Low on money but need a car? Just rent for the hour

Zipcar car illustration 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) More companies are offering consumers the option to rent a car by the hour.

Sharing a car used to mean pushing into cars with coworkers in the neighborhood carpool, or perhaps borrow the keys from a friend to run a quick errand.

Now, car sharing services have a whole new look, and are ready to zoom in popularity because they offer alternatives to the millions of people who want to use their own vehicles.

A recent study by research firm Navigant Research predicts that the number of members, who will subscribe to car sharing services around the world, will soar by more than 420 percent by the end of this decade, from the current 2.3 million to more than 12 million.

It expects global revenues to grow even faster, from an anticipated $1 billion this year to $6.2 billion in 2020.

To tap the market potential, Hertz, Avis and others traditional car rental companies recently purchased companies in the short-term car rental space, such as ZipCar. Daimler AG has its own car sharing service, car2go.

Car sharing services offer an alternative to the traditional approach of renting cars for those who need a vehicle for just one hour, instead of those who want a car for one day or more. In most cases, customers have access to parking lots and even cars parked on the street.

Israeli forces raid Kenya shopping mall to end terrorist siege

Soldiers rain Kenya shopping mall 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Israeli forces have joined efforts in Kenya to end a deadly siege launched by a Somali militia on a Nairobi mall, a security source said on Sunday.

"The Israelis have just entered the premises and are rescuing the hostages and the wounded," the source said.

At least 59 people have been confirmed dead in the Somali militia attack on a luxury shopping mall in Nairobi, a government minister said on Sunday, while Kenyan troops clashed with gunmen still holding an undetermined number of hostages.

Heavy gunfire was heard. Kenyan security officials said that they were trying to kill or capture the remaining attackers and end the 24 hour bloodbath in the Westgate Mall.

Among the dead were renowned poet and Ghanaian statesman Kofi Awoonor. Al-Qaida inspired al-Shabaab rebels in Somalia said the killing in the Israeli owned property was in retaliation for Kenya's military intervention in Somalia, where African Union troops are fighting Islamists.

Interior Minister Joseph Ole Lenku said 59 people died.

"A number of attackers are still in the building, ranging from 10 to 15 armed men," he said in a statement. "We believe there are some innocent people in the building, that is why the operation is delicate," he said.

Israeli Soldier killed by Terrorist attack in Hebron

Israeli soldier outpost in Hebron 
By: Aryeh Savir

An IDF soldier was fired upon by Arab Terrorists and critically wounded a short while ago in Hebron. There are reports that snipers fired on a military post, one soldier taking fire to the neck. The soldier was evacuated by MDA to a Jerusalem hospital.

The soldier later died from his wounds.

The Hebron area is currently under complete lockdown and large security forces have gathered at the scene. Searches have commenced for the attackers.

This attack takes place amidst the traditional Sukkot celebrations currently underway in Hebron. The main event is scheduled for tomorrow.

Groom dies after taking 5 Viagra pills before going home from his wedding

Bride and groom illustration 
By: John Roberts

A man died on the night of his wedding after he overdosed on Viagra.

He wanted to make it an impressive night for his young bride, but unfortunately, the pills killed him.

The groom from Yemen died while preparing to sleep with his new wife on his first day as a married man.

When all wedding guests have gone home, the groom was getting ready to join his wife in their new home. However, before he left the wedding hall, the 25-year-old groom took five Viagra pills.

When he arrived, he started sweating heavily and felt his heart throbbing. He then fainted and collapsed. Emergency workers rushed him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead despite medical attempts to revive him.

There have been several reports of heart attack, and even deaths linked to Viagra. A study suggests that Viagra can encourage blood platelets to clump together and clot in some circumstances.

Medicine Control Agency figures show that 86 men, who were taking Viagra, have died since 1998, the vast majority from heart-related problems. However, Viagra manufacturer Pfizer, insists that the drug is not to blame.

Doctors advise men with unstable cardiovascular disease, including history of heart disease, to stay away from the drug and for those who do take Viagra, doctors warn that one should do so only under a doctor’s supervision.

Two female corrections officers arrested after performing oral sex on inmate

Dorothy Pennington and Regina Antoinette Edwards  
By: John Roberts

Two female corrections officers lost their jobs for going beyond their duty in satisfying inmates.

Making inmates comfortable while being locked up is a noble act, but giving them oral sex is another story.

Regina Antoinette Edwards, 44, of Waco, Texas, and Dorothy Kristen Pennington, 22, of McLennan County, Texas, were arrested after being accused of improper act with a person in custody.

The woman are accused of kissing and performing oral sex on a male prisoner inside his cell at the Jack Harwell Detention Center where they worked as correctional officers.

Both were arrested on warrants issued by Judge Walter H. "Pete" Peterson.
Edwards was arrested on Tuesday after an inmate confessed that the corrections officer gave him oral sex on four occasions.

