on Monday, and was charged with the murder of Cody Johnson.

Police said that Graham initially lied about what happened that night. She told authorities that her 25-year-old husband disappeared.

Johnson 's family had requested an investigation after his body was recovered by helicopter under a scenic view known as The Loop, in Glacier National Park.

According to an FBI affidavit, during an initial interview, Graham told police she had received a text message from her husband that he was going to take a walk with a friend.

She said that she and her husband usually delete their texts, so she could not show the message in question.

Two days later, she found her husband’s dead body.
A ranger said it was unusual that she had found the body, according to the affidavit.

"It was a place he wanted to see before he died," she told police.
However, several days later, she changed her story.

She told investigators that she had been arguing with her husband when they agreed to go to the hiking trail The Loop, where the fighting got worse.

During the fight, the woman pushed her husband off the cliff.
The woman also sent a text message to a friend expressing doubts about her marriage, police said.

Female dance instructor arrested after having sex and planning to marry student, 15

Jennifer Efre Deberry 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video)A female dance instructor was arrested and charged with child sexual assault related charges after having sex with her student, according to police reports in Florida.

Coral Springs Police said that a local dance instructor allegedly had a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old.
Jennifer Efre Deberry, 30, was arrested and charged with felony sexual assault after an eight-month investigation.

The woman is married and has children, police said. Business records show that the dance studio where the two met is run by the family of the woman.

At this point of the investigation, it is unclear how the relationship progressed. Police said the last time the two had sex was in the beginning of the year at the home of Deberry.

In January, the police took the victim's statement, who said he had been involved in a sexual relationship with Deberry since September 2012.

Deberry was released on $10,000 bond on Sunday.
The woman worked at The Dance Effects in Coral Springs.

Detectives have gained access to 117 pages of text messages between the victim and Deberry, describing sex. The texts also show that the woman planned to marry the boy.

Police have urged anyone with information regarding this case to contact them at 954 346 1301.

Thieves steal 20,000 gallons of water from California school

Water tank illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A school was forced to shut down after thieves stole 20,000 gallons of water, according to police reports in California.

Humboldt County Police said that water thieves have struck again, this time forcing a children’s school to close.

Up to 20,000 gallons of water were stolen from a storage facility in the Bridgeville Elementary School over the holiday weekend. Left without water, the school had to close, police said.

Humboldt County Sheriff's Lieutenant Steve Knight said investigators believe that a truck was used in the robbery.

The theft comes a month after 20,000 gallons of water were stolen from a district board services community in Weott, another Humboldt County community.

Knight said that the two incidents seem to be unrelated, but authorities expect more water thefts, with hot dry conditions. Knight said authorities are concerned about possible fights over water in relation to the cultivation of marijuana.