Video released showing Israeli military destroying Gaza terror tunnel

The tunnel exploding 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A new video was released that shows how the Israeli military destroyed a newly discovered terror tunnel underneath the Israeli-Gaza border, according to video uploaded to the Internet.

As we reported earlier, the IDF Blog reported that on October 7, IDF soldiers discovered the opening of a tunnel built by Gaza terrorists near Israeli civilian communities. The tunnel is about 18 meters underground and extends 1.7 kilometers. This is the third such tunnel found along the Gaza-Israel security fence in the past year.

Such smuggling tunnels have been used by terrorists in the past to execute attacks against civilians and military personnel. In 2006, a deadly terror attack took place while IDF soldiers engaged in a routine patrol in an armored vehicle. Armed terrorists infiltrated Israel through a smuggling tunnel killing two soldiers and taking hostage a third – Gilad Shalit.

Brig. Gen. Mickey Edelstein, Commander of the Gaza Division: “The IDF operates under the notion that there are additional tunnels jeopardizing civilians and security personnel in the area”.

The tunnel was built with about 500 tons of cement and concrete. Hamas and other terror organizations in the strip invest millions of dollars and resources in order to operate a thriving network of illegal tunnels leading into Israel. Sufficient evidence suggests that terrorists methodically abuse construction materials transferred into the strip by Israel as humanitarian aid in order to build such tunnels.

Brig. Gen. Mickey Edelstein, Commander of the Gaza Division: “The IDF holds the Hamas terror organization as the sole responsible body for all terror activities emanating from the Gaza Strip, and continues to operate on the intelligence and operational levels in order to apprehend terror attacks.”

Lebanese terror group claims to have arrested Israeli spy eagle

The Israeli spy 
By: Anav Silverman

Periodically, Muslim terror groups make claims of apprehending Israeli bird spies.

Headlines of fowl accused of spying for Israel, are making rounds again in Middle Eastern press, with the most recent bird of espionage ‘arrested’ in Lebanon, according to a report by the Tazpit News Agency.

Hezbollah and Iranian-affiliated websites reported today that an Israeli ‘spy eagle’ had been caught this past weekend in Lebanon. According to one Lebanese news site, the eagle had been caught in the town of Achkout by local hunters who alerted authorities after discovering that the bird had an ID ring attached to its leg with the words “Israel” and “Tel Aviv University” printed on it.

The Hezbollah- affiliated Al-Manar TV, whose news site’s Israel section is called “Enemy Entity,” claimed that the eagle was one of many birds sent by Israel to spy and gather information via GPS transmitters across the Middle East. The report pointed to the “arrest of birds carrying similar devices” in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and most recently in Egypt.

Another Lebanese news site, Maharat News, claimed that the ‘spying birds’ previously “sparked media uproar and political tension between those countries and Israel.”

Tel Aviv University responded with the following statement, “this morning, the media reported on an Israeli ‘spy” that was caught by Hezbullah. The ‘spy’ is a predatory fowl that was part of the one the research projects conducted by Tel Aviv University on raptors.” Furthermore , Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority stated that the eagle was born in a breeding center in southern Israel and had been released a couple of years ago.

Ohad Hatzofeh, one of the Tel Aviv University bird researchers who identified the eagle told Tazpit News Agency that he was “fed up” with the eagle ‘spy’ accusations.

The past year has been filled with bird spying accusation on Israel. In July, Turkish authorities detained a bird on the suspicion that it was spying for Israel. The kestrel, referred to as the “Israeli agent” by Turkish press because it had metal ring with “Tel Avivunia Israel” on it, was placed in an X-ray machine at a university hospital and underwent a scan for bugging devices. After passing the surveillance, the Israeli kestrel was freed.

Egypt arrested a stork in late August for spying for Israel because of authorities were suspicious of the tracking device placed by scientists to record its migration. Eventually, the stork, called Menes, was freed but was later eaten by local villagers.

Even Saudi Arabia apprehended a vulture in 2011, accusing the raptor of being an Israeli spy because of a GPS device with the suspicious “Tel Aviv University” label on its leg. The vulture was eventually freed.

