Man arrested after screaming ‘Yid’ during soccer game

Yid Army banner 
By: Sarah Weiss

A man was arrested and will be charged with disorderly conduct related charges after screaming the word “Yid” during a soccer game in the United Kingdom, according to police reports.

London Police said that a Tottenham fan was arrested after screaming the word "Yid" when his team lost to West Ham.

Metropolitan Police had issued a pregame warning to fans of both teams that they could be arrested if they used the inflammatory word during the London derby.

However, their plea was largely ignored and a fan was detained on suspicion of having committed a public order offense at halftime.

Tottenham fans have sent a clear message of defiance to the police by chanting "Yid Army" during the Premier League.

Yid is a term for Jew, and it is often considered derogatory, but the north London fans chant the word as an act of defiance against those who scoff because of their ties with the Jewish community.

Despite the police warning, a large part of the crowd sang "Yid Army" and "We'll chant what we want" before kick-off. The chants did not stop throughout the match.

Some fans also screamed “Yiddo” during the game.

Israeli app maker helps people all over the world find parking

Anagog app 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) People all over the world are breathing easier after an Israeli app maker released an application that will help find parking spots in real time, according to a press release by Anagog.

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours desperately searching for a parking spot. Anagog, a provider of automatic parking solution technology, reveals its parking algorithm that identifies where and when a car has been parked. Moreover, the technology detects on-street parking spaces that are about to be vacated – in real time.

Unlike competing services, Anagog doesn’t require the user’s involvement; it’s completely automatic and doesn’t affect the functionality of your smartphone.

Today, the company reveals for the first time a new service that uses the crowd-sourced parking information from apps that have integrated the Anagog service and transforms it into a real-time parking map of any urban center. The company started its pilot program in its backyard – Israel, and released a visualization of a day in the life of Tel Aviv’s over crowded parking reality.

So far, Anagog has over 100,000 users in Israel and 500,000 users worldwide. The company is announcing the new service in the midst of a new funding round that it is pursuing.

Anagog also reveals the first living parking map of an urban center, demonstrating how its technology can be used to help alleviate the pain of congested cities. An example of Anagog apps is Anagog FindMyCar which utilizes Anagog patented algorithm to automatically remember when and where the smartphone holder parked his car and get walking directions back to the car.

In addition, the company announces today that it has formed a new partnership with Parx, subsidiary of OTI Inc (Nasdaq OTIV). As part of the partnership, Parx integrated Anagog’s engine into the EasyPark service, allowing subscribers from over 130 cities worldwide to automatically get push notifications telling them when a relevant parking spot is about to be vacated. Initial projects are already in process in Europe and US.

Yaron Aizenbud, Co- CEO of Anagog: “We think that our layer for drivers gives a real solution to the growing problem of insufficient parking in crowded urban centers. We want to help drivers find parking quicker and waste less time, money, and pollution. Anagog’s technology is a ready-made, global solution for navigation systems, cellular operators, map providers, car manufacturers, and municipalities, who are constantly working to provide tailored, real- time information to their audience.”

Ofer Tziperman, CEO of Parx : “We all saw what crowdsourcing did for traffic and navigation, and we are excited to see this concept brought to the world of parking. Anagog’s unique location-based technology is a perfect complementary solution for EasyPark users that guides them every step of the process from finding the free spot to paying for the actual parking place as well as reminding the user to switch off the payment meter.”

2 Palestinians arrested after shooting 9-year-old Jewish girl

IDF jeep illustration 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) Two Arabs were arrested for the shooting of a 9-year-old Jewish girl.

Soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces and Israeli security personnel, entered the city of al-Bireh, which is in close proximity to the settlement of Psagot.

They arrested two brothers, Majd and Ala Adawi. The two are suspected of being involved in the attack on 9-year-old Noam Glick, who was playing outside her home when she was shot.

According to reports, 12 IDF jeeps entered the Palestinian city of al-Bireh, and arrested the men near the municipal court.

IDF soldiers reportedly searched several houses in the area before they found the two brothers. The two did not resisted arrest nor did any of their neighbors interfere with the IDF’s search for the suspected terrorists.

