Rami Levy selling smartphone with Haredi kosher certification

Smartphone illustration 
By: David Ross

While Haredi Jews are celebrating the holiday season, the first ultra-Orthodox Jewish kosher smartphone device was revealed.

The device is being manufactured and marketed specifically for Haredi businessmen, who need the phone for calls, text messages, and the use of advanced applications, but do not want to compromise on spiritual values.

Since 2004, the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community began using only kosher handsets. These phones allow phone calls only, and are sold by all cellular companies in Israel.

The fact that the devices do not allow sending text messages or any other use, has significantly lowered the prices of these phones.

Recently, despite the massive campaign waged by Haredi rabbis against smartphones, the first kosher smartphone was revealed.

The kosher smartphones will be sold by Rami Levy. It is expected that other phone companies will begin selling kosher smartphones at a later time.

Hello Kitty beer geared for women now for sale

Hello Kitty beer 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Hello Kitty was always known as a kid friendly character.

So why would a company produce a beer that might entice kids to try alcohol beverages?

Apparently, Hello Kitty is targeting adults who are kids at heart. The Hello Kitty beer is produced by a brewery in Taiwan, and distributed there and in China.

Just like many child-friendly products, the beer has a fruity taste. The company has produced the beer in flavors such as banana, peach and lemon-lime.

The Hello Kitty beer has a relatively low alcohol content, 2.3 to 2.8 percent, for easy drinking, which is geared toward women.
Many people are concerned that the cute packaging will attracted young teens to the drink.

However, the Hello Kitty producer, Sanrio, insisted that the beer is not marketed to minors, rather to the customers, who have grown up with the brand. The company also said that Hello Kitty is all grown up now, as it is turning 40, and grownups can have beer.

Man calls police after finding peace of cork in his wine

Glass of wine illustration 
By: Eva Fett

A man became very angry after finding a piece of cork in his wine so he decided to call police, according to police reports in the United Kingdom.

Manchester Police said that a customer at a bar, who called police after seeing a piece of cork floating in his wine glass, is included in a list of strange 999 (police) calls.

The drinker contact the police when he got into a dispute with the staff, who denied him a refund.

He was warned that he could be fined for the appropriate call, but no action was taken after the incident at Bluu in Manchester.

“This type of calls tie up the police lines,” Inspector Phil Spurgeon of the Greater Manchester Police said.

"While a call manager is dealing with a call like this, someone else could be facing a real emergency. People who call 999 for inappropriate reasons could be fined,” he also said.

Other strange calls during the summer include a man asking for pregnancy pills and another of a man who claimed that his parking space had been stolen.

Athlete uses fake private parts to pass drug test

Devis Licciardi 
By: Moses Gold

A popular athlete was accused of using a fake private part in order to pass his drug test.

Athletes have taken unusual steps to try to hide their doping, but Devis Licciardi seems to have gone a step further.

The 27-year-old is accused of using an artificial penis to try to beat a post-race test for banned substances.

The runner, who had just finished a 10 kilometer road race, allegedly hid the device in his underwear and tried to divert uncontaminated urine through it for a doping sample.

Licciardi told a doctor he wanted to be alone during the test, but his request was denied, and he was trapped.

The long distance runner with the Italian Air Force team, will be questioned by Olympic officials in Rome on Wednesday.

He faces a long ban if found guilty of trying to beat the test.

"An investigation has been launched and Devis Licciardi will appear before a doping disciplinary panel,” the Italian National Olympic Committee said.

Fake penises and uncontaminated urine bags can easily be purchased on the Internet.

Cloned cow attacks scientist who created it

Professor Park Se Pill with the cloned cow 
By: Eva Fett

A was hospitalized with broken bones after he was attacked by the cow he cloned.

Professor Park Se Pill, 54, of South Korea, is a world-renowned embryologist, who is known for his ability to clone animals. He was attacked by the very cow he “created.”

He was hospitalized and will need at least eight weeks of treatment for his injuries.

Se Pill, who is a professor at the Jeju National University, had five broken ribs and injuries to his spine caused by the cloned cow during the attack.

"Se Pill was recording a video of the black cow, which he cloned four years ago, when it suddenly charged at him and attacked him for about 15 minutes," a university official said. The black cow weighs over 1,700 pounds. Park could not easily escape because he wore a special outfit and long boots.

Se Pill cloned the black cow by using a frozen cell, which was taken from a dead cow. Park has been recognized as one of the world’s leading cloning scientists.

