Two Haredi teens beaten in anti-Semitic attack while spending Shabbat in Medzhybizh Ukraine

The tomb of the Baal Shem Tov 
By: Shifra Unger

Two teens were beaten in an anti-Semitic attack while spending Shabbat at the tomb of the founder of the Hasidic movement.

About 80 Israelis belonging to the Boyan Hasidic movement spent Shabbat in the city of Medzhybizh, Ukraine, at the tomb of the “Baal Shem Tov”.

The group also visited the tomb of another rabbi in the city of Chernivtsi.

During Shabbat, the group of Israelis suffered a serious anti-Semitic incident, which caused fear and anxiety.

On Friday night, two boys, Chaim Aleph and Yosef Vav, walked on the street on their way to the tomb for morning prayer. Suddenly, seven men, who exited a pub, began to chase them while screaming "stinking Jews return to Israel."

The two teens tried to flee from the scene, but the seven men caught up to them. The men began beating the Haredi teens. The teens suffered severe injuries.

Israeli girl, 9, hospitalized after being shot by Palestinian terrorist

Noam Glick arrived at hospital 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A young girl was hospitalized is in serious condition after an apparent Palestinian terrorist opened fire on her, according to police reports in Israel.

Police officials said that a nine-year-old girl was in a hospital on Sunday, after being injured in what police said was an apparent terrorist attack inside an Israeli controlled West Bank settlement.

Police said that it was still too early to rule out other motives for what was described as a shooting of a girl, who was playing in her garden in Psagot, which is located near Ramallah.

"It seems to be a case of a terrorist attack, although at this stage of the investigation nothing can be ruled out," police spokesperson Luba Samri said.

Police initially had said Noam Glick was in serious condition after being shot in the upper part of her body.

Doctors at a hospital in Jerusalem, where she was being treated, said Sunday that her condition is improving.
"Noam has been hospitalized in the intensive care service for children, but she is out of danger. She is conscious and her condition is stable on Sunday morning," a Shaare Zedek hospital spokesperson said.

A volunteer with the Magen David Adom emergency services, who treated Glick at the scene said the girl had seen a gunman before the attack.

"A man, whose face was covered by a hood, was carrying a gun and fired at me," Glick told the volunteer.
The Israeli military has launched an investigation.

"The fence surrounding the settlement was cut and an improvised weapon was found at the scene," an army statement said.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he is holding the Palestinian President responsible for the attack.

Man orders group to ‘kidnap’ him so he could keep his partying secret from his wife

Rogelio Andaverde 
By: David Ross

When a man was kidnaped out of his home at gunpoint, his terrified wife called police only to find that he staged it all so he can get out of his house.

Rogelio Andaverde, 34, of Texas, was arrested for organizing his own kidnapping so he could leave his wife and party with friends, police said.

The ordeal started when two masked men broke into Andaverde’s house in Monte Alto, at 10:30 pm, and ‘kidnaped’ Andaverde at gunpoint.

His frightened wife called police, who launched a manhunt that lasted several hours, and included a dozen officers and a police helicopter. Police became suspicious when they found no leads.

“I looked at the man’s history and said: ‘he’s just a regular Joe, with no criminal history, something is just not right,’” Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino said.

Investigators received a call early on Thursday morning from Andaverde’s wife, who stated that Andaverde had returned home safely. He told his wife that his captors just let him go.

Shortly thereafter, the man was taken in for questioning. He admitted that he planned the kidnapping so he could leave home and party with friends.

"Well, now he’s going to the party in jail," Trevino said. "It's funny in a way, but also very serious," Trevino added. He was charged with misdemeanor filing of a false report, and was ordered held in lieu of $5,000 bail.

Trevino said deputies are still searching for the men, who posed as the kidnappers. They also face charges.

Teen punished by school after shaving his head at cancer fundraiser

Rhys Johnson 
By: Sarah Weiss

After several family members were diagnosed with cancer, a teen decided to do his share to help raise money for cancer research.

However, a school in United Kingdom, did not appreciate his kindness, and he was punished.

The teen was not allowed into his class for a day due to a school rule against having hair cut too short.

Rhys Johnson, 14, of Milford Haven, west Wales, was taught in isolation at Milford Haven School after they said he broke the haircut rules.