As previously reported, a young girl was hospitalized is in serious condition after an apparent Palestinian terrorist opened fire on her, according to police reports in Israel.

Police officials said that a nine-year-old girl was in a hospital on Sunday, after being injured in what police said was an apparent terrorist attack inside an Israeli controlled West Bank settlement.

Police initially had said Noam Glick was in serious condition after being shot in the upper part of her body.

Doctors at a hospital in Jerusalem, where she was being treated, said Sunday that her condition is improving.
"Noam has been hospitalized in the intensive care service for children, but she is out of danger. She is conscious and her condition is stable on Sunday morning," a Shaare Zedek hospital spokesperson said.

A volunteer with the Magen David Adom emergency services, who treated Glick at the scene said the girl had seen a gunman before the attack.

"A man, whose face was covered by a hood, was carrying a gun and fired at me," Glick told the volunteer.
The Israeli military has launched an investigation.

"The fence surrounding the settlement was cut and an improvised weapon was found at the scene," an army statement said.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he is holding the Palestinian President responsible for the attack.

Tunisia Police fire tear gas at Jews during celebration

Jewish man in Tunisia 
By: David Ross

Jews around the world are concerned after learning that Tunisian police officers stormed a Jewish gathering at fired tear gas at them.

Members of the small Jewish community of Tunisia, who live on the island of Djerba, are facing increasing persecution of the Muslim majority country, a human rights group recently reported.

"Tunisian Jews feel threatened, and are really scared," Yamina Thabet, president of the Tunisian Association Supporting Minorities said.

Like many Jewish minorities in Arab countries, Tunisia's Jewish community plummeted from a population of 100,000 in the mid 1950s to about 1,500 today.

According to the report, there have been several anti-Semitic incidents in recent weeks, including one in which police raided a holiday gathering, seized a motorcycle and fired tear gas at Jews.

Another incident involved a man who calls himself "the new Hitler". The man entered a Jewish school recently and assaulted an adult in front of students. He also assaulted two young girls. After residents filed a lawsuit against him for assaulting the two young girls, authorities detained him for 24 hours, but then, he was freed.

Dexter TV star Vince Masuka shocked by how many Israelis know him

Vince Masuka 
By: Anav Silverman

A U.S. television star expressed his shock when he realized that a lot of Israelis know him, according to a report by the Tazpit News Agency.

The first visit of C.S. Lee - popularly known as Vince Masuka from the American TV show Dexter - to Israel, was an inspiring one for the Korean-American actor. In an exclusive interview, Lee told Tazpit News Agency that there were many moving points during the trip to the Holy Land. "The visit to Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial was particularly special," recalled Lee during his last evening in the country.

Lee was part of a contingent of acclaimed prime-time TV and movie stars led by award-winning actress Lea Thompson (Back to the Future, Switched at Birth), her husband Howard Deutch, music director and producer, their two actress daughters, Zoey (Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters) and Madelyn Deutch. Vivian Bang (Sullivan & Son), Anson Mount (Hell on Wheels) and Malik Yoba (Revolution) were also part of the trip, which had been organized by America's Voices in Israel (AVI), directed by Irwin Katsof.

"There was something very different about visiting the Holocaust museum here in Israel than in the US," said Lee. "At the museum in DC, the tragedy seemed a lot more distant, whereas in Israel, it felt a lot more close and personal."

In addition to touring Jerusalem and Yad Vashem, the actors and actresses also visited the Golan Heights and Tel Aviv and met with notable Israeli personalities including hi-tech and business luminaries.

"Israel isn't the war-torn, camel-riding country that we sometimes think of in the US – I never imagined for example that there could be a city like Tel Aviv," Lee told Tazpit News Agency. “I feel very comfortable here,” he added.

On the last night of their visit, the Hollywood group met with Israeli victims of terror attacks. The encounter meant a great deal to the young Israeli victims, and was arranged through OneFamily Fund, the Israeli national organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of terror attack victims and their families.

Rebecca Fuhrman, who was injured in a terror attack next to the Jerusalem Convention Center in March 2011, told the stars that as a victim of terror, she lives with the fear of being forgotten.

