Young dead woman wrapped in blanket found on Williamsburg street

The scene of the incident 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) Williamsburg, Brooklyn residents were shocked to learn that passersby discovered a dead young woman, who was carefully wrapped in a blanket, according to police reports in New York.

A popular dead-end street was taken over by police officers and the Medical Examiner on Tuesday night, as detectives are searching for answers after they found the body of a woman at the end of the block near Kent Avenue and Division Avenue.

The body was covered by a comfortably padded blanket, the type used by movers. Police were called late on Tuesday, but the victim could have been there for a long time, without being noticed. A man saw the blanket when he came to work at the location, but did think much of it.

Police believe the victim is about 30-years-old. She has not yet been identified. The cause of death will be determined by an autopsy.

However, police believe the victim was dumped at the site.

Flatbush area fire leaves 91-year-old woman and her son-in-law dead

The scene of the fire 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) Two people are dead and another three were injured after a fire ripped through a Flatbush area home, according to emergency workers in Brooklyn, New York.

Brooklyn Police investigators said that the deadly fire broke out early Wednesday morning.

The flames broke out at 850 East 15th Street, a private two-story house, in the Midwood section around 3:30 a.m.

Firefighters said that one person, an elderly woman, 91, was pronounced dead at the scene. A second person, the woman's 63-year-old son-in-law, was transported in critical condition to Kings County Hospital where he later died.

Three others were also treated for minor injuries at Maimonides Medical Center.

The fire came under control 4:45 a.m., and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

Amsterdam store slammed for illegally selling Hitler’s book Mein Kampf

Mein Kampf book illustration 
By: David Ross

A store in the Netherlands is under fire after it was caught illegally selling Hitler’s book Mein Kampf.

Now, a group of Jews in the Netherlands have called for the prosecution of the shop in Amsterdam that is selling the German dictator’s book.

In the Netherlands, it is not illegal to possess the book Mein Kampf, but since 1974, it is illegal for stores to sell the book.

The Federation of Dutch Jews has launched legal action against the totalitarian art gallery, which has three copies of the book for sale.

Gallery owner Michiel van Eyck said he is not surprised by the lawsuit, adding that the Mein Kampf books are not displayed in the shop’s windows, but is part of a collection of historical objects that also includes memorabilia of Stalin’s rule in Russia and Mao’s rule in China.

"It is very strange that someone cannot sell or buy a book written 80 years ago by a mad frustrated man when it is available over the Internet for free," van Eyck said.

The Jewish group said it wants the books confiscated from the store.

"In a time of growing anti-Semitism it is important to act against this form of hate speech," The Federation of Dutch Jews President Herman Loonstein said.

Spa offers full body massages with large scary snakes

The snake spa 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) If you are afraid of snakes do not go to this spa, which uses large scary snakes for body massages.

Any person who dares to go through the gates of Bali Heritage Reflexology and Spa in Jakarta, Indonesia, can experience a relaxing massage or a scary snake filled adventure.

The snake spa offers unique massage treatments, which consists in having several pythons placed on the client's body.

The movement of the snakes twists and turns can cause fear, which is said to have a positive affect on the human metabolism.

Brave customers pay about $50 for the privilege of having snakes crawling all over their bodies.

Do not worry too much, all reptiles are said to be non-venomous.

People are apparently queuing to get the unconventional therapy.

However, for an even more exciting experience, check out the Barak Spay in Israel, which not only offers snake massages, but also mice and rats scampering on people's feet to help relieve the stresses of the day.

Man, 20, banned from seeing his mother after throwing temper tantrum

Broken items illustration 
By: Sarah Weiss

A man was jailed and banned from having any contact with his mother.

Samuel Hinkin, 20, of Bridgend, South Wales, threw a massive temper tantrum after his mother took away his laptop.

Hinkin exploded in anger when his mother, Susan Hinkin, 53, took away his computer following an argument.

In anger, the man stormed into the kitchen and broke the kitchen door. He then went on to break several other items before police arrived.

On the way to jail, Hinkin was still very agitated and angry.