Johnson had his head shaved as part of the “Macmillan Coffee Morning charity event”. He had raised money for the event and participated, after multiple family members have been diagnosed with cancer.

Johnson's classmates came to his defense, and up to 250 students walked out of school to protest his treatment. "He helped a cancer charity, and he is being punished for doing something right," student Ben Taverner said.

Johnson's mother, Lucy O'Neill, noted that the school had called to warn about their short hair policy, but by then, Johnson had collected £700 (over $1,100) and would not go back on his commitment.

The school issued a statement expressing disappointment that many classmates protested the discipline/punishment. "While the demonstration this morning by some students was disappointing and ill-advised, lessons for the vast majority of students continued normally," a school spokesperson said.

Johnson's mother was moved by the actions of her son’s fellow students. "The support he got was fantastic,” O'Neill said.

Thief caught after failing to flush toilet at crime scene

Charles Williams 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) While robbing a house in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, a thief used the family’s bathroom and then made a crucial mistake, he forgot to flush the toilet.

While most thieves are careful not to leave any trace of themselves behind, Charles Williams was different. He left behind some incriminating and stinky evidence, his feces. That, ultimately led to his arrest.

He not only left the toilet without flushing, he also accidentally dropped a dirty tissue with which he wiped his behind on the toilet floor.

Police officers took that piece of toilet paper, which had the thief’s feces, as DNA evidence.
Officials said that he stole gaming equipment, clothes and a BB gun, before relieving himself in the family’s toilet.

"At many crime scenes, they will find fluids, skin cells, saliva or blood," Brandt Cassidy, who is an expert in testing DNA in criminal investigations, said. Williams left behind the toilet paper and feces with his DNA on it.

"The type of testing used today is very, very powerful. Skin cells that rubs off when someone uses the toilet paper is sufficient to identify the person it belongs to," Cassidy added.

It took some time for the DNA testing to be processed after which authorities had to locate matching DNA, but police officers did not give up. More than a year after the crime, police finally found a match.

Court documents show the DNA from the crime scene has proved to match Charles Williams.
Williams was arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail with no bond.

Man repeatedly drugs grandmother to use her house to party with friends

Todd Richard  
By: Debbi Gross

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested after he forced his grandmother to take strong pills so he can party and do drugs with friends in her house, undisturbed.

Police launched an investigation after receiving an anonymous tip stating that Todd Richard, 34, of Lafayette, Louisiana, was abusing his 78-year-old grandmother.

The grandmother told investigators that she gave her grandson money to pay her bills. The money totaled to about $7,000 over a few months. However, she found out that her bills were not paid after her water was shut off for three weeks.

Richard’s grandmother has difficulty leaving her home. She depends on Richard to care for her. She told investigators that she did not know she was being drugged, but she did tell her grandson that she did not like to take her pills because of the way they make her feel. Her grandson insisted that she had to take the pills.

Upon questioning , Richard confessed to drugging his grandmother so he can party and smoke methamphetamine in her house.
He was arrested and booked into the St. Landry Parish Jail.

Man without pants grabs McDonald's drive thru worker as he masturbates

Steve Orville Clemons 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A man tried to use a McDonald’s drive thru worker for sex.

Steve Orville Clemons, 69, of Florida, was arrested after he stopped at a McDonald’s drive thru with no pants on and tried to get an employee to touch him while he was masturbating, according to a police report.

Clemons faces misdemeanor assault charges for the incident, which took place around 5:40 pm at a McDonald’s in Wildwood.

Clemons was at the drive thru window of McDonald’s. He ordered food, but when the cashier turned to give him his change he grabbed the woman’s hand and pulled it towards himself.

The woman realized that he had no pants on and he was masturbating. The cashier was able to pull away and close the window, according to police.

Officers found Clemons at a nearby gas station. He was still without pants, but had a t-shirt over his lap covering his privates.
Clemons was arrested without incident. He was later released after posting $500 bail.

Man wakes up $4 trillion richer after bank error

$4 trillion bank account balance 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) The richest person in the world would be considered poor to one man in Texas.

What would you do with a trillion dollars? That is the question Reggie Theus asked himself on Wednesday, when he checked his bank account and found that his balance was well over $4 trillion.