Two Orthodox Jewish rabbis sing on Israeli TV show Rising Star

Rabbis Aryeh and Gil Gat 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) Two Orthodox Jewish rabbis, who are also brother’s, got a standing ovation while singing on the Israeli television show Kochav Haba, which means Rising Star.

Rabbis Aryeh and Gil Gat performed the beautiful song by Simon and Garfunkel called "The Sound of Silence."

When you hear the brothers singing you may feel as though you are being transported to another time, as if you were actually listening to Simon and Garfunkel.

The incredible performance got cheers from the crowd as well as from the judges.
This is not the first time the brothers have joined forces. They have been seen on the streets of Jerusalem, performing together.

The older brother, Aryeh Gat, is 48-years-old and lives in Beit Shemesh. Gil Gat, the younger brother, is 38-years-old and lives in Jerusalem.

This might just be the start of a new career as they now became famous and have captured many new fans.

Here are the lyrics to the song The Sound of Silence.

Hello darkness, my old friend,
I've come to talk with you again,
Because a vision softly creeping,
Left its seeds while I was sleeping,
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence.

In restless dreams I walked alone
Narrow streets of cobblestone,
'Neath the halo of a street lamp,
I turned my collar to the cold and damp
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
That split the night
And touched the sound of silence.

And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more.
People talking without speaking,
People hearing without listening,
People writing songs that voices never share
And no one dared
Disturb the sound of silence.

"Fools" said I, "You do not know
Silence like a cancer grows.
Hear my words that I might teach you,
Take my arms that I might reach out you."
But my words like silent raindrops fell,
And echoed
In the wells of silence.

And the people bowed and prayed
To the neon god they made.
And the sign flashed out its warning,
In the words that it was forming.
And the sign said, the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
And tenement halls.
And whispered in the sounds of silence."

Muslims can eat cat, dog and camel meat Imams in Syria rule

Syrian cooking some food 
By: Sarah Weiss

As the Syrian civil war drags on, Imams in Syria have ruled that Muslims are allowed to eat cat, dog and camel meat, due to the worsening hunger crisis.

A group of clerics in the rebel-held Damascus suburb of Muadhamiya, issued a rare fatwa, or religious edict, allowing people living under siege to eat meat that is normally prohibited.

The Muslim clerics said that people can eat cats, dogs and donkeys in order to avoid starvation.

Hunger is an emerging concern in some communities where the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad has cut the power supply in order to defeat rebel forces in the area.

Over the weekend, the Syrian government allowed hundreds of civilians to flee Muadhamiya, in a brief lull in fighting.
Pictures showed extremely thin children fleeing the city.
However, many people are still in the area.

In a message, coinciding with the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, normally a time of celebration, religious leaders authorized eating animals generally considered unfit for human consumption in Islam.

The clerics also said that if the situation continues to deteriorate, those people who remain alive will be allowed to eat the dead.

It was not the first fatwa issued in the Syrian conflict.

Similar religious edicts were announced in Homs and Aleppo, where the fighting was fiercest during the civil war.

IDF soldiers perform national anthem in sign language during ceremony

National anthem in sign language 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) The Israeli Defense Forces is known for their acceptance of people with disabilities by giving them the opportunity to serve their country with pride like any other person.

After graduating from training, a ceremony is held for new recruits. In attendance, are proud friends and family members, such as parents and siblings.

One such ceremony took place on Thursday, at the Bahad 11 base in Tzrifin. It was touching for soldiers and family members, and all those in attendance.

150 graduates of the Ofek special training course for volunteer soldiers, performed the national anthem of Israel, Hatikva, but with a twist. They sang the song in sign language.

“The idea was the brainstorm of compassionate soldiers, who are not deaf. Six of the graduating soldiers are deaf,” Yahala Lachmish said. One of the deaf soldiers taught her comrades the signs for Hatikva.

"It was unbelievable," Lachmish said. "In all the ceremonies I attend in the future, I will suggest this option," she also said. "This certainly caused many of us to shed more than one tear,” she added.

The course was attended by soldiers with a variety of disabilities, including some who are blind and others who require the use of wheelchairs. The disabled fill a range of functions in the IDF.

Over 100 hearing-impaired soldiers are serving in the IDF. They use writing and lip-reading to communicate with peers, as they serve in regular IDF units.

