Scottish teacher slammed after saying Hitler did some good by killing the Jews

Scottish school illustration 
By: David Ross

A Scottish teacher and school are under fire after the teacher said that Hitler was not all bad.

The teacher at a private school in Scotland, allegedly made the anti-Semitic remark during one of his classes.

Officials said that the teacher will face a disciplinary hearing next week.

The religious teacher, David McNally, told students of the Kilwinning Academy in Ayrshire: "Hitler was not so bad, he killed the Jews."

McNally is said to have made ??the remarks last years. He also allegedly made inappropriate sexual comments to students.

He will appear in front of a disciplinary hearing of the General Teaching Council of Scotland next week.

If found guilty, McNally will face a lifetime ban from teaching, and will be banned from working with children and young adults.

Young Brooklyn woman hospitalized after train cuts off her foot

Scene of the incident 
By: Eva Fett

A woman was rushed to a hospital after a train cut off her foot, according to emergency workers in New York.

Brooklyn Police said that a city subway train cut off part of a woman’s leg on Saturday.

The 29-year-old unidentified victim was walking along the elevated walkway of the J and Z tracks on Broadway, near Gates Avenue, in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood just before 3:00 p.m., when the passing train hit her foot.

Paramedics rushed the woman to Brookdale Hospital with her left leg amputated below the knee and a fractured right ankle, police said.

This was not the first time that a Brooklyn train slammed into a person.

As we reported earlier, a train killed a woman after she fainted on a subway platform, according to emergency workers in Brooklyn, New York.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, or MTA, said that the woman was hit on the Eastern Parkway and Utica Avenue station, on Tuesday.

There are reported train delays in both directions.

55 people died last year after being pushed, fell or jumped onto the train tracks, compared to 47 in 2011, according to the MTA. On average, about 135 people a year are affected by the subway in New York, while most survive, some die.

At a City Council hearing last week, the Transportation Committee Chairman, James Vacca, said that recent deaths should be a wakeup call to our transportation system.

MTA officials said they are working to test barriers at the edges of the platform and technology that sounds alarms when someone or something is on the tracks.

The subway workers union, meanwhile, is pushing another approach, ordering drivers to enter stations as slowly as 10 miles per hour. Average train speed is about 30 miles per hour.

Borough Park area woman and her 4 children stabbed to death

Scene of the incident 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A woman and her four children are dead and one man is in custody, according to police reports in New York.

Brooklyn Police said that four children and their 37-year-old mother were stabbed at their home on Saturday.

Officers arrived at the scene, 870 57 Street, and found the five victims unconscious and unresponsive, police said. Three children were pronounced dead at the scene, while another child and the woman were taken to local hospitals, where they were pronounced dead.

Fire Department spokesperson Jim Long said emergency workers responded just before 11:00 p.m. on Saturday to an emergency call of a person stabbed at a residence in the neighborhood of Borough Park.

The stabbings occurred in a working class neighborhood.

Woman starts new business turning cereal boxes into jewelry

Jewelry made from cereal boxes illustration 
By: Sarah Weiss

A woman decided to turn her empty cereal boxes into jewelry and sell them.

To poor mothers in Haiti, empty cereal boxes are their best friends. In fact, a cereal box can generate up to $40 for a family in need, when they are turned into bracelets.

The cereal boxes are rolled into strips of cardboard, into beads and sold.

The special project also collects soda cans and other garbage for recycling into jewelry. Books and household items are collected in order to help families out of extreme poverty by creating jobs. As a bonus, this project helps keep trash out of the environment.

Julie Scott of Suwanee, Georgia, has been working on the project since its inception selling jewelry in schools, churches, private homes and wherever people are willing to help with the purchase of these one-of-a-kind art works.

It does not take much to help make a difference. The jewelry is very cheap and each is labeled with a little story about the person who created it.

The pieces make wonderful Christmas or Hanukkah gifts for family members, teachers, maids, sorority sisters, or anyone who might appreciate a little "thank you" gift for any occasion.

