Jewish newlyweds devastated after wedding cameraman calls them ‘f***ing cows’ on video

Stan Gocman and Claudia Ressler 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A wedding photographer is under fire after he unleashed a vile anti-Semitic rant on a Jewish wedding video.

Newlyweds Stan Gocman and Claudia Ressler could not wait to see their wedding video, but when it finally arrived, they were shocked.

The couple was shocked to hear a foul-mouthed anti-Semitic tirade in the soundtrack.

Cameraman Anthony Aurelius, clearly not knowing he was recording himself, has voiced his vile hate while recording the Jewish couple’s wedding.

At one point, Aurelius is heard saying to his assistant: "I do not blame Hitler for the Holocaust."

Then, he launches into a vile attack on the bride and her guests.

"Some Jewish women are nice to look at, but I can tell, would be right f***ing cows. Very f***ing snobby, it would be a pain in the arse. Not a very attractive bride at all," Aurelius said.

Aurelius was also heard saying: "Mental, Israeli dancing, isn’t it? There is a real feeling that they are better than others. Jewish."

His assistant said: "That is why the Holocaust happened."
Aurelius replied: "I do not blame Hitler."

Aurelius’ photography business has since closed down.

The couple, who married in central London, considered legal action, but decided against it after learning that the business had closed.

Aurelius later emailed an apology.

"I feel sorry for my childish and stupid conversation. You did not deserve this,” Aurelius said in a statement.
"I am ashamed," he added.

He gave the couple a full refund.

The secrets behind a successful Israeli soldier revealed

Israeli soldiers working out 
By: David Ross

The Israel Defense Forces has released the secrets behind a successful soldier, according to a report by the IDF Blog.

Your adrenaline is rushing, your heart is pumping and your blood is running. No, you’re not on a battlefield or at war. Sometimes, all it takes is one thing: sports. And the IDF knows that.

Hundreds of soldiers proved their physical ability, good spirit and sportsmanship in one of the IDF’s biggest ever sporting events. The event, run by the National Center for Ground Training, saw IDF soldiers compete in a variety of sports competitions, from swimming to running, through soccer, basketball, volleyball and even some unofficial sports like dodge-ball and ‘tug of war’.

One person who made this day happen is Col. Meir Bar-Meir, a senior commander in the National Center for Ground Training. Meir’s passion for sports and competition began in 1998 during his senior commanders course. “I realized what the human body is capable of. I started training, and within a year I ran half-marathons (21 kilometers). I learned that my body is capable of much more than what I had previously imagined,” he said.

At the same time as Col. Bar-Meir was making progress in his personal life and fitness, he was spreading his message within the army and to his soldiers. “Sports day gives the soldiers a chance to relax, the drive to win and the values we teach that express themselves not only in war but in also sports,” he says.

Two years ago, Bar-Meir decided to compete in the Tel-Aviv Marathon, and in order to train for it, he started his day at 4 a.m. with a morning run. Moreover, he made a decision that, due to the relatively close proximity between his house and his base (60 kilometers), to ride to work every day on his bicycle. “Eventually, I found myself taking part in a half “IronMan” triathlon in Eilat, which meant swimming 1.9 kilometers, bike riding for 90 kilometers (extra difficult due to Eilat’s mountainous terrain), and a final run of 21.1 kilometers. Just a few weeks ago, Col. Bar-Meir participated in the international Berlin Marathon. Moreover, last week, Meir participated in the swimming heat of the Ground Forces team in the IDF’s commanders fitness championship. The Ground Forces team won first place overall.

“I see many connections between the spirit and the body. Sport really makes you aware of your capabilities. Making it to a marathon shows that you’ve reached a certain level where your body works on automatic mode,” he explains. “At some stage you run out of physical energy, and your mental ability shows your body that you can keep on going. I make a connection to battle modes, because when you’re in the middle of an operational event when you enter with your unit into battle, the feeling is similar. Your body is pumping with extra adrenaline, very much like during a sport activity. You need to be able to function under difficult conditions,” says Col. Bar-Meir.

“I think someone who is fit improves his functioning in battle. A person who thanks to his physical ability can deal with operational events can also make the right decision in the battlefield,” Bar-Meir says.