He shouted: "If I go back there, I will burn the house down."

At the police station, when he was given permission to make a call, he got into another argument with his mother. While on the phone, he broke the phone’s receiver.

Hinkin pleaded guilty to criminal damage and to being in possession of cannabis. He also told the court that he had no intention of carrying out his threat.

He was sentenced to six weeks in prison with an indefinite restraining order, which banned Hinkin from contacting his mother or go to her house where he lived before he was arrested.

Judge John Viney also warned him not write anything derogatory about his mother on social media sites.

“Hinkin and his mother had a difficult relationship,”defense attorney David Sedgewick said.

“Hinkin is now homeless as he could no longer live with his mother. The only advantage of him being sent to prison is that some accommodations will be arranged for him," Sedgewick said.

Man walks into hospital with 10 inch knife in his head

Man with knife in his head 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A man was having a good time with his friends.

They were playing pranks on each other when a knife accidentally got stuck in his head.

Ho Lung calmly walked into to the hospital with the 10-inch knife plunged into his head.

The wounded man cheated death after a prank with his friends went horribly wrong, and he ended up with a fruit knife embedded in his brain.

After the mishap, Lung walked over to a local hospital in Yanji, in Jilin province, in northeast China, and told the staff: "I would like to see a doctor."

Lung was so calm about the situation that the receptionist was not sure if he was for real or he was pulling a prank on her.

It was only after the man bent down for her to have a closer look that she realized they were dealing with a potentially life threatening situation.

An emergency x-ray showed that the knife blade had penetrated his skull and brain, but missed major blood vessels.

Doctors performed a three-hour operation to remove the blade. They were able to remove the blade without causing any significant damage.

After the man was bandaged, he asked the doctor to allow him to go home.

When asked how he had ended up the knife in his head, the man refused to give details. He only said: "It's like this. I was playing a silly game with my friends, which went wrong and I ended up with a knife in my head. It was just a silly mistake it could have happened to anyone."

The doctors agreed to discharged Lung , but only after he promised to return for a check-up.

Man, 26, cuts off his penis after failing to find love

By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A man was very frustrated with his lack of ability to find a woman, who would love him.

Yang Hu, 26, of China, was very depressed and lonely. He also grew frustrated after failing to find a girlfriend, so he decided to cut off his own penis.

Hu felt that he had no chance of finding a partner due to his long working schedule.

One night, when he come home from work, he cut off his private parts in desperation, and in an attempt to stop thinking about finding love.

When he was unable to stop the bleeding, Hu took his bicycle and cycled to the nearest hospital for treatment.
At that point, he lost too much blood, and surgeons were unable to reattach his penis.

Friends of Hu said that he had been increasingly depressed after he moved to a new city for his job, and he could not find a girlfriend.

They also said that Hu worked long hours at a garment factory in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, in eastern China, therefore, he did not have time for a social life, which led him to believe that he would never find a woman to love.

Teacher charged with sodomizing 10 young students

Zimbabwe police illustration 
By: Debbi Gross

A teacher was arrested for sodomizing his students after one student was taken to a hospital with injuries to his bottom.

The primary school teacher in Zimbabwe, has been arrested for allegedly raping 10 children, police confirmed on Tuesday.

Nkosiyazi Sibanda, 24, a teacher in the Longwe Primary School in the Bubi District, Matabeleland North, abused several children since he was hired as a teacher, last year.

It is alleged that the teacher gave his students money in exchange for their silence.

The abuse came to light after an eight-year-old boy told his parents about his ordeal. The parents took the child to the United Bulawayo Hospital, or UBH, where he was treated, and the rape was confirmed.

The case was reported to the police leading to the arrest of Sibanda. As a result of the arrest, other victims come forward.

"I can confirm that we have arrested the Longwe Primary School teacher, who has been sodomizing students. The teacher is cooperating with our investigation,” police spokesperson Siphiwe Makonese said.

"At first, it was one student who came forward about the teacher's abuse, but after his arrest, nine other victims came forward. We suspect there may be more students who were victimized on several occasions,” Makonese added.