Woman seen on video pooping on busy street

Woman defecating on street 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Booze can make people do strange things.

A video shows how a grown woman in the United Kingdom, defecated on a busy street. The video has gone viral on the Internet.

It is alleged that the woman, who appears to be in her early twenties, left a nightclub and was drunk, when she was seen staggering down the busy street in Swansea, South Wales.

The woman seemed to be very drunk and she was struggling to stand up straight. Perhaps, in some way, it explains the bizarre scene that followed.

After a brief chat with a friend, the drunk woman walked over to the wall, and did her business right there on the floor.

The incident took place near a 24-hour gym. People were walking on the street at the time, but the woman seemed oblivious to them all.

The people who walked by, did not seem to care. No one stopped to ask her why she is doing it in public.

People on social media voiced their disgust and outrage at the apparent lack of modesty as well as her lack of caring about other people, who were walking by the mess she left.

Police are reviewing the three-minute video, which was recorded with a cell phone camera and was posted to Facebook, to determine if charges will be filed against the woman.

Man, 72, jailed for raping child 40 years ago

Albert Riek  
By: Sarah Weiss

A man was busted 40 years after he sexually abused a 5-year-old girl.

Albert Riek, 72, of North Carolina, was sentenced to five years in prison for the crime.

An emotional court hearing focused on whether the man should be punished for what he did nearly four decades ago, or if he should be forgiven as he has not committed any sex crimes since then.

Riek admitted that what he did in the mid 1970s in Montgomery County, was horrible. He fondled and performed oral sex on a family member several times since she was 5-years-old.

Riek was not arrested in the case until the victim and her mother came forward with the allegations this year. The victim then called Riek and secretly recorded their conversation. During their conversations, Riek admitted to the abuse.

The recording was the center of the case. Both the prosecutor and the defense attorney used the recordings to make their points in the case.

Prosecutor Dana Kaplan said that Riek seemed to be making excuses for his actions such as he was drinking too much at the time of the rape. Defense attorney David Felsen pointed out that in the recordings Riek expressed his genuine remorse and told the victim not to blame herself.

The victim, who is now 45-years-old, attended the hearing and spoke about how the abuse ruined her life since the age of 5. “He terrorized me and had me living in fear,” she said. "The abuse I suffered at his hands has affected all aspects of my life, every day of my life,” she also said.

The woman struggled with substance abuse and had trouble maintaining relationships.
Riek worked at IBM for 46 years, and has no criminal record, according to his lawyer.

Riek will be eligible for parole after 15 months. “We hope that after serving a quarter of his sentence, he will be released on parole,” Felsen said.

Thief threatens to sue victim for stopping him from fleeing the crime scene

Lee Johnson 
By: John Roberts

A man broke into a bar one night, but was unable to steal anything after he was caught by the owner.

The thief threatened to sue his victim after he did not allow him to flee the scene of the break-in in England.

Lee Johnson, 36, was trying to rob the Waterside pub in Eccles, Manchester. To his bad luck, Pub owner Paul Clare, 45, who lives in an apartment above the pub, heard the ruckus and went down to investigate.

Johnson tried to escape, but he got into a fight with the owner, who tried to hold him down until police arrived. During the struggle, Johnson fell out of a window, and hurt his head.

The thief decided that he was the victim. It is alleged that Johnson was high on crack cocaine when he jumped through the window in an attempt to escape.

Johnson was able to open the window and get half his body out the window before the bar owner grabbed hold of his legs in an attempt to stop the man from getting away.

Johnson refused to give up and managed to wiggle himself out of Clare’s grip, causing him to fall through the window. The court heard that Johnson shouted: "I'm gonna sue you,” as he was falling out of the window before cutting his head.

The police arrived at the scene within seconds of Johnson landing on the ground.
Johnson admitted that he had been using cocaine before he passed the pub and decided to break in on impulse.

This is not the first time Johnson was found guilty of robbery. He has 11 previous break-ins or attempted break-ins of commercial premises, and four household burglaries on his record.
Johnson was sentenced to 15 months in jail.

Teen who raped classmate in bathroom ordered to pay $750,000 to victim

Steven Moore 
By: Debbi Gross

A teenager was found guilty of raping his classmate in the school bathroom.