Police recorded 16 phone calls between Edwards and the inmate. The inmate called Edwards on her personal phone and they discussed their "romantic relationship." Edwards was released from jail after posting $5,000 bail.

Pennington remained jailed in lieu of $5,000 bail after her arrest. The criminal complaint states that Pennington confessed to kissing and giving oral sex to a male prisoner in his prison cell.

Woman kills man after falling off balcony and landing on top of him

Woman hanging laundry on balcony illustration 
By: David Ross

Two people were killed in a freak incident.

A 20-year-old woman accidentally fell over her balcony.

The woman landed on top of a 60-year-old man, killing him instantly.

The woman fell from her third floor balcony while she was hanging her laundry in Uttar Pradesh, India. Police confirmed that both, the man and woman, died at the scene.

The incident occurred about 11:30 am on Thursday, when the woman, who was identified as Poonam Tiwari, was hanging clothes on the clothesline. Suddenly, her foot slipped. She lost her balance and fell three stories below.

At the time of the incident, Om Prakash was cleaning the drain on a balcony three stories below. Tiwari fell on top of him. He suffered serious head injuries. Both victims were taken to the district hospital where they were pronounced dead.

The woman was renting the house with her husband Ramakant Tiwari. The husband was away at the time of the accident and she was home alone. Police believe it was an accident, and do not suspect any foul play, a police spokesperson said.
The video below shows a woman hanging laundry in India.

Sheriff’s deputy convicted of raping child at his girlfriend’s babysitting business

Randy Spencer 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A man is facing 15 years to life in prison for raping a child, who was brought to his girlfriend’s babysitting business.

The man is not just an ordinary person. He was a deputy sheriff as well as a corrections officer.

Randy Spencer, 28, of Ohio, should have known better. He was supposed to uphold the law. Anyone in law enforcement who is in the position of enforcing the law on other people, needs to be held accountable and on a higher standard.

Jurors in Marion County, deliberated for about four hours over two days before finding Spencer guilty of four counts of rape. He was convicted of raping a 5-year-old girl while she was in his care.

The despicable crime took place over a period of a few months. Spencer's girlfriend runs a babysitting business. When she was unable to be with the children, Spencer filled in and played the role of the babysitter. On some of those occasions when he looked after the children he raped the 5-year-old child.

After his conviction, Defense attorney Rocky Ratliff said that Spencer still denies the charges. He said prosecutors had no physical evidence against Spencer. He is disappointed with the jury's decision and will appeal the conviction.

Family gets criminal trespass warning from police after kids are too noisy at Applebee's

Eli Gau, Lillian Maliti with their kids 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Going to Applebee’s with your children might land you a criminal trespass charge.

A couple with their two children were thrown out of Applebee’s at 9:15 pm because their kids were too noisy.

Applebee’s prides itself for being a child friendly restaurant, but that was not the case for one African-American family.

Eli Gau and his wife Lillian Maliti of Katy, Texas, were not only asked to leave Applebee’s, but police were called and the couple received a criminal trespass warning notice. All this happened because their two young children allegedly walked around and made noise.

The couple feels "heartbroken" and "disrespected" after authorities were called to Applebee’s because of the bad behavior of their children. The couple admit that their sons Ryan, 3, and 1-year-old Ethan, can be a handful.

"They are active, they act like children. They are not adults," the father said. However, nothing was going on that warranted us to be thrown out or for police to be called.

When three-year-old Ryan walked away, Gau brought him back to the table. "As I grabbed him and walked back to the table the manager asked us to leave," Gau said.

When they walked out of Applebee's, they were confronted by the Harris County Deputy Sheriff, who handed the family a criminal trespass warning notice.

The restaurant, which is marketed as a "family friendly" place, has apologized for the incident. An Applebee’s spokesperson said the management team mishandled the situation.

Woman shows off dress made with 300 cupcakes

Cupcake dress 
By: Debbie Gross

Cupcakes do not only taste delicious they can be made into nice dresses, according to photos uploaded to the Internet.

A dress made with hundreds of cupcakes has been manufactured specifically for Food Network United Kingdom.

The unique item was prepared and presented on the occasion of National Cupcake Week.

Inspired by Marie Antoinette and designed by Janis Morrison, 300 purple, pink and red cupcakes were used.

The dress also made it as the world's most expensive cupcake.

It cost a total of 768 pounds, and it contained Hawaiian AA tea, Chateau d'Yquem wine, Ritz Escoffier, Charbonnel et Walker chocolates, and peach and champagne jam.

The cupcake dress is partially covered with edible 24 carat gold leaf.

On Saturday, Food Network United Kingdom aired a series of programs focused on the cupcake, including Bake with Anna Olson, Barefoot Contessa, Cupcake Wars and Ace of Cakes.