"We do not expect this kind of behavior from anyone, especially from our teachers, who spend a lot of the time with the kids,” a school spokesperson said.

Girl, 13, who was raped and buried alive miraculously survives

Girl buried alive illustration 
By: Debbi Gross

A girl is lucky to be alive after she was raped and then buried alive.

The 13-year-old was abducted while walking to school in the Toba Tek Singh district of Pakistan.

It is believed that two men, who are accused of raping the girl, thought that she had died during the sexual assault, and buried her in mud at the side of a road.

The girl was not dead, but rather unconscious. Once the girl regained her consciousness, she managed to crawl her way through the muddy ground, police investigators said.

The teen then stopped passersby, who took her to a nearby medical center.

The girl's father, Siddique Mughal, notified police about the attack.
In another incident, a woman was found in a cemetery alive after she was buried by two women in a fight over a dress.

The 15-year-old victim was buried alive in the Mkoba Village cemetery, which is located in Gweru, Zimbabwe.

The incident occurred last week on Tuesday at 8:35 pm.

The two suspects were identified only as Shora, 20, and a 17-year-old girl, who were fighting over a dress, Midlands Police spokesperson Emmanuel Mahoko said.

"Apparently, the victim borrowed a dress from one of the suspects. The suspect demanded her dress back and a misunderstanding followed. The suspects began assaulting the 15-year-old girl and then forced her to go with them to the nearby Mkoba cemetery," he said.

At the Cemetery, the two suspects dug a grave and forced the girl inside in a standing position. The two women then covered the victim up to her neck. Shorai and her 17-year-old accomplice left the victim trapped in the grave, with only her head above the ground.

The victim was trapped inside the grave for about 30 minutes before she was discovered by a passerby, who then helped her out of the grave. Police were called to the scene. The two suspects were arrested. The matter is being investigated as an attempted murder.

"Their actions may have cause great harm or even death to the victim, therefore, they were charged with attempted murder," Mahoko said.
The Midlands Police spokesperson appealed to members of the public to always seek third-party intervention to resolve disputes.

Boy, 14, jailed after being caught having sex with 13-year-old girl in public

Couple in field illustration 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A 14-year-old boy was arrested after a woman spotted him having sex with a girl in public.

Now, the teen of Karoi, Zimbabwe, was convicted of having sex with an underage girl.

The incident began when the boy met a girl, 13-years-old, and began talking.

The boy sweet talked the girl into meeting him later that afternoon.

The two agreed to meet around 5:00 p.m. that day, so that they could talk about their new relationship.

They later met at a field near the girl's house.

As it got dark, the girl's mother became concerned about her daughter’s whereabouts. The mother went outside to look for the teen.

As she made ​​her way through the grass in the field nearby, the mother was surprised to find her daughter and the young man having sex.

The boy attempted to escape, but was caught. The girl’s mother took the matter to the boy’s parents.

She also reported the case to the police, who eventually arrested the boy.

A judge ordered the boy to do 105 hours of community service.

The 14-year-old initially faced a three-months prison sentence before the judge gave him a suspended sentence. He was placed on probation instead.

This was the teen’s first offense and he had been influenced by peer pressure, according to court documents.

The court ordered the child's father to surrender his own identification card, which will be given back to the father only after providing proof that his son had served his sentence of community service.

Store clerk escapes shoot out unharmed after his cellphone took the bullet

The phone 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A store clerk is lucky to be alive after his cellphone acted as a shield between a bullet and his abdomen, according to police reports in Florida.

Wintergarden Police said that they arrested a man, who allegedly shot at a local store clerk during a robbery, on Monday night.

Police said that the man broke into a Hess gas station around 4:30 a.m. and asked the clerk for help.

He displayed a gun and demanded that the store clerk open the safe.

The store clerk did not realize that he had been shot until he began to feel pain in his chest and looked at his phone.

The employee couldn’t open the safe and a second store employee opened it instead.

The robber fired another round before leaving the store.

Police said it was not until they were interviewing the employees that the man who was shot began complaining of pain.