For those who are not interested in buying jewelry, they can still contribute to the cause, no purchase necessary.

"Last year church children collected cereal boxes for a local cooperative and then, they took out the cereal from the boxes and sent us the empty boxes in order to turn them into jewelry. It was a win win," Scott said.

Woman arrested after setting cat on fire and uploading video to Facebook

Burned cat illustration 
By: Debbi Gross

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested after Facebook users alerted authorities to the woman’s cruel act of animal abuse.

Monica Pauline Ferreri, 27, of California, proudly showed off her act of cruelty as she set her cat's tail on fire.

She took photos and a video of herself doing so and posted it on Facebook.

An animal control officer received a tip about the incident from a Facebook user in Boston, Massachusetts, which lead to Ferreri’s arrest.

After uploading the photo to Facebook it received three “likes”. One of the woman’s friends wrote "You're awesome."
"Please explain to me how this is supposed to be funny in any way," Katie Lenart wrote.

“The cat isn’t set on fire, it is a bit of her fur. Chill,” Monica Ferreri, the cat’s owner responded.

“Oh, so if someone were to set your hair on fire and laugh about it, would you also say it is only your hair. It is unfortunate that people like you can own animals,” Lenart replied.

Animal Control officer arrested Ferreri at her workplace.

The cat, which is 15-years-old, is now being cared for by animal control officers in Redlands. The cat is expected to make a full recovery.

Pennsylvania police officer takes another officer hostage and kills himself

Scene of the incident 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A police officer is dead after taking another police officer hostage and shooting himself, according to police reports in Pennsylvania.

Friends and family of the dead officer said that they had no warning signs before he took hostage a fellow officer and killed himself on Friday night.

David Midas and Chris Ondrus were brothers in blue, and best friends.

"They were always together and I'm not sure what happened last night," Mark Kosica, who served with Midas at the Lansford Fire Department, said.

David Midas drove an unmarked police car to Ondrus' home and forced him out at gunpoint. The two drove 10 miles when Midas stopped, got out and shot himself in the head.

Carbon County Sheriff Ondrus said he tried to stop his friend from pulling the trigger. Midas was so popular in the community that he was considering a run for the county sheriff.

An investigation is still ongoing.

16-year-old student arrested for sexually assaulting teacher

By: John Roberts

A teenager is accused of sexually assaulting his teacher in class.

A teacher in South Africa, told police that she was sexually assaulted by her student after she ordered him to stay late after class.

The teacher in Germiston, east of Johannesburg, said she was sexually abused by her 16-year-old student in her classroom.

The school and its governing body did not want to comment on the incident and referred questions to the Gauteng Department of Education.

Gauteng education spokesperson Gershwin Chuenyane confirmed the incident, which happened in the teacher's classroom on Monday.

Chuenyane said that the student was arrested, but was released to the custody of his parents. He was also suspended from school for seven days.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Lungelo Dlamini also confirmed that the incident is being investigating. Dlamini said that statements were taken from the teacher, student and others, who witnessed the incident.

The case was handed over to the National Prosecuting Authority in order to determine whether the student will be prosecuted.

Meanwhile, the teacher is said to be receiving counseling for trauma.

Teen girl commits suicide after parents prohibit her from using Facebook

Facebook illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

Social media has become a big part of people’s lives.

A 17-year-old girl felt so isolated when her parents banned her from using social media that she committed suicide.

The teenager committed suicide after her parents restricted her from using her mobile phone and social networking sites like Facebook, police said on Thursday.

The incident happened on Wednesday night, after Aishwarya Dahiwal of India, got into an argument with her parents about using Facebook on her computer.

Dahiwal's parents had objected to her social media use. They also banned her from using her cell phone for long talks with friends, according to police in Parbhani.

"Like all parents, their intentions were to protect their daughter. They wanted the teen to concentrate on her school work," investigating officer GH Lemgude said.