The channel is available on Freeview 41, Sky 262, Virgin 287 and Freesat 403.

Massachusetts doctor arrested after shipping child porn to his office

Richard Keller 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A doctor was arrested and charged with child porn related charges after he allegedly sent child porn to his office, according to prosecutors in Massachusetts.

Now, the doctor, who worked at a prestigious boarding school, is finalizing a plea agreement with federal prosecutors in the case of child pornography.

Richard Keller of Andover, pleaded not guilty last year to possessing and receiving child pornography. Authorities said some of the material was sent to the student health center in the elite Phillips Academy in Andover, where he was the medical director for 19 years, until he resigned in 2011.

Keller, 57, faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison, including a mandatory minimum five years for the charge of receiving child pornography. He is accused of having pictures and videos of children between the ages of 7 and 16 years, who were engaged in sexually explicit conduct.

Keller quit from Phillips Academy after school officials said they would not renew his contract.

Investigators said that when they searched the records of an unnamed foreign company suspected of making child pornography movies they found the name of Keller, who ordered over 50 titles, which they sent to two addresses.

One was a post office box he had rented and the other was the health center for students at Phillips Academy, whose alumni include presidents George W. Bush, George HW Bush, and John F. Kennedy Jr.

When investigators searched the home of Keller, they found 500 glossy prints and several dozen DVDs of child pornography.

California woman jailed for life after kicking her fiance’s daughter to near death

Duewa Abeana Lee 
By: Sarah Weiss

A woman was arrested, charged and convicted of child torture related charges after she tortured her fiance’s daughter according to court proceedings in California.
Now, the woman was sentenced to life in prison.

Prosecutors said that a girl, who had been beaten with electric cables, burned with an iron, stapled in the ear, thrown down the stairs and kicked in the stomach to near death, stood in court on Thursday and forgave the woman, after she was sentenced for doing it to her.

Sacramento Superior Court Judge Cheryl Chun Meegan sentenced Duewa Abeana Lee, 35, to an indeterminate life term on the torture conviction, plus another nine years and four months for the other charges related to the abuse suffered by the child, who is now 14-years-old.

The case came to light on September 30, 2011, when Lee, who was engaged to marry the girl's father, took the victim to a Department of Motor Vehicles in the Sacramento area.

When Lee left her alone for a moment, the girl turned to a woman at the DMV office and said: "Please, please help me."

Within minutes, the police went to the office to review the information that was passed along by the girl to a DMV employee.

They heard a story of one of the worst cases of child abuse they had ever encountered. In her testimony at trial, the girl said the torture of Lee began at the time of the arrest of her father, Wade Carter, who later was convicted and imprisoned for theft. The beatings continued, she said, until the day I asked for help at the DMV office.

Mother seen throwing her baby in the air at beach

Edison Cramer launched into the air 
By: Moses Gold

A photo of a mother throwing her baby in the air at the beach has become a viral hit.

The last person you would expect throwing a baby in the air at a beach is a mother, but that's what happened when a woman accidentally dropped her child during a photo shoot.

A photo of Elizabeth Cramer launching her six-month-old son Edison in the air while trying to appear playful, has become popular on the Internet.

It was taken in August in San Clemente, California, when the mother was trying to calm the baby down so that the photo shoot would be easier.

"She swung him around a few times, but the last time I heard my wife just saying, ‘Ahhhh!’" Father Steve Cramer, 32, said.

"So I turned around and saw my son doing complete back flip, landing on his back in the sand," the father said.

Fortunately, Edison was not injured, but his father did admit that the baby had been crying.

"He cried a little. My father is a pediatrician and looked at him and he said: ‘Oh, he will be fine,’” Cramer added.

The picture showed the baby flying at full speed through the air. It has attracted more than two million views on Reddit, so far.

Man arrested after urinating on produce inside supermarket

Produce section at a supermarket illustration 
By: Debbie Gross

A man was arrested and charged with vandalism related charges after he allegedly urinated on produce at a local supermarket, according to police reports in Sweden.

Police said that the man caused damage of about 700 crowns, or $110 in a supermarket in Gothenburg.

The incident happened at a branch in the city Hemkop when the man relieved himself at the fruit and vegetable section of the store. Police were called after stunned onlookers reported that the man had emptied his bladder on a selection of apples and oranges.

"It's the first time I've heard about such an incident," Victor Prastbacka of the Gothenburg Police said.

He added: "Apparently, the fruits were flushed down the drain.”

When police arrived at the scene the man was aggressive and had to be restrained by guards. It is understood that the man was drunk and was later taken to the police station.

"We are going to question him when he calms down," a police spokesperson said.

The man was arrested on the spot and later charged with vandalism.

"We will contact the prosecutor and try to get a hearing as soon as possible," the spokesperson said.