Palestinian terrorist shot dead after ramming tractor into Israeli army base

A tractor pushed up against an Israeli military vehicle 
By: David Ross

A Palestinian terrorist was killed after he rammed a tractor into an Israeli army base in the Israeli controlled West Bank, according to Israeli military officials.

An Israeli military spokesperson said that troops shot dead a Palestinian after he drove a mechanical digger through the gate of a military base near Jerusalem, on Thursday.

Photos of the incident show a yellow bulldozer pushed against an armored military patrol vehicle at the base between Jerusalem and the West Bank city of Ramallah.

"A Palestinian, who posed an immediate threat to the lives of the soldiers nearby, was killed after being shot by troops," the spokesperson said.

Peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians resumed in late July after three years of stagnation, but there has been no sign of a breakthrough and violent incidents have been increasing in recent months.

Eight other Palestinians were shot dead by Israeli soldiers and three Israelis have died in clashes and shootings since July.

Company now selling wine made exclusively for cats

Wine for cats illustration 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) If your cat is in the mood for some wine you are now able to purchase a beverage that was made exclusively for cats.

Japanese pet company B&H Lifes, is selling wine exclusively for cats.

"Nyan Nyan Nouveau" does not contain any alcohol, and is a mixture made of ​​grape juice, vitamin C and catnip.

B&H Lifes developed Nyan Nyan Nouveau after many requests from customers, who wanted to do things like celebrate Christmas and birthdays with their cats.

A 180 ml ​​bottle of wine cost 399 yen or $4.00.

Cats are not the only pets that can enjoy a good drink.

As we reported earlier, dogs got their own beer.

What is the legal drinking age in dog years?

That's what you might be wondering if you come across a bottle of Bowser Beer, a new brew made exclusively for dogs.

Creator Jenny Brown said he got the idea while he attended a farmer's market in 2007, which made ​​hot pretzels and an alternative to peanut butter for dogs.

“What goes better with pretzels than beer?" Brown asked.
That is when Bowser Beer was born.

"People have an incredible emotional bond with their dogs, so it is only natural that people want to include them and say, 'My dog can have a beer too,'" Brown said.

Police rent truck for drug bust and leave the drugs behind for the rental company

John McKinnon with the van full of cannabis 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A rental company employee was shocked when he found drugs in one of the company trucks.

John McKinnon, 33, of Coatbridge, Scotland, who works at the Mitchells Self Drive rental company, went to pick up a rented truck from a customer.

The customer as it turns out, was the local police department, which used the truck in a drug bust operation.

During the bust, officer seized a stash of cannabis. They loaded garbage bags full of cannabis into the truck. They held the truck overnight. The next morning, McKinnon came to pick up the truck.

Officials forgot to take the drugs out of the truck before handing the key back and allowing a worker from Mitchells Self Drive to drive off with the truck.

McKinnon said that the truck had a strong smell of cannabis. When he arrived at his place of business, he opened the back of the truck and was horrified.

"There were garbage bags full of cannabis,” McKinnon said. He ran to the office and called the police. "Immediately, I was told someone would get their balls kicked,” he added.

It took police an hour and a half to return to pick up the drugs. “When they finally arrived they asked me how it had happened,” McKinnon said.

McKinnon was angry that police put him in this situation. “I am angry that I was allowed to drive away with a truck loaded with drugs inside. I have no idea how I would have explained it if I had been stopped while driving. It is scary," he said.

Officers were stunned by how this happened. “There was no word of an apology or even a thank you for letting them know," he added.
A police spokesperson confirmed that they are investigating the incident.

Man shoots female neighbor through floor while playing with gun

David White 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A 22-year-old man was arrested after he accidentally shot his neighbor, who lives a floor beneath him, through the floor of his apartment.

David White of Nashville, Tennessee, was playing with his gun at 11:00 p.m., and it accidentally went off.

The bullet pierced through his apartment floor and into his neighbor’s apartment, hitting a woman while she was sleeping.

Heather Goutremont was shot in the shoulder, while she was sleeping in her bed beside her husband Vincent Goutremont. Their one-year-old baby was sleeping in a crib just 6 feet away.

Goutremont suffered significant injuries from the gunshot wound and was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where she is listed in stable condition.

