Boy, 10, who killed his neo-Nazi father gets 10 years jail

Joseph Hall and Jeffrey Hall 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A boy was arrested, charged and convicted of killing his neo-Nazi father, according to court proceedings in California.

Now, the boy was sentenced to 10 years in jail.

The child, who was 10-years-old when he fatally shot his neo-Nazi father, will spend at least seven years in a juvenile detention center in the state of California, a judge has ruled, ending a highly publicized case, which began three years ago.

Joseph Hall was convicted of second-degree murder in 2011, after he told police he shot his father, Jeffrey Hall, at close range behind the ear, as he slept on the couch.

Jeffrey Hall, 32, was an unemployed plumber, who was raising a young family in Riverside, California, when he was killed.

The case has appeared frequently in the headlines due to the fact that Hall was a member of the National Socialist Movement, and was a local leader of a neo-Nazi group.

Hall often wore World War II Nazi paraphernalia.

He ran for an election on a platform of white supremacy in 2010, and participated in a series of Nazi rallies.

Hall told police he killed his father because he feared he would have to choose between living with his father or stepmother after their divorce finalized.

Prosecutors said Hall has a history of violence, including incidents where he allegedly threatened teachers, and may have been abused as a child.

He has spent the past two years in juvenile detention center in the state, went to regular therapy sessions and is said to be able to control his anger.

Borough Park area police detective commits suicide in car outside police station

The 66th Precinct 
By: Shifra Unger

A veteran New York Police Department police officer committed suicide inside his car in front of a police station, according to police reports.

Brooklyn Police said that a police sergeant shot himself dead on Thursday night, inside a car parked in front of the 66th Precinct police station in Borough Park.

The sergeant, who was assigned to the station and was about to become a detective, surprised colleagues when he pulled the trigger at 7:30 p.m. He fired at least one round into his head.

On Thursday night, the tragic scene at the station was interrupted by a gray van, whose driver was yelling "That's my boy! That's my son, let me pass!"

There was no indication that the sergeant was suicidal.

"People always say, 'Signs, signs,’ but there were no signs," police said.

The sergeant was about to receive his detective shield. He was transferred to the 66th Precinct from the 78th Precinct in Park Slope, in recent days.

The 66th Precinct police station is located at 16th Avenue and 59th Street.

The vehicle in which the sergeant committed suicide, was parked opposite the police station.

Hotel offers guests a haunted experience complete with sex demon

Unexplained light inside the hotel 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) If you ever wanted to experience living in a haunted house complete with a sex demon, your wish has been granted.

The Ancient Ram Inn claims to be the most haunted bed and breakfast in the United Kingdom.

The 12th century house is home to about 20 ghosts that haunt guests, the company claims.

"One night, we had a lot of people, and they were so frightened by the energy in the place they really jumped out of the window on the first floor. It was in the middle of the night, and they decided that they could not take it anymore and jumped,” Caroline Humphries, whose family has run the hotel for almost 50 years, said.

The house was built on an ancient pagan cemetery and a place of child sacrifice.

The beams of the house vibrate and a voice can be heard screaming “get out,” according to some guests.

Nottingham based ghost Hunter Samantha Coupe, 37, said she has experience sensational lights, unexplained noises and one person of her group enjoyed a massage from a loving demon.

Nursing home resident kills senior citizen with wheelchair foot rest over plastic curtain

Ocean Promenade Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 
By: Debbi Gross

A wheelchair turned into a murder weapon when a senior citizen used it to kill his roommate during a fight.

Yarnavick Thomas, 66, was arrested after he allegedly beat his roommate with a wheelchair foot rest to death.

The two men were residents at the Ocean Promenade Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Rockaways, New York.

Thomas and his roommate Kailall Singh, 71, fought over a plastic curtain that separated the sleeping quarters in their shared room.

One day, during a heated argument, Thomas grabbed the foot rest of a wheelchair and beat Singh on the head.

Singh was taken to St. John's Hospital, where he died of blunt force trauma.

The two men had been fighting over their space for several months.

Thomas was arrested and has been charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

Texas woman arrested after injecting people with liquid rubber

Nohemi Gabriela Gonzalez 
By: Eva Fett

A woman was arrested and charged with practicing medicine without a license after she allegedly injected people with liquid rubber, which endangered their lives, according to police reports in Texas.

Police investigators said that a woman, who traveled to south Texas, injecting people with what appeared to be some sort of liquid rubber on the pretext that it was collagen or botox, was detained on Thursday.