The teenager in Indianapolis, Indiana, was convicted of raping a female student at Muncie Central High School, and was ordered to pay the victim.

A Delaware County judge has ordered Steven Moore, 19, to pay his victim $750,000. The ruling was as part of a civil lawsuit filed in the case.

The Muncie Central school principal, Chris Smith, was also charged in the case after he failed to report the incident to police. As a result, he lost his job at the school.

The principal was convicted of child abuse, but an appeals court later overturned that decision. His case is now headed to the Supreme Court of Indiana.

The victim’s family has reached an out of court settlement in their lawsuit against the Muncie Community Schools and its administrators. Terms of that settlement were not released.

Moore, who pleaded guilty to sexual battery and criminal confinement, was sentenced to 4 years in prison. He did not attend the civil suit hearing against him.

Moscow restaurant only hires sets of identical twins

Identical twins at Twin Stars restaurant 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A restaurant in Russia, has a strange hiring policy. They only hire employees, who are identical twins and both twins must be willing to work.

The owner of the restaurant, which is located in Moscow, promises diners a great experience at the establishment.

The owner promises that you will be seeing double, not because of the strong vodka, but because the staff consists exclusively of identical twins, brothers and sisters.

The restaurant, Twin Stars, employs only twin waiters and bartenders, as a gimmick to attract more customers. It is proud to be the only restaurant in the world with such a policy.

Alexei Khodorkovsky, owner of Twin Stars, said he was inspired by a 1960 movie, in which a girl discovers that there is another version of her in a different universe.

The idea seems fun, and both customers and staff twins said they have enjoyed the experience so far.

"We really like to work at a restaurant. That's why we chose this profession and came here to work," one pair of twins said.

The owner said that finding identical twins who were both willing to work at the restaurant was a real challenge.

“Finding several identical twins with experience working in a restaurant, was a very difficult task, but the effort was worth it,” Khodorkovsky said.

Man kills teenage son in argument over watching football

David Carrender 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) In a senseless killing, a father shot his teenage son to death.

A fight over watching a football game turned deadly when a Morgan County, Indiana father, fatally shot his teenage son, authorities said.

David Carrender, 49, was arrested on a preliminary charge of murder after his son, Wyatt Carrender, 19, was shot dead at their home.

The father and son had been out watching a football game at a restaurant bar, when the son wanted to go home, but the father wanted to stay and watch the game. They began arguing over whether to return home or to stay, according to Morgan County Sheriff Robert Downey.

“The discussion continued after the pair returned home,” Downey said. "Apparently, the father pulled a gun and shot his son six times," the sheriff said. David Carrender is believed to have been drunk at the time of the incident.

The father’s girlfriend as well as his son's girlfriend were also in the home at the time of the murder. It is believed that Wyatt Carrender lived with his father at the time.
David Carrender has never been in trouble with the law before this incident.

Man repeatedly bought kittens on Craigslist to kill them through torture

Ronald Golden 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) Why would a man use his money to buy kittens, only to torture them until they died?

Ronald Golden, 48, of Alabama, was "angry with the world," and he decided to take his anger out on poor defenseless kittens, which he would buy off Craigslist.

Police were called after bodies of several dead kittens were found near Golden’s home. An anonymous tip led police to Golden, who admitted to buying and killing animals.

While investigating, authorities found five more dead kittens in the bushes in his yard. They also found two cats and two dogs that were alive in his home.

Golden told police that he had a "cat room" where he tortured the animals until they died. “Golden admitted to buying kittens off Craigslist, naming them and then killing them,” police chief Floyd Johnson said.

He allegedly admitted to beating, strangling and throwing the cats around the room. Investigators found blood splattered in the room.

Golden was arrested and charged with 22 counts of first-degree cruelty to a cat. He is facing 1 to 10 years for each count if convicted. He is being held in jail with bail set at $22,000.

Woman calls police after seeing spider on her pillow

Spider on pillow illustration 
By: Eva Fett

People are continuing to call police to report stupid things, according to police reports in the United Kingdom.

A woman in London, called 999 (the equivalent of 911 in the U.S.) in order to report a spider that was crawling on her pillow.