Unfortunately, the balance, which would have made Theus the first trillionaire in the world, was a mistake.

"I was definitely surprised when I looked at my account and saw all that the money there," Theus said.

Although Theus did not get to keep the money, he said he would have used some of the money to help pay the national debt.

Theus was not the only person, who suddenly had a huge amount of money in his bank account.

Molly Layes of Fort Smith, Arizona, realized a similar mistake in her South BankCorp statement earlier this week.

A South BankCorp spokesperson confirmed that its online banking system has been experiencing some technical problems.

Online banking customers balances were exaggerated for a short time on Wednesday morning, before being corrected, the spokesperson said.

Bank Errors like these are not uncommon. In India, Parijat Saha, found $9.8 billion in his bank account, which was the result of a technical problem.

Creepy man records lone female hiker while wearing ski mask

Woman who was recorded 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) We have all heard stories about women being found dead in the woods.

That is what comes to mind when you see the video, which was uploaded by one creepy guy.

The man uploaded a disturbing video to YouTube that got people scared. The video was forwarded to police in California.

The video entitled "I made a friend on the mountain," shows a woman hiking alone on the trail while the video was interspersed with images of the man, who was recording the hiker. He wore a ski mask and he was seen grinning and clenching his teeth.
It seems that the woman was unaware that she was being recorded.

Investigators tracked down the man, who uploaded the video. The man was located in Pacifica, California. He shot the footage in the Montara Mountain trail in California.

When police questioned the cameraman he was uncooperative and refused to say why he made ​​the video, repeating that he had done nothing illegal.

"The average person would apologize, but this guy was prepared and he knew his rights. He also knew that he had not committed any crime. He was prepared for the negative public attention his video got," a police officer involved in the case, said.

Man injects his son with HIV-tainted blood to avoid paying child support

Brian Stewart holding his son Bryyan Jackson 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A cruel man, who wanted his baby to die so he could avoid paying child support, was sentenced to life in prison.

Brian Stewart of St. Louis, Missouri, injected his 11-month-old son with HIV-contaminated blood while the baby was in a hospital with Asthma.

When his unfathomable evil act came to light, Stewart was sentenced to life imprisonment, and the judge called him “the worst kind of criminal.” When asked why he injected his baby with the deadly virus, Stewart said he wanted to kill his son in order to avoid paying child support.

The boy, Bryyan Jackson, whom doctors gave five months to live when he was 5-years-old, is now 22-years-old, and to the amazement of doctors he is alive and healthy. "Anyone in my situation would have died in three months, I got five months to live," Jackson said.

The side effects of the HIV medicine were terrible. Jackson lost 70 percent of his hearing. At 5-years-old, the poor boy was taking 23 different pills, two IV bags, and three daily injections.

Five months passed, and Jackson was still alive. Another year passed, he was struggling, but he was alive.

Fast forward 20-years and here Jackson is not only alive, but healthier than ever. The virus has been undetectable in his system for the past five years, something doctors have called a miraculous recovery.

"I went from 23 pills to one pill a day and now its undetectable, my T-cell count has been up, giving me zero percent chance of passing on the virus,” Jackson said.

Jackson now devotes his time to promote AIDS awareness through the organization Hope is Vital. The organization aims to
promote education on HIV/AIDS to prevent the spread of HIV, dissolve myths and reduce the negative stigma associated with being HIV positive.

Jackson admits that on many occasions throughout his life it has been very difficult. He contemplated suicide several times. Despite everything, he credits his Christian faith for giving him strength to go on.

Now, Jackson has gotten to the point where he is able to forgive his father for the misery he intentionally caused him, a move that most see as miraculous as his survival.
"I think there is salvation for everyone, and sometimes I find myself praying for the salvation of my father," Jackson said

Dramatic shootout with officer seen on video leaving man dead in front of his children

John Van Allen 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A father died from a gunshot wound while driving with three children in his car.

Police released a dramatic dash camera video of a Oregon State Police trooper. The video shows the moment a man in an army uniform pulling a gun and shooting the officer, who then fatally shot the suspect.

John Van Allen, 34, was driving his three children, a girl of 10-years-old and two boys, ages 13 and 15, when Trooper Matthew Zistel, 26, stopped him for speeding.