Professor Se Pill said he is striving to clone human embryonic stem cells to help cure degenerative diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Cloning human embryonic stem cells will be a breakthrough that no scientist has ever managed to achieved.

Florida man arrested after paying his water bill with cocaine

Cocaine illustration 
By: Debbie Gross

A man was arrested and charged with illegal drug possession related charges after he allegedly tried to pay his water bill with cocaine, according to police reports in Florida.

Florida authorities announced today that cocaine cannot be used to pay water bills or any other bills for that matter.

The Deltona Water office of Florida, said that a customer tried to use illegal drugs to settle his account.

Employees were surprised when the man entered the office of the company on Monday morning, and handed them an envelope with white powder inside.

Fearing that it might be a toxic chemical, the building was evacuated.

The Sheriff's Office of Volusia County, and a hazardous materials team, were called to check the substance.

"Interestingly, it was just crack," Sheriff spokesperson Brandon said.

The man's identity has not been revealed yet, and the investigation is still ongoing, he said.

Newborn has no mother as officials in Germany agree to list transgendered parent as father

Pregnant transgendered man illustration 
By: Debbi Gross

A newborn baby will legally have no mother after he was born to a transgendered man.

Officials in Europe have agreed to list the transgendered man as the baby’s father on the birth certificate.

The transsexual man is the first in Europe to give birth to a baby after getting pregnant through a sperm donor.

The man, who was born a woman, delivered his baby with a midwife in the Neukoelln district of Berlin. He insisted on a home birth because he refused to be listed as the mother on hospital documents, which is a legal requirement in Germany.

The father, who kept the reproductive organs of women, has been taking hormone replacement therapies for years to change her sex.

Details about the sperm donor has been withheld from the public as the father wanted to protect his child. It is official that the child does not have a mother, as the father is a single parent.

"The person in question did not want to appear as the mother, but rather as the father on the birth certificate, and that request has been honored," a spokesperson for the Berlin Senate Administration for Internal Affairs said.

The father also demanded that the sex of the child not be disclosed. Authorities denied the request and announced the child was a boy.

In 2011, the German Supreme Court ruled that a person did not have to have their reproductive organs removed "for civil legal recognition of the perceived gender." That's why the transgender was able to be listed as the father of the child without removing the female reproductive organs.

According to sources, the state welfare office in Germany intends to closely monitor the child in case of "psychological problems" as this is the first such case in the country.

This is the first case in Europe of a child born to a transsexual father, but in the U.S., the case of Thomas Beatie, the transgender man who has had three children, is well-known.

Beatie was seeking a divorce from his wife, but was rejected because the judge said he failed to prove if he was a man when he married.

Texas man gets drunk by brewing beer in his stomach

Man with beer belly illustration 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A man was admitted to the hospital after he was feeling sick.

Doctors determined that the man drank too much alcohol.

A breathalyzer confirmed that the man was indeed very intoxicated. He was nearly five times over the legal driving limit of Texas. However, the man insisted that he had not touched a drop of alcohol that day.

Doctors put him under 24-hour observation and noticed that whenever he ate something with starch, like bread, a bagel or pasta, his belly produced a yeast.

The yeast, which is called Saccharomyces cerevisiae, accumulated in his intestinal tract, which then brewed into beer, as the yeast fermented the sugars into ethanol, which is pure alcohol.

The Texas man gave a new meaning to the term "beer belly" after being diagnosed with a rare medical condition where he gets drunk without touching a drop of alcohol. The 61-year-old is suffering from a rare disease called Gut fermentation syndrome, also known as auto-brewery syndrome.

Before his diagnosis, his wife accused him of being a secret alcoholic as he was often drunk. He woke up drunk and sometimes suddenly appeared drunk at church and at work.

Doctors finally diagnosed his condition. “He got drunk out of the blue. His wife was so dismayed about it, she even bought a Breathalyzer," Barbara Cordell, dean of nursing at Panola College in Texas, said.

Now, Cordell started researching the condition of human-produced brewer's yeast. The man was told to stay on a low carb diet and was prescribed antifungal medication. Thankfully, this combination is keeping the man's intestines clean and sober.

Government to give birth control and condoms to 10-year-olds

Handing out birth control illustration 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) How young is too young to officially have sex? Apparently, the government feels that 10-years-old is the right age.

The Ministry of Health and Child Care in Zimbabwe, is pushing the distribution of contraceptives to kids starting at 10-years-old. The initiative officials said is designed to reduce teenage pregnancies.