Dahiwal was a second year college student in Parbhani, Maharashtra state.
After an argument on Wednesday night, Dahiwal went to her room, wrote a suicide note and hanged herself.

In the note, the teenager wrote that her parents had constantly prevented her from using her Facebook account.
"Is Facebook so bad? I cannot stay in a home with such restrictions as I can't live without Facebook," she wrote.

The teen’s father, Sunil Dahiwal, mother, and her two brothers, are in a state of shock.

Michigan woman arrested after helping her husband rape 3-year-old girl

Jail illustration 
By: David Ross

A couple was arrested and charged with child rape after they allegedly engaged in raping a 3-year-old girl, according to court proceedings in Michigan.

A Jackson man, 28, pleaded guilty on Tuesday, to two counts of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree for repeatedly sexually assaulting his 3-year-old daughter.

His crimes are punishable by up to life imprison.

Jackson County Circuit Judge John McBain will sentence the man in two months.

The man admitted to participating in sexual conduct with the girl while living with her and her mother at the Avalon Hotel in Blackman Township. His wife helped him with the abuse, he told the judge.

As part of the plea agreement, the man will testify against his wife.

The woman, 36, is charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree.
Police arrested her in August.

The woman admitted to police to helping her husband rape the girl.

She said she held her daughter’s hand so that it would not hurt that much. The state is seeking to terminate her parental rights to her daughter and the rights to her two other children, ages 6 and 8.

She is in the county jail and the children are no longer under her care.

Her husband admitted to having sex with the girl at least six times.

He showered with the girl, touched her inappropriately, took pictures with her for sexual satisfaction and watched child pornography with her.

In exchange for the man's guilty plea, the prosecutor's office agreed to drop 10 other charges.

Texas woman strip searched and jailed after failing to pay traffic ticket within 60 days

Sarah Boaz 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested, stripped searched and thrown in jail after a traffic ticket she received was sixty days overdue, according to police reports Texas.

Sarah Boaz of Richland Hills, was cited for running a stop sign, only to misplace the ticket shortly thereafter. Two months later, the Richland Hills City Marshal was waiting at her home with handcuffs.

Boaz acknowledged that she was wrong for waiting so long to pay the bill, but what happened next shocked her to the core.

She was handcuffed, taken to jail, and was told to remove her clothes for a strip search.

Local judicial officials said that Boaz was sent two reminders to pay her traffic ticket, however, Boaz said she never received any notice.

"The Constitution does not order the government or government officials to use common sense. Unfortunately, some police officers and some government officials get too aggressive because they want the ticket revenue,” an attorney for Boaz said.

Boaz spent two hours in jail before her family came to bail her out.

Tennessee man, 20, jailed after stealing false teeth from elderly woman

Donell Johnson 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with robbery after he allegedly stole a purse containing a woman’s false teeth, according to police reports in Tennessee.

Memphis Police said that a beloved school crossing guard, whose false teeth were stolen during an armed robbery, will see justice after all.

Donell Johnson, 20, is being held in the Shelby County Jail without bond. He is charged with one count of aggravated robbery.

The victim was identified as Linda Foster, 65.

According to the police complaint, Foster was parked in a bank parking lot located at Summer and Berclair streets when Foster put his head through her open car window and told Foster to "Get out!"

Foster refused and tried to start her car in order to escape. Police said Johnson grabbed her hand to prevent her from driving away.

Foster and Johnson began to fight, and Johnson pulled out a gun, put it in her chest and grabbed her purse, which contained her hearing aids and false teeth. The total value of the stolen items is $1,200.

A tip led police to Johnson. Foster was able to identify him in a photo lineup.

Virginia man slams his neighbor’s puppy on the floor because he was angry with dogs

Dionisio Vicente Salazar and the dog 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with animal cruelty after he allegedly slammed his neighbor’s puppy on the floor because he was angry with dogs, according to police reports in Virginia.

Virginia Beach Police said that a man is facing multiple charges after he hit a neighbor's dog on the floor.

