Rabbi of Madonna and founder of Kabbalah Centre Rabbi Philip Berg dead

Rabbi Philip Berg (center) 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

The founder of the Kabbalah Centre has died, according to a statement released on the center’s website.

Rabbi Philip Berg, 86, who was the founder of Los Angeles-based Kabbalah Centre, has died.

Berg, also known as Rav to his followers, had been ill since suffering a stroke in 2004.
Among Berg’s famous devotees are Madonna and Demi Moore.

"The Kabbalah Centre is deeply saddened to announce the death of our teacher, Rav Berg," a statement on its website said.
The center, which was founded in 1965, has been criticized for the way it presented ancient Jewish mysticism.

However, the center said that Berg had created a path for millions to learn and live Kabbalah. Berg has left us with incredible knowledge through thousands of hours of teachings, examples of courage we will never forget, and a Kabbalah Centre we can all call home, according to the statement.

The first Kabbalah Centre was founded in 1922 by Rabbi Yehuda Anschlag and the organization now has a presence in over 40 cities around the world.

In addition to Madonna, celebrity fans include actor Ashton Kutcher and Britney Spears.
Berg is survived by his wife Karen, who will continue his work and vision for the center," the website states.

Three Yom Kippur War heroes you never heard about

Moshe Levi 
By: Eva Fett

Recently, the stories of three Yom Kippur War heroes have been published, according to a report in the IDF Blog.

In 1973, Moshe Levi was 28-years-old, married and a father to a son and daughter. Two months before the war he was injured in a car accident and broke his kneecap. A month before the war, Levi’s unit was called up for reserve duty but his leg was still in a plaster. Two weeks before the war broke out, his plaster was removed. He was not called to join his battalion but he decided to do so anyway. The brigade commander put Levi in command of a half-track armored vehicle and that very night he drove out to the Sinai frontier.

On October 8, his company was deployed in the region of Al Qantarah El Sharqiyya, east of the Suez Canal, and ordered to track down Egyptian commandos. On October 15, while stationed in the Bluza outpost, they received a call to help free Israeli soldiers trapped by an Egyptian ambush of 20 soldiers. Levi’s company arrived to discover that the Egyptian force was much larger than the received reports led them to believe.

The Egyptians waited until the Israeli vehicles began to enter the area and then unleashed a barrage of rockets and missiles that they had buried under the sand. They rained fire on the Israelis, immobilizing the majority of the IDF’s armored vehicles. Levi’s half-track was hit by a rocket. He stuck his arms out of the vehicle and aimed his weapon towards the attackers, ready to return fire. An Egyptian anti-tank missile passed by and slashed open Levi’s right arm. With his arm bleeding heavily, Levi ordered his troops to follow him and exit the vehicle.

Levi understood that his force was outnumbered and outgunned but he was not willing to give up. While his arm continued to gush blood, he grabbed a grenade in his left hand and advanced fearlessly on the enemy position. As he approached he ripped out the grenade’s pin with his teeth and then at a distance of ten meters from the enemy he hurled the grenade, taking out their whole position.

Being so close to the target, Levi was hit by the grenade’s shrapnel in the face and chest. When medics arrived to treat his wounds, Levi waved them off and directed them to first look after his soldiers who had also suffered injuries.

Levi was awarded the Medal of Valor – the IDF’s highest honor – for his supreme courage, composure in the heat of battle, and risking his own life to save others and complete his mission.

When the Yom Kippur War broke out, Uriel Hefetz, aged 51, was already a decorated war hero. He had proven his ingenuity and bravery in the 1948 War of Independence and 1956 Sinai Campaign.

After hearing on the radio about the battles that had broken out on October 6, he raced out to his car and drove straight to the Syrian front. Hefetz spent the next three weeks of the war evacuating the wounded from the frontline and transferring them for medical care.

Among those who Hefetz saved from near certain death was Peretz Titkin. Hefetz pulled Titkin from his tank after it had been hit by Syrian fire. Titkin was in critical condition. Hefetz saved his life without telling him his name. It wasn’t until years later that he discovered the identity behind the man who had saved his life.

When he returned home from the war, Hefetz told no one about the many lives he had saved. His family only discovered the story of his heroic exploits after reading a card sent to him by one of the doctors who provided treatment to the many wounded soldiers who Hefetz had evacuated from the battle.