"It gave us a tremendous amount of strength knowing that American celebrities wanted to spend time with us, to hear our stories on their last night in Israel," Fuhrman told the group.

"It was important for us to interact with Israelis personally and hear their experiences," said Lee.

Lee said that he was surprised by how many people actually recognized him in Israel. “I knew that Dexter was a popular show outside the US, but I never realized how popular it was in Israel. I think more people recognized me here than in America.”

Finland declares Jewish athlete winner of Olympic race 75 years late

Abraham Tokazier crossing the finish line 
By: Eva Fett

A Jewish man, who really won an Olympic race after coming in at first place, was not declared the winner.

Many year later, the man was finally declared the winner, but not officially, according to Olympic officials in Finland.

Seventy-five years after the race, Finland has apologized for saying that the Jewish runner finished in fourth place in a race he clearly won.

Abraham Tokazier ran the 100 meter race in a national competition in Finland in 1938, at Helsinki Olympic Stadium. In a picture in a local newspaper the next day, he was seen crossing the finish line first.

The Finnish Athletics Federation said that any manipulation or falsification of results is "shocking and against the basic principles of sports."

Federation President Vesa Harmaakorpi said: "I offer our humble apologies for this and for all of those who have suffered."

The spokesperson said that international rules do not allow the results to be changed. Jewish groups have for years demanded to change the outcome.

Police called after man dressed as Moses gave out donuts in front of New Jersey school

Man dressed as Moses giving out donuts 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) School officials made a fuss after a man, who was dressed as Moses, appeared in front of the school and gave students some donuts for free, according to police reports in New Jersey.

School officials urged parents to talk to their children about the dangers of interacting with strangers after the incident on Thursday morning, in which two men appeared outside the Tenafly Middle school in a red Lamborghini and handed out sweets to children.

The school is treating the incident as a teachable moment for children to be aware that they should not get into cars with people who they do not know or accept food from them.

"We encourage all parents to talk to their children about stranger danger," Ann Powell, principal of Tenafly Middle School, wrote in an alert message.

"We need to teach that students should not talk to strangers, never enter a stranger's car, and never accept food from a stranger," Powell also said.

Jon Singer, an advocate of educational support for children with special needs, acknowledged that he was one of the two men involved. Singer, the founder of the Reed Academy, a school for children with special needs in Oakland, has been embroiled in a dispute with local school officials about the best care and education program for his daughter, and how to pay for it.

Singer identified the other man, the one dress as Moses, as a friend, David Zucker. Zucker owns the Lamborghini, Singer said.

As Zucker held stone tablets high, Singer was sitting near his Mustang convertible. He was accompanied by his daughter, Rebecca, 17, who has autism, causing her problems with communication and fine motor skills.

“All the kids had a great time. I do not understand why people are upset," Singer said.

School officials were not amused. Powell said many students had their photographs taken in and around the Lamborghini and had accepted some Munchkins that Singer was offering.

"Police were called and they responded quickly," Powell wrote.

"Yes, we were asked to move a little down the road, and we did, of course," Singer said.

He said that some students used their own cell phones to take pictures.
No charges were filed.

Jewish actress Scarlett Johansson named world’s sexiest woman

Scarlett Johansson 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video)Popular Jewish actress Scarlett Johansson was named by Esquire Magazine as the world’s most sexiest woman.

U.S. actress Scarlett Johansson has been named the world's sexiest woman for the second time by Esquire magazine, the men's lifestyle magazine said in a statement.

The Avengers star was named the sexiest woman in 2006, and is the only woman, who has been given the title twice by the publication. The annual recipient of the title is chosen by the editors of Esquire.

Johansson, who rose to fame as a teenager in the 2001 cult movie Ghost World, is starring in three movies this fall. In Don Jon, she plays the girlfriend of a porn addict, and in the sci-fi thriller Under the Skin she plays a seductive alien.

Johansson has recently confirmed her engagement to Romain Dauriac, an advertising executive.

She referred to her romance as nothing she has experienced in the past, adding that she likes to know that her fiance is protective of her.

The sexiest woman last year, according to Esquire, was Jewish actress Mila Kunis.