Allen, a former U.S. army soldier, got out of his vehicle and refused to listen to the officers, who ordered him to get back into his car.

Suddenly, Allen pulled a gun and began to fire several shots at the officer, hitting him in the left side. Allen continued to shoot as he sprinted toward the wounded officer.

A few shots were heard. Apparently, the officer shot back at Allen until Allen walked to the front of the officer’s car. Then, Allen went back into his car and drove off.

Police officers then went to look for the suspect and found him about a half a mile down the road hunched behind the wheel and bleeding from a gunshot wound to the chest.

Unfortunately for Allen and his family, he was found dead with his children in the car.
Zistel, a five-year veteran officer, was treated for his injuries at a hospital, where he was expected to recover.

A friend said that Allen, who is a father of five children, moved to Portland, Oregon, a year ago from his home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The female friend said that Allen was trying to change his life after a bad marriage, and some arrests for driving offenses and fighting.

Before this incident, things seemed to be going well for Allen. "He said the children were fine and he had gotten a new car, a new house and a new girlfriend, and everything was working for him," the friend said.

She was also surprised to learn that three of his children were inside the car during the shooting. "I cannot see him endangering these children. He has packed up and moved to get away from a bad neighborhood," she added.

A relative said that Allen was taking his children back to his native South Carolina. No one could imagine why he decided to open fire on the police.

New York taxi driver arrested after arranging honor killings of relatives in Pakistan

Street in Pakistan 
By: Sarah Weiss

A New York man was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder related charges after he allegedly arranged the honor killings of several relatives in Pakistan, according to court proceedings in New York.

It all began when an arranged marriage went horribly wrong, prosecutors said.

The arranged marriage caused a family to split into two. On one side is a woman, who was born in Brooklyn. She went into hiding after she escaped from her new husband's house in Pakistan, where she said she was being held captive by her relatives.

On the other was her father, now jailed in Brooklyn, who was so angry on his daughter, he threatened to kill those who had helped her escape the arranged marriage.

On Wednesday, federal prosecutors in Brooklyn added another charge to the case of Mohammad Ajmal Choudhry, of conspiracy to commit murder in a foreign country.

The charges came after Choudhry spent months in jail on misdemeanor charges, while stating that he had never acted on his threats, even though he had told his daughter, Amina Ajmal, in secretly recorded conversations in February: "I will take each person in your family, and kill them, until I find you."

Four days later, two people were killed in Pakistan.

Police in Pakistan said that a gunman shot and killed the father’s cousin and sister on a street in Gujrat. A witness told police he saw Choudhry's brother "standing on the victims with a pistol, and desecrating the bodies,” U.S. prosecutors said in court documents.

Police officer arrested after having sex with victim while responding to 911 call

Julio Pagan 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A police officer was arrested after he took advantage of a woman while on duty.

Julio Pagan, 31, was arrested by police in Polk County, Florida. He was charged with two counts of armed sexual battery and one count of aggravated harassment.

Pagan is accused of sexually assaulting a woman while wearing his police uniform despite the fact that he was on duty. The officer met the victim while responding to a call to investigate a domestic dispute between a mother and her daughter.

While he was at the house, the mother claims that Pagan made ​​sexual advances towards her. She said that at the time she felt the only way to get the officer to leave was to have sex with him.

Unfortunately, it was not the last she heard of him. A few days later, the officer returned and demanded sex. The victim called 911 to report the officer’s action, but he was apparently never investigated. Police are looking into the situation as to why the victim’s call was never processed.

The police officer was not done with his victim. He returned to the victim's house for sex a few weeks later. That’s when the woman decided to stop the sexual assault once and for all.

Pagan was finally arrested and taken to the Polk County Jail. “If the allegations are true, he has shamed each and every officer in this department,” Chief Lisa Womack said.

Man kills wife then himself hours after auditioning for ‘Family Feud’ game show

Kearra Hosey and Marcus Crosby 
By: Debbi Gross

(Scroll down for video) A couple was found dead in an apparent murder suicide.

Marcus Crosby, 36, shot and killed his wife, Kearra Hosey, 35,. Then, he turned the gun on himself.

A family member, who lives at the house with the couple, told police that the two had been arguing when Crosby suddenly pulled his gun and fatally shot Hosey and himself.