When the sporTs day ended and all the trophies were handed out, the organizer of the event, the fitness officer of the Nation Center for Ground Training, Lt. Nitzan Engelder, spoke. “This sports day is a an effort to encourage and raise awareness of sports and a healthy way of life in the IDF. We decided to do it in southern Israel, where we are based, to make a connection between our base and its geographical location,” he said. The event catered to all types of people, he continued. “Special stations were positioned with instructors in sports like Pilates, Kick-box and Spinning, especially for the average soldier who is not that into sports,” he noted.

“I think that everyone can express themselves in this sports day. You see a different side of a soldier, and discover new talents. It’s about connecting body and soul in a fun atmosphere,” Col. Bar-Meir said.

Syrian bomb seen on video exploding at Israeli outpost, two soldiers injured

Syrian bomb explodes 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Just a day after a Syrian mortar exploded at an Israeli outpost injuring two soldiers, a video was released of the incident, according to a report by Channel 2 News.

As we reported, two Israel Defense Forces soldiers were hospitalized after being injured from mortar shells, which were fired from Syria into Israel, according to a statement released by military officials.

In response, Israel fired into Syria on Wednesday, after mortar rounds fell on an army post in the Golan Heights, wounding Israeli soldiers, the military also said.

Two shells hit the border post, located in the northern Golan, slightly injuring the troops, it said.

Initial reports suggest that the shells were not fired intentionally, but were the result of intense fighting between Syrian government forces and rebels near the northern border, a military spokesperson said.

"The return fire was directed at the source of fire," the spokesperson said.

The two soldiers were treated at the scene by Magen David Adom paramedics, and were later taken to a local hospital for further treatment.

'Armed robber' gets hurt when prank backfires

Robbery prank in progress 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) Three guys tried to scare their friend by pretending to be armed robbers.

The men bought ski masks and real-looking guns, and stormed their friend’s house.

The video begins with one of the three men explaining what they are about to do.

He also said that in order to make things more real, he told his friend, who he was about to prank, that there had been several armed robberies in their neighborhood.

They put on their ski masks, carrying the fake guns and rifles, then they entered their friend’s house. A camera was placed in the friend’s room to record the incident. It showed him lying on his bed completely unaware of what is about to happen.

Suddenly, the men broke into his room and started screaming, as if they were about to commit a real robbery. The victim jumped out of the bed terrified. When the “armed robbers” came close to him, he threw a punch at one of the masked men.

The other two men chased the terrorized victim out of the room. The men took off their masks and began shouting that it was a joke.

One can be heard saying: "Oh, my God, did you punch Sam?"
Sam staggered out if the room with blood shooting out of his nose, into his hands and onto the floor.
The friend kept recording while the victim went to get Sam tissues to clean himself up.

Woman stabs boyfriend in the eye after he refused to have sex

Crystal King 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A woman stabbed her boyfriend after he refused to have sex with her at 4:00 am.

Crystal King, 28, of Vero Beach, Florida, stabbed her boyfriend in the eye and on his back after he rejected her sexual advances.

The victim told Indian River County Sheriffs that King was out partying at a club with her friend and came home at 4:00 am drunk and wanted sex.

The boyfriend refused to have sex at that time. King became upset and stabbed him in the eye and left a 4 inch cut on his back.
The boyfriend finally managed to grab the knife out of her hands.

He then called someone to take him to the hospital. Investigators took photos of the stab wound to his left eye, along with the other injuries.

King denied stabbing her boyfriend, although she admits to hitting him in the face several times with a metal candlestick. She also said that her boyfriend punched her in the nose during the altercation.

King was arrested on charges of attempted murder. She is being held without bail.

Woman finds strange teen girl snuggled up with dog on couch

Kristin Paragios 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A mother woke-up in the morning to find a stranger snuggled up on her couch and food scattered all over her kitchen.

Kristin Paragios of Beverly, Massachusetts, was surprised when she found a teenage girl sleeping on her couch.

"I thought my daughter came home and that it was one of her friends on my couch," Paragios said. “I called my daughter and I asked her, but my daughter was like, I do not know her," she said.

Paragios called police, who arrested the 19-year-old of Danvers, for trespassing. Police said that the 19-year-old entered the home through a window.

Once inside, the intruder made ​​herself at home. She used the kitchen to cook food for herself. She mistakenly left the oven working all night and she left food strewn all over the kitchen.