Firefighters hope to eliminate unnecessary calls to 999, be publicly releasing some of their recent crazy calls.
Last week, a woman called the fire brigade to report a squirrel that refused to leave her closet.

The London Fire Brigade received about 100 non-emergency calls a week for the past year.
Animal and bug problems top the list of strange calls to their dispatchers.

One person called dispatchers to report a fox in his garden, and another person sought advice about a bat in his kitchen.

"Our advice is simple, if there is no emergency, do not call 999. If you're calling because you have a serious phobia, then arrange for a roommate, friend or neighbor to help. If you are calling because there is an animal in your home, call the Humane Society. Firefighters are here to help, but we cannot be on speed dial. We are here to respond to real emergencies, so if you find a squirrel in your kitchen or lose your keys down the toilet, do not call 999," Police officials Dave Brown said.

Ohio man, 61, shocked after being denied driver’s license because he is dead

Man in coffin 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A man who applied for a driver’s license, was shocked after being denied because he is dead, according to court proceedings in Ohio.

The man, who came back to his city after he disappeared nearly 20 years ago, was told he cannot have a driver's license because he is still legally dead.

Donald Miller Jr. disappeared from a town in Ohio, in 1986, after losing his job and turning to alcohol.

He was pronounced dead eight years later, only to resurface in 2005.
"It's something that went beyond what I expected it to be," Miller said.
"I just kind of took off and ended up in different places," he said.

The 61-year-old went to court to apply for a driver's license, and to have his Social Security number reinstated.

However, his request to reverse a death ruling from 1994, was rejected by Judge Allan Davis, who informed him that there was a limit of three years for obituaries to be deleted.
The judge admitted it was a "strange situation."

"We all see the obvious, a healthy man sitting in the courtroom," the judge said.
"I do not know where this leaves you, but you're still dead in the eyes of the law," the judge also said.

Flight attendants panic after long snake appears in elevator

The snake in the elevator 
By: Debbie Gross

Several employees of Virgin Australia Airlines panicked after coming face to face with a large snake inside an elevator, according to a statement released by the company.

A keelback, also known as a freshwater snake, was seen slithering in the elevator of the Virgin Australia Village in Brisbane, Australia, over the weekend, to the surprise of the workers in the facility.

A company email stated that it is unknown how the snake made ??its way inside the elevator, but warned employees to watch out for more snakes.

"As we all already know, we had a case this weekend, of a snake entering one of the elevators at the site," the email reads.

"In addition, the site and the perimeter will be inspected again this week by a snake specialist as a precaution due to the heat and drought," the email also said.

A professional captured the snake on Sunday, and was released into a national park north of Brisbane, on Monday.

Hundreds turn out to barbecue and eat cats during festival

Cat racing at the festival 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Animal rights groups are angry after hundreds of people ate barbecued cats during a festival in Peru.

Animal activists are up in arms over a Peruvian religious festival in which hundreds of cats are killed, barbecued and eaten.

Activists said several hundred cats were eaten at the Santa Efigenia festival this weekend in La Quebrada, a town south of Lima.

A Peruvian congressman has joined the efforts to try to stop the traditional event which includes cat racing.

Congressman Juan Urquiza joined activists this year to write to the mayor of the district, and to the Minister of Health of Peru, to demand a ban on cat eating under a national animal protection law.

The activists also claim that eating cats is a public is a health hazard.

Health Minister Midori de Habich said that the practice should be stopped, but she has not taken any action.

Residents of La Quebrada defend their tradition and say that the cats are properly euthanized and are specially bred to be eaten.
However, a judge disagreed and banned the practice as animal cruelty.

The festival is celebrated be descendants of African slaves.

Elephant seen on video kissing and hugging bride at wedding

Elephant in love with the bride 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A bride received some unwanted attention from an elephant during her wedding ceremony, according to video uploaded to the Internet.

In the video below you can see the moment when a bride got more than she expected on her wedding day, when a cheeky elephant pulled her head into its mouth for a kiss.

Elephants make exotic guests, but cause the wedding to be an unpredictable event.

After tying the knot at a ceremony in Phuket, Thailand, the bride from Melbourne, Australia, saw a three-year-old Indian elephant on the lawn of the hotel.