"I feel like my chest hurts," the man said.

That's when medical staff started looking at him, and they realized that the robber had actually shot at him.

The bullet was found inside the cellphone.

A surveillance camera caught the thief holding up the store.

“I've seen people die after being shot with small-caliber guns, so for this man to be so lucky, is a good day for us," a police officer at the scene said.

The suspect is described as black, and six feet tall. He wore a hoodie, dark-colored pants, sunglasses, bright yellow traffic vest and white gloves.

The employee was taken to Health Central Hospital with minor injuries.

The gunman was last seen leaving the store on foot.

Police find 35 packets of heroin in woman’s privates during traffic stop

Courtney McPhillips 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A woman was detained after police found 35 packets of heroin stuffed inside her private parts.

Apparently, it was not the best hiding place and police found it.
Courtney McPhillips, 26, of Scranton, Pennsylvania, was arrested after police found the 35 packets of heroin hidden inside her vagina.
According to Scranton Police, an investigation was launched after a police informant told detectives about a local drug ring, and identified McPhillips and her male friend as part of the operation.

The couple was still under investigation when an officer stopped McPhillips after she failed to stop at a stop sign.

Investigators said that officers searched the minivan, which belonged to McPhillips, and recovered 12 packets of heroin and several prescription pills, which were inside a cigarette box.

McPhillips’ male passenger, James Walsh, 27, was found with fresh needle marks on his arms and had slurred speech.

As officers continued their search for drugs, they found that McPhillips had 35 glassine packets of heroin stuffed inside her vagina.

During an interview, she told detectives that Walsh gave her the drugs and told her to hide them when he realized that a police car was behind them.

Walsh admitted owning the heroin found in the car, but denies asking the woman to hide the drugs.

Both were arrested and taken to the Lackawanna County Prison.
McPhillips was booked into jail on charges of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, and with possession of drug paraphernalia. Her bail was set at $25,000.

Walsh was charged with delivery of a controlled substance and possession with intent to deliver, amongst other charges . He was also arrested for violating his probation. He remains held in lieu of $50,000 bail.

Drunk man arrested while riding lawn mower to store to buy beer

Tony Caulder 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A drunken man was arrested and charged with driving under the influence after he allegedly drove his lawn mower to the store in order to purchase beer, according to police reports in Maine.

Kennebunk Police said that a local man is accused of operating a lawn mower while intoxicated.

Police said they were called after someone saw Tony Caulder, 51, putting gas into lawn mower while he appeared to be drunk.

Police said the witness told them that Caulder also entered the store and was rejected by store employees when he tried to buy beer.

Caulder then drove away on his lawn mower.

Police officers, who were looking for Caulder spotted him and stopped him.

Police said Caulder had a blood alcohol level above the legal limit and was taken to the York County Jail.

He was charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence.

Caulder was released on bail the next day.

Riding a lawn mower on a public road is illegal under Maine law. However, police said the lawn mower is defined as a motor vehicle with regards to the driving under the influence charge.

Man admits to crushing his wife with car during oil change

Rodney Wayne Bibbey 
By: John Roberts

A man was arrested and charged with murder after crushing his wife to death with a car during an oil change, according to court proceedings Idaho.

Now, the man has pleaded guilty to murder.

The Owyhee County man, Rodney Wayne Bibbey, 38, originally told police that his wife had been changing the oil when the jack slipped, and the Mercury Grand Marquis fell on her.

Investigators, who found the woman pinned under the car, initially said that the death appeared to be accidental.

After a thorough investigation, the authorities said that the death of 35-year-old Trina Bibbey was a homicide.

Bibbey was charged with murder in April 2012. On October 21, he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder as part of a plea deal.

Prosecutor Doug Emery said Bibbey still could face life imprisonment for his crime.

Bibbey also reached a plea agreement in a separate case relating to an allegation of sexual abuse of a child under 16-years-old.

The case arose from an incident in February 2013, in which Bibbey bought a vibrator for a 12-year-old girl, and offered to teach her how to use it.

Bibbey faces one to 10 years in prison in that case.

