Air Canada slammed after losing customer’s dog and telling her to worry about more important things

Jutta Kulic's dog Larry 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) People are shocked to learn the response of Air Canada to a woman who lost her dog.

The airline not only admitted to losing the woman's dog, but an official of Air Canada responded with an email saying "I think I would just ignore," after she asked about the dog.

"It's a local news channel doing a story about a lost dog. Their entire government is shut down and is about to default, and that is how the U.S. media spends its time," the airline said.

The airline later acknowledged the comments as inappropriate in a statement.

It all started when Jutta Kulic, who flew from San Francisco to Sacramento, California, for a dog show, gave employees of Air Canada her dog, Larry, in a closed cage.

"I very clearly instructed the employee never to open the door and let the dog out of that box, unless the dog is in a completely closed room," she said.

The airline said one of the workers decided to take the dog out for a walk and it ran away.
The Facebook page of Air Canada is being flooded with comments and complaints about the dog.
Kulic said on Facebook that she has a couple of solid reports that Larry was killed.

"I think I cannot expect anything different from a company that would allow something like that to happen," she said.

Man punishes his wife by ordering nephew to rape her

Three people in bed illustration  
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A woman was betrayed by her husband in the worst possible way.

Not only did he have sex with his wife against her will, he also told his nephew to rape her.

The 24-years-old husband of Rushinga, Zimbabwe, invited his nephew to his house for dinner. The young woman cooked dinner for her husband, her nephew and for herself.

After spending time together, the husband told his wife that it was too late for their nephew, 22, who lives in Bulawayo, to go home. The husband then offered the nephew to stay at their house and sleep in the couple's room.

It is alleged that the three slept in the same room when the husband began to demand sex from his wife. She refused to have sex with him, saying it was inappropriate to have sex in full view of their nephew.

The husband became angry for being rejected and began raping his wife in the presence of his nephew.

The woman tried to leave the room, but her husband held her back. He then ordered his nephew to have sex with her while he held his wife’s legs.

The next day, the woman told her aunt about the incident, and was advised to report the incident to the police.
The police report indicates that the husband and nephew spent the night taking turns raping the woman.

Mashonaland Police spokesperson Petros Masikati confirmed the incident, saying that investigations were ongoing.

Police said the two men were on the run and were still at large. Police have launched a manhunt to locate them.
Masikati appealed to members of the public that whoever knows the whereabouts of the men to report to their nearest police station.

Man cuts off own leg to avoid hospital costs

Zheng Yanliang 
By: Eva Fett

A man had a choice between amputating his foot or die within three months.

He chose to live, but he did not have the money for the operation, therefore, the man cuff off his own leg to save his life.

Zheng Yanliang, 47, of China, used a metal saw and a knife (see photo left) to perform the operation, while biting a piece of wood. The farmer took the drastic action after suffering from severe pain in his leg from a blood clot.

Yanliang began to experience pain in the leg. After a number of visit to the hospital, he was diagnosed with arterial embolism. His doctor informed his family that he will need an operation to amputate his leg.

His family could not afford to pay for the operation. The 47-year-old was sent home in agony and given only three months to live.
He decided to amputate his leg while biting a piece of wood wrapped in cloth. He bit so hard because of the pain he lost three teeth.

Yanliang's wound has healed, but sadly, his other leg also has to be removed because of the same disease.

After the media covered the man’s sad plight and how he cut off his own leg just stay alive, Dr. Zhang Qiang from Shanghai’s Wode Medical Centre, has offered to treat Yanliang at no cost.
"My medical colleagues and I will provide him with free medical services," Dr. Zhang said.

Man arrested after padlocking girlfriend's pants so she couldn't cheat

The woman with a lock on her pants 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with assault after he allegedly padlocked his girlfriend’s pants so she couldn’t cheat on him while he was away, according to police reports in Mexico.

Police in Mexico said that the man was released after being charged with a misdemeanor for putting a lock on his girlfriend's pants.

Police aid that a 25-year-old woman came to the police station in excruciating pain after she was unable to use the bathroom for several hours.

She told police that her 40-year-old boyfriend had put a lock on her pants for years to prevent infidelity. The woman allegedly told police she was afraid to double cross her boyfriend by cutting her jeans.

After being arrested, the man turned over the key to the police. The woman refused to press charges and the man was released after being charged with a misdemeanor charged.

The man later signed a statement that he will never padlock his girlfriend again or abuse her in any way.

Man caught masturbating at library claims he was ashamed to stand up with erection

Robert Leatherman 
By: John Roberts

A man who was arrested and charged with public indecency after being caught masturbation at the library, told police he was ashamed to stand up with an erection, according to police reports in Oregon.

Beaverton Police were called to the parking lot of a library on Sunday, after a witness reported seeing a man masturbating in his car.

Officers received the call at 5:00 p.m. and responded to the Beaverton City Library located at 12375 SW 5th Street.

They found the suspect, Robert Leatherman, 26, of Clackamas, in his car.

Leatherman initially denied having been masturbating, and said he was leaning back in his seat to shave.

As the conversation continued, police said Leatherman admitted to uploading adult movies on his cell phone and touching himself inappropriately.

Leatherman told police he had been at home watching football with a friend and stopped at the library to return some books.

"Once at the library, Leatherman said he had an erection and did not want to leave his car while in this state," Beaverton Police said.

Leatherman told officers that it was the first time he had done something like this, and promised that it would not happen again.

He was arrested on charges of public indecency and booked into the Washington County Jail. Police said that he has no past criminal history.