Officers found a puppy that was seriously injured when they were called to the 700 block of Hampshire Lane around 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, according to Tonya Borman of Virginia Beach Police Department.

The 15-week-old puppy was taken to a local veterinarian for treatment. Borman said that due to the severity of the dog’s injuries, the puppy was euthanized.

“I am devastated. The dog was the only thing I had,” Cedrick Alston, the dog’s owner, said.

"I was doing pretty well. Now that this happened, I feel like a complete failure,” he also said.

The puppy suffered from serious skull fractures, according to the vet.

Police determined that the suspect, identified as 22-year-old Dionisio Vicente Salazar, entered a nearby apartment and took the puppy. Salazar was seen running into the street with the puppy and slamming it on the floor.

"He was pacing up and down the street going crazy and yelling at the dogs," Alston said.

Salazar was charged with burglary with intent to commit a felony, larceny of an animal, and animal cruelty. Police said additional charges may be filed.

Mother arrested after smuggling drugs into jail hidden in Bible

Jail illustration 
By: Debbie Gross

A mother who allegedly wanted to give her jailed daughter some drugs, used a Bible to hide the illegal meth, according to police reports in Texas.

Jefferson County Police said that a 69-year-old woman has been charged after sheriff's deputies accused her of trying to use a Bible to smuggle drugs into the Jefferson County Jail.

Carolyn Hebert Frioux of Fannett, went to visit her daughter in jail in July. When deputies inspected a Bible she was carrying they found methamphetamine.

A Jefferson County grand jury indictment Frioux on a charge of possession of a prohibited substance in a correctional facility.

Frioux was booked into jail and then released after posting $8,000 bond.

Hitmen beg woman to play dead after failed attempt to kill her

Nomvula Magagula 
By: Shifra Unger

A person hired several hitmen to kill a woman in order to get her money, but the hitmen failed to kill her.

After the hitmen repeatedly failed to kill the woman, they begged her to play dead so they can take a photo of her “dead body” as proof that they did their job.

Businesswoman Nomvula Magagula, 47, of Mpumalanga, South Africa, told police that a gang broke into her house and she woke up to a gun pointed to her head.

Fortunately for her, the gun jammed and they were unable to kill her.

"The men told me that they had followed me for some time and they even had a key to my house,” Magagula said.

"They told me that they had been paid R20,000 or about $2,000 dollars, to kill me, but after eight attempts to kill me, their conscience still got the best of them,” Magagula added.

After the gun jammed, one of the men got a knife from the kitchen and attempted to use it on the woman, but the man started crying as he told the woman who he knows she is a good woman and he could not use knife to kill her.

"Instead of killing me, they suggested that I fake my death to meet my enemy’s demand," Magagula said.

The men then tied Magagula up with ropes and gagged her for the photo, but promised that they would not kill her.

They also told the woman who the person who ordered the killing was someone known to her, and that the person wants to get their hands on her money and property. However, they did not reveal who had hired them.

Magagula said that she gave the gunmen her laptop, cell phone and cash as a sign of gratitude for not killing her.

The mother of four has left her home and is living in hiding for fear of the person, who wants her dead.

She is now working with police to find the person, who paid the men to kill her.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Gerald Sedibe confirmed that they are investigating an incident where three unknown men gained entry to Magagula's house and held her at gunpoint.

Female teacher accidentally sends photo of herself having sex to students

Shocked woman illustration 
By: Debbi Gross

(Scroll down for video) A teacher was left embarrassed after she accidentally sent nude photos of herself to all of her students.

A university teaching assistant is under investigation after she accidentally sent nude photos of herself, which showed her performing sexual acts.

Students at the University of Iowa, had been expecting solutions to a math problem, but along with it they received images of their teacher participating in sex.

The teacher, who has not been named, had sent an email to her math class students on Tuesday night. In her email she wrote: "Hi class, I attached the solutions for number 76 and 78 in this email.”