When police searched White’s home they found drugs and prescription pills.
White was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. He is being held in lieu of $15,000 bond.WSMV Channel 4

Pastor arrested for masturbating in public while soliciting sex from Park Ranger

Pastor James McGonegal 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A pastor was arrested after soliciting sex from a Park Ranger.

Pastor James McGonegal, 62, of Cleveland, Ohio, was arrested after a Park Ranger found him masturbating in his car before being offered $50 for sexual favors.

The Park Ranger, who was in civilian clothes, said that the priest waved to him, gesturing that he come over to the car.

When he approached the car and asked what he was doing, McGonegal, said he was "cruising", a common term used when looking for sex, according to the incident report.

Not knowing that the man was a Park Ranger, McGonegal rubbed his genitals with his hands on his pants and asked the Park Ranger to help him "get off." As the two were talking, the pastor offered to pay the ranger $50.

The pastor then allegedly unzipped his pants and exposed his privates to the Park Ranger. At that time, the Park Ranger informed McGonegal that he was under arrest.

A search of his car revealed "three sexual devices,” according to police. During the interrogation, McGonegal admitted to police that he was HIV positive.

The priest was charged with soliciting sex while HIV positive and public indecency, amongst other charges.

McGonegal was released Saturday after posting bail.
McGonegal has been a pastor since 1971.

Family tricks ambulance workers into taking dying man to bank to reset password

Old man on stretcher illustration 
By: David Ross

A woman is in trouble after she tricked ambulance workers into transporting her dying husband out of the hospital and to the bank, so she can access his money.

The woman wanted to access her dying husband's money, but the bank insisted he needed to be there.

So the woman came up with an elaborate plan to have her husband transported from the hospital to the bank.

Xu Wanfan, 75, was at a hospital in the Shaanxi Province in China. He was in the intensive care unit. His wife, Li Xu Wanfan, 65, had been using his bank account while he lay critically ill in the hospital.

One day, she forgot his password, and after typing the numbers incorrectly three times, the account was locked. The bank refused to unlock it unless the man himself appeared to sign a form.

He was too sick to leave the hospital by car. The family came up with a plan. They told hospital officials that they wanted to take the man home so he can die in his own bed.

When they passed the bank, the family asked the ambulance crew to stop. They wheeled the dying man into the bank on a stretcher to execute the password change

Once back in the ambulance, the family said they had changed their mind about taking him home and asked the ambulance crew to take the patient back to the hospital.

The hospital is considering charging the family for the misuse of the ambulance, but the family said the bank should pay the cost since they were denied access to the man’s pension funds, which was used to pay the family’s bills.

"I don’t even have enough money to pay rent or buy food, what else should I have done?" Mrs. Wanfan said.

Man arrested for calling police after store overcharged him by one cent

Danny Smith 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A man was upset when a store clerk overcharged him by one cent.

Danny Smith, 51, of Tennessee, was arrested after he called police to report that he had been charged one cent too much for a bottle of beer.

Smith called police to the “Nite and Day Food Market” to report that he had been overcharged for beer.

When officers arrived, Smith said he bought a 16 ounce Heineken, but the store employee charged him a penny more than he should be charged.

Smith wanted police to order the store employee to return the penny he believed he was owed. Officers told Smith that it was a civil matter and he should not use the 911 system for non-emergencies.

While officers spoke with the store employee, officers said that Smith became agitated, walked across the parking lot to another store, called the non-emergency police number and demanded assistance.

Officers were still at the scene at the time Smith made ​​the call.
Police assistance came in the form of handcuffs.

Smith was booked into jail on charges of misuse of 911. He was released after securing $250 bond.

Man shoots at teens who brought his daughter home after curfew

Carlton Walker Jr 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A father was arrested after he took out his anger at the wrong kids by shooting at them.

Carlton Walker Jr. of Middlesex County, Virginia, was angry when his daughter came home after her curfew, and he took out his anger at her friends, who gave her a ride home.

According to police, the father was at his home with a shotgun waiting for his daughter to return.

At 12:30 a.m., she finally came home with two teenage friends. The father decided to punish the friends rather than his daughter. Walker was enraged, and he confronted the two teenagers with a shotgun.