A year after the war, Hefetz was wounded after volunteering to assist in a rescue operation of school children held hostage by terrorists. He was left paralyzed by his injuries. In honor of his efforts in the Yom Kippur War and in the rescue operation, Hefetz was honored with a Medal of Distinguished Service, a Chief of Staff Citation and the Israel Defense Prize for 1973.

Uriel Hefetz passed away in 1978 from his injuries.

Uriel Hefetz 
Maxim Cohen was born in Morocco and made aliyah (moved to Israel) with his parents in 1948 at the age of two. He enlisted in the IDF and became a driver. Following the 1967 Six-Day War, Cohen left Israel with his parents to live in France.

On Yom Kippur, Cohen – a traditional, observant Jew – was in Synagogue with the Jews of his community. At 2 p.m. during the afternoon prayers, his wife arrived in a car (forbidden on the holiest day in the Jewish calendar) – Cohen knew something was wrong. He rushed outside and his wife told him that war had broken out in Israel. He returned inside to apologize to the congregation. He told them that there was a war on and he had to go.

Maxim rushed to the Israeli embassy in Paris where they were assisting soldiers to return to Israel to help fight. He was rushed through an APC (armored personnel carrier) driver’s course and was attached to an armored force fighting the Egyptians on the southern front. Cohen and his team crossed the Suez Canal and after three weeks of fighting, on October 24 – the last day of the war, arrived at the outskirts of the city of Suez.

The IDF had decided to attempt to conquer the city, a key strategic point on the canal. Preparations were rushed and the breaching forces received little forward intelligence. Cohen found himself a part of one of two armored columns rolling into the city.

Maxim Cohen 
Suddenly, on one of the streets that appeared empty, an inferno of concentrated fire was unleashed on the vehicles from inside the buildings that lined the street. The Israelis were trapped in a wall of fire. Bazooka rockets, anti-tank missiles, and thousands of grenades and bullets from automatic weapons rained down on the Israeli force which dispersed in every direction to escape the inferno. The battle continued for many hours – the Israeli soldiers took cover in the houses.

The commander of Cohen’s APC had been hit in the firefight, along with most of the vehicle’s soldiers. Cohen maintained composure under heavy fire and proceeded to evacuate the wounded Israeli soldiers while running over enemy troops with his vehicle. Without concern for his own safety, Cohen drove back into the city and the heart of the inferno again and again to save more wounded troops.

Pvt. Cohen was awarded the Medal of Courage for his resourcefulness, composure under fire, and putting his own life endanger to save the lives of his brothers in arms.

Young Maryland woman becomes shooting instructor in the Israeli military

Sgt. Sarit Petersen 
By: Moses Gold

A young U.S. woman has reached new heights in the Israeli military, according to a report in the IDF Blog.

Shooting a weapon isn’t just about being able to aim and hit a target accurately. For Sgt. Sarit Petersen, there’s a lot more that goes into shooting. It’s her job as a shooting instructor to teach soldiers the right way to shoot a weapon.

Bullet shells are flying and the sound of targets being hit pierces the air. This is a daily scene for Sgt. Sarit Petersen. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Sgt. Petersen currently serves as a shooting instructor in the Nahal Infantry Brigade. The soldiers she commands range from brand new to advanced; the advanced soldiers are part of the reconnaissance brigade. As a shooting instructor, Sgt. Petersen is responsible for teaching a soldier about his weapon and how to use it.

Each soldier must be confident with their weapon and understand it thoroughly before they can shoot accurately. In order to accomplish this, shooting instructors go through a nine week intensive course, learning about most of the weapons that the IDF uses, their history, and do general job training. “It can be very stressful and nerve-racking for soldiers who are shooting for the first time,” explains Sgt. Petersen. So in order for her to not only excel at her job, but also teach and reassure her soldiers, she must understand and be knowledgeable in all aspects of weapons training.

When Sgt. Petersen is not working with new soldiers, she prepares advanced training drills for the reconnaissance brigade. Once soldiers pass the mandatory shooting requirements, it is up to the shooting instructors to prepare more advanced shooting drills. Sgt. Petersen prepares all types of drills, with variation each time in the stances, distances and the amount of bullets shot. Once a drill is prepared on paper, shooting instructors must always pass their own drills before soldiers are expected to participate in the drill.

In order to keep things interesting, Sgt. Petersen applies different tactics to test soldiers’ stress levels. “Throughout my experience with weapons training, I’ve learned that the key element in shooting is to relax and stay focused and calm,” she says. “It isn’t easy to teach this to new soldiers, who are often anxious about the task at hand.” But with careful training and exercises, Sgt. Petersen instills these potentially life-saving lessons in her new soldiers.

