Ghosts now able to find love on new dating website

A ghost looking for love 
By: John Roberts

Until recently, ghosts had nothing to do but to haunt the living hell out of people. Now, ghosts are able to find love thanks to a new ghost dating website.

The new dating website hangs over the Internet with an interesting market in mind: the dead. has some impressive profiles of potential love interests. They are a very transparent and you can see through them.

Its easy to use search feature allows you to choose among the ghosts of people, who have died horribly, mysteriously, tragically or suddenly.

One user is Phantom4u, looking spiritedly for a spirit at the age of 134. In his profile, he writes: "so I've been dead since 1902 and I'm as so bored! I just want to hang out, have fun and see what happens, not looking for anything serious.”

If you find it difficult to connect with ghosts through their profiles, the site has a feature called "Chat Now". Be careful, as it has a strange way to find out if you are a mortal. Humans have been strictly banned from the site, along with zombies and vampires.

There are even tips on how to find sexy ghosts. The website recommends to avoid kissing on the first date because their heads just pass through each other. They also advise you not to worry too much if a love interest suddenly disappears. After all, the existence in the twilight realm can be inconsistent.

The service is free, if you are interested in joining because the owners have not found a way to charge the ghosts yet.

Angry snake bites woman after being pickled for three months

Pickled snakes illustration 
By: Shifra Unger

An angry snake decided it had enough and bit a woman, who wanted some pickled snake, according to hospital officials in China.

Doctors said that a venomous snake that spent three months being pickled in an alcohol health tonic suddenly woke up and bit a woman in China.

The woman, from the city of Harbin, in northern China, has put the snake in the jar back in June. The delicacy, which is known as shejiu, is widely consumed throughout Asia, in the belief that the serpent has healing properties.

The woman, who was not identified, was pouring drinks from a tap on the bottom of the bottle when her joint pain flared up.

Nearly three months after she first made the drink, the bottle ran dry. She decided to add more alcohol in the bottle. That is when the snake started moving, suddenly slid out and struck her finger.

The family of the woman, who ran to her aid after hearing her screams, took her to a local hospital.

"Before the shejiu could have some effect on me I was sent to a hospital for a snake bite," she said.

Man files for divorce day after his wedding

Divorce illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A woman was shocked when her husband of one day told her that the marriage was over.

What was supposed to be the best time of their lives turned into a nightmare, stress and frustration for a newlywed couple.

The new husband, Simbarashe Nheta of Hwange, Zimbabwe, showed his new wife an envelope he received that morning. The envelope contained photos of her sleeping with another man just weeks before their wedding.

Sources close to the family described it as very graphic images. The woman, Stella Mbwando, has allegedly confessed to sleeping with the man in the photo, who was identified as Nyathi, only two weeks before her wedding.

"Nheta threw her out after obtaining the photos. Since then, she has been living at home with her parents. We've heard that he has filed for divorce," a close friend of Mbwando said.

The friend said that many believe that the photos could have been sent by Nyathi because he did not want her to marry her fiance.
The friend said that Mbwando and Nyathi have been seeing each other since 2008, while her fiance did not know about the relationship.

“People suspect that sending the photos was his way of getting back with Mbwando for marrying someone else,” the friend said. "His behavior was very selfish. Look at what she has lost," she added.

Nheta, who is very distressed about the situation, insisted that he will not reconsider his decision of divorce. "I'm done with her. While I was busy preparing for our wedding she was doing this s***. Her family has tried to change my mind, but I will not," he said.

"There is no way I can live with her, so I want to formalize the divorce,” he added.
Mbwando refused to talk to reporters about the situation saying she was too distressed. "Please leave me alone I have enough stress," she said.

The boyfriend, Nyathi, refuted the allegations that he sent the photos to her new husband. He claims to be equally distressed over the incident. "I have nothing to do with the leaking of the pictures and I'm very disturbed by it. I am sorry for the problems that it brought them," Nyathi said.

Woman stabs husband over snoring then blames stranger

Dawn Weiser and husband Doug Weiser 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A man is lucky to be alive after his wife stabbed him because she was fed up with his snoring.

Dawn Weiser, 44, of Arkansas, was arrested after she stabbed her husband several times because he was snoring, and then blamed his stab wounds on a stranger.

Officers were called to the couple's home after Doug Weiser, 43, awoke around 3:30 am to his wife stabbing him repeatedly with a butcher knife.

Investigators said the victim managed to wrestle the knife away from his wife before their two teenage children, who heard screaming, came to his aid.

The victim told detectives that he and his wife had argued that night about his snoring. His wife slept in another room while he slept alone in their master bedroom.

During an interview with detectives, Dawn Weiser said that she woke up to a loud noise during the night and she went to investigate only to find her husband with stab wounds. She insisted that an intruder was responsible for the stabbing.

Investigator found that her husband’s snoring had apparently bothered Dawn Weiser so much that she repeatedly mentioned it on several of her social media sites.

She was booked into the Detention Center in Washington County and charged with attempted murder. She was released after posting $25,000 bond.

Doug Weiser was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for a ruptured spleen, punctured liver and three stab wounds.
Doug Weiser reportedly filed for divorce a few days later.