Investigators believe that there may be at least 30 victims, many of them exotic dancers or sex workers. They are also investigating one possible death related to the injections.

Nohemi Gabriela Gonzalez, 46, of Brownsville, was charged on Thursday with practicing medicine without a license, and a judge set bail at $500,000.

Gonzalez traveled between spas and massage parlors along the Texas-Mexico border offering her services and leaving advertisements. Gonzalez made lip, buttocks and legs injections.

An advertisement seized by the authorities announced that her collagen treatments start at $250.

A woman who received a series of injections in the legs, has been hospitalized after experiencing burning pain in her ankles and shortness of breath.

Authorities recovered syringes and bottles of what they believe is liquid silicone rubber. It has been sent to the Food and Drug Administration for testing.

Woman gets $80,000 from New York City after being illegally arrested for public nudity

Holly Van Voast exposing her breasts 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A woman, who was illegally arrested by the New York Police Department for public nudity, was awarded $40,000 in cash in a settlement agreement. In addition, New York City will be the woman’s $37,350 in legal fees.

Holly Van Voast, 47, complained that she was wrongfully arrested or detained more than ten times since 2011, while wearing a Marilyn Monroe blond wig and a painted mustache when visiting the five boroughs as Harvey Van Toast, the topless paparazzo.

Van Voast said she was detained at various locations around the city, including at a train station, at a primary school and at the Grand Central Oyster Bar.

The New York State Court of Appeals ruled in 1992 that women and men are legally allowed to go in public while exposing their breasts.

As part of the settlement agreement, all charges against Van Voast were dropped, and were removed from the record.

Montreal woman caught smuggling cocaine hidden inside large pumpkins

The cocaine filled pumpkins 
By: Debbie Gross

A woman was arrested and charged with drug smuggling after she was allegedly caught with pumpkins filled with cocaine, according to Border Patrol officials in Canada.

Prosecutors said that a Montreal area woman faces two drug charges after border officers encountered a different kind of surprise inside three Halloween pumpkins.

Mercedes Jerez Farias, 26, appeared before a judge in Montreal on Thursday, and was charged with importing drugs and possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking.

Custom agents found three pumpkins inside her luggage at the Montreal Trudeau International Airport, which were stuffed with about four pounds of what is believed to be cocaine.

The airport scanning equipment had detected masses within the pumpkins, which turned out to be bags filled with a chalky substance.

If found guilty, Farias faces a minimum of two years in prison.

She expected to appear for a bond hearing on Friday morning.

Californian woman becomes first person to receive ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving

The ticket 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A California woman was cited by police for wearing Google glasses while driving.

The woman was identified by police as Cecilia Abadie of San Diego.

Abadie was pulled over for speeding. She drove about 80 miles per hour in a 65 miles per hour zone. That is when an officer of the California Highway Patrol noticed that she was using Google Glass.

On top of her speeding ticket she was ticketed for wearing the Google glasses. These type of tickets are usually given to drivers who are distracted by a video or a television screen while driving.

Abadie uploaded an image of the ticket to the Google + website.

The Google glasses feature a hidden computer and a thumbnail-size transparent display screen above the right eye.

Users can scan maps for directions, as well as search the Internet, read email and engage in video chats, all without reaching for a phone.

Abadie said that using the Google glasses could be less distracting than a GPS unit or phone because drivers don't have to glance down.

"Maybe the glasses are more of a solution to the cellphone than a problem," she said.

The crime apparently violated California Vehicle Code Section 27602. Under this law, a person cannot drive with any type of video screen that is operating in the front seat or otherwise visible to the driver.

Abadie said that the device was not working at the time she was driving as the device becomes inactive when it is not asked to perform a task.

Legislators in Delaware, New Jersey and West Virginia, have already introduced bills that would ban driving with Google Glass.

Pilot seen on video opening beer with helicopter

Pilot opens beer with helicopter 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) What a cool way to open a beer bottle.

Pilots in China, used helicopters to open beer bottles mounted on poles as part of a contest to show their control over the aircraft.

The challenge was to remove the top of a beer bottle with a can opener that was attached to a pole on the helicopter.

The challenge involved removing the cover, but it had to be done without damaging the bottle.

For the final event of a three-day tournament, Chinese helicopter pilots had eight minutes to open five bottles of beer.

“The game mainly tested pilots’ manipulation of the helicopter. We have to get the bottle opener as close to the beer bottle as possible,” pilot and competitor Wang Xuefei said.