During a visit to Israel, while she was in the 12th Grade, Sgt. Petersen fell in love with the country. After high school, she moved to Israel and decided her calling was to serve in the IDF. A little uncertain of what lay ahead but with this new adventure in front of her, Sgt. Petersen joined the Mahal Program, which allowed her to enlist and serve for a year and a half.

“I felt that this experience and this time would allow me to get to know the country and its people, and decide if Israel is a place I could see myself living and settling down in,” she says. After serving almost all of her service, Sgt. Petersen was so satisfied with her position that she signed on for another six months, allowing her to complete two full years in the IDF.

When Sgt. Petersen finishes her IDF service she intends to make aliyah (immigrate to Israel), and continue her life here. Her future plans include university, and becoming part of the framework of Israeli society.

Israeli forces kill Palestinian terrorist in Jenin

Israeli forces in Jenin illustration 
By: Aryeh Savir

The Israeli military eliminated a Palestinian terrorist in the Palestinian controlled West Bank city of Jenin, according to a report by the Tazpit News Agency.

Shots were fired at IDF soldiers during a violent riot which erupted earlier this morning during an IDF overnight operation to arrest a wanted terrorist in Jenin. Palestinians hurled rocks, Molotov cocktails and improvised grenades at the soldiers who responded with riot dispersal means.

At some point rioters began shooting live gun fire at the forces, and upon feeling an imminent threat to their lives, the soldiers returned fire towards the lower bodies of the main instigators. A direct hit was identified, and one of the rioters was lightly injured and evacuated for further treatment at an Israeli hospital.

The target suspect exploited the turmoil to flee the scene, and the security forces managed to detain the suspect using live fire. The wanted suspect was injured, evacuated by military forces for further treatment, and later died of his wounds in an Israeli Hospital.

Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner, an IDF Spokesman, stated: "The ongoing terrorist threat from the Jenin area requires that the IDF maintains operational access to the area. The attack against the forces warranted a forceful response in self defense. The IDF will review the circumstances of the shooting that led to the death of the terror suspect."

Another seven wanted terrorists were arrested last night in Judea and Samaria. All suspects were handed over to the security forces for questioning.

Two Famous Dave's waitresses fired after their racist photo was posted on Facebook

Andrea Casson 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) Two employees were fired after a racist photo they thought disappeared became a viral hit on the Internet.

Two employees of a Famous Dave's BBQ restaurant in Bismarck, North Dakota, were fired this week after a racially charged Facebook message went viral.

The message included a photo showing Andrea Casson, a Famous Dave employee, posing with a sign suggesting that Native Americans are bad tippers.

Last week, the city organized the United Tribes International Pow Wow, a festival that attracts tens of thousands of Native Americans to the area.

Casson denied making the cardboard sign, but she does not deny posing for the photo.

"One of my friends, who worked there and came to visit, asked me to hold this poster up in order to send it to Snapchat," Casson said.

Unfortunately for Casson, Snapchat, a photo sharing application where images are destined to disappear after being received, wasn’t the only place the photo ended up on.

The photo was also posted on Facebook, and the two employees have been fired.

The restaurant owner Mike Wright issued this statement on Facebook:

“When an employee decides to make an a** of himself or herself, the world can now see. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to me, many times, bitter employees also try to shame employers and companies at which they work. Clearly, a recent post of a now former employee fits this description.”

Girl, 13, found walking around airport dressed as flight attendant

Luo Siqi walking behind an airport official 
By: Debbi Gross

(Scroll down for video) A 13-year-old with a dream of having a career as a flight attendant was seen walking around an airport terminal dressed as an airline worker.

Authorities noticed the girl, who looked too young to be a flight attendant, and stopped her for questioning.

Luo Siqi was discovered at an Airport in China. She was dress as a China Southern Airlines flight attendant.

Siqi was placed with child protective services after police discovered her at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport impersonating a flight attendant.

"I love the blue skies and I always dreamed of flying. I wanted to be at the airport in order to be closer to my dream," Siqi told authorities while she was crying.

The girl’s love for flying was so strong that she even had official documents of the airline. The girl confessed to police that she bought four flight attendant outfits, one for each season, as the airline requires.

