8 Muslims brutally attack Jewish family of 5 at Sydney hotel

One of the men who were attacked 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) Three Muslim men were arrested and charged with assault after brutally beating a Jewish family of five at a hotel in Sydney Australia, according to police reports.

Two men remain in a hospital with serious injuries after the alleged anti-Semitic attack near Bondi Beach on Saturday.

Five people were injured suffering from a fractured cheekbone, a broken nose, concussion, lacerations and bruises, when they were attacked by eight young Muslims in Blair Street.

The victims told police that the attack was unprovoked and racially motivated.

He said the family was returning from a Jewish Sabbath dinner, and that they do not know their attackers. They said that they did not do anything to incite the violence.

"Any serious unprovoked attack is of great concern, but the fact that it was racially motivated is even more worrying,” a member of the Bondi Jewish community said.

“It's shocking that such an attack could occur in Australia, let alone in Bondi,” he said.

All victims wore skullcaps and said the attack seemed to be going on for about 15 minutes.

Police said four men, aged 27 to 66, and a 62-year-old woman, were walking down Blair Street when the group of eight men started shouting anti-Jewish epithets.

Police said the fight continued along Glenayr Avenue until the police arrived. The attackers all fled from the scene.

Police have arrested two teenagers, both 17-years-old and a 23-year-old.

Beach Road Hotel owner Ben Pearce said four guards and two hotel managers were able to help stop the attack.

He said hotel employees jumped in the middle of the fight, in an effort to break it up and were able to hold down a couple of criminals before the police arrived.

Pearce also said that a taxi driver tried to grab one of the men who fled from the scene.
He said that the attackers were not hotel guests.

The hotel provided video and statements to the police.

“The fact that the attack was motivated by hate is very worrying,” Pearce said.

McDonald’s employee told to get food stamps and Medicaid after complaining about low wages

McDonald's employee illustration 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Are you earning minimum wage per hour on your current job? Don’t worry, just apply for food stamps and Medicaid, a McDonald’s help line tells employees.

A group fighting large corporations that pay employees minimum wage released a video that portrays the McDonald’s company help line, which provides its employees with information on how to collect food stamps because they are not paid enough to make ends meet.

A website called LowPayIsNotOk.org, described as a campaign for fast food workers to earn a wage of $15 an hour, has a recording of a McDonald’s worker named Nancy, a mother of two, who has worked for the fast food giant for the past 10 years.

The worker, according to the video, earns $8.25 per hour and has never received a raise. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour.

When Nancy called the company help line McDonald’s McResource for help in supporting her family, a female voice tells her to apply for public assistance.

"You can ask about things like food pantries. Are you on SNAP? SNAP is a supplemental nutrition assistance program or Food stamps, Do you have children?" The help line said.

The helpline also tells Nancy that she is eligible for SNAP benefits, which is a federal program. Later, Nancy is asked: "Have you tried to get on Medicaid?"

McDonald’s said that it and its independent franchisees provide jobs in every state to hundreds of thousands of people across the country.

"The jobs range from entry-level part-time to full-time minimum wage to salaried positions, and we offer everyone the same opportunity to progress," McDonald’s said in a statement.

Georgia man runs into burning house to save case of beer

Joseph Harvey 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A family was happy to be safe and out of their house after it caught on fire.

Walter Serpit of Georgia, escaped the fire unharmed along with the rest of his family as the flames engulfed their home.

Serpit, who is a self-proclaimed alcoholic, was unable to part with his beer so he decided to go back into the burning house to get a case of Bud Light from his refrigerator.

Serpit, who is disabled and walks with a cane, said he was lucky to make it out alive on Thursday.

"I told them to get the kids and all, and I myself, being an alcoholic, I was trying to get my beer," Serpit said.

"I returned to the house like a dummy and the door closed on me. The fire was about to kill me," he added.

Serpit made it out safely with his beer and he was able to drown out his sorrow of losing his house to the fire.

A new water heater is suspected of having caused the fire.

Altogether, six adults and two young children made it out of the burning house. The Red Cross came to help the family that was affected by the fire so they can get back on their feet.