The fact that the gas oven where Paragios stores pots and pans was on all night is the most alarming of all. "My house could have burned down and she was only charged with trespassing," Paragios said.

Beverly Police said that the 19-year-old appeared intoxicated and confused. She told the officers that she was not sure how she got into the house. She also told officers that she thought it was her friend’s house. The friend lives a couple of streets down.
Since nothing was missing from the house police only charged her with trespassing.

Burglary victim threatened with arrest if he fails to remove warning sign against thieves

Graham Jagger next to the warning sign 
By: David Ross

A man was fed up by repeatedly being targeted by thieves, and by the lack of a police response.

The man decided to hang a sign in order to let thieves know that he has no valuables since he had been robbed twice.

However, he immediately received a warning from police to remove the sign.
Two robberies in the span of 10 days were enough for Graham Jagger of the United Kingdom. He was fed up of being a victim.

Jagger is a business owner, who runs his own plastering and electrical contracting business. Seems as though the thieves thought that as a business owner he would have a lot of cash in his home.

Jagger posted a big sign on his house in Dewsbury, West Yorks.
The sign read: “Polite Notice: There is nothing of value left on our premises… It’s already been taken… By Thieving F***ing Bastards.”

Police arrived soon after he posted the notice and told Jagger to remove the sign or face being arrested because they received a complaint about the language he used.

"They were at my house in less than 10 minutes, warning me, but when I called about a real crime that has been committed, it took days for them to respond. I Think it's disgusting,” Jagger said.

Jagger said the sign will stay on his property until investigators find the people, who are responsible for the break-ins and theft, at his house. "I told police I was going to make it more appropriate by removing some letters, but it will stay where it is," he said.

A police spokesperson said it is a public order offense to display language that causes harassment, alarm or distress.
Jagger removed the letters “Fu” from the offensive word, (see photo left.)

Man throws son, 5, out the window to teach him a lesson

Brandon Jordan at his apartment  
By: Moses Gold

A father was arrested after throwing his son out of a third floor apartment window.

Brandon Jordan, 32, was arrested by police in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was charged with neglect and criminal recklessness.

Jordan is accused of throwing his 5-year-old son out of the window while horrified neighbors watched.

Police were called to the apartment building and were led to Jordan's apartment by the witnesses, who reported seeing Jordan dangling the child out the window and finally dropping him to the ground.

When police questioned Jordan about the incident, he reportedly admitted to officers that he dangled his son out of the window to teach him a lesson, but accidentally dropped him.

Thankfully, the child was not hurt from the fall. Police said there were no obvious signs of injury to the child when they arrived.

"All I saw was the boy falling head first. My friend grabbed the boy,” a neighbor who witnessed the incident said.
“He could have killed the boy. If this floor would not have been wet, that child would have died," the neighbor added.

Jordan’s wife, who is the child’s mother, said that she was not at home when the incident occurred. The child is with his mother and is said to be doing fine.

New website offers condoms for pets

Condoms for pets 
By: Shifra Unger

A new website was recently launched that offers condoms for pets.

It's time to have a talk with your cat, so it seems.

The San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, launched a mock website that offers condoms for pets, encouraging pet owners to ensure that their animals are protected against unwanted pregnancy.

"Is Sparky a sex addict? Do you have a pet to run after?" The public service announcement asks.

Of course, any attempt to view a video demonstration or read about the variety of condom sizes will result in the same message from the animal protection group. There is only one real solution. Spaying or neutering your pet.

Animal groups urge pet owners to spay and neuter their animals to better control their populations.

"In the U.S., it is estimated that there are 6 to 8 million homeless animals entering animal shelters every year," the Humane Society of the United States said.

"Only half of these animals are adopted. Tragically, the rest are killed. They are healthy and sweet animals that would have made ​​great companions," it also said.

Firefighters protest low wages by spraying police with foam

Firefighters spraying police with foam 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Police officers were standing in the street defenseless as they were being showered with foam by firefighters.

Belgian firemen protested against cuts in the national budget for the fire department in Brussels.

Firefighters from across the country gathered with fire trucks outside the office of the Prime Minister and blocked traffic.

The firemen burned tires in the streets and sprayed foam on the police officers, who were guarding the protest. The officers just stood there taking the assault without stopping or arresting the firefighters.