When the two friends tried to leave the driveway, Walker allegedly blocked them in, pointed a gun at their vehicle and fire two rounds, which damaged the rear bumper.

Walker then instructed his wife to call the police with the intention of having the two teenagers arrested for kidnapping his daughter.

When officers arrived, they questioned all parties. The Middlesex County Sheriff's Office refused Walker's demands to have the teens arrested for abduction, but instead took Walker into custody for the exact charge.

He was charged with two counts of kidnapping, because he blocked the teens and would not allow them to leave his property.
He was also charged with two counts of using a firearm and two counts of shooting at an occupied vehicle.

Man kills wife after teasing him about his small penis

Paula Clinton 
By: Debbi Gross

A man killed his wife and then attempted to kill himself, after she taunted him about his small penis.

John Clinton, 52, of Aintree, England, brutally attacked Paula Clinton, his wife of 24 years, before cutting his own throat in an attempt to end his life.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Paula Clinton was unhappy with her husband’s excessive drinking, which led to him pee in their bed at night.

The day she was killed, John Clinton got home from the pub to find paperwork showing that his wife had spoken to a lawyer about a possible divorce, and to discuss the division of the couple's assets.

The mother of two, who worked at the Giro social club in Bootle for 30 years, allegedly told her husband that no other woman will want him because of his small penis, which smelled bad, and because of his bedwetting problem.

The husband became enraged and stabbed his wife multiple times. She managed to escape the family home, but she later collapsed.

She was found with multiple stab wounds on her body, hands and left eye. She died of shock and blood loss, before paramedics arrived.

Armed police were called to the family home where they found Clinton had cut his neck and wrists, in an attempt to commit suicide. He survived and was arrested.

Clinton, who admitted to manslaughter but denied murder, told detectives that he had killed his wife after he just "lost it" because his wife made fun of his manhood.

New York teen caught with dead baby inside Victoria’s Secret

Tiona Rodriguez 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A teen was detained after she was caught with a dead baby inside a bag at a Victoria’s Secret store in Manhattan, according to police reports.

New York City Police said that a teenage girl had a dead baby in her bag when she was arrested on suspicion of robbery in Victoria's Secret located on 34th Street, on Thursday.

Security officers detected a strong odor coming for the bag, and decided to inspect the bags of the girl, Tiona Rodriguez, and her friend, Francis Estevez, who are both 17-years-old. The security guards were horrified to find a dead baby inside, police said.

The girl told police she suffered a miscarriage, a day earlier.

The baby had no signs of trauma, police said. A doctor will determine the cause of death.

The teenager, who police say is from Brooklyn, was taken to Bellevue Hospital. She was charged with theft and criminal possession of stolen property, along with the girl who accompanied her to the store.

Man shows off strange tooth growing in middle of his mouth

The shark tooth 
By: Debbie Gross

A man took to the Internet to show off his strange tooth that is growing in middle of his mouth, according to photos uploaded to the Imgur.

Usually, people have full confidence in their health care professional, but one man may want to search around for another dentist.

A Reddit user posted a picture of the remarkable teeth of his brother on Wednesday, prompting an immediate and nearly unanimous reaction.

The picture shows the inside of his brother’s mouth, which includes a standard set of upper teeth and an incredible shark tooth growing out of the top of his mouth.

“So my friend’s brother has a tooth growing in the center of the roof of the mouth. Apparently, he thought it was normal,” one man said.

The image climbed to the top of Reddit with thousands of upvotes.

Many are horrified by the image, with some describing it as a thing you see in nightmares.

So will he have his shark tooth removed or will he keep it. Stay tuned.

Bar owner arrested after Rihanna tweets about impressive sex show

By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with indecent display after he allegedly allowed a sex performance at his bar, according to police officers in Thailand.

Phuket Police arrested the Patong bar owner, who staged the obscene spectacle on Saturday night, after international star Rihanna, posted comments about the event on the Internet.

The pop star posted photos on Instagram and messages on Twitter, about a shocking adult show she had witnessed.

The comments and the photos of Rihanna went viral on the Internet, and many local residents were fuming that police are allowing the illegal activity at the bar.

Warunyoo Jornmuang, owner of the Season bar located on Soi Bangla, was arrested for operating an entertainment center without permission, and for allowing a lewd show.