Rihanna, British actress Kate Beckinsale, and South African actress Charlize Theron, have also been named as the sexiest women alive in previous years.

‘Pause’ machine seen on video dispensing beer to people who relax for three minutes

Pause machines 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) Who doesn’t want a free bottle of beer after a long day of work.

In a high-tech world most people don’t get a chance to take a stand still and just relax.

With cell phones ringing, constant emails and social media updates, it's hard to find time to stop looking at the screens and do nothing for a few minutes.

Amstel Bulgaria introduced their “Pause machines.” The Pause machines is a vending machine that distributes Amstel beer cans to customers, who stand still in front of it for three minutes.

The machines use motion sensors to determine if the participant has moved over the 180-second time period. If the sensor detects any movement it restart the countdown timer.

Seems like standing still is harder than we thought.
Amstel Brewery was founded in 1870 and was taken over by Heineken International in 1968.

The Amstel Pause machines have dispensed more than 1,340 cans of beer during its initial 16 day debut tour, according to the Fast Company.

Nevada woman gets sexually aroused by donuts

Sammee Matthews 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) If a man wants to get this woman into bed all he has to do is bring her some donuts.

Sammee Matthews, 42, of Las Vegas, Nevada, was diagnosed with sitophila, a condition that gives constant sexual fixation with sweets especially with donuts.

As a result of her condition, she achieves sexual arousal by eating donuts, cake and other sweets off of the body of another person.

She also uses food as a sexual stimulus.

Matthews is a mother of two children, and weighs 392 pounds.

She said that the sight of a bakery makes her aroused and weak in the knees.

She often takes her sweets in the bedroom to eat while having sex.

Her love for sugary foods has contributed to weight gain, and she tipped the scales at 488 pounds at her heaviest.

Teen buried alive by two friends in fight over dress

Zimbabwe police 
By: Debbi Gross

A woman was found in a cemetery alive after she was buried by two women in a fight over a dress.

The 15-year-old victim was buried alive in the Mkoba Village cemetery, which is located in Gweru, Zimbabwe.

The incident occurred last week on Tuesday at 8:35 pm.

The two suspects were identified only as Shora, 20, and a 17-year-old girl, who were fighting over a dress, Midlands Police spokesperson Emmanuel Mahoko said.

"Apparently, the victim borrowed a dress from one of the suspects. The suspect demanded her dress back and a misunderstanding followed. The suspects began assaulting the 15-year-old girl and then forced her to go with them to the nearby Mkoba cemetery," he said.

At the Cemetery, the two suspects dug a grave and forced the girl inside in a standing position. The two women then covered the victim up to her neck. Shorai and her 17-year-old accomplice left the victim trapped in the grave, with only her head above the ground.

The victim was trapped inside the grave for about 30 minutes before she was discovered by a passerby, who then helped her out of the grave. Police were called to the scene. The two suspects were arrested. The matter is being investigated as an attempted murder.

"Their actions may have cause great harm or even death to the victim, therefore, they were charged with attempted murder," Mahoko said.
The Midlands Police spokesperson appealed to members of the public to always seek third-party intervention to resolve disputes.

Suicidal man jailed after he survives being run over by train

William McNeil 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A man was jailed after he laid down on the train tracks and was hit by a train.

While many people think the man should have been hospitalized for his psychiatric issues, a judge saw things differently.

William McNeil, 51, of Blackburn, United Kingdom, survived after he laid down on the railroad tracks in an apparent suicide attempt and a train ran him over.

The train driver thought he had been involved in a fatal accident. He stepped on the brakes, but could not avoid hitting McNeil.

The driver stepped out of the train to look for the corpse, but instead, he found McNeil, who walked away with a relatively minor injury of a cut to his head, the Preston Crown Court heard.

Due to the accident, there was a five-hour delay with up to 20 trains affected.
"It is every train driver’s worst nightmare to see someone in front of them, and to be knocked down and run over by the train," Prosecutor Robert Elias said.

The driver sounded the horn, but the defendant did not move out-of-the-way. The driver of the train was very distraught when he hit the man thinking that he had killed the man. Instead, he found McNeil, who was drunk and confused, but thankfully alive.