In the video below you can see the police officers knee-deep in the foam, and the street was covered in foam as well. At one point, an officer was seen wiping foam off the eye shield of his helmet.

Talks are in progress at the ministerial level on the new Belgian government budget cuts. Firefighters are protesting the cuts to their insurance benefits and inadequate staffing.

Man seen on video brushing teeth while driving big truck

Man brushing his teeth while driving big truck 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Police officers are cracking down on dangerous and distracted drivers.

Police have released videos of drivers, who are seen multi tasking while driving.

Police in the United Kingdom, rented several tractor trailers specifically to give them an elevated vantage point to spot distracted driving offenses.

This shocking police video shows a truck driver brushing his teeth while driving. The driver held the toothbrush in one hand and water bottle in the other.

In the video you can see a number of other distracted drivers, including one who shaved while driving and a woman looking into the rear view mirror while applying her makeup on a highway.

The footage was recorded during a 5 day operation to crack down on distracted drivers on highways in Hampshire and Thames The operation resulted in 198 drivers being prosecuted for various crimes.

Other distracting activities include two drivers being caught reading newspapers as they drove, and one person reading a map on the steering wheel while driving. Two other drivers were using iPads as they traveled along the highway.

The footage was recorded as part of Operation Tramline.
According to police the most common offense was people using their cell phone. Police ticketed 2 tractor-trailer drivers, a taxi and 38 vans for this offense.

All drivers were issued notices that will result in a £100 (about $160) fine and three points on their license.

California court rules spanking child with spoon is not abuse

A wooden spoon illustration 
By: David Ross

A California court handed down a shocking ruling saying that spanking a little child with a spoon is not considered child abuse.

The California state appeals court on Tuesday, rejected findings of child abuse against a Northern California mother, who hit her 12-year-old daughter hard enough with a wooden spoon to cause bruising.

The Sixth District Court of Appeals in San Jose, overturned a trial judge ruling that it was abuse.

The appeals court said that the beating was borderline abuse, and that the social workers and the trial judge did not consider the circumstances of the incident.

Gonzalez and her husband stated that other forms of punishment, such as grounding and taking her phone away had failed to persuade their 12-year-old daughter to do her school work and avoid associating with gangs.

The parents’ family members had testified that the beatings were rare.

The court ordered that the child abuse report against Gonzalez be withdrawn or she should be given another hearing at which the full circumstances are considered and the beating put into the context of the growing frustration with her daughter.

Elderly couple gets birthday card along with $1,000 worth of meth

The birthday card with the meth 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) An elderly couple was extremely surprised to get a birthday card that also contained $1,000 worth of illegal drugs, according to police reports in Arizona.

Phoenix Police said when an elderly couple opened a letter left in their mailbox they found that it was full of methamphetamine.

Police said that the sender of the letter probably told the receiver about the location to pick up the item, but the couple picked up the letter first.

The envelope was sent initially to Pennsylvania from Phoenix. However, the address on the envelope didn’t exist and the letter was returned to the Phoenix address.

Phoenix Police Sergeant Steve Martos said that the value of the drugs was about $1,000.

The couple, ages 81 and 73, who lived in the house for the past 52 years, called police after seeing a plastic baggy containing a white powdery substance.

"We actually had our bomb squad respond to this place only out of abundance of caution. We were not sure what it was at first," Martos said.

"Upon further investigation it was determined that the substance was methamphetamine," he said.

Man beats wife after she refused to call him sir

Dan Kirby Kopp 
By: Eva Fett

A man was arrested, charged and convicted of assault related charges after he beat his wife because she refused to call him sir, according to court proceedings in Pennsylvania.

Ephrata prosecutors said that a local man was jailed on Wednesday, for beating his wife when she did not address him as "Sir" in front of the children.

Dan Kirby Kopp, 45, routinely beat his wife with a wooden paddle or with his hand, as a way to discipline her for not showing proper "respect", according to investigators.

A local jury convicted him on Tuesday afternoon, of harassment after a trial before Lancaster County Judge Dennis Reinaker.

The jury took about an hour to deliberate before announcing the verdict.

Kopp was sentenced to up to 2 years in the Lancaster County Prison followed by one year probation.