Among the contraceptives are birth control pills, birth control implants, birth control injections and condoms.

Currently, there are over 90 centers and clinics around the country, which are already dispensing contraceptives to teenagers through the National Family Planning Council of Zimbabwe (ZNFPC). However, that was geared towards older teens and adults.

Now, the government wants to allow young children from age 10 to be able to walk into a center and receive free birth control and condoms.

In an interview, the director of the Ministry of Health and Child Care, Dr. Bernard Madzima, said that authorities made the decision after a sharp rise in teenage pregnancies and high rate of maternal mortality was reported.

According to the United Nations Population Fund, adolescents between 15 and 19-years-old make up a quarter of the 960 Zimbabwean women, who die from pregnancy-related complications every year.

Dr. Madzima said that those who visit designated clinics are advised on health issues first before being issued contraceptives. The centers also provide counseling, HIV and AIDS testing, and treatment of sexually transmitted infections.

Dr. Munongo said that as of now, boys constitute 60 percent of visits to the centers.
The World Health Organization defines adolescents as those between the ages of 10 and 24.

However, the government warns that although children can legally obtain birth control, it is not an invitation for adults to have sex with them. The law of the country dictates that anyone who has sex with a child under 16-years-old is to be arrested and prosecuted.

Three siblings commit suicide within a week over dead mother’s inheritance

The funeral, father Stout Pheto (left) 
By: David Ross

A father buried three children on the same day after they all committed suicide within a week of each other.

Stout Pheto of South Africa, spoke about the sadness of burying three of his children on the same day after they committed suicide over money from their late mother.

"It hurts for any parent to bury a child, but I had to bury three of my children in one day," Pheto said.
The siblings, two brothers and a sister, were arguing over money, which was left to them by their late mother.

The two brothers were questioning their 22-year-old sister Moipone Pheto about where she got the money for her lavish lifestyle. The brother suspected that she scammed them out of a large part of the inheritance without disclosing it to them.

On Thursday evening, after the argument, which may have caused her a lot of stress, Moipone drank poison and was rushed to a hospital where she later died.

Although the family was still mourning her death, her older brother, Molefi, 25, drank poison and died on Sunday night. The final blow came when another brother, Tumelo, 22, committed suicide on Tuesday night. Tumelo and his sister Moipone were twins.

"I was in my room when my son Molefi came and told me that his sister Moipone had died. He also said that he hated her because she had betrayed him,” the father said.

"On Sunday, Molefi packed his belongings and said he was going to his grandparents’ house," the father added. "I was shocked to receive a call saying Molefi had committed suicide. I was still mourning the death of my two children when Tumelo committed suicide on Tuesday,” Pheto said.

Pheto explained that in the weeks before their deaths, the brothers discovered that Moipone had forged Molefi’s signature on an affidavit. The father believes that Moipone had all the money from their mother’s pension fund and that's how she was able to buy a house and cars.

“I think Molefi Moipone felt guilty that his sister had committed suicide after their argument and that's why he took his life, and Tumelo followed," a broken-hearted Stout Pheto said.
The twins, Tumelo and Moipone, were buried in the same grave, and Molefi was buried next to them.

Doctors forced to amputate man’s penis after he overdosed on Viagra to impress his new girlfriend

Viagra pills 
By: Moses Gold

A man wanted to impress his new girlfriend by lasting long in bed so he took a few Viagra pills.

After taking too many pills, Gentil Ramirez Polania, 66, of Colombia, had the desired effect. However, after suffering an erection for several days he went to a nearby hospital.

Doctors found that his manhood was inflamed, fractured and showing signs of gangrene. Gangrene is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition that arises when a considerable mass of body tissue dies.

In an effort to stop the gangrene from spreading to the rest of his body, doctors said they had no choice but to remove the man's penis. "The patient was treated and is recovering well," Doctor Antonio Correa said.

Medical professionals at the Naiva Hospital, where Polania was treated, warned people not to use enhancement drugs without a prescription from a doctor in order to prevent such unfortunate incidents.
Polania was a former city council member in his hometown of Giant in the region of Huila.

An overdose of Viagra, or other brands of drugs that contain sildenafil, can cause prolonged erections, known as priapism, which can cause nausea, chest pain and irregular heartbeat. If priapism is not treated within 24 hours, the penis can be permanently damaged, hindering the achievement of an erection in the future.