After the incident, McNeil pleaded guilty for an offense of obstructing an engine. He was sentenced to 12 months in prison for the crime.

Teacher arrested after students find her passed out drunk

April Chamberlain 
By: Eva Fett

A woman blew her chances of having a career as a teacher after she was arrested for being drunk at school.

April Chamberlain, 30, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, received an opportunity to prove her teaching skills when she was hired as a substitute teacher at the Millwood High School.

Instead of taking it seriously, Chamberlain brought whisky along to school.
Chamberlain was arrested after she was found passed out and drunk, with a bottle of whiskey in her handbag.

According to the Office of the Oklahoma County Sheriff, Chamberlain was teaching a biology class. She seemed disoriented and used profanity with students.

When she passed out, students notified a coach, who then alerted the school principal.
A deputy at the scene found a bottle of whiskey in Chamberlain’s handbag, and the deputy said she smelled of alcohol.

Chamberlain also slurred her words and appeared to be unsteady on her feet. She was booked into the Oklahoma County jail and charged with public drunkenness.

Following the arrest, Millwood Public Schools Superintendent Cecilia Robinson announced that Chamberlain was just a substitute teacher and parents need not be concerned that they are exposing their children to someone who could put them in danger.

Hooters girl turns business into $1 billion brand

Kat Cole 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A former Hooters waitress is being credited with turning a company into a $1 billion business.

Cinnabon sales will reach $1 billion this year and its mostly thanks to the new president of the company, 34-year-old Kat Cole.

Cole began her career as a Hooters waitress at 17-years-old, working to help her single mother pay the bills. When Hooters offered her a life changing opportunity to open its first restaurant in Australia, she was only 19-years-old and had never been on a plane. She didn’t even have a passport.

Two weeks after returning from Sydney, Hooters asked her to open another restaurant in Central America, followed by South America, Asia, Africa and Canada.

Cole left her engineering studies and began to move up the corporate ladder, becoming vice president of Hooters during her 15 years with the company.

"I worked my buns off," Cole said.

In 2010 she moved to Cinnabon to become its director of operations. A month later she was promoted to president.

Bank refuses to help parents with savings account insisting to speak with 6 month old

Jenny Nicholls and son Harry 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Many parents set up savings accounts for their young children, but one couple did not have a smooth start.

Parents Jenny and Andrew Nicholls of England, had called the Halifax bank to correct an error in the savings account, which they had set up for their six-month-old son Harry.

Jenny Nicholls, 31, called the bank after being notified that her direct deposit into Harry’s savings account had failed due to incorrect details.

When the mother called, the operator asked if the account was in her name. When she said it was in her baby’s name, the operator apologized and said he could not talk to her on the phone, and he has to speak to the account holder.

"I'm his mother,” Jenny Nicholls said. The mother explained that Harry is too young to speak and he has not even said his first word.

However, the operator insisted that despite the account being specifically geared toward children under 16, he cannot talk to her, and that she had to go down to the branch to sort things out.

Jenny and Andrew Nicholls, 34, of Staffordshire, said that they will go down to the bank and wait the long lines, and that they will close the account and go elsewhere.

"We are very sorry for Mrs. Nicholls’ experience. It is clear that a mistake was made,” a Halifax spokesperson said.

"Our Kids Regular Saver account cannot be handled over the phone and Mrs. Nicholls should have been advised of this as soon as she called. We will look into this to determine what went wrong," the spokesperson added.

Obese postwoman seen on video driving over lawn to deliver mail

postal worker on lawn 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A family released their surveillance video showing a U.S. Postal Service worker ruining their front lawn.

The postal worker in Georgia, was seen driving her mail truck onto the family’s neatly cut lawn so she does not have to walk up to the front door.

The overweight postal worker has been seen on camera driving onto the grass in front of the family’s home to deliver a small package, which did not weigh a lot.

Mark Anderson installed security cameras at his home so he could keep an eye on his disabled mother while he was at work.

However, when reviewing the video, he saw the lazy postwoman drive her U.S. Postal Service truck over the lawn, straight up to the front door.