When students opened the attachment they saw photos of a the teacher, who appeared to pleasure herself and another man believed to be her boyfriend, and masturbating.

The photos quickly went viral online after it was shared on a fraternity news website called “Total Frat Move.”

Students were surprised when the teacher showed up for class the next day. “The whole class fell silent as she walked into the room,” according to students from her morning class.

It seems as though she did not realize her mistake until school officials told her about it as she missed her second class that day.

An official at the University of Iowa, confirmed that the assistant teacher had sent inappropriate content to her students, and that she "regrets her actions."

"This incident was inappropriate, and the university will look into it. The university will take appropriate action according to our policies and procedures,” University spokesperson Tom Moore said.

The university appealed to students, who have received the email, to delete it and not share it with others.

Groomsmen sexually assault bridesmaid during wedding

By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A woman was sexually assaulted by groomsmen during her best friend’s wedding.

The woman known as Lee, who served as a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding in Shandong, China, was striped naked and sexually assaulted by a few of the groomsmen.

The woman claimed that the men, who are all about 24 to 25-years-old, pushed her into a room where they threw her onto a bed. Then, they stripped her naked and sexually assaulted her while making fun of her.

The woman said that she struggled to get away and screamed for help, but no one came to her aid.

When the men left the room, the woman claimed she told the groom that she was sexually assaulted by his friend’s, but he turned his back on her and did nothing.

When the wedding was over, Lee went to the bride and groom’s apartment to discuss the assault, but the bride and groom have already left for their honeymoon.

The groom's father was at the apartment and spoke with the woman, who was shaken up by the incident. The groom’s father called his son, the groom, who claimed that he had no idea the assault took place.

When the woman received no sympathy or help from the groom or his father, she went to the police to report the crime, and to get justice. Police are investigating the incident.

Customers leave note telling waiter they cannot tip him because he’s gay

Carrabba's Italian Grill 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) Customers thanked a waiter for his great service, but explained that they cannot leave a tip to a homosexual man.

The 20-year-old gay waiter, who works at Carrabba's Italian Grill in Overland Park, Kansas, got a homophobic message instead of a tip.

The young man’s mother, who also works at the same restaurant, was very upset by what was written on the back of the bill after her gay son served a couple.

“Thank you for your service, it was excellent. We cannot in good conscience tip you for your homosexual lifestyle is an affront to God," the customers wrote.

"We hope you will see that your choice made you lose out on the tip, and plan accordingly. It is never too late for God's love. May God have mercy on you," the note states.

Many people on social media were angered over the discrimination against the gay man. People believe that his gay lifestyle should not be an issue at his workplace, especially when his service was so great.

After the incident went viral on the Internet, people went to the restaurant to support the man and to give him money.

Carrabba's Italian Grill owner said in a statement that the company does not tolerate discrimination by employees or guests.
"We celebrate diversity and believe in treating everyone with respect," the company said.

However, Carrabba's officials did not say what action, if any, would be taken if the anti-gay couple returned.

Man goes back to rob same bank and same teller after being released from prison

Joshua James Driskell 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Spending time in jail did nothing for one man, who robbed the same bank after being released from prison.

Joshua James Driskell of Bremerton, Washington, did not bother to cover his face when he headed to the bank to rob for a second time.

Driskell robbed the bank for the second time after he served time in prison for his first robbery, police said.

Earlier, Driskell was convicted of holding up a Key Bank in east Bremerton. He was sentenced to 4 years in prison after he was found guilty of second-degree robbery.

When police investigated the recent robbery at the bank, they did not have to look far to find the suspect.

Police said that surveillance cameras captured clear photos of Driskell and of his getaway car. He was arrested in his apartment just three hours after the crime. The getaway car was parked at the apartment complex.

Bremerton Police Chief Steve Strachan was puzzled.

"A month after his release from prison, Driskell robbed the same bank. You just can make theses things up," Strachan said.

"What makes it even more strange, we just confirmed that he targeted the same bank teller from whom he robbed the first time," he said.