Philadelphia police officer arrested after forcing female suspect to disrobe and pleasuring himself

Joseph Harvey 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A Philadelphia, Pennsylvania police officer, was arrested and charged with violating a woman's civil rights after forcing her to disrobe and pleasuring himself in front of her during a drug raid on her apartment, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

FBI agents arrested Joseph Harvey, 39, and also arrested Harvey’s coworker, Philadelphia Police Officer Sean Cahill, 34, and accused him with lying to officials.

Harvey, while serving as a police officer, deprived a woman of her civil rights by forcing her to undress.

Specifically, the officer violated the constitutional protection against unlawful seizure. Harvey denies the charges.

In 2009, Philadelphia Police raided an abandoned house in Kensington, where Harvey found a 21-year-old woman.

He forced her to strip naked and pleasured himself in her presence.

The woman testified that she was on the second floor, high on heroin and preparing to have sex with a friend, when Harvey busted into her room.

After he finished pleasuring himself, Harvey threw her $6 and told her to use the money to buy a pack of cigarettes.

Harvey, who served seven years as a Philadelphia police officer, faces up to a year in prison and a $100,000 fine.

Cahill faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Girl, 14, burned alive after threatening to report gang rape to police

Locals holding vigil for dead girl 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A 14-year-old girl died after suffering from severe burns on over 80 percent of her body, according to hospital officials in India.

Now, the death of the 14-year-old, who was raped and set on fire in central India, has prompted new outrage after police continue to fail in bringing suspects to justice.

"I do not go out at night," Natasha Shah, a 26-year-old writer in New Delhi, said.

"I do not feel safe going out to a club. I really cannot enjoy it, and my parents will be calling me all night to make sure I’m safe," she also said.

The attack took place on Tuesday night, in Orai, Uttar Pradesh.

The victim was returning from a trip to a local farm with her older sister when she was raped by three young men.

The villagers identified one of the assailants as a local bully, police said.

They suspects burned the victim alive after she threatened to report the rape to police. She suffered burns on over 80 percent of her body and died in a hospital.

Local police officials said that girl's family had not filed a formal complaint, but detectives are looking for the suspects in order to charge them with rape and murder.

Hunter accidentally shoots man sitting on toilet after his bullet misses moose

The log cabin  
By: Eva Fett

A man in Norway, who went on a hunting trip in the woods near a cabin, spotted a moose.

The man pulled the trigger of his gun and shot in the direction of the moose.

Unfortunately, the hunter missed the moose and accidentally shot a man while he was sitting on the toilet in the log cabin, police said.

The Norwegian hunter said that he aimed for the beast, but missed, sending the bullet ripping through the log cabin wall and straight for the toilet.

The stray bullet hit an innocent 70-year-old man in the stomach while he was relieving himself.

“The victim was taken to hospital by helicopter. Thankfully, his wounds were not life threatening,” investigator Anders Stroemsaether said. The moose escaped unharmed.

The hunter was taken in for questioning in Hvaler District, about seventy-four kilometers southeast of the capital of Oslo, police said. So far no charges have been filed against the hunter.

Married woman's blind date turns out to be her father-in-law

Lili Jai talking to police at the hotel 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A married woman, who met a man on the Internet, decided to meet after talking for some time.

They decided a time to meet at a hotel in Heilongjiang province, north-east China.

Lili Jai, 28, went to the hotel, and got ready for her date, but she got a nasty surprise when her date arrived and he turned out to her father-in-law.

Both Lili Jai and her father-in-law, Wang Pai, 57, had been using false identities while chatting online, therefore, they didn’t realize that they know each other.

Things did not end there for the woman and her father-in-law. Lili Jai’s husband, Wang Jai, suspected that she was cheating on him. So he followed her to the hotel.

When the father-in-law knocked on the hotel room, the woman opened the door in a pink bathrobe. She had the shock of her life when she came face to face with her father-in-law.

Pai said that both of them were very shocked. "She turned around and started running down the hall where she came face to face with her husband, my son," Pai said.

The husband began beating his wife and punched out two of her teeth.

The husband was not done. He went to his father and assaulted him. The father was taken to a hospital with a head wound.
Police were called and Wang Jai was arrested for assault.