Unfortunately, the pilot in the video failed in his quest to win the title this year, as it was decided that the bottle he opened was too damaged to qualify for any points.

The winner of the competition, pilot Zhang Zhiqiang, managed to open three of the five bottles in the required time.

Teacher takes students to get penis piercings

Pieter Oberholzer 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A teacher was fired after he took students to get their penis’ pierced.

Pieter Oberholzer, 57, of Johannesburg, South Africa, was fired for taking his students to a shop to get his and his students’ private parts pierced.

Oberholzer, who was head of drama at Willowridge High School in Pretoria, Gauteng, was fired after taking three students, two of whom are over 18-years-old, and one who was almost 16-years-old, to get the intimate piercings.

After he was fired, the teacher apologized for his actions.

"I was stupid, naive and should never have allowed the open and good relationship I had with the students go so far," Pieter Oberholzer said.

He also said that although his actions could not be undone, rumours of sexual misconduct were unfair.

Oberholzer explained how it all happened. He said that his students saw his own penis ring in the locker room after swimming practice and asked about it.

Oberholzer claimed that since the day they saw his piercing, the students reportedly asked him to take them to get the same piercing, to which he finally agreed.

When they got to the place, the teens were unsure how safe it was.

In turn, their teacher had the procedure done on himself in front of the students so they could see that there was no danger in piercing the penis.

A few days after the incident took place, Oberholzer realized that he had made ​​a mistake and told the principal about it, who in turn apologized to the parents.

School officials decided to fire Oberholzer because of his actions.

Cougar arrested for having sex with much younger man in car

Jonathan Smith and Jennifer Schroeder 
By: David Ross

Two people of Tennessee, were ordered to stop having sex and get dressed.

Jennifer Schroeder, 42, of Woodbury, and Jonathan Smith, 26, of McMinnville, were found having sex near a busy Murfreesboro shopping center.

Schroeder and Smith were arrested after Murfreesboro Police were notified about the two having sex in a parked car.

"The subjects were asked to cease their actions and dress themselves," the report said.

“Both subjects smelled of alcohol, both had slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. Smith was also unsteady on his feet,” according to the report.

The drunk duo was arrested for having sex in public. Both were charged with indecent exposure and public intoxication.

Bond for both of them was set at $1,250.

Man exposes himself to woman before proposing to her

Sean Williamson 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Men always have to come up with unique ways to propose to their lover.

One man, thought it was a good idea to expose his private parts to his female friend before asking her to marry him.

Sean Williamson, 28, of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, was arrested on Thursday, after he was accused of exposing himself to a friend and then proposing marriage, according to a police report.

Nicole Elonda Jackson was driving her car while Williamson was in the passenger seat.

After he exposed himself to her, Williamson took out a purple plastic ring and proposed to Jackson.

He then told Jackson that he was the father of her two girls, according to the Murfreesboro Police Department.

This was a sure way to get turned down for a marriage proposal. She said no.

He got ready to get out of the car, but not before he grabbed her face and tried to kiss her, according to the report.

Jackson called police and Williamson was arrested and charged with indecent exposure and assault.

Cat seen on video visiting a pet shop every day

Cat inside pet shop 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) In recent months a cat has been visiting pet stores in the United Kingdom every day.

Every day at 9:00 a.m., the adorable cat sits outside the Boston, Lincolnshire pet shop, waiting for workers to open the store.

A video shows the cat named Graham, sitting in front of the automatic doors of the store, waiting to be let in.

Once inside, the cat walks around and stops to look at the pets in their enclosures.

"Sometimes the cat sits on the carpet and greets customers as they arrive,” Store manager Vicky Coker said.

“The animals here don’t react to him. They’re not scared at all. They are protected in their cages so it cannot cause them any harm,” George Tarbox, 19, who has worked at the store for five months, said.

"At first we discouraged Graham from entering the store, but it kept coming back. We did not think it would be good to keep shooting it out, as pets are always welcome here,” Tarbox added.

Graham spends hours in the shop. Employees occasionally feed it treats to stop the cat from stealing the products that are for sale. They also allow the cat to play with toys that are not for sale.

The cat has become a celebrity at the store with the customers.

It is believed that the cat has an owner, because it has a collar. Staff members have no idea who the cat belongs to.

Graham never spends the night at the store, as it has a motion activated alarm that would go off.

Instead, they place the cat outside at the end of the day and the cat finds its way home to its owner, whoever that is.

"I always say ‘see you tomorrow’" Tarbox said. "We know that it will be back," he said.