The video shows the woman wearing a long dress and holding a bouquet of flowers, while moving next to the creature to take some photos.

However, the friendly animal seems to have gotten the wrong idea. The naughty elephant wrapped its trunk around the bride’s head and pushes it into its mouth.

After a while, it releases the bride from the loving embrace to the laughter of the wedding guests.
The comic moment was captured on camera by photographer Abraham Joffe.

"She was not injured just licked her in face and breathed into her throat. She just got this awful elephant breath in her lungs. Everybody was laughing. She was a little shocked,” Joffe said.

"She was a little embarrassed, but they were all pretty laid back, being Australian. It was not a formal kind of day," he also said.

School lollipop man quits after being accused of endangering the lives of kids

Bob Slade 
By: Shifra Unger

A school employee, who loved to hand out lollipops, decided to quit his job after being accused of endangering the lives of children.

Now, parents have come out in support of Bob Slade, 65, who had worked at the elementary school in Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom, for several years.

Slade resigned after being told by the Plymouth City Council he would be suspended for four weeks because he caused safety concerns.

A spokesperson for the City Council agreed that a school crossing guard could be nice, but said: "their full attention should be on the road, and they should closely monitor traffic at all times."

Slade helped children cross at the intersection outside Manadon Vale primary school.

"I liked the work. I've been doing this for more than four years without a single incident,” Slade said.

"When I got the job, I was told to make contact with the children and be kind, but they changed their minds and I stopped high-fiving them earlier this year because I was told to stop. I was told that I would be suspended for four weeks. I appreciate the support of parents, but I'm not going back again, this is the end of it now," Slade also said.

Trucks top list of stolen vehicles across the United States

By: Debbie Gross

If you’re the owner of a Cadillac Escalade, you’ve chosen wisely. Of course, you likely already know this due to its elegant look, comfy interior and smooth driving experience. However here’s another piece of good news: though still classy, it’s no longer one of the most popular cars to steal.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, since 2003, Escalade models were the vehicles of choice for car thiefs. However, on the 2013 list of stolen cars provided by the Highway Loss Data Institute, the Escalade dropped to No. 6, overshadowed by big trucks, especially the Ford F-250, which is stolen six times more than other vehicles. Next on the list comes the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 crew, the Chevy Avalanche 1500, the GMC Sierra and the Ford F-350 truck, finally the Escalade.

People aren’t quite sure why truck thefts are up, especially the Ford F-series. However there are many reasons to speculate about why some cars ranked lower. notes that ignition locks and similar electronic technology have been able to help reduce car thefts overall. This includes vehicles that won’t start unless a certain circuit is complete, which usually comes from a chip inside the official key. Breaking in or duplicating its shape still won’t work.

Other security devices that may have helped in reducing the number of insurance claims for vehicle theft include traditional alarms and wheel lock systems. Or, like with the Escalade, sales are lower, so there are fewer of them on the road.

Which are the cars no one is stealing? This HLDI list includes the Dodge Journey and the Volkswagen Tiguan, both family-oriented mid-size vehicles.

Other lists have differing data bout car theft. The National Highway Traffic Administration’s recent list of the most stolen cars placed the Dodge Charger on top, with 4 out of 1,000 stolen, followed by the Mitsubishi Galant and Hyundai Accent. The Escalade didn’t make this list’s top 10 most stolen or least stolen.

It’s not just cars that are stolen. According to the New York Times, anti-theft devices are cutting down on overall car theft on Long Island, but have led to more theft of car components like tires, rims or items inside the car. These thefts can be carried out more quietly and faster than stealing a whole car. For instance, a GPS system can be valued at $900, and airbags can go for $200-$400.

A new set of tires and rims is easy picking for a skilled thief and can put a big dent in your wallet. A set of performance tires with new, stylish rims can set you back $3,000-$5,000 at your local Continental tire dealer.

Where you live also might affect whether your car is a candidate for theft. The National Insurance Crime Bureau notes the West has an increasing number of thefts, including California cities Modesto, Fresno, Bakersfield, and Stockton. Yakima, Wash., was next, followed by two Bay Area cities and Spokane, Wash.