According to a social worker handling the case, the girl was raised in an orphanage before being placed in the care of an elderly couple. After her adoptive parents were sent to a nursing home, Siqi was sent to stay with a relative in the eastern province of Guangdong.

She was unhappy with her new living arrangements. That’s when she traveled to Guangzhou by herself. For the time being the officials took Siqi to a local welfare center.

Drunken man arrested after passing out while leaving his baby alone outside

Marcus Lee Myers 
By: Eva Fett

A man was arrested and charged with endangering a child related charges after passing out and leaving his baby alone outside, according to police reports in Oregon.

Myrtle Creek Police said that a local 41-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday after he passed out and leaving his baby unattended in a stroller for more than an hour.

Officers were called to the 100 block of Pine Street just after 7:00 pm on Tuesday for a report of a screaming child, who was left in a stroller.

Police said that when the officer arrived, they found Marcus Lee Myers passed out next to the baby stroller.
Witnesses told police that Myers had been passed out for at least an hour, if not more.

Police arrested Myers and charged him with second-degree child neglect.
The baby was handed over to his mother at the scene.

Myers was taken to the Myrtle Creek Police Department where officers took a breathalyzer test. Police said that his blood alcohol content was 0.319 or about four times the legal driving limit.

Illegal marijuana operation bust goes bust after suspects accidentally grew wrong plants

Male marijuana plants illustration 
By: Moses Gold

Police thought that they made a large drug bust, but it turns out that the joke was on them.

Members of a drug gang in Ireland may have been smoking a little too much marijuana when they began growing their own pot plants.

The group spent months growing and cultivating their own plants with expensive equipment, only to discover through the police that they had been growing the wrong kind of plants all along.

The police found what they thought was drugs worth $160 thousand, but their hopes went up in smoke when they realized that the plants were all male.

When it comes to marijuana plants, you might not know that they are gender-sensitive.

Only the female plants produce chemicals that cause a person to get high when it is smoked. Smoking male marijuana leaves is like smoking a roll of toilet paper.

Police had to reduce the value of their catch from $160,000 to zero, and the charges against the gang were dropped.

Boy accidentally shoots friend then in distress turns gun on himself

Child holding gun illustration 
By: David Ross

A 7-year-old boy watched in horror as his brother and friend were killed while playing with a gun.

A 13-year-old boy accidentally shot his friend in the head with a gun he found in his house.

Then, because he was in distress, he turned the gun on himself and took his own life, while the 7-year-old child, who is the younger brother of one of the victims, watched as the incident unfolded.

13-year-old Vutiri Mashabane and his 11-year-old friend found the gun in Mashabane’s house on Friday afternoon in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

The gun owner, who is the boyfriend of the mother of the 13-year-old boy, has been arrested.
It all began when, Goodness Mashabane, 41, asked her son to push the fruit and vegetables to their home in a wheelbarrow.

When he was home without supervision, Vutiri Mashabane went to get the gun. The boys played with the gun when it accidentally discharged and shot the 11-year-old in the head. In distress over what he did, the 13-year-old killed himself.

Police captain Nelson Khoza said that the mother’s 63-year-old boyfriend has been arrested and will appear in the Mhala Magistrate’s Court on charges of negligence with a firearm.

Woman drives her car into lake while texting on her phone

The car in the lake 
By: Debbie Gross

A woman found herself in a lake after she was too busy texting while driving, according to police reports in Maryland.

It seems like the phones are getting smarter, but the people who use them are getting dumber.

Charles County Police said that a local woman, 25, admitted to police that she drove directly into a lake in Waldorf because she was too busy texting at the wheel on Tuesday.

The Sheriff's Office said the woman drove off the road, hit a tree and bounced into the Westfield lake.

The unidentified woman was able to escape through a window and was taken to a local hospital after suffering minor injuries. It is not known what the woman was texting at the time of the accident.

Police said that charges are pending against the woman.

Three arrested after beating tourist with tire iron in Manhattan

Hatem Farsakh 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Three men were arrested and charged with assault related charges after they allegedly beat a tourist with a tire iron in New York City, according to court proceedings.

Now, one of the three men, who was set to go on trial for beating the tourist with an iron bar in Greenwich Village in January, has gone missing, and authorities think he's trying to flee from the United States in order to escape justice.

Hatem Farsakh did not show up in court for his pretrial hearings, claiming a family emergency, and the court has issued arrest warrants against him.

"We do not know where he is. His parents do not know where he is," his attorney, James Kirshner, said.