Then, the female postal worker opened the door of her truck, walked the short distance to the front steps, and chucked the small package onto the porch. She then left.

"I have no words. The package was not heavy at all, and yet, the woman decided to do this," Anderson said.

Man arrested for dismembering and cooking wife dies of cancer

Frederick Hengl 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A man, who was arrested and charged with murder related charges after dismembering and cooking his wife, has died of cancer, according to a statement released by officials in California.

The Oceanside man died of cancer while in custody awaiting a preliminary hearing on charges of killing his wife and dismembering her body at home, a spokesperson for the District Attorney's Office confirmed on Friday.

Frederick Hengl, 69, was charged with murder, cruelty to an elder and committing an illegal act with human remains, in the death of his wife of 34 years, Anna Faris.

The 73-year-old woman was in advanced stages of Alzheimer's disease at the time of her death last year.

Hengl’s preliminary hearing was postponed earlier this year so he could receive ongoing medical treatment for cancer, a district attorney's spokesperson, Steve Walker said.

Hengl's attorney, Debby Kirkwood, previously said her client became very ill and lost the will to live after the death of his girlfriend. The lawyer said Hengl quit his job in February 2012, to take care of Faris full time.

Police went to the couple's home on northern Ditmar Street last November, after neighbors complained of a foul odor coming from the residence.

Officers at the scene saw what they thought was meat cooking on the stove.

After contacting Hengl at a nearby bar, the officers realized he was in the process of dismembering the body of his wife.

Neighbors said they had not seen the victim in a month and heard what sounded like a chainsaw from the residence in early November.

Kirkwood has said Hengl claimed that he did not kill his wife. He claimed that she died of natural causes.

Police officer and former NFL player arrested after possessing nude photos of underage girl

Officer Darrell Beavers 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A police officer was arrested and charged with possession of child porn after he allegedly received nude photos from a 17-year-old girl, according to police reports in Ohio.

The Cincinnati Police Department is embroiled in a scandal after one of its most visible officers was charged on Monday for sexting with a minor.

Darrell Beavers, 44, has been accused of possessing nude photos of a girl he was tutoring.

Beavers, a former NFL player, is well-known in the southern city of Ohio, for being a highly praised police officer, who spends a significant amount of time with the youth of the city. Beavers also is a mentor at a summer camp.

The girl made lewd contact with the disgraced officer, who was a member of the Police Explorer program, which seeks out adolescents interested in a career in law enforcement.

An investigation into the conduct of the 12-year veteran began last month after the teen's father discovered inappropriate messages sent between Beavers and his daughter, according to the Prosecutor's Office of Hamilton County.

Investigators soon discovered that the child has been sending nude photos of herself to the police officer’s cell phone. The disgraced officer destroyed the phone after discovering that he was under investigation, authorities said.

The unlawful contact took place between June and September of this year, officials said.

The former Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs player faces over eight years in prison if convicted. He is currently suspended without pay.

Illinois grandmother arrested after hacking 6-month-old daughter to death

Alfreda Giedrojc 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A grandmother was arrested and charged with murder related charges after she allegedly hacked her granddaughter to death, according to police reports in Illinois.

Oak Lawn Police said that the death of the little girl is being investigated as a homicide.

Alfreda Giedrojc, 61, of the 6600 block of West 91 Street, has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of her 6-month-old granddaughter, Vivian.

Giedrojc is being held in jail without bail. The woman remains behind bars after she was accused of using a hammer and a knife to murder her granddaughter.

Authorities said that the girl's parents were not home at the time of the incident, and they had left the baby in the care of a relative on the block where the baby killed.

Officers were called to the home on a report of an armed suspect. When they arrived, police said they were told that the baby had suffered a significant injury.

The child was pronounced dead at Advocate Christ Medical Center on Sunday afternoon.
On Monday afternoon, a judge denied bail for Giedrojc.

Authorities said the attack occurred Sunday morning at the home that Giedrojc shared with her ​​husband.
Prosecutors said the child, whose family lives in Bolingbrook, was home for a visit.

According to investigators, the father and grandfather of Vivian briefly left the house to help another relative, who lives across the street with a rehabilitation project when Giedrojc killed the baby.