Kopp was also ordered to pay a fine of $500 and have no contact with his wife.

According to the indictment, Kopp would order his wife to get down on her knees and would spank her, so she could be "taught a lesson."

The woman used an iPhone to record a beating, which was shown to jurors.

Cute cat seen on video stealing slice of pizza

Cat caught with pizza 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A cat was seen on video stealing a slice of pizza instead of sticking to cat food, according to video uploaded to the Internet.

Pizza is known to be a food that is very popular among people, but now, it seems that cats also like the dish after one was caught stealing a slice.

A popular YouTube video showed that a pizza thief turned out to be a cute kitten. That was caught red-handed with a pizza stuffed in its mouth.

Instead of trying to escape, the little cat remained motionless, while growling, hissing and staring into space.

The 33-second clip has proven to be an online hit and has earned nearly 300,000 views.

In a somewhat related cute cat video, this adorable cat wanted to play with the dogs, but there was one problem, the dogs were inside another room and the door was closed.

The cat managed to open the door to let the three dogs out. They were all happy and running off to play.

The owners of the cat and dogs, found this so cute, so they put the dogs back into the room, grabbed the camera and took this video, which they then shared with the world.

Who let the dogs out? This time it was the cat.

Hundreds of glass wine bottles seen on video crashing into the ground in supermarket

Wine bottles crashing to the ground 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) Supermarket workers and shoppers were seen running in panic after a shelf loaded with hundreds of glass wine bottles came crashing to the floor, according to video uploaded to the Internet.

The moment that an overloaded supermarket shelf filled with glass alcohol bottles buckled and crashed on the floor in front of a shelf stacker, has been captured on the store’s security camera.

The collapse occurred in a supermarket last Thursday, just after an employee had completed stacking the shelves and admiring her work.

The video shows how the shelf full of wine begins to sag in the middle while a shopper makes a futile effort to contain the falling bottles.

However, the shopper and a friend quickly stepped back as bottles shattered at their feet, unleashing a wave of various colors of alcohol.

Shoppers and supermarket workers seem to have escaped the incident unharmed, but the shelf stacker could be out-of-pocket for some time if asked to cover the cost of the broken bottles.

The video of the incident has since gone viral on social media websites and has generated many comments.

Drunk passenger arrested after stripping naked and challenging pilot to a fight

The drunk plane passanger 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct related charges after stripping naked and challenging a plane pilot to a fight, according to police reports in the United Kingdom.

Police said that a drunken easyJet passenger had to be Tasered after undressing and challenging a pilot for a fist fight.

The 52-year-old man also urinated on the side of the Terminal One building at Manchester Airport after arriving from Malta yesterday afternoon.

He was captured on surveillance cameras removing his clothes before a female passenger slapped him in the face.
Video shows the bald, tattooed man shouting at airport officials, dressed only in a pair of black briefs.

Passengers said that the man became abusive and started to insult passengers in flight.
He was Tasered after refusing to cooperate with police.

"Police were called to Terminal One arrivals at Manchester Airport following reports that a man was drunk and abusive to passengers on a flight from Malta. After leaving the plane, he took off his clothes and urinated against the wall. He was Tasered and arrested on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly in a public place. He was issued with a fixed penalty notice,” a police spokesperson said.

Woman uses spaghetti sauce to rob bank in Michigan

Ofelia A. Neal 
By: Sarah Weiss

A woman was arrested, charged and convicted with bank robbery related charges after robbing a bank by threatening employees with spaghetti sauce, according to court proceedings in Michigan.

Detroit prosecutors said that a 53-year-old woman accused of using spaghetti sauce cans to simulate a bomb when she robbed a bank, has pleaded guilty to the charges.

Police said that Ofelia A. Neal stole cash from a Fifth Third Bank branch in Clinton Township Macomb County on April 6. The bank is located about 15 miles north-northeast from Detroit.

Neal pleaded guilty on Monday, in the Circuit Court of Oakland County in Mount Clemens, to bank robbery and bomb charges. Judge Jennifer Faunce is scheduled to sentence her next month.

Police said Neal told bank employees she had a bomb in her cloth bag and demanded money. They said that she took an undisclosed amount of money and fled in a car with a man at the wheel.

Prosecutors said the woman has previous convictions for assault and marijuana possession.