Couple arrested after auto mechanic finds their baby girl living in car trunk

The couple under arrest 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A couple was arrested and charged with child neglect after their baby girl was allegedly found living in their car trunk since birth, according to police reports in France.

The baby girl was found malnourished and dehydrated after being forced to live in hiding in the trunk of the car.

The girl, aged between 15 and 23 months, was found by a car mechanic on Friday, when her mother took the car to a garage in Terrasson.

Police said one of the mechanics heard "strange noises like moaning" coming from the trunk of the car and opened it. That is when he found the girl, who was naked, lying in her own excrement, dehydrated and feverish.

The girl was taken to a hospital, where doctors said she was suffering from stunted growth and mental problems.

The girl's mother, 45, and her 40-year-old partner, were arrested and charged on Sunday, with child abuse and endangering a minor.

The two face up to 10 years in prison.

The mother told police she gave birth in secret and hid the baby of all existence, including her partner, the father of the girl.

The couple has three other children, a four-year-old girl and two boys, nine and 10-years-old. They were handed over to social services after the arrest of their parents.

The couple, who were both unemployed, lived in the village of Brignac, about 10 kilometers or six miles, from the garage, where they found the baby.

New York man kills his friend because he spoke with his girlfriend

New York City crime scene illustration 
By: Shifra Unger

A man was arrested and charged with murder after he killed his friend in a jealous rage because he spoke with his girlfriend, according to police reports in New York.

Police in Queens said that they have charged a 34-year-old local man, who is accused of killing a neighbor in a fit of jealousy on Sunday.

Anton Harden shot Cory Dixon, 27, to death after a party for his girlfriend at his home located on 57th Avenue in Corona.

Dixon, who lived next door, had just left the party at 2:55 a.m., when Harden shot him, police said.

Paramedics rushed Dixon to a local hospital, but doctors could not save him.

Investigators discovered that Harden and Dixon had been arguing over a woman before the shooting. Dixon left behind three children.

Harden was charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon. He has eight previous arrests on his record of crimes such as drug possession, assault and robbery.

Man seen on video disposing suitcase containing his mother’s dismembered dead body

Carlos Macchione de Sampaio 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with murder after he allegedly killed his mother and dismembered her, according to court proceedings in Brazil.

Now, Brazil Police have released surveillance camera video showing how a man, who worked as a translator, carried a suitcase containing the body of his mother.

The video showed how Carlos Macchione de Sampaio carried the body of Claudia Macchione de Sampaio, 74, via an elevator and out of his condominium apartment located in the city of Sao Paulo.

Police believe that the 39-year-old threw the luggage outside.

A homeless man found the suitcase on Saturday morning. The homeless man, who was searching for valuables, was surprised to find the woman's body inside. The woman died after suffering from severe wounds to her head.

Sampaio was arrested shortly after the body was found, but he denied any involvement in the murder claiming that he was asleep at the time the killing allegedly happened.

Texas man arrested after robbing convenience store and setting clerk on fire

Matthew Johnson 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with murder after he allegedly robbed a convenience store and set the store clerk on fire, according to court proceedings in Texas.

Now, the man accused of the crime could face the death penalty if convicted of the murder of Nancy Harris, 76.

Surveillance cameras captured disturbing video of the crime when it took place in May 2012.

Prosecutors showed the graphic video to members of the jury during the capital murder trial of Matthew Johnson on Monday.

The video showed Johnson entered the convenience store, quickly going behind the counter and forcing Harris to open the cash register. Johnson then sprayed lighter fluid on Harris, and set her on fire. Then, Johnson is seen leaving the store.

Harris had already pressed the panic button and police were on their way. She is seen walking through the store on fire. She left the store to wait for police. An officer is seen using a fire extinguisher to put out the flames.

She suffered first, second and third degree burns to the face, shoulders, abdomen, arms and legs.

"She was in a lot of pain. She was very concerned. All she said at the time was: ‘Help me! Help me!’ She said that she was in a lot of pain," a firefighter, who treated Harris at the scene said.