The boy's grandfather made the gruesome discovery and called police.

British man calls for help after his penis gets stuck in toaster

Toaster illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A man had no choice but to call emergency workers after his penis became stuck inside a toaster, according to firefighters in the United Kingdom.

Firefighters in London said that they had a difficult task of rescuing an elderly man’s penis after it became stuck in a toaster.

The man did not disclose exactly how his organ ended up in his toaster, but luckily, firefighters managed to get it out with no damage.

Firefighter Dave Brown revealed that embarrassing incidents like this are very common.

"I do not know if this is the Fifty Shades effect, but the number of incidents related to items such as getting stuck in handcuffs seems to have increased recently," Brown said.

Some of the uncomfortable incidents that Brown and his team have been called to over the last three years are:
Eighteen incidents that saw children get their heads stuck in toilet seats and urinals.

Five incidents of hands getting caught in shredders.
Seventy-nine cases of people stuck in handcuffs.

Kansas River bridge decorated with hundreds of bras

Bras decorating the bridge 
By: Eva Fett

Travelers were surprised to see hundreds of bras decorating a Kansas River bridge.

The hundreds of bras that line a bridge railing across the Kansas River are not there just for decoration, but are dazzled with a myriad of colors, styles, buttons and ribbons.

This temporary addition to the bridge has a double purpose: to make a statement for Breast Cancer Awareness month and promote Health Care Access, a clinic that provides health services to Douglas County residents, who are below poverty line.

Shelly Wakeman, director of the clinic, has made sure that everyone gets the message.

"Everyone always notices bras, of course, but I think that last year, people did not know who was behind the bras," Wakeman said. "It was like all of these bras are there and you are wondering where they come from," Wakeman added.

This year, to help people understand, Health Care Access created two large pink flags that explain the mission of the bras across the Kaw.

On Sunday afternoon, Wakeman and a dozen volunteers worked to hang the 300 donated bras along the east side of the bridge.

Grandfather unknowingly takes wrong girl to doctor after believing she is his granddaughter

School girl illustration 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A man took a girl from school to a doctor after believing that she is his granddaughter, but she wasn't, according to police reports in the United Kingdom.

An elementary school said that an investigation has been launched after a man, who came to pick up his 6-year-old granddaughter was given the wrong girl.

Napier Primary School in Gillingham, England, said that police are participating in the investigation on how school officials sent the wrong girl to the man, who came to take his granddaughter to a medical appointment.

The error was not noticed until the girl came home and gave her parents medication she received after the doctor’s visit.

"My daughter has been able to tell a story or two, so I took her to the doctor and he said: ‘I saw her this morning with her grandfather,’” the father of the child said.

"When your daughter has been walked around town and taken on a bus by a strange man, it makes you sick to your stomach. It is the worst nightmare of every parent," he said.

Authorities said the grandfather, who is 70-years-old, did not realize that the girl was not his granddaughter. His real granddaughter is the same age and has the same name of the girl he took to the doctor.

Police said they spoke with both families and determined that a criminal offense had not occurred.

Feces being dumped inside Yale University laundry machines

Yale University laundry room 
By: Debbie Gross

Police are looking to arrest and charge a suspect with vandalism related charges after feces was dumped inside the laundry machines in Yale University, according to police reports in Connecticut.

For the first time, Yale University finds itself at the center of a bizarre crime.

Yale student Staci Cummins recently described the events at the Ivy League campus: "Apparently, people have been relieving themselves in the laundry at a couple of the university’s laundry rooms.”

The student newspaper confirmed the existence of a suspect, who now is being called “the poopetrator."

In fact, in an attempt to put the collective minds of the students at ease, the Master of Saybrook college sent out an email informing students that Yale Security and Police are now trying to catch the suspect.

At least three students have been victims so far to the poopetrator. One woman said her clothes were ruined beyond repair. Nerves are frayed, but now, students are taking matters into their own hands, literally.

Some students are taking turns at night to watch over the laundry machines.

“People are now watching the laundry rooms all the time. I hope the poopetrator will be caught soon,” one student said.