"I think he's still in the United States because when I call his cell phone number there is a regular ring," he added.
The trial will go ahead without the 24-year-old, with opening statements starting on Monday morning.

"His trial will begin without him, and, of course, the jury will be properly instructed," Supreme Court Judge Edward McLaughlin said.

The police said Farsakh, Sherif Rizk, 22, and Mahmoud Habib, 30, all of Brooklyn, brutally beat Kevin McCarron of Andover, Massachusetts.

Farsakh and Rizk told police that the fight began after McCarron yelled racist insults at them.

Man in Brooklyn homeless shelter hospitalized after being stabbed with icepick

Icepick illustration 
By: Sarah Weiss

A man in Brooklyn, New York, is in critical condition after being stabbed with an icepick inside a homeless shelter, according to police reports.

Brooklyn Police said that a 34-year-old man is in critical condition after being stabbed with an icepick in a homeless shelter Brooklyn on Saturday.

The victim was stabbed in the neck and chest inside the shelter in Greenpoint around 12:30 am, police said. He was transported to Bellevue Hospital.

Two men, ages 48 and 50, were arrested at the scene, but have not yet been charged, authorities said.

The shelter with 200 beds located at 400 McGuiness Boulevard, opened last summer for men with mental illness and substance abuse problems.

Some local activists have opposed the shelter, alarmed that sex offenders are among those housed there.
Councilman Steve Levin, Democrat, Greenpoint, fought against opening the shelter, citing security concerns.

Man jailed after crashing car while wearing fake breasts

Jonathan Harty 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested, charged and convicted of driving under the influence related charges after crashing his car while dressed with fake breasts, according to court proceedings in Washington.

Seattle prosecutors said that a local man, who crashed his car while high on methamphetamine, not wearing pants and wearing fake breasts, was sentenced on Friday.

Jonathan Harty, 31, will serve 29 months in prison for the April 20 incident, during which he crashed into 3 cars at 100 miles per hour on a highway in Seattle.

Harty's two daughters, ages 4 and 6, were in the car when the incident occurred. Harty had put them into his car around 11:30 am, telling them that they are going to a toy store.

Police said they found a bottle full of urine and a pair of panties next to Harty's feet. Arresting officers also noted that Harty said he was having a dream that he was in a car accident.

"I would like to apologize to my family and my two daughters," Jonathan Harty said in court on Friday. "I have no excuse for what I did. There is no excuse for that," he also said.

The two girls suffered bruises. The youngest child apparently still has nightmares about the incident.

A passenger in one of the cars suffered a head wound that required 50 stitches.

Harty was charged with vehicular assault, hit and run, reckless driving, and DUI.

In addition to serving jail time, Harty also lost his license for seven months. This is his third conviction for DUI.

Rape victim seen on video slapping her attacker inside police station

Woman slaps attacker 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A woman was seen on video slapping the man, who tried to rape her, while police officers watched and did nothing.

The woman was riding on a train when a man allegedly forced himself onto her and tried to rape her.

The woman, who works as a nurse, had been traveling on a train in the early morning in Mumbai, India, when a drunk man boarded the train.

The woman alleges that the 27-year-old drunk man tried to rape her. He has also been charged with attempted murder.
The nurse raised the alarm on the train, therefore, the attacker went off at the next stop. The man was arrested by the local police.

The woman went to the police station to give a full report of the incident. While she was at the police station, officers brought in the assailant. Doctors had just finished a medical examination on the man.

When she saw the man, the nurse confronted him. Police said she wanted to talk to him and give him a piece of her mind, but the exchange became heated.

There were at least three police officers in the room. Two were standing next to the criminal, who was handcuffed at the time.
During the heated exchange, the victim suddenly slapped the man in the face. When police officers did not stop her, she repeatedly slapped him as officers looked on.

Man arrested after catching wife in bed with police officer

By: Shifra Unger

A distressed husband landed in jail after he found his wife in bed with another man, who turned out to be a police officer.

Peter Takavingofa, 25, was arrested after he allegedly bit the man, whom he caught sleeping in his bed with his wife.

Police officer Denhere Malvern, who is a member of the Chinamora police department in Zimbabwe, claimed the husband bit him during an altercation.

The officer claimed that he went to the couple’s house at 11:00 pm when he heard their was fighting between Takavingofa and his wife. The officer claimed that when he approached the husband he attacked him and bit him on the arm.

