Woman gives her granddaughter drugs in attempt to frame the child’s father

Sanjuanita Carbajal 
By: Sarah Weiss

A custody battle turned ugly when a woman gave her granddaughter drugs to hide in her father’s truck.

Sanjuanita Carbajal, 58, from Texas, was arrested after she gave her 9-year-old granddaughter several packages of cocaine with the intent to frame the child's father with drug possession.

According to Gilbert Police, Carbajal was visiting Arizona, where the child lives with her father.

Officers were called to Pioneer Elementary School on Wednesday, after school administrators discovered that the girl had several small packets that they believed was cocaine. Officers tested the substance and confirmed that it was cocaine.

When officers interviewed the girl, she told them that she found the drugs in his father's truck. After further questioning, she admitted that Carbajal had instructed her to hide the drugs in her father's truck.

The girl's father told investigators that his daughter had been at the center of a long custody battle between himself, the girl's mother and her maternal grandmother, Carbajal. The situation escalated after the father got custody of the child.

The child’s father offered officers to search his truck. They found no traces of cocaine or other drugs in his vehicle.

Investigators determined that Carbajal gave the drugs to the 9-year-old in the hopes that a drug conviction will give her the edge she needed to start a new fight for custody.

Carbajal was charged with child abuse and was booked into the Maricopa County Jail.
The girl's mother is not a suspect in the case.

Man arrested after throwing parrot at police officers

Luis Santana 
By: Moses Gold

A man was arrested and charged with assault after he allegedly threw a parrot at police officers, according to police reports in Connecticut.

Waterbury Police said that a man was arrested on Thursday night, after he threw a stolen parrot at pursuing police officers.

Police officer Gary Kichar responded to a fight in progress. When confronted by police, Luis Santana, 32, fled from the scene with a bird. At one point, he turned around and threw the bird at Kichar. The police officer suffered a bite on the finger.

Authorities eventually caught up to Santana, who police said was hiding in the bathroom of a nearby building.

Santana, who apparently lives in a homeless shelter, has been charged with assault on a police officer, interfering with an officer, disorderly conduct and cruelty to animals. Police said that additional charges are still pending.

The stolen parrot was not hurt and was reunited with its rightful owner, Deputy Police Chief Christopher Corbett said.

Woman arrested after shooting her boyfriend with water gun

Giovanna Borge 
By: Debbie Gross

A woman was arrested and charged with domestic violence after allegedly shooting her boyfriend with a water gun, according to police reports in Florida.

Port St. Lucie Police said that a woman accused of squirting her boyfriend with a water gun was jailed on Friday.

Giovanna Borge, 19, was arrested on a battery charge because she antagonized and agitated her boyfriend against his wishes, according to a police report.

Police went to an address in the 1900 block of Southeast Hillmoor Drive, where Borge said her boyfriend told her something she did not like.

Borge said that she grabbed a water gun and squirted water at him.

The boyfriend retaliated and threw a pot of water at his girlfriend.

She ended up in the tub in the bathroom after they both pushed each other.

Three people who were in the apartment, said that Borge began screaming at her boyfriend without provocation.

The witnesses did not see the woman using the water gun, but they heard the boyfriend yelling, "get off me, get off me."

Borge had difficulty breathing.

The police gave her a breathing bag and took her to jail.

Woman arrested for crushing former boyfriend’s testicles

Jennifer Singletary 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested for crushing her former boyfriend’s testicles after he refused to allow her to enter his home.

Jennifer Singletary, 33, of Woodruff, South Carolina, injured her former boyfriend by punching him in the face and then crushing his testicles because he would not let her go into the house they had both shared in order to retrieve her belongings.

According to the Sheriff's Office pf Spartanburg County, officers were called to the home of Sonny Dolquist in response to a domestic disturbance at the residence.

When officers arrived, they found Singletary in the front yard. According to police, she appeared extremely intoxicated.

Singletary told the officers that she had been beaten by her boyfriend, but she was unable to identify how she had been beaten. The officers checked for any visible injuries, but they did not find any.

The officers entered the residence to find Dolquist bleeding from the mouth. Dolquist told the officers that he and Singletary had lived together for two years until she recently moved out.

He also told police that he agreed to meet Singletary at his house at 4:00 p.m., to let her take some belongings, which she left behind, but she did not show up until 8:00 p.m.

Dolquist told the officers that he had placed her belongings on the front porch. However, she demanded to come inside the residence. When Dolquist would not allow her to enter she forced ​​her way inside and started throwing things around.

Singletary then hit the victim several times in the mouth before squeezing the testicles until it started bleeding.

A man who came to the house with Singletary, told officers he saw Dolquist grab Singletary, and he tried to throw her out to the porch. Officers check Singletary again and still did not find signs of injuries.
Singletary was booked into jail on charges of criminal domestic violence.WNEM TV 5

Man’s hand gets stuck in toilet at his workplace

Zhang’s hand stuck in toilet 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A man was left embarrassed after his co-workers found him with his hand stuck down the toilet.

Firefighters had to be called to remove the toilet in order to free the man’s hand from the drain pipe.

The man, Zhang of Quanzhou, Fujian province, China, took a quick toilet break that turned into a nightmare after his wedding ring fell into the toilet bowl.

Zhang desperately attempted to retrieve his wedding ring from the toilet bowl at work, but when he put his hand inside it got stuck and he was unable to free his hand.

He started screaming to get the attention of co-workers, who attempted to help him, but were unable to do so.
Zhang suffered further embarrassment when firefighters had to be called to help.

Firefighters disassembled parts of the toilet to release Zhang’s hand.
After a while, they were able to free his hand from the drain pipe and took him to a hospital for observation.

It is unclear whether they managed to retrieve his wedding ring.