The couple were married for 5 months, and they lived in Joliet Township, Illinois, where Crosby worked as a security guard at the Joliet High School.

The incident took place on Monday, just after the husband auditioned for the Family Feud game show with members of his family, which did not include his wife.

“They had their ups and downs, like any marriage, but nothing this extreme,” Marilyn Coutee, who is Hosey’s aunt, said.
This was not the first time police were called to their residents. According to his police record, Crosby was arrested a few weeks ago for domestic battery.

Man dies after 5 tons of grapes fell on top of him

Wine making machine illustration 
By: John Roberts

A man was killed after a large amount of grapes fell on top of him, according to emergency workers in Spain.

Emergency first responders said that a man died after being crushed by the grapes during the annual harvest of wine production in the Spanish central region of Castilla-La Mancha.

A local rescue service said on Friday, the man was pulled from the bottom of a wine making machine in which he fell into on the day before just when a truck dumped 5.5 tons of grapes ready for crushing.

Ambulance operators and firefighters tried to revive the man, identified only by his initials AO, but he was pronounced dead shortly before midnight on Thursday.

Woman jailed after starving her son and leaving his dead body on cot for 2 years

Amanda Hutton 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested, charged and convicted of murder related charges, after she starved her little son to death and left his dead body on a cot for two years, according to court proceedings in the United Kingdom.

Now, the alcoholic, who left her dead 4-year-old son in bed for almost two years, was sentenced on Friday, to 15 years in prison.

Judge Roger Thomas said that Amanda Hutton had failed to meet the most basic responsibilities as a parent.

The mummified body of Hamza Khan, was found by police at the family home in Bradford, northern England, in September 2011. He had died in December 2009.

The judge said the boy wearing clothes made for a 6 to 9-month-old.

"Although hard to believe that such a thing can happen, it has," the judge said.

Hutton was convicted of murder on Thursday, at the Bradford Crown Court.

The judge said that the 43-year-old mother of eight children had a drinking problem and that she put her own selfish addiction to drinking before her responsibilities.

Hamzah's body was discovered when a police officer visited the home after complaints from neighbors about the dirty diapers that were thrown in their yards. The officer began to worry that something was wrong.

Hutton admitted to neglecting her five older children, aged between 5 and 13. The house was found littered with pizza boxes, soiled diapers, bottles of vodka and cat feces. It also contained the body of the child.

An investigation has been launched to determine how the abuse went unnoticed by the authorities for so long.

Montana bride charged with first degree murder after pushing husband off cliff

Jordan Linn Graham and Cody Lee Johnson 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with first degree murder after she pushed her husband off a cliff in Glacier National Park, according to court proceedings in Montana.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations said that a newly married bride pushed her husband off a cliff to his death in Glacier National Park after having doubts about her marriage. She pleaded not guilty to murder charges on Friday.

Jordan Linn Graham, 22, appeared in U.S. District Court in Missoula after a federal grand jury charged her with first degree murder, second degree murder and making a false statement to police about the death of Cody Lee Johnson.

As we reported earlier, a woman was arrested and charged with murder related charges after she allegedly pushed her husband off a cliff during a vacation, according to police reports in Montana.

Missoula Police said that the newlywed woman has been charged with murder after admitting that she pushed her husband off a cliff just eight days after their marriage.

Jordan Linn Graham, 22, appeared in federal court on Monday, and was charged with the murder of Cody Johnson.

Police said that Graham initially lied about what happened that night. She told authorities that her 25-year-old husband disappeared.

Johnson's family had requested an investigation after his body was recovered by helicopter under a scenic view known as The Loop, in Glacier National Park.

According to an FBI affidavit, during an initial interview, Graham told police she had received a text message from her husband that he was going to take a walk with a friend.

She said that she and her husband usually delete their texts, so she could not show the message in question.

Two days later, she found her husband’s dead body.
A ranger said it was unusual that she had found the body, according to the affidavit.

"It was a place he wanted to see before he died," she told police.
However, several days later, she changed her story.

She told investigators that she had been arguing with her husband when they agreed to go to the hiking trail The Loop, where the fighting got worse.

During the fight, the woman pushed her husband off the cliff.
The woman also sent a text message to a friend expressing doubts about her marriage, police said.