But Takavingofa denied the allegations. He has a total different version of the story.
Takavingofa told police that officer Denhere attacked him with an iron bar after he found the officer in bed with his wife.

Takavingofa said that when he came home, the door was locked. He heard voices coming from the house, but when he knocked, no one answered. He proceeded to crawl into the house through an open window. That is when he found his wife in bed with the officer.

The man said that the officer hit him with an iron bar before arresting him and forcing his wife to make a false report of domestic violence.
Takavingofa was jailed and is awaiting trial.

Woman finds daughter, 14, in bed with two grown men, including a sex offender

Lynwood Daryl Locklear, and Joseph Carl Thomas, 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A mother in Goldsboro, North Carolina, was angry when she found her daughter sleeping next to two grown men.

The girl woke up when her mother walked into the room, however, the men were fast asleep.

Police were called to the home in the 600 block of E. Walnut Street, where they found the teen running from the home with her mother chasing her.

The mother told the responding officers that she and the teen's grandmother discovered her in bed with two men. Both men were still in the house when police arrived.

Lynwood Daryl Locklear, 31, and Joseph Carl Thomas, 32, were arrested Saturday in Goldsboro after they were caught in bed with the 14-year-old girl.

Locklear, who is a registered sex offender, was charged with the statutory rape. He was booked in the Wayne County Jail in lieu $500,000 bond.
Thomas was charged with indecent liberties with a child and was placed in the Wayne County Jail in lieu of $45,000 secured bond.

Police show up after woman begs boyfriend to stop farting

Woman holding her nose 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Police officers rushed to the scene of what was reported as a domestic violence incident.

However, when they arrived at the scene, the police officers had a good laugh as the domestic violence dispute turned out to be the woman's dramatic reaction to her boyfriend, who was passing gas.

Turns out that a concerned neighbor, who lives in the same apartment complex in Clawson, Michigan, called police after hearing what sounded like a domestic violence dispute between a woman and her boyfriend.

The neighbor heard a woman screaming repeatedly "Stop! No." The neighbor thought the woman was possibly being beaten, Clawson police chief Harry Anderson said.

Officers take domestic disputes very seriously and they arrived at the residence within minutes. When they knocked at the door of the home, the woman answered the door and was surprised to see the officers.

When she was questioned by the officers, about her screaming she replied that she had indeed been yelling at her boyfriend to stop farting.

"The woman said her boyfriend had continued to pass gas, and she yelled at him to stop," Anderson said.
The officers then "cleared the scene quickly," the police report jokingly states.

This is not the first time police were called over a boyfriends passing gas. In another incident, Deborah Ann Burns, 37, of Florida, was arrested for stabbing her boyfriend in the stomach after he farted in her face.

Teenagers turn McDonald’s into fine dining restaurant with their own dishes

Cameron Ford and Adam Welland at McDonald's, 
By: Moses Gold

Two teenagers exchanged their McDonald’s foam trays and plastic forks for fine china dishes and nice cutlery.

The teenagers came up with a unique way to have an upscale restaurant experience at a very low price.

Cameron Ford and Adam Welland, who are both 15-years-old, were enjoying fine dining at a McDonald's fast food restaurant in Kingston, London, United Kingdom.

The two brought to McDonald’s their own white tablecloth, cutlery, candles and wine glasses. They even had a table centerpiece made ​​of straw.

While some customers and staff members were amused by their creativity, other staff members were not so happy about it.
After setting up their fancy table, the students were asked to leave McDonald’s for bringing in their own dishes.

The students thought their choice of dishes were harmless and remained puzzled as to why they were asked to leave.
"It was just standard knives and forks. Clearly, we were not planning to take over the entire McDonald’s," Adam tweeted.

William Peachey, 15, took the photo of his friend’s night out at McDonald’s as they were enjoying the food.
After they were asked to leave, some customers, who enjoyed the site of the beautifully set table, asked staff members to allow the two to stay.

And they did, they stayed until they finished their meal. Then, they packed up their stuff and left.
Welland later clarified that he and Ford are not in a relationship, and that the meal was done just for fun.

"We are aware of the customers, who dined at our Kingston restaurant on Saturday night. We are pleased that we were able to offer them an affordable treat,” a McDonald’s spokesperson said.

“We are happy to provide plastic cutlery to those customers who request it. We ask that any items brought in by customers, such as cups or plates, are used responsibly and taken away with